• Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea Is Now A Thing [15 Photos]

    Although we should know better by now, we are still somehow amazed every time we come across a Tumblr with a bizarre theme. Such is the case with “Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea.” Why would someone devote time to this? How does it go so popular? Why does it make us laugh? Maybe these questions aren’t meant to be answered. We should just sit back, look at pictures of Iggy Azalea side by side with various cuts of chicken, and giggle.

  • A Map Of The Carbon Footprint Of All 31,000 ZIP Codes In The U.S.

    Is your town a carbon criminal? This interactive carbon footprint map from the CoolClimate Calculator will help you find out how your town compares to local averages. We took a look at the east coast of the United States and the New York City region and things are not looking good. This map should be a clear indicator as to why we need Tesla’s electric technology to become the vehicle standard in the 21st century.   See the full interactive map here>> 

  • The “Who Ice Bucketed Who” Flowchart [Updated August 26]

    As more and more people take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, including many celebrities, we have wondered about the connections between them. It’s an interesting notion, but proved to be a lot of work, so we just hoped someone else would figure it out. And they did. @RSVLTS Hey! We updated the ice bucket chart as of today. Feel free to use it to update your article http://t.co/OfyMC6ro0n — Jeremy Masselis (@JrmyMssls) August 26, 2014 A few days ago we posted “The Infographic We’ve All Been Waiting For: Who Ice Bucketed Who” and it went viral on Twitter. Because things are moving so fast in the world of the Ice Bucket Challenge DigitasLBi, the geniuses behind the incredible infographic showing who challenged who up to August 22, decided to do an update as of August 26th. Click on the image below to see the full size graphic.

  • An Abandoned Shopping Mall Is Now An Urban Aquarium [9 Photos]

    As more of us do all of our shopping online (damn you, Amazon Prime, for making impulse purchases so easy!), our landscape will soon be dotted with thousands of abandoned shopping malls. What will we do with these giant, uncomfortably lit buildings that always smell like Auntie Anne’s, even when there is no actual Auntie Anne’s on the premises? How about a giant aquarium? Would that you drag you out of the house? This mall-turned-aquarium scenario isn’t some work of fiction from the pages of a presumably uninteresting young adult novel. Such a thing actually exists in Thailand! Photographer Jesse Rockwell was living in Bangkok when he heard stories of an abandoned shopping mall. The mall was originally built 11 stories high, but zoning laws didn’t allow buildings taller than 4 stories. The top of the building was demolished only to have the rest of the building burn down in a presumed arson. Rockwell found the mall behind a fence in old town Bangkok. When he went inside, he was greeted with a huge population of koi and catfish swimming throughout the building. The story is that someone began introducing the fish to the mall inthe early 2000s. Since then, their more »

  • Dan Bilzerian Gives Business Advice to Kids Running a Lemonade Stand

    Some people go to college for four-year marketing degrees to figure this sort of business acumen out. Dan Bilzerian just casually dishes the oldest business advice in the book to kids selling lemonade so they can buy books. It’s a dog-eat-dog-world and these kids just got a massive leg up in the world. School is in session, ladies and gentlemen. Hope you get all the books you want, kids.

  • The Courageous Cats Of World War I [17 Photos]

    Cats have been sailing the seas for thousands of years, with the Egyptians probably the first to take along felines in order to control vermin populations on ships. If they could prove so useful n ships, why not use them on land to hunt rats and mice in trenches? It was such a notion that led to the wide use of cats in World War I. Although it makes perfect sense that cats would be used, it’s still strange to see them in these photos of the first modern war. And the cats weren’t just used for pest control. Some were trained to detect gas and many were embraced by the troops they served with as mascots. Take a look at these photos from almost 100 years ago and see what the doughboys would have been posting to Reddit if they were able to surf the web in their down time. 

  • Are These Stills From Porn Shoots Or Just Bad Stock Photos? [17 Photos]

    There’s more to adult films than just two or more (sometimes many more) people making sweet, sweet love. Porn producers feel the need to create a back story and give the performers characters to portray. The skeevy types who actually watch such films probably skip over those parts and go straight to the action, but we’re better than that and are able to appreciate all the work that goes into these movies. Useful Photography magazine recognized the value of these images where the performers are still clothed and collected them in their 8th issue. It looks like the issue has since sold out, but we have some of the photos below so you don’t have to go searching and subject yourself to videos of naked women. You’re welcome. What’s most interesting about the photos is that many of the absurd situations portrayed seem like they could be found on any stock photo site. You know how there’s those especially unique pictures, like a businesswoman milking a cow, that you can’t believe anyone would ever use? Well just add “fender bender in high heels” to that list. Or “shoeless plumber.” Or…um…”woman pouring water on her shoulder.”

  • This Is What American Malls Looked Like In 1989 [50 Photos]

    Throughout the 1980s malls became increasing central to American popular culture, dominating the social life of a large swath of the population. In 1989 Michael Galinsky, a twenty-year-old photographer, drove across the country recording this change: the spaces, textures and pace that defined this era. Starting in the winter of 1989 with the Smith Haven Mall in Garden City Long Island, Galinsky photographed malls from North Carolina to South Dakota, Washington State and beyond. The photos he took capture life in these malls as it began to shift from the shiny excess of the 1980s towards an era of slackers and grunge culture.

  • Chris Pratt Did Something Incredible Last Night For A Kid With A Genetic Disorder

    Dylan Prunty is a true LEGO prodigy. Dylan is so good that the President of LEGO presented him with a Certificate of Achievement that reads, “You go beyond a LEGO enthusiast; you are truly a LEGO Master Builder!” The 8-year-old is being treated for a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial disorder and over the past two years, Dylan has spent more time at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles than he has at home. This has given his plenty of time to master the art of LEGO and his creations are nothing short of unbelievable. On Wednesday Dylan got a surprise visit from one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy stopped by to hang out and help learn the art of LEGO.

  • Bill Clinton is The Selfie King [18 Photos]

    Whether he is taking them, photo bombing them or just happy to be in them, Bill Clinton loves a good selife as much as the next man. Back in ’93 Bill was inaugurated Prseident of the U.S. at just 46 years old, the third youngest ever elected and now today he celebrates his 68th birthday. Even at his age he realizes the importance of a great selife face and he just may have perfected it. Happy 68th birthday to the legend.

  • NYC Hair Stylist Gives Free Haircuts To The Less Fortunate

    Mark Bustos can usually be found working at upscale New York City salon Three Squares Studio, but on Sundays he turns his attention to a very different clientele, the city’s homeless. Bustos came up with the idea in May 2012 when visiting family in the Philippines. He rented a chair at a barbershop and provided haircuts to impoverished children. Since then, he has helped people in Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Los Angeles. Bustos is often accompanied by his girlfriend who provides the recipient with a meal of their choosing. Check out more photos form Mark Bustos at Instagram and get some inspiration to “be awesome to somebody.” 

  • Man Loses Fantasy League But Wins At Instagram [12 Photos]

    When someone comes in last place in a fantasy league, it’s customary to humiliate them as much as possible. Henry Stern, @allstern on Instagram, lost in his league and his punishment was to create a calendar made up of the most embarrassing photos possible. But instead of a sad, cringe-inducing collection of photos, Stern created an incredible calendar where he recreates classic photos of Janet Jackson, Prince Fielder, and even George Costanza. You be a loser in your fantasy league, Henry, but you’re a winner as far as the Internet is concerned. 

  • The Derp-fest That Is Synchronized Swimming [21 Photos]

    When one thinks of synchronized swimming, elaborate technicolor scenes featuring Esther Williams come to mind, with a bevy of beauties effortlessly performing in unison with utmost grace. But no one can be graceful every second, and with our entire lives being captured 24/7 from every angle, even synchronized swimmers get caught looking like schlubs. Recently, the 2014 European Swimming Championship was held in Berlin and the synchronized swimming competition was a goldmine for awkward photos. Take a look below and see what happens when graceful swimmers go full derp.

  • Watch Korea’s “Miss Sexy Back” Contest…For Science? [Video]

    South Korea, ever on the cutting-edge with its Samsung smartphones and LG televisions, has now shown itself to also be a leader in the sociological aspects of sexuality with a new, though-provoking pageant known as “Miss Sexy Back.” 25 contestants took part, with the winner awarded an ambassadorship…for lingerie company Sexy Cookie. Too many beauty pageants wrongfully focus on the overly made-up faces of young ladies, so Miss Sexy Back, a pageant where the faces of the entrants are concealed, is a breath of fresh air. Let’s hope that this competition spawns more of the same, where we can see past the superficiality of one’s face and instead bask in the glory of their badonkadonk.

  • 15 Luxury Items Cheaper Than One Share Of Berkshire Hathaway

    For the first time ever, the price of a single Class A share of Berkshire Hathaway stock has risen above $200,000. Whereas most stocks split when they reach such outrageous levels, chairman and CEO Warren Buffett is against the such maneuvers. He believes that such activity causes short-term trading rather than continued investment with the company, which is also why the stock has only paid a dividend once. For the average investor, Berkshire Hathaway’s Class B stock, which has been allowed to split, is only trading at $135. Now let’s say you happened to have $200,000 lying around. Should you invest in one share? Or should you buy 1500 shares of Class B? Owning Class A certainly carries some cachet, but a single share is hardly anything to brag about. And Class B is fine if you’re a piece of new money trash (there’s a reason you can’t convert Class B to Class A, after all). So the best bet is to tell Berkshire Hathaway to kiss your ass and instead buy one of these outrageous luxury items. After all, who needs stock when you’re driving around in a Batmobile?

  • 25 Album Covers From The Soviet Union That Are As Awkward As You’d Imagine

    Politics aside, one thing we can all agree upon is that communists are not a fashionable bunch. Viewing fashion and style as a disgusting capitalist display of bourgeoisie opulence, with Jordache jeans ever out of reach, taunting the proletariat, the leaders of the Soviet Union were sure to quash such flamboyance. But those ever rebellious Soviet musicians, eschewing the muted brown suits of Mr. Trololo himself, Eduard Khil, yearned for the western opulence they saw on bootleg album covers. The only problem was recreating rock and roll extravagance in their bleak Soviet homeland, dotted with grim reminders of the failure of communism and the occasional yurt. But, God bless their commie hearts, they tried like the dickens. Below are some fine examples of Soviet musicians putting on their best rock star faces and totally failing. The rest of the series, featuring 70 albums in total, can be viewed at English Russia. Say what you want about the ever widening gap between the rich and poor that results from capitalism, but at least our rock stars know how to look like confident badasses.

  • 10 Photos Of Clever Smuggling Attempts That Failed Miserably

    The United Kingdom’s Border Patrol wants potential smugglers to know that they’re hip to all the tricks used to send illicit substances into the country. In the last year, the Border Force seized 2.4 metric tons of cocaine and 445 g of heroin. And its not just drugs that agents are on the lookout for. In February, 13 endangered iguanas were found stuffed into socks. The two Romanian women who tried to smuggle the lizards were sentenced to a year in prison. See the failed smuggling attempts below and at the agency’s Flickr album and make sure your preferred method hasn’t been discovered yet. 

  • You Can Help Buy Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

    Michael Jackson’s manchild Xanadu, known as Neverland Ranch, is expected to soon hit the auction block. The 2,700 acre property in Los Olivos, California, where Jackson entertained such celebrities as Brooke Shields, Macaulay Culkin, and Corey Feldman (yes, the Corey Feldman) is expected to sell for $60 million. Who will the lucky owner be? How about you? Former SPIN editor Mark Blackwell has begun a GoFundMe campaign to raise $75 million to buy Neverland. In 3 days, a whopping $130 has been raised thanks to 7 contributors. As with any crowdfunding campaign, donors are offered various levels of gifts. $20 will get you a Jackson name change which will be listed in the book of “Honorary Jacksons” at the ranch. $250 earns you an “I helped buy Neverland Ranch” T-shirt. With a donation of $15,000 you get a “private MJ experience” complete with climbing trees and going to Taco Bell wearing surgical masks! And on the off chance that $75 million isn’t raised or it’s not enough to buy the property? Blackwell insists you’ll still receive something entirely worthy of whatever contribution you make. If you can afford frivolous expenditures or are just bad with money, be sure to contribute more »

  • Bootleg Russian Ads Featuring Western Celebrities [17 Photos]

    Copyright and trademark enforcement doesn’t rank high on the list of priorities for Russian authorities, so many small businesses will use the faces of Western celebrities to advertise without fear of litigation. Despite heightened diplomatic tensions between Russia and the USA, it’s nice to know that Russian shawarma vendors still find Michael Jackson hip enough to sell their undoubtedly delicious sandwiches. But are Nicolas Cage and John Travolta from “Face/Off” really the best spokesmodels for a hospital?

  • 5 New Scrabble Words That Make Us Weep For Mankind

    Merriam-Webster has published the fifth edition of the Official Scrabble Dictionary, adding 5,000 words to the tome last updated in 2005. Strategic players will be excited with the numerous two-letter words added, including za, te, and qi, while Inuits will finally be able to play qajak, their spelling of kayak. As great as these new words are, there are others on the list that illustrate the devolution of our language. In fact, the following five new words make us weep for mankind.