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8 Travel Films You Need To See

No need to buy a plane ticket when you can travel vicariously through film. Be it Hawaii or Mumbai, a cinematic journey is just a few clicks away — let these films transport you! Y tu mamá también Explore Mexico In a nutshell, Y tu mamá también is The Graduate…


Beer Shortages? Global Warming Just Got Personal

Photo source: Visitor7/Creative Commons Global warming is causing storms and hurricanes to become stronger and more frequent. Global warming is causing the endangerment of certain species (including innocent, little penguins) and melting away the glorious glaciers of the world. Global warming is threatening the worldwide water supply and might cause a widespread…


Meet The 27 New Unesco World Heritage Sites

Since 1978, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been adding to a list of culturally significant places known as World Heritage Sites. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee recently announced the addition of 23 new sites and the extension of four others to the list, brining the…