• The Roosevelt Family Built a New York Coffee Chain 50 Years Before Starbucks [Link]

    Long before there was a Starbucks on every corner in Manhattan, there was a chain of South American themed coffee houses known as Double R. The chain was owned and operated by Teddy Roosevelt’s sons Kermit, Ted, and Archie and daughter Ethel. Each table was supplied with ink, paper and envelopes and dictionaries and encyclopedias were available. Like email and Internet of the 1920s! So what happened to the coffee house chain?

  • The Ultimate Pulp Fiction Filming Location Map of Los Angeles [Link]

    It’s been 20 years since a young, fast-talking, obscenely-chinned filmmaker named Quentin Tarantino unleashed Pulp Fiction on the world. The movie made a middle-aged Samuel L Jackson a star and offered John Travolta a second chance that he pissed away within a few years (Remember Broken Arrow? Ugh). In celebration of the 20th anniversary, Curbed LA tracked down the real locations from the iconic film. Can someone in California go to the pawn shop and let us know if there’s a basement…and a gimp?

  • The painful what-if that haunts ‘Ghostbuster’ Ernie Hudson [Link]

    Ghostbusters celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, but one of the paranormal exterminators has bittersweet feeling towards the iconic film. When Ernie Hudson signed on to play Winston Zeddemore, the character was as much of a part of the team as Peter, Egon, and Ray. But when it came time to film, everything had changed. Read all about the experience in Hudson’s own words in this touching essay.

  • Thirty-Three-Hit Wonder [Link]

    Billy Joel’s first album came out over 40 years ago and he hasn’t released a new pop album in over 20 years, but the Piano Man is still going strong. Catch up with the 65-year-old performer in this New Yorker interview at his Long Island home before a Madison Square Garden performance last month.

  • Real Men Wear Lucha Libre Masks [Link]

    Everyone loves the colorful masks worn by Mexico’s Lucha Libre wrestlers but there is so much more to enjoy about the Mexico’s unique take on American-style professional wrestling. The insane speed and high-flying acrobatics of the athletes makes for spectacular entertainment. Now a new TV show, Lucha Underground, takes a look at the real men behind those kooky masks.

  • A complete list of every president’s favorite drink [Link]

    Just because the President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy a drink every now and then. 67% of American men are drinkers, and those that imbibe average 6.2 drinks per week. So it only makes sense that more than a few of our presidents have been drinkers. Check out these facts about the drinking habits of every president and be amazed at how many of them enjoyed Madeira. Jeez, you’d think we had a bunch of Romantic poets for president the first hundred years.


    We’ve all had those late nights in our hotel rooms, returning after a night of out-of-town debauchery, where we wanted nothing more than to eat that $20 Toblerone or drink a $8 bottle of water. But even in our inebriated state, we’ve managed to keep the insane costs in mind, guaranteeing the forbidden fruit of the minibar never to be plucked. Loews Regency hotels realized this and began offering “milk the minibar” options where can you eat whatever you want for $30 (on top of your $600 room, of course). But just because you can now afford to eat and drink everything, should you do it?

  • The London Beer Flood, 200 Years Ago [Link]

    Although a beer flood sounds like something out of an amazing dream, London actually experienced such an occurrence and it was quite the nightmare. On October 17, 1814, a giant vat of porter exploded and beer flooded the streets of London, killing eight. On the 200th anniversary, take a look back and the learn the causes and effects of the bizarre disaster.

  • The 50 Best Craft Beers Every Man Must Try [Link]

    Fall is here and with a new season comes a great time to start trying some new beers—especially because you’ll be stocking up for the winter sooner than you think. But nowadays, when you walk into your local beermonger you are surrounded by thousands of microbrews with punny names that don’t help you figure out the flavor in the slightest. Fear not! For GQ has enlisted the help of 10 different beer experts to guide you through the best craft beers in 10 different categories. Now go and sample a few (or 50).

  • Need Some Alone Time? Check Out America’s Coolest Ghost Towns [Link]

    Americans have a long history of someone making a few bucks in some remote location and everyone else following soon after, wringing every last resource from the land while building a town in the process. Once there are no more fortunes to be made, everyone packs up and moves on. Various mineral and natural resource booms over the last two centuries have left our great nation’s landscape dotted with some really fun and freaky ghost towns. Take a look at this list from The Smithsonian and find the best towns where you don’t have to worry about HOA regulations and loud neighbors. Well, not living ones anyway.

  • Isolation and hallucinations: the mental health challenges faced by astronauts [Link]

    Thanks to social media allowing for constant communication between astronauts and those of us too dumb and scared to ever go to space, we get to see just what life is like floating above the Earth. And it looks like great fun, complete with sing-alongs from everyone’s favorite Canadian, Chris Hadfield. But is it really as fun and carefree as it looks? Apparently not, with psychological anguish and hallucinations reported by spacemen for decades. And with plans for lengthy Mars missions in the works, these issues could prove to be a giant hurdle.

  • You Don’t Need 8 Glasses Of Water A Day [Link]

    For years we’ve all been told that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day. This has led to everyone carrying around water bottles that they refill multiple times a day in an effort to maintain their health. But is it necessary? Does drinking so much water do anything besides leading to more bathroom breaks? And where did that magical number 8 even come from?

  • 28 Explosive Music Rivalries [Link]

    Modigliani and Picasso. Jerry Seinfeld and Newman. The Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals. Famous rivalries have existed in all facets of life since Cain slew Abel and popular music is no exception. Revisit these 28 rivalries in music and fin out what the beef was between Kanye West and 50 Cent, Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses, and many more.

  • 27 Successful People Reveal The Things They Can’t Live Without [Link]

    We’re always looking to successful businesspeople for advice on tips to help us attain a fraction of their success. But the reality is, everyone is different and there’s no one thing that will work for everybody. But if you take a big enough pool of successful folks, chances are something will help you out. LinkedIn asked over 50 of their influencers, including Richard Branson, Craig Newmark of Craigslist, and Deepak Chopra, what they couldn’t live without in their daily lives. And here Business Insider presents the 27 best answers. Better start taking notes…

  • Going West: The World of Live Action, Competitive Oregon Trail [Link]

    Growing up in the 90s, the best part of computer class was when you finished your boring typing assignment and were allowed to fire up Oregon Trail on an Apple II or, if your school was particularly wealthy, Macintosh computer. There was no greater respite from the drudgery of schoolwork than shooting buffalo, fording rivers, and trying not to die of cholera. But now we’re adults and playing computer games from 25 years ago would be silly. Good thing someone has devised a live action Oregon Trail competition. And it sounds amazing.

  • A Definitive Ranking of 25 Derek Jeter Commercials

    Sure, Derek Jeter is a fine player and it’s sad that he’s retiring form the Yankees, but baseball wasn’t the only place where Jeter left his mark. Since becoming a superstar athlete, he’s also had a long career starring in TV commercials. While others are focusing on Jeter’s defining moment on the field, New York Magazine has take on the tough job of ranking his commercials. And I guarantee there will be more than a few that you forgot about but you’ll be happy to see again.


    When Live from New York: The Complete Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live as Told by Its Stars, Writers, and Guests by James Andrew Miller was first published to coincide with SNL’s 30th anniversary, it offered an in-depth, never before seen look at the show and its creator and producer, Lorne Michaels. Now the book has been updated for the 40th anniversary, with stories from the last 10 years added. To coincide with the release, Miller sat down with Esquire to discuss 5 important lessons we could all learn from Lorne Michaels.

  • NFL Owners May Be Overvaluing Goodell [Link]

    Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, has been under fire recently for his handling of the Ray Rice scandal. However, Goodell still finds supporters in the league because of the financial success the NFL has seen under his direction. But does Goodell deserve the credit for making the NFL the number one professional sports league in the nation? Statistics genius Nate Silver takes a close look at the numbers and what he finds doesn’t look good for Goodell.

  • This Professor Traded In His House For A Dumpster. Could You Do It?

    A divorce originally led Professor Jeff Wilson to leave his 2500 square foot home. He then moved into a 500 square foot apartment but found himself constantly selling clothes and furniture for almost nothing. With few possessions left, Wilson sought to discover how little someone needed to be happy. The answer came in the form of a 36 square foot dumpster.

  • ‘Apparently Useless': The Accidental Discovery of LSD [Link]

    It all began with ergot, a fungus and deadly poison that infects rye and killed thousands over the centuries. Pharmaceutical companies hoped to synthesize a useful medicine from it, but years of research led to nothing useful. But a young chemist named Albert Hoffman persisted with his research, leading him on a wild ride he never anticipated.

  • Seven Steps to Living a Bill Murray Life, by Bill Murray [Link]

    Everybody loves Bill Murray, but unfortunately there’s only one Bill Murray and it isn’t you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to live a Bill Murray life. Friday was “Bill Murray Day” at the Toronto Film Festival and during a Q&A session for his new film “St. Vincent,” Murray gave some great tips for living life. Take a look at these highlights and get started transforming yourself from the terrible person you’ve been for so long.

  • Brain-to-brain verbal communication in humans achieved for the first time [Link]

    Want to communicate with someone on the other side of the world but are too lazt to type out a message on a computer? Well good news, lazybones, scientists are working on a solution! The first brain-to-brain communication has been achieved thanks to electrodes and robots that can magnetically stimulate your brain. Soon we can evolve into the race of technology-dependent slugs we’ve all dreamed of for so long!

  • Weird Facts About 5 of the World’s Most Famous Logos [Link]

    We love when brands have a great logo, but many times the stories behind the logo are even more interesting than the logo itself. But with so many iconic brands existing long before us, the origins of their logos often remain unknown. But now the truth is out! “TM: The Untold Stories Behind 29 Classic Logos” tells us the stories behind those instantly recognizable logos. Get a sneak preview with these 5 tales from branding lore.

  • The Most Amazing Lie in History [Link]

    Think you know everything about the D-day invasion? Wrong! This is the exciting story of Joan Pujol Garcias, a Spaniard chicken farmer who also happened to be a con man and an amateur spy. He received decorations from both the Axis and Allies in World War II. And his unbelievable story really happened.

  • Top 10 Strange Sports Scandals [Link]

    Can you believe yesterday marked 25 years since Pete Rose was banned from baseball? In honor of Charlie Hustle’s fall from grace, Ask Men ranked the 10 strangest sports scandals. Spoiler alert: Much like the Hall of Fame, poor Pete Rose doesn’t appear on this list either.

  • The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records [Link]

    Everyone has that relative with the huge vinyl collection that you excitedly went to check out when you bought your first thrift store turntable only to find album after album from the Doodletown Pipers and 101 Strings. Not even the most contrarian hipster would want that crap. But there is someone who has been buying up huge collections of even the worst vinyl. He’s a Brazilian millionaire who aims to own as many albums as he can while digitizing the entire collection to keep the music alive.

  • The Surprisingly Short History of the Rooftop Happy Hour [Link]

    Even if you don’t live in a big city, chances are there is at least one rooftop bar around you. The rooftop may only be on a two- or three-story building, but it exists. And now that it’s summer, you’ll be spending as many happy hours there as you can. But the cachet of rooftop bars is a relatively new phenomenon. Learn all about how rooftops transformed from laundries to hip watering holes.

  • Have We Reached Peak PBR? [Link]

    In the early 2000s, Pabst Blue Ribbon, a longtime favorite beer of cantankerous, day-drinking, old men, began its meteoric rise as the unofficial beer of hipsterdom. But what was once sold in $1 cans and served in ironic coozies has since become a mainstream beer, no different than giants like Budweiser and Miller. Has PBR lost its hip street cred?

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