• LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy Makes Music For NYC Subway [Video]

    It has been almost 3 years since LCD Soundsystem played their last show, and frontman James Murphy has announced his new project: turning New York City’s subway stations into beautiful symphonies. He has been working on the idea for 15 years, and with the MTA soon changing the turnstiles from a swipe to a tap system, the timing finally seems right. Murphy wants to get rid of the extremely annoying, high pitched tone of a successful swipe and replace it with different melodic sounds played at random that during the busiest times would create unique musical works and make the entire experience a more pleasant one for commuters. If you like what you hear in the video, help him out and add your name to the petition at Subway Symphony.

  • First Time In 20 years: Great Lakes 88% Frozen [3 HQ Photos]

    NASA satellite images are showing that the Great Lakes are now 88% frozen, something not seen since 1994. The winter average since 1973 is just over 50% coverage, with 80% only reached 5 times. 2002 saw the lowest coverage on record, with just 9.5%. The first image is a natural color photo of the Great Lakes region with a false-color image following to differentiate between ice (pale blue), open water (navy), snow (blue-green), and clouds (white).  The final image is a natural color photo showing the shipping lane carved by ice breakers. Although it may not seem like it, the ice is positive for the region, with an increased water supply and good news for shipping and recreational uses. That is, if it ever thaws.

  • An Epic Antarctic Journey: There and Back [Video]

    In 1912, Robert Falcon Scott put together a team and set out on the unheard of journey to the south pole on foot. It would have been an amazing feat, but it was not meant to be, for on the return voyage the entire expedition perished in the cold. Contemporary British adventurers Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere decided to take up the challenge and after 105 days, recently became the first to make the trek without the help of motorized vehicles. This video gives some highlights, but for more information and a look at their travel journals, check out The Scott Expedition.

  • Ukrainian Protesters Storm The President’s Mansion And What They Find Inside In Mindblowing [37 Photos]

    With his kleptocratic regime coming to an end and now a warrant out for his arrest, Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych was forced to flee his mansion last week. With the usual army of guards now gone, Ukrainian citizens cast their eyes on the estate that corruption built and were amazed and disgusted at what they saw. In a country where the average daily wage is around $15 and millions lack health or social care despite living below the poverty line, the ostentatious lifestyle of their leader was mind-boggling. With the estate featuring a golf course, a zoo, a garage filled with expensive cars, a galleon docked at a private lake, and even its own gas station, everyday Ukrainians caught a glimpse of life in stark contrast to their own.

  • How To Make The Perfect Margarita [Infographic]

    Pre-made margarita mix is for chumps. To celebrate National Margarita Day  we give you an infographic on how to make the perfect margarita. Summer is fast approaching and nothing spices things up like a delicious margarita on the rocks. Most guys don’t realize how easy it is. If you want to get real fancy check out our article “Avion Tamarindo Margarita” on how to make the recently crowned best tasting margarita on Earth.

  • Man Meal: Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin

      This ain’t yo grandmama’s pork tenderloin. Well, maybe it is if your grandma cooks a bad-ass loin with a serious kick. Next time you have a craving for pork give this recipe a try for a unique blend of sweet and spicy that tastes more impressive than the time it takes to make it.

  • Mexico’s National Pyrotechnic Festival [15 Photos]

    Each year in the city of Tultepec, Mexico, more than 100,000 people gather for the National Pyrotechnic Festival. Celebrated in March to honor St. John of God, the patron saint of firework makers (of course that’s a thing), the festival is held in Tultepec where more than half of the country’s fireworks are produced. There are different pyrotechnic events, syncing the fireworks to music and what have you, but the main attraction is the pamplonada. Named after Pamplona’s running of the bulls, the pamplonada involves wood or paper mache “bulls,” ranging in size up to 3 meters, stuffed with fireworks that are paraded through town while they set off fireworks for up to 7 hours. Photographer Thomas Prior was on hand for last year’s festivities and captured these amazing photos. With the 2014 celebration coming up, perhaps a RSVLTS trip is in order…

  • NYC Gentrification As Seen Through Google Street View [6 GIFs]

    Brooklyn-based artist and designer Justin Blinder makes clever use of Google Street View for his Envision New York 2017 submission, “Vacated.” Justin first searched for buildings constructed in the last 4 years using the NYC Department of City Planning’s PLUTO dataset, then searched for those properties using Google Street View. He created these GIFs by combining the cached pictures with how the locations appear now. You can almost hear the “cha-ching” of raising rents when looking at them. For more in-depth information on Justin’s process and for his other projects, check out his portfolio

  • Thailand Prison Inmates Fight Foreigners For Reduced Sentences [Video]

    The folks at Coconuts TV are always finding something strange in Southeast Asia to share with their YouTube audience and their most recent video is no exception. Apparently, if you ever find yourself in a Thai prison with at least a ten year sentence, you can get months or even years shaved off for fighting. Not random fights in the rec yard, but organized Muay Thai bouts with tourist opponents. It may seem weird to encourage and even reward fighting, but the inmates who spend their time training for a match don’t have time to engage in drug and gang activity. How come there hasn’t been a Van Damme movie about this yet?

  • Man Meals: Maple-Glazed Chicken

    Keep warm on the chilliest winter nights with this hearty meal you can make in a pinch. Toss chicken with apples and maple syrup for a delicious dinner that’s ready in just 30 minutes.

  • Transforming Paris’ Abandoned Metro Stations

    Paris mayoral candidate Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet announced that if she wins the election, she aims to transform 11 deserted metro stations into social, sporting, and cultural spaces. With New York City’s “Lowline” project apparently moving along, it will only be a matter of time before cities all over the world put their undergrounds to public use. OXO Architects has released some proposals that would transform the abandoned spaces into restaurants, nightclubs, swimming pools, galleries, theaters, and gardens. It’s a great idea, and hopefully one that Parisians will embrace no matter who wins the mayoral election. 

  • Daredevil Photographs Not Taken By Russians [12 Photos]

    It seems like every time you go on the Internet these days, there are new photos or videos of Russians scaling buildings and other exceptionally tall structures in the most outrageously unsafe manner. But why should Russians have all the fun? Lucinda Grange is a British travel and adventure photographer who also takes insane risks in order to take photos from perspectives that those of us who respect gravity and value life would otherwise never see. She’s been all over the world, scaling the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and both the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges in New York. Keep up with Lucinda Grange’s adventures and live vicariously through her at Facebook.

  • Indonesian Volcanic Eruption As Seen From Space

    On Friday, Mount Kelud, a volcano on Indonesia’s most populated island, Java, erupted and we shared photographs of the destruction as 100,000 people were evacuated. The ash was propelled out of the volcano more than 13 miles high. 4 deaths have now been confirmed and 56,000 people remain displaced. The eruption could be heard 125 miles away and was captured from space in these satellite photos from NASA.

  • Forensic Facial Reconstruction Of Crystal Head Vodka Skull

    Crystal Head Vodka, the Herkimer dimond-filtered premium spirit founded by actor and self-described spiritualist Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander, is well known for its unique skull-shaped bottle modeled after the legend of the mystical crystal skulls. Nigel, a Scottish forensic artist, decided to reconstruct the face of the nameless skull, undoubtedly after having a few too many himself. The result is one of the happiest faces ever seen, most likely due to the 80 proof innards. Just imagine, they could charge twice as much for a sculpted “Laughing Creep Vodka.” Now for someone to develop a crackpot legend about the face…

  • All Other Smokers are Inferior to This Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart

    The Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart should be all you’re thinking about right now. With a brutal winter sinking it’s teeth into 2/3 of the U.S. the only thing you should have on your mind right now is the thought of a summer BBQ with a cold beer and meat smoked to perfection. With Yoder’s cook-approved Heat Management System, slide out 2nd shelf, square firebox, 304 Stainless Steel front shelf, small footprint, large pneumatic tires and a robust 2-position handle for easy positioning (Enter Tim “the Toolman” Grunt here) all your winter worries will fall by the way side. This behemoth beast of wood burning steel will guarantee you the blue ribbon of backyard BBQs in the summer of 2014. The Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart

  • Pizza That Lasts For Years, Because Science and America

    If there’s one complaint about pizza, it’s that…um…uh…are there any complaints about pizza? Well if you’re a soldier, you’re pizza problem is probably that you can’t just can’t get any. Lucky for them (and all of us, really), scientists at  the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center in Natick, Massachusetts have developed a pizza MRE, or meal ready to eat, that can last for up to 3 years without any refrigeration or freezing. Although one of the most requested items, pizza has long thwarted science’s attempts at preserving it due to the moisture in the sauce and cheese seeping into the crust over time, resulting in the most unpopular of pizza toppings, mold and bacteria. But by adding ingredients called humectants that bind to water and by altering the acidity of the sauce and cheese to ward off any nastiness, science has finally come out on top. Soon enough, soldiers (and lazy folks) will be able to tear open a pizza MRE and get a mouth full of America…and 3 year old pepperoni. Source: AP

  • Floods Devastate United Kingdom [32 HQ Photos]

    The United Kingdom has been hit with the wettest winter in at least 250 years. A month’s worth of rainfall is expected in just the next couple days. 56,000 homes across England and Wales are currently without power, down from 168,000 overnight, after experiencing winds in excess of 100 miles per hour. Rivers throughout southern England are at their highest recorded levels. To aid the flooded areas, 13 high-capacity pumps, with many more expected, have been brought to the Somerset Levels from the Netherlands to funnel floodwaters out to the sea.

  • 10 Incredible Hidden Restaurants in New York City That You Should Visit This Year

    Imagine walking through a discrete doorway, up (or down) stairs, to find yourself in a fine dining restaurant. These are New York City’s hidden restaurants. Like New York City’s hidden bars, these restaurants have unmarked entrances, or are discreetly hidden inside another establishment.  Below we compiled a list of our 10 favorites, from a hidden Nordic eatery inside a Greenpoint bar to a ramen shop hiding in plain sight inside a Whole Foods.

  • How to Make a Burger Like Earnest Hemingway

    Written in the ink from his own hand, this is Earnest Hemingway’s personal burger recipe. Recently released by the JFK Presidential Library and Museum the typewritten and revised mondo-burger recipe was created then renamed Papa’s Favorite “Wild West” Hamburger by the 1954 literary Nobel Prize winner. Hemingway, known for his cocktails, but also for his appetite, mixes different flavors and spices into this recipe for a flavorful burger with a little bit of a flavor kick. So next time you’re at the grocery store pull up the recipe and evoke your inner “Papa Hemingway”. Don’t you dare substitute lean beef for ground turkey. From Experimenting, Papa’s Favorite Wild West Hamburger There is no reason why a fried hamburger has to turn out gray, greasy, paper-thin and tasteless. You can add all sorts of goodies and flavors to the ground beef — minced mushrooms, cocktail sauce, minced garlic and onion, ground almonds, a big dollop of Piccalilli, or whatever your eye lights on. Papa prefers this combination. Ingredients 1lb. ground lean beef 2 cloves, minced garlic 2 little green onions, finely chopped parsley [sic] 1 heaping teaspoon, India relish 2 tablespoons, capers 1 heaping teaspoon, Spice Islands Sage [sic] 1/2 teaspoon more »

  • Venezuelan Protests Turn Violent [21 Photos]

    Thousands of protesters from various political factions gathered in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas to protest President Nicolas Maduro. It’s the biggest protest Maduro has faced since becoming president last year after the death of former president Hugo Chavez. Maduro condemned the protests as a coup d’etat led by opposition extremists. By nightfall, police began clashing with the protesters leaving at least three dead. Opposition leader “Popular Will” Leopoldo Lopez has come out blaming the violence on Maduro in an attempt to discredit his movement. No matter who is to blame, with Venezuela’s current inflation woes and shortage of basic goods, the protests are bound to continue.

  • Bionic Hand Restores A Man’s Sense of Touch

    On New Years Eve 2004 a firework accidentally exploded in the hand of Aabo Sørensen. The damage was excruciating and he lost his hand. Ten years later and Aabo can feel again. A team of researchers have  restored Dennis’ touch with a special bionic hand that is wired directly into the nerves of Sørensen’s arm, and sensors located in its fingers translate touch into electrical signals that are eventually fed to the brain. “Suddenly you could see my left hand was talking to my brain again and it was magic!” says Sørensen, “I could feel things that I hadn’t been able to feel in over nine years. When I held an object, I could feel if it was soft or hard, round or square.” Here’s how it works; The bionic hand uses sensors in the fingers to detect touch and from there an electronic signal is generated. The electrical signal can’t be understood by the body’s nervous system so it is sent to a computer, then the computer translates the signal to the patients nervous system (How? Who the heck knows) The brain is then able to mimic the feeling of touching soft, hard, large, small shapes.  

  • Hot In-Flight Video From Air New Zealand And Sports Illustrated

    Air New Zealand has teamed up with Sports Illustrated to create the hottest in-flight safety video we’ve ever seen. To celebrate Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s 50th anniversary, the commercial features Jessica Gomes, Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis and Ariel Meredith instructing you on flight safety while distracting you in their bikinis. Also making an appearance is Christie Brinkley who is looking incredible at 60. Watch the commercial and study it well then enter the “Safety in Paradise”sweepstakes where your answer to a multiple choice question about the ad could win you a trip to Aitutaki. Good luck!

  • Mile-Low Club launches $287k Valentine’s Day submarine package

    Dubbed the “Mile Low Club”, this luxury submarine tailors every facet of it’s interior to the discretion of it’s passengers specifically for Velntines Day, but it doesn’t come cheap. Several of these specially-adapted leisure submarines, nicknamed Lovers Deep, are located in the Caribbean and flights to get there aren’t included, but when you’re spending $287,680 a flight to the paradise ain’t no thang. The MLC, gives couples a chance to ‘relax, unwind and enjoy the isolated deep of the cean 200m under the sea. The staff can cater aesthetics to look like almost anything and food menu served included a plethora of aphrodisiac food items. Featured dishes include oysters, caviar and a decadent chocolate fondant with essence of pomegranate. Guests will have the Caribbean at their disposal whether they want to explore the reef of St. Lucia or a sunken battleship in the Red Sea, says Oliver Bell, co-founder of Oliver’s Travels, the company curating the experience.  

  • Google Search Hacks that Will Change the Way You Internet

    The Google search may be looked at as the worm hole to the pinnacle of our civilization when the future looks back on our present. An entire world at our fingertips, it’s only a matter of time until the world Google replaces “search” in the dictionary. Most students would be completely lost without it, because it’s so embedded in their brains as being the most trustworthy informational search resource available. But you’re using it wrong. These quick Google search hacks are simple,but effective. To really optimize your search try these in your next Googleventre.

  • How to Eat a Hamburger, According to Science

    You’re eating burgers wrong. Oh you don’t think so? You’re wrong. Dead wrong. Grub Guinea pig and Food Beast founder, Elie Ayrouth took a shot at the traditional manner of consumption and failed thrice. Messy, slippery and a terrible meat to bread ratio. No way to devour a proper burger. Elie did his research and stumbled upon a Japanese game show that went to great lengths to research proper technique, optimizing burger consumption forever. Thanks, science! According to gaming blog Kotaku, a Japanese television show Honma Dekka!? brought on three researchers, “experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry–try to figure out the best way to hold and eat a large hamburger.” The research was humorously thorough, apparently featuring a 3D scan of a hamburger that studied how the particles interacted together while holding a large hamburger:

  • Amazing Flyover of Antarctica [Video]

    With the winter many of us are currently experiencing, you’re probably thinking how you never want to see snow again. Well you are wrong, buddy. Snow covered landscapes can still be beautiful, just as long as they’re not in your backyard. Take a look at this video of a flyover at Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica at the Italian Mario Zucchelli Research Station and fall in love with snow all over again.

  • 1984 Winter Olympics 30 Years Later [15 Photos]

    In 1984 the Winter Olympics were held in what was then Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Less than a decade after the games ended, the region was engaged in the Bosnian War. Many of the facilities were either completely ravaged or neglected and fell in deep disrepair. Kosevo Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies were held, was renovated in 1998. Skenderija Hall was refurbished in 2006 and is now visited by 500,000 people each year. But not all of the Olympic venues were given new life. The bobsled and luge facilities at Mount Trebevic and the ski jump area at Mount Igmam remain abandoned and have become targets for graffiti artists over the years. Late last year, Reuters photographer Dado Ruvic visited Sarajevo’s abandoned Olympic venues and captured these haunting photos. 

  • A Look Inside The Newest NYC Hot Spot: Tao Downtown [22 Photos]

    The newest hot spot in New York City is Tao Downtown located in the Meatpacking District’s Maritime Hotel. Tao Downtown takes up multiple spaces in the hotel, with a restuarant, bar and lounge on the the ground level; a large main dining area on the cellar level; and a separate lounge spanning the mezzanine and cellar levels. The design features plenty of nods to Asian culture while also resembling a dark, underground hangout. For more information and reservations, visit Tao Downtown. If you go, please bring us back some chicken gyoza. Thanks.

  • Inside Google’s London Super Headquarters

    Google’s new super headquarters in Central Saint Giles, London is a mix of beautiful patterned padded walls and submarine style doors. The space includes a 160,000 sq ft, a “secret garden” balcony space, a large Town Hall room for meetings and press gatherings, gym, showers, dance facilities, bike parking, 1250 desks and 1250 meeting chairs/collaboration seats, tons of eco-friendly and/or reclaimed materials, and panoramic london skyline views. Penson Group, the architecture and interior design firm was the brain behind the office identity. Design: PENSON Group Photography: Martin Varsavsky

  • 45 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Yosemite National Park

    Yosemite National Park photo via photographer Wasim Muklashy, view more of his incredible work here. Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National more »

  • The Truth About This Weekend’s Mega Snowstorm

    You may have seen 5-day to 10-day model snowfall forecast graphics shared in social media and on some websites proclaiming that an epic winter storm is on the way late this week into the weekend. It’s time to separate the forecast from the wild rumors regarding this potential upcoming storm. “@NJP1982: @nynjpaweather pic.twitter.com/qTkoiW3jYu” You know what's scary. Not unreasonable. — Steven DiMartino (@nynjpaweather) January 29, 2014 What We Know Now: Late-Week Storm It is still much too early to forecast specific snow and ice amounts in any given location. Weather.com explains: For now, Saturday’s snow appears to be a light to moderate event for parts of the East Coast, from New Jersey and the Delaware Valley into the Ohio Valley, Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes. Sunday, as the main upper-level southward dip in the jet stream, or trough, swings eastward, more snow may pivot through the East and persist in some areas through Monday. At this time, there are many critical details — the track of the surface low pressure system and the interaction of upper-level disturbances — contributing to high uncertainty with the Sunday/Monday forecast. For now, this storm does not appear to be a high-impact, crippling snowstorm, but more »

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