• China Has A Paris Clone City. And It’s An Eerie Ghost Town. [22 Photos]

    Tianducheng, a gated community near Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province, was constructed in 2007. The city, capable of accommodating more 10,000 residents, was built to simulate Paris, with 12 square miles of Parisian architecture, fountains, and even a 354 foot tall replica of the Eiffel Tower. However, not many mainland China residents can afford the luxurious setting, leaving many of the completed buildings abandoned yet eerily pristine. Only about 2000 people actually live in Tianducheng, most of which are working on the construction of a Paris theme park nearby. The city might not be for everyone, but if you love Paris but hate Parisians (and their high prices) Tianducheng might just be the vacation spot for you.

  • The Top 50 Vacation Hotspots on the Rise

    Yes, New York and Paris will always be two of the most visited cities for travelers in the world, but some lesser known contenders are starting to rise fast. With just about all the information needed for any travel experience at your fingertips adventures to lesser ventured destinations are starting to gain steam. The internet is literally opening up hidden gems of the world to the masses and so countries like Cape Verde, a series of islands off the coast of Africa referred to as “The African Caribbean” which used to be a virtually untouched tourist destination is know a commonly inhabited vacation spot for the more savvy tourist. Africa in general is a rising tourist destination with one unsuspecting country topping the entire list.

  • So It’s Cheaper to Fly From NY to LA for the Stanley Cup Finals Than to Attend a Game at MSG

    When the New York Rangers qualified for the Stanley Cup Finals last Thursday, May 29th, everyone knew tickets at MSG would skyrocket through the roof, but no one thought they would be a nearly unattainable $1,105 for the cheapest seat in the house. The LA Kings are no stranger to the Stanley Cup Finals, achieving Cup victory in 2012 and since having since dominated the league with great goaltending and a plethora of talent.  The Blueshirts are celebrating their 20 year anniversary since the iconic team of Messier, Leetch and Richter brought the cup back to New York for the first time since 1940, so needless to say Rangers fans have been itching for this moment. In 1994 the average ticket price in section 410 was $32 and a section 129 premiere seat was $75. Even after adjusting for inflation over that period of time, the prices convert to just $51.19 and $119.98. The average price for a game 3 ticket at the garden is a staggering $2,202.72, an egregious amount of money to watch an underdog Rangers team  take on a playoff seasoned Los Angeles powerhouse. TiqIQ has projected the tickets for this years Stanley Cup Finals to exceed tickets sold in more »

  • These are the Top Cities For Traveling the Globe

    Trip Advisor recently ranked the best and worst cities in the world based on their accommodations. Using catergories like helpful locals, friendliest taxi drivers and best for nightlife the cities were ranked and reviewed. What better way to rank these categories than to use the worlds largest travel site, which relies heavily on user reviews. The results were compiled based on more than 54,000 responses from those who have recently written TripAdvisor reviews for featured cities around the world. Ranking first for city with the best overall experience was Tokyo. The city also claimed top spots for helpfulness of locals, taxi service, local public transportation, and cleanliness of streets. Tokyo received high marks across the board, as it ranked among the top 10 in 13 of 16 categories in the survey. Other high ranking cities were Singapore, New York City and Barcelona. New York being the only U.S. city on the list.

  • Robin Williams is Selling his $30M Nappa Ranch

    Robin Williams, the eccentric (to say the least) comedian known for his roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook and the voice of Genie in Aladdin is selling his 650-acre Nappa wonderland. The ranch is located in Villa Sorriso is perched atop the Mayacamas Mountans and borders the Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. The entire residence weighs in at 20,000-square-feet, where views of the state park can be seen from nearly anywhere. The house has five bedrooms, plus six full and five half bathrooms, because of all the wine you’ll be drinking I guess, plus a 3,200 square foot guest house in case you need some privacy. The property has 100+ olive trees, which are capable of producing between 30 and 50 gallons of oil per year. That, plus over 18 acres of vineyards producing Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. All that plus a wine ranch and limitless ammnities can be all yours for the price of $30M.

  • Charter The World’s Largest Classic Motor Yacht [10 Photos]

    Looking for all the conveniences and luxuries of a modern yacht with the aesthetics of a classic ship? Then NERO is just what you need. The 90 meter superyacht, from China’s Corsair Yachts, has been sailing the seas since 2008 and won the 2009 ShowBoats Award in the category of Best Motor Yacht Over 75 Meters. This summer, NERO and its 20-person crew will be available to charter throughout the Mediterranean around such amazing locales as Sardinia, Corsica, the French and Italian Rivieras and more. And be sure to bring some friends along! NERO can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 cabins: The Owner’s suite, VIP suite, two double cabins, and two cabins that can be configured with either twin single beds or large double beds. For more info on NERO, check out Blue Water.

  • The Bright Lights Of Vivid Sydney In GIF Form

    From May 23 through June 9, Australia’s most populous city is transformed into “Vivid Sydney,” an interactive light and music show. Now in its sixth year, the festival converts Sydney icons such as the Opera House, Martin Place, and the Museum of Contemporary Art into giant canvasses for showcasing incredible light shows and interactive music performances. These awesome GIFs from The Smithsonian feature just a few of the many spectacles to experience. For more information on the festival, visit Vivid Sydney.

  • You Can Buy Dracula’s Castle for a Mere $80M

      Built in 1226, the The Teutonic Knights a catholic religious order formed in Palestine during the late twelfth century by German crusaders built a fort dubbed Bran in Transylvania. Since then, the fortress has switched hands many times before the man who was the inspiration for Dracula took the castle over.  Vlad the Impaler allied with the people of Bran and Brasov during his first reign after being in charge of taking care of the anti-Ottoman resistance at the border, but during his second reign pillaged the suburbs of Transylvania burning much of it to the ground. After 1918, Transylvania became part of Greater Romania. On December 1st 1920, the citizens of Brasov, through a unanimous decision of the city’s council, led by Mayor Karl Schnell, offered the castle to Queen Maria of Romania, who was described in the deed as “the great queen who (…) spreads her blessing everywhere she walked, thus wining, with an irresistible momentum, the hearts of the entire country’s population”.   The Castle became a favorite residence of Queen Maria, who restored and arranged it to be used as a residence of the royal family. The family has finally put Bran on the market for the small more »

  • Digital Recreations Of NYC Subway Tile Mosaics

    Brooklyn-based freelance art director/designer Adam Chang spent 20 hours last summer riding New York City’s subway and documenting the unique tile mosaics at every station. After 9 subway swipes, Chang had compiled photos of 118 different stations. He then spent countless more hours digitizing each mosaic, thus creating the NY Train Project. Check out the full project on the site for a virtual tour of each subway line along with facts about each station.

  • 26 Insanely Simple Money-Saving Tips to Travel

    People don’t know how to travel. Quit labeling it as “too expensive” or “not feasible” or putting it off for “next year.” Believe it or not, traveling is cheap. Insanely cheap. It’s so cheap that you can live in Bangkok off $10/day. You can eat your way through India off $1 meals. You can even hike ninety days through Scandinavia for $0. But how do you save up for a memorable vacation without selling all of your belongings, sacrificing your quality of life, or convincing strangers to donate to your “travel fund?” It’s hard, but here are twenty-five easy adjustments to budget your finances and prepare you to travel ASAP. Logistics to get out of the way 1. Open travel savings account. Every penny you save belongs in here, and that money’s only to be spent on travel, no Amazon splurge purchases. 2. Set a weekly budget. It could be $100/week or $250/week. I won’t judge, but be diligent and don’t exceed your weekly goals. Cheap Trip Tips 3. Snag a travel rewards card. Seriously, sign-up bonuses alone generally accrue enough points for a free domestic flight. 4. Hack your flights. Is that kosher to say? Flight Hacking in this more »

  • World Mug: Here are New York’s Best Soccer Bars [Link]

    With the World Cup kicking off June 12, plenty of bars around New York City will be trying to lure you in by pretending like they are really into the sport. But if you want an authentic experience surrounded by true fans of the game, the Village Voice has put together a guide on how to find the best soccer bars around the city. With tips on which fans are in which neighborhoods and how you should choose which team to support, this guide will help you enjoy the games and maybe learn a little something about the sport rather than pounding domestic macrobrews with people who don’t know Ronaldo from Ronaldinho.


    If you’ve traveled recently, you have undoubtedly encountered the snooty bourgeoisie of the traveling classes, being quickly escorted through security because of their TSA PreCheck status. You loathe them, with their noses in the air as you hold your shoes in one hand and belt in the other. But more importantly, you want to be them. So what’s up with PreCheck and how do you get it? Find out here and save time and pride at the airports this summer.

  • Inside Google’s Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Offices

    Google and M Moser Associates have recently completed construction and design on their new Kuala Lumpur headquarters. As of recently the tech mogul’s employees in the area were spread across different offices across Malaysia. “This design – led by M Moser Associates’ Kuala Lumpur team – addresses those needs in spectacularly eclectic fashion. Aesthetically, with its unexpected shifts from beach to forest to city streets, it is a space that begs to be explored and discovered – stimulating and interactive. But beneath the references to Malaysia’s topography and cultural icons is an office shaped around the goal of bringing Google people, customers and ideas together.”

  • 8 Highly Sketchy But Totally Awesome Tours Around the World

    We often travel for the adventure, the thrill of discovery, crafting new experiences unlike anything capable in our own lives—or Facebook whoring our adventures. Some of us like to take our travels to extremes, such extremes we’re willing to sacrifice our lives for the story of it—like the time you jaywalked in Germany. For the adrenaline-junky wanderlusters, here’s a collection of a few of the most dangerous tours around the world. Travel the Death Road Yungas Road, Bolivia claims the lives of 200 to 300 travelers every year. The reason it’s only 200 or 300 is because the bodies of more have yet to be found along the 2,000 foot drop offs. So driving down a road, how hard could that be? Well, it’s a one-way road used as a two-way road. Oh, and did we mention there are no guardrails along the edges. This means nothing prevents cars, bikes, or even a weary-eyed walker from plummeting to their death. And if that’s not enough, mudslides and falling rocks pine to knock trespassers off of Yungas. So why would a road like this exist? It’s only one of a few routes that connects the Amazon rainforest to metropolitan Bolivia. Beware: more »

  • Trippy Star Trails [9 Photos]

    The following collection of start trails were captured by photographer Justin Ng in Singapore from November 2013 to January 2014. The pictures a caused by the earth’s rotation and leaving the camera lens open for an extended period of time.

  • Rome at Night is Bellissima [35 HQ Photos]

    It’s best to explore Rome after hours so here is a RSVLTS approved walking tour along with some incredible nighttime photography of what you’ll see along the way Rome, Italy is one of the most historically significant cities on Earth. For centuries it was the political and historical center of the world and much of the important millennia old architecture can still be seen today. When we visited Rome this past weekend we took a nighttime walking tour of the magnificent city. Below you’ll see a custom Google Map that shows the route and information for each step of the way. The walk is about 3.5 miles, but don’t be intimidated because there are plenty of stops along the way.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring a small tripod so you can recreate some of the stunning long exposure shots you’ll see below. Also, the Trip Advisor app was a great resource for information about each location which we used in the descriptions below. Help a bro out, share this story with your friends: Tweet 1. St. Peter’s Square (Piazza San Pietro) The first piazza you will encounter on the route is also the largest. You nearly have a 360 degree view of the colonnade which is more »

  • Paris Like You’ve Never Seen It Before [Timelapse Video]

    Paris is often called “La Ville-Lumière”or the “The City of Light,” a name it owes first to its fame as a center of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment, and later to its early adoption of street lighting. A Russian videographer named Kirill Neiezhmakov produced this incredible timelapse that gives us a tour of Paris like we’ve never seen it before. There are few cities in the world more impressive looking than Paris at night so once you’re done with the video check out Paris at Night [40 High Quality Photos].

  • Pop-Up Restaurant That Parachutes Sandwiches to Customers Is Coming To New York City

    There’s nothing really special about toasted sandwiches, but when they’re delivered via parachute, people are bound to notice. Taking full advantage of this idea is a new Melbourne business called ‘Jafflechutes‘ that has taken the city by storm. More pop-up eatery than regular restaurant, Jafflechutes is just a bunch of guys dropping wrapped sandwiches from their friends’ balconies, to customers down below.

  • 3 Year Epic Selfie Wins The Internet [Video]

    Adventure rider, public speaker, professional photographer, videographer and presenter Alex Chacon is on the biggest celebrities in the motorcycle adventure world. He has traveled the world on his bike, most famously on a 500-day solo trip from Alaska to Argentina, and has written about and photographed his travels extensively. This video features GoPro “selfies” from Alex’s journeys in more than 36 countries. For more info on Alex and to keep up with his adventures, check out The Modern Motorcycle Diaries.

  • China is Building a Five-Star Wonderland Hotel in an Abandoned Quarry

    Just outside Shanghai near Tianmenshan Mountain lies an abandon quarry which will be the home to the $555 million Shimao Wonderland InterContinental. A 380-room, five-star, underwater cave hotel that will probably be in a Bond movie in the near future. The partially flooded Chinese quarry will be filled up even more to make the bottom two floors completely submerged.  British design firm Atkins will be in charge of the project hat will be building up 50 feet above the quarry, but drop 19 stories below it. The Wonderland will be home to all sorts of water sports, bungee and cliff diving atop their futuristic waterfall, a sports complex, and yes an aquarium amongst a possible theme park.    

  • 16 Stunning Photos of the Pantheon in Rome

    Almost two thousand years after it was built, the Pantheon’s dome is still the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. It is this incredible feat of engineering that makes it the best-preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings. The Pantheon and the incredible square, Piazza della Rotonda, located out front are a must-see for anyone visiting Rome, Italy.

  • The Drag-Racing Horses of Cairo

    On the side streets of Cairo a new breed of working class people of the Shubra district line up along the narrow streets and ally ways setting up wooden carts and plastic chairs for the festivities to begin. Small wagers are set back and fourth and then the fun (and danger begins). In this particular district of Egypt dusk festivities involve drag racing, but not with suped-up japanese imports, in Cairo these men races horses. Renowned photographer David Degner traveled across the globe to get the events on film. As the horse drawn wagons plummet down the avenue, the horses gallop erratically, missing cars, motorcycles, microbuses and even spectators by inches.

  • Incredible Costa Rican Hotel Inside A Boeing 727 [11 HQ Photos]

    The most exclusive suite in all of Costa Rica can be found at the Hotel Costa Verde. A 1967 Boeing 727 has been refurbished and transformed into a two bedroom suite atop a 50-foot pedestal in the rainforest. One bedroom features one queen sized bed while the other features two queen sized beds and both have a private bath and air conditioning. There is also a flat screen TV, kitchenette, dining area, and ocean view terrace. Rates start at just $250 per night. For more info and photos documenting the construction of the hotel, visit Hotel Costa Verde.

  • 10 Coolest International Borders [Infographic]

    International borders can be fascinating for many different reasons. Sometimes there are amazing natural features that divide two countries, such as Iguazu Falls dividing Brazil and Argentina. Other times, the politics of the nations make for an interesting border, such as the ceremony at the India/Pakistan border. Or maybe it’s just the fact that there’s a zipline that makes it cool. You win, Spain and Portugal.

  • 6 Glamorous Foreign Getaways That Don’t Require a U.S. Passport

    Some 195 countries exist in the world, give or take a handful of unacknowledged nations like Puerto Rico, Palestine, or Nevada’s The Republic of Molossia — who’s been at war with East Germany for thirty years, now. Of these 195 countries/city-states/dictatorial-banana-republics, approximately 185 of them require US citizens to carry a passport to visit. So if you don’t own a passport like the other 64% of Americans, you won’t be traveling the world this summer. Of course, the US, the land of the beautiful with those prairies and mountains and foamy oceans, is filled with exotic escapes like sun speckled beaches on Lanai or snorkeling rainbow-hued reefs off Key West, but there’s something more exciting about jetting to a foreign territory, where English may not be spoke, and your restroom just might be a hole in the ground. So if you’re craving that wanderlust, but don’t own a passport, here’s a list of glamorous getaways that don’t require a passport for entry.