• Pretty Girls With Thumb Faces [Photos]

    All these girls, in their natural state are very beautiful. But when they tuck the chin back and shoot from the ground up they look more like Honey Boo Boo’s Mama, who looks exactly like a thumb, and less like Alexandria Morgan. Submit your #thumbfaces to us on social so we can share them with the world!

  • These Dogs Are Surprisingly Good Surfers [23 Photos]

    Last weekend, Huntington Beach, California hosted the sixth annual Surf City Surf Dog competition. Billed as “three days of doggone fun,” the event features a costume contest, dog adoptions, and, best of all, a surfing competition where the dogs are strapped to boards and do their best to ride the waves. There are four weight-class divisions and even a tandem event, where their owners join in on the fun. The dogs are judged on how long they’re able to stay on the board and how confident they appear. By the looks of it, some of them seem to know what they’re doing more than we would. For more info, check out Surf City Surf Dog.

  • 25 Of The Worst School Commutes In The World

    I hated waiting more than 10 minutes for the bus in the dead of winter when it was under 30 degrees, got forbid it was snowing out. But it’s important not to forget that, in some parts of the world, school can be a hard-won luxury. Many children throughout the world have to take the most incredible and unimaginable routes in order to receive the education that some of us may take for granted. This list we collected will show you just how determined some children can be when it comes to getting an education.

  • Artist Transforming US Dollar Bills Into Hilarious Portraits

    James Charles has a unique canvas for his works of art, REAL U.S. currency. Charles takes some of the most recognizable characters in history and alters the faces on dollar bills to make astounding likenesses. The dollars were part of exhibit called American Iconomics in San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery and you can view a collection in the following gallery.

  • 25 Subway Passengers Who Don’t Give A Damn

    When you first move to a big city with a subway system, such as New York, it can be a bit intimidating. You try to avoid contact or bumping into strangers while constantly looking at the map to make sure you don’t miss your stop. Everyone seems to be a weirdo and they can sense you’re scared and unfamiliar with what you’re doing. But soon you acclimate yourself to your new underground life and begin to feel at home and relaxed on the subway. But some folks take it too far. Some of them forgo clothing while others bring their own comfy chairs. They sleep on the stranger next to them and urinate on the floor. We combed Imgur and found 25 such weirdos to serve as a guide of what not to do. Oh yeah, and never enter an empty car. There’s always a reason it’s empty and it’s never good.

  • Taylor Swift Acknowledges Meme; Wins Our Hearts

    We may not be huge fans of Taylor Swift’s music, which is to be expected since we’re definitely not her target demographic, but over the years she’s proved to be a good person with a great sense of humor about herself. If her constant communications with fans or ability to laugh at her reputation for doomed relationships didn’t win you over, then what she did last night should be just what you need. You may remember the meme, pictured below, involving a story about a girl named becky, who looks suspiciously like Taylor Swift, who overdosed after snorting marijuana, ending with the famous line “no its becky.” Well last night Taylor Swift was photographed wearing a “no its becky” shirt, complete with poor grammar. What, that’s enough for you to lover her, too? Then check out those legs!

  • Famous Women With Willem Dafoe’s Smile Are Horrifying

    Willem Dafoe is a helluva of an actor, playing memorable characters in films such as “The Last Temptation of Christ,” “Platoon,” and “Boondock Saints,” and there’s no forgetting that iconic smile. Just like Steve Buscemi’s eyes, Willem Dafoe’s mouth is instantly recognizable even without the rest of his face. And also like Buscemi’s eyes, Dafoe’s smile has no business being on anyone else’s face. To prove that point, these famous actresses were transformed into nightmarish creatures with the simple addition of Dafoe’s piehole. If these don’t scare you enough, check out the rest of the series at Break.com.

  • Aerial Views of Urban Sprawl in the United States (10 photos)

    Think of the city as a living organism. A slow moving blob that is constantly expanding outwards; consuming more land and more resources. As the city spreads, it spawns suburbs, subdivisions and auto-dependent residents. This is urban sprawl, and Christoph Gielen has captured it beautifully in this series of incredible aerial photographs of housing subdivisions across the United States.

  • 45 Reasons Why Jessica Alba Is Better In GIF Form

    Jessica Alba burst onto the scene in the early-2000’s and was arguably one of the most popular women on the internet of the decade. In 2008 she settled down with her husband Cash Warren, had two kids, and stepped away from the spotlight for a few years. But then, seemingly out of the blue Alba came back with a fury, releasing what Brobible is calling “one of the hottest magazine covers in years” when she posed for Maxim while promoting her upcoming flick Sin City. We’re using the opportunity to recap some of her greatest GIFS while flooding the interwebz with a handful of new GIFS you might have never seen before. Today is a good day!

  • 10 More Sodas That Need A Comeback Like Surge

    With the news that Coca-Cola has brought back Surge as an Amazon exclusive, we started to think about other sodas that need to make a comeback. Get thirsty for nostalgia and quirky flavors with thislist of 10 sodas we want to drink again. what do you think? Did we miss your favorite?

  • These Are The 38 Most Extreme Selfies In The History of The Internet. Would You Take Them?

    If you ‘Google’ “Most Extreme Selfies” hundreds of stories spread across the internet will flood your search results, all claiming to have the “most extreme selfies” on the internet. This story has been published every which way, but we think we have done it best. This morning we took a few hours and sourced over 100 selfie photos that people on the internet deemed to be “extreme”. Then our editorial staff had an impromptu all hands on deck meeting to collectively go through all the photos, then decided which were incredibly badass and which were not. What started as over 100 “extreme” photos, was whittled down to the following 38 selfies that we’re dubbing the most extreme in the history of the web. This story is not sponsored by Mountain Dew.

  • 20 Bananas That Were Tattooed With Nothing More Than A Toothpick

    Tattooing a banana entails a sharp-pointed tool grazing the skin of a banana peel, without puncturing through it entirely, to create art. It utilizes a natural process known as oxidation—a browning of the skin that’s exposed to oxygen—to draw. Several artists have taken advantage of this visual transformation to produce their own creations on the sensitive, bruising skin of bananas. Check out these incredible works of art using simple simple tools like pushpins, toothpicks, and safety pins to scratch the surface of banana peels.

  • 20 Barcodes That Are Works Of Art

    The Universal Product Code barcode first appeared on a pack of chewing gum in 1974. 40 years later, those black and white stripes of varying thickness are found on just about every package, allowing us to get through the grocery line quickly without constant price checks when we’re buying embarrassing items like hemorrhoid cream or Utz cheese ball barrels. Unfortunately, UPC codes are ugly and can sometimes ruin otherwise perfectly designed packages. But it doesn’t have to be that way. More and more designers are actually incorporating the UPC code into the design, creating a new style of art that you’ve probably never noticed before. These fun barcodes have even inspired a Reddit subreddit called Barcode Porn. Check out some of our favorites below and next time you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, check out the art gallery that awaits you in your shopping basket.

  • 16 Photos That Explain Why Customs Can Be So Slow

    Nobody likes waiting in line at the airport and customs can be the worst. We’ve all stood there, waiting for hours wondering what takes so long. Can’t they just let us through faster? Do they ever even find anything? Yes. They find tons. A customs agent on Imgur posted these photos from customs agencies around the world showing all the crazy places people hide drugs, money, and exotic animals. And if this is the stuff they’re able to find, just think of the weird things smugglers do to get their goods in successfully.

  • Bewildered Dads At A One Direction Concert [Photos]

    Pop boy band One Direction recently played a show in Nashville to thousands of screaming teenage girls…and their sad dads. Photographer Angelina Castillo captured these confused and sad dads and we are all happy not to be in their shoes. It’s great that they’re doing their dad duties, but the look of defeat on their faces is soul-crushing. Actually, Trojan should use these photos in an ad campaign, because nothing says birth control like thousands of screaming teenagers.

  • Allison Williams Undercover As Peter Pan In Brooklyn; Fits Right In

    In J.M. Barrie’s classic story of Peter Pan, Peter lives his eternal childhood in Neverland with his ragtag group of Lost Boys. Together they dress in silly costumes, abuse the adults who are just trying to do their jobs (piracy is a job, you know), and recruit more spoiled children to follow suit. In July, actress Allison Williams, daughter of NBC’s rapping newsman Brian Williams and star of HBO’s Girls, announced she would portray Peter Pan in NBC’s production of Peter Pan Live! The special is airing in December, but to get a feel for the part, Williams, complete with pixie cut and silly costume, spent time in New York’s very own Neverland…Brooklyn! We have the exclusive photos of Williams dressed as Peter Pan on the streets of Brooklyn’s hippest neighborhoods, surrounded by very real Lost Boys paying her no mind. Whether grabbing a slice at Roberta’s or catching a show (while eating vegan food (of course)) at Pine Box, nobody seemed to notice the cute girl dressed like she was employed as a thieving urchin by Fagin. And with some of Brooklyn’s Lost Boys pushing 40 yet still complaining to their parents on their brand new smartphones that their rent more »

  • This Guy Is Impersonating The Women He Finds On Tinder And It’s Hilarious [20 Photos]

    Australian Jarrod Allen was looking through pictures on Tinder when he decided to recreate one for fun. He posted the result on Facebook and people like it. A lot. So he did it again with another photo. Then another. Now Allen has been recreating Tinder pics for months and they keep getting better. Even if he never finds a date on the app, at least he has plenty of material to use. Check out more of his hilarious recreations on Tumblr and Instagram.

  • Need To Motivate Yourself? Get A Face Tattoo!

    Someone on the Rams who isn’t named Michael Sam is all over the news today. Is the story about this player’s prowess on the field? Of course not! All eyes are now on rookie defensive end Ethan Westbrooks because of his facial tattoo. But it’s not the fact that he has one, for plenty of professional athletes have the same, it’s the oddly motivational reason why he got it in the first place. “I was just like I might as well go ahead and get it on the face because if nothing else, it will help motivate me to either be a guy that has a tattoo on his face looking for another job or hopefully I make it in the NFL and don’t have to work too hard to do something (else). I don’t feel it’s a bad thing now. I don’t regret it. It speaks for itself.” It sort of makes sense, for even in today’s society facial tattoos are not welcome in very many workplaces, and congratulations to Westbrooks for his success thus far—but how many people with facial tattoos who are currently looking for jobs had the same idea? Although to be fair, Westbrooks tattoo isn’t more »

  • Hospital Food Around The World [17 Photos]

    Have you been in the hospital, suffering from a debilitating injury or horribly diseased, and thought “well, at least it can;t get any worse” only to be fed a meal that makes you envious of the bologna sandwiches at Rikers? Hey, I’ve been there. I once had to eat turkey bacon at an Adventist hospital. Who the hell makes bacon out of a damn turkey?? If you thought other places around the globe had it better, you were right. But don’t be too angry, for it could also be much worse. Bread, a pickle, and an unappetizngly pink sausage? Damn Poland, you scary.

  • Can Uber really replace car ownership in US cities?

    Can Uber really replace car ownership in US cities? Here’s a look at the numbers. It’s long been hailed by Uber CEO Travis Kalanick that their on-demand transportation service will eventually replace car ownership entirely. In fact, he believes one day all the Uber cars on the road may be driving themselves. As technology and competition drive down the costs of peer-to-peer ride-sharing, there’s no denying that we as consumers win. So what does this mean for the classic American dream: house, car and children? I’m here to tell you, one of these prizes might change. About two years ago I sold my 2000 Lexus GS 300 and replaced it with a sleek single-speed Pure Fix commuter bike. Two years later, I still bike to work every morning. And for anything over 3–5 miles, or when I’m just not feeling up for the workout, I call an Uber. I love the safety and convenience of Uber, the overall quality of their cars, and especially as a young black male, the peace of mind that I’ll never again have to deal with the police. Before I sold my car I did some calculations to validate my suspicion that owning a car more »

  • Teddy Roosevelt Delivered His “Speak softly and carry a big stick” Speech On This Date in 1901.

    While speaking at the Minnesota State Fair on September 2, 1901 Vice President Teddy Roosevelt first used the phrase to describe his belief in negotiating peacefully, simultaneously threatening with the “big stick”, or the military. The speech was four days before the assassination of President William McKinley who died eight days later, which subsequently thrust Roosevelt into the presidency at the age of 42, making his the youngest President in America’s history. 

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