• The Brewers Introduce Supreme Beef Nachos on a Stick, Because Milwaukee

    Two years ago we had an incredible opportunity to tour Miller Park in Milwaukee for an MLB Stadium Bucket List Tour sponsored by Windows Phone. We took a road trip cross country hitting up 12 major league ball parks and we have to say hands down, Miller had the best food by far. They served an enormous 2 foot  hot dog, a stand that serves food using indigenous ingredients of the opposing teams city, and a parfay that included mashed potatoes, sweet pulled pork, mashed potatoes again, pulled pork again seasoned with a red pepper sauce and some parsley, so how could the Brewers ever top any of that? By throwing beef, beans and crumbled Doritos nachos on a stick and deep frying it, that’s how. The Inside the Park Nachos feature beef on a stick, mixed with fried beans, surrounded by Doritos, fried all together and topped with sour cream and cheese. Just booked my ticket to Milwaukee.  

  • Minor League Baseball Team Sets 2015 Bar High With ‘Dorothy’ Uniforms

    The Jackson Generals are coming out swinging, kicking off their 2015 season in these absurd Wizard of Oz- Dorothy uniforms. Totally makes sense since the Generals are located in Jacskon, Tennessee, right? As you know, minor league teams have gone completely insane, attempting to out-do each other with ridiculous uniforms to draw attention and crowds to their smaller tier markets. Last year the Brooklyn Cyclones hosted “Seinfeld Night” which included an “Elane Dance-off” and appearance by the “Soup Nazi”. The Cyclones also wore custom puffy shirt uniforms for warm ups. The uniform features a white and blue gingham pattern reminiscent of Dorothy’s infamous costume, but the real kicker has to be the pig-tails. We’re guessing the team will be outfitted with red cleats for the game on May 15th. What do you guys think of our Wizard of Oz Night Jerseys? Team will wear these on May 15. #JacksonGenerals pic.twitter.com/iflMrOAoZR — Jackson Generals (@jacksongenerals) March 13, 2015

  • Cy Young Has More Complete Games than the Top 50 Active Pitchers Combined

    There’s a reason why the Cy Young Award is named after Cy Young.  Of his staggering 815 games started, he completed 749. Of those games he won 511. He also gave up the most hits in Major League history at 7,092, but even with that staggering number, he still managed to maintain a career 2.63 era. That in itself seems superhuman, but the most mind boggling stat comes from Young’s complete game title compared to the active leaders today. CC Sabathia is the current leader of the pack of active pitchers with 37 complete games compares to Cy Young’s 749. Though Young did pitch for 22 years while Sabathia has 14 under his belt, I think it’s safe to say CC doesn’t have 712 more complete games under the hood. In fact the total number of complete games from the top 50 active pitchers is 667 still 82 games shy of Young’s distant record. The next staggering stat is where CC lies under the all time complete games list. According to Baseball Reference, CC ranks in at 1,000 on the list behind a bevy of old time pitchers, including some notable names from the previous generation, Randy Johnson (100), Greg Maddox more »

  • Will Ferrell Will Play All Nine Positions In Different Spring Training Games

    Tomorrow night should be one for the ages, comedian and part time athlete Will Ferrell will lace up his spikes 8 times on Thursday to participate in eight different big league spring training games in Arizona, attempting to play 9 different positions. Ferrell will attempt to be shuttled via bus and chopper to each game. Let’s hope he has a different character for each position. This isn’t Ferrell’s first time participating in pro sports, in 2010, Ferrell made his professional baseball debut as Billy Ray “Rojo” Johnson, a member of the Houston Astros’ Triple-A affiliate, he was quickly ejected after causing a ruckus. Comedian and actor Will Farrell plans to play all nine positions in Cactus League games Thursday, shuttled by helicopter to different parks. — Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) March 10, 2015

  • Old Timey Baseball Glamour Shots Look Strangely Like Star Wars Jedis

    A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away men modeled for baseball photos. But because camera shutter speeds was so slow in 1888, they had to hang a baseball on a string and just wait there for a while striking a pose for the camera. The results were these old timey baseball glamour shots that look like they were taken at Jedi academy. Oh and one Ryu. Full disclosure, these photos have not been tampered with in any way.     …And one haduken.

  • America’s Most Badass Dorm Is Built Into The University’s Baseball Diamond [Photos]

    This is (possibly) the most ‘merican thing we’ve ever seen. Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan constructed dorms overlooking their new baseball stadium. And we’re big fans. Not only is the facility itself fantastic, the fact that the players can literally live at the field is just awesome. And if there’s a broken window, at least it’s likely from a teammate. The thought of doing second story beer funnels during a nice spring day game is getting us thirsty. Florida State can keep their $50 million baseball stadium. We’re good. And if you still don’t think this is real just check it out on Google Maps. Via MLB Fan Cave

  • Power Ranking The Baseball’s Most Impressive Facial Hair From Photo Day

    GETTY IMAGE   Though it lacks the pageantry of Opening Day and the thrill of watching Spring Training games after a winter of being starved for baseball (go with me here), Photo Day is a fun ritual, wherein teams hire a photographer to snap pictures of their players right after they report to camp. Those pictures are then sifted through by people like me in an effort to find the strangest and goofiest images, but while some of those are amazing this year, they don’t compare to the bold and splendid facial hair trends that are about to hit the field.

  • The 13 Filthiest Pitchers In MLB Are Better In GIF Form

    The first set of pitchers and catchers are set to report to Spring Training on Wednesday. And while the initial glimpses of players softly tossing balls back and forth are always a welcome respite from, well, none of that, we’re still a fair distance away from actual game action. To help welcome baseball’s hurlers back into our lives and celebrate this significant step on the long road to Opening Day, let’s take a look at a few of the pitches we’re most excited to soon see once again. Fastball: Aroldis Chapman The only apt description I have for Chapman’s heat is this: There are jalapenos, there are ghost peppers and then there are the Guatemalan insanity peppers that sent Homer on a spiritual journey. Chapman’s fastball is that one. And just for comparison, Mark Buehrle’s fastball comes in around 20 mph slower than his. Curveball: Corey Kluber The movement Kluber gets from his curve almost defies categorization. As Jeff Sullivan noted, only three pitchers have the kind of speed, drop and movement that Kluber gets with his curve. As for how it happens, we have no idea, we’re just glad it does. Changeup: Felix Hernandez Hernandez’s changeup drops under hitters’ bats like more »

  • 15 GIFS That Perfectly Describe Your MLB Withdrawal

    2014 was a memorable year for the MLB, the posterchild for the league retired, stars like Mike Trout and Andrew McCutchen evolved into superstardom and the equiliibrium between pitching and hitting began to level out. With bats like Jose Bautista and Prince Fielder and arms like Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner keeping butts in the seats all is well in the baseball world. The only thing we can find wrong right with the MLB at this point is that opening day is still 2 months away and we’re feigning hard right now. Here’s what we miss about baseball season that regular life just can’t fulfill. Watching the Cardinals 3-1-3 putout. The clumsiest successful play in recorded history — Watching Miguel Cabrera Homer for his 2,000th Hit — Watching Clayton Kershaw Pitch — Watching Andrew McCutchen Catch — Seeing Prince Fielder Call For a Infield Fly Ball — Oggling at Mike Trout Robbing Home Runs — Watching Johnny Cueto Spit hot Fire — Seeing Giancarlo Stanton give an interview — Watching Jayson Werth push George Washington in the Face — Watching Jose Bautista’s “I Really have to Pee” Swing — Getting caught looking at Felix Hernandez’s Curveball — Watching Carlos Gomez try and break a bat more »

  • Can You Guess The Worst Contracts in MLB History? Probably.

    You have to love baseball. Not because of it’s rich history and limitless concoctions of stats and metrics, but because of it’s salary cap rulings, or lack there of. Since the glory days of the ’90s, big contracts have diluted the game, turning our beloved game into a wormhole of greed and selfishness, but still, ya gotta love it. The abscene amount of money these past-their-prime superstars get are comical, and yet clubs still continue to make them. Gratland’s Jonah Keri put together a list of Baseball’s Worst Contracts and while you can no doubt guess number 1, the rest might surprise you, or at least entertain you. Here are the top 5 from the list.

  • Rare Shoeless Joe Jackson Autograph Discovered

    An autographed photo of Shoeless Joe Jackson is expected to fetach over $100,000 at auction. Jackson, one of the White Sox players banned from baseball following the 1919 World Series fixing scandal, was illiterate and his wife often signed his signature, so when authentic signatures from Jackson actually appear, they command a hefty premium. The photo, which proves that Shoeless Joe did in fact own AND wear shoes, was discovered in a scrapbook once owned by Frank W. Smith, a photographer with The Plain Dealer newspaper. Smith photographed Jackson in 1911, when Jackson became the only rookie to bat over .400. The scrapbook, featuring other photos of Major Leaguers from Smith, was sold ten years ago for $15,000 to the current owner, who is hoping the Jackson photo alone will bring in six figures. Sounds like a pretty good return to us.

  • Chipper Jones Thinks The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Was An FBI Hoax

    Say it ain’t so Chipper! Face palm. It’s hard to believe that Chipper Jones, yes the Chipper Jones who had a MLB retirement tour just three years ago, could actually believe the outrageous conspiracy theory sites that claim the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, CT was actually faked by the FBI in order to drum up support for gun control. We’re not even going to give these theorists the light of day by linking to them because it is so insane. It all started when Chipper Jones posted the following controversial Tweet from his account @RealCJ10, which he has since removed. There really is no explanation why he has gone off the deep-end but up until today we really liked Chipper Jones, let’s hope his account got hacked and this is all a big misunderstanding. The story is developing but it’s safe to say that Twitter has erupted: Being someone who knows a mother & father who lost their daughter in the Sandy Hook shootings all I can say is FUCK YOU Chipper Jones. — Chris (@85Cid15) February 7, 2015 Chipper Jones is now pretty sure that the Civil War was a hoax. Brian Williams, on the other hand, totally lost a more »

  • T206 Honus Wagner: ESPN’s “30 for 30″ Explores The Curious Case Of Baseball’s “Holy Grail”

    The T206 “Gretzky” Honus Wagner is the most famous baseball card in the world. And, as the art world readily illustrates, it may be that no matter what was done or not done to “The Card,” its value really does lie in the eye of the beholder. See also: The 20 Most Expensive Sports Cards of All-Time 20. Wayne Gretzky’s PSA 10 O-Pee-Chee – $94,163 — 19. Babe Ruth, 1933 Goudey – $105,000 — 18. 1969 Topps Reggie Jackson PSA 10 – $115,242 See the full top 20…

  • Jeter Was on the Cover of SI 3 Times By the Time He Was Hannah Davis’ Age

    Somewhere in his giant Tampa estate, Derek Jeter is scratching his head wondering what the big deal is about his girlfriend Hannah Davis gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. Davis, who started dating the newly retired Yankee great a couple years ago, was chosen as the cover girl of the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, a highly coveted honor in the modeling world. You see, the reason why Jeter probably can’t understand all the hoop-la about Hanna getting the cover is that by the time Jeter was her age he’d already been on the cover THREE times, once a year since his rookie season in 1996. The more mind boggling stat is that in Jeter’s 18 year career with the Yankees, he’s been on the cover of SI 14 times. If Hannah could pull a very likely two-peat next year, then we’d give some thought to putting her at Jeter’s level.

  • Bad First Pitch Baseball Cards are Better in GIF Form [6 GIFS]

    Plus, @toppscards will commemorate @50cent's memorable 1st pitch with this special #FirstPitch card! #Mets pic.twitter.com/5gvuQuXGVN — #DavidWright (@Mets) February 4, 2015 As you now know, 50 Cent can revel in his brutal 1st pitch moment from now until the end of the internet – or time, whichever comes first, after TOPPS recently revealed a photo of that comically dreadful moment in the form of a “First Pitch” series baseball card. Although the dust has settled on 50’s moment in the internet limelight, Topps recent reboot of the pitch got us thinking. Naturally we had to look up a super cut of the absolute worst first pitches of all time, as we always do when awful first pitch conversations are had, which the led us to creating our own set of digital first pitch baseball cards that will live on eons after we’re gone. Now Baba Booey and Carly Rae Jepson along with some others can be seen right here in our 1st edition GIF session of no good, very bad first pitch cards. COLLECT’EM ALL! — 50 Cent — Baba Booey — Carly Rae Jepsen — Charlie Brown — Mariah Carey — Mark Mallory

  • The Most Searched MLB players and Teams of 2014, According to Google

    This year was one of the most talked about in recent history for the MLB, a cinderella story team almost took home the World Series, the most popular player on the planet played his last game in pinstripes and there were a handful of tragic losses from Hall of Fame star, Tony Gwynn to Cardinals top prospect Oscar Taveras. The year definitely had it’s peaks and valleys, but in a sea of negative press surrounding players in the NFL, the MLB had a pretty positive year. Hunter Pence embraced his internet 15-minutes, Giancarlo Stanton signed a contract, putting him in the upper echelon of super-stardom, and Clayton Kershaw proved to be one, if not the, best pitcher to ever play the game. Google trends has pulled the top 10 searched players, MLB teams and full list of “Sports” teams for their 2014 year in review. Here are the top trends. Trending MLB Players 1. Derek Jeter 2. Tony Gwynn 3. Oscar Taveras 4. Madison Bumgarner 5. Hunter Pence 6. Giancarlo Stanton 7. Justin Verlander 8. Mike Trout 9. Clayton Kershaw 10. Pablo Sandoval The Royals, second to only the Giants in the playoffs, were the top trending Major League club. Interestingly, more »

  • Baseball’s Harsh Winter Meetings and the Ghost of Off-Seasons Past…

    The Winter Meetings and the Ghost of Off-Seasons Past… It’s that time of year again- the annual bald guys wearing blazers convention is upon us. Or more commonly known by its official title: the Baseball Winter Meetings. The gathering of the collective business side of Major League Baseball gives attendees a chance to mingle with front office staffs, league executives, and a handful of Jerry Maguire-types in attempts to rebuild, recharge, and refocus on the season ahead. I’ve had a handful of opportunities to attend (loiter) the baseball winter meetings in the past and interact (watch from afar) with baseball executives and media to try and gain a better understanding (eavesdrop) of what exactly happens (closed door meetings, nighttime public intoxication, Peter Gammons) during the four day event. There’s a general sense of courtship going on at these meetings – like a baseball themed dating website weekend event- as team executives and player representatives mingle to find God’s match for them and complete the Rule 5 draft that no one but them understands. While baseball’s free agency period tends to hit a Fallon-less fever pitch around this time of year the foundation for an occasional blockbuster trade can be accomplished as more »

  • Clayton Kershaw’s MVP Worthy Year, By The Numbers [Infographic]

    At only 26 year’s old Clayton Kershaw just won his third Cy Young award. In comparison, Jacob deGrom, the NL Rookie of the Year this year is 26, just three months younger than Kershaw. 2014 NL Rookie of the Year DeGrom born on June 19, 1988 3x Cy Young Award winner Kershaw born on March 19, 1988 2014 was one of the best year’s a pitcher has had in a long time and Kershaw is expected to win this year’s MVP award, a feat that has only been done by a pitcher four times in the last 30 years.

  • 10 Reasons Why The San Francisco Giants Are/Aren’t a Dynasty

    Every team hopes to reach reign over their league for multiple years– to win several championships in a short period of time. With the San Francisco Giants looking to hoist their third Commissioner’s Trophy in 5 years, fans are starting to talk about them as a dynasty. But the case for the Giants isn’t clear. They aren’t the Yankees of the late 90s, who dominated opponents with a core group of players. But you can also make the argument that the Giants’ impressive run is enough for them to qualify as a dynasty. With that, we embrace objectivity and try to answer the question: are the Giants the latest dynasty in baseball?

  • The Yankees System Doesn’t Work

    Our sports editor Jim Kelly Jr. says we shouldn’t blame Brian Cashman for the Yankees mediocrity.  The ghost of baseball’s original ‘cash-man’ still calls the shots in the ‘House the Yes Network Built’. While the curtain closed on Derek Jeter’s storied career with the New York Yankees this season, as franchises presented retirement gifts destined to boost the climate controlled storage facility industry, the continued mediocrity of the Bronx Bombers took a welcomed, albeit hot, backseat.  If not for fans and media alike bidding a nostalgic farewell to the George Clooney-of-shortstops the spotlight may have been far brighter on a glaring trend in New York: The 2014 Yankees were not good. Nor were the 2013 Yankees, who had their own retirement dog & pony & sandman show with closer Mariano Rivera. Taking the sting out of an 85 win season by teams presenting ‘thanks for historically kicking our ass’ gifts to an iconic rival, an odd yet accepted act that feels like presenting your high school bully with a savings bond at graduation. For a team enamored with icons of dynasty the last man standing is one who has never played an inning.  Brian Cashman, behind only Brian Sabean in San more »

  • Wrigley Begins Demolition of Iconic Bleachers for Stadium Rehab

    In the first phase of the park’s four-year, $575 million “1060 Project” renovation mission, Wrigley’s iconic bleachers were torn down. In a project to expand stadium capacity by 300 seats in the left and right field bleachers along with the addition of more concession stands and more room for fans on the concourse, the stadium will be expanded to reach the edge of the sidewalk on Sheffield and Waveland avenues. The first phase is on pace to be finished by opening day on April 6th in their opener against the St. Louis Cardinals. Along with the seat expansion, the Cubs have plans to also add clubhouse upgrades, batting tunnels to compete with other major league clubhouses, new restrooms, concessions, seats, restaurant and retail areas for fans, along with a hotel.   Photos via: Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

  • Axe Bat

    The shape of a baseball bat hasn’t changes since it’s introduction to the game 150 years ago, why is that? The glove has been transformed time and time again, tailoring sizes and webbing to position players, making it an optimal size to catch a fly ball or field a ground ball for a quick release. So why has the baseball bat not been looked at for improvements? Well it has now. Bruce Leinert a former New York Woodworker had an idea to change the game over 20 years ago, after an idea stemming from a Ted Williams quote opened his eyes to change the game of baseball forever. In Williams’ 1971 book The Science of Hitting, Ted Williams said that a hitter’s wrists, at the point of contact, should be “square and unbroken … just as when you hit a tree with an ax.” Right then and there Leinert built himself the first bat with an axe handle in two hours. Now twenty-four years later, he a signed a 20-year licensing deal with Baden Sports, a family-owned sporting goods company based in Washington. We had a chance to try out the Axe Bat Avenge and were incredibly impressed with it’s more »

  • The First World Series Sweep Turns 100

    After losing a doubleheader to the Brooklyn Dodgers on July 4, 1914, the Boston Braves record stood at 26-40. They were in last place, the worst in the league. The team took a day off and on July 6, they started off on a streak that lasted for two months. In the period between July 6 and September 6, the Braves went 43-13, propelling themselves from last all the way to first place. They were the first team to go from worst to first, earning the moniker “Miracle Braves.” Despite their incredible turnaround, the Braves were still considered the underdog going into the world series against the Philadelphia Athletics. In addition to stats that couldn’t compare to the Athletics, the Braves didn’t even have a home field to garner any home field advantage. Just two months earlier they moved out of their home for the previous 43 years, South End Grounds, and were renting Fenway Park from the Red Sox while awaiting construction of Braves Field. But none of this mattered when it came to actually playing the game. The Braves won the first game 7-1 and didn’t let up for the rest of the series. Three games later, on more »

  • LeBron and the Boys Get a Fresh Look for the 2014 Season

    Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert has been teasing the world with the Cavs new uniforms for the 2014-15 season. The uniforms, which will supposedly be worn for their opening game are a subtle navy blue with yellow and red accents and a quote upside down that will read “All for one. One for All.” Ok @cavs fans, one last tweet on the uniforms.This will give you the feel of what KI will look like wearing it. pic.twitter.com/p40NtB8wKf — Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) October 9, 2014 Here is full look.@cavs will be wearing em' opening night at The Q.They look even better in person versus the graphic pic.twitter.com/WthRWxxznN — Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) October 9, 2014 . @cavs 22 days/526.5 hrs until opening tip.New floor&Humongotron.Here’s a slice of a potential new uniform.You like? pic.twitter.com/uSXQOw3tdE — Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) October 8, 2014

  • The Cross Country Classic: How To Pull Off The Ultimate MLB Playoff Road Trip in One Straight Shot

    How adventurous are you when it comes to travel? We at the Roosevelts are quite good at plotting out baseball road trips and also consider ourselves a 9 out of 10 when it comes to adventure travel. It started in 2010 when we did the epic 30 Stadiums in 30 Days challenge with COED.com and continued in 2012 with our Ultimate Baseball Bucket List. The MLB Playoffs are in full swing and there is a really unique situation taking place in the American and National League Championship Series’ that may never happen again. Each of the four teams left in the Playoffs are located basically on a straight line across the country. It’s actually amazing when you see it on a map. And best of all there is a simple way to drive East To West, Baltimore to St. Louis to Kansas City to San Francisco, over the course of six days and see home games in all four cities. The timing works out perfectly there is plenty of time between games so the driving isn’t even all that grueling. Help a bro out, share this story with your friends: Tweet The idea is simple and we’ve plotted it out more »

  • MLB Introduces A “Shot CLock” For Pitchers In Arizona Fall League

    Not so long ago, MLB took the step of forming a “pace of game” committee to address the mounting levels of down time in an average major-league contest. That committee  created three new rules one of which was introduced last night in the Arizona Fall League. A “pace of play” clock is being was introduced that will give pitchers between 12 and 20 seconds to pitch the ball when they receive it back from the catcher. Pace of Play clocks installed next to each dugout at @MLBazFallLeague opener tonight. Horrifying. pic.twitter.com/UC2sbS1dac — Steve Berthiaume (@BertDbacks) October 8, 2014 MLB will test the following rule changes/rule enforcements, per a league press release: Batter’s Box Rule: The batter shall keep at least one foot in the batter’s box throughout his at-bat, unless one of a series of established exceptions occurs, in which case the batter may leave the batter’s box but not the dirt area surrounding home plate. (Exceptions include a foul ball or a foul tip; a pitch forcing the batter out of the batter’s box; “time” being requested and granted; a wild pitch or a passed ball; and several others.) No-Pitch Intentional Walks: In the event a team decides to intentionally more »


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