• The Hipster Fashion Of Namibia [24 Photos]

    At first glance, the people in these photos, what with their vintage clothing, trilby hats, pocket watches, pipes, and antique luggage, could pose for your regular Brooklyn hipster. But then you notice the background, and that sure ain’t Williamsburg. These pictures come from the African nation of Namibia, where Loux the Vintage Guru, a designer, stylist, and tailor, is leading a sharp-dressed fashion revolution. Loux gives old clothes new life and is spreading his vintage aesthetic with the help of a group of like-minded designers and stylists form Johannesburg known as Khumbula. For more of these great photos, check out Loux the Vintage guru on Tumblr.

  • 10 Unspoken Rules Of Suits That Every Man Should Know

    We’re adults and sometimes we have to dress the part. For those times when sweats, t-shirts, and sneakers aren’t appropriate, you’ve got to suit up. Too bad you’re the immature, uncultured bum that your ex accused you of being those many months ago. Hey there you disgusting slob, don’t start crying about it, for here are 10 rules of suits that will transform you from Eddie Murphy at the begin of Trading Places to Eddie Murphy at the end of Trading Places.

  • How To Get A Haircut Like Ryan Gosling

    Are you sick and tired of everyone making fun of your hairstyle? Do women take one look at your coif and flee in terror? Does your do cause babies and small children to howl with fright until you either put on a hat or leave the area? Well, Lloyd Christmas, maybe it’s time you get that bowl off of your head and walk into a barbershop. Let barber Zach Linhardt teach you how to get a haircut like Ryan Gosling. Now you just have to work on your ugly face. 

  • The Roosevelts Clothing Maintenance

    If you’ve been reading our gear write-ups, your wardrobe is probably developing nicely.  What’s next?  You’ve invested a lot of money in your clothes and now it’s time to protect your investments.  We’re going to show you how, starting from head to toe…  Read up on a few simple ways to take care of and organize your gear.  Sticking to these basic tips will give your clothes a longer shelf life while helping you get ready for work or play more quickly.  1. HATS A stack of hats in the corner of your room is unsightly and unorganized.  Also, good luck grabbing a hat from that mess as you rush out of the door.  Soon, your nice hats will be dirty, bent awkwardly, lost or all of the above.  We’re big fans of this hook rack because it can get all your hats and jackets in order without taking up a lot of space in the apartment.  Buy two and stack them above one another on your wall. The Container Store: Flip Hook Rack 2.  Shirts If you’re like the majority of America and don’t wear ties with your collared shirts, you need some good collar stays.  A floppy collar more »

  • How To Dress Sharp Without Shocking Your Friends

    When most guys try to dress better, they shift drastically. They go from Comic Book Guy to James Bond. This drastic transformation can shock people around you. You’ll need a lot of confidence and courage not to succumb to their pressure and slump back to complacent standards. So be honest with yourself — do you feel up to it? If not, don’t worry. You don’t have to go from Comic Book Guy to James Bond overnight…

  • Style Cheat Sheet from Harrison Fjord

    No not Harrison Ford. Harrison Fjord, the Melbourne, Australia based personal styling and image consulting company that teaches men how to dress, how to put together outfits and how to best present themselves to the world. This graphic would probably be cooler if it was based off Harrison Ford’s style but it’s still quite helpful.

  • Body Language Lessons From Charismatic Men

    When most guys think about being charismatic, they think about what they need to say to impress a woman, a boss or a client, but body language is just as important, if not more so. Guys need to think about the messages their body language is sending, which is why we’ve assembled this list of body language lessons from charismatic men.


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