• RSVLTS Happy Hour At Ainsworth Hoboken [57 Photos]

    Earlier this month the much anticipated Ainsworth Hoboken allowed us to take over their entire restaurant to throw a grand opening party. John and I were blown away by all the excitement surrounding the happy hour and how many people came out in RSVLTS gear to celebrate. I like to think it was because people wanted to get weird with us, but it’s probably because there was a free open bar. We’ll never know. Either way, we’re so proud to call Hoboken home and you can expect a few surprises from RSVLTS this spring and summer so follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch. See also: 18 GIFS That Perfectly Explain Throwing A RSVLTS Happy Hour Party    

  • Minor League Baseball Team, ‘Hartford Yard Goats’ Officially Name Team After Our ‘Goats Yelling Like Humans’ Video

    A couple years ago while in Puerto Rico, and respectably drunk from a long night of crushing Miami Vices, I thought it would be hilarious to create a super cut compilation of goats yelling like humans. I remember it like it was yesterday because the idea seemed so dumb. The video went up on the RSVLTS YouTube page, one thing led to another and 30 million views later it is one of the iconic YouTube videos of all-time. That’s not really even an exaggeration. G.Y.L.H. has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel, Zuckerberg used it in Facebook’s year in review, it was in two different Super Bowl commercials this year, created an entire music craze and so much more. I’m now forever tied to goats and people even bring goats to parties so I can hold them and take pictures. Who would have thought? It’s all pretty weird if you ask me. And just when I thought the buzz finally died down, and I can stop humble bragging by sharing links on my Facebook Wall, the goats come back around like Terminator. It’s like clockwork. But today might be the benchmark day in Goats history. According to SB Nation an entire minor more »

  • RSVLTS Official SXSW 2015 Party Guide

    Inspired by our super successful RSVLTS Super Bowl XLVIII Event Watcher and Official Coachella Party Guide, we’ve decided to launch the official SXSW 2015 Party Guide which will be your one-stop-shop for the most up to date event information.

  • #EdgewaterStrong: How The RSVLTS.com Community Banded Together To Help Fire Victims

    About five weeks ago a seven alarm fire destroyed most of an apartment complex in Edgewater, NJ. Fortunately, everyone made it out safely, which you’ll realize is a miracle after watching the video below, but the losses included loved pets that we all know are basically members of the family and important everyday items like clothing, prescriptions, toothbrushes, etc. The local community quickly donated enough household items (toiletries, new clothing and school supplies) to keep the families afloat. Also, many charities took up donations for the Edgewater community to get them the immediate financial help they needed as they gradually found new housing. Being just a few miles down the road from Edgewater, we wanted to help as best we could and came up with a simple idea. One T-shirt = One Gift Card. We would create badass, limited edition t-shirts and hoodies, and for every shirt sold we would load 100% of the proceeds on to a gift card that would go directly to the people affected. When we dropped off the box of gift cards, and also t-shirts that many of you offered to purchase and also donate, the lady at the desk was so thankful. Their reaction when we stopped more »

  • NASA’s 5-Year Timelapse of the Sun is Better in GIF Form

    NASA’s been peeping on the Sun lately. In fact they’ve held the same camera on the sun for the past five years and so to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory’s (SDO) launch, NASA released a five-year timelapse of the sun. The SDO is a mission designed to study where the sun’s energy comes from, and also help us understand its influence on Earth. The footage, captured one frame every eight hours, from June 2010 to Feb. 8, 2015, according to NASA. Since it launched on February 11, 2010. This time-lapse video captures one frame every 8 hours starting when data became available in June 2010 and finishing February 8, 2015. The different colors represent the various wavelengths (sometimes blended, sometimes alone) in which SDO observes the sun. We’ve decided to abridge the entire timelapse into a GIF collection for your quick-viewing pleasure. Don’t stare at it for too long.

  • RSVLTS Super Bowl Throwdown With My Day Friday [20 Photos]

    It turns out that the 1st anniversary of RSVLTS HQ and the birth of the idea for My Day Friday podcast fall on the same exact day, February 1st, so we decided to team up with Anthony (@WorstAnthony) and Carla Marie (@TheCarlaMarie) to throw an impromptu Super Bowl party for the RSVLTS championship softball team, Elvis Duran Morning Show crew and some of our amigos. At the end of the night we drank the beer fridge dry, ate buffalo dip out of our intramural trophy and took some pics. Pretty standard.

  • The 50 Most Popular People On Instagram in 2015

    When it come to being the King of the social media hill there is Instagram, and there is everyone else. A recent study showed that Instagram was the fastest growing major social network among U.S. adults last year and the photo-sharing app, which is now used by 26% of the American population, and more than half (53%) of young adults aged 18- to 29, will continue to expand it’s dominance over the social space for the foreseeable future as networks like Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit have seen a decline and Facebook has flatlined. If you’ve used any of those networks less in the last year you are not alone. Right? So let’s take a look at the people who are running the show in 2015. We’ve combed through Instagram statistics to pull together the following list of the 50 Most Popular People on Instagram in 2015. This is not just a list about Instagram. Since Insta is the most culturally relevant social network, especially among coveted tastemakers of the younger demographic, it is more a glance at the leading influencers in pop culture, sports, and entertainment. If you’re interested you can see the top 50 from 2014 as well to see how things more »

  • 1969 or Coachella Girl: Can You Spot The Difference?

    Take away modern technology, like cell phones, from girls at summer music festivals and what are you left with? Exact copies of girls from 1969, at least when it comes to style. We scoured the internet for photos of girls at Coachella, the original Woodstock and girls from the year 1969 in the wild and one thing is for certain, whether they’re an actual hippy, or just like to cop the style, girls from 1969 and today kind of all look the same. We’ve put a little game together to see if you can tell the difference. Play the game: click left (or use > keyboard arrow) to reveal the photo and answer.

  • Martin Luther King Jr: 28 Poignant Quotes From The Man Who Changed America

    Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968) accomplished more in 39 years of life than any man could wish to accomplish in 100 lifetimes. As we prepare to celebrate a holiday weekend that bears his name it’s important to take stock in the impact he had on the lives of millions of Americans. MLK infamously got a C in public speaking class during his first year at seminary school in Chester, Pennsylvania but he turned things around to establish a reputation as one of the greatest, more quotable orators in American history. Share this story with your friends: Tweet

  • Steve McQueen: 17 Iconic Quotes From The King of Cool

    Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980) is known by most as an iconic American actor and a member of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame but one look at his Wikipedia biography will reveal tales from his early years that are so outrageous it’s no wonder why his “anti-hero” persona is as legendary today as it was in the 1960s. At 17, he joins the Marines where he becomes a mechanic and develops a passion for motors that he will never abandon. After staring in several Broadway plays, he becomes Josh Randall in the TV series, Trackdown and gains much popularity with the public. His participation to The Magnificent Seven, in 1960, achieves bringing him to stardom while at the end of the 1960s he stars in two of his most memorable films, The Thomas Crown Affair and Bullitt. During the 1970s, he is Hollywood’s best paid actor and his seductive ‘anti-hero’ persona infused by his notorious irascible temper ironically turns him into the decade’s icon, a true counter-culture hero. The ‘King of Cool’ is addicted to extremes: fast cars, alcohol, women and drugs that make him aggressive, paranoid and ill. Steve McQueen difficultly finds his place in Hollywood’s aristocracy feeling he more »

  • Elvis Presley: 22 Poignant Quotes From The King of Rock & Roll

    Elvis Presley is regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century and today we celebrate his 80th birthday. What makes Elvis such an amazing figure is that he had one of the most famous faces in modern history, but also came from humble beginnings and was known to be competitive, compulsive, introverted and incredibly sensitive to people in need. All these personality dynamics make him as fascinating today as he was 60 years ago. He was also very quotable, willing to share his views on life, success, triumph, heartache and everything in between. — The Essential Elvis: If you have Spotify press play on the following playlist featuring all of Elvis Presley’s 30 number one hits. — See also: Muhammad Ali: 20 Inspirational Quotes From The Greatest Frank Sinatra: 6 Inspirational Quotes From Ol’ Blue Eyes

  • Muhammad Ali: 20 Inspirational Quotes From The Greatest

    With the 73rd birthday of Muhammad Ali fast approaching we decided to pay tribute to the People’s Champion. During his glory days the guy was a quote machine so we pulled some of the best together in a style similar to what you’ve come to expect on RSVLTS Quotes and what we did with Frank Sinatra.

  • Dreaming About Fresh Pow At Andy Warhol’s House With The Best Snowboarders On Earth

    On Tuesday Oakley invited us to the premier of their new big budget film Snowboarding For Me, a film that brings to life the unique relationship between Oakley’s world-class snowboarding team, which includes pioneers Terje Håkonsen, Eero Ettala and JP Walker, Olympians Shaun White, Mark McMorris and Ståle Sandbech, and backcountry riders Jake Blauvelt and Nicolas Müller, and the sport and lifestyle they inhabit every single day. We got to experience some of the “lifestyle” at the pre-party for the movie premier at a two-story art space owned by designer Jeff Koon that was once Andy Warhol’s home. Our reaction when we found out it was Andy Warhol’s house: @nicolasmuellair @eeroettala approves #selfieseason @jake_blauvelt

  • RSVLTS Snap: Clubbing And Hot Tubbing In Manhattan With Our Sales Guy and Chromeo

    Here at RSVLTS we’re all about having a good time and our sales extraordinaire Z (@zizou1087), who we’re pretty sure is the king on Manhattan, has more fun than anyone we know. That’s not even an exaggeration. Every weekend his Instagram feed blows up with photos from inside the hottest clubs in the world with literally dozens, if not hundreds, of bombshell models. So we decided to give Z a fresh RSVLTS x New Era hat (more on that in a few weeks) and a disposable camera to produce a RSVLTS Snap, showing what an average night out on the town is like from his perspective. What we got back was 20 photos of him hot tubbing with models and club hopping the guys from Chromeo. N.B.D.

  • Everything You Need To Know About The Chances Ebola Will Spread in the United States

    Ebola is scary stuff. The highly deadly disease has made it’s way to the U.S. but how much do you know about it’s origins, the timeline of the latest outbreak and what the U.S. is doing to contain it? Here is a guide to what we know now from the New York Times. Health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they were confident that standard procedures for controlling an infection will contain Ebola in the United States reports the New York Times. The C.D.C. has sent experts to Texas to trace anyone who may have come in contact with the patient while he was contagious. Doctors across the country are being reminded to ask for the travel history of anybody who comes in with a fever. Patients who have been to West Africa are being screened and tested if there seems to be a chance they have been exposed. Here is everything we know about the 2014 Ebola outbreak according to the New York Times. When did the man infected with Ebola arrive in the U.S.? Thomas E. Duncan, who traveled to Dallas from Liberia, has been found to have Ebola, the Centers for Disease Control more »

  • RSVLTS First Ever Giant Jenga Tournament Got Pretty Rowdy [Photos + Video]

    This Thursday at RSVLTS HQ, we not only hosted our 4th week of RSVLTS Cuts presented by AXE Hair, but threw in a Giant Jenga tournament with a $100 grand prize kicker. After the mass confusion of a Jenga game at least 100x bigger than a regular Jenga game settled, things got ridiculously (and comically) competitive. You could practically cut the tension with a knife, guess that’s what happens when an oversized check for $100 featuring Grumpy Cat wearing a Pharrell hat is on the line. Help a bro out, share this story with your friends: Tweet In the end the founders of Jersey City’s first brewery called Departed Soles Brewery, won the entire tournament. We had a few paparazzos capturing all the action, so check it out below and if you want to play in our next RSVLTS Cuts, giant jenga tourney, or want to find out about future RSVLTS parties (we have two in the works that are very exciting), sign up below: Let’s keep in touch! Teddy Roosevelt, our guest of honor for the night, has scaled the tallest Jenga towers. Yes, that is an enormous Grumpy Cat check for the winner of the tourney Let the tournament begin! When the towers more »

  • RSVLTS Visit St. Louis For A Bud VIP Weekend [35 HQ Photos]

    Our friends at Budweiser invited us out to St. Louis last weekend for a Bud VIP weekend complete with a brewery tour, Rams game, Cardinals game, and so much more. It sounded great, but we’ll be honest, we had no idea what to expect from the city. We knew it was home to plenty of professional sports teams and the Gateway Arch and…um…yeah, that’s about all we knew. But Budweiser made sure we’d see everything that we were missing out on in one of America’s 20 largest metropolitan areas. Serving as home base for the weekend was the Magnolia Hotel in downtown St. Louis. Known for years as the Mayfair Hotel and hosting such guests as Harry S Truman, Irving Berlin, and Cary Grant, the building had recently undergone renovations and was reopened as the Magnolia Hotel. Budweiser was kind enough to supply us with a keg of Budweiser and plenty of Gooey Louie gooey butter cake. If you’ve never had gooey butter cake, make friends with someone in St. Louis ASAP. Our first big adventure was a VIP tour of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Now we’ve taken brewery tours before, but they’ve always been microbreweries. While we love our microbrews, more »

  • RSVLTS Cuts Part Deux: Good Times, Fresh Cuts and Good Times [Photos]

    On September 18th RSVLTS HQ was once again transformed into a barber shop speakeasy and our good friends stopped by to get a fresh cut from our resident barber Jesse Logerfo (@jlogerf0). Few drinks, few laughs, few wings. All followed up with an epic game of civil war against our now rivals at Elvis Duran and the Morning show. Here is how it all went down.

  • RSVLTS Snap: Behind The Scenes of ‘Bayside! The Musical’ Opening Night [27 Photos]

    Our good friend Marty from National Lampoon told us about the opening night of National Lampoon Presents “Bayside! The Musical!“, which has been named a “critics pick” by the New York Times. We knew it would be the perfect opportunity to get disposable cameras into the hands of Jessie Spano, Mr. Belding, Zack Morris and the rest of the crew for a RSVLTS Snap set. After all, what would a parody musical about the greatest show of the 1990’s be with out the go-to photography technology of the day capturing all the behind the scenes action. Little did we know but Dustin Diamond who played the loveable nerd of the bunch is currently guest starring in the show! He was a great sport and got in on the action.

  • RSVLTS Cuts Launch Event Presented by AXE Hair

    We had our first big RSVLTS cuts party on Thursday. Getting your hair cut from a new barber is like taking a leap of faith, some may call it a box of chocolates of sorts. You never know what ya gonna get. When we first stumbled on the idea of RSVLTS Cuts we knew it would take some convincing to get people in the chair for the first time, but after seeing our in house barber, Jesse Logerfo get at it, his work spoke for itself and the line was out the door. With the help of AXE Hair we assembled a one-two punch for giving our closest colleagues the haircut of their lives accompanied with a bevy of premium styling products. “I literally shed a single tear after seeing what an amazing job Jesse did.” Sean O’ Neal, satisfied customer. Our launch party took place last Thursday on NFL kickoff, and we plan on continuing every other Thursday from here on out. Some football, some wings, some booze all topped off with a premium haircut from one of New York’s best barbers. The next event is taking place on Thursday, September 18th. Register now: http://rsvltscuts2.eventbrite.com

  • RSVLTS Snap: Burning Man, Dave Lingwood and a Disposable Camera [27 Photos]

    RSVLTS Snap will put disposable cameras into the hands of RSVLTS.com friends who are doing epic things to capture life as it happens from their perspective. But why disposable cameras? Pushing the flash button is an instant crowd pleaser. They take great selfies. The pictures have a natural 1990s filter with no editing involved. There is only have 27 photos so each one is precious. Because they are awesome! Our friend Dave Lingwood went to Burning Man this past weekend and helped us kick things off. This is how it all went down. Go follow Dave on Twitter: @dave_lingwood and Brit Kaminski on Instagram: @beeyoself Go follow Brit: http://instagram.com/beeyoself

  • North Korea Announces Mushroom Sports Drink, Meme Is Born

    North Korea, aiming to be a world leader in mushroom production (no joke), has announced the creation of a mushroom-based sports drink. In a country lacking in fertilizers and overrun with outdated farming practices, mushrooms are pretty much the final hope. The Central Mushroom Research Institute opened in Pyongyang last year, devoted to the study of the nutrient-rich fungi. The Korean Central News Agency reports “This natural drink is very effective in enhancing physical ability of sportspersons and recovering from their fatigues.” No word yet on what it’s called, how it tastes, or when it will be released. Until then, we’ll just have to entertain our notions in meme form. Help a bro out, share this story with your friends: Tweet More awesomeness from The Roosevelts 1. Russian Daredevils Climb Dubai’s Princess Tower And Take Stomach-Churning Selfies [13 Photos] 2. 34 Cleaver Photos That Will Make You Double Take 3. 7 Music Icons Resurrected Using CDs [High Quality Photos] 4. The 57 Most WTF Moments In The History Of Google Street View 5. The 45 Most Perfectly Timed Photos of 2014 (So Far) 6. 20-Something Mick Jagger Was Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be [46 Photos] 7. Can You Spot The Difference Between These 20 Sets more »

  • The Gentleman’s Handshake: How To Perfect The Choreographed Hand-Dance

    Giving a handshake is easy, right? Wrong. How would you know anyway? Never has anybody given you feedback on your handshake. And if they have, you’re doing it wrong. “That’s a firm handshake you’ve got there, son” is not a compliment. It’s someone telling you you’re gripping too hard. It might seem simple, but the perfect, gentleman’s handshake is something of a well-choreographed hand-dance.

  • The Sensory Overload Of Times Square Captured In GIF Form [17 GIFs]

    What do you do when you find yourself wandering around Times Square in the early morning hours of Easter Sunday? In the good old days, you could stumble into an adult movie theater, get a box of Jujubes (they last long!), and sit back and enjoy the show. Alas, those days of wine and roses are long gone. Now Times Square is nothing but 24 hours of nonstop advertising, with gigantic video screens promoting Guy Fieri and flashing signs pointing the way to Guy Fieri’s restaurant. With nary a peep show in sight, I had to make my own fun when I found myself in New York’s sense-shattering wonderland at 5 AM. Luckily I was armed with a Samsung Galaxy S5. I had tried taking animated photos before but the results were usually less than stellar, with parts of my subject stationary while other random bits flailed around like a whirling dervish. However, the usually annoying flashing lights of all the signs and video screens made a much better subject. These GIFs have been optimized for the web, but know that the quality of the original files is even more incredible. But due to the S5’s awesome camera, the file more »

  • 7 Battle Lessons from a (German) WWI Warrior That Every Man Needs To Know

    “In war you learn your lessons, and they stay learned, but the tuition fees are high.”-Ernst Jünger, Storm of Steel There’s something to be said for a real world education. In such a classroom, you learn in a real-time, hands on, trial-by-fire way. Not only does the lesson stick better, but you have something concrete to show for it, from which you can analyze and learn. War is about as real world as the world gets. Trial-by-fire is literal, and missteps are a matter of life or death. Therefore, Jünger is quite right when he says the tuition fees are high. He’s also quite poignant on a few other topics in his WWI memoir, Storm of Steel. Now, we know the outcome of WWI, and we know it didn’t end in Junger’s favor, but we can still extract some lessons from his account about life, leadership, and business. (Also note that Jünger drank hard, smoked, and by most accounts, lived a very dangerous, risky life, being injured 7 times in WWI alone. He went on to live to age 102. Talk about resiliency.) So here’s one lesson for each of this crazy bastard’s WWI injuries (all following quotes from Storm more »

  • How To Get Lost (On Purpose)

    I’ve got a few strange hobbies. I like to ski, I like to drink craft beer, I like to salsa dance, and I like to get lost in new cities. Doesn’t sound too odd, does it? Well, it’s uncomfortable. It’s also frustrating. You always look like a fool when you don’t know where you’re going, and every subway is so tricky to figure out at first. But that’s the point. What a beautiful contrast it is to be the guy staring at rooftops and road signs while the world scurries by. As I write this, I’m sharing a table with a stranger in a random coffee house in Boston. I’m sort of lost. I can see the docks, so I’m not too out of place. I could find myself on a map, if I tried. Either way, after I finish this article and a bit of other work, I’m going to go out and see what else I can find. I heard the aquarium is pretty neat; maybe I’ll stop by. A museum or two? I like history. What I won’t do is this: buy a day pass for a trolley tour with a bunch of other tourists. That’s not more »

  • The Awful Story Of Rainbow Man Rock ‘n’ Rollen Stewart

    February 23 marks the 70th birthday of one of the biggest fans the world of sports has ever seen, Rollen Stewart, better known as Rainbow Man and Rock ‘n’ Rollen. Just in case the photo didn’t jog your memory, Stewart was often seen at sporting events, both at home in the US and abroad, wearing a rainbow afro wig and holding a a sign that read “John 3:16.” His wacky appearance transformed him from a spectator to a celebrity but there was a lot more going on with the seemingly happy-go-lucky superfan. 

  • Facebook’s 10th Birthday Conversation With Other Social Media Networks

    Mark Zuckerberg’s big fat baby turns 10 years old today. It’s come a long way from when only college students could sign up for the network. What was once a useful site for keeping in touch with fellow students has since been ruined by your parents’ sharing of every “let’s see how many likes we can get for this clubfoot kid” post, your friends with kids posting about how tough but rewarding parenthood is (and how you just wouldn’t understand), and invites to games you’ve never heard of but all look really shitty. It’s a cycle that happens with every social network. They start off helpful but as soon as more people sign up, it becomes obvious that most folks have nothing worthwhile to contribute to life. Let’s see how some of the different social networks reacted to Facebook’s birthday post.

  • 30 Things I’ve Learned Last Year That Were Stupidly Obvious, But Helped Me Anyway

    I never thought I would see the day. But here I am, writing a proselytizing article with advice aimed at twenty-somethings from my own Gen-Y perspective–and it’s in (true Elite Daily) list form. Well, anyway, I’ve gotten over my squeamish fear of appealing to the mainstream, enough so that I wrote an article about all the nifty things I’ve learned this year. I’m sure I sound naive. And I am. All “twenty-somethings” that write “twenty-something” articles are naive. Because, they are “twenty-somethings”. Duh. Being well aware of that fact, I still think some of these ideas can help you. They’ve helped me out over the last year. These ideas continue to help me still. I’m sure some of them will be replaced by better ideas, but so goes the nature of life and living.


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