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16 Photographs Of Photographers Photographing

When looking at a photograph, we naturally focus on the subject of the photo without giving any thought to how the photographer achieved such a shot. Luckily, there are photographers whose subjects are photographers photographing, offering us a glimpse of just what goes into the extreme nature shots we enjoy…

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72 Hipsters Who Took It WAY Too Far

The hipster is an interesting creature. Despite buying every product Apple puts out, they eschew many modern conveniences and choose to use inefficient devices like mechanical typewriters and penny-farthings (those bikes with the big wheels that were passe 120 years ago). They also put style before utility, wearing layers and…


What Is Taiwan Doing To Its Dogs?

There’s a strange new trend in Taiwan to help pet owners get the most likes for their pets on social media. Groomers are trimming the facial hair of dogs into perfect squares or circles that look totally bizarre and unreal when photographed. We have to admit, they do look neat…