• The Best Pumpkin Carving You’ll Ever See

    Ray Villafane is a pumpkin carving master. As a former high school art teacher Ray began his pumpkin art when he was asked by his school to carve a pumpkin for Halloween. Everyone loved the result and so began this incredible series of pumpkin faces.

  • 30 WTF Bumper Stickers

    Just because Freedom of Speech is our right doesn’t mean you should have any of these bumper stickers on your car. Only in ‘MERICA would you see someone on the road with any of these.

  • Playboy Takes Sexy Costumes To The Next Level [10 Photos]

    Any costume can be made sexy if the person wearing it is hot enough, right? Eh…not so much. Playboy took sexy costumes to the next level and had their Playmates dress as sexy versions of famous men—many of who are not usually thought of as sexy—and the results are pretty good. I guarantee you’ve never been so attracted to Craig Sager. I hope. But then there’s George R.R. Martin. Sorry George, not even a Playboy Playmate can make you sexy. Check out more pics and videos of the ladies in costume at Playboy.

  • Is Your Halloween Costume Offensive? A Handy Flowchart.

    Ebola, missing planes, domestic-violence cover-ups—2014 has been been an onslaught of shitty and depressing stories stacked one on top of the other, and we’re still only in October. So if you’re the kind of person who strives to have the most Zeitgeist-y costume possible on Halloween—the kind of person who loves the idea of wearing all-black military gear and a bucket on your head and calling yourself “the ISIS Bucket Challenge”—this year’s festivities are going to be rough to navigate. (For evidence, type the words “Ray Rice costume” into Instagram to see some people we can categorically say will never, ever hold public office.) Thankfully, we’re here to help—plug your best costume ideas into the top and we’ll tell you if it’s offensive or not:

  • 23 Mug Shots That Will Motivate You Not To Get Arrested On Halloween

    There are few things worse than getting arrested on Halloween. Getting arrested anytime sucks ass but on Halloween it’s exceptionally bad. Drunks, in full costume, totally out of there mind, probably crying cause they’ve never been arrested before. It’s a sad tale that repeats like clockwork every year. But the worst part of the whole experience is if you get arrested on Halloween that means a mug shot, of you in full costume, will hit the public web for everyone to see. No one wants to look at a regular mug shot photo of Joe Schmo looking like a glossy eyed drunk idiot but if Joe Schmo is dressed in a Honey Boo Boo costume in the mug shot than it is viral gold that will never go away. So we scoured the internet for some examples of why you don’t want to have a mug shot taken on Halloween.

  • Rikk Wilde: The Internet Reacts To The Overnight World Series Sensation

    Chevy cared so much about the World Series that they sent a regional zone manager named Rikk Wilde up to the podium to give Madison Bumgarner his prize for winning the World Series MVP award, a brand new 2015 Chevy Colorado. Rikk did what every normal guy would do on live TV in front of 20+ million people, got nervous as shit and stumbling through his description of the vehicle using the phrase ‘technology and stuff’ much to the delight of thee Twitter community. Because of this epic fail on live TV Rikk immediately shot to the top trend on Twitter and is an overnight celebrity who will be the talk of the internet and morning shows across American in the coming hours. While everyone is poking fun at Rikk, see the live top Tweets feed below, we hope that he takes this is stride. Rikk Wilde Tweets about “Rikk Wilde” #ChevyGuy #ChevyGuy Tweets Photo source via nydailynews.com / DOUG PENSINGER/GETTY IMAGES

  • Windows 93 Is The Best Fake OS Ever

    Jankenpopp and Zombectro have teamed up to create a bizarre art project called Windows 93. The in-browser OS that you can try out for yourself at Windows93.net features solitaire, a virtual desktop girl, infuriating pop-up windows that constantly multiply, a musical defrag utility, and plenty more to keep you busy during your boring Wednesday workday. Of course, much of the technology in Windows 93 is way ahead of anything we actually had at the time with Windows 3.1, but it’s still a fun, nostalgic trip back to the 90s. Although we’re not sure if we understand it as art. Or maybe that’s the point. Yes, quite. via Fast Co

  • Best Reason To Have A Baby: MechWarrior Halloween Costume

    Thinking about settling down and staring a family? It’s no easy decision and there are many things to consider. On one hand, you’ll have a little human depending on you for the next 18 years—that’s longer than dogs live—who you won’t be able to kennel when you want to go to Atlantic City for a weekend. On the other hand, you’ll fine be able to make a sweet baby-piloted MechWarrior costume. As soon as they found out they were going to be parents, Imgur user PutABowOnIt and her husband Ryan built a PVC MechWarrior frame then covered it with incredibly designed cardboard and foam pieces. Then baby Geraint was born and luckily fit into the pilot seat. Average cost of raising a child? $245,000. Being a MechWarrior for Halloween? Priceless (minus cost of materials).

  • The Most Glorious Facial Hair From The 2014 World Beard And Moustache Championships [13 Photos]

    Nearly 300 contestants from 9 countries gathered in Portland, Oregon on Saturday for the 2014 Just for Men World Beard & Moustache Championships. The bewhiskered gents competed in 18 categories for a chance at the grand prize—an all-expense paid trip to the 2015 world championships in Leogang, Austria. Our favorite is the dude who uses his beard to string cheese puffs although the thought of eating them makes us vomit in our mouths a bit. For more info on the competition and upcoming follicle fests, check out Beard Team USA.

  • Download And Build Your Halloween Mask This Year

    Looking to do a little something different for Halloween this year and not support those fat cats in the novelty industry? Or are you some do-gooder who is looking for way to recycle your old cardboard boxes? Or are you just a cheapskate? Whatever your reason, this year you can try your hand at making your own mask. And don’t worry if your body is lacking in a creative bone, for Wintercroft Masks will sell you simple plans for just a little over $7. These masks may not look like the scariest creations, but they’re a great starting point. Although you could leave them in their simple, pixel-esque state, we can also see how these are a great starting point for talented painters or sculptors. With proper decoration and or maybe a little added paper mache or plaster, these could be some incredible creations. Some of our favorites are below but plenty more are available at Etsy and Wintercroft Masks.

  • This Is The Greatest Use Of An Ice Dispenser Since…Ice [Video]

    Yesterday a Redditor posted pictures of his ice dispenser that he filled with candy so instead of ice cubes, you get an assortment of frozen treats. But in typical Internet fashion, nobody believed that it would actually work. Whereas most posters, when confronted with the righteous cynicism of folks on the Internet, would delete their post and dare never to post anything again (until they make a new username), this brave OP created a video to prove the functionality of his brilliant lifehack. But frozen Starbursts?? Does this guy own stock in Dentistry Inc.?

  • Another Teen Daredevil Is Scaling Skyscrapers [11 Photos]

    What is it with kids these days? When we were young, the only thing we scaled was the basketball pole on the playground when our ball got wedged between the hoop and backboard. We’d shimmy up those 10 feet and that was plenty, thank you very much. But now, these kids need more extreme pursuits. Instead of “Dunk Hunt,” they play “Grand Theft Auto.” Instead of inline skates, they have hoverboards. And instead of climbing basketball poles, they scale Hong Kong skyscrapers. Andrej Ciesielski is the latest young daredevil. The 17-year-old from Munich, Germany, recently scaled Hong Kong’s Yat Chau International Plaza and the China Online Building without any safety equipment. Joined by Alexander Remnev (Russian…no surprise there), the entire adventure was caught on camera. And now that he’s conquered Hong Kong, Andrej wants to travel to New York City. Do you think he’d be welcome at 432 Park Avenue?

  • Save Yourself From Ebola With Cam’ron Face Masks

    Just because we’re all freaking out over getting Ebola, we shouldn’t have to compromise our hip fashion sense by wearing those totes lame white face masks. Cam’ron is making sure we all look our best without compromising our immune systems by creating his own brand of polypropylene masks featuring a delightful photo of Killa Cam himself. You can pre-order yours now from Dipset for $19.99, but our short attention spans probably won’t be focused on the nefarious virus by the time the masks ship November 7. Let’s hope another epidemic scare comes our way so this business venture won’t be in vain. You know, it’s about time SARS made a comeback…

  • We Can’t Stop Watching This Japanese USB Lighter Commercial [Video]

    A couple years ago, Jii, a Japanese company that produces a lighter that is powered via USB charge, became Internet famous for their bizarre commercial. But like most things on the web, we quickly forgot about it. But apparently Jii is still a thing and they’re still producing wacky commercials. This soccer-themed cartoon is impossible to figure out (what does soccer have to do with smoking?) but we can’t stop watching it. We don’t even smoke, but for some reason we have been hypnotized into desiring this device.

  • 50 Times That New York City’s Bad Elmo Was The Biggest Creeper In America [Photos]

    Elmo is a American institution so how it’s possible that creepy bums in Times Square can use his iconic likeness to lure unsuspecting tourists to take photos for money? It is quite astounding. Especially when Times Square Elmo has a criminal rap sheet that includes assault on children, racial slurs and drug dealing, just to name a few. Here are some of Bad Elmo’s finest moments in Times Square.

  • Man Builds Jet-Powered Beetle Because He Can

    In American, we men like our cars big and powerful. That’s why we always giggle a bit when one of our buds buys himself a Volkswagen Beetle. C’mon, the damn car came with a flower vase! But in the hands of a mechanical engineer like Ron Patrick of California, the Beetle can become the most badass car on the road. Patrick has spent about $200,000 fitting a 1500hp jet engine to the back of his VW Beetle. Why did he choose the iconic bug? “Because it looks cool with the jet and it shows it off well.” Well there’s no arguing with that. Patrick has no idea how fast the car will go, since the speedometer only goes to 140 mph. Best of all, and much to the chagrin of California’s finest, the Beetle is totally street legal! And Patrick’s next project? Strapping two jets to his wife’s Honda Metropolitan Scooter. Yup. For more info and photos, check out Ron Patrick Stuff.

  • Norway’s New Currency Is A Modern Design Masterpiece

    Norway’s national bank, Norges Bank, held a contest calling for new currency designs with a theme of “the sea.” Finding it too difficult to choose just one winner, the bank actually used designs from two different firms, one for the front of the notes and another for the back. Snøhetta went with a modern design featuring pixelated images of ocean scenes while The Metric System took a more traditional approach with ornate drawings of fish and ships. These images released by the bank are low resolution so as to not aid counterfeiters and still need to have security features added. After that, the new kroners will enter circulation in 2017.

  • Pumpkin Spice Everything: 50 Brands Embracing The Epidemic

    Seasons eatings! This pumpkin spice everything craze has gotten out of control. #BasicBitches across America are flocking to Starbucks to get their #PSL fix and now dozens of brands are jumping on the trends. Not going to lie though, every now and then a good pumpkin beer hits the spot but when Extra gum is making “seasonal batches” the trend has gone too far.

  • Disturbing Freshman Hazing Causes New Jersey High School To Cancel Football Season

    Although Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey had its entire football season cut earlier this week by the local school superintendent, the exact reasons were not made public. But NJ.com, citing the parent of a player, now has the disturbing details of locker-room hazing that gets, at the very least, uncomfortably close to sexual assault. “It would start with a howling noise from a senior football player,” Matthew Stanmyre reports, “and then the locker room lights were abruptly shut off.”

  • Texts From Your Ex Are Hilarious And Depressing

    Maybe you have a pathetic ex who texts every time they’re drunk about how much they miss you even though they treated you like crap the whole time you were in a relationship together. Or maybe you are that ex. Either way, it’s a situation we are all familiar with. A new Instagram account, TextsFromYourEx, shares real texts from exes venting their hatred of each other or asking for their Jamie Oliver cookbooks back. Looking through these, you’ve really got to admire the tenacity of married men in winning back their mistresses. Or just cringe.

  • The Art Of Corn Mazes [33 Photos]

    Could you lend us your ear for a second? We just want to tell you about these amazing maize mazes. Not to sound corny, but here in Hoboken we don’t usually get a chance to see such things. Do you know a corn maze artist who could field some questions? We promise not to stalk them. Aw, shucks, we’re all out of puns. But seriously…why would someone choose Al Roker as a corn maze subject?

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