• Dennis Rodman’s Basketball Diplomacy Proves Effective After All

    Like most of the world, we questioned just what the hell Dennis Rodman was thinking when he traveled to North Korea with other retired NBA players for a basketball game. Had he finally lost what little sanity he still had? Was it all a publicity stunt for his Bad Ass Premium Vodka? Wrong! At least according to Dennis Rodman. With news that North Korea was freeing American prisoner Kenneth Bae, Rodman, ever the modest fellow, went to TMZ with proof that it was all his doing. Apparently, while the rest of the world looked at “the worm” with disgust for his support of a nation rife with human rights abuses, he was actually orchestrating Bae’s freedom via a kind thank you card to despot Kim Jong Un. In the letter, Rodman thanks the North Korean dictator for the hospitality shown to him and his fellow NBA stars and commends the leader on all the great things he’s doing for his country, such as building a water park. Then in the powerful final paragraph, he urges Kim Jong Un to free Bae to show the US how “loving and compassionate” he can be. Rodman admits he never received a reply from more »

  • You Won’t Believe Why Florida’s Governor Refused To Debate [Video]

    Last night Florida Governor Rick Scott debated former governor and current Democratic candidate Charlie Crist. However, Gov. Scott was seven minutes late to the debate. Was he sick? Did he have car trouble? Some sort of emergency? Nope. He was mad because Crist had a fan beneath his podium. Scott’s camp of dolts insisted that the rules called for “no electronic devices” which Crist violated with his electric fan. Apparently Scott is not aware that most of the English speaking world does recognize a difference between electric and electronic devices based on complexity and Crist’s $10 fan seems to be a basic, “electric” device. Crist also was quick to point out the absurdity of the situation but didn’t volunteer to give up his fan and get things started. Basically, this non-debate sums up everything wrong with politics when your candidates are both spoiled babies. Good luck, Florida!

  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of United States Presidents Playing Football [17 HQ Photos]

    President Barack Obama throws a football on the field at Soldier Field following the NATO working dinner in Chicago, Illinois, May 20, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) President Bill Clinton is hit in the face with the football while breaking up a pass play during a touch football game on Dec. 31, 1993, in the beach at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Hilton Head Island, S.C. (AP Photo/Doug Gilmore) President Bush throws a football as he stands with Cleveland Browns quarterback Jeff Garcia, right, during an impromptu stop at the team’s training camp in Berea, Ohio, Saturday, July 31, 2004. President Bush is making a campaign Bush tour through Ohio Saturday and will finish the day in Pittsburgh before returning to Washington. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) Dwight Eisenhower is shown kicking a football during a practice session at West Point in 1912. (AP Photo/The Eisenhower Library) Abilene, Kansas high school football team of 1910 on which Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower played while a post-graduate student in preparation for West Point. Left to right, top row: Ralph Lucier, Frank Madden, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Earl Briney, “Six” McDonald, Howard Funk. Second row: Orin Snyder, coach Raymond Sare, Ames Rogers, G.N. more »

  • New Belgium Brewing Enters The Political Arena

    New Belgium Brewing, which grew from a Fort Collins, Colorado basement operation in 1991 to the third-largest craft brewery in the country, filed last month to start the New Belgium Federal PAC. Political action committees are not unheard of in the world of beer, both Anheuser-Busch and Coors have their own PACs, but New Belgium will be the first microbrewery to do so. And their reasons aren’t as obvious as you’d think. Obviously, there will be issues that directly affect microbrewers that the PAC will tackle. For instance, the PAC will fight for The Small Brewer Reinvestment and Expanding Workforce Act (or Small Brew), which would cut the excise tax on beer produced by brewers making less than 6 million barrels a year and currently faces opposition from the nation’s large brewers. But beer-related causes aren’t the only focus. New Belgium Federal PAC will also get involved with environmental policy. Many microbrewers pride themselves on being a part of their local community and using locally-sourced products and New Belgium is no different. With that in mind, water conservation, water quality, sustainable agriculture, and smart transportation are on the agenda. As a company that’s already so involved in the Fort Collins more »

  • This Brazilian Political Ad Is The Craziest Video You’ll Watch Today

    Paulo Batista is a candidate for state representative in Sao Paulo and if this ad is any indication, he’s not too keen on communism. Watch as he flies over the Earth, shooting communists, portrayed as rabble-rousers and Dragonball-esque alien creatures, with laser beams from his eyes. The ad has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, prompting Batista to declare it his official ad. He has even promised to make another outrageous ad featuring a premise created by voters. American politicians should take a page from Batista’s book. Their inability to accomplish anything while constantly bickering at each other shows they think politics is a farce, so the least they could do is entertain us a little. And with all the money they get from lobbyists, their commercials would have the budget of a Hollywood summer blockbuster.

  • 25 Rare And Iconic Photos of Bill Clinton

    William Jefferson Clinton will go down in history as one of the most beloved president of his time, so much so in fact that he not only survived a horrific scandal that would’ve crippled most politicians, but thrived out of it. Like a phoenix from the ashes Clinton went on to be a major influence in the democratic party post-presidency and may be the first person in history to make it to the White House for a third term, but this time as husband to HilaryClinton, a heavy favorite for the democratic primaries. Here are 25 Rare And Iconic Photos of wild Bill.

  • Step-Brothers’ Derek Huff Bashes Health Insurance [Video]

    In their latest advertisement for Healthcare.gov, Funny or Die have opted for the reverse psychology approach. If a group of douches like Jeff Probst, Mark Cuban, Chris Daughtry, and Derek Huff hate health insurance, it must be great, right? Well whatever your leanings are on the subject, I think we can all agree that we need more videos featuring the “cool squad.”

  • These 20 Stereotype Maps Are Funny And Sad At The Same Time

    At first these maps may appear to be lighthearted jabs at stereotypes, but, especially in the increasingly hostile environment worldwide, it’s actually a sobering look at many geopolitical issues facing the world. These maps could actually be fairly effective teaching aids in social studies classes. This is just a small sample of them, too. For all the maps and to order prints, check out Mapping Stereotypes.

  • Ukrainian Protesters Storm The President’s Mansion And What They Find Inside In Mindblowing [37 Photos]

    With his kleptocratic regime coming to an end and now a warrant out for his arrest, Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych was forced to flee his mansion last week. With the usual army of guards now gone, Ukrainian citizens cast their eyes on the estate that corruption built and were amazed and disgusted at what they saw. In a country where the average daily wage is around $15 and millions lack health or social care despite living below the poverty line, the ostentatious lifestyle of their leader was mind-boggling. With the estate featuring a golf course, a zoo, a garage filled with expensive cars, a galleon docked at a private lake, and even its own gas station, everyday Ukrainians caught a glimpse of life in stark contrast to their own.

  • Venezuelan Protests Turn Violent [21 Photos]

    Thousands of protesters from various political factions gathered in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas to protest President Nicolas Maduro. It’s the biggest protest Maduro has faced since becoming president last year after the death of former president Hugo Chavez. Maduro condemned the protests as a coup d’etat led by opposition extremists. By nightfall, police began clashing with the protesters leaving at least three dead. Opposition leader “Popular Will” Leopoldo Lopez has come out blaming the violence on Maduro in an attempt to discredit his movement. No matter who is to blame, with Venezuela’s current inflation woes and shortage of basic goods, the protests are bound to continue.

  • What Americans Could Achieve If We Banded Together Like We Did To Deport Justin Bieber [Link]

    Over 100,000 Americans have signed a petition on WhiteHouse.gov to deport Justin Bieber over his recent arrest. Yes, he’s an entitled brat and we’re all sick of him, but there are more important things to worry about and plenty of more noble causes that aren’t getting recognition or support anywhere near the magnitude of this joke. Want to actually make a difference and do some good? Check out this list and maybe find something more worthwhile to support, because as we all know, as soon as we get rid of a pop star, plenty of others appear to take the throne.

  • Read Martin Luther King Jr’s Historic Playboy Interview From 1964 [Link]

    In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr was interviewed by “Roots” author Alex Haley for Playboy magazine. It was the longest interview that Dr. King ever granted to a publication. Now you can read the entire, in-depth interview and learn Dr. King’s thoughts on race relations directly from the man himself. Afterwards you can proudly state you read the famous gentleman’s magazine “for the articles.”

  • North Korea As Seen Through Instagram [25 Photos]

    Photographer David Guttenfelder of the Associated Press uses his Instagram account, dguttenfelder, to share his photos of the notoriously “camera shy” nation of North Korea. For his incredible work in the secretive, Communist nation, David was honored with the title of TIME Instagram Photographer of the Year for 2013. How is he able to do it? Recently, North Korea relaxed its laws concerning photography and Internet access, allowing tourists to carry around their smartphones and freely take pictures that they could immediately upload over 3G Internet without any intervention from the government. Guttenfelder, who resides in Pyongyang, has been taking advantage of the opportunity ever since, giving the rest of the world access to a country that has been hidden for more than half a century.

  • Chris Farley Stars In Rob Ford: The Movie

    Everyone has made jokes about how similar Toronto’s hilariously troubled mayor Rob Ford is to Chris Farley’s characters, and no someone has actually done something about it. Taking footage from a ton of Farley’s movies, YouTube user Tristan Gough made an awesome trailer for Rob Ford: The Movie. If you can get posthumous Oscars for fan made trailers for films that don’t exist, then Chris Farley is a shoe-in.

  • Rob Ford Soundboard

    Let’s hear it for BroBible for finding the Rob Ford Soundboard, allowing you to entertain yourself for hours while listening to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s amazing soundbites on such topics as smoking crack and oral sex. I clicked the “prostitution” button so much I was almost put in a trance from his melodic delivery. He can be saying the filthiest things, but his adorable Canadian accent just makes it all okay. Now let the prank phone calls begin!

  • The State Where Obamacare Is Working

    With so many stories about the problems with the Affordable Care Act in the news, it seems like it’s just not working out at all. Thankfully, that’s not true. Apparently Arkansas is making some progress and its residents are seeing benefits.  If the success continues, perhaps the state can stand as an example of how others can also implement the program. 

  • The Day JFK Died, Reconstructed Moment by Moment

    Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. How clearly do you remember that day? Probably not very well, especially since most of you weren’t born yet. And if you were born, you’re probably pretty old now and your memory isn’t what it used to be, despite all those ginkgo biloba supplements you take every morning (if you remember). Luckily for all of us, Esquire has recreated that day minute by minute from noon til dusk. 

  • 6 Presidents Who Never Would Have Been Elected Today

    Some of our most beloved presidents could never get elected by today’s voters. Whether it’s due to their physical attributes, elitism, or questionable personal lives, we could have been without some of our greatest executives if they were born in a different generation. Even our hallowed Teddy Roosevelt made the list!

  • Eye-Popping Photos Show How They Get The Minerals That Power Your Gadgets

    Everyone has heard about blood diamonds, but what about the blood involved in the mining of tungsten or tin or gold? All these materials that are needed in tech manufacturing are often mined in conflict-ridden zones in Africa. Photographer Marcus Bleasdale has been covering the Democratic Republic of Congo for National Geographic since 1999 and has captured amazing photos of the people whose work affects us more than we ever think about.

  • U.S. Government Shutdown: Day 1 (25 Photos)

    Our ever responsible and totally mature congressmen reached an impasse last night, causing 800,000 government workers to be furloughed. We’re not even done with the first day of this shutdown, and already the effects are quite obvious. Thanks to social media, pictures of closed national parks, monuments, and even government websites are causing the American public’s ire to grow faster than a congressman’s bank account (naturally, they’re still getting paid). Even NASA’s incredible Instagram account and the National Zoo’s Panda Cam have been shut down. How far will this madness go? On the bright side, if you live in Washington, DC no parking tickets will be issued during this fiasco!

  • 5 Leadership Tips From John F. Kennedy’s Darkside

    Forget the bold words and speeches of John F. Kennedy. Let’s look at his actions. John F. Kennedy undoubtedly holds an allure over Americans as the young, attractive Catholic that presided over “Camelot” and fought for the ideals of a new generation. But his dark traits have also been well established over the last 40 years. Surely we can learn from his speeches and his noble characteristics. That isn’t hard to do. But I think he “dark side” offers some valuable lessons as well. What made him a dangerous President can also make you a stellar leader, if you apply these traits reasonably. Remember: those who can’t learn from the bad in life are missing half of life’s lessons. Here are 5 positive takeaways from the dark side of John F. Kennedy: 1. Be Willing to Take Risks “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”- John F. Kennedy It was his defining characteristic. From the Bay of Pigs to Marilyn Monroe, JFK liked to risk shit. He liked to live on his toes. His sexual escapades continually disrupted national security (not to mention his own marriage), and his apparent recklessness brought us (arguably) close to World War III. more »

  • Watch: Barack Obama Fills Out His March Madness Bracket + Behind The Scenes Video

    Barack Obama is a major basketball fan, he’s also got plenty of skills on the court. His annual tradition of filling out a March Madness bracket continues as he selects Indiana to win it all. Below we have the bracket, video of him filling it out and the behind the scenes of how it all went down. Obama Fills Out His Bracket His Bracket Behind the Scenes Video

  • The State of the Union Drinking Game

    How do you get the so-called Millennials to care about this annual political wankathon? Why, with a drinking game of course! Now the rules are simple. Whenever something listed here happens, take a drink. Until then, get your alcoholic beverage of choice ready and get set to do your nation proud with the State of the Union Drinking Game.

  • Insiders Look At The 2nd Inauguration of Barack Obama

    Hundreds of thousands of people will be attending today’s 57th U.S. Presidential Inauguration, taking place today in Washington, D.C. RSVLTS.com readers on the ground are reporting that D.C. feels like Mardi Gras as people spill out of bars into the wee hours of the morning and the dozens of related parties, balls, and concerts taking place around the area. Today we will be updating an online photo journal with images from the inauguration  the parade and everything in-between, so keep checking back for more.

  • This Signature Is Going To Be On All New U.S. Dollar Bills

    President Obama is set to announce that Jack Lew as his new pick for Treasury Secretary. Mr. Lew is highly accomplished within the government and in finance but President Obama forgot to review one little detail, Lew’s bizarre signature – being that it could seen be printed on ever new dollar bill that goes into circulation. The story of his signature has quickly overtaken the fact that he will be replacing Timothy Geithner as the top financial dog in the country. Time Magazine even hired a Graphologists – a certain branch of handwriting analysis who’s experts believe that handwriting–with all its slants, ornamentation and, of course, loops–can reveal truths about one’s personality – to review the handwriting, see their conclusion here. Photo via: nymag.com


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