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6 Reasons Why Teddy Roosevelt Was The Man

When it comes to dead presidents, there really is no one more memorable than Teddy Roosevelt. The guy smoked, drank, cussed and conquered Cuba. You show me a picture of Lincoln capturing Cuba with a lit cigarette in one hand and fifth of whiskey in the other and I’ll redo this article.…


Warren, Ohio to Give Wounded Vets Free Parking

Americans should always respect and support their military veterans, but seeing as today is Veterans Day, it is that much more important to honor them. Of course, it is difficult to accurately illustrate just how important veterans are to society, but Warren, Ohio has decided to create a very special way to…


15 Sites Every Guy Should Know About

You ever been sitting at work, browsing the internet and feel like you’re wasting time while wasting time? You can only creep on your ex’s Facebook/research the cheapest gifts to get your mom for Christmas so many times before you realize that you probably have to get back to work.…