• Beautiful Portraits Of Auschwitz Survivors [Photos]

    About 1.5 million people, most of them Jews, were killed at the Nazi camp, which has became a symbol of the horrors of the Holocaust and World War II, this ravaged Europe. The camp was liberated by Soviet Red Army troops on Jan. 27, 1945, and about 200,000 camp inmates survived. Here are some of the brave survivors of the Auschwitz death camp…

  • 3 Reasons Why Erin Heatherton’s SI Swimsuit Rookie Shoot Is Better In GIF Form

    All the speculation started back in July when SI Swimsuit did a casting call with renown Victoria’s Secret Angel, Erin Heatherton. It looks like the audition went well because SI Swimsuit has revealed that their first rookie from the 2015 class and is Erin Heatherton! Check out the stunning preview photo here. There is a video in their announcement story, but like everything, we’re going to prove that Erin’s SI Swimsuit shoot is Better In GIF Form.

  • Disney Face Swaps Are Terrifying

    Disney artists know what they’re doing. They give evil characters distorted, sinister faces. They give princesses big eyes and button noses. They don’t give crabs noses. These are all good things. But when faces of Disney characters are swapped, the result is this frightening mess that looks like something off those cartoons based on toys you never heard of that only aired at 5 AM.

  • 29 Literal Goosebumps Covers

    There’s no denying that R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books were the coolest books to read in elementary school. There’s also no denying that looking back, the stories are pretty silly and the book covers are even more so. As adults with limited imaginations due to years of soul-crushing work (and maybe a few too many beers), we have a much more literal interpretation of Goosebumps covers. Take a look at these revised covers from The Soup and cry for your lost childhood and your transformation into a curmudgeon who can no longer enjoy the whimsy of a children’s book.

  • Dutch Kids Drew The Phone of 2000 In 1981…And They Were Way Off

    In 1981, a competition in Holland asked young people how they pictured the telephone of the year 2000. There were three age categories: 13-15, 16-18, and 19-25. The grand prize for each category was a trip to Cape Canaveral in Florida to check out NASA’s latest technological marvel, the space shuttle. An Imgur user tracked down some of the entries and most of them were a tad off. A common theme seems to be videophones, which were already dead by 2000. Remember the $1500 Videophone 2500 from AT&T? No? That’s because it failed in the mid-90s. What’s really funny is that here we are in 2015, and we’re still trying to make watch phones a thing.

  • Explore the Creepy Ruins of Chernobyl Through the Eyes of a Drone

    A drone armed with video equipment recently flew over the skies of Pripyat, a Ukrainian city that was home to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. After the disaster, the city was abandoned, though some curiosity seekers have explored the ruins of the irradiated city. Danny Cooke took the footage while working on a 60 Minutes segment, providing a rare aerial view of the city. Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl captures some startling contrasts, filming abandoned, decayed swing sets alongside resurgent plant life. In some cases, the plant life has taken over buildings, invading abandoned swimming pools. Fast decaying isotopes have let radiation levels drop to acceptable levels for exploration in the Zone of Alienation, though no one still lives in Pripyat, and many of the buildings have decayed to unsafe levels. Though Pripyat is abandoned, several villages in the area are home to handfuls of people in the zone. Via Popular Mechanics

  • Your Phone Is Filthy And These Photos Prove It

    You might want to reconsider purchasing a Bluetooth headset. Sure, you’ll look like a douche, but at least you’ll be a douche who doesn’t contract some third-world fecal-oral syndrome from their phone. Because as these photos prove, phones are vile, disgusting things. Dr. Simon Park, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology at the University of Surrey, had his students imprint their phones onto bacteriological growth petri dishes to see what kinds of fun things would grow. It’s important to remember that college students are particularly filthy creatures, but the results are alarming nonetheless. Although not all bacteria are dangerous, disease-carrying bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, were present. So should we burn our phones and revert to communicating via landline and pagers? Nah. Dr. Park suggests just wiping your phone down once a week. And maybe you foodie Instagrammers shouldn’t keep your phone so close to your lunch.

  • OMG! This Instagrammer Is Literally Dead

    Skellie is like a lot of girls on Instagram. She enjoys photographing the minutiae of her everyday existence, including tackling blackheads, watching Friends, and drinking Starbucks lattes. In fact, there’s only one small detail that separates Skellie from other twenty-something, fun-loving gals. Skellie is literally dead. Actually, Skellie is a Halloween decoration given new life as a hilarious Instagram account. Follow allow with all her totes random adventures @OMGLiterallyDead.

  • “Ska Band Or Improv Troupe?” Is A Harder Question Than You Think

    Ska bands and improv troupes have a lot in common. They are both made up of quirky people who are oblivious to how annoying they are to the rest of the world. They both like to take group photos showcasing how fun and random they all are. And saddest of all, both will only perform to an audience made up of friends and families who take pity on their poor life choices. But if you still think you can tell the difference, head over to Ska or Improv and see just how wrong you are.

  • Yearbook Quotes From 1946 Are Surprisingly Harsh

    People like to act as if kids suddenly became mean with the advent of social media, but if this yearbook from 1946 is any indication, kids have always been jerks to each other. It seems as though every girl is picked on her for weight, but told not to worry her pretty little head, for some man will come along to take care of her someday. If anything, we should be happy kids now stick to Facebook and Twitter to pick on each other. At least there’s so much noise on those sites, it’s easy for the mean posts to disappear. Because of this yearbook, future generations will still know of how plump Catherine was.

  • The 25 Biggest Celebrity Wax Figure Fails

    No, these aren’t the final projects from the art students at Madame Tussaud’s School for the Blind. They are legit wax figures from museums all over the world, museums that obviously rely heavily on the dollars of nearsighted tourists. Do we even need wax museums anymore? Haven’t we reached the point where we can just use holograms or 3D print them or something? Now excuse me while I poke around my brain with a Q-Tip in hopes of killing the memory of the Seinfeld cast wax figures.

  • Say Hello To Jacques Sayagh, A Homeless Bodybuilder Living In Paris [Photos +Video]

    It takes a lot of work to stay fit while living on the streets. You can be sure the police won’t be kicking him around anytime soon. Jacques Sayagh is a 50 years old Parisian homeless man. He’s been living in the Paris streets for years and he’s passion? Bodybuilding. So his main activity, since he can’t afford a gym membership, is to practice in the middle of the street. He doesn’t drink or smoke and he tries to have a specific diet to gain muscle with the money people give him. A video team did a small interview on Jacques and thanks to Facebook the video racked up over 1 million views in a week! Jacques ended up on a TV show to talk about his life, himself and his son that he lost contact with 15 years ago when his career went down the tubes. Seeing the TV show, his son renewed contact with his long gone father and they spent Christmas together, having Jacques meet his grand-children. Jacques going to be part of a TV-documentary about himself and homeless culture, earning him an actual paycheck for the first time in decades. Via Digg and imgur

  • Man Uses 106-Pound Axe To Break Stuff…And It’s Awesome [Video]

    Apparently in the League of Legends multiplayer online game, there is a character named Darius who uses a giant axe to obliterate opponents. We don’t really know anything about that, but if this real-life replica of Darius’s axe is any indication, we just might be missing out. “Irish Mike” Craughwell is the man who created the axe. In 2007, Mike became Internet-famous when a YouTube video of him demonstrating an oversized sword he was commissioned to make went viral. Orders poured in and now Mike creates oversized swords full-time. He’s even the subject of a new TV show premiering Tuesday, January 13, on Discovery called Big Giant Swords. For photos chronicling the making of the axe, check out Mike on Facebook.

  • Hilarious Reenactments Of Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads

    Justin Bieber’s new ads for Calvin Klein have just come out, and you can be sure people will soon be mocking them. Oh wait, someone already has. Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nicholas Boshier, stars of Australian comedy series Soul Mates, have brilliantly reenacted the ads and to be honest, the two seem to have much more chemistry than Bieber and Dutch model Lara Stone. Who do you think did it better? Source: Imgur

  • Pop Culture Icons At The Prom [Photos]

    Sometimes people forget to realize that pop culture icons are people too and, like you and I, went to the prom and many probably had all the prom awkwardness as well. Except George Clooney, Tyra Banks and Derek Jeter. Those three have been owning it since birth.

  • The 10 Worst Cases Of Stadium Naming Rights

    America loves sports. We are proud of both our local amateur and professional athletes and we make sure our tax dollars go to ensure they play in state of the art facilities. Yes there’s nothing we value in this country more than sports. Oh, except money. Which is why we allow the highest bidder to put their possibly ridiculous name on our beloved arenas. There are plenty of examples of bizarre naming rights over the years, but we’ve narrowed down the 10 most egregious naming rights offenders.

  • Cageophile Creates Tinder Account; Hilarity Ensues

    Unless you are some sort of Internet culture philistine, you know that there is a cult of Cage, centered around the world’s greatest actor and star of Left Behind, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Drive Angry, Nicolas Cage. True believers know Cage to be the Supreme Being and they gather to worship Him at Reddit’s OneTrueGod subreddit. One true believer decided to spread the word of Cage through Tinder–revealing other such likeminded devotees. Except for that heathen who blasphemed Wicker Man. He shall spend eternity watching Kirk Cameron’s low-budget Left Behind and never know the glory of Cage’s slightly higher-budget Left Behind.

  • These Brothers Recreated Their Childhood Photos In The Greatest Way Ever [12 Photos]

    We’ve all seen when siblings recreate their childhood photos by dressing and posing the same and it’s cute and good for an aww or two, but ultimately the stunt is soon forgotten. These brothers took their childhood recreations to the next level by leaving the original photos intact and only photoshopping their current faces onto their childhood bodies. The result is hilarious and a bit unnerving. And best of all, they compile the photos into an album and gave it to their mom for Christmas.

  • Ron Perlman Took Part In Reddit’s Secret Santa And Totally Delivered

    Ron Perlman, known for roles in just about everything, including Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy, Alien:Resurrection, and that terrible Beauty and the Beast 80s TV series where he lived in the sewers under present-day New York, is also a Redditor. And like any good Redditor, he took part in the annual Secret Santa gift exchange. It’s the largest gift exchange in the world, with over 200,000 people in 188 countries taking part this year. Redditor writedrunk_editsober received this package with a personalized autographed book and DVD from Perlman along with a few chocolate bars (Perlman noticed his giftee liked chocolate bars). And just in case you don’t believe the package really came from the actor, a Reddit employee confirmed that she picked up the goods while Perlman was filming in NYC then sent the package from Reddit’s office.

  • 6 Things Wrong With Her Boobs (That You Love Anyway)

    Boobs are like friends: Girls are going to complain about theirs even when they’re ultimately happy with them. So when your girlfriend is saying “they could be better,” you have to stick up for them (because they’re sticking up just fine already!). But you’ve got to know what’s behind your girlfriend’s gripe in order to be the best boob advocate you can be…

  • Broments: The 14 Most Bro Moments That Broke The Internet In 2014

    Urban Dictionary defines a “Broment” as a special moment between two dudes or when a bro does something notable or extraordinary. We went through the internet archives and pulled the absolute best brotable broments, bro. This year was filled with more dude-centric heartfelt moments than words that can phonetically change  to include ‘bro’. Bro-netics. It’s not every day a retired quarterback decides to put his body through more pain and suffering after 20 years of getting thrown to the ground by 300-pound linemen or when a certain playboy celebrity dumps his model girlfriend, to party with 20 women in Miami. All these moments, no matter how cliché bro, define what it means to be one. Here are this year’s best “Broments”. 45-year-old gun slinger, Brett Favre placed third at the Golf Shores Triathlon in Alabama. Busted Coverage — When a random man named “Zack ‘Danger’ Brown” asked for $10 to make potato salad on KickStarter.  Then raised $55,000 for the project. Kickstarter — Lance Stephenson literally tried to get in Lebron James’ head during last season’s NBA playoffs. Stephenson has gotten weirder ever since. — Jeff Gordon said he wanted to do more than talk. Brad Keselowski said he’d rather “have enemies in NASCAR than have more »