• 26 Insanely Simple Money-Saving Tips to Travel

    People don’t know how to travel. Quit labeling it as “too expensive” or “not feasible” or putting it off for “next year.” Believe it or not, traveling is cheap. Insanely cheap. It’s so cheap that you can live in Bangkok off $10/day. You can eat your way through India off $1 meals. You can even hike ninety days through Scandinavia for $0. But how do you save up for a memorable vacation without selling all of your belongings, sacrificing your quality of life, or convincing strangers to donate to your “travel fund?” It’s hard, but here are twenty-five easy adjustments to budget your finances and prepare you to travel ASAP. Logistics to get out of the way 1. Open travel savings account. Every penny you save belongs in here, and that money’s only to be spent on travel, no Amazon splurge purchases. 2. Set a weekly budget. It could be $100/week or $250/week. I won’t judge, but be diligent and don’t exceed your weekly goals. Cheap Trip Tips 3. Snag a travel rewards card. Seriously, sign-up bonuses alone generally accrue enough points for a free domestic flight. 4. Hack your flights. Is that kosher to say? Flight Hacking in this more »

  • World Mug: Here are New York’s Best Soccer Bars [Link]

    With the World Cup kicking off June 12, plenty of bars around New York City will be trying to lure you in by pretending like they are really into the sport. But if you want an authentic experience surrounded by true fans of the game, the Village Voice has put together a guide on how to find the best soccer bars around the city. With tips on which fans are in which neighborhoods and how you should choose which team to support, this guide will help you enjoy the games and maybe learn a little something about the sport rather than pounding domestic macrobrews with people who don’t know Ronaldo from Ronaldinho.


    If you’ve traveled recently, you have undoubtedly encountered the snooty bourgeoisie of the traveling classes, being quickly escorted through security because of their TSA PreCheck status. You loathe them, with their noses in the air as you hold your shoes in one hand and belt in the other. But more importantly, you want to be them. So what’s up with PreCheck and how do you get it? Find out here and save time and pride at the airports this summer.

  • Great Moments In Denim History [25 Photos]

    On May 20, 1873, Levi Strauss received a U.S. patent  for blue jeans with copper rivets. What started out as rugged work pants would eventually become style icons. Over the next 140 years, denim would be used with varying success. To celebrate the versatile material, we present these great moments in denim history, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

  • Inside Google’s Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Offices

    Google and M Moser Associates have recently completed construction and design on their new Kuala Lumpur headquarters. As of recently the tech mogul’s employees in the area were spread across different offices across Malaysia. “This design – led by M Moser Associates’ Kuala Lumpur team – addresses those needs in spectacularly eclectic fashion. Aesthetically, with its unexpected shifts from beach to forest to city streets, it is a space that begs to be explored and discovered – stimulating and interactive. But beneath the references to Malaysia’s topography and cultural icons is an office shaped around the goal of bringing Google people, customers and ideas together.”

  • Largest Dinosaur to Walk the Earth Discovered in Argentina

    Paleontologists in Argentina have recently discovered the largest creature to have ever walked the earth. After unearthing the dinosaur’s femer (thigh bone) scientists determined that it weighed 77 metric tons, seven more than the previous largest dinosaur record holder, the Argentinosaurus. Based on the bones discovered, the newly discovered dino would have been roughly 130 feet long and 65 feet tall and is believed to have been a species titanosaur and lived in the forests of Patagonia between 95 and 100 million years ago, based on the age of the rocks in which its bones were found. “Given the size of these bones, which surpass any of the previously known giant animals, the new dinosaur is the largest animal known that walked on Earth,” the researchers told BBC News. The discovery was found after a local farmer stumbled upon the remains in a desert in western Patagonia, where after a team of Paleontologists from Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio. The team later found around 150 bones through the entire excavation.

  • 8 Highly Sketchy But Totally Awesome Tours Around the World

    We often travel for the adventure, the thrill of discovery, crafting new experiences unlike anything capable in our own lives—or Facebook whoring our adventures. Some of us like to take our travels to extremes, such extremes we’re willing to sacrifice our lives for the story of it—like the time you jaywalked in Germany. For the adrenaline-junky wanderlusters, here’s a collection of a few of the most dangerous tours around the world. Travel the Death Road Yungas Road, Bolivia claims the lives of 200 to 300 travelers every year. The reason it’s only 200 or 300 is because the bodies of more have yet to be found along the 2,000 foot drop offs. So driving down a road, how hard could that be? Well, it’s a one-way road used as a two-way road. Oh, and did we mention there are no guardrails along the edges. This means nothing prevents cars, bikes, or even a weary-eyed walker from plummeting to their death. And if that’s not enough, mudslides and falling rocks pine to knock trespassers off of Yungas. So why would a road like this exist? It’s only one of a few routes that connects the Amazon rainforest to metropolitan Bolivia. Beware: more »

  • How Not to Lose a Date in the First Ten Minutes

    Dating women is not easy. Actually, dating in general is not easy. First dates are no exception. You don’t want to seem like a loser or a slob, but you also don’t want to come across like you’re trying too hard. Whether you met on OKCupid or she went to college with one of your buddies, first impressions can be tricky. You want to showcase yourself in the best possible light but make it seem like you have nothing to prove, all at the same time. If you mess up your first date, it will turn into your last date. Sometimes, that’s not such a bad thing. However, if you really want to put your best foot forward, here are three things I’ve learned in my experiences dating women:

  • The Most Traded Country Commodities in the Global Market

    In a recent Facebook map based on information collected by the CIA’s World Factbook, Global Post assembled a map charting each country’s top exports. The results, while not surprising, are a bit eye-opening when looked at on a massive scale of a global map. Oil and natural gases by far take the cake of most traded commodities, while Asia and the U.S. have a stronghold on capital goods and electronics. Take a look at some of the more unique countries like how dependent Argentina is on the soybean and New Zealand on Dairy, with the global climate changing, all of these may have to change within the coming years.

  • Trippy Star Trails [9 Photos]

    The following collection of start trails were captured by photographer Justin Ng in Singapore from November 2013 to January 2014. The pictures a caused by the earth’s rotation and leaving the camera lens open for an extended period of time.

  • The Mac + Cheese Cookbook

    Because summer. This incredible cookbook with over 50+ recipes highlighting the most delicious combinations of macaroni and cheese recipes is exactly what you need to shed those winter lbs. The book offers up a wide range of recipes you can make with simple household ingredients like Sriracha Mac, decadent delights like Truffle Mac, and even the logic-defying Vegan Mac. Close your mouth, you’re already drooling and we’re not finished, With a basics section on perfecting mac sauce, choosing the best noodles, and customizing add-ins and toppings, plus an emphasis on quality ingredients and simple techniques, this fun, playful cookbook shows cheese-loving readers how to take this comfort-food staple to creative. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook $14

  • Rome at Night is Bellissima [35 HQ Photos]

    It’s best to explore Rome after hours so here is a RSVLTS approved walking tour along with some incredible nighttime photography of what you’ll see along the way Rome, Italy is one of the most historically significant cities on Earth. For centuries it was the political and historical center of the world and much of the important millennia old architecture can still be seen today. When we visited Rome this past weekend we took a nighttime walking tour of the magnificent city. Below you’ll see a custom Google Map that shows the route and information for each step of the way. The walk is about 3.5 miles, but don’t be intimidated because there are plenty of stops along the way.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring a small tripod so you can recreate some of the stunning long exposure shots you’ll see below. Also, the Trip Advisor app was a great resource for information about each location which we used in the descriptions below. Help a bro out, share this story with your friends: Tweet 1. St. Peter’s Square (Piazza San Pietro) The first piazza you will encounter on the route is also the largest. You nearly have a 360 degree view of the colonnade which is more »

  • 7 Stranger-than-fiction Lawsuits of 2014

    2014 has seen it’s fair share of weird moments thus far. With cell phone cameras and video it looks as though the universal strangeness of this world is becoming more and more ubiquitous, but what’s even stranger are the legal suits being filed. In this year alone, several stranger-than-fiction lawsuits have been files, the most notable being a high school student suing her parents after they threw her out of the house for not abiding by their home rules, another being a little league coach who sued his player after a walk off home sparked a sequence of events resulting in the coach with a torn achilles. All these lawsuits are 100% true as they are bizarre, but unfortunately this is the world we live in today. Thanks Gloria Allred.

  • Paris Like You’ve Never Seen It Before [Timelapse Video]

    Paris is often called “La Ville-Lumière”or the “The City of Light,” a name it owes first to its fame as a center of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment, and later to its early adoption of street lighting. A Russian videographer named Kirill Neiezhmakov produced this incredible timelapse that gives us a tour of Paris like we’ve never seen it before. There are few cities in the world more impressive looking than Paris at night so once you’re done with the video check out Paris at Night [40 High Quality Photos].


    The dump is long gone, some of us do have axcents, and yeah, you may see a few overly tan folks and a velour tracksuit or two while you’re here. But for the sake of your stomach, I ask you to push aside your stereotypes and fear of the unknown, and allow me, a lifelong Islander, to take you on a tour of the 11 best pizzerias on Staten Island. Consider this your delicious first step into the borough that has much more to offer you than you originally thought. 

  • 5 Money Issues to Discuss Before the Wedding Day

    Talking about money might not be as fun as discussing the songs your reception band will play or the tropical location in which you’ll be honeymooning, but it’s truly one of the most important pre-wedding talks you’ll have. You’re probably aware that finances are one of the issues married couples argue about the most. To make matters worse, these types of arguments have also been attributed as the leading cause of divorce in the United States. Like any issue in a relationship, the best course of action is to have an early discussion to get ahead of any potential problems before they arise. To help you get started, here are five money-related conversations to have with your future spouse before the big day:

  • Pop-Up Restaurant That Parachutes Sandwiches to Customers Is Coming To New York City

    There’s nothing really special about toasted sandwiches, but when they’re delivered via parachute, people are bound to notice. Taking full advantage of this idea is a new Melbourne business called ‘Jafflechutes‘ that has taken the city by storm. More pop-up eatery than regular restaurant, Jafflechutes is just a bunch of guys dropping wrapped sandwiches from their friends’ balconies, to customers down below.

  • Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Small Batch Bourbon

    Russell’s 10 year was given it’s name from the legendary 3rd Generation Master Distiller Jimmy Russell of the Wild Turkey Distillery. The 10 year is leaps and bounds above your usual Wild Turkey, at first met with a kick of spices then a calming sweetness followed by an oak taste. The sweet and smoothness makes Russell’s 10 year a more than approachable batch, great for hanging out on a summer’s eve house pourch in Kentucky or a rooftop in Brooklyn. Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Small Batch Bourbon $30

  • How To Save Your Dog’s Life With CPR [Infographic]

    With pets increasingly being treated like a member of the family, many owners are learning emergency techniques like CPR to keep their pet alive before bringing it to a vetrenarian. If you consider your dog a part of the fam then check out these life saving CPM infographic.

  • RSVLTS Ultimate Guide To Summer Barbecue

    Summer is coming. It shouldn’t be long before the smell of burnt meat pervades the weekend breeze, as men up and down the country display their imagined mastery of the BBQ. But this year will be different. This year you will come armed with the knowledge of how to get the best out of every piece of meat you so-heroically throw to the flames. Here’s a page you should bookmark for the summer.

  • 7 First Date Compliments That Won’t Make You Seem Like A Shallow Asshole

    You’ve finally summoned up the courage to address that beautiful women you’ve been admiring every morning on your commute as she sits across from you, sipping coffee and reading AM New York. She’s agreed to meet you for drinks after work, so now you all you have to do is not blow it by coming off like a shallow asshole. You can do this by making sure your first date compliments ring true, rather than simply coming off like lines to get her straight to the bedroom. Since we’re assuming that you truly do want to get to know this intriguing woman you’ve invited to the bar, here are some ways to avoid getting tongue-tied and blurting out ridiculous stock compliments that compare her eyeballs to whirlpools: 1. If you’re going for a physical compliment, make sure to focus on the face (but avoid the eyes). “Boy do you have great breasts” does not constitute the most respectful ice breaker. If you want to convince this woman that you care for nothing other than the potential to get laid, go ahead and extol the virtues of her behind or her legs. Otherwise, pick a facial feature that genuinely stands out more »

  • 3 Year Epic Selfie Wins The Internet [Video]

    Adventure rider, public speaker, professional photographer, videographer and presenter Alex Chacon is on the biggest celebrities in the motorcycle adventure world. He has traveled the world on his bike, most famously on a 500-day solo trip from Alaska to Argentina, and has written about and photographed his travels extensively. This video features GoPro “selfies” from Alex’s journeys in more than 36 countries. For more info on Alex and to keep up with his adventures, check out The Modern Motorcycle Diaries.

  • China is Building a Five-Star Wonderland Hotel in an Abandoned Quarry

    Just outside Shanghai near Tianmenshan Mountain lies an abandon quarry which will be the home to the $555 million Shimao Wonderland InterContinental. A 380-room, five-star, underwater cave hotel that will probably be in a Bond movie in the near future. The partially flooded Chinese quarry will be filled up even more to make the bottom two floors completely submerged.  British design firm Atkins will be in charge of the project hat will be building up 50 feet above the quarry, but drop 19 stories below it. The Wonderland will be home to all sorts of water sports, bungee and cliff diving atop their futuristic waterfall, a sports complex, and yes an aquarium amongst a possible theme park.    

  • Hygiene Hacks for the Modern Man

    Women’s websites have endless articles, videos, and tutorials about hair and beauty techniques. Men’s websites… Not so much. That doesn’t mean that you roll out of bed looking perfect – you’ve just been given minimal guidance on cleanliness and appearance from the media directed at your demographic. There seems to be this prevailing stereotype that masculinity has to equal a degree of dirtiness disguised as being “Rugged.” You don’t have to be a metrosexual to be well put-together. Here are some easy tips to incorporate into your routine, whether you want to impress women, prove to your parents that you’re a real adult, or just step up your cleanliness game. Whatever it is, make it a good one.Whether you like to dress like a prep school snob or a hipster, make a choice and commit to it completely. Same goes for your hair (facial/body/on top of your head).You don’t have to actually put in an extreme amount of effort here: Just do the job until it’s done. You don’t have to be perfectly coiffed. Just do something with purpose. The ‘Messy’ or ‘Undone’ look is not actually messy or undone.Trust me when I say this: Women can tell if you more »

  • 16 Stunning Photos of the Pantheon in Rome

    Almost two thousand years after it was built, the Pantheon’s dome is still the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. It is this incredible feat of engineering that makes it the best-preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings. The Pantheon and the incredible square, Piazza della Rotonda, located out front are a must-see for anyone visiting Rome, Italy.

  • How To Buy a New Car When You Have Piss Poor Credit

    Let’s say you’ve made a few late payments on your bills. Perhaps you have a maxed-out credit card. Or maybe you bought more car than you actually needed and couldn’t keep up with the payments. Hey, it happens. But now it’s time to buy another car and you have serious doubts as to whether you’ll get approved for a loan.

  • Why She Hides Your Status Updates

    Social media is a weird world that we have all accepted as normal. We had to learn how to be polite at the dinner table or considerate on public transit, but technology changes so quickly that we were never taught how to behave properly online. I bet you know someone who is insufferable when they get behind a keyboard. You don’t want to be that person, especially if you want to impress someone. Here are the reasons why she would hide your status updates or even un-friend you. Don’t give her any reason to ignore you! Nobody cares about your games. Your Slots/Farmville/Candy Crush obsession should stay between you and your devices. You can alter the games’ settings so that they do not post your scores or invitations to your friends. I’m just trying to save you from yourself here. We get it. You work out. I don’t know any women who log into social media just clamoring to know where you worked out and whether it’s an ‘Arm Day’ or a ‘Leg Day.’ You’re taking care of yourself and keeping yourself accountable – Good for you! …But I don’t really care to know about it. Did you run a more »