• The Most 27 Bizarre Team Logos In Minor League Baseball

    With the 2014 MLB season well underway there are hundreds of minor league baseball players trying to make it up to the big leagues. Most will not not get promoted and will have to spend another year in obscurity with a minor league affiliate, many of which have pretty strange team names and logos. Here is a look at some of the most bizarre.

  • The Fascinating (And True) Military Career Of Ted Williams [16 Photos]

    Ted Williams is widely regarded at the best pure hitter in baseball history. But let’s not remember him for being the last man to hit over .400 in a season. Or his two triple crowns (1941 and 1947). Let’s remember Ted Williams for his courage. It is often overlooked that Ted Williams served his country dedicating almost five years out of the heart of a great baseball career to our country. Being the best baseball player in the world he could have easily landed a desk job pushing paper but no, he decided to go into the air force to protect the freedom we all rely so heavily on today. On May 21, 1942, Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox hit his 100th home run. How did he celebrate? By joining the Navy Reserve on May 22, of course! Williams went into active duty in 1943 and trained as a pilot. He served as a naval aviator in the United States Marine Corps during World War II and was discharged in January 1946, just in time for baseball season. However, it was not to be the end of his military career. During the Korean War, Williams was again called more »

  • The short shelf life of the Tip-Tops, the Brooklyn baseball team situated near the Gowanus River and named for bread [Link]

    Everyone is familiar with the National League and American League of Major League Baseball, but for a brief period from 1914 to 1915, they were joined by a third league known as the Federal League. When the Brooklyn Dodgers left Washington Park for the newly constructed Ebbets Field, it seemed like the perfect time for New York to gain a fourth baseball club and its only member of the 8-team Federal League. Unfortunately, the new league, offering better and higher-paying contracts, wasn’t meant to last.

  • 15 MLB Pitchers in the Tommy John Hall of Fame

    This week, baseball fans everywhere got some bad news. Jose Fernandez, the most exciting young pitcher in the game, has hit the DL, and doctors are recommending “Tommy John” (i.e. elbow ligament replacement) surgery. That means nobody is going to get to watch this electrifying 21-year-old pitch for another 12-18 months, which is just depressing. Of course, it’s hardly surprising any more. We’re currently in the middle of what some are calling a Tommy John epidemic. Fernandez is just the latest high-profile casualty. What’s the cause? Why are so many elite pitchers going under the knife? Well, it’s likely a combination of two factors. The first is that more guys are having it done because the procedure is now so effective. In the past pitchers may have tried to rehab elbow injuries. Now they’re electing to go under the knife right away so that, ultimately, they’ll be in peak physical shape for longer. The other factor? Guys are overworking their arms from an earlier age. With millions of dollars at stake, elite prospects are playing ball year round, playing for multiple teams in multiple leagues, trying to develop their talent as quickly and thoroughly as possible. And this is destroying more »

  • Your First Look At The Atlanta Braves New Ballpark [7 Photos]

    The Atlanta Braves have released six conceptual renderings for a first peek at the new ballpark and mixed-use development design. “This is a very early look at how our vision is shaping up and, even though we are still months away from final plans and drawings, we are very pleased with the progress,” said John Schuerholz, president of the Atlanta Braves. “The renderings represent the sense of place we intend to create 365 days a year in addition to a world-class ballpark.” Shopping, dining, living, office and entertainment space, as well as a boutique hotel, will create a play, work, stay environment complete with green space and a water feature. The development, combined with an intimate, state-of-the-art ballpark, will keep this destination bustling year round. You can attempt to view the images over at homeofthebraves.com but chances are the site will be down because it is flooded with traffic so we pulled together the photos below of the ballpark set to open in April 2017.

  • 101-Year-Old Kitty Cohen Tosses Out The First Pitch [GIF]

    We’re nominating this for the best first pitch of the 2014 MLB season. On Mother’s Day the Toronto Blue Jays invited a special guest to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Kitty Cohen, who is 101 years old, became the oldest person to ever toss a first pitch in Canada and possibly all of baseball.

  • Robinson Cano Surprises Booing Yankees Fans [Video]

    Robinson Cano returns to New York today, but no longer as a Yankee. He left the Yanks for Seattle and a $240 million, 10-year contract. Although most folks would go where the money is, that doesn’t mean fans still aren’t angry. To help them blow off steam, Jimmy Fallon presented a giant portrait of the second baseman for fans to boo in public. They didn’t know the real Robinson Cano was right behind the picture. How quickly their attitudes change…

  • A Precise Look at the United Nations of Baseball

    Over the years arguments over baseball territories have taken years off the lives of men and women alike in the corner of sports bars across America. Those days are now numbered. With the stroke of a few keys, The New York Times created an interactive map showing the exact location based on zip codes of Baseball fandom.  Using aggregated data provided by the Facebook, The Times created an unprecedented look at the geography of baseball fandom, narrowing down to precise detail the exact line pinstripes turn red in connecticut, or the line in chicago that separates sox from cubs loyals. Check out the entire article with fully interactive capabilities here.  

  • The Michael Pineda Guide to Pine Tar

    New York Yankees Starter Michael Pineda was ejected in the second inning of Wednesday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox for having a blotch of pine tar on his neck. This was the second time in two weeks Pineda had a run-in for using the “illegal” substance. Pine Tar, although illegal for pitchers to use in the rule books, is used quite frequently, but with great precaution and discretion. It’s an unwritten rule that batters and pitchers alike play with it, but because of it’s frequent use, both teams usually keep quiet about it. What Michael Pineda did, however, was a shockingly blatant method and the Red Sox capitalized on it. It looks as though Pineda has been having some trouble using pine tar in a discrete manor, so we thought we’d help him out for future outings on the mound. You see Michael, you’re using it all wrong. A blatant slap of tar on your neck is going to be noticeable as will a discoloration on the bottom brim of your cap, but what umps and opposing teams will never see coming is a complete image change. Some facial hair or even mascara will take you the full 9 next time you more »

  • 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Wrigley Field [Link]

    The first game at Wrigley Field, originally called Weeghman Park, took place 100 years ago on April 23, 1914. But it wasn’t Cubs who took to the field that day. They played at the West Side Grounds back then. The stadium was actually built for the Chicago Federals, later called the Whales, of the short-lived Federal League. Learn more about early Wrigley Field history for the centennial at Parade.

  • Yanks Turned An Around the Horn Triple Play Against the Rays

    The New York Yankees turned the first triple play of the season against the Rays yesterday. In the past 5 seasons the Yanks have executed three total triple-plays all while CC Sabathia was on the mound. Before that the Yankees hadn’t had a triple-play since 1968, but the thing that makes this one a little more magical is that it was a perfectly executed around the horn 3 up and down 5-4-3 triple play in the second inning with the Rays’ Sean Rodriguez at bat. Your browser does not support iframes.

  • We’re Giving Away 12 MLB Rookie Cards in Honor of Opening Week

    To commemorate the return of the baseball season kicking off this week, we’re partnering up with Brigandi Coins and Collectibles to give away this legendary set of rookie cards in premium, plastic ‘screw-down’ display holders. One lucky winner will receive 12 rookie cards of some of the game’s greats. The contest giveaway will last the 2 weeks starting today and the winner will be announced on April 16th. If you don’t want to wait for your name to be picked, you can head over to Gilt tomorrow or Rue La La on April 8th to check out their Brigandi Baseball memorabilia sale. The cards in the giveaway are: Derek Jeter, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw, Yasiel Puig, Robinson Cano, Frank Thomas (2014 HOF), Tom Glavine (2014 HOF), Greg Maddux (2014 HOF), Chipper Jone, Andrew McCutchen and Craig Biggio.

  • How Milwaukee Brewers’ Hank the Dog Became The Happiest Mascot In Baseball [52 HQ Photos]

    Meet Hank the Dog. Just one month ago he was a stray, in bad shape, wandering around the Brewers’ spring training facility in Phoenix, Ariz. looking for food. He was discovered by team management, taken in and adopted by the players and fans alike. Fast forward to opening day in Milwaukee on March 31st and Hank received one of the loudest standing ovations in Miller Park history. Not only that but it was announced that he would be honored with a his own Bobblehead night on September 21st with proceeds going to the “Hank Fund,” created by the Milwaukee Humane Society for the care of stray animals. We’ve heard the barking: Here’s your BobbleHank! Announcing @WiscHumane Day! #BallparkPup http://t.co/cbikcyWjbz pic.twitter.com/sORS7kALjB — Milwaukee Brewers (@Brewers) March 27, 2014 It is a whirl wind story that not only saved a stray pooch but has also raised countless amounts of money and awareness for the ASPCA.

  • 2014 MLB Travel Routes & Calendar Poster

    During the upcoming 2014 season, Major League Baseball teams will collectively travel over one million miles to complete a regular season schedule of 2,430 games over 182 days. These gnarly prints show the travel itinerary for each team is unique — influenced by geography, divisional requirements, and the whims of a computer generated scheduling system. 2014 MLB Travel Routes & Calendar Poster 24″ x 18″ $28  

  • The Absurd Invention Of The Baseball Catcher Suit

    In the early days of baseball, clever inventors were constantly patenting changes to bats, balls, and mitts to make for a more consistent and exciting game, but not every innovation was met with acceptance. The most notable ignored invention in baseball history must be James E. Bennett’s “Base Ball Catcher” patented in 1904. Apparently finding the act of catching a baseball entirely too dangerous, Bennett created a suit for the catcher to wear that would do all the work for him, except for throwing the ball. The entirely-too complicated device featured an open-wireframe body portion reinforced by slotted walls of wood. Adjustable shoulder and hip braces keep the contraption firmly attached to the catcher. A cushion behind the cage kept the impact of the ball from injuring the player (hopefully) and the bottom of the cage contained an opening for easy retrieval. There is also a safety cage that guards the face (hopefully). It’s a shame the idea never caught on, just for the entertainment aspect, but with pitches capable of exceeding 100 mph, just sitting there waiting for the ball to speed into your chest seems like a frightening proposition.

  • 19 Shocking Facts About Detroit’s Bankruptcy While Miguel Cabrera Laughs All The Way To The Bank

    Over the weekend Miguel Cabrera became the richest athlete in the history of American sports, ironically in a city that is so broke that 40% of its streetlights are not functioning. In 2013 Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, with long-term debt estimated between $18 billion and $20 billion, and yet the team could afford to give it’s star player a contract worth $292 million guaranteed. Sure, theoretically, if Miggy helps the Tigers go deep into the playoffs it could help jumpstart the economy but let’s just take a look at the current state of Detroit and consider what could be improved upon with nearly $300 million. 

  • Miguel Cabrera Inks The Largest Contact In Baseball History

    Overnight the Detroit Tigers made a huge commitment to two-time American League MVP Miguel Cabrera, locking him down on a new 10-year contract that will pay him $292 million. Not only that but the club has an option for an 11th and 12th season which would ballon the contract to over $352 million. FOX Sports reports:

  • The Inside Story of Baseball’s Grand World Tour of 1914 [Link]

    The 2014 Major League Baseball season opened over the weekend with a two-game series between the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks in Sydney, Australia. This wasn’t the first time baseball went international, though. Beginning in October of 1913, the New York Giants and Chicago White Sox embarked on a five month world tour, beginning in Japan and ending in England with many stops in between.

  • 36 Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names For 2014

    Fantasy baseball is the king of all fantasy games. A good manager needs at least a dose of sabermetrics, a good sense of value and six-months-plus commitment to his roster to compete for the big money. A relationship/marriage-threatening effort like that deserves a solid team name.

  • 30 Stunning 2014 MLB Spring Training Photos

    the 2014 MLB season is mearly upon us and over the course of this past offseason, a handful of trades, free agent signings and announcements have been made. Robinson Cano left his pinstripes for Seattle. Prince Fielder has taken his talents to the lone star state and Derek Jeter announced his retirement. But all that news is overshadowed by that spring time air feeling that baseball is back. Here are 30 spring training photos to get you back in the baseball swing of things. Chris Sale Hideki Matsui Guest Instructing Tanaka and C.C. Sabitha waiting for their turn in line Jason Giambi Russel Wilson in Texas Rangers gear Derek Jeter with Joe Namath Joe Namath Yu Darvish Russell Wilson Taking BP Russell Wilson taking field practice. Daisuke Matsuzaka Kevin Mattison Troy Tulowitzski Prince Fielder sporting a new Texas uniform Adam Eaton and Prince Fielder got close Derek Jeter Carlos Correa Jonathan Singleton reacts to a strike call Scott Feldman asks batter “Is this what you want? You want this? Well You can’t have it” The artist formerly known as Angel Pagan Johnny Gomes fields a tricky fly ball Submarine pitcher Shunsuke Watanabe Robinson Cano outside of his pinstripes

  • A Century of Ballparks (Infographic)

    Part of a continuing exploration of information design using baseball as a core theme, this poster, by Lou Spirito, illustrates the current 30 MLB ballparks to scale. Each field is shown in a common green hue while surrounded by a color from the respective home team’s primary palette. Ballparks are arranged in ascending order by date opened. I00 years separates the first and last.

  • Brian Wilson’s First Spring Training Pitch was a Glorious Knuckleball

    In cool, but unsurprising news, eccentric Dodgers pitcher, Brian Wilson threw knuckleball for his first pitch this past Tuesday. Wilson has been practicing the pitch throughout training, but until Yesterday kept it in his back pocket. One can only wonder if this will be added to the arsenal or is he just taking it for a spring time stroll? We hope the former.

  • New Era 1934 Heritage Collection

    New Era is ringing in spring training in serious style this year. Introducing the 1934 Heritage Collection, a 19TWENTY cap from the original on-field Diamond Collection, vintage style fitted cap. The vintage caps are crafted from 100% melton wool with a leather sweatband on the inside, paying homage to the original uniform fabrics from the major leagues 90 years ago all deigned in Buffalo, NY home of the New Era headquarters. New Era Heritage Collection

  • Yankees Spring Training 1961 [16 Photos]

    Spring training is here again, so we thought we’d share the best spring training photo shoot with you. In 1961, LIFE gave Yankee shortstop Tony Kubek a camera and assigned him the task of capturing his teammates during spring training. His teammates at the time included the legends Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, and Roger Maris. The amazing and fun photos were never published in the magazine. Thankfully, LIFE gave them new life (ha!) on their website a couple years ago. 

  • Keith Olbermann Reveals That Jason Collins Is Not The First Openly Gay Player In Major Sports

    Keith Olbermann pays tribute to the first openly gay player in one of the four major sports. And it’s not Jason Collins. Glenn Burke was the first openly gay athlete in one of America’s four major sports, breaking the barrier over 30 years before Jason Collins and yet the history books don’t remember the name Glenn Burke. Watch the fascinating story described by Olbermann and wait for the interesting twist at the end.

  • 10 Greatest Moments of Derek Jeter’s Incredible Career

    Truly, there are few pinstripe clad baseball players that trump Derek Jeter. Entering the Big Leagues when Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio was the toast of the music world, Jeter quickly saw an elevation to equal—and much longer lasting—fame. Now, in 2014—nineteen years removed from his MLB debut—Jeter has decided to hit the ole dusty trail come this fall. Yankee fans will be awash in nostalgia when the Captain’s final season comes to pass. As such, we decided to countdown the best moments from Jeter’s career.

  • Minimalist MLB Stadiums

    UK-based artist Marcus Reed has created these minimalist representations of all 30 MLB stadiums exclusively for original sports artwork website RareInk. Reed’s minimalist works are know all over the world and have been featured in galleries and publications form London to Tokyo. The limited edition posters can be purchased from RareInk in various sizes and frame options, starting at $99.

  • Photo of the Day: Derek Jeter Before He Was A New York Yankee Icon

    Derek Jeter recently announced that he would be retiring following the 2014 season. Not only will Jeter spend his entire career with the Yankees but fascinatingly enough he was born in New Jersey and was a diehard Yankee fan growing up. We found this cool photo of a teenage Jeter when he was attending Kalamazoo Central High School where he was named the 1992 Gatorade High School Player of the Year award, and USA Today’s High School Player of the Year.