• 8 Of The Strangest Animated TV Shows From The 1980s [Link]

    Saturday morning cartoons were a way of life in the 80s. We didn’t have DVR and we couldn’t record all the shows on differant channels at the same time with a VCR. For four hours every Saturday, we would anxiously switch back and forth between ABC, NBC, CBS, and later Fox to catch all the terrible cartoons. Relive some of the most bizarre shows from that time and be amazed that Turbo Teen, featuring a boy that turns into a car, isn’t even the weirdest.

  • Are Taxis Safer Than Uber? [Link]

    Whenever an issue arises with an Uber driver assaulting a passenger, the story makes international news. We seldom hear about traditional cab drivers acting in the same manner, but what do the numbers say? Are there even any numbers? Find out the statistics, or lack thereof, and what Uber actually does to guarantee to your safety.

  • Net Neutrality Becomes Law Of The Land [Link]

    Today the Federal Communications Commission approved Net Neutrality rules. John Oliver tells us that’s a good thing, but what exactly does it mean for us? ZDNet breaks down the new rules and, no surprise here, it looks like John Oliver was right all along.

  • This Is How You Bring The Juicing Craze To The Bar [Link]

    Do you want to take part in the juicing craze but you’re afraid it means you have to give up your precious alcohol? Fear not! It turns out that those fresh, healthy juices also make great mixers. Check out these recipes and start incorporating fresh fruit and vegetable juices into your cocktails. It finally makes sense why I never like kale juice–I wasn’t adding any tequila!

  • Language Quiz: Are You on Fleek? [Link]

    Did you mistakenly scroll down while watching a YouTube video only to find that you have no idea what any of the commenters are talking about? Bae? On fleek? TFW? What the hell does any of this mean? And how did we lose touch before 30? Take this quiz from the New York Times and finally learn what the kids mean when they tell you they’re unbothered. And then feel old when you get half of them wrong.

  • Brother from Another Mother: Key and Peele’s Chameleon Comedy [Link]

    Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, which recently wrapped up the first half of its fourth season, is one of the biggest hits the channel has ever produced. The sketch comedy show has solidified Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as comedic geniuses, featuring dozens of recurring characters deftly portrayed by the two funnymen. Now you can get to know the men behind the makeup and wigs in this in-depth profile from The New Yorker.

  • Pancake Day: Which Beer Makes The Best Batter? [Link]

    Apparently the day preceding Ash Wednesday is known as Pancake Day, which just happens to be tomorrow. We weren’t aware, but we’re not going to fight it because pancakes are delicious. But what would make them more delicious? How about beer? Sure, it’s worth a shot! Beer makes pancakes light and flavorful, but with so many types to choose from, which beer should you go with? Find out with this guide from The Guardian comparing pancakes made with an amber, pale, blond, milk stout, and bitter.

  • These Are the 6 Bar Mixers You Should Absolutely Positively Use [Link]

    Are you trying to assemble the ultimate bar at your home but you’re not sure what the must-have mixers are? Instead of stocking up on big jugs of overly-sweet syrups and mixes for drinks you’ve only heard about in stories your grandparents tell about going to the Copa in 1962 to see Louis Prima, opt for these low-calorie, fresh ingredients. And if you don’t know what to do with these delicious mixers, recommended cocktails are also provided. Your guests (and their insulin levels) will thank you.

  • Ode To Green Slime [Link]

    Kids love green slime. Even before the days of Nickelodeon, kids were enamored with the fluorescent sticky stuff that looks like irradiated snot. But where did the infatuation come from? And how did something so gross become so popular for generations?

  • Hot Beer, Anyone? [Link]

    Believe it or not, there was once a time when people didn’t care how blue the mountains were on the label, and would actually drink their beer hot. As more and more craft breweries resurrect long-lost beers, there has been a noticeable absence of the warm ales of yore. And since it’s currently colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra, now is the perfect time to consider bringing back those warm brews. But before you pour your Schlitz in a mug and throw it in the microwave, check out the history of this long lost libation.

  • The Non-Beer Snob’s Guide to Ordering at a Craft Beer Bar [Link]

    With the craft beer revolution charging ahead at full speed, we now have more brews to choose from than every before. But sometimes, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to drink, especially if you usually just reach for something from Budweiser or Miller. And when if you don’t know what you want, a craft beer bar can seem like an unwelcoming place. With that in mind, here are some tips for choosing a beer and enjoying yourself even if you’re not a beer snob.

  • Never Host a Mega-Event? [Link]

    Hosting a giant sporting event like the Olympics or the Super Bowl seems like a great idea for cities…at first. It’s a chance for tens of thousands of fans to come to your city and spend their money. Of course, you have to make sure that this sudden influx of people has somewhere to go. And that they’ll spend enough to outweigh any costs of staging the event. And that people will return once the event is long gone. Economist Andrew Zimbalist is familiar with all the problems that come with hosting mega-events. His latest book about the subject, Circus Maximus, is available now and CityLab interviewed Zimbalist to find out why these big events turn out to be such bad deals for cities.

  • From Gluten-Free Beer to Kombucha, Alcohol Options for Health-Conscious Drinkers [Link]

    With so many choices available thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of the craft beer movement, there’s never been a better time to be a beer drinker. In fact, even people who couldn’t drink beer before are finding ways to enjoy a cold brew. Coconut water, kombucha, and gluten-free ingredients are all finding their way into concoctions made to appeal to a broad demographic of health-conscious drinkers, enabling more and more people to get buzzed. And what could be wrong with that?

  • 10 Need-To-Know Tips for Cooking With Wine

    With the holidays behind us, you may find yourself with a few (dozen) bottles of unfinished wine. But before you start pouring it down the sink, resolving never to drink a drop of alcohol again, try using it in your cooking. Red or white, still or bubbly, all wine has a place in cooking. Plus, the alcohol cooks out of it, so you’d still be keeping your temperance resolution. Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your leftover wine.

  • A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Steve Jobs about Business [Link]

    Steve Jobs created Apple, built it into one of the biggest tech companies, was given the boot, then triumphantly returned and transformed the company into the world’s largest. Although he’s been gone for over four years, there is still a lot to learn from the man, especially when it comes to business. Check out these powerful quotes and learn to apply them to your life.

  • “The Interview” Joins the Ranks of These Banned or Restricted Movies [Link]

    All of Hollywood was in an uproar last week when the big theater chains backed out of showing The Interview. As much as George Clooney and other celebrity busybodies wanted to believe this was an unprecedented move and a sure path to censorship of stoner comedies yet-to-come, the fact is that Hollywood and governments have been banning or restricting movies pretty much since the medium was invented.


    If you’re like most folks, chances are you’ll find yourself traveling for the holidays. And if this winter is anything like last year, you’ll find yourself stuck at an airport along the way. But that doesn’t mean you have to pick at a $9 chicken sandwich made days ago while you try to figure out how to use the free WiFi. Airports these days have plenty of great options, especially when it comes to drinking. Here are your best bets in America’s ten busiest airports.

  • World’s Highest-Paid Musicians 2014 [Link]

    The top 10 earning musicians made over $1.4 billion combined last year. Almost half of that came from number one on the list, Dr. Dre, whose payout from Apple’s purchase of Beats helped him earn $620 million, way more than anyone else on the list. But who are the other top earners in music? Check out the list of the 30 highest-paid musicians in 2014 to find out.

  • The 6 Wildest Stories From Leonardo DiCaprio’s Long, Party-Filled History [Link]

    Leonard DiCaprio has been in the news after he was recently seen leaving a Miami nightclub with 20 women. Not bad for a 40-year-old who’s never won an Oscar. But that’s just one of many wild stories about Leo. Check out this look at his history with the ladies, including tales from when he was a member of the “pussy posse” with buddies Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas (remember that dude?).


    With the new year coming, you may be looking to make a change in your life. And one of the biggest changes you can make is moving to a different city. But in this vast country of ours, where should you head? Vocativ has come up with the 35 Best Cities For People Under 35. Using their “Livability Index” which ranks each city in categories like demographics, housing, transportation, and food, they’ve come up with a list with a variety of choices, including many that don’t often make the cut on these types of lists. Have you ever considered Garland, Texas or Winston-Salem, North Carolina? Maybe you should. Hell, even if you’re not looking to move, it’s nice to see where your city ranks just for bragging rights. Unless your city didn’t rank, in which case you should probably start packing your bags. Check out THE LIVABILITY INDEX: THE 35 BEST U.S. CITIES FOR PEOPLE 35 AND UNDER at Vocativ

  • I Spent One Day Experiencing the Future of Movies, and It Was Full of 4-D Katnisses and Virtual-Reality Narwhals [Link]

    3D movies have been around for more than half a century, but it wasn’t until they went high-def and IMAX supersized in recent years that the technology became more than just a silly novelty for campy horror movies. And we’ve really enjoyed the 3D experience for the last few years. However, we move at a fast pace these days, and 3D is already becoming stale. What’s next? 4D of course! Regal has now opened its first 4DX theater in Los Angeles, complete with rumbling seats, scents, and simulated elements to immerse you in the onscreen world. But is the $27 ticket price worth it?

  • How to ‘Live Slow’ in the City That Never Stops [Link]

    Even in New York City, where you pay about a billion dollars a square foot for your apartment, you may still find yourself accumulating a ton of junk that you don’t need or never use. It’s possible (and possibly sanity-saving) to downsize, declutter, and slow down in New York. But how do you start living the simple life in the city that never sleeps? Check out this advice from William Powers, author of New Slow City.

  • MIT Is Giving Students Free Bitcoin [Link]

    Although Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has lost much of its value since the outrageous highs witnessed earlier this year, it is becoming a more accepted form of payment. In an effort to study just how Bitcoin adopters use the currency, MIT is giving students $100 worth of Bitcoin to spend however they want. Researchers will collect data to see how the money is spent and how the students feel about the cryptocurrency. So…do Cambridge-area Chipotle accept Bitcoin?

  • Wish List: 19 Awesome Gifts Under $50, From Bacon Soap to Beer Glasses [Link]

    Looking for some great gifts that won’t break the bank? Wired has you covered. The tech magazine has found 19 fun and interesting gifts that all cost under $50. From the Burton Barracuda, an insulated, over-the-shoulder six-pack cooler, to the rad, retro Royal Typewriter, you’re bound to find something for that someone on your list who you don’t want to spend too much on. Protip: No matter awesome all of these products are, DO NOT buy for your girlfriend.

  • The Roosevelt Family Built a New York Coffee Chain 50 Years Before Starbucks [Link]

    Long before there was a Starbucks on every corner in Manhattan, there was a chain of South American themed coffee houses known as Double R. The chain was owned and operated by Teddy Roosevelt’s sons Kermit, Ted, and Archie and daughter Ethel. Each table was supplied with ink, paper and envelopes and dictionaries and encyclopedias were available. Like email and Internet of the 1920s! So what happened to the coffee house chain?

  • The Ultimate Pulp Fiction Filming Location Map of Los Angeles [Link]

    It’s been 20 years since a young, fast-talking, obscenely-chinned filmmaker named Quentin Tarantino unleashed Pulp Fiction on the world. The movie made a middle-aged Samuel L Jackson a star and offered John Travolta a second chance that he pissed away within a few years (Remember Broken Arrow? Ugh). In celebration of the 20th anniversary, Curbed LA tracked down the real locations from the iconic film. Can someone in California go to the pawn shop and let us know if there’s a basement…and a gimp?

  • The painful what-if that haunts ‘Ghostbuster’ Ernie Hudson [Link]

    Ghostbusters celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, but one of the paranormal exterminators has bittersweet feeling towards the iconic film. When Ernie Hudson signed on to play Winston Zeddemore, the character was as much of a part of the team as Peter, Egon, and Ray. But when it came time to film, everything had changed. Read all about the experience in Hudson’s own words in this touching essay.

  • Thirty-Three-Hit Wonder [Link]

    Billy Joel’s first album came out over 40 years ago and he hasn’t released a new pop album in over 20 years, but the Piano Man is still going strong. Catch up with the 65-year-old performer in this New Yorker interview at his Long Island home before a Madison Square Garden performance last month.

  • Real Men Wear Lucha Libre Masks [Link]

    Everyone loves the colorful masks worn by Mexico’s Lucha Libre wrestlers but there is so much more to enjoy about the Mexico’s unique take on American-style professional wrestling. The insane speed and high-flying acrobatics of the athletes makes for spectacular entertainment. Now a new TV show, Lucha Underground, takes a look at the real men behind those kooky masks.

  • A complete list of every president’s favorite drink [Link]

    Just because the President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy a drink every now and then. 67% of American men are drinkers, and those that imbibe average 6.2 drinks per week. So it only makes sense that more than a few of our presidents have been drinkers. Check out these facts about the drinking habits of every president and be amazed at how many of them enjoyed Madeira. Jeez, you’d think we had a bunch of Romantic poets for president the first hundred years.


    We’ve all had those late nights in our hotel rooms, returning after a night of out-of-town debauchery, where we wanted nothing more than to eat that $20 Toblerone or drink a $8 bottle of water. But even in our inebriated state, we’ve managed to keep the insane costs in mind, guaranteeing the forbidden fruit of the minibar never to be plucked. Loews Regency hotels realized this and began offering “milk the minibar” options where can you eat whatever you want for $30 (on top of your $600 room, of course). But just because you can now afford to eat and drink everything, should you do it?


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