• Chinese Government Sanctions Graffiti Section on Great Wall

    For years the Great Wall of China has been riddled with a graffiti problem that is only getting worse. Names and messaged are being etched into the wall leaving permanent damage on stones dating back centuries. Which is why Chinese authorities are changing graffiti laws on the wall in designated sections. On Sunday, Chinese news outlets reported that a specific graffiti area will be established at the Mutianyu section of the wall where visitors will be free to leave their mark in the hope of containing the scribbling. A second option autorities are looking into is an electronic touchscreen graffiti wall which has had a great deal of success used at other landmarks plagued with vandal issues in China.

  • How sound affects the taste of our food [Link]

    Although it may not seem like it, sound can have quite an impact on how our food tastes. Studies have shown that high-frequency noises enhance sweetness while low frequencies bring out bitterness. Will this affect what music we hear while eating out? And will sugar be replaced by sound instead of an endless succession of chemicals that we decide are poisonous every few years?

  • Ride The Rails For Free With #AmtrakResidency

    A few months back, New York City-based writer Jessica Gross tweeted about wanting an Amtrak residency to help inspire her. Amtrak liked the idea and sent her on a trip from New York to Chicago. The experiment proved successful and quite popular and last month Amtrak announced they would set up a residency program to deal with all the requests they were receiving. Now that the details have been worked out, Amtrak has started taking applications. Up to 24 writers will be selected for the program, and don’t worry if you’re not established, emerging writers are encouraged to apply also. For all the fine print and to fill out the application, head over to Amtrak.

  • Inside Chaotic Moon Studios 300-Year-Old Austin Office (9 Photos)

      App and software development firm Chaotic Moon Studios has recently moved into a new office space in downtown Austin. The building CMS is housed in is over thee hundred-years-old located in downtown Austin. Before it’s 2013 renovations the building barely held any characteristics to the bright and open layout of today’s tech industry standard. “Look around and you’ll see several custom murals from art director Nathan Walker, including one that proclaims “We’re The Best.” The space needed to be opened up while keeping the structure of the building intact and what you get is a brilliant fuse of three hundred-year-old architecture and cutting edge technology. Befitting a company that’s focused on design and user experience, the aesthetic of the office is clean and unencumbered. And reflecting Chaotic Moon’s hacker sensibilities, employees did everything from helping design the space to assembling the furniture. Design: Sixth River Architects Photography: Atelier Wong Photography

  • The Sleaze Of Old Times Square [30 HQ Photos]

    When artist Mitch O’Connell was trying to make it big in his late teens, he would travel to New York City with his illustrations and wander the city, taking photographs. In those days, the most exciting place was 42nd Street, home to peep shows, porno theaters, and adult book stores. And a Howard Johnson’s! Apparently, in the days of wine and roses that were late 80s/early 90s Times Square, you could get a peep show for just a quarter! You’re lucky if you can get a gumball for a quarter these days. Sure, Times Square is a lot safer now, but at what cost? This is just a small sample of Mitch’s photos. Check out the rest and his great illustrations at the Mitch O’Connell Blog.  

  • Inside The Nirvana Superyacht [25 Photos]

    The 2014 Dubai International Boat Show recently wrapped up and although we couldn’t be there to rub shoulders with the disgustingly rich, we can still enjoy their ostentatious lifestyles through photographs. I know that if I was to develop an app that scared Facebook into giving me billions or exploit my fellow man for the sake of oil riches, I would want to buy the Nirvana superyacht. For a tad over $300 million, this 290 foot yacht could be all yours. The Nirvana features everything you need for entertaining, with 10 jet skis, a 3D movie theater with popcorn maker and bar, a stage for live performances, and a vivarium that comes loaded with lizards and turtles for your amusement. And if you don’t feel like taking the stairs to travel between the six decks, you can always use the 6-person elevator. Time to get started on the 52-week money challenge!

  • Beautiful Visualization Of European Air Traffic Over A 24 Hour Period

    During summer air traffic over Europe becomes an intense 24x7x365 operation. This data visualization was created from real flight data showing Heathrow as the busiest international airport in Europe, and Gatwick as the busiest single runway airport in the world. Using flightradar24.com you can do something similar. This site will show you where the airplanes flying overhead are headed in real time. Give it a try.

  • PornBurger Can Turn A Vegan into a Carnivore

    Our new favorite foodie website is a Tumblr dedicated to the art of a good burger. What PornBurger has done is found the perfect formula to visually articulating different delectable variations of the burger into super high quality photos with detailed ingredients noted on each photo. Simple, but effective. I literally just ate a burger before viewing the site and I’m already jonesin’ for another. Each burger is described in elegant detail just underneath the photo, here’s an example of the Dirty Birdy Burger “This is a classic case of a racy burger flown a-fowl: A duck confit burger, scandalously dressed in fried chicken hearts, smothered in fig catsup, and bedded on a creamy spread  of chicken liver pâté. This is certainly one bird you won’t be bringing home to umami and daddy.” Now go. Enjoy all that is the naughtiest burger site on the internet. PORNBURGER

  • 30 Vital New York City Travel Tips In GIF Form

    With warm weather just around the corner plenty of people across America (and the world for that matter) are planning their first trip to New York City. Graphic designer Nathan Pyle has lived in New York City for years and he created the following series of animated GIFS showing basic travel etiquette for NYC newcomers. If you you are a NYC pro these will probably make you laugh. Nathan is putting this travel guide into book form which you can learn about on his website nathanwpyle.com.

  • Here’s a Chart You’ll Want to Drink to

    Nothing quite like kicking back with a Sam Adams after a hard day’s work?  Think again.  Using 10 years worth of beer reviews (from Beer Advocate), Beerviz has created three sets of interactive charts–for lovers of light, medium, and dark respectively–to help you expand your beer-drinking horizons. The easy-to-use Beerviz graphics allow users to compare beers according to taste, aroma, and appearance.  If you know of one beer you like, there’s a similar beer out there that you might like even more.  Each beer has its own scouting report, complete with “style,” “ABV,” and “Average Rating.”  Casual and coed drinkers beware: you won’t find data or comparisons for Natty Light or Coors.  The infographic is targeted towards serious enjoyers of high-end hops. Here’s to finding the perfect brew for you!

  • China’s Air Pollution Is Out Of Control [22 Photos]

    China Premier Li Keqiang announced today that the nation will “declare war” on pollution. It’s probably a good idea seeing as how Beijing’s concentration of PM 2.5 particles, those small enough to penetrate the lungs and enter the bloodstream, recently hit 505 micrograms per cubic meter. To put that in perspective, the World Health Organization recommends a safe level of just 25. To help ease pollution, China plans to cut outdated steel production capacity by 27 million tons, cement production by 42 million tons, and shut down 50,000 small coal-fired furnaces. Until then, if you plan on going to China, don’t forget to pack a mask or two.

  • Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, The Most Beautiful Street in the World (7HQ Photos)

    Porto Alegre, the capitol and largest city in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul is home to Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho otherwise known as the most beautiful city in the world. The street has gotten much acclaim in the internet over the past few years, where the name originated for it’s shadowed streets under rays of sunlight and green leaf canopy. Over a span of 500 meters the sidewalks are lined with more than one hundred Rosewood trees, going up to the seventh floor of the buildings in some cases. According to some elderly residents, the trees were planted in the 1930s by employees of German origin who worked in a brewery in the neighborhood.

  • 6 Tips for Networking Success at #SXSW

    Networking is an art, and SXSW is one of the best places to hone your craft. So if you’re looking for a few ways to make the most out of your trip to SXSW, we’ve gathered some tips below to help break the ice, maximize your networking time, and have a lot of fun doing it.

  • In Honor Of National Pancake Day Make This Bacon-Whiskey-Syrup Immediately

    It’s National Pancake Day. You know this. You can go to IHOP and get a batch of freebies or you can make your very own fluffy discs of deliciousness with this incredibly spiked syrup that will make you wonder how you’ve never put the pieces together. A wonderful blend of whiskey, bacon and maple syrup will put all your troubles behind you. This recipe is perfectly acceptable for breakfast, lunch and certainly dinner.

  • Own Al Capone’s Florida Villa For $8.44 Million [23 Photos]

    Al Capone’s Miami Villa, where he died from complications from syphilis in 1947, is back on the market. The 1922 Villa was purchased last year for $7 million but apparently houses where STD-infested gangsters spent their final days in dementia are hot right now and the house is now listed at $8.44 million. Although much of the property has changed in the 67 years since Capone’s passing, some original elements, like the black and gold Art Deco powder room, remain. And if security is a concern, Capone’s got you covered. High walls and heavy iron doors are sure to stop the G-Men from showing up unannounced. There is also a large swimming pool with marble all around and a 2 bedroom cabana, perfect for hosting parties where maybe, if you’re lucky, you can contract your very own venereal disease. How can you pass this up? Contact Sotheby’s and put in your bid right now!

  • The Arnold Collins [RSVLTS Drink Infographic]

    Spring reminds us of the beginning of baseball, the end of winter hibernation, people actually smiling, women walking around Manhattan without bras on, but most importantly; Day Drinking. This spring when you’re at an outdoor happy hour spot, drinking on a weekend day, or hell, at your job, concoct one of these guys. It’s a drink you’ve heard of, but probably haven’t the slightest idea whats in it. The Tom Collins isn’t just for the country club anymore. Also try his hybrid freak of deliciousness “The Arnold Collins.”

  • 20 RSVLTS Approved Travel Experiences That Will Change Your Life

    Travel should transform. Choose your destination wisely, and then the voyage itself, the people you meet, the foods you sample, and the experiences you have will mean you’ve arrived in a whole new place—physically, spiritually, philosophically. This kind of travel isn’t exactly relaxing, but is mere relaxation ever really that satisfying? Our purpose here—on these pages, on this planet—is to squeeze the maximum amount of joy, hilarity, challenge, and accomplishment out of our allotted time. What better way to do that than to travel to places that won’t just be a change of scene, but rather, can provoke a change in you? Men’s Health accumulated 20 such transformative travel experiences. We handpicked 10 of our favorites from the list so check them out then visit Men’s Health to see the rest and start planning your trip. Maybe it’s time to get lost, and find yourself.

  • Whiskey Barrel-Aged Sriracha

    Anything aged in whiskey barrels is better. Fact. Anything with Sriracha added to it is better. Fact. So when Lisa Murphy founded Sosu Sauces, Kickstarter went crazy. Earning $20,000 in less than two days. Over $70,000 to date. Sosu takes their combined philosophy of using fresh, locally sourced ingredients with the age-old craft of fermentation. Aged with a secret pepper mash in whiskey barrels for between 1-3 months. The sriracha takes on complex flavors from the oak barrels and the natural fermentation process. Each bottle is handcrafted and made in small batches to ensure the most intense flavors. Sosu Barrel Aged Sriracha

  • The Price Of Pizza In Manhattan, By Neighborhood [Infographic]

    When you think of the cost of living in Manhattan, Pizza isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Well it should be. Pizza is one, if not the number one type of food sold in Manhattan. With broad ranges of pizzerias found throughout every neighborhood in the city. From the fresh Italian brick oven pies of Little Italy to the heavily inflated cardboard chain “restaurants” of midtown, here is the ultimate breakdown of the price of pizza in NYC.

  • The Plan To Clean Up Mount Everest [20 Photos]

    Plan on tackling Mount Everest any time soon? If so, be prepared for a little extra weight on the trek back down. Over the last 60 years, the mountain has become increasingly covered in trash and to tackle the problem, Nepal is instilling a new rule where every adventurer must return with not only their own trash, but an additional 8 kg, or 17.6 lb, of garbage collected on the way. If you don’t follow the new rule, legal action will be taken, although it is unknown if that will be a fine or some other penalty. Expeditions already have to pay a $4000 deposit to scale the mountain, which is refunded when the party returns and proves they’ve brought back everything, but enforcement has been lax. Six decades of Everest expeditions has resulted in empty oxygen tanks, Buddhist prayer flags, beer bottles, tents, and even the bodies of deceased climbers (which don’t decompose in the cold), littering the landscape and hopefully the new policy will ease the problem. 

  • The Forbes 28th Annual World’s Billionaires Issue Hits Shelves

    Forbes released the numbers for their 28th annual “Billionaires Issue” with our boy, Bill Gates topping the list after a four-year break. Gates managed to beat out Mexico telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu after Slim managed to lose a billion dollars over the course of a year. Imagine losing $1B over the span of a year. Just poof. Gone. Gates managed to raise his net worth to $76 billion, up from $67 billion in 2013 topping the list for the 15th of the past 20 years. Amancio Ortega maintains the 3 spot he gained in 2013, at $64 billion, $7B up from last year. Warren Buffet polishes off the fourth spot with a measly $58.2 billion. Zuckerberg managed to double his worth from $13.3 billion in 2013 to $28.5 billion coming out as the biggest gain of the list in the #21 spot. WhatsApp founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton got by with a little help from their friend Zuckerberg coming in at #202 and #551 after the app was purchased by Facebook for $19 Billion. Women also made a boom adding more women to the list in 2014 than any other year in history, 172 versus 138 in 2013, more »

  • RSVLTS Goes On A Florida Keys Excursion With The New Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid [HQ Photos]

    With the Polar Vortex once again gripping New York City we decided to jump ship and head to the Southernmost Point in the United States for three days of adventuring with the new 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid from Subaru. Key West is one of the most scenic and relaxing yet lively locations in the U.S. making it a perfect place to kick back your girl on the beach or get rowdy with a few of your pals on Duval Street. If you have a taste for adventure you can go off-road in search of secluded beach paradises on the surrounding Keys which we did as the first group to push the XV Crosstrek Hybrid’s all-terrain capabilities to the limits in order to see parts of the Keys no one else could. Regardless of what you’re looking for we’ve got your cheat sheet to having a good time in Key West.  In it we’ll cover where to stay, where to go out, what to see and things to do. 

  • Casa Marina Is The Most Luxurious Hotel In All Of Key West, FL [53 High Quality Photos]

    Opened on New Year’s Eve of 1920, Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort (1500 Reynolds St, Key West, FL 33040), is a flawless merging of old Key West ambiance and contemporary luxury. RSVLTS and a handful of editors from several of your favorite publications celebrated the launch of Subaru’s 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid  with two incredible days at Casa Marina soaking in all the beach relaxation and heart pounding adventure it had to offer. 

  • A Look Inside The “Super Top Secret” SLC Office

    Creative-anti-agency, Super Top Secret has worked with some of the most sought after brands in the agency realm, and they did it, not by buttoning up, shining their shoes and putting on a show for a client, but by being themselves, an “Independent Misfit Back-Alley Advertising Crew” out of Salt Lake City. Their walls, lined with skate decks and snowboards of interesting and inspiring design. The perfect canvas for an ‘agency with a skate park in the back’ or probably the way they see it, ‘a skate park with a creative agency in the front’. That seems to be the entire mantra for STS, who’s main focus is on next-level marketing at the crossroads of video production, digital development and mobile innovation. With clients like Ubisoft, Rossignol, Gold’s Gym and University of Oregon Football, STS has nothing to prove to anyone. The intrigue of their agency brings about those high profile clients looking for an innovative agency to compliment their outside-the-box thinking that took their brands to the next level in the first place. They are who they are and they do things to the beat of their own drum (which I’m sure lies somewhere between the skate park and more »

  • 74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza [Link]

    The eggheads over at NPR’s Planet Money used the prices of 74,476 pizzas from 3,678 different restaurants around the country to see how much the prices changed with the pizza size. They constructed a handy interactive graph that illustrates just how much you save by going with the larger size. The results may surprise. That 20″ pie for $20? On average you’d have to spend $51 on 8″ pies to get the same amount of food. Now you don’t have to feel so bad for always ordering the biggest pizza, fatso!

  • J&B Tattoos Their Whiskey Bottles [12 Photos]

    Blended scotch whisky producer J&B has been around for about 150 years, which just so happens to coincide with the arrival of tattoos in Great Britain. Royal Navy sailors would get tattooed in foreign lands and soon enough the fashion caught on back home, with Prince Bertie, who would become Edward VII, getting inked for the first time in 1862. J&B decided to celebrate the art of tattooing with the production of 25 tattooed bottles. These bottles aren’t just wrapped with some lame Ed Hardy sticker, though. Each bottle is covered with a latex skin, the same material used to practice tattooing, then a real tattoo is applied by Sébastien Mathieu, owner of Le Sphinx, a private tattoo room in Paris. Each bottle took about 20 hours to complete. Unfortunately, the bottles are all for sale in France. Oh well, at least we have these pictures and a making of video to look at.

  • Ben & Jerry’s Just Changed the Game and There Ain’t no Goin’ Back

    Ben & Jerry are Innovators of a generation. Saviors of summer days and binge eating nights. The dynamic duo of delicious. The Vermont based ice cream company has just changed the game forever. They recently released new ice creams feature a flovor column that runs down the center of the ice cream container. That column is a delicious accent to the ice cream of fudge, caramel or raspberry jam. The flavors to hit and sell out fast are Hazed & Confused, Peanut Butter Fudge, Salted Caramel and That’s My Jam.

  • Poland’s Creepy Skull Chapel [13 HQ Photos]

    From the outside of the Skull Chapel, or Kaplica Czaszek, in the Polish village of Czerma, you would just think it to be a run of the mill place of worship for the townspeople. But then you enter and see the skulls of 3,000 people on the walls of the small church. Then you’d go into the basement and find another 21,000 skeletons. The remains are those of people who died in the Thirty Years’ War, three Silesian Wars, and from various cholera epidemics in the 18th century. It is the only monument of its kind in Poland and one of only three in all of Europe.

  • Around The World with a Lego [20 Photos]

    LEGOgrapher is the creation of photographer Andrew Whyte, a cute and fun campaign that lasted for 365 days. Andrew would carry his LEGOgrapher around the world during his travels and shoot one shot a year using the shallow depth of feild to make the viewer feel the world from the tiny point of view.

  • Smell Like The Man You Wish You Were With Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap

    Fact: When you use Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap, you instantly grow a big, thick beard; acquire infinite knowledge of carpentry, mechanics, and animal husbandry; your shirts all turn to flannel; and the women, my God, the women can’t help but fall all over you. More accurate fact: Those things don’t actually happen but you’ll feel like they do. Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap has been sold continuously since 1878 and is made from coconut oil, palm oil, and pine tar oil. What does pine tar oil smell like? Imagine an old leather baseball glove mixed with a campfire and just a hint of rubber. It may not sound all that great, but one whiff and you’ll be transported back to your grandpa’s shed. Unless unspeakable things happened to you there, in which case just think of happy times with Laphroaig single malt Scotch, which has a very similar scent now that I think about it. And although the soap may leave you smelling like a tough guy, the natural ingredients are gentle on the skin, leading to the soap’s popularity among folks suffering from various skin conditions. If you’re a bearded gentleman, Grandpa’s is a great moisturizer that will keep you from more »

  • Tu-144: The First Supersonic Transport Aircraft [12 Photos]

    Everyone knows about the Concorde, the supersonic transport, or SST, that was retired in 2003, but the first and only other SST to enter commercial service was the Soviet-built Tupolev Tu-144. The prototype first took flight in December of 1968, two months before the first Concorde. It went supersonic June 5, 1969 and reached Mach 2 May 26, 1970. The Tu-144 began passenger service November 1, 1977 but after a test flight ended in a crash in May of 1978, the passenger fleet was grounded, with only 55 flights completed. The SST was still used for cargo until 1983.  Although both the Concorde and Tu-144 have been retired, they are fondly remembered as symbols of a most exciting era in commercial flight. 


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