• Take To The Skies…In A Honda? [11 Photos]

    Japanese auto manufacturer giant Honda first unveiled the Honda HA-420 HondaJet way back in December, 2003. After establishing the Honda Aircraft Company, they began taking orders for the jet in 2006. After years of setting up factories and delays in parts manufacturing, the jet finally appears to be in production. Honda is aiming for the 6-passenger jet to receive FAA certification in early 2015. Then it will be only a matter of time before teenage pilots will be outfitting their own HondaJets with spoilers and obnoxiously loud exhausts. Albeit very wealthy teenage pilots, for the price is estimated at $4.5 million. Better work hard on that paper route!

  • A Look Back At The Hottest Fans Of The 2010 World Cup [50 Photos]

    With the 2014 World Cup set to begin in the coming weeks, we already know we’ll be glued to our TVs the entire time. Sure, to watch all the matches, but, more importantly, to check out all the hot fans. Even those of us who know nothing about soccer can appreciate the dedication and emotion and other things we won’t mention of the overly-animated female fans. Many of them turn out to be models who are paid to be there and draw our attention, but does it matter? Of course not! So until we get a look at the girls of the 2014 World Cup, here is a look back at our favorites from 2010.

  • 17 Animals Asking “Do You Even Lift, Bro?”

    Looking to get swole for the summer, bro? Well you’ve got some competition. Apparently humans aren’t the only ones bulking up at the gym. Plenty of animals have taken up the gym rat lifestyle (although not rats, oddly enough) and if you’re not careful, they’ll be kicking sand in your face and stealing your girl at the beach this summer. I don’t want to point fingers, but I think at least a couple of these creatures are juicing. Also, I can see why kangaroo boxing is no longer in vogue. These contemporary kangas look like they could punch your head clean off!

  • 35 Clever Billboard Ads

    The great Ogden Nash once opined “I think that I shall never see a billboard lovely as a tree. Perhaps, unless the billboards fall, I’ll never see a tree at all.” Sure, it’s easy to hate on billboards for cluttering our surroundings and covering up nature with commercialism, but at least there are admen and adwomen out there who try their darndest to create clever billboards. These ads utilize the three-dimensional nature of the billboards by incorporating their structures and surroundings into the ad so at least you can be entertained while being sold to.

  • The Fascinating (And True) Military Career Of Ted Williams [16 Photos]

    Ted Williams is widely regarded at the best pure hitter in baseball history. But let’s not remember him for being the last man to hit over .400 in a season. Or his two triple crowns (1941 and 1947). Let’s remember Ted Williams for his courage. It is often overlooked that Ted Williams served his country dedicating almost five years out of the heart of a great baseball career to our country. Being the best baseball player in the world he could have easily landed a desk job pushing paper but no, he decided to go into the air force to protect the freedom we all rely so heavily on today. On May 21, 1942, Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox hit his 100th home run. How did he celebrate? By joining the Navy Reserve on May 22, of course! Williams went into active duty in 1943 and trained as a pilot. He served as a naval aviator in the United States Marine Corps during World War II and was discharged in January 1946, just in time for baseball season. However, it was not to be the end of his military career. During the Korean War, Williams was again called more »

  • New Lemonhead Mascot Will Leave You In Tears [8 Photos]

    After more than 50 years on the market, Lemonhead candy, the delicious confection that’s not quite soft, not quite hard, but just the right amount of sour, has updated its logo. The cartoon boy with a giant lemon head has been replaced by a real-life man. With a giant lemon head. Remember when everyone complained about Burger King’s King mascot being creepy? Well Lemonhead just took it to the next level. Keep up with their new citruscephalic-suffering lad on Facebook and Twitter. Think they’ll follow suit with the other “-head” candies? I don’t even want to imagine what a real-life Grapehead would look like…

  • 61 Child Stars: Then And Now

    When one becomes a film star at a young age, there are many different paths they can take as they age. Some continue acting and their star power never really seems to wane, such as Elijah Wood or Sean Astin. Others say goodbye to Hollywood and find new careers, such as Mara Wilson, who is now a writer. Then there are the trainwrecks who stay in the spotlight by leading troubled lives like Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes. And let’s not forget the path of Screech, who chose to make a porno. Take a look at these 61 child stars and see how good or bad they turned out. Spoiler alert: Wendy Peffercorn is still hot.

  • World War II Then And Now Using Google Street View [12 Photos]

    The Guardian continues using Google Street View in creative ways with their new series of World War II then and now photos featuring the troops and destruction across Europe and the celebrations after the war in North America. Whereas the previous Street View projects were interesting looks at famous works of art and the locales that inspired them, this series is much more powerful in that it illustrates the destruction of World War II just 70 years ago. And with the 70th anniversary of D-Day coming up next month, the project is especially timely. Be sure to check out other work from the Street View Sleuths at The Guardian.

  • Great Moments In Denim History [25 Photos]

    On May 20, 1873, Levi Strauss received a U.S. patent  for blue jeans with copper rivets. What started out as rugged work pants would eventually become style icons. Over the next 140 years, denim would be used with varying success. To celebrate the versatile material, we present these great moments in denim history, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

  • The 100 Year Old Meme: Kittens And Puppies Dressed As People [20 Photos]

    As much as one would like to blame the Internet for the spread of such inane photo memes as cats and dogs dressed as people, the sad truth is that humans have been anthropomorphising their pets long before your spinster aunt with the applique and puff paint-adorned sweaters got her first AOL account twenty years ago. The Atlantic’s In Focus recently unearthed these eerie photos of kittens and puppies forced into period clothing and posed in all sorts of uncomfortable ways for the amusement of a public bummed about the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the coming World War. But fear not, the photos documenting the production of the original “2 Girls, 1 Cup” starring your great grandmother and a favorite of doughboys the world over, have yet to surface.

  • The Future Of Travel At Spaceport America [10 HQ Photos]

    With the American people electing more and more Luddites who refuse scientific evidence and are unable to understand any sort of technology, NASA’s future isn’t looking so bright. In fact, during the government shut-down last year, 97 percent of NASA employees were deemed “unessential” and sent home. It’s up to the private sector to explore space now and in New Mexico they’ve built the perfect headquarters. Spaceport America has been described as “the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport,” with tenants including Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, UP Aerospace, and Armadillo Aerospace. A visitor center in downtown Truth Or Consequences, the closest town to the Spaceport, is in the works and will offer shuttle bus services. With Virgin Galactic aiming to begin commercial space flights later this year, Spaceport America is the start of a new chapter in travel. For more info and photos, visit Spaceport America.

  • Dracula’s Transylvania Bachelor Pad For Sale [25 HQ Photos]

    You’d have to be batty to pass this up: Transylvania’s Bran Castle, also known as “Dracula’s Castle,” is up for sale. Although the castle was never the residence of Vlad the Impaler, the basis for Bram Stoker’s Dracula character, it is believed to be the influence for the setting of the gothic novel. The 57-room, 22-acre castle features a dungeon, music room, lavish dining areas, tall towers…and no bathrooms or plumbing. But don’t let the state of this fixer-upper scare you: With half a million visitors per year paying about $7 admission, the castle basically pays for itself. The price isn’t listed, but it’s believed to sell for over $135 million. Remember that scene in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” where Keanu Reeves is seduced by the three brides (including Monica Bellucci!)? A chance at that is totally worth $135 mil.

  • Female Skaters Of The 1970s [18 Photos]

    Women have been a part of professional skateboarding for 50 years, but their names are not nearly as well known as their male counterparts. In fact, the first professional female skater, Patti McGee, was featured on the cover of Life magazine in May, 1954. By the 1970s, women were a big part of the California skate scene and skated alongside men in crews such as the Z-Boys. Many of these photos were taken by the great skateboard and surfing photographer Warren Bolster. For more 70s skate photos, check out CalStreets.

  • Throwback Thursday With Zubaz [21 Photos]

    In 1988, Michael Hegstrend and Joseph Laurinaitis, better known to wrestling fans as the Road Warriors and, later, the Legion of Doom, brought their idea for comfortable workout pants to bodybuilders Dan Stock and Bob Truax. Zubaz was born. In the late 80s and early 90s, Zubaz designs for professional sports teams became extremely popular with athletes and fans alike. But like any fad, it wouldn’t last forever. By the late 90s, the company was bankrupt. Dan and Bob bought back the company and since 2007, Zubaz has been back in business, popular with both nostalgic fans and professional athletes who wore the pants as kids. Order some for yourself at Zubaz. 

  • 12 Free HQ Photos From Public Domain Archive

    Web designer, photographer, and graphic designer Matt Hobbs was always searching for public domain images to include in his projects. Unfortunately, there was not a single resource that collected all the great, high quality photos available for free use. So Hobbs put his skills to use and created Public Domain Archive. Obviously this site will never compete with the incredible libraries of sites such as Shutterstock. Instead it’s meant to be more like Pinterest, offering inspiration and images you can use without worrying about copyright. Check out more great public domain images, including many from Matt Hobbs himself, at the Public Domain Archive.

  • 25 Photos Proving How Rad Arcades Were In The 80s

    Kids today don’t know how hard we had it in the 80s. We would work all week doing chores just to earn a measly $5. Then, after annoying a parent enough, we’d get a ride to the mall, run to the arcade, and blow through our allowance in about 45 minutes. Do kids today even go to arcades? And what’s a game cost now, about $12 per play? Whatever, thanks to bars like Barcade in Jersey City and Brooklyn, we can still enjoy the same games from our childhood for just a quarter. And we get drunk doing it! Actually, looking at these photos from “Growing Up In Arcades: 1979-1989″ on Flickr, it seems like you can find people dressed exactly the same in Brooklyn’s Barcade today. Now who’s up for some Gauntlet?

  • The Magnificent Art Of Concept Cars [17 HQ Photos]

    Beginning May 21, Atlanta’s High Museum of Art will display a collection of concept cars in an exhibition titled “Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas.” The concept cars, produced between 1932 and the present day, were never meant for sale to the public, but instead served as tests for design innovations that would take years to find their way into mass production, if they made it past the conceptual stage at all. The point of the exhibit is to showcase the limitless imaginations of the mechanical engineers behind these marvels, who dared to produce such radical designs. The exhibit runs from May 21-September 7. For more information, visit High Museum of Art.

  • Incredible Costa Rican Hotel Inside A Boeing 727 [11 HQ Photos]

    The most exclusive suite in all of Costa Rica can be found at the Hotel Costa Verde. A 1967 Boeing 727 has been refurbished and transformed into a two bedroom suite atop a 50-foot pedestal in the rainforest. One bedroom features one queen sized bed while the other features two queen sized beds and both have a private bath and air conditioning. There is also a flat screen TV, kitchenette, dining area, and ocean view terrace. Rates start at just $250 per night. For more info and photos documenting the construction of the hotel, visit Hotel Costa Verde.

  • The Creepy Japanese Village Where Life-Size Dolls Replace The Departed [13 Photos + Video]

    64-year-old Ayano Tsukimi returned to her hometown, the village of Nagoro in Japan, 11 years ago only to find that many of its inhabitants had either died off or moved to cities in search of work. To take the place of those who have passed away or moved on, Tsukimi makes life-sized dolls to take their place and inhabit the village. The idea came to her when she made a scarecrow in her father’s likeness for her garden. Since then, she has beem making the dolls constantly, with about 350 now “living” in the village, many of which can be seen on Google Street View. Take a look at these pictures then watch the short documentary about Ayano Tsukimi and her dolls.

  • 20 Vinyl Art Portraits Of Artists Painted On Their Hit Records

    Artist Daniel Edlen combined his art education with his love of music to create Vinyl Art. These lifelike portraits are made using only white acrylic paint applied directly to old vinyl records. The white paint on the black vinyl background gives the images depth and shadow that seem impossible to achieve with just a single color of paint. This is just a small sampling of Edlen’s creations, with many more available to view on his Facebook page. Many are also available to buy. Check out which ones are currently on sale at Daniel Edlen’s Square Market.

  • 16 Shipping Container Homes Nicer Than Your City Apartment

    Moving to an apartment in a city and blowing all your money on a tiny apartment for urban experience is fine at first, but sometimes you wish you could open your windows without the noise of construction and gunshots. Sometimes you wish you had windows to open. Other times you wish you had space for furniture other than a twin bed. These homes made from recycled shipping containers offer you a lunchtime reverie wherein you have an abundance of space along with peace and quiet, wrapped up in a neat looking package. Just try not to let the stench of stale urine bring you back to reality.

  • Wrap Your Mind Around These 3D Sand Drawings [17 Photos]

    We’ve all seen 3D chalk drawings on sidewalks and they’re always really awesome and impressive, but we’ve seen so many that the novelty is wearing off. Using the same idea, Constanza Tagini Nightingale, Jamie Harkins and David Rendu have taken to the beaches of New Zealand to create their incredible 3D sand drawings. When viewed from the right angle, your brain won’t let you believe that these scenes are flat drawings in the sand. Check out more of their work at 3DSD on Facebook. We vote the skate park as our favorite. What’s yours?

  • 16 Home Theaters That Will Put you To Shame

    Think all you need for your home theater is a 60″ TV, a recliner, and a mini-fridge? Think again. These 16 home theaters incorporate elements from classic films like Batman, Star Wars, and Star Trek to create an experience before the movie even begins. Suddenly your wobbly coffee table and “Scarface” poster just don’t seem to cut it anymore. On a related note, I’ve decided to redecorate my home theater in homage to my favorite film, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” The toilet in the bathroom adjacent to my den broke some weeks ago, and I’ve opted to not fix it, instead allowing the effluence to create an authentic New York underground ambiance.

  • Vivian Maier Was The Queen Of Selfies [18 HQ Photos]

    A couple months ago, we told you all about Vivian Maier, the nanny who was a secret photographer. Her body of work, uncovered just a few years ago, is an incredible collection of the people and places of 1950-1970 Chicago and New York. Despite her secretive life leading one to believe she was a bit shy, Maier also took incredible self-portraits that would make even the greatest of Instagrammers totes jelly. These artistic selfies are better than anything you’ll find on social media and they don’t even need bad filters! Check out more great photos at the Vivian Maier Collection.

  • 17 Terrifying Masked Monkeys To Ruin Your Friday

    Finnish photographer Perttu Saksa was traveling in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2012 when he first saw the masked macaque monkeys that were forced into performing on the street for money. The “monkey masters” who keep the macaques dress them in doll masks and children’s clothes to make them appear fun and playful, but in Saksa’s eyes they are anything but. His series, “A Kind of You,” collects the most chilling portraits of the monkeys. Thankfully, Saksa isn’t the only one to take pity on the monkey performers. Since early 2013, monkey ownership has been an animal abuse crime. These photos may haunt you, but at least you can take comfort in knowing the practice is being wiped out. 

  • The World’s Deepest Indoor Pool Will Give You A Panic Attack [11 Photos]

    Located in Brussels, Belgium, Nemo 33 is the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world. The 113 feet deep pool contains 2.5 million liters of water, about the same as an Olympic-sized pool. The water is maintained at 86 °F and there are plenty of simulated caves to explore. The pool is open to tourists and amateur and professional divers as long as they are at least 12 years old and certified or supervised by certified trainers. There is also a restaurant at the facility so you can enjoy one last meal before having a panic attack at the bottom of the pool.

  • The Angola Prison Rodeo Is Scary Fun For The Whole Family [20 Photos]

    For 50 years, Louisiana’s most violent criminals imprisoned at the Louisiana State Penitentiary are given a brief respite in their sentences (many of them for life!) and allowed to take part in the Angola Prison Rodeo. Featuring such fun events as Bull Riding, Wild Cow Milking, and Convict Poker, the rodeo attracts thousands of spectators and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for religious educational programs for the inmates. The rodeo helps the prisoners feel like a part of society again, if just for a little while, because although they may have maimed or murdered innocent people, they still deserve the chance to be gored by a bull.

  • Grab A Martini And Check Out These “Mad Men” Sets [17 HQ Photos]

    There was a time when our generation thought of the 60s as a time when stuffy old men fought communism and orchestrated presidential assassinations while promiscuous hippie girls seduced slow-witted boys from their childhood. Then “Mad Men” came along and showed us the sharp suits and ample-bosomed redheads of the era. It also taught us that our grandparents’ houses were really cool looking once you remove the bowls of Werther’s Originals and tar stains brought on by 50 years of smoking Chesterfields. Interior Design recently interviewed series creator Matthew Weiner about the sets and the time period. Take a look at these photos, then read the interview at Interior Design. 

  • Build Your Own Tiny House For $30K [16 Photos]

    Are you tired of paying for a bunch of space you really need? Or maybe you’ve been contemplating living off the grid whilst you compile your manifesto (mine is a call for compassionate fascism, or compascism™)? Either way, with hOMe plans from Tiny House Build, you can be on your way to living in your own 207 square foot paradise (plus 110 square feet of loft space, of course). The hOMe is a tiny house built on a trailer whose 8’6″wide x 13’5″ tall dimensions keep it within legal road restrictions meaning you can move form place to place without the need of a transport permit. With a full-sized kitchen, room for conventional-sized appliances, plenty of storage space, and even an office, the hOMe is a perfect place for you and your partner to hide out in while you do whatever is you don’t want anyone to know about. Best of all, the cost of construction, furniture, and appliances comes to about $30,000. Purchase your plans and leave society behind at Tiny House Build.  

  • New York At Night In 1946 [17 Photos]

    Andreas Feininger was a one of the most popular photographers of the 20th century, known for his black and white scenes of Manhattan. He got his start in 1943 working for “Life” magazine. He would stay with the magazine almost 20 years. Early in his career, in 1946, Feininger published this photo essay, “New York at Night,” in the pages of “Life.” These photos were the only color photos in that issue of the magazine and also some of the only color photos Feininger ever published. He captured the neon lights and life of the city like no one else could. For more info on Feininger and a look at the full issue of “Life” where this came from, check out The Bowery Boys, who unearthed this gem. 

  • The Mini Paceman Adventure Is The Pickup You Want But Can Never Get [9 Photos]

    Apprentices at a BMW plant in Germany worked with their instructors to create this concept Mini Paceman dubbed the Adventure. The students took a Cooper S Paceman and gave it a green metallic body while adding roof rack and pickup truck-like cargo bed. The modified chassis offers extra ground clearance while offroad tires and a snorkel allow for river crossings. It’s the perfect little truck for all your tiny adventures. As fun as it looks, though, Mini insists it’s a true one-off that will never see production. You’ll just have to look at these pics and dream a little dream of the little truck that wasn’t to be.

  • Own Prince’s Spanish Bachelor Pad [11 Photos]

    Superstar musician Prince, who currently spends his time suing his fans for millions of dollars for posting 30 year old concert videos, has put his Spanish mansion up for sale. Prince purchased the 6 bedroom, 6 bath house in 1998 as a wedding gift for a now ex-wife. There is a lot less purple velvet than one would expect, and no basketball court, but there is a huge kitchen perfect for making pancakes. Outside you’ll find a tennis court, jacuzzi, and heated pool along with a security system to keep all those pesky fans away. Buy it today on Luxury Estate for the low price of $7.8 million—little red corvette not included.

  • Incredible Entries From National Geographic’s Traveler Photo Contest [30 HQ Photos]

    The 26th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest has been announced and entries are being accepted until June 30, 2014. Think you have what it takes to win? Here’s a look at some of the competition. An 8-day Alaskan expedition for two will be given to the first prize winner, a 5-day photo workshop for second prize, and a 6-day cruise for two for third place. Personally, the third place prize sounds better than second. For more info and to enter you’re picture that probably won’t win, head over to Traveler Photo Contest 2014.

  • 29 Photos Of Extreme Weather In The Southwest

    Phoenix-based photographer Mike Olbinski began photographing storms 4 years ago. His storm-chasing often finds him traveling hundreds of miles to remote areas in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, California, and Oklahoma to capture a shot of a storm. His favorite subjects are the swirling formations of supercell thunderstorms, of which you can find many examples below. For more incredible photos, check out Mike Olbinski Photography. He’s also available for weddings, so if it rains on your wedding day, you’ll still be guaranteed awesome pictures!