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Edward Snowden Joins Twitter

Remember Edward Snowden? NSA whistleblower? International man of mystery/fugitive? Of course you do. How could anyone forget the man who sold out the entire US government for the NSA’s spy program? A man of deep privacy who only ever agrees to a choice few taped interviews with John Oliver. A…


WATCH: How To Become an 80’s Model

There’s no denying that modelling, like much else, peaked in the ’80’s. I mean, sure, nowadays models are all absolute smokeshows, but there’s no class anymore. No feelings. All they want is a paycheck or to star in the next Transformers film. Well, to hearken back to the love and respect…


Guinness Introduces Nitro IPA

With the ever-increasing popularity of craft beers, more and more once-neglected beer styles are finding their way onto store shelves. And there’s little argument that the India pale ale (IPA) has proven to be the biggest winner in the microbrew revolution. However, as brewers aim to outdo each other with…