• 26 Successful People Who Failed At First

    Not getting that promotion can feel like the end of the world, but the people on this list show that devastating failures are just another stop on the road to success. We’ve put together some of the world’s greatest success stories, from movie stars to scientists, who just happen to have experienced massive failure that could have easily made them give-up. But they didn’t and now they’re the monumental successes that they are remembered for, a good source of encouragement when it feels like you will never make it to the top.

  • 43 Rare Photos of John F. Kennedy’s 1960 Presidential Campaign

    John F. Kennedy was a man of the people. So when he went up against Richard Nixon in the 1960 Presidential election JFK did what he does best, traveled 40,000 miles, across all 50 states in a matter of month to meet, face to face, with tens of thousands of potential voters. What you are about to see is largest collection of photos from JFK’s 1960 election ever assembled. The photos are very rare and show a different age in campaigning where television was an emerging promotional tool and people still had direct access to candidates. Image source #1 | Image source #2 | Image source #3

  • RSVLTS.com Office Breakdown

    Over the next few months we’ll be publishing a new editorial series, showcasing the working space, living space and general “where the magic happens” space of our friends and colleagues. The point is to profile people offices, apartments or man caves highlighting meaningful items that they’ve acquired over the years. Keep an eye out as we connect with top musical artists, publishers and influencers to find out what makes them tick. For our inaugural feature, we’re going to give you an inside look at our lair.

  • 50 Rare and Interesting Photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger

    65 years ago today Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in the middle of nowhere Austria. Oh how far he has come. Arnold may often be the worthy butt of jokes but he is an inspiring figure who, through hard work and perseverance, became a the top figures in Hollywood, business and politics. To show his journey from a kid who lifted his first barbell at age 13 to the future Governor of California (and everything in between) we pulled together 50 rare and interesting photos. Once you’re done enjoying the pictures spend some time reading his Wikipedia page.

  • Inside The Most Interesting Man In The World’s Personal Library [31 Photos]

    How would you spend $1,000,000,000? Buy a few yachts and sail the world? Buy a baseball team? Jay Walker made a fortune when he started Priceline.com and instead of blowing it like a washed up sports star Walker started collecting eye-grabbing historical objects for the library of his New England home. Over the year’s the collection, dubbed the Library of Human Imagination, has grown into something epic that rivals any museum on Earth. the 3,600 square foot, three story facility features multilevel tiers, “floating” platforms, connecting stairways, glass-paneled bridges, dynamic lighting and is bursting at the seams with artifacts that would make The Most Interesting Man In The World jealous.

  • Aaron Sorkin Officially Confirmed To Be Writing Steve Jobs Biopic

    There have been rumors floating around that Aaron Sorkin, of West Wing and Social Network fame, had been approached by Sony to write its Steve Jobs biopic. In a press release issued yesterday, it was officially announced that Sorkin will definitely be working on the project. Sorkin will adapt Steve Jobs, the biography written by Walter Isaacson, for the big screen. Given his track record, this promises to be truly, truly great. At least, it will definitely be better than the one starring Ashton Kutcher. So far, there are no more details: we don’t know how long the writing process will take, when it will be filmed, or any other juicy snippets. But we do know it should be good. [Source]

  • Photo of the Day: Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodie Takes NYC By Storm

    (CNN) — Facebook has raked in billions and will make a splash when its stock hits the open market next week. So, what are folks on Wall Street concerned about? Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie, apparently. Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, told Bloomberg that the Facebook CEO’s decision to show up for a meeting with potential investors dressed down in his trademark casual outerwear suggests that he’s too immature to run a massive corporation. “He’s actually showing investors he doesn’t care that much; he’s going to be him,” Pachter said in an interview on Bloomberg TV. “I think that’s a mark of immaturity. “I think that he has to realize he’s bringing investors in as a new constituency right now, and I think he’s got to show them the respect that they deserve because he’s asking them for their money.” If nothing else, Pachter’s take (and he still thinks Facebook is a solid investment) reinforces the inevitable culture clash that occurs when a 27-year-old titan of California’s freewheeling startup culture meets the buttoned-down world of Wall Street. It’s not a new phenomenon: Zuckerberg is known for his ever-present T-shirt and sandals, and in Facebook’s early days, he once showed up more »

  • Mark Zuckerberg: The Maturation of the Billionaire Boy-Man

    If all goes as planned, Facebook will finally pull the trigger later this month on its long-salivated-over IPO. The deal could value the company in the neighborhood of $100 billion, making founder and CEO Mark Elliot Zuckerberg’s own unusually large stake worth $25 billion. It is a huge sum, even in context. Zuckerberg’s impending fortune is more money than Wal-Mart’s 10,000-plus stores made last year. It’s more than Wall Street paid in bonuses to New Yorkers last year. And it has been amassed in only eight years by a 27-year-old who not long ago passed out business cards reading “I’m CEO, bitch.” Incredibly, Mark Zuckerberg has grown up to become an ace CEO—one whose way of thinking might drive Wall Street nuts. Read” New York Mag’s “The Maturation of the Billionaire Boy-Man”

  • 16 Things You Didn’t Know About Hugh Hefner [Infographic]

    Today is Hugh Hefner’s 86th birthday! Since 1932 there have been one man that has stood for democracy, free speech, civil rights, and homosexual rights, all while being one of the world’s foremost experts on centerfold and having multiple girlfriends at one time. That man is the legendary patriarch of the Playboy empire, Mr. Hugh Hefner. But while we all know the name and the instantly recognizable smoking jacket, do we really know anything about the man? Here are some facts about High Hefner to add a bit of humanity to the legend. 

  • Australia’s Big Day Out Through The Eyes of Tony Hawk [26 Photos]

    The Big Day Out  is an annual music festival held in several cities in Australia and New Zealand in late January. The best performers on Earth descend Down Under and this year Tony Hawk and his skating crew we’re invite to do skating exhibitions at each of the shows. He chronicled the trip so check out the tricks, road trip action, behind the scenes look at bands and all the madness that goes along with being the most famous skateboarder on Earth.


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