• A Super Predator Ate a 9-Foot Great White in Australian Waters

    Australian scientists are baffled at what happened to a tagged great white shark in Austrailian Waters. The great white, named “Shark Alpha” was a 9-foot healthy shark tagged in Australian waters. The surprising thing is 4 month after the shark was tagged and tracked the tag washed up onto shore 2.5 miles out from where it was attached. After retrieval, scientists found the tag revealed startling information. The device took a rapid plunge in depth descending 580 meters while making a drastic rise in temperature from 46 degrees F to 78 degrees f, where it stayed a constant for 8 days. The startling fact about that temperature is the only way the tag could’ve reached that temperature height would be if it was in the digestive system of another beast. Though the event might have been a territorial dispute with a much larger shark (16 feet), scientists believe the entire shark was eaten, although a less dramatic conclusion of a chunk bitten out of the shark is also a possibility. A documentary by the Smithsonian Channel reveals how confused scientists are by this strange discovery. Is there a megalodon swimming out there or is this just a PR stunt for more »

  • 3 Things You Do On Instagram That Are Salting Your Game

    Just the other day my Mom decided it was time for her monthly “You better watch what you put on that Myface if you wanna get a job” rant. While Kiki may not have a clue when it comes to social media (I mean combining Myspace and Facebook? #Parents) she did have a point. What we post on the Internet really does matter. When it comes to the opposite sex, there is no greater tool than social media for deciphering exactly what you’re dealing with. This being said, I feel it is my duty to share with you gentlemen the things that make us ladies cringe while we’re creeping your Instagram. 1. WE CAN SEE THAT. I’m not sure if you realize this or not, but we can see exactly what you like on Instagram – see the example to the right. That means when we notice on our newsfeed that you just liked 50 porn stars pictures we’re kind of turned off. And by kind of I mean REALLY turned off. Obviously men will never stop looking at that type of stuff, we get it. We look at Zac Efron shirtless often so it’s a clean sweep. When it more »

  • A Visual Graph of Your Life in Weeks/Months/Years is as Enlightening as it is Depressing

    Humor site Wait But Why  has created a visual graph that will most definitely make you realize your own mortality. They’ve created a series of graphs visualizing a 90-year human life in Weeks, months and years. Not only did they create the series of symbol based graphs, but also added in a graph highlighting The Typical American Life, complete with momentous occasions in the average life, but the most interesting graph shows the death date of famous people shown at the bottom graph along with famous epiphanies from history’s most intelligent people.

  • How To Talk To A Hot Girl: RSVLTS Interviews Melissa McCarty

    Originally an award-winning broadcast journalist for KCBS in Los Angeles, Melissa McCarty has had roles in television shows Revenge, Chuck, Lie to Me, Big Love, and The Middlemen. McCarty currently hosts the show Newsbreaker on Larry King’s Ora TV. Recently, we spoke to Melissa about her career and the intricacies of approaching a hot babe.

  • Unscripted Reactions To Laphroaig Scotch [Video]

    To Scotch drinkers, Laphroaig distillery offers a line of Islay single malts that are some of the tastiest and most complex of whiskys. But, as I’ve found when offering a dram to friends, the strong, smoky flavor is not for everyone. For those who don’t normally drink Scotch, Laphroaig can come off as smelling and tasting like pine tar or an old leather baseball glove. Laphroaig assembled a group of people not familiar with their 10-year single malt and filmed their reactions. Not everyone enjoyed the drink, and Laphroaig is okay with that.

  • Shake Shack Is Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary with Specialty Burgers

    On June 12th, 2004 Shake Shack opened it’s doors for the first time. Ten years later the burger joint is know known as an NYC institution with locations in Madison Square Park, Upper West Side and CitiField. In a city that pride’s itself on a gourmet burger, Shake Shack has managed to stand out from the crowd going back to basics with 3 simple stand out, delicious signature menu items; it’s burges, fries and of course milk shakes. This week the Shack will be featuring a different signature burger every day of the week. Stop in one day and or everyday at it’s Madison Park location and feast on these specialty burgers. Monday (6/9): Daniel Boulud – The Piggie Shack Shack beef-blend topped with DBGB’s BBQ pulled pork, jalepeño mayo, Boston lettuce and mustard-vinegar slaw. Tuesday (6/10): David Chang – Momofuku Shrimp Stack Shack beef-blend cheeseburger topped with smoked and griddled shrimp patty, Momofuku Hozon Sauce, Bibb lettuce, pickled onion and salted cucumber. Wednesday (6/11): Andrew Zimmern – AZ Cabrito Butter Burger Goat burger with herb butter topped with roasted tomato, charred onion and sweet pickle. Thursday (6/12): Daniel Humm – The Humm Burger Shack beef-blend gruyere cheeseburger topped with all-natural applewood smoked bacon, celery relish, Bibb lettuce, more »

  • UBER Now Valued at $17 Billion

    On June 6th taxi app and service Uber announced a new round of funding for $1.2 billion, the most money a startup has managed to raise since Facebook. Because of it’s large amount of fresh capital funding the company is now valued at $17 Billion and that’s without money in the bank. The four year-old San Francisco startup plans to expand it’s horizons past its current 128 city mark. Uber also operates in over 36 countries and growing. “The common gut reaction when you see a number like this is that it’s irrational,” says Bill Gurley, a venture capitalist with Benchmark who currently sits on Uber’s board. “But this is the fastest-growing company we’ve ever worked with, comparable to the early days of eBay.”

  • National Doughnut Day Traces Its Roots To the Salvation Army And World War I [Link]

    The first Friday of every June marks National Doughnut Day, a holiday in which many doughnut (or donut) purveyors will entice us with free fried goodness. While indulging in your favorite variety of doughnut today, take a moment to learn just how the treat, a variation of the Dutch olykoecks, or oily cakes, came to prominence in the USA. Hint: It involves the Salvation Army and World War I.

  • 17 Things Wealthy People Do Differently Than Average People

    Do you dream of amassing great wealth one day? Of freeing yourself from money-related stress? Me too! But here’s the thing: millions of people around the world dream of making lots of money… but very few achieve it. Why is that? Is it because of a lack of intelligence? No. Is it because of bad luck? No. Is it because of their mindset? Yes. Last week, I read  T. Harv Eker’s book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, in which he highlights 17 things rich people do differently. Today, I want to share them with you so you can become aware of the things you’re currently lacking. That way, you can start developing the mindset that will lead you to exceptional wealth.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts for Catching Her Eye At The Gym

    Okay. Before I unleash the simple Do’s and Don’ts list that guys can follow to get a girl’s attention at the gym, I just want to clear the air. I know what you’re thinking. WHAT? Girls WANT to meet guys at the gym? Don’t they hate getting hit on there? Isn’t it creepy? Can they get my membership revoked? These are all fair questions and you have every right to raise them, but the truth is when girls complain about being hit on by guys at the gym it’s because the guys are either A. Old and creepy or B. Trying too hard. So this one goes out to all you young non-creepy guys with that do less attitude us girls can’t help but love. Here’s how you can land the yoga pants (or soccer shorts) wearing girl of your dreams.

  • The 10 Weirdest Prenuptial Agreements [Link]

    Before getting married, it is important that you and your partner are sure you are in love with each other and are both ready to commit to a life together. It’s even more important to get a prenuptial agreement in case you were lying to yourselves about that other stuff. Take a look at these bizarre prenuptial agreements and learn how they can help (or hurt) your marriage. A weight clause? How can that not go over well?

  • 50 Best Cities For Single Men in America

    When picking a place to live, the single guy has to take several things into account – what are the job prospects? How much does it cost to live there? Are there any single women? How about the lifestyle? It’s a crucial choice because it determines a lot of what your future is going to look like. Luckily, we’re here to help, as we’ve crunched the numbers, taken all of the above factors, mixed them together and come up with this guide to the 50 best cities for single men in America.

  • A Tribute to Discomfort: Powerful Insights from Nat Geo Photographer Cory Richards

    Cory Richards, renowned National Geographic photographer has traveled the world getting some of the best shots risking it all for the sake of adventure and travel. He’s traveled great lengths to the deepest seas, the highest mountains and some of the most dangerous terrains around the globe, even survived a massive Himalayan avalanche all for the simple pleasure of sharing a photograph with the world. Without any formal photography training, Cory has taken an extraordinary amount of profound photographs in the Nat Geo realm. Richards was adminint about picking up a trade that forced him to get out of his comfort zone and with photography gave him a chance to do just that, while traveling the world on a constant adventure. In a new four-minute documentary, production house, Blue Chalk tells the inspireing story of Cory and his taste for adventure and his inner determination to advance his craft with every photograph. A Tribute to Discomfort: Cory Richards from Blue Chalk on Vimeo.

  • 8 Easy Steps To Becoming An Interesting Man

    If you think you’re already interesting enough, you’re wrong. And it’s a slippery slope from here, my friend. Everyone has been at a bar, dinner table or client meeting and met Mr. Interesting. The person that has something intelligent to say on every topic, interesting stories about places he’s explored, ridiculous things he’s done or people he’s met; and the whole thing seems so infuriatingly effortless. You sit racking your brain trying to figure out how a person can be this captivating, and subsequently become the weird quite guy who doesn’t say anything. But, it’s probably for the best – is anything you say really going to match up to this guy? Here’s the secret; he finds it so effortless to be interesting, because it is. He’s interesting as a result of the lifestyle he leads. A lifestyle that anyone can lead. Here’s how:  1. GET OVER YOURSELF The first and most important rule of being interesting is: do not find yourself interesting. If you find yourself interesting, you’re probably the only person that does. And maybe your Mother, out of sympathy. People that find themselves interesting, talk too much. They ramble on and on long after the rest of the more »

  • 53 Cringe-Worthy Texts My Female Friends Have Actually Received From Guys Trying To Date (Or At Least Sleep With) Them

    You’re just getting to know a girl and you figure it’s going pretty well. With hardly any awkward pauses during your first date conversation and a barely fumbling goodnight kiss, you possibly have a shot at seeing this new, cool person again. Then, you send the fateful text that leads to, well, nothing. What could one, short message say to flip the switch from on to off in under twenty seconds? Here are some cringe-worthy texts my female friends have actually received from guys trying to date (or at least sleep with) them. Sending any one of these to a girl will definitely end up with you being alone on a Saturday night.

  • How To Deal With Your Back Hair Problem Because It Is Not A Victimless Crime

    It’s easy for you to be oblivious to your back hair because you can’t see it, as you’re standing there poolside, libation in hand, shirtless. But we can, sir. We all can. And once we see it, it’s all we can focus on. Don’t get us wrong, your Tom Selleck-esque chest hair is fine. When women say they want to run their fingers through your hair, though, they don’t mean back hair, like this guy at 1:15 in the Norm MacDonald classic, “Dirty Work”. But, we’re here to help, not point and laugh every time your back is turned. Here are three of the most popular options for removing this silent killer of random summertime hook-ups.

  • Sam Adams Summer & Porch Rocker

    There are two beers you need to know about this summer. So you’re outside swiggin back a few and realize there’s a big wold of beer out there, and sometimes a straight up Budweiser is just what the doctor ordered, but for the days when you’re not working in the coal mines, try a refreshing summer brew that makes you enjoy the weather before those inevitable heatwaves cometh and taketh away the life of the season. Sam summer is a golden yellow with a lace-leaving tall white head. The al is an American Wheat, brewed with malted wheat, lemon zest and grains of paradise, a rare African spice. 5.30% ABV which will leave you buzzed without feeling few after a few. Sam Adams Porch Rocker is a fruity beer, laced with hints of lemon and spritz. Picture a reshreshing blend of beer and lemonade with a carbonated splash.  4.50% ABV. The quintessential beer for 90 degrees +.  

  • You Can Now Travel by Dragon on Google Maps

    Google is known for hiding Easter eggs in their platforms, like celebrity photobombing in Auto Awesome or countless hidden gems in their search graphic. Now they’re mixing in Maps. If you select a between Snowdon and the Brecon Beacons in Wales, Google will suggest a “dragon” as one of your transport options. They’ve even gone as far as to include an estimated flying time by method of dragon. Where as a drive would take you 3 hr 42 min a ride a top the mythical beast would only take around 21 min. That’s not all, you can call upon the Loch Ness Monster when traveling from Fort Augustus and Urquhart Castle in Scotland which will take around 28 min, much faster than taking the bus, but you might want to leave your cellphone at home.

  • 27 Bizarre Laws and Customs American’s Better Know Before Traveling to These Countries

    Americans—how to say this nicely—tend to offend a lot of people when they’re traveling. Shouts are normal noise levels. Patriotism—’murica—reigns supreme. And sticking to McDonald’s astounds even the greasiest Italian pizzerias. Even as recently as two years ago, Americans ranked themselves as the worst tourists. What kind of masochism is that? One of the biggest American offenses involve ignoring cultural customs and substituting our own—like fanny packs and jorts. To prevent American ignorance, we decided to list a few weird customs and laws from around the world. Break these and you’ll probably be labeled a “silly American,” if you already haven’t been.

  • 57 Eerie Photos Showing The High Line When It Was An Abandoned Railway

    Before it became a New York City landmark enjoyed by millions of visitors each year The High Line was a condemned freight rail line in dire straights. Built in the 1930s and out of operation since 1980, the track was on the verge of being torn down by the city. Today the park is recognized as the pinnacle of urban redevelopment but let’s take a look at it before the non-profit Friends of the High Line swooped in to save the day. If you want to see what the park looks like today visit The High Line website where they have hundreds of beautiful pictures.

  • Man Meal: The Secret’s In the Sauce, 5 Summer BBQ Sauce Recipes

    A summer barbecue is only as good as the sauce that flavors the meats. Everyone know’s this. Or do they? Most people seem to think Sweet Baby Rays or the elusive Dinosaur BBQ sauce is all you need to season or marinate a good set of ribs or piece of brisket, but oh boy are they wrong, sweet baby wrong. While SBR and Dino-BBQ are great quick solutions for a quick meal, a good BBQ sauce is the unsung hero of every barbecue. We’ve pulled a collection of sauces to last you the whole summer, so simmer down now and get to work and by Labor Day weekend, your sauce will be the nectar of the Gods.

  • 5 New York City Dates That Will Impress Her (Without Breaking Your Wallet!)

    A surefire way to plan a great but reasonably-priced date is to create an experience. This way, the time you spend together will be filled up by an activity or entertainment that lasts for a while and keeps you from buying more cocktails or scrambling for options. The fact that you’re putting in the effort to really plan a date (as opposed to “Oh, let’s just meet at my neighborhood bar”) will be impressive in and of itself. Not to mention, you will have fun if your date feels more like an outing and less like a job interview.

  • The Pristine Beaches and Ancient Architecture of Montenegro [15 HQ Photos]

    The Balkans country of Montenegro is a lake side country  on the Adriatic Sea that borders  Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east, and Albania to the south. After the Yugoslavia civil war in the 1990s, tourism basically flatlined, leaving the beautiful beaches and aging architecture unkempt. As a result a stabilized economic situation and a dramatic increase in tourism, historic hotels and roads are being renovated making Montenegro one of the highest rated tourism spots in the world at this point. It’s Mediterranean climate, having dry summers and mild, rainy winters makes it a great destination for summer fun and ski worthy winters.  All Image credit via: Shutterstock.com

  • China Has A Paris Clone City. And It’s An Eerie Ghost Town. [22 Photos]

    Tianducheng, a gated community near Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province, was constructed in 2007. The city, capable of accommodating more 10,000 residents, was built to simulate Paris, with 12 square miles of Parisian architecture, fountains, and even a 354 foot tall replica of the Eiffel Tower. However, not many mainland China residents can afford the luxurious setting, leaving many of the completed buildings abandoned yet eerily pristine. Only about 2000 people actually live in Tianducheng, most of which are working on the construction of a Paris theme park nearby. The city might not be for everyone, but if you love Paris but hate Parisians (and their high prices) Tianducheng might just be the vacation spot for you.

  • The Top 50 Vacation Hotspots on the Rise

    Yes, New York and Paris will always be two of the most visited cities for travelers in the world, but some lesser known contenders are starting to rise fast. With just about all the information needed for any travel experience at your fingertips adventures to lesser ventured destinations are starting to gain steam. The internet is literally opening up hidden gems of the world to the masses and so countries like Cape Verde, a series of islands off the coast of Africa referred to as “The African Caribbean” which used to be a virtually untouched tourist destination is know a commonly inhabited vacation spot for the more savvy tourist. Africa in general is a rising tourist destination with one unsuspecting country topping the entire list.

  • 10 Important Life Lessons From Navy SEAL Training

    Naval Admiral William H. McRaven, Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, and badass Navy SEAL was invited back to his alma mater University of Texas to give the commencement address to this year’s graduating class. The address is chocked full of sage life advice people of all ages can appreciate so either toss on a pair of headphones and the video below or read the full commencement address.

  • RSVLTS Exclusive Interview and Sequential Photoshoot with P-Rod

    We recently had a chance to sit down with one of the most acclaimed skateboarders in the game. Paul Rodriguez has been one of the most influential skaters to hit the park in recent history. Locking in a record four X Games gold medals, Rodriguez has paved the way for a new breed of skater. His recent collaborations and partnerships have allowed him to take his talents to new levels. Among being the poster-child for Nike SB, P-Rod has since broken into a new platform of sponsorship deal with Target, who’s also an official sponsor of Shaun White, making him the first of his kind to strike a deal with the retail mogul. With that sponsorship opened up another deal with AXE. At a recent pop-up-skate-park event we got to spend some time with Paul, while shooting some sequential photography and video. How did you find yourself partnering up with AXE and Target in this collaboration? It started with my relationship with Target. I’m not sure how they found each other and threw my name in the mix, but I guess my name was thrown around and it gabe me an opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite artists, more »

  • So It’s Cheaper to Fly From NY to LA for the Stanley Cup Finals Than to Attend a Game at MSG

    When the New York Rangers qualified for the Stanley Cup Finals last Thursday, May 29th, everyone knew tickets at MSG would skyrocket through the roof, but no one thought they would be a nearly unattainable $1,105 for the cheapest seat in the house. The LA Kings are no stranger to the Stanley Cup Finals, achieving Cup victory in 2012 and since having since dominated the league with great goaltending and a plethora of talent.  The Blueshirts are celebrating their 20 year anniversary since the iconic team of Messier, Leetch and Richter brought the cup back to New York for the first time since 1940, so needless to say Rangers fans have been itching for this moment. In 1994 the average ticket price in section 410 was $32 and a section 129 premiere seat was $75. Even after adjusting for inflation over that period of time, the prices convert to just $51.19 and $119.98. The average price for a game 3 ticket at the garden is a staggering $2,202.72, an egregious amount of money to watch an underdog Rangers team  take on a playoff seasoned Los Angeles powerhouse. TiqIQ has projected the tickets for this years Stanley Cup Finals to exceed tickets sold in more »

  • Haute Dogs [Book]

    Everyone’s favorite summer meal, the Hot Dog has been a staple in American history since George crossed the Delaware. “Haute Dogs” is a collection of recipes stretched from Mexican influenced to Japanese fusion. Of course they also have plenty of modern and classic American dog recipes as well. With over 100 recipes and 168 pages of Hot diggity dog summer goodness, “Haute Dogs” is worth a glance to spice up your boring summer barbecue. Haute Dogs

  • When Life Hands You A Giant Spatula, Make A Giant Burger. With Pizzas For A Bun.

    What’s better than a regular-sized burger with mini-pizzas for a bun? A 12-inch burger with two full pizza pies for a bun, of course! Nick Chipman of Dude Foods had made a regular-sized burger with 6-inch personal pizzas for the bun and enjoyed it, but he always wondered “What if?” Salvation came in the form of a ridiculously oversized novelty spatula. Chipman finally had the means of flipping a 12-inch burger. Using 4 pounds of beef and 2 12-inch pizzas, Chipman created the ultimate burger and will be forever worshiped by hungry men and cardiologists the world over. 

  • These are the Top Cities For Traveling the Globe

    Trip Advisor recently ranked the best and worst cities in the world based on their accommodations. Using catergories like helpful locals, friendliest taxi drivers and best for nightlife the cities were ranked and reviewed. What better way to rank these categories than to use the worlds largest travel site, which relies heavily on user reviews. The results were compiled based on more than 54,000 responses from those who have recently written TripAdvisor reviews for featured cities around the world. Ranking first for city with the best overall experience was Tokyo. The city also claimed top spots for helpfulness of locals, taxi service, local public transportation, and cleanliness of streets. Tokyo received high marks across the board, as it ranked among the top 10 in 13 of 16 categories in the survey. Other high ranking cities were Singapore, New York City and Barcelona. New York being the only U.S. city on the list.

  • Robin Williams is Selling his $30M Nappa Ranch

    Robin Williams, the eccentric (to say the least) comedian known for his roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook and the voice of Genie in Aladdin is selling his 650-acre Nappa wonderland. The ranch is located in Villa Sorriso is perched atop the Mayacamas Mountans and borders the Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. The entire residence weighs in at 20,000-square-feet, where views of the state park can be seen from nearly anywhere. The house has five bedrooms, plus six full and five half bathrooms, because of all the wine you’ll be drinking I guess, plus a 3,200 square foot guest house in case you need some privacy. The property has 100+ olive trees, which are capable of producing between 30 and 50 gallons of oil per year. That, plus over 18 acres of vineyards producing Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. All that plus a wine ranch and limitless ammnities can be all yours for the price of $30M.

  • Charter The World’s Largest Classic Motor Yacht [10 Photos]

    Looking for all the conveniences and luxuries of a modern yacht with the aesthetics of a classic ship? Then NERO is just what you need. The 90 meter superyacht, from China’s Corsair Yachts, has been sailing the seas since 2008 and won the 2009 ShowBoats Award in the category of Best Motor Yacht Over 75 Meters. This summer, NERO and its 20-person crew will be available to charter throughout the Mediterranean around such amazing locales as Sardinia, Corsica, the French and Italian Rivieras and more. And be sure to bring some friends along! NERO can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 cabins: The Owner’s suite, VIP suite, two double cabins, and two cabins that can be configured with either twin single beds or large double beds. For more info on NERO, check out Blue Water.

  • Poll: In The Battle For Sriracha Supremacy Who Ya Got? Tabasco or Huy Fong Foods

    As HiConsumption reports, like a thief in the night, the Tabasco company has quietly created its own Sriracha sauce. Here’s the thing: It’s not being promoted at all, and Tabasco says it’s for a limited time only, but we have our suspicions—especially given the problems at Huy Fong Foods, the company that pretty much all Americans associate with Sriracha. Tabasco’s new Sriracha Sauce is being described as “a masterful blend of spicy, sweet and savory flavors that is authentic to South East Asian cuisine.”  It all sounds very similar to the Huy Fong Foods brand we’ve all come to know and love so it begs the question. 

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