• Nothin’ But Net … Worth [Infographic]

    Professional athletes make a ton of money, there’s no denying that, but despite the high salaries, 60% of NBA players go broke after their basketball careers end. The smart players invest their money while they’re making the big bucks so they can still collect a paycheck after they retire. Sure, it’s no surprise that big name former players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are still making plenty of dough, but you don’t have to be a superstar to make a fortune from investing. Just look at Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman. Who? A dude who turned $4 million from 12 years in the NBA into $400 million, that’s who.

  • Blake Griffin’s 22 Most Badass Dunks of This Season In GIF Form

    We can now watch all of Blake Griffin’s nearly 200 dunks from the 2013/14 NBA season thanks to a new supercut compilation that is blowing up on the web. Only problem with the video (which you can watch at the bottom of this story) is that it’s 10 long minutes so we decided to weed out all the easy “lob city” dunks and turn his most posterizing, bench clearing throwdowns of this season into GIFS.

  • A Visual Compendium of Basketball Jerseys

    Pop Chart Labs has created a compilation of the most striking basketball jerseys through the years in chronological order. From the 1921 New York Celtics to the lovable Toon-Squad from Space Jam, The list consists of a variety of professional, All-star, independent league and film jerseys. All of the most iconic basketball jerseys from the history of the sport. Key years to look for; 1989 and 1992, wooo-eeee hot fire. Get yours now at Pop Chart Labs.

  • 25 Years Of The Reebok Pump In 25 Photos

    Can you believe it has been 25 years since Reebok Pumps were first released? If you had parents who loved you, you were probably fortunate enough to own a pair. My parents hated me so I had a pair of Spalding Typhoons. I blame my short basketball career, 1994-1994, on the fact that I didn’t have real Pumps. Anyway, here are 25 classic pics of Pumps to celebrate their 25th birthday. They enabled Dee Brown to win the dunk contest. They helped Ripley kill Aliens. They are even rad enough to almost take attention away from Gheorghe Mureșan’s eyebrows. Almost.

  • Power Ranking The 2014 NBA Playoffs with Leanna Decker [16 Photos]

    Back in January we teamed up with Leanna Decker, one of the internet’s rapidly rising stars, for an NBA themed shoot featured in the second issue of RSVLTS Magazine. The behind-the-scenes photos took the internet by storm and judging by the popularity (and the fact that the 2014 NBA Playoffs are here) we thought this would be the perfect time to showcase the playoff picture in the best way possible.

  • Jabari Parker: “Why I made the difficult choice to leave Duke for the NBA”

    In an exclusive sit down with Sports Illustrated’s Jeff Benedict Duke’s freshman forward Jabari Parker reveals his decision whether to stay in school or declare for the NBA draft and it may not be the decision Blue Devils fans want to hear. In his 1,285 word op-ed piece Parker weigh the good and the bad, talks about his love for Duke and Coach K but ultimately the following four lines sums up his decision.

  • Damian Lillard Talks Legends with “No Rings” in Newest Foot Locker Spot

    Damian Lillard is is ready for the playoffs. He’s after a championship and wants to make sure he doesn’t end up like one of those legends who never won a ring. Even though Lillard is only in his second season in the league, he’s still as hungry as the rest. The Foot Locker commercial stars Lillard talking smack on ringless sports legends Barry Sanders, LaDainian Tomlinson, Chris Webber and Karl Malone. Malone isn’t angry, he’s just disappointed.

  • NBA Logos Of The Pokemon Universe

    What would your favorite NBA team look like in the Pokemon universe? These logos popped up on Imgur this morning and we haven’t been able to track down a source yet, but whoever made them did a pretty good job. Some are obvious, such as the Team Rocket/Houston Rockets mashup. The most inspired has to be the Orlando Magikarps. Not only does Magikarp sound similar to Magic, the team looks like a bunch of fish out of water hopelessly flailing up and down the court (it’s okay, I lived in Orlando for ten years and rooted for those perennial losers). If you have any info on the source, let us know so we can give the artist some attention.

  • Rebranding The NBA [30 Photos]

    Canada-based graphic artist Dead Dilly re-imagined all 30 NBA teams, plus a few extras, in his “Rebrand the NBA 2.o” series. Instead of just a logo or color change, Dead Dilly imagined a world where big-name corporations designed uniforms  for the teams. Honestly, some of them aren’t so bad. The Paramount Warriors jersey is so good, it might make me not constantly forget that the Golden State Warriors exist. And the Sega Sonics jersey makes me wish the Sonics still existed, although Sega is probably not in the position to sponsor an NBA team these days. For more of Dead Dilly’s work, check out Instagram and Behance.

  • Local Gainesville News Reenacts Game Highlights To Get Around NCAA Rules [Video]

    The local news team at Gainesville, Florida’s WCJB TV-20 wanted to show highlights from the Florida/Dayton Elite Eight game, but due to NCAA regulations, they were not allowed to air the footage. Not being able to contain their excitement over their team’s win, station employees made their own highlight reel by reenacting the game in the office. Oddly enough, this video may now be the highlight of the season.

  • Swaggy P Celebrates A Three That Doesn’t Go In [GIF]

    Nick “Swaggy P” Young celebrates everything: fresh haircuts, new kicks, wins, Kobe Bryant death stares, Iggy Azalea’s lipstick preferences—you name it says Bleacher Report, so it’s no surprise that he celebrated this deep three pointer before it went in leaving us with the following hilarious GIF.

  • Creative Illustrations of James Harden’s Beard

      In an experiment to sharpen creativity, artist Filip Peraić created ‘James Harden Illustrated’ a series of creative renditions focusing on James Harden’s iconic beard and side profile. The series was made to enlighten and enhance the creative process invoking viewers to see a simple profile of an iconic athlete in a completely new light. Peraić also has some fun with the series illustration Harden as a Greek philosopher in one piece and replaces his beard with a whale in another.

  • How to Win $1 Billion on NCAA Basketball: A Mathematician’s Tips [Link]

    As everyone knows, Warren Buffet has offered $1 billion to anyone who can come up with a perfect March Madness bracket. With the odds at 9.2 quintillion to 1, this may seem like an impossible feat, but when you consider that the top 20 brackets will each receive $100,000, it’s probably worth a shot. Mathematician Dr. Tim Chartier has been teaching March Madness bracketology for years and several of his Davidson College students have scored in the 96th percentile or higher on ESPN’s bracket challenge. Learn all about his method then fill out your bracket and sit back and wait for all the money to come rolling in.

  • Past Meets Present: Nike Uniforms Bring Winning Traditions to the Court

    This February Nike will debut some retro style uniforms paying homage to winning traditions from schools past. The college basketball teams that will debut the Hyper Elite Dominance uniforms include Michigan State University, Ohio State University, Duke University, University of Kentucky, Syracuse University, University of Oregon and University of North Carolina. All seven uniforms honor each school’s winning tradition with special logos, scripts and colors mined from each program’s past.

  • Michelle Obama Posterizes LeBron James at The White House

    Who knew Michelle Obama had ups? In this promo video for “Let’s Move”, The Miami Heat visit the White House to talk about eating healthy and drinking water while being active. This video includes the following; Erik Spoelstra giving his best/worst impression of being a journalist, Chris Bosh video bombing, D. Wade being D. Wade and LeBron getting posterized by a dunking Michelle Obmama.

  • Warren Buffett Will Give You $1 Billion If You Fill Out A Perfect ‘March Madness’ Bracket [Link]

    How would you like to win a billion dollars? Well Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and partner Quicken are willing to fork over that amount to whomever fills out a perfect March Madness bracket. Of course, the odds of winning the prize are 1 in 9.2 quintillion, but it never hurts to try. Also, the 20 most accurate imperfect brackets will win $100,000 each. The contest begins March 3.

  • So NBA All-Star Jerseys Are Just T-Shirts Now

    The NBA All-Star jerseys have leaked and they are painful to look at. For better or worse the All-star game has become a full blown calamity. Players don’t play defense, the dunk contest stinks and now this. These terrible jerseys are everything that embodies a game players take for granted. The jerseys themselves aren’t necessarily ugly, but they’re far from nice and far from even looking like a basketball jersey. They’re stuck in a limbo of awfulness combined with a lazy design scheme. Shame on you NBA. Both jerseys feature a large Fleur de lis on the chest and uniform numbers on the left sleeve similar to the terrible jerseys worn on Christmas day. EXCLUSIVE! NBA All-Star jersey leaked on French site. I confirm it's the real deal –> http://t.co/ihX7lPzEQu pic.twitter.com/7tuvUvp3E4 — Paul Lukas (@UniWatch) January 16, 2014 Los "pijamas" del All Star ya han salido a la luz #allstar #nba pic.twitter.com/rXSHaxX1xa — FUIKAOMAR (@FUIKAOMAR) January 16, 2014

  • The Original Rules Of Basketball Turn 122

    Dr. James Naismith developed the game of basket ball (it was originally two words) in 1891 but he didn’t solidify the rules and publish them until January 15, 1892. Looking back on the original rules, the game doesn’t seem that exciting. The first and greatest difference is the lack of dribbling. In the early days of the game, someone would pass you the ball and you would have to stop then either pass it to another teammate or go for a shot. And the ball? It was originally a soccer ball, then a pig’s bladder encased in leather (standard until the 1940s). There was no dunking, indeed such antics would certainly destroy the peach baskets that were the original goals. And since the goals were made of genuine baskets, the ball had to be retrieved after each successful point. If the ball bounced out of the basket, no point. There were no three point shots or shot clocks. Goal tending was perfectly acceptable. Luckily, this incredibly boring game only lasted for two 15-minutes halves with a 5 minute rest in between. One glaring omission is the number of players on each team. It was eventually set at 5, but not more »

  • Houston Rockets Mascot Scares the Bejeezers Out of Players

    In what may be one of the best viral pranks of recent history, the Houston Rockets mascot, “Clutch the Bear”, waited outside the players entrance/exit area and proceeded to scare the heck out of a majority of the Rockets players. Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin, James Harden, and Dwight Howard all fell victim to the bear-scare, in what promises to live on in one of the greatest reaction pranks of all time. All set to the perfectly times sounds of The Beastie Boys “Sabotage”. Great job, Clutch.

  • NBA Logos Redesigned as Soccer Logos

    Footballasfootball began the revolution imagining Football logos with a European soccer twist now Milan Vučković, a designer from Serbia has followed suit with NBA teams. The idea was to mix two sports and redesign their logos. Being a fan of both football (or soccer) and basketball, I decided to redesign NBA logos and make them look like football logos. Every logo you see is color correct and matches the idea of the original logo.

  • Dennis Rodman’s Touching Rendition Of Happy Birthday For Pal/Despot Kim Jong Un [Video]

    Glorious leader of Best Korea celebrated his birthday with good friend Dennis Rodman and a team of former NBA players, despite pressure from evil U.S. imperialists against the visit. Rodman sang “Happy Birthday” to Kim Jong Un while all the ecstatic attendees clapped in unison completely of their own free will. Best Korea then beat Yankee dogs at their own game.

  • Trail Blazers Make NBA History Hitting 21 Threes [Video]

    The Portland Trail Blazers made NBA history last night against the Charlotte Bobcats by scoring 21 3-point shots, becoming the first team to score 20 or more 3-pointers twice in one season. Portland dominated the entire game, with 39 points in the first quarter and 30+ points every other for a 134-104 victory over Charlotte. Check out this video highlighting all 21 of last nights 3-pointers.

  • 14 Awe-Inspiring Athletic Performances of 2013

    Athletically, 2013 was a three hundred and sixty five day span of time that was collectively awe-inspiring. From the resurgent Boston baseballers to Peyton Manning making a late-career case of superiority in his more than a decade-long rivalry with Tom Brady, there were plenty of moments that made fans—with their mouths agape—go, “HOW IN GOD’S NAME DID HE DO THAT?!”

  • The 11 Most Captivating Games of the 2013 Sports Year

    A multi-billion dollar industry, the world of mass spectator sports is truly an integral part of American society—inspiring fans to rabidly cheer, disapprovingly jeer, and become collectively energized. What fuels this phenomenon are the games that become etched into the lore of their respective sport; when the mental torment of watching a team struggle through a difficult season culminates in a fatigue-awash victory. The best games of 2013 fit such a criteria. And, with so many team-wide moments that prove to viewers the value of hard work, RSVLTS has gathered a Top 11 list to give 2013 a Norse Funeral-like send off.

  • Nike Fuses Their Flyknit Technology with Revolutionary Kobe Elite 9 Sneaker

    Today at the The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, Nike unveiled what they’re calling a revolutionary shoe. The KOBE 9 Elite, a shoe that fuses their top notch basketball technology with their Flyknit tech, a system used for their running shoe, by creating a one-piece engineered upper made from single strands of yarns, making a lightweight yet incredibly strong shoe. Designed with Kobe’s tech insights and design inspirations, the KOBE 9 Elite features three key technologies: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarlon, giving the shoe superior lightweight performance. The shoe is beautiful, that’s a given, but is it smart to use brand new technology with an aging superstar coming off a serious leg injury? For the success of the shoe, let’s hope not. The KOBE 9 Elite releases globally on Feb. 8, 2014, at Nike.com and select global retail locations.


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