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9 Breathtaking National Parks Near Las Vegas

When thinking of Las Vegas, most people picture a city buzzing with bright neon lights, but only a couple of hours outside of the city’s limits are some of the greatest natural wonders of the Southwest, including the Colorado and Mojave Deserts, the lush Sierra Nevada mountains and Utah’s Canyon Country. 


The Evolution Of Beer [Infographic]

Beer is pretty amazing when you think about it — and not just because it gets us drunk (although that’s a great aspect of it). Thanks to craft breweries and creative homebrewers, there are constant innovations being brought to a beverage that it is believed was first imbibed about 12,000…


Fridays Are For Beer: Romantic Chemistry IPA

I don’t usually go for fruit-tinged IPAs because whereas they always smell like delicious fruit, it’s all just a cruel trick to fool you into imbibing 4000 IBUs of pure hops hell. But when I heard about Dogfish Head’s Romantic Chemistry IPA, brewed with mango, apricots and ginger, I decided…

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Get Paid To Travel The World And Drink Beer

World of Beer, the Florida-based chain of craft beer bars with 55 locations in 16 states, is currently searching for three interns to spend the summer drinking beer throught the US and around the world. The lucky interns will visit breweries and attend festivals while sampling brews and blogging about…