• Top 10 Overhyped Sports Stories of 2013 (That Didn’t Actually Matter)

    With ESPN running nearly 24-hour sports news and banter-laden segments, they need to maintain a constant flow of material. Unfortunately, this means that many of the stories that they cover are tabloid-esque sensationalist time-fillers that further invoke the interest of a population who catalyze meaningless brouhaha. A year full of soap opera-worthy drama that ESPN beat until the end of its ninth life, 2013 had no shortage of meaningless locker room tales. And, in true End of the Year fashion, RSVLTS has the best—and least meaningful—of the sporting news abyss. 10. Mark Sanchez’s Headband Does anybody remember that guy who was the New York Jets’ starting quarterback? Well, the biggest splash he made in 2013 was via his choice of headwear. And, as the media gravitated towards it, it spiraled into a story much larger than necessary. Seriously, the MLB is on during the summer, can’t tabloid NFL stories fall to the wayside during the offseason? 9. The Alex Rodriguez Saga While controversial, the Alex Rodriguez debacle in New York City hardly has the same impact as it once did. Once a player who would easily join the all time greats in Cooperstown, A-Rod is now a shamed fallen star more »

  • Minimalist MLB Stadiums [Photos]

    Now that the 2013 MLB season is in the rear view mirror we take one more look at America’s sport with these fascinating minimalist posters that capture the essence of each ballpark.

  • Watch Excited Red Sox Fans Flip Car [Video]

    Wicked pissah! Sawks win! What better way to celebrate than flipping over cars? Also uprooting trees seems like a fun idea. Maybe next time, though, it would be more polite to make sure no one is in the car when it gets flipped. To be fair, if the Mets ever actually won a World Series I might lose control, too.

  • Drunken Wade Boggs Sings Garth Brooks In The Keys [VIDEO]

    This is one of the classics from the Busted Coverage archives because there isn’t much better than Drunk Wade Boggs signing “Friends in Low Places” way back in 2011. So many of you are new to BC that I had to dig up Wade for an encore from Snappers in Key Largo. Watch until the end when a woman give Wade some advice. “Don’t quit your day job, darlin.”

  • Ranking The 30 MLB Ballparks According To Yelp

    What is the easiest way to see how Major League Baseball ballparks  stack up against each other? Yelp. Obviously. We went through the Yelp pages for each of the 30 ballparks and ranked their popularity according to  Yelp number and the number of Yelp reviews received. When you’re finished see Ranking The 31 NFL Stadiums According To Yelp. 

  • Bearcats Baseball Post Game Shenanigans

    The University of Cincinnati Bearcats really know how to have a good time. Their post-game interviews are quickly becoming legendary for all the background hijinks (I’m partial to the jousting catchers). I suppose that when you have a 24-32 record, you need to enjoy yourself somehow. And as bonus, we’ve got all the shenanigans captured in GIF form for you kids to use in your Reddit comments or whatever it is you do with them.

  • 2001 Eye Opening Ad Sheds Light on Native American Issue in Pro Sports

    In 2001, The National Congress of American Indians released an blatant poster of racist baseball caps in hopes to raise awareness of the Cleveland Indians logo on their cap. Today that poster is more relevant than ever. With the controversial Redskins branding under the microscope, everyone from SI to the President has chimed in with their two cents. It looks as though Daniel Snyder, the owner of the team is stubbornly clinging to the name, he claims 95% of Native Americans don’t have an issue with. The poster at hand was created by the NCAI in the 1990’s by the advertising firm, Devito/Verdi in 2001, says Slate. The poster features unquestionably racist characters of The New York “Jews” and San Francisco “Chinamen” next to the Cleveland Indians Cheif Wahoo logo. Definitely the most compelling argument we’ve heard yet. Take notes Bob Costas.

  • The History Of The Logos Of The MLB Playoff Teams

    Major League Baseball has now officially entered the postseason and even more amazing than the Pirates making it this far is the history of the teams’ names and logos. From the shared, convoluted history of the Red Sox and the Braves to the many changes of the young Rays, there is a ton of great trivia here.   

  • Baseball Salaries vs Winning Percentage [Infographic]

    Marginal wins was a statistic popularized by the late Doug Pappas and furthered by Baseball Prospectus that helped put a dollar amount on just how much a major league baseball team pays per win. Marginal wins started by figuring out the lowest possible price by which a major league team could be fielded (the league minimum salary x 25, plus some money for DL expenses, filling out the 40 man roster, etc.) and then assuming that such a team would win about 30% of it’s games, since no MLB team would go 0-162. Every win over that 30% mark is then a marginal win, and the formula Pappas used can tell you just how much a team spent for each additional win. Ideally, teams will spend very little money per marginal win, giving them payroll flexibility, and demonstrating the ability to win with fewer resources. You also get the fun of seeing teams with the most bloated, ineffective payrolls, paying massive amounts of money for middling success. Some teams spend huge amounts, make poor and expensive roster mistakes, and finish much worse than more clever teams that can’t afford to spend as much. In this infographic, you can see the more »

  • Ode To the Catcher: The 15 Greatest In Baseball History

    When it comes to positions on the baseball diamond there is none more important than the catcher. In most cases the catcher is the smartest guy on the field. He is the most nimble. Manages pitchers emotions. Deals with extreme summer time heat in full gear. He fools umpires by framing pitches and is fearless when blocking home plate as a hitter is barreling down the third baseline. Casey Stengel said it best when talking about the Yankees great Yogi Berra, “Why is our pitching so great? Our catcher, thats why. He looks cumbersome but he’s quick as a cat.” Today we honor the most under appreciated guy in sports by looking at the 15 best catchers in baseball history.

  • TOPPS Baseball Archive Prints

    The glory of the good ol’ days when baseball cards were used as a form of  currency, bartering with buddys and classmates to collect the whole batch or just trading away your whole collection for that one Don Mattingly card you couldn’t get your hands on. Well get read to relive the glory days with TOPPS Baseball Archive Prints, large print cards from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Warning, if you order an Andre Dawson print, make sure you don’t look directly in his eyes. TOPPS Baseball Archive Prints from $65 TOPPS WALL ART ARCHIVE PRINTS from Topps on Vimeo.

  • Elliot Johnson Channels NASCAR in Post Game Interview

    Elliot Johnson must’ve been practicing this for weeks. In a postgame interview, Johnson went all Jeff Gordon on us with a hilariously on point monologue referring himself to a race car, thanking his sponsors, pit crew and team, after putting it into high gear on an off the wall triple. The Braves have a substantial lead in the NL race, looking down on the rest of the league at this point. Your browser does not support iframes.

  • 57 MLB Stars Making More In 2013 Than The Entire Houston Astros Roster Combined

    With a dismal .338 winning percentage the Houston Astros are, by far, the worst team in Major League Baseball this year. With that in mind credit must be given to Astros owner Jim Crane who, according to a report from Forbes Magazine, is on pace to make an estimated $99 million in operating income this season – more than any team in baseball’s history. That is nearly as much as the estimated operating income of the previous six World Series championship teams — combined. How is this possible? The Astros started the 2013 season with a payroll of $26 million but have since cut that number to an astonishing $13 million. The team has only one player pulling in more than $1 million this year (Erik Bedard $1.15M). Couple that with soaring TV revenues and you have a very profitable business. Fifty-seven major leaguers make more individually than the $13,000,000 the Astros’ current 25-man active payroll makes collectively. The New York Yankees alone pay nine players more than the Astros payroll. And leave it to Jason Bay, who is not even on a team and earns more than the all of the Astros thanks to an old contract with the more »

  • Houston Texans Have The Second Best Tailgate In The NFL

    Tailgating. The right of passage for sports fans in America. On any given Sunday in the Fall, parking lots in NFL cities swell with thousands of grill masters cooking up a wide variety of specialty foods. From porterhouse steaks, meticulously marinated in a secret passed down recipe to full pig roasts (we’re looking at you Oakland) the food choices are endless. Having the proper tools could be the difference between a Gatorade shower and a tailgate shunning. When it comes to grilling there is Coleman’s NXT Grill and there is everything else. This compact beast fits 18 burgers at one time, 20,000 BTUs for cooking intensity, and folds like a Transformer allowing it to fit in your trunk with ease. Did we mention the no-spill grease cup that prevents grease stains while you’re hauling it? Anyone who’s ever tried to lug a greasy travel grill home knows the crime scene, you could open up your trunk to.

  • Tori Hunter Steals Home From 2nd on a 2 Out, 3rd Strike Passed Ball

    Tori “Willie Mayes Hayes” Hunter might have lost a step or two, but he has the experience and game awareness to make a critical heads up decision that only years of playing will teach. Two outs down as Prince Fielder had a 2-2 count against him in the bottom of the 7th inning and it looked as though Caleb Thielbar was going to get his team out of a bind. Thielbar took out Fielder on a nasty up and in 93 MPH fastball that just got by Ryan Doumitt, Fielder took notice and like all baseball players are taught in little league, run it out on a past ball. Thats where Tori Hunter’s baseball instincts take over. Hunter was savvy enough to recognize Thielbar asleep at the mound and took an extra base, putting another notch on the Tigers belt. Your browser does not support iframes.

  • Ranking Derek Jeter’s 9 Ex-Girlfriends By His Performance On The Field

    With speculation that he finally put a ring on it, people have been ranking the hotness of Derek Jeter’s ex’s like there is no tomorrow. We didn’t want to beat a dead horse, but we also wanted to jump on the J train, so instead of going the standard hotness route we decided to crunch all the numbers and figure out which girlfriend was actually best for Derek Jeter, statistically. Because how can you actually tell me that Jessica Alba or Adriana Lima are any hotter than Minka Kelly or Laura Dudda? 

  • The Roots and Fallon Help Derek Jeter with Some New At Bat Music

    The New York Yankees Captain hasn’t had many opportunities to step up to the plate this year, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have the best possible walk out music. Jeter mentioned he’s respect and love for Bob Shepard, the Yankees late stadium announcer, so before every at bat, Jeter requested to have a recording of Mr. Shepard introduce him. This year he chose to use Eminem’s ‘Square Dance’ as his walk out music, but Jimmy and the Roots have a few ideas of their own.

  • The Awesome World of Minor League Theme Nights

    Minor League sports teams have always been synonymous with daring uniforms, a marketing gimmick to bring in fans and in some cases get some press out of it. We’ve seen everything from jersey tuxedos, worn by a team after a wedding ceremony on a mound, to a pancho patterned jersey with a pig in a sombrero on its chest for Mexican night at the hockey rink. With college and premiere pro teams taking more risks with flashy jerseys, the minor league teams, known for their outlandish theme night kits have to push the envelope a bit. Here are some of the best, worst, laughable, awful, questionably WTF jerseys worn by minor league sports teams.

  • What is the Most Dangerous Sport? (Infographic)

    Every activity comes with a certain risk of danger, but isn’t that part of the fun? Last March in college basketball’s most acclaimed tournament, Louisville player, Kevin Ware, broke his leg so bad, the bone was exposed. The injury to put it simply, was a fluke, no contact or foul play caused the incident, but it will live on as one of the worst injuries to be caught on film. Take a look at this infographic including the most dangerous sports in the world based on sheer volume of injuries sustained and the top ten worst sports injuries through history. Note: This does not indicate how severe the injury, which is most likely why basketball trumps sports like football and hockey, two of the toughest contact sports around.


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