• The Brewers Introduce Supreme Beef Nachos on a Stick, Because Milwaukee

    Two years ago we had an incredible opportunity to tour Miller Park in Milwaukee for an MLB Stadium Bucket List Tour sponsored by Windows Phone. We took a road trip cross country hitting up 12 major league ball parks and we have to say hands down, Miller had the best food by far. They served an enormous 2 foot  hot dog, a stand that serves food using indigenous ingredients of the opposing teams city, and a parfay that included mashed potatoes, sweet pulled pork, mashed potatoes again, pulled pork again seasoned with a red pepper sauce and some parsley, so how could the Brewers ever top any of that? By throwing beef, beans and crumbled Doritos nachos on a stick and deep frying it, that’s how. The Inside the Park Nachos feature beef on a stick, mixed with fried beans, surrounded by Doritos, fried all together and topped with sour cream and cheese. Just booked my ticket to Milwaukee.  

  • The Best Selling Throwback Jersey in Each State

    Throwback jersey company Mitchell & Ness recently released info on which jersey sells the best in each state.  Using their 2014 sales data, Mitchell & Ness compiled a list of their top selling player in each state then and aggregated that data into the map. Then they compiled a full list of players below, with a short description of that player’s career or season. Going by the amount of Laker “8”s on the map, we can see how influential Kobe’s game has been throughout the country.

  • Would You Sail In This Polluted Waterway? The 2016 Olympians Will Have To [15 Photos]

    When Rio de Janeiro was bidding for the 2016 Olympics, the city promised to cleanup the notoriously polluted Guanabara Bay. Since the Bay will be the venue for sailing and windsurfing events, the cleanup is sort of important. But while International Olympic Committee officials insist the waterway will be cleaned in time for the 2016 games, just 500 days away, Rio’s mayor says otherwise. Mayor Eduardo Paes says the cleanup should have been achieved, calling the failure a “wasted opportunity,” adding “as a Rio resident, I think it’s a shame.” Looking at these pictures we’d have to agree. And to think, Chicago lost out to this.

  • Watch ESPN’s Documentary for WWE: Behind the Curtain [Trailer]

    The WWE has had a full resurgence of popularity, fans and general in-ring talent over the past few years. They’ve managed to survive the test of time, and not only rose out the wave of the Stone Cold Era, but thrived into a new era and generations, where fans aren’t skeptical of it’s authenticity. They know it’s staged and don’t care, they’re there for the theatrics and adrenaline. In ESPN’s latest behind the scenes doc they go behind the curtain and follow the WWE through the ropes and into the ring for their E:60 series.

  • Russell Westbrook & NBA’s Best Get Reanimated into Their-College-Selves for March Madness

    The NBA recently released a series of in game celebrations by it’s premier athletes that cuts into an animated sketch showing their college roots for March Madness season. Using the tagline “The Dance Never Ends” the series delves into the players college days with some extra effects. Russell Westbrook never smiles, even when he’s wearing a bear head. — Stephan Curry has hairy arms and claws! WAREWILDCAT! — Dwane Wade has great golden wings! — Kyle Lowry has a tail and the toned arms of a wildcat! — Al Horford gets scaly! — James Harden is Devilishly beardsome. — Paul Pierce is a giant bird!

  • The Monetary Mayhem Of March Madness [Infographic]

    Although the dudes actually playing the game don’t see a cut of it, there is a ton of money changing hands during March Madness. In fact, the event has become so big that the amount spent on ads now exceeds the NFL, NBA, and MLB postseason. And many of the 181 viewers take part in bracket pools which have become their own mini-economy involving over $3 billion. So wait…why aren’t NCAA players paid again?

  • Hero Boy GivesHockey Stick to Cancer-fighting Winnipeg Girl at Jets Game

    The jumbotron at a Winnipeg Jets arena spotted a young fan holding up a sign that read “Chemo by day… Jets by night”, it was Alyx Delaloye and her family and the crowd erupted. Alyx was diagnosed with leukemia in July and is going through her sixth round of chemotherapy. After that jumbotron moment the Jets organization invited Alyx and her family back for another game. Not soon after Alyx found herself on the jumbotron again where she found herself at the center of a standing ovation, a true defining moment for the young girl, but then something even more special happened; a little boy a few rows ahead of her walked up the stairs and handed her his Jets souvenir hockey stick signed by Tyler Myers. Alyx was so shocked that she thanked the boy and looked up at her parents before the boy returned to his seat. A few minutes later she walked down to the boy, nine-year-old Keaton Hamin and wrapped her arms around him thanking him again for the selfless gesture. If you don’t have all the feels right now, you’re not human. Canadian publisher The National caught up with the two for a reunion.

  • Just How Good is Kentucky Compared To March Madness Favorites of Past Years? (Chart)

    Yeah. That. Good. Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight model and the powers that be in Las Vegas have recently predicted what everyone else already assumed. Silver’s model gives Kentucky a 41% chance to win the tournament, which by any standards is pure insanity compared to the next best team’s 11% chance of winning. That’s simply how good Kentucky is. Last year Florida was the heavy favorite to win it all and Silver gave them a 14% chance for winning it all. This year is so lopped sided in favor of the Wildcats, the next three best teams combined only have a 27% chance of winning it all, Villanova (%11), Wisconsin (10%) and Duke (%6). In the past 4 years, no team has broke the 30% odds of winning the tournament. Even the 2012 Kentucky team fully stacked with Anthony Davis, Marquis Teague, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist,  Terrence Jones, Darius Miller and Doron Lamb (all current NBA athletes) was given a 26.7% chance of a tourney championship. This year Kentucky trumps that team by 14.3%, that difference is more than last year’s heavy favorite Florida was given to win it all. Here are the favorites to make the Final Four according to Silver’s interactive infographic (check out his full more »

  • Michael Jordan Plays Golf Like a 1920’s Mob Boss

    Michael Jordan can do whatever we wants, see. If his Air-ness wants to play golf chewing down on an enormous stogie, he can, see. And don’t get wise about telling him otherwise or you’ll be taking a dirt nap with that no good rat Horace Grant. Jordan enjoys a good day out on the course as much as the next guy, but he’s been making waves when this video surfaced of him teeing off at the Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas with a rather large cigar, making him a true boss of bosses. Sure he could’ve paid Ray Allen or Jeter a cool million to hold it while he tees off, but why when he could just bite down and drive a ball 300 yards? Michael Jordan tees off at the Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas. #DJCI A video posted by The Players' Tribune (@playerstribune) on Mar 13, 2015 at 11:00am PDT

  • Vegas and Nate Silver Have Spoken. Here Are Their March Madness Predictions

    Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight model and the powers that be in Las Vegas have recently predicted what everyone else already assumed. Silver’s model gives Kentucky a 41% chance to win the tournament, which by any standards is pure insanity compared to the next best team’s 11% chance of winning. That’s simply how good Kentucky is. Last year Florida was the heavy favorite to win it all and Silver gave them a 14% chance for winning it all. This yeah is so lopped sided in favor of the Wildcats, the next three best teams combined only have a 27% chance of winning it all, Villanova (%11), Wisconsin (10%) and Duke (%6). Here are the favorites to make the Final Four according to Silver’s interactive infographic (check out his full numbers here): Here are the Vegas odds to win it all. Kentucky is the huge favorite: Kentucky, 1/1 Duke, 13/2 Wisconsin, 13/2 Villanova, 8/1 Arizona, 12/1 Virginia, 17/1 Gonzaga, 22/1 North Carolina, 25/1 Iowa State, 35/1 Baylor, 40/1 Kansas, 40/1 Notre Dame, 50/1 Utah, 55/1 Maryland, 60/1 Michigan State, 60/1 Oklahoma, 60/1 SMU, 60/1

  • Mike Tyson Uploaded A Mike Tyson Supercut [Video]

    Last week Jamie Foxx was interviewed on The Breakfast Club and revealed that he is set to star in a Mike Tyson biopic directed by Martin Scorsese and written by The Wolf of Wall Street screenwriter Terence Winter. Nobody in Scorsese’s or Tyson’s camp verified the story at the time, but yesterday Mike Tyson posted this YouTube video titled “Pick My Best Knockouts for Jamie Foxx” with the description “Help me pick my 10 best knockouts to feature in the Mike Tyson story starring Jamie Foxx and directed by Martin Scorsese.” Sounds like it’s really going to happen! So what are you waiting for? Relive the glory days of “Iron Mike” and let him know your favorite knockouts. And even if this whole story is a bunch of bull, we’re just happy to finally have all these fights in such great quality on YouTube.

  • Minor League Baseball Team Sets 2015 Bar High With ‘Dorothy’ Uniforms

    The Jackson Generals are coming out swinging, kicking off their 2015 season in these absurd Wizard of Oz- Dorothy uniforms. Totally makes sense since the Generals are located in Jacskon, Tennessee, right? As you know, minor league teams have gone completely insane, attempting to out-do each other with ridiculous uniforms to draw attention and crowds to their smaller tier markets. Last year the Brooklyn Cyclones hosted “Seinfeld Night” which included an “Elane Dance-off” and appearance by the “Soup Nazi”. The Cyclones also wore custom puffy shirt uniforms for warm ups. The uniform features a white and blue gingham pattern reminiscent of Dorothy’s infamous costume, but the real kicker has to be the pig-tails. We’re guessing the team will be outfitted with red cleats for the game on May 15th. What do you guys think of our Wizard of Oz Night Jerseys? Team will wear these on May 15. #JacksonGenerals pic.twitter.com/iflMrOAoZR — Jackson Generals (@jacksongenerals) March 13, 2015

  • Cy Young Has More Complete Games than the Top 50 Active Pitchers Combined

    There’s a reason why the Cy Young Award is named after Cy Young.  Of his staggering 815 games started, he completed 749. Of those games he won 511. He also gave up the most hits in Major League history at 7,092, but even with that staggering number, he still managed to maintain a career 2.63 era. That in itself seems superhuman, but the most mind boggling stat comes from Young’s complete game title compared to the active leaders today. CC Sabathia is the current leader of the pack of active pitchers with 37 complete games compares to Cy Young’s 749. Though Young did pitch for 22 years while Sabathia has 14 under his belt, I think it’s safe to say CC doesn’t have 712 more complete games under the hood. In fact the total number of complete games from the top 50 active pitchers is 667 still 82 games shy of Young’s distant record. The next staggering stat is where CC lies under the all time complete games list. According to Baseball Reference, CC ranks in at 1,000 on the list behind a bevy of old time pitchers, including some notable names from the previous generation, Randy Johnson (100), Greg Maddox more »

  • Would You Want Your NFL Team To Switch To These Helmets?

    We always get excited when we hear about a team unveiling a new design but we are often left disappointed. You know the Browns paid someone tons of money to come up with the switch from the orange helmets to the…orange helmets. Why do the teams even bother? They can just take a look at sites like Behance and find a ton of great ideas from creative people who are actually passionate about their projects. Mexico-based designer Marco Antonio Licea Pérez is one such artist who has come up with a bold new approach to NFL helmets. Whereas many designs look to create a helmet with a giant, wrap-around logo, such as this collection we shared last month, Marco instead developed small logos and used the helmets to showcase team colors or intricate designs that symbolize the teams. Look closely at Bears helmet and you’ll find paw prints! Some of the logos are all new, while others, such as the Packers, utilize a retro design. To see each design in detail, check out the NFL Pin Logos from Marc’s Industrial Design at Behance.

  • How Much Every NFL Team Has Spent in it’s First Day of Free Agency

    With NFL free agency in full swing since yesterday at 4 pm, theres been complete hysteria among the league with teams making blockbuster deals opening up cap space to lock in big name players. As of Monday, the Jacksonville Jaguars ($66.3 million) and Oakland Raiders ($61.3 million) began the day leading the league in cap space and as of today still have the most wiggle room with the Jags at $65.1 million and Raiders at $61.3 million. According to Spotrac.com teams that don’t spend the NFL’s payroll minimum might risk being forced to give the difference directly to the NFL Players’ Association. Teams like the Philadelphia Eagles’ Chip kelly have seemed to have been clearing house, completely changing the team’s chemistry and franchise players around, in what some analysts are calling genius and some madness, all while spending roughly $20 million of cap space in a single day. On the other end of that spectrum, the St. Louis Rams went from $14.2 to $25.8 million in cap space after acquiring Nick Foles for Sam Bradford. The New Orleans Saints are barely staying afloat after being in the red $500,000 yesterday and up to $1.9 million today. While it’s only the second day of Free Agency, more »

  • Will Ferrell Will Play All Nine Positions In Different Spring Training Games

    Tomorrow night should be one for the ages, comedian and part time athlete Will Ferrell will lace up his spikes 8 times on Thursday to participate in eight different big league spring training games in Arizona, attempting to play 9 different positions. Ferrell will attempt to be shuttled via bus and chopper to each game. Let’s hope he has a different character for each position. This isn’t Ferrell’s first time participating in pro sports, in 2010, Ferrell made his professional baseball debut as Billy Ray “Rojo” Johnson, a member of the Houston Astros’ Triple-A affiliate, he was quickly ejected after causing a ruckus. Comedian and actor Will Farrell plans to play all nine positions in Cactus League games Thursday, shuttled by helicopter to different parks. — Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) March 10, 2015

  • Old Timey Baseball Glamour Shots Look Strangely Like Star Wars Jedis

    A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away men modeled for baseball photos. But because camera shutter speeds was so slow in 1888, they had to hang a baseball on a string and just wait there for a while striking a pose for the camera. The results were these old timey baseball glamour shots that look like they were taken at Jedi academy. Oh and one Ryu. Full disclosure, these photos have not been tampered with in any way.     …And one haduken.

  • The Arizona State Sun Devils Have NCAA Tourney Fever [Photos]

    Which fanbases are already in NCAA Tournament mode? Today SI.com’s Hot Clicks, brought to you by Andy Gray, presents this week’s College Superfans. We have to apologize in advance for all the Cincinnati Speedos in the sixth photo. Sorry, bruh. Read “The Arizona State Sun Devils Have NCAA Tourney Fever [Photos]” on SI.com >>

  • America’s Most Badass Dorm Is Built Into The University’s Baseball Diamond [Photos]

    This is (possibly) the most ‘merican thing we’ve ever seen. Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan constructed dorms overlooking their new baseball stadium. And we’re big fans. Not only is the facility itself fantastic, the fact that the players can literally live at the field is just awesome. And if there’s a broken window, at least it’s likely from a teammate. The thought of doing second story beer funnels during a nice spring day game is getting us thirsty. Florida State can keep their $50 million baseball stadium. We’re good. And if you still don’t think this is real just check it out on Google Maps. Via MLB Fan Cave

  • NCAA Has Banned “Crop Tops” For Football Players

    The stomach-exposing crop top has always been a great look for women but for men … not so much. Just look at a young fashion-challenged John Elway. The NCAA has taken a stand and banned the crop top in college football, though it’s more because it doesn’t want exposed back pads.

  • Power Ranking The Baseball’s Most Impressive Facial Hair From Photo Day

    GETTY IMAGE   Though it lacks the pageantry of Opening Day and the thrill of watching Spring Training games after a winter of being starved for baseball (go with me here), Photo Day is a fun ritual, wherein teams hire a photographer to snap pictures of their players right after they report to camp. Those pictures are then sifted through by people like me in an effort to find the strangest and goofiest images, but while some of those are amazing this year, they don’t compare to the bold and splendid facial hair trends that are about to hit the field.

  • Bringing Creativity Back To Skating [Video]

    Skateboard ramps are cool and they can serve a variety of functions: bike ramp, rollerskate ramp, um….freerunning ramp? Huh, maybe ramps aren’t so multi-faceted. But what if they could double as boats and trains? “Impossible,” you say? Well then you haven’t met the Zenga Bros. The Vancouver-based filmmakers recently teamed with Booooooom and Flexfit to create “Skate Heads.” The video aims to bring back creativity and excitement to a sport that has become stale. No lie, as soon as I watched the video I wanted to head out to the skatepark but then I remembered that my “skating” days were spent button-mashing to Street Sk8er on Playstation. Oh well, it’s snowing out anyway.

  • Shaqs Funniest Moments in GIF Form For his Birthday Week

    This week is Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal’s 42nd birthday and as one of the best and most beloved athletes of all time, we thought we’d bring to you his absolute funniest moments from his career. Shaq had always been known to have fun on and off the court, missing three-point attempts at All-Star games, missing free throws during regular season games and even bringing down the rim. Coaches would actually foul Shaq on purpose because he was so bad at free throws, it would more than likely be a rebounded attempt for the ball, they’d call it the “Hack-a-Shaq” and once Greg Popovitch even tried it 5 seconds after tip off. A Hack-A-Shaq 5 Seconds After Tip Off

  • NFL Team Logos Get The Minimalist Treatment

    Nothing goes better with the sleek simplicity of Ikea furniture than the bold colors and simple geometric shapes of minimalist art. But if you also want to show your support of your favorite NFL team, your bound to lose your simplistic aesthetic. Let’s face it, NFL logos may look great on t-shirts and hats, but they are not fine art suitable for framing. San Francisco’s Art of Sport decided to change that. This collection, entitled “Touchdown,” features minimalist representations of all 32 teams using their iconic colors and clever representations of their names. Check out the collection then order prints of your favorites from Art of Sport.

  • Michael Jordan’s 23 Greatest GIFS Because He Joined Forbes Billionaires List For The First Time

    A record 290 newcomers joined the Forbes billionaires list in the last year as world markets defied international turmoil. While wars, diseases and currency crises made headlines, tycoons from every continent but Antarctica managed to mint new 10-figure fortunes. The most famous rookie on the billionaires list? Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time and indisputably the best-paid athlete of all time. Most of his cash comes from Nike payouts on his iconic brand. The Jordan brand grossed an estimated $2.25 billion in 2013, earning his Airness some $90 million. But his most valuable asset is his stake in the Charlotte Hornets, worth more than $500 million. When ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer bought the Los Angeles Clippers for a stunning $2 billion, values of all NBA teams skyrocketed, creating three new billionaires. Jordan’s old boss Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of the Chicago Bulls, joined the list with a fortune of $1.3 billion, and Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander boosted his net worth to $1.6 billion. Give the GIFS a quick moment to load, it’s worth the wait.

  • Even Pros Can’t Do Anything With Walmart Skateboards [Video]

    Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to get into skating but your parents didn’t want to blow a bunch of money on something you’d probably lose interest in so they bought you a cheap Walmart skateboard? You spent hours on that thing but the wheels hardly moved and you couldn’t do a damn thing. So you got into rollerblades instead. Oh, that didn’t happen to you? Yeah…me neither. But if that did happen to you, it’s not your fault. It turns out even the pros can’t use Walmart’s skateboards, as Chris Joslin learns in this video.


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