• What Americans Could Achieve If We Banded Together Like We Did To Deport Justin Bieber [Link]

    Over 100,000 Americans have signed a petition on WhiteHouse.gov to deport Justin Bieber over his recent arrest. Yes, he’s an entitled brat and we’re all sick of him, but there are more important things to worry about and plenty of more noble causes that aren’t getting recognition or support anywhere near the magnitude of this joke. Want to actually make a difference and do some good? Check out this list and maybe find something more worthwhile to support, because as we all know, as soon as we get rid of a pop star, plenty of others appear to take the throne.

  • Science Confirms the Existence and Purpose of Rebound Sex [Link]

    Science has confirmed what we already knew to be true, people use sex to cope with their feelings and to get revenge on their ex. Of course, since science was involved, the study, recently published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, goes into a bit more depth than that. Details about how long the relationship lasted and how invested people were in their relationships factored into the occurrence of rebound sex.

  • World’s First Luxury Cannabis Tours Launch in Colorado

    First it was wine tours of vineyards, then it was tours of craft breweries. Now that Colorado has legalized recreational use of marijuana, the time for cannabis tours has arrived. Spiro Tours has become the first company to launch luxury cannabis tours around Colorado to get visitors acquainted with the game-changing Amendment 64. The tours aim to entertain but also educate about marijuana farming, how dispensaries operate, and how it can be used in different ways. There are four different tours to choose from, each with a unique itinerary that cater to your particular interests (other than the marijuana, of course). This is sure to be a huge new industry and Spiro seems to be starting it off perfectly and the bar for the competition has been set pretty high. Yup, pretty high indeed. Book your cannabis tour at Spiro Tours.

  • Anna Kendrick: Behind the Scenes of the Mega Huge Game Day Ad Newcastle Almost Made [Video]

    For the past week, Newcastle has been releasing videos about the Super Bowl ad they would have made if they had the advertising budget to make a Super Bowl ad. They don’t, so the videos have been descriptions of how awesome the ad would have been, storyboards of the unmade ad, and even a focus group reaction to the ad that never was. Now Newcastle has released a behind the scenes video with the ad’s star Anna Kendrick, who complains about there not being an ad in which to star and not even being allowed to say the words “Super Bowl.” She also pretends not to be hot, winning us over even more. Kudos to Newcastle for using the Internet to make a viral campaign that will pay off for them way more than blowing all their cash on 30 seconds during the big game. Check out all the ads at IfWeMadeIt.com.

  • Making Moonshine At Home Is On The Rise. But It’s Still Illegal [Link]

    Thanks in part to shows like “Moonshiners” on Discovery Channel and the ever growing craft spirit business, home distillers are on the rise. This new generation of bootleggers may have artisanal intentions, but the fact remains that it is still an illegal practice as far as federal law is concerned. But if this is true, how are people getting the supplies so easily? How are the laws bypassed? And most importantly, how can you make your own hooch?

  • Inside Spotify’s Self Designed NYC Office

    Music Streaming giant, Spotify recently moved in to an office designed by the internal team. The space is bi-leleved and full of natural light, team workspaces, open workstations and an enormous amount of 3rd space seating. The clean cut offices are splashed with fun and colorful artwork making it known this isn’t a cookie cutter cubicle office. Natural light fills the open space with a large window canopy. the open aired space is lined with team rooms that offer a more intimate settings, so meetings can be optimized. “Spotify NYC is the largest install of height adjustable tables in New York to date, totaling at 397 (all on one floor). The Airtouch tables were an important design and functional element for this space as they enable users to change their working positions from seated to standing and various heights in between allowing for much needed flexibility and movement for Spotify employees.” Design: Completed in-house by Spotify Photography: Limor Garfinkle

  • The Patrick Bateman Business Card Holder

    You’re an obsessive perfectionist and you think you’ve finally nailed it. Picked them up from the printers today – bone colouring with lettering they call “Silian Rail.” Look at that subtle stainless steel finishing. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it’s even laser engraved. The perfect conversation piece for other acquaintances in Murders and Executions. THE BATEMAN BUSINESS CARD HOLDER $28

  • Top Chef Hugh Acheson’s Super Bowl Wings & Cocktails

    The Super Bowl is almost upon us and if you don’t have your food recipes ready in the huddle already, then you just might be in trouble. Enhance your game with these rum-infused recipes created by Hugh Acheson specifically for the Super Bowl. We got the most scrumtrulescent Rum-wings recipe you’ll ever try complimented with a couple of cocktails, because nobody should be sober bowling it. 

  • The Secluded Beaches and Ancient Ruins of Tulum, Mexico (10 HQ Photos)

    Tulum, Mexico is quickly becoming the hot spot for vacationers south of Texas. Fly in to Cancun and drive just under two hours before you hit the beautiful beaches and ancient Mayan ruins that date back as early at 250 A.D. Part of the gorgeous and increasingly popular Riviera Maya, Tulum sits 80 miles southeast of Cancun of which you’ll pass a gorgeous scenic route building up to your destination. The beaches south of the ruins have remained uninhabited by the larger resorts surrounding coastal Mexico.


    Here in the US of A, we take our icons pretty seriously… especially when those icons are covered in cheese and chili. And must-eat foods are a point of pride and jingoism, as everyone proclaims their hometown’s signature dish to be the world’s greatest, even if you’ve never really tried any others.

  • The Home of Adventure: An Exclusive Look at the NY Explorers Club

    Ever hear of a man named Roy Chapman Andrews? He’s the man Indiana Jones was based off of. They have his whip here. How about a man named Carl E. Akeley? On an expedition in Africa, Akeley was attacked by a leopard, so he did what any man with a working fist would do. Stick it down the face clawing leopards mouth until it choked to death. These are the kind of men inducted into the Explorers Club. Akeley was the president from 1917-1919, I’m guessing out of of pure fear of his leopard fist. The New York Explorers Club is a society dedicated to scientific exploration of Earth, its oceans, and outer space. Founded in 1904 in New York City, it currently has 30 chapters worldwide. In addition to sponsoring expeditions and lectures, the Explorers Club is known for their adventurous, exotic cuisine served at their banquets. Each facet of their impressive decor tells a story of exploration and survival or exponential proportions. We had an opportunity to take a personal tour with Will Roseman, Director of Public lectures, including a look at The Roosevelt room, a room dedicated to Teddy, himself. We were invited to the renowned club more »

  • Mogwai’s Whiskey And Other Odd Celebrity Endorsed Spirits

    To coincide with the release of their new album “Rave Tapes,” Scottish band Mogwai decided to release their own brand of whiskey. Makes sense, right? Of course not. But this certainly isn’t the first time celebrities have slapped their names on booze to increase the price tag and stuff their coffers. Here are some of our favorite celebrity endorsed spirits from over the year. The name’s attached certainly don’t up the quality of the drinks, but the novelty value is priceless.

  • Wine Cocktail Guide [Infographic]

    The weekend is just about here and you’ve worked hard all week long. You deserve a drink to celebrate. But why get the same old cocktail you always imbibe? This weekend try one of these wine cocktails suggested by some of London’s best cocktail bars. As a Lewis Carroll fan, I’d go with Callooh Callay’s suggested recipe on this frabjous day.

  • NYC Snowstorm From MTA’s Point Of View [15 Photos]

    The New York City MTA has one of the greatest flickr accounts and we’ve often shared their pictures with you. With another snowstorm hitting NYC earlier this week, the MTA sent out their photographers to document the hard work of the employees who keep the trains and buses running regularly. We thought we’d share these shots so you can see the hard work these folks do and also because the Hurricane Jet Snow Blower clearing the track in the Coney Island Yard is pretty awesome.

  • Super Bowl Ticket Price Infographic

    Plan on heading to scenic East Rutherford, New Jersey for the Super Bowl? If this infographic is any indication, you may want to head to your local bank or credit union (or Amscot, I won’t judge) and get yourself a not so small loan. Also, pack a sweater, because this isn’t just one of the most costly Super Bowls to attend, it’s also really, really, cold! Sounds enjoyable, right?

  • Amazing Footage of a GoPro’d Falcon Hunting it’s Prey

    Strap a GoPro to the head of a predator bird and you’re bound to get some breathtaking footage. This amazing footage shows a falcon preying on crows, by Eddy De Mol. Suzanne Amador of Haverford College discovered that falcons pursue prey by keeping the image of the prey in the same place on their retina during the pursuit as they close in shown in this groundbreaking footage.

  • Yuengling Beer + Ice Cream? Yes, Please!

    Back during the dark, sad days of prohibition, Yuengling brewing company, the oldest in the United States, began operating an ice cream business. The ice cream was a hit and even after the end of prohibition in December, 1933, Yuengling’s Ice Cream continued production. But then in 1985, Yuengling broke the hearts of dessert lovers when they ceased production. After almost 30 years of public demand, Yuengling has begun production and plans on having the ice cream back in stores in February. With 10 different flavors to choose from, such as Mint Chocolate Chip, Root Beer Float, and Chocolate Marshmallow, there’s something for everyone. Sorry beer lovers, the Black & Tan flavor is actually made with chocolate and caramel rather than the alcoholic lager and porter combination the name implies. But really, that’s probably for the best. For more info and to see if it’s available near you, check out Yuengling’s Ice Cream.

  • Unreal Photos of Protests in Ukraine Streets Erupting into a Fiery Battlefield (25 HQ Photos)

    Anti-government protests in Ukraine’s capital escalated into a battlefield of malatov cocktails and riots setting police vehicles on fire as well as shooting fireworks into enforcement barricades. Dozens of both police and protesters were injured including opposition leader, Vitali Klitschko, former boxing heavyweight champion. The Police push back was futile attempting to use stun grenades, tear gas and water cannons, but were outnumbered by the protesters forcing forward.  

  • Drink Like A Cowboy From These Copper Shot Glasses

    The purveyors of hancrafted, made in the USA, unique items at Jacob Bromwell have a set of copper shot glasses available that are sure to make you feel like a cowboy drinking whiskey in an Old West saloon. Each shot glass is handmade and 100% copper (an increasingly precious commodity). They hold 1.5 ounces of your favorite spirit (or sarsaparilla, for you teetotalers) and will never rust. You can keep them polished if you’d like, but if left untreated, they’ll develop a cool patina effect. A set of 4 will set you back $149, but you are paying for excellent American craftsmanship and they are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Available now from Jacob Bromwell.

  • New York City In The 1930s Looks Oddly Peaceful [28 Photos]

    Photographer Berenice Abbott documented New York City for the Federal Art Project (FAP) between 1935 and 1938. FAP was a New Deal program (thanks, Franklin Roosevelt!) for unemployed artists that operated from 1935 to 1943. Abbott’s series, “Changing New York,” captures a city that looks incredibly peaceful and clean compared to today’s Big Apple. The photographs were published as a book for the 1939 New York’s World Fair which attracted over 44 million visitors to the city. The New York Public Library has more of Abbott’s photos on flickr.

  • Read Martin Luther King Jr’s Historic Playboy Interview From 1964 [Link]

    In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr was interviewed by “Roots” author Alex Haley for Playboy magazine. It was the longest interview that Dr. King ever granted to a publication. Now you can read the entire, in-depth interview and learn Dr. King’s thoughts on race relations directly from the man himself. Afterwards you can proudly state you read the famous gentleman’s magazine “for the articles.”

  • Value Of Dollar In Burgers And Beers [Infographic]

    Lonely Planet’s “How To Land a Jumbo Jet” contains all sorts of useful information presented through 56 infographics. By far, the most useful of these is the visual guide below which illustrates the value of the US dollar in burgers and beers around the world. It’s a tad disheartening. I’ve been watching lots of “Lilyhammer” on Netflix and Norway looks like a great place to visit, but 10 bucks for a fast-food burger?? Guess I’ll just go to the Philippines instead and drink 70 cent beer. 

  • If Domestic Beer Commercials Were Honest [Video]

    I’ve got no problem with cheap domestic beer. I often choose to drink Schaefer, PBR, Schlitz, and others of their ilk, but this honest beer commercial from Random at Best is still pretty damn funny and accurate. I could go on and on about how much I enjoy the taste of Genesee Cream Ale (and I really do) but what it mostly comes down to is this: it costs $7 for a 12 pack and it gets me drunk. And now I’ve gone and made myself thirsty. Anyone want to grab a beer? Maybe something domestic?

  • 15 Ways to Make It Look Like an Adult Lives in Your Apartment

    Hey man, that Bob Marley poster, collection of empty liquor bottles, and black sheet thumbtacked around the window make for awesome decor, there’s no denying that, but you’re a big boy now and you should have a big boy apartment. Too bad you’re a crass philistine and have no idea where to begin. There’s hope for you yet, though, with this list of 15 ways to make it look like an adult lives in your apartment courtesy of Refined Guy. I’d start with putting that Bob Marley poster in a frame. You’re welcome.

  • 10 Unspoken Rules Of Suits That Every Man Should Know

    We’re adults and sometimes we have to dress the part. For those times when sweats, t-shirts, and sneakers aren’t appropriate, you’ve got to suit up. Too bad you’re the immature, uncultured bum that your ex accused you of being those many months ago. Hey there you disgusting slob, don’t start crying about it, for here are 10 rules of suits that will transform you from Eddie Murphy at the begin of Trading Places to Eddie Murphy at the end of Trading Places.

  • Official Jazz Fest 2014 Talent Announcement Video

    The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival will be held April 25-27 and May 1-4 this year, and to announce the bands, festival organizers teamed with Moontower VFX to create this awesome animated video. While music from The Preservation Hall Jazz Band plays, the huge acts playing the fest are revealed. Not big on jazz? Don’t worry. This lineup has something for everyone. Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Bruce Springsteen, Robin Thicke, Public Enemy and the Avett Brothers are just some of the big name, non-jazz acts who will be there. There’s also plenty of jazz, too, with Dr. Lonnie Smith, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Gregory Porter, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band,just to name a few. Watch the video then check out the full daily lineup at New Orleans Jazz Fest.

  • The World’s Largest Sand Sculpture Park [20 Photos]

    From January through April, visitors to Kuwait’s Remal International Sand and Light Sculpture Festival can check out the largest collection of sand sculptures from an international team of artists. 28,000 tons of sand, or 1,000 dump trucks full, were used by the 80 sculptors from 25 different countries at a cost of almost $3 million. The sand has a small clay content to help it mold, enabling works of up to 50 feet tall. The entire project takes up over 300,000 square feet or about 4 soccer fields. There are 40 works on display, all based on scenes from the world renowned “1001 Arabian Nights” stories.

  • Raw Footage From the Launch Of SpaceShipTwo [Video]

    Virgin Galactic is one step closer to its goal of bringing tourists (albeit extremely wealthy ones) to space after a successful test flight of the SpaceShipTwo (SS2) on January 10. It was the third rocket-powered supersonic flight for the subspace-craft and Virgiin Galactic officials said all their objectives were met. This is great news for the company, which plans on beginning commercial service later this year. Many celebrities have already reserved spots for when the service takes off, including Stephen Hawking, Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher, and Tom Hanks. If you’d like join them as one of the first space tourists, sign up at Virgin Galactic. Wait, you don’t have $250,000? Better cut back on your daily Starbucks.

  • 32 Hot Sauce Recipes to Sting Your Tastebuds (Book)

    Here are 32 recipes for making your own signature hot sauces, ranging from mild to blisteringly hot, as well as 60 recipes that use homemade or commercial hot sauces in everything from barbeque and Buffalo wings to bouillabaisse and black-bean soup. Hot Sauce!: Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces, with 32 Recipes to Get You Started $10

  • The Bountiful Breweries of the United States of America

    The most comprehensive survey of beer-making ever, this beautiful 60” x 40” wall map features over 2,500 breweries, microbreweries, and brewpubs from across the United States.  Perfect for hanging on the wall of your bar, den, or mancave, this cartographic masterpiece plots those celebrated locales known for plying this great nation with its lifeblood—delicious, thirst-quenching beer.  Includes insets for brewing hotbeds (Denver, the Pacific Northwest, the Great Lakes), as well as a design that pays homage to the mapmaking of yore–a giant, multi-colored paean to the noble brewers of America.

  • Bar10Der 10-in-1 Bartending Tool

    We’re all grown up now and Jack and coke just doesn’t cut it. Mature palates require mature cocktails, but those intricate drinks also require a lot of tools. Luckily, the Bar10Der is here to save you space and sanity. Only 8.75 inches, this is a lot of tool in a small package. You get a bottle opener, corkscrew, strainer, jigger, extendable stirrer, 4 inch knife, channel knife, muddler, reamer, and zester all in one. Available for $40 from Brookstone. Now go order one and make me a spicy mojito.

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