• National Geographic Around the world in 125 years (Book)

    For five generations, National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated people with its incredible photographs, illustrations, and gripping stories from the four corners of the earth. Combining travel, wildlife, science, history, culture, and conservation, the National Geographic Society’s trailblazing magazine has inspired millions of readers to explore and take an interest in the planet we inhabit. The prints are limited to 125,000 copies worldwide, but these amazing photos don’t come cheap, the entire three book collection is going for $500. Go ahead, your dad deserves it. National Geographic Around the world in 125 years  

  • A “Once A Decade” Fog Event Occurred At The Grand Canyon [14 HQ Photos]

    Usually the Grand Canyon offers stunning views stretching for miles, deep into valleys etched by the Colorado River. But that vista has changed over the past few days, as a rare weather event has filled the canyon with fog, offering an even more stunning view than is typical. The weather event is known as a temperature inversion, and it only happens every few years, according to the National Park Service. Temperature inversions typically happen in the winter when there are long nights, and as the name implies, an inversion takes place when a layer of cool air gets trapped underneath warmer air, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). This is the reverse of the usual pattern, with temperature generally decreasing with increasing altitude. “Once the sun goes down, the ground loses heat very quickly, and this cools the air that is in contact with the ground,” the NWS explained. “However, since air is a very poor conductor of heat, the air just above the surface remains warm. Conditions that favor the development of a strong surface inversion are calm winds, clear skies, and long nights,” which is exactly what’s taking place in the Grand Canyon now, according to weather more »

  • GoPro Adventure Series: Moab Towers & Magic Backpacks

    In the sixth video of the HERO3+ Adventure Series Hayley Ashburn and Marshall Miller ascend and leap from Ancient Art in the Fishers Towers. The video highlights the ups and downs of base jumping, the discipline and rush of the jump after a bone chilling climb. Hayley and Marshall recall their first jump, the anxiousness they felt and the addiction after.

  • Once a Decade Clouds Engulf the Grand Canyon Creating a Surreal Scene (9 HQ Photos)

    Once every ten years or so the Grand Canyon is taken over by a sea of fog caused by a temperature inversion, in which warm air traps cool air, pollution, and fog near the ground. Although the inversions are quite common, happening once or twice a year at the site, but rarely seen like this due to cloudy skies. According to one of the park rangers, many tourists who visited the canyon that day had no idea of how amazing it was that they were seeing such a phenomenon and were just disappointed that they couldn’t see the Colorado River through all the fog. All Photo Credit: Grand Canyon National Park Facebook

  • See 1970s NYC Through The Eyes Of A Times Square Bartender [Video]

    From 1972-1982, Sheldon Nadelman tender bar at Terminal Bar in Times Square, across from Port Authority. Over those ten years, he took more than 2000 black and white photos that were made into a 22-minute documentary in 2002. Since then, 3 more vignettes have been produced using interviews with Nadelman and his photographs. All together, they document a Times Square that is almost unrecognizable from what you’ll find today (and way more interesting). Find out more about Nadleman and the productions at Tourist Pictures.

  • New York City in the ’80s Makes Me Happy I wasn’t in New York City in the ’80s

    New York’s Lower East Side did not look like a good time in the 80′s. This documentary style film from Kinolibrary Archive Film collections shows a tracking POV from side car window past run down buildings, graffitied walls and cars. Shops with shutters down, rough area, ghetto. Streets are almost empty, apocalyptic compared to NYC’s standards today. The areas that aren’t covered with abandon buildings covered in graffiti are open fields covered in rubbish and trash. Thank you Rudy Giuliani.

  • Le Meridien Is The Finest Resort In Bora Bora [27 HQ Photos]

    Bora Bora is a small island thick with coconut forests and colorful villages and surrounded by miles of fine, white sandy beaches and crystal clear, turquoise water as far as the eye can see. Welcome and “Ia Orana” to Le Méridien Bora Bora which won the 2013 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, which basically means it’s the nicest hotel in the world. It’s overwater Bungalows feature a large glass floor with amazing views of the lagoon and its marine life. And by “marine life we mean sea turtles! The Bora Bora Turtle Center at Le Méridien Bora Bora, is home to numerous marine turtles which means you’ll see them floating by your room nearly 24/7/.

  • Vertigo-Inducing Mirrored “Infinity Room” Is One Of NYC’s Most Buzzed About Art Installations [18 High Quality Photos]

    Long lines have been forming inside the David Zwirner gallery in New York City as visitors wait for their chance to stand inside one of eccentric Japanese artist Yoyoi Kusama’s vertigo-inducing “Infinity Rooms.” The installation’s mirror room, “Souls of Millions of Light Years Away,” is brilliantly simple – it’s a room in which the walls, the floor and the ceiling are mirrors. This seemingly infinite space is populated by hanging, blinking LEDs, which make the space seem like a galaxy or a nebula. Word of the art instillation, on display until December 21st, 2013, has gone viral in the city and lines can be up to several hours long. If you decide to check out the exhibit that will have you trying to wrap your mind around “infinity” just know that there will be a 40-second limit, yes you heard us right, on how long you can stand in the room. If you don’t feel like standing in the cold for three hours only to have under a minute of payoff check out the photos we pulled below.

  • World’s Tallest Waterslide Gives You A Reason To Go To Kansas

    The world’s tallest waterslide is currently under construction at Schlitterbahn, a Kansas City waterpark. The Verruckt Meg-A-Blaster slide, set to open May 23rd of next year, will send you down its 140 foot drop at 65 miles per hour in a four person raft. Hopefully there will be higher sides added before construction is complete. Also, I’m no physicist, but it looks like that hump will send you flying into Missouri. Good news for the people of Kansas City: There will probably be some full time positions opening up at the Schlitterbahn cleaning the rafts after people schlitter their pants. 

  • Brooklyn-The Gentleman’s Rant [Video]

    Warning Brooklynites: Hold on to your vintage typewriter and try not to choke on your Fernet cocktail while you watch this rant on your beloved borough. To be fair, these complaints only apply to a small fraction of Brooklyn. Go to neighborhoods like Flatbush, or East New York, or Coney Island and your complaints will be very different. Still, the no credit card thing is a major pain. Every time you use the shady ATM you lose $5 while gaining a chance at identity fraud. At least the free pizza at Alligator Lounge almost makes up for having to sit next to a dude with a monocle whose unicycle is chained up out front.

  • 5Pointz: 50 Beautiful HQ Photos Of The NYC Graffiti Landmark

    The Long Island City’s graffiti landmark was destroyed in the early hours of Tuesday, November 19th when the building’s owners whitewashed all the graffiti to begin the construction of a luxury condos on the site. Police were present to fend off protesters trying to save the landmark and word quickly spread via social media. “5Pointz is the world’s largest display of graffiti art, and it’s a global social hub,” Eric Felisbret, the author of Graffiti New York, told New York Magazine last month. “Now that it looks like that’s going to disappear, I’m not sure where the movement’s going to go.” If you never had a chance to visit the landmark we pulled together 50 amazing photos of NYC’s coolest museum.

  • The 10 Best Places To Pee [Infographic]

    With World Toilet Day just around the corner (November 19, duh), it’s only fitting to share this surprisingly interesting infographic. Learn about these 10 unique places to conduct your business and you’ll be guaranteed to add relieving yourself at a few of them to your bucket list. After whetting your appetite for washroom wisdom with this infographic, read about the Science of Urinal Body Language. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see a man about a dog. 

  • RSVLTS Visit Meatopia 2013 In San Antonio [23 Photos]

    This past weekend we went out to San Antonio to attend Meatopia at Pearl Brewery. We had a great time sipping on George Dickel cocktails and talking with Chef Adam Perry Lang of Serious Barbecue. As much as we enjoyed all the amazing food from 32 different chefs, it was sad to have to put a new notch in our belts. Eh, who are we kidding? If you’re going to pack on the pounds stuffing your face, you might as well do it with the best food the country has to offer! Looking at these pictures is making us hungry all over again. Who wants to grab some barbecue?

  • Chef Adam Perry Lang Feeds RSVLTS At Meatopia

    Meatopia, food writer Josh Ozersky’s incredible annual culinary event, was in San Antonio at the Pearl for the first time this past weekend. RSVLTS was there to chow on chicken feet, lamb hearts, beef cheeks, and all kinds of other goodies from 32 amazing chefs. Between face-stuffing sessions, we were able to talk with Chef Adam Perry Lang at the George Dickel tent and learn about what makes him do what he does so damn well.

  • An Updated Look At NYC Second Avenue Subway [22 Photos]

    Earlier this year, we showed you a collection of underground photos from the Second Avenue subway construction beneath New York City and now the MTA has released some more recent pictures. Below you’ll see how work is progressing on the future 86th and 96th Street stations which are on track (ha!) to be finished in 2016. The photos all come from the MTA’s photographer, which sounds like an awesome job, who apparently loves Photoshop. The photo snobs at Reddit’s /shittyhdr would have a field day with these.

  • Chinese Hotel Builds World Largest Ball Pit For Breast Cancer Awareness

    The Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai replaced the water in their 25 meter swimming with one million pink and green balls for breast cancer awareness. For those of us metrically challenged, the pool is 82 feet long and 41 feet wide. That’s a lot bigger than the ball pit at your local McDonald’s Playplace. How long before all the balls are sticky and the urine stench is so bad the hotel has to be evacuated? Probably before I can fly over there.  

  • BREAKING: Entire In-Flight Gadget Usage To Be Approved By FAA

    Airplane travelers will soon be able to watch videos and play games with their electronic devices throughout their entire flight — and not just above a certain altitude — the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday in a long-anticipated announcement. But don’t expect to be chatting on your cell phone. A ban on using cell phones for voice communication remains in effect. The FAA, following months of study by a group of aviation experts, said Thursday that airlines can soon allow passengers to use portable electronic devices such as tablets, laptop computers, e-readers and cell phones in airplane mode throughout the flight — with some circumstantial restrictions. Until now, passengers in the United States were prohibited from using the devices until their plane rose above 10,000 feet. The timing of the changes will depend on individual airlines, but an FAA statement said it expects “many carriers will prove to the FAA that their planes allow passengers to safely use their devices in airplane mode, gate-to-gate, by the end of the year.” “Each airline will determine how and when this will happen,” FAA administrator Michael Huerta told reporters Thursday morning at Reagan Washington National Airport. The FAA had long claimed that using more »

  • Stunning View of New Zealand As Seen From The Cockpit [Video]

    Check out this incredible view of Queenstown, New Zealand from a cockpit and see why Peter Jackson picked this fantastic country to film Lord of the Rings. With that being said, the music (Coldplay’s “Paradise”) takes away from the epic vista, so I suggest muting it and playing something more grandiose, like “Heart of the Sunrise” by Yes.

  • Take A Balloon Ride To Near Space For Just $75,000

    Are you upset because you don’t think you can get the $250,000 necessary for a Virgin Galactic flight into space? Don’t worry, you pathetically poor creature, for you can go to near space for a fraction of the cost. At the low price of $75,000 a ticket, you and all your friends will soon be ballooning 19 miles above the Earth. You can afford that at least, can’t you?

  • 24 of the Best Adventure Trips to take Right Now

    Whether you want to travel around the globe chasing adventure like a wild rabbit or stay domestic venturing off into the beautiful scenery this fine country has to offer, there’s a big world out there tailored to the adventure seekers of the world. Mens Journal released 24 of the best adventures trips to go on right now. Here are a few to wet your palette. Hike St. Lucia’s Piton Mountains Airborne Kenyan Safari Sail and Surf Tortola, St. Thomas Descend down Colorado’s Black Canyon for some Trout Shark Dive Rangiroa’s  Tiputa Pass Check out the Full List at Mens Journal

  • All Aboard The Swedish Ship Götheborg [13 Photos]

    How would you like to quit your boring office job for life at sea aboard a replica of an 18th century wooden sailing vessel? Is the lack of internet and abundance of pirates worth not having to put up with traffic or that guy who makes that whistling noise every time he exhales who sits in the cubicle next to you? Imgur user dwickedman thinks so. He quit his job to join the crew of 80 men and this year sailed for five months, covering 10,000 nautical miles. He shared these incredible photos and we salute him for having the balls to do something we’ve all dreamt of.

  • Nat Geo: Deep Inside The Largest Cave in the World (10 Photos)

    The Quang Binh province in Vietnam is home to the Son Doong Cave, the largest cave in the world. The cave is so big, it has it’s own jungle deep within the caverns and can fit a full skyscraper. In 1991, the cave was found by Ho Khanh, a local to the area and later by British explorers in 2009, and what they found was a bevy of natural cavernous wonders, cave pearls, ancient fossils and oh yeah, a jungle with a gigantic river running through it. The full size of the cavern is 200km wide with a height of 150km and a length of 9km, some of the carverns are so large they can house a modern skyscraper. If you’re in the area, tours are available to the public, but for a hefty price of $3,000. Nat Geo and photographer, Carsten Peter capture a never before seen look at the immense cave.

  • A Look Inside The Lamborghini Museum Courtesy Of Google [16 Photos]

    Google Street View now allows you to take a virtual tour of Lamborghini’s museum in Italy all from the comfort of your ergonomic workstation. Google gives you access to two floors and 1500 square-meters filled with some of the world’s greatest supercars. “Walking” around the museum is fun and all, but with Grand Theft Auto V fresh in our minds, I’d like to have the ability to take one of the cars for a virtual test drive and then virtually run down pedestrians on a narrow Italian street. Bravissimo!

  • Iceland May Just Be The Most Beautiful Place On Earth [17 HQ Photos]

    Never been to Iceland before? It is one of the cheapest international destinations for anyone living in the eastern part of the United States and as you’ll see from the photos, it might just be the most beautiful place in the world. We found travel deals on Iceland Air and LivingSocial starting at only $600 so jump on them while you can.

  • Beer Fridges In Europe Open Only For Canadians

    Canadian beer company Molson has installed beer fridges all across Europe, offering free beers to passersby. The only catch? You must be Canadian for it to open. That’s right, it scans your passport and will only open if the passport can be verified as Canadian. Luckily, our northern neighbors are so damn polite, they’ll be sure to empty out the fridges and hand out beers all over Europe then apologize for the inconvenience.