• An Insider’s Look At MLB Spring Training – American League: Week 3 [23 HQ Photos]

    We are now less than a month until MLB Opening Day! Hopefully you’ve been following all the spring training action to prepare for your upcoming fantasy draft. If you can’t make it down south to see all the baseball action in person we’ve got 23 high quality behind the scenes photos from the American League’s spring training facilities. On Wednesday we will check in on the National League.

  • The 27 Strangest Team Logos in Minor League Baseball

    With MLB Spring Training underway there are hundreds of baseball players trying to make the cut. Most will not make the big league club and they’ll be sent to a minor league affiliate, many of which have pretty strange team names and logos. Here is a look at some of the most bizarre.

  • 8 MLB Greats Created Out of LEGOS

    flipflopflyball has an awesome ongoing photo series featuring Major League Baseball greats created out of LEGOS. We’ve pulled together some of the best but make sure you follow their Tumblr blog to see all the latest updates.

  • Behind the Scenes of MLB Spring Training: Week 1 [49 HQ Photos]

    Over the last week, pitchers, catchers and a few dedicated position players made their way to their spring training complexes in Florida and Arizona to prepare for another grueling 162-game season. As you prep for your upcoming fantasy draft, enjoy this behind the scenes look at spring training 2013. Check back each Monday as we post dozens of behind the scenes photos from MLB Spring Training 2013. 

  • Doug Flutie Is Trying To Become A Knuckleball Pitcher

    What does it take to become the next great knuckleball pitcher? Most pitchers don’t know the first thing about throwing a knuckleball so it is reasonable to believe that someone with a decent arm could be molded into the next R.A. Dickey. Just look at the greatest knuckleballers of our time. R.A. didn’t start throwing his knuckleball until he was a 32 year old minor leaguer looking for a hail-mary pass to keep him from getting cut. And Tim Wakefield, he was drafted as a third baseman but realized he would never make it to the big leagues as a position player so he worked with knuckleball legend Phil Nikro to develop the pitch. MLB Networks is producing a reality show called “The Next Knuckler” in which Doug Flutie and four other former college quarterbacks are taught by former big league pitcher Tim Wakefield how to throw the knuckleball. The pitcher that wins the competition will receive an invitation to pitch with the Arizona Diamondbacks during Spring Training. Your browser does not support iframes.

  • 42 Rare And Iconic Photos of Jackie Roosevelt Robinson

    Today would have been Jackie Robinson’s 94th birthday so as the world pays tribute we pulled together 42 of his most iconic and rarest photos. 42 being the number that he wore when he broke the color barrier with the Dodgers and a number that has since been permanently retired from baseball.

  • John Smoltz’s Million Dollar Backyard Sports Complex Will Make You Drool

    Smoltz spent “easily” $2 million to build and design his backyard, doing the majority of the grunt work himself. It includes a baseball field, basketball court, football field, golf course, volleyball court, tennis court, and a fishing pond. On the inside, there’s a trophy room that includes memorabilia from his 21-year MLB career and the torch Muhammad Ali carried in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Take seven minutes out of your work day to watch. 

  • Ballpark Blueprints

    Baseball fans know that there’s more to the game than you can catch on TV. There’s a special spark you only find at a stadium, packed with other fans, cheering your heart out for your favorite team. These Ballpark Blueprints honor that spirit of history and place in classic style. Evoking the nostalgia of midcentury architectural plans, these illustrations lay out the details of some of the game’s legendary ball fields.

  • Watch The New Trailer For Jackie Robinson Biopic “42″

    This trailer for “42,” a movie depicting the life story of Jackie Robinson and his history-making signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers under the guidance of team executive Branch Rickey, is running before Zero Dark Thirty. It was uploaded to YouTube just 22 hours ago so there is a very good chance you haven’t seen it yet. This all-star film, led by Harrison Ford, is in theaters on April 12th.

  • Photo of the Day: Babe Ruth On The Red Sox

    93 years ago today the Red Sox announced they had sold their 25-year-old all-star pitcher Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees making Ruth’s transition from a pitcher to a power-hitting outfielder complete. To celebrate the occasion we take a look back at one of the all-time Red Sox greats. A man who was “less then a God, but more than a man. Like Hercules or something.” Babe Ruth’s legend is synonimous with the Yankees but before he wore pinstripes Babe Ruth was a Red Sox. We pulled together 30 rare photographs of Babe Ruth before he was a Yankee.

  • 22 Fat Derek Jeter Memes

    Tip: navigate using the ← left and right → arrow keys Derek Jeter has his ankle in a walking boot and hasn’t been able to work out in a while. He’s gotten a bit bloated and there is a meme series called “Fat Derek Jeter” starting to blow up on the web.

  • New Zealand Baseball Team preforms Haka Dance for WBC

    The New Zealand rugby squad is best known for preforming the traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Māori people. Not quite sure having the less intimidating baseball squad, who has never made a baseball classic, preform the dance has the same effect, but the Chinese Taipei seemed to respect it. Unfortunately NZ lost 10-0 after the game was called in the 7th. Your browser does not support iframes.

  • 66 Photos From The San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Parade [RSVLTS Exclusive]

    Meanwhile, in San Francisco… It’s a very exciting time in the Bay Area, and we’ve been fortunate enough to catch some of it. On Monday after the Giants won the World Series we took to the streets and captured compelling photos of the fan riots and now we are back with photos of today’s World Series parade. Hundreds of thousands of fans packed the streets, many in Halloween costumes to cheer on their team.

  • Suddenly Our SF Giants Fan Riot Photos Are Very Important To The Police

    Who knew the photos we shot on early Monday morning at the San Franciso Giants’ fan riot taking place outside our hotel on 3rd and Market Street in downtown San Francisco would be so influential? We told you that there was a group of instigators and idiots trashing vehicles. Well, now it turns out that there is a mini hanhunt taking place for one person in particular who did damage to a $1 million city bus. He isn’t the only guy who needs to be arrested. As we told you three days ago, the two men on the left wearing the red and the white are the biggest culprits of the bunch. We witnessed them thrashing dozens of vehicles and I can guarantee the guy in the SF Giants hat wasn’t the only one demolishing the bus. For photographic evidence of these rioters destroying cars and buses see our photos here. View more photos of the destruction here >>

  • 15 Pro Athletes Who Played For Their Hometown Teams

    Brandon Crawford, the San Francisco Giants’ starting shortstop, grew up in San Francisco rooting for the team with which he just won the World Series. I doubt there is a better feeling in professional sports. What other athletes have gotten the chance to live our their childhood fantasies and play for their hometown teams? Some of the players on this list will be obvious to some, but others might surprise you. 

  • 40 Photos of the San Francisco Giants World Series 2012 Fan Riot [EXCLUSIVE]

    What a night! The timing of RSVLTS.com’s trip to San Francisco couldn’t have been any better. First off, we left NYC only hours before Hurricane Sandy hit, WTF. We also arrived in time to celebrate the Giants beating the Tigers to win their second World Series in three years. Lucky for us our hotel was about half a block from the impromptu fan riot at the intersection of 3rd Street and Market Street. Obviously we bolted out of the hotel with camera in hand to cover the action. There are three types of people at any fan riot. Observers, instigators and idiots. The observers sit on the sidelines watching the action. In the case of San Francisco, 90% of them were smoking the weed. There were also plenty of people capturing the hooliganism on their iPads, which was a hilarious sight that felt perfectly cliche in San Francisco. Then you have the instigators and the idiots. The two go hand-in-hand. The instigators are the guys yelling f”–k the police” for no apparent reason and giving glass bottles to drunk idiots and daring him to throw it. Most of the instigators at this riot (see the guy in the white shirt above, dude more »

  • Matt Cain (Fake) Trick Shot Video

    Matt Cain meets up with Kari Byron & Tory Belleci of Myth Busters to hit everyday objects out of the air. The video is probably fake but I wish someone would take the initiative to make a real trick shot video with an MLB pitcher.

  • The MLB Teams According To “Americaness”

    We love ranking things. Especially when it comes to sports. We’ve already shown you which NFL team is the most American so now with baseball playoffs in midswing it’s time to give MLB teams the treatment.  Which team bleeds the red, white and blue more than any other? Time to find out. Our brilliant DC contributor Rory, the creator of Mr. America Head, has devised an algorythm for ranking the Americaness of MLB teams. It’s pretty simple, yet highly effective.

  • Where Is Jeffery Maier Today? RSVLTS Investigates

    16 years ago today Jeffrey Maier, a 12-year-old from New Jersey made one of the most important fan plays in baseball history when he deflected a batted ball in-play into the Yankee Stadium stands during Game 1 of the 1996 American League Championship Series. His action altered the course of Game 1, as the resulting home run allowed the Yankees to tie the score. They would go on to win the game and that series, four games to one. Jeffrey Maier changed everything for the 1996 Yankees. If Derek Jeter, a rookie in 1996, popped out instead of hitting the home run who knows how their World Series run, and his swagger filled career, would have changed. So where is Jeff today? We investigate. Our search began on Google where we learned that Jeffrey was a pretty solid college baseball player at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. He was a first-team all-NESCAC selection, played briefly for the Pittsfield Dukes in the New England Collegiate Baseball League in the summer of 2005 and in 2006, he became Wesleyan’s career hits leader. This is where the trail goes dry. With some further digging we found on Facebook that Jeffrey goes by Jeff now. He is 28-years-old more »


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