• Clayton Kershaw’s MVP Worthy Year, By The Numbers [Infographic]

    At only 26 year’s old Clayton Kershaw just won his third Cy Young award. In comparison, Jacob deGrom, the NL Rookie of the Year this year is 26, just three months younger than Kershaw. 2014 NL Rookie of the Year DeGrom born on June 19, 1988 3x Cy Young Award winner Kershaw born on March 19, 1988 2014 was one of the best year’s a pitcher has had in a long time and Kershaw is expected to win this year’s MVP award, a feat that has only been done by a pitcher four times in the last 30 years.

  • 10 Reasons Why The San Francisco Giants Are/Aren’t a Dynasty

    Every team hopes to reach reign over their league for multiple years– to win several championships in a short period of time. With the San Francisco Giants looking to hoist their third Commissioner’s Trophy in 5 years, fans are starting to talk about them as a dynasty. But the case for the Giants isn’t clear. They aren’t the Yankees of the late 90s, who dominated opponents with a core group of players. But you can also make the argument that the Giants’ impressive run is enough for them to qualify as a dynasty. With that, we embrace objectivity and try to answer the question: are the Giants the latest dynasty in baseball?

  • The Yankees System Doesn’t Work

    Our sports editor Jim Kelly Jr. says we shouldn’t blame Brian Cashman for the Yankees mediocrity.  The ghost of baseball’s original ‘cash-man’ still calls the shots in the ‘House the Yes Network Built’. While the curtain closed on Derek Jeter’s storied career with the New York Yankees this season, as franchises presented retirement gifts destined to boost the climate controlled storage facility industry, the continued mediocrity of the Bronx Bombers took a welcomed, albeit hot, backseat.  If not for fans and media alike bidding a nostalgic farewell to the George Clooney-of-shortstops the spotlight may have been far brighter on a glaring trend in New York: The 2014 Yankees were not good. Nor were the 2013 Yankees, who had their own retirement dog & pony & sandman show with closer Mariano Rivera. Taking the sting out of an 85 win season by teams presenting ‘thanks for historically kicking our ass’ gifts to an iconic rival, an odd yet accepted act that feels like presenting your high school bully with a savings bond at graduation. For a team enamored with icons of dynasty the last man standing is one who has never played an inning.  Brian Cashman, behind only Brian Sabean in San more »

  • Wrigley Begins Demolition of Iconic Bleachers for Stadium Rehab

    In the first phase of the park’s four-year, $575 million “1060 Project” renovation mission, Wrigley’s iconic bleachers were torn down. In a project to expand stadium capacity by 300 seats in the left and right field bleachers along with the addition of more concession stands and more room for fans on the concourse, the stadium will be expanded to reach the edge of the sidewalk on Sheffield and Waveland avenues. The first phase is on pace to be finished by opening day on April 6th in their opener against the St. Louis Cardinals. Along with the seat expansion, the Cubs have plans to also add clubhouse upgrades, batting tunnels to compete with other major league clubhouses, new restrooms, concessions, seats, restaurant and retail areas for fans, along with a hotel.   Photos via: Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

  • Axe Bat

    The shape of a baseball bat hasn’t changes since it’s introduction to the game 150 years ago, why is that? The glove has been transformed time and time again, tailoring sizes and webbing to position players, making it an optimal size to catch a fly ball or field a ground ball for a quick release. So why has the baseball bat not been looked at for improvements? Well it has now. Bruce Leinert a former New York Woodworker had an idea to change the game over 20 years ago, after an idea stemming from a Ted Williams quote opened his eyes to change the game of baseball forever. In Williams’ 1971 book The Science of Hitting, Ted Williams said that a hitter’s wrists, at the point of contact, should be “square and unbroken … just as when you hit a tree with an ax.” Right then and there Leinert built himself the first bat with an axe handle in two hours. Now twenty-four years later, he a signed a 20-year licensing deal with Baden Sports, a family-owned sporting goods company based in Washington. We had a chance to try out the Axe Bat Avenge and were incredibly impressed with it’s more »

  • The First World Series Sweep Turns 100

    After losing a doubleheader to the Brooklyn Dodgers on July 4, 1914, the Boston Braves record stood at 26-40. They were in last place, the worst in the league. The team took a day off and on July 6, they started off on a streak that lasted for two months. In the period between July 6 and September 6, the Braves went 43-13, propelling themselves from last all the way to first place. They were the first team to go from worst to first, earning the moniker “Miracle Braves.” Despite their incredible turnaround, the Braves were still considered the underdog going into the world series against the Philadelphia Athletics. In addition to stats that couldn’t compare to the Athletics, the Braves didn’t even have a home field to garner any home field advantage. Just two months earlier they moved out of their home for the previous 43 years, South End Grounds, and were renting Fenway Park from the Red Sox while awaiting construction of Braves Field. But none of this mattered when it came to actually playing the game. The Braves won the first game 7-1 and didn’t let up for the rest of the series. Three games later, on more »

  • LeBron and the Boys Get a Fresh Look for the 2014 Season

    Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert has been teasing the world with the Cavs new uniforms for the 2014-15 season. The uniforms, which will supposedly be worn for their opening game are a subtle navy blue with yellow and red accents and a quote upside down that will read “All for one. One for All.” Ok @cavs fans, one last tweet on the uniforms.This will give you the feel of what KI will look like wearing it. pic.twitter.com/p40NtB8wKf — Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) October 9, 2014 Here is full look.@cavs will be wearing em' opening night at The Q.They look even better in person versus the graphic pic.twitter.com/WthRWxxznN — Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) October 9, 2014 . @cavs 22 days/526.5 hrs until opening tip.New floor&Humongotron.Here’s a slice of a potential new uniform.You like? pic.twitter.com/uSXQOw3tdE — Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) October 8, 2014

  • The Cross Country Classic: How To Pull Off The Ultimate MLB Playoff Road Trip in One Straight Shot

    How adventurous are you when it comes to travel? We at the Roosevelts are quite good at plotting out baseball road trips and also consider ourselves a 9 out of 10 when it comes to adventure travel. It started in 2010 when we did the epic 30 Stadiums in 30 Days challenge with COED.com and continued in 2012 with our Ultimate Baseball Bucket List. The MLB Playoffs are in full swing and there is a really unique situation taking place in the American and National League Championship Series’ that may never happen again. Each of the four teams left in the Playoffs are located basically on a straight line across the country. It’s actually amazing when you see it on a map. And best of all there is a simple way to drive East To West, Baltimore to St. Louis to Kansas City to San Francisco, over the course of six days and see home games in all four cities. The timing works out perfectly there is plenty of time between games so the driving isn’t even all that grueling. Help a bro out, share this story with your friends: Tweet The idea is simple and we’ve plotted it out more »

  • MLB Introduces A “Shot CLock” For Pitchers In Arizona Fall League

    Not so long ago, MLB took the step of forming a “pace of game” committee to address the mounting levels of down time in an average major-league contest. That committee  created three new rules one of which was introduced last night in the Arizona Fall League. A “pace of play” clock is being was introduced that will give pitchers between 12 and 20 seconds to pitch the ball when they receive it back from the catcher. Pace of Play clocks installed next to each dugout at @MLBazFallLeague opener tonight. Horrifying. pic.twitter.com/UC2sbS1dac — Steve Berthiaume (@BertDbacks) October 8, 2014 MLB will test the following rule changes/rule enforcements, per a league press release: Batter’s Box Rule: The batter shall keep at least one foot in the batter’s box throughout his at-bat, unless one of a series of established exceptions occurs, in which case the batter may leave the batter’s box but not the dirt area surrounding home plate. (Exceptions include a foul ball or a foul tip; a pitch forcing the batter out of the batter’s box; “time” being requested and granted; a wild pitch or a passed ball; and several others.) No-Pitch Intentional Walks: In the event a team decides to intentionally more »

  • A New Interactive U.S. Map Based On Where Baseball Players Were Born

    On Monday, I wrote a piece in which I divided the United States into 50 states of equal population. Today, I’m dividing the country up in order to evenly distribute a small segment of its population: professional athletes. Thanks to the sports-reference.com family of websites (and ESPN player profiles, league sites, and Wikipedia), I was able to find the birthplace of every American player currently in any one of the four major sports. Click on the buttons below for an animated look at where and when the players in each sport were born.

  • Madison Bumgarner Likes To Chug Beer, You Guys.

    When the Giants win and move on that means Madison Bumgarner will be chugging multiple beers in the locker room. It all started last week against Pittsburgh when, after striking out 10 during a four-hit shutout to get the Giants, Bumgarner took four beers and started chugging them in the locker room. Then Tuesday night, after the Giants beat the Washington Nationals in four games to advance to the National League Championship Series, Bumgarner one-upped himself by chugging five beers in celebration. Source: Bleacher Report

  • Who Should Be On The New York Yankees’ Mount Rushmore? [Vote Now]

    There has been a lot of debate whether or not Derek Jeter deserves to be on the New York Yankees’ theoretical “Mount Rushmore”. There are four spots to fill, one needs to be Babe Ruth, that is hardly debatable, but what about the other three? For a team with 21 numbers retired numbers and an owner who changed baseball forever we want to settle the argument and allow the fans to vote.

  • Kansas City Royals’ Hero Eric Hosmer Invited Fans To Party With Him After ALDS Sweep, Paid For Everyone’s Drinks

    Kansas City Royals’ ALDS hero Eric Hosmer made it an especially late night for some of his Kansas City Royals teammates as they spent the night celebrating with fans after sweeping the American League Division Series. After the game, Hosmer sent out a Tweet inviting fans to celebrate the victory with them at McFadden’s Bar in Kansas City’s Power & Light District. He thanked fans for their love this season, and to return the favor he used his personal credit card to pay for an open bar for one hour for everyone at McFadden’s. KC you guys showed us so much love all year were returning the favor for you guys tonight at @McFaddensKC #allonebigfamily see.u all there — Eric Hosmer (@TheRealHos35) October 6, 2014 Boisterous cheers greeted the guys as they walked into the bar just after 1 a.m. The players posed for pictures and stopped to sign autographs. They popped bottles of champagne and showered the fans. A Twitter user named @The1DougieFresh said Hosmer’s tab was reportedly over $17,000. A friend of mine who bartends at McFaddens just told me Hosmer's 1 hour bar tab was $17.5K!!! @TheRealHos35 #Royals #TakeTheCrown #KCproud — Doug Porter (@The1DougieFresh) October 6, 2014 Hosmer more »

  • The Beltway Series: Orioles-Ravens or Nationals-Redskins. The time has come to choose.

    Fans living in the DC/Baltimore metro area have a decision to make because the Beltway Series is a legit possibility I grew up in a suburb of Washington D.C. Technically; this suburb is located in the state of Maryland. The most well known city in said state is Baltimore. I like crabs. I support Under Armour apparel. And I’m a big fan of the Chesapeake Bay. It’s just lovely. Having said that, I’m a D.C. sports fan through and through. I grew up watching the Redskins, and really really want to have a secret handshake with Alex Ovechkin. I was a fan of the red white and blue Bullets, the teal Wizards, the Michael Jordan teal Wizards, the worst jerseys in the history of the NBA Wizards, and the current red white and blue Wizards. I’ll also be a fan when we finally change the name back to the Bullets (please, Ted Leonsis. It’s embarrassing!). Although I grew up going to Camden Yards, and the 2131 Cal Ripken Jr. moment is one I’ll never forget, it was an easy switch when the Nats came to town. Now that October baseball is upon us with two “local” teams having a legitimate shot at playing for the more »

  • Newly Restored Footage of the 1924 World Series Found 90-Years Later

    Newly found footage of the Washington Senators’ 1924 world series victory over the New York Giants was restored and released to a Library of Congress blog post. The four-minute newsreel shows the highlights of the 12-inning game and fans flooding the field after the Senators pull off a narrow 4-3 win. Library of Congress staff were able to restore the film and set the silent footage to musical scoring by pianist Andrew Simpson. The irony of all this is that the Washington Senators moved to Minnesota becoming the Twins and the NY Giants moved to San Fransisco, but the franchised Washington Nationals will be taking on the west coast Giants in the National League Division Series playoff. Could this be history repeating itself?

  • RSVLTS Investigates: Where Is Jeffery Maier Today?

    One of the pivotal moments of Derek Jeter’s long career happened in his rookie season, way back in 1996. Jeffrey Maier, a 12-year-old from New Jersey, made one of the most important fan plays in baseball history when he deflected a batted ball in-play into the Yankee Stadium stands during Game 1 of the 1996 American League Championship Series. His action altered the course of Game 1, as the resulting home run allowed the Yankees to tie the score. They would go on to win the game and that series, four games to one. Jeffrey Maier changed everything for the 1996 Yankees. If Derek Jeter, a rookie in 1996, popped out instead of hitting the home run who knows how their World Series run, and his swagger filled career, would have changed. So where is Jeff today? We investigate. Our search began on Google where we learned that Jeffrey was a pretty solid college baseball player at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. He was a first-team all-NESCAC selection, played briefly for the Pittsfield Dukes in the New England Collegiate Baseball League in the summer of 2005 and in 2006, he became Wesleyan’s career hits leader. This is where the trail goes dry. With some more »

  • And the Most Hated Team of This Year’s MLB Playoffs is…? (Hint: Not the Yankees)

    According to a recent study conducted by the Wall Street Journal there’s a new king that sits on the thrown of most hated baseball team in this years playoffs. With the Yankees missing the playoffs over the last two seasons fans have turned their torches and pitchforks a bit west. For the second straight year the WSJ has conjured up a metric to gauge Major League Baseball’s Hateability Index, ranking this year’s 10 playoff teams in order of general loathsomeness. The rankings are based on how many points teams racked up in 10 contempt-worthy categories, such as drug suspensions, ridiculous beards and winning too much. (As with driver’s licenses, points are bad here.) Last year the Los Angeles Dodges took the cake with their over dramatic season, bloated contracts, annoying fans and Yasiel Puig, but have redeemed themselves this year with a more tame season and the feel good story of having super-nice guy, Clayton Kershaw arguably have the best pitching season of all time. This year the St. Louis Cardinals dethroned the Dodgers, possibly because of their recent success in showing up in October. No one likes a winner. The Journal notes, “The NL Central champs scored a 12.7 on more »

  • 27 Hunter Pence Signs We Hope to See This Postseason

    In mid August the internet went bonkers for Hunter Pence signs. After Mets fans paved the way for the greatest internet sports meme since Smokin’ Jay Cutler, the rest of MLB fandom took over. Even Pence himself got in on the action with a parody video of him actually doing what the most famous of signs said. We’ve collected the best ones from the internet in hopes that some Pirates fans will make our dreams come true for the postseason. Follow the Hunter Pence Signs phenomena on twitter.   .

  • Derek Jeter: Behind The Scenes Photos Reveal His Life Off The Field

    Derek Jeter just ended his career at Yankee Stadium in the most epic way imaginable. Jeter has a new book coming out titled Jeter Unfiltered which is a powerful collection of never-before-published images taken over the course of Derek’s final season. For the first time ever, fans will have unprecedented access to “The Captain,” as the famously private baseball legend takes us behind the scenes—inside his home, the stadium, the gym, at his Turn 2 Foundation events, fortieth birthday party, and more—as he looks back with candor and gratitude on his baseball career. The result is an intimate portrait bursting with personality, professionalism, and pride. Also featuring more than 100 thrilling archival shots, Jeter Unfiltered is the definitive and only book looking back on his career authorized by the Yankees shortstop. This is Jeter as you have never seen him before—unguarded, unapologetic…unfiltered. Jeter Unfiltered is available October 28th and below you can take a look at a collection of photos from the book.

  • Watch This Live Feed of Derek Jeter Hashtags For The Captain’s Last Home Game

    Tonight marks the last time Derek Jeter will put on pinstripes, the last time he’ll play a ballgame in Yankee Stadium and the last time he’ll take the field in front of his hometown fans. With social media already going off the charts, we figured we’d do all the work for you by showing a live feed of Derek Jeter inspired hashtags. #DerekJeter #Jeter #Re2pect #YankeeStadium #thecaptain

  • A Definitive Ranking of 25 Derek Jeter Commercials

    Sure, Derek Jeter is a fine player and it’s sad that he’s retiring form the Yankees, but baseball wasn’t the only place where Jeter left his mark. Since becoming a superstar athlete, he’s also had a long career starring in TV commercials. While others are focusing on Jeter’s defining moment on the field, New York Magazine has take on the tough job of ranking his commercials. And I guarantee there will be more than a few that you forgot about but you’ll be happy to see again.

  • You Will Cry Watching this Derek Jeter Gatorade Tribute Commercial and That’s an Order

    Gatorade is hopping on the Derek Jeter appreciation wagon and rightfully so. After the Jordan tribute as well as following Derek’s last journey across the country, being flowered with gifts from every team in the MLB, it’s finally beginning to settle in that the Captain’s reign is coming to an end. Gatorade decided to let Derek have some fun walking through the Bronx on his way to Yankee Stadium, while taping him interacting with fans headed to the stadium all set to the tone of Frank Sinatra’s “I did it my way. You may cry now. Jeter is scheduled to play his final home game next Thursday in the Bronx, where the goose bumps will be tenfold. The finale of his legendary career will come Sunday, Sept. 28, against the Red Sox at Boston’s Fenway Park.

  • Watch Pete Frates Inspiring Reason for Starting the ALS Ice Water Challenge

    Yes, we know you’ve heard of the ALS ice bucket challenge. Even if you live under a rock, it’s likely that that rock has been nominated to dump a bucket of ice water on it in hopes to raise awareness for the challenge. When the likes of Bill Gates, Oprah, Aaron Rogers and George W. Bush have participated in a synonymous challenge something’s going right. Well Pete Frates, former BC baseball captain and the new face of a very serious Lou Gehrig’s disease that hasn’t received proper attention since Gehrig himself gave his infamous retirement speech. ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi takes a close look at the movement that’s changed the whole mentality of a country.

  • 1986 Mets: A Year to Remember [Video]

    Hey Mets fans, remember what it feels like to be proud of your team? With losing records every season since 2008, it may be hard, but there was a time when the Mets were great. In 1986, the classic Mets lineup including Darryl Strawberry, Lenny Dykstra, Gary Carter, Mookie Wilson, and Keith Hernandez beat the Boston Red Sox and won the World Series. It was the greatest moment in the lives of many Mets fans and it was all documented on glorious VHS. If you were a kid in New Jersey or New York at the time, chances are you owned a copy of “1986 Mets: A Year to Remember,” encased in that hard plastic reserved for only the classiest of videos and featuring a photo of Keith Hernandez and his timeless coif. Relive those glory days with these clips that can’t even be ruined with the awfully dated sound of Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys” and Glenn Frey’s saxy “You Belong to the City.” You might even forget that their current record is 59-67. At least they’re ahead of the Phillies!

  • Can You Name Every MLB Team With A Baseball in Their Logo?

    Out of the Thirty Major League Baseball logos, fourteen have actual baseballs in their logo. Try and test your visual baseball knowledge with this interestingly difficult graphic featuring all fourteen logos minus everything but the baseball, by Flip Flop Fly Ball. Adn when you think you’ve go every team click here to see the results.

  • A Visual Compendium of Baseball Uniforms

    Over the past 100-so odd years the baseball uniform really hasn’t changed all that much. Yeah sure, they’re not made out of potato sacks anymore, but for the most part look exactly the same as they did when the Great Bambino sported #3 for the Yanks. This Pop-Chart Labs creation features 121 hand-drawn uniforms of long-ball dating back to 1869. From era of stirrups to the abysmally awesome era of the 1970s. From the Hartford Darkblues of 1874, who wore bow-ties to the infamous polyester v-neck gems of the ’70s, here is the definitive collection of baseball uniform history. A Visual Compendium of Baseball Uniforms

  • Jack “Stone-Face” White Threw Out the First Pitch at the Tigers Game. Showed 0 Emotion.

    Someone give this guy a contract. He can shred a guitar and (somewhat) throw a heater over the plate all while showing 0 emotion. Jack White has nerves of steel. The Detroit native showed a glimpse of happiness before throwing out the first pitch at yesterdays Tigers game, but went stone cold after he took the mound. This is the second incident of White at a baseball game in 2 weeks, after photos surfaced of Jack with a seriously angered face on in the stands. We hope next week White goes to a Mets game and shows sadness and confusion. Speaking of #Tigers, musician Jack White threw out the first pitch. pic.twitter.com/ltwByLw1kE — Freep Sports (@freepsports) July 29, 2014

  • Skynet Update: Baseball Fans Replaced With Robots [Video]

    Robots have taken the next step to becoming our supreme rulers with their newfound love of baseball. Fans of Korea’s Hanhwa Eagles can supposedly control the robots from their computers or phones when they can’t make it to the baseball game. For now. But it’s only a matter of time before the fanbots go insane and use their robot strength to rip the heads off of every human in the ballpark. My guess is it will happen shortly after the fanbot is forced to pay $10 for a crap beer.

  • Tom Seaver Says Derek Jeter Should Be Baseball’s First Unanimously Elected Hall of Famer

    In our story “The 25 Highest Voting Percentages In MLB Hall of Fame History” we revealed that Tom Seaver has the highest percentage of votes in the Baseball Hall of Fame, receiving 98.84 percent of the vote from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America when he was inducted in 1992. Recently Seaver said that there is a good chance Jeter will beat his mark of 98.84% and be the first unanimous selection in MLB history when he is eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame in 2020. 

  • History Of The High Five [Video]

    It may seem like high fives have always existed, but the fact is, the first high five occurred relatively recently, during a Dodgers game in 1977. Learn about the historic moment and the man behind it, baseball’s first openly gay player Glenn Burke, in this ESPN 30 for 30 short.

  • Rockies and Nationals Had A Good Ol’ Fashioned Stand-Off Last Night

    Aaron Barrett of the Washington Nationals and Brandon Barnes of the Colorado Rockies had a standoff prior to the first pitch. The rules; Post National anthem, both players must remain with their hats on their chest for as long as they can, that’s about it. The standoff lasted about 7 minutes, until the home plate umpire has to intervene. Even Bryce Harper got in on the fun, padding Barrett’s elbow and putting a batters helmet on for protection against in game balls. Your browser does not support iframes. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened Scott Van Slyke and Joe Kelly standoff opened the NLCS Game 6 with one last year. Your browser does not support iframes.

  • The 25 Highest Voting Percentages In MLB Hall of Fame History

    There is an elaborate process to getting inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame, you can read about it here, but long story short, a player who has been nominated needs to be selected on 75% of ballots from the voting committee. Some former players just eek their way in, looking at you Al Simmons (75.38%), while others, like the 25 legends on this list, made it in with a resounding yes. While we see big names on this list, including Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Cal Ripken Jr, and Ty Cobb, just to name a few, no one has ever been elected unanimously and it’s unlikely it will ever happen either.


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