• Household Hacks for the Modern Man

    There’s this misconception that straight dudes shouldn’t care about creating a comfortable, functional, and generally nice living space for themselves. Our culture stereotypes interior decorators as flamboyantly gay men and markets household fixtures and cleaning products to women. But that doesn’t let your average straight-dude-self off the hook. Maintaining your place can feel like a never-ending chore, but if you create productive habits, they will pay off. You don’t need to hire a cleaning person or bookmark Martha Stewart’s websites to keep your home looking on-point. Just as I mentioned about hygiene and appearance, you don’t need to uproot everything you’ve ever known about housekeeping to make an impact. Just pay attention to the right details. Trust me, this will come in handy if you want to bring someone home, if you know what I mean. Use your five senses to straighten up your space: Sight: Tidy up the clutter. If things are strewn across the floor or taking up unnecessary space on your counters, put them in a sensible place. FYI: Shoving crap under the bed or into your closet is not sensible, and it won’t help you later when you’re in a hurry and need your stuff. Do the more »

  • 16 Home Theaters That Will Put you To Shame

    Think all you need for your home theater is a 60″ TV, a recliner, and a mini-fridge? Think again. These 16 home theaters incorporate elements from classic films like Batman, Star Wars, and Star Trek to create an experience before the movie even begins. Suddenly your wobbly coffee table and “Scarface” poster just don’t seem to cut it anymore. On a related note, I’ve decided to redecorate my home theater in homage to my favorite film, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” The toilet in the bathroom adjacent to my den broke some weeks ago, and I’ve opted to not fix it, instead allowing the effluence to create an authentic New York underground ambiance.

  • Bachelor Pad In Greece That WIll Have You Living A Life Of Leisure

    Today our Greek friends may be celebrating Oxi Day, but you’ll want to say “nai” to this bachelor pad (learn some Greek, I assure you it’s clever you cretins).  The Plane House by K Studio is located on Banana Beach on the Greek island of Skiathos. Taking total advantage of the geography, you can sunbathe on the deck or relax in the shade and let the breeze blowing over the perfectly placed pool cool you off. And with a 270 degree of the coast, it’s the perfect place to sip on an Ouzo and wonder what all the poor people are doing. 

  • Luxury Underground Bachelor Bunker

    A two-bedroom property up for sale in Las Vegas is creating quite a stir and it’s all because the property includes a luxurious bunker 26 feet underground. Built in the 1970′s by Girard B. Henderson, a wealthy businessman, it was built to be able to withstand nuclear blasts during the Cold War. Fully equipped with a heated pool and a water fountain, a sauna, two bedrooms, a guest house, an indoor putting course, a bar, and even a dance floor and yes, there’s an underground yard that surrounds the home on all sides. Now up for sale for $1.7 million, the property includes the two-bedroom underground level, the one-bedroom underground guesthouse for Will Smith, the two-story and two-bedroom house above ground, the four-car garage, and over an acre of property.

  • Table & Tennis

    Table & Tennis provides the aesthetics you want in a proper home or office table with the convenience of a ping pong attachment. This is what it’s like when worlds collide. A walnut veneer top with stainless steel legs, drawers at the table’s end perfectly molded for ball and paddle storage and the net is set to quick release without much set up hassle. The table’s cost around $6,600 a piece, we suggest you get going on that start-up idea quick, so you can expense it. Table & Tennis

  • 3.2.1. Glassware Whiskey Set

    3.2.1. Glassware combined with a decent scotch whiskey is a sure fire way to impress the decanter crowd. These uniquely styled bottles would even get the nod of approval from Jack Donaghy, himself. If he existed. Which I like to believe he does. Morphing from triangle to circle, with a large mouth for smooth pouring and a literal “show” stopper, this ultra cool, ultra modern hand-blown and etched Czech crystal decanter and tumbler set speaks volumes about your style. Someday you’ll even be able to switch out the Jameson for a decent Whiskey. Someday.

  • The Maverick aka The Piggy Bank (Man Chair Monday)

    A La-Z Boy work of art. This colossus of comfort will immediately suck you in, Homeland style, and never let go. Say goodbye to all your change, because Maverick will surely suck that in as well. This chair is packed with a generous amount of cushion, perfect for relaxing after a long day at the wood shop, trading floor… or at the office, publishing stories about comfortable chairs. Disclaimer: Do not let your girlfriend’s tiny dog near this chair, unless you never want to see it again. Wink. You’re welcome. La-Z Boy Maverick $659

  • Ballpark Blueprints

    Baseball fans know that there’s more to the game than you can catch on TV. There’s a special spark you only find at a stadium, packed with other fans, cheering your heart out for your favorite team. These Ballpark Blueprints honor that spirit of history and place in classic style. Evoking the nostalgia of midcentury architectural plans, these illustrations lay out the details of some of the game’s legendary ball fields.


    The OD-11, by Teenage Engineering is the best of a new era of minimalist bluetooth speakers. Simple enough to not make a scene, but powerful enough to over power one. It uses a cloud system that controls your music from anywhere in your house, by using its app synced to your wireless device. The most unique part of this is the remote: a hockey puck shaped, maganetic dial to control the volume or push in to change a song. The OD has an integrated 100W amplifier, a single woofer, and a single tweeter, all of which combine for terrific sound in nearly any room. The remote communicates with the box via Bluetooth 4, and features a magnet on the back so you can stick it anywhere you find handy. Coming this Spring $880

  • The Churchill Leather Chair (Man Chair Mondays)

    Cigar, check. Glass of scotch, check. Globe, check. The scent of rich mahogany, possibly. Only thing missing is The Churchill Leather Chair, from Restoration Hardware. The man chair of all manchairs. An icon of library and den, Churchill’s clubby good looks feature low and deep seating, a classic tufted back, antiqued brass nailheads and lines that contour to the body. Each chair is hand crafted of the finest leather and comes with decadent down-blend seat cushions. The Churchill Leather Chair $1595 – $2020

  • Stadium City Prints

    City Prints offers fine art meets technical map prints of university campuses, world cities, sports stadiums and more. The stadium edition’s feature NFL, MLB and NHL and college football city maps filled in with team colors. A unique gift or man cave addition. You can also request a custom piece featuring the perimeter of turf you and your junior high gang used to run or the location you and your wife met. City Prints $40 or $180 Framed  


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