• New Study Proves the Best Dance Moves for Men to Attract Women

    There’s finally science driven proof explaining how your dance floor can make you more or less attractive to women. Evolutionary biologists from the University of Gottingen and Northumbria University that women find a specific set of movies men make while dancing more attractive than other. Movements of movements of the head, neck and torso and quick leg movements rate more highly than others. Looks like the shopping cart just isn’t going to cut it anymore. In a recent published story in Biology Letters, researchers noted, “dancing ability, particularly that of men, may serve as a signal of mate quality … in terms of health, vigor or strength, though this remains to be confirmed.” Because of inconsistencies that would hinder the viewers perception, such as attractiveness and clothing, researchers instead recruited 30 men to dance to a drum beat for 30 seconds and recorded their movements via a motion-tracking system. They then rendered a gender neutral figure and mimicked the moves of the 30 men. Then 37 heterosexual women ages 18-35 were asked to rate each of the 30 dance routines on a seven-point scale, then the highest ranked dance moved floated to the top. And so, the results are in more »

  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Drinking in Public

    Sometimes, you just want to drink fermented things and act like a fool. It’s human nature. Drinking is a great lubricant (pun absolutely intended) for social interaction. I love a good night out, complete with strong cocktails, two-for-one deals, and overhearing those girls continuously yelling “OH MY GOD THIS IS MY SONG!” I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, though. Have you ever blacked out and decided it was a great idea to sing onstage in front of people? Ever had to clean drunk-puke off your Doc Martens? Yeah, it’s not exactly a Kodak Moment. Do as I say, not as I do. Here are some ways to avoid looking like a douchebag the next time you go out drinking: Don’t be a cheapskate. Remember: You have to pay for drinks, drunk food, taxi fare, and adequate tips (15-20% or more!There are apps for this! You have no excuse!). Dress for the bars you are attending, not the bars you want to be attending. People will stare at the guy in the leisure suit at a dive bar. In the same vein, if the place looks fancy on Yelp, you should probably shower and put away your muscle tee. Know more »

  • NYC Assemblyman Proposes to Ban Bar Crawls, then All Fun

    Democratic Assemblyman, Micah Kellner is proposing a bill that would ban all planned bar crawls in NYC. The bill would put pressure on the bars or pubs themselves to not take part in any organized crawls around the city, by threatening to pull the liquor license of any bar caught sponsoring or promoting an event, which are typically organized bar hopping with discounted drink specials.

  • The Lincoln (Drink Infographic)

    In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, we’re celebrating with a copper mugged drink we call The Lincoln. The Standard, New York has made this the Signature Drink of their Standard Grill located in the hotel. The Standard, located under the Highline, really is one of the best places to drink in NYC and we look forward to spending many warm weekend afternoons there this spring/summer.

  • Empire State Building Lights Go LED, Changing NYC Skyline Forever

    This morning at midnight, 11/26/12, The Empire State Building changed its flood lights to LED lights, forever changing the night time skyline of New York City. In 1964, floodlights were added to illuminate the top of the building at night, in colors chosen to match seasonal and other events. When the lights went live at midnight, they did so to the music of Alicia Keys’ new album which, you guessed it, also drops today. Some see the addition as an insult to the classic look, others see it as an innovative step other major cities have already made. The key word is progress. Keys’ album drop show was the exception, but I completely disagree with having civilians pay to have a special light catastrophe in their individual honor. It takes away from the ubiquitous influence of unity those lights held for so many years. On special occasions, like New Years Eve at midnight or the Yanks winning the world series, a good light show on top of NYC’s most famous building could be called for, other than that, leave the light shows to Broadway.

  • Do You Live in One of America’s Manliest Cities?

    Is your city manly or not? After some research, an inquisitive snack company released a study ranking U.S. cities by “manliness”. The tabulated the results based off categories like number of steak houses and tractor supply stores. Nail salons, a women’s stories like Juicy Couture count for a negative points. Here’s the complete 2012 list, with notes about how their 2012 ranking compared to their 2011 ranking.


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