• Nike Fuses Their Flyknit Technology with Revolutionary Kobe Elite 9 Sneaker

    Today at the The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, Nike unveiled what they’re calling a revolutionary shoe. The KOBE 9 Elite, a shoe that fuses their top notch basketball technology with their Flyknit tech, a system used for their running shoe, by creating a one-piece engineered upper made from single strands of yarns, making a lightweight yet incredibly strong shoe. Designed with Kobe’s tech insights and design inspirations, the KOBE 9 Elite features three key technologies: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarlon, giving the shoe superior lightweight performance. The shoe is beautiful, that’s a given, but is it smart to use brand new technology with an aging superstar coming off a serious leg injury? For the success of the shoe, let’s hope not. The KOBE 9 Elite releases globally on Feb. 8, 2014, at Nike.com and select global retail locations.

  • 22 Athletes Who Will Play Their Entire Career With One Team + Cal Ripken Jr. Autograph Giveaway

    In todays world of sports, it seems like athletes follow the big pay day, as well they should. A career path that could be diminished by an ankle tear could be worth potential millions of dollars should be looked after like a life insurance policy. With the talent pool in professional sports at an all time high, the competition is fierce and unforgiving, so when a player spends his entire career with one team, it’s all the more profound. One of the most renown and well-respected players in MLB history, Cal Ripken Jr., played his whole career with the Baltimore Orioles and this week we are giving away a signed photo from baseball’s Iron Man as part of our 12 Days of Giveaways courtesy of Brigandi’s in New York City. Enter above and then see twenty-two athletes who’ve spent a decade or more with one team and will probably finish their career in that same city. Derek Jeter The most notable of the bunch and most likely to face retirement in the near future. After coming off an injury ridden season that limited Derek to playing only 17 games, The Captain was almost plagued with picking up the $9.5 M tab on his more »

  • 10 Athletes Who Blew Our Minds in 2013

    It’s clear that—in sports—there’s a need to point out the best individual players despite the overwhelming message that a team’s collective effort trumps everything (points to Boston Red Sox and the Seattle Seahawks) But, with the Most Valuable Player Awards being among the most coveted pieces of recognition in athletics, RSVLTS is here to count down the Top 10 Most Valuable Athletes of 2013. And, while it may not compete with the opinion of the Associated Press, it still is a part of the Yearbook13 event—where there is a chronicling of all the most notable, memorable, and otherwise monumental aspects of the fleeting year.

  • 59 Reasons Why Michael Jordan Is Better In GIF Form

    There is no doubt that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time. You could make a case for him being the best athlete of our lifetime on the court but in business as well. His “Jump Man” silhouette is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. You can watch Jordan highlights all over the web but we think watching him in GIF form is better than anything else.

  • Top 10 Overhyped Sports Stories of 2013 (That Didn’t Actually Matter)

    With ESPN running nearly 24-hour sports news and banter-laden segments, they need to maintain a constant flow of material. Unfortunately, this means that many of the stories that they cover are tabloid-esque sensationalist time-fillers that further invoke the interest of a population who catalyze meaningless brouhaha. A year full of soap opera-worthy drama that ESPN beat until the end of its ninth life, 2013 had no shortage of meaningless locker room tales. And, in true End of the Year fashion, RSVLTS has the best—and least meaningful—of the sporting news abyss. 10. Mark Sanchez’s Headband Does anybody remember that guy who was the New York Jets’ starting quarterback? Well, the biggest splash he made in 2013 was via his choice of headwear. And, as the media gravitated towards it, it spiraled into a story much larger than necessary. Seriously, the MLB is on during the summer, can’t tabloid NFL stories fall to the wayside during the offseason? 9. The Alex Rodriguez Saga While controversial, the Alex Rodriguez debacle in New York City hardly has the same impact as it once did. Once a player who would easily join the all time greats in Cooperstown, A-Rod is now a shamed fallen star more »

  • Harlem Globetrotter Breaks Record For Longest Shot; Season Looks Bleak For Washington Generals [Video]

    Harlem Globetrotters Rookie Thunder Law (was that one of the American Gladiators?) broke the world record for the longest basketball shot yesterday. The former record, a paltry 104 feet 7 inches was shattered by Thunder’s impressive 109 feet 9 inches shot at the Phoenix Suns’ US Airways Center in Phoenix in celebration of Guinness Worlds Records Day. If the Washington Generals were hoping for a repeat of their 1971 season, when they beat the Globetrotters one game, it’s probably not going to happen any time soon.

  • DeAndre Jordan- Top Ten Club for SportsCenter

    DeAndre Jordan discovers one of the perks of being featured on the SportsCenter Top Ten after arguably the dunk of the year. The newest of the SportsCenter commercials featured DeAndre crossing his fingers hoping he’s on the list for the most exclusive of exclusive clubs, but what’s inside might surprise you.

  • ESPN 30 for 30: The Space Jam Game

    ESPN’s acclaimed documentary series takes on the epic game and strange happenings of the Space Jam game. Well kind of. Sketchy, a weekly comedy series parodies the compelling sports doc series using the lopsided, crooked Space Jam movie as a game where Jordan triumphed through adversary, unmatched rivals and even murder. ESPN’s acclaimed documentary series would never really profile a silly, partially-animated sports movie, but if it did, it would look like this.

  • Meanwhile in Spain: Impossible Buzzer Beater Defies Laws of Logic

    Real Madrid is a spanish sporting club known for their soccer prowess. Considered the Yankees of soccer, the team is made up of the best athletes from around the globe, but the club also owns a lesser known basketball team. That basketball team is about to gain some serious steam after this one in a billion buzzer beating shot. Felipe Reyes managed to catch a full court inbound pass while jumping out of bounds and… well you get it. He makes it.

  • Kevin Ware Sinks First Shot Attempt Since Gruesome Injury

    It was the broken leg heard (saw) around the globe. A horrific sight that brought players and coaches alike to absolute tears. Kevin Ware sat terrified and in pain at the sight of what will go down as one of the most horrific sports injuries to be seen, especially on national TV. Last night Louisville took the court against Pikesville State and Kevin made his debut since the injury and long rehab stint to follow. The crowd on their toes waiting for Ware to hit the floor and get a touch, and what happens; Kevin sinks a three. Could you have written a better return story?

  • How the Owners of All 30 NBA Teams Made Their Money

    Sure, we all know how some of the NBA owners made their fortunes, Mark Cuban with his Internet boom money and Michael Jordan from being Michael Jordan, but do you know how every single owner got rich? The Grizzlies’ Robert Pera, the youngest NBA owner at 35, formerly worked for Apple as an engineer. Clippers owner Donald Sterling started out working as a divorce lawyer. Read all about these 4 and the other 26 owners at Mental Floss.

  • What Do The Mavs Say? [Video]

    If you really want to scare the kiddies this Halloween, play this video over and over again. I know the noises coming from Vince Carter will be haunting me for days. How many millions do you think Mark Cuban had to put up for these guys to make fools of themselves?

  • New Sports Friends Episodes Feature Lebron, Tiger, Rodgers and a Pile On

    Our bestest friends over at Yahoo’s Sports Friends just released four new knee slappers. For newbs unfamiliar with the satirical webisode, Sports Friends features animations of famous athletes having regular, everyday conversations. Previous episodes featured Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick chit chatting about tattoos and Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder having a late night conversation under the stars. This round-up of episodes is particularly hilarious.

  • LeBron James, The Artist, Has a Message for You

    LeBron James is an athlete, culture socialite and artist. He respects art. He appreciates art. To celebrate the launch of the LEBRON 11, Nike is offering kids between the ages of 5-12 a chance to design a t-shirt for LeBron. Aside from the glory of designing LeBron’s new favorite tee, the winner will have their design produced on Nike t-shirts and win a trip to Miami to watch LeBron play. In addition, an equipment donation will be made to their school’s PE program.   How it works: Use LeBron James as the inspiration to design a t-shirt. Design can include images, numbers and words like “Nike” and “Miami.” Steer clear of drawing LeBron in a Miami Heat uniform—NBA logos aren’t allowed. Design must be drawn freehand on 8.5″ x 11″ paper using either a pen, pencil, markers, crayons or paint. Design must be created by kids between the ages of 5-12 without assistance from parents. A parent or guardian must write down the name, age, city and state of the t-shirt designer. A parent or guardian must also include their name, email address and phone number and include a sentence or two telling Nike the inspiration behind the design. All more »

  • How A 5’5″ Basketball Player Trained Himself to Dunk [Video]

    Brandon Todd is 5’5” and he can dunk. He has never believed his height to be a limitation but an opportunity to change how people view small athletes. Brandon transformed his body over the course of a few years, gaining over 80 lbs of muscle, increasing his vertical to over 45 inches. Todd hopes to teach others that through hard work and perseverance physical limitations can be overcome.

  • If Every NBA Team Had A Rapper As A Global Ambassador

    With the recent announcement that Drake would be the Toronto Raptor’s “global ambassador,” SPIN compiled a list of who the rest of the NBA should choose as their rapping envoys. Some are obvious (Jay Z for the Nets), some are funny (DMX for the Suns), and some are just plain confusing (Jewel for the Jazz). After reading the list, I  think we all feel bad for Portland.

  • The Jordan XX8 SE North Carolina Will be Wearing This Season

    This season the North Carolina Tar Heels will be sporting these camo patterned Jordan XX8 SE on the court. Camo patterns have gained momentum in the past year with most of the top active wear companies, now Jordan follows suit with a classic camo pattern suited for Mr. Jordan’s alma mater. Georgetown and possibly Maquette will be sporting the same pattern in their school’s color way as well. Russell Westbrook, one of Jordan Brand’s new poster child will be rocking a wild patterned version for the Oklahoma City Thunder’s opener. The shoes will also include new responsive foot plate technology we’ve only seen in the XX8, The Flight Plate. The Flight Plate’s main purpose is to maximize the responsiveness of Zoom Air cushioning. By compressing and deflecting on the units during action, the Flight Plate “unlocks” the power of Zoom Air. Jordan XX8 SE

  • Los Angeles Clippers unveil “Back in Blue” Nautical Uniform for First Time since 1985

    Adidas and the Los Angeles Clippers unveiled a “Back in Blue” pride uniform at media day for the 2013-14 season. The jerseys feature a light-blue colorway with short sleeves, which seem to be the growing trend in college and pro-ball. For the first time since the team was based in San Diego in 1985, the team will rock a light-blue jersey as their kit for all Sunday home games this season. The nautical flags on the side are mean to represent L-A-C, the team’s letters that represent Los Angeles Clippers and homage to a coastal city with a heavy heritage of the sea. Light blue has a rich history with the organization and has been a part of the team’s identity since they were the Buffalo Braves in the 1970’s

  • Larry Bird’s Poorly Decorated Florida Mansion Can Be Yours For $4.8 Million

    Larry Bird has put his Naples, Florida mansion up for sale for the low price of $4.8 million. What do you get for such a bargain? Pretty much what you would expect from a midwesterner who retires to Florida’s Gulf Coast in a four bedroom, 6000-square-foot house. The ceiling fans have palm frond blades, the bar has an aquarium, the pool has an adjacent tacky tiki hut…you get the idea. Hopefully he’s taking the Florida-grandma inspired furniture (plaid living room chairs, floral patterned dining room set, etc) back to Indiana when returns as Pacers’ team president. Oh, and of course there’s a basketball hoop in the driveway (but not an actual court).   

  • Bizarre Revelations From NBA Jam Designer

    Mark Turmell, lead designer on the original NBA Jam arcade game, did an interview with ESPN The Magazine where he revealed all sorts of interesting facts about the game, from a special code in the programming that favored the Pistons over the Bulls when the two played each other to arcade machines haunted by Drazen Petrovic. Now to gather some quarters from under the couch and find an arcade with an original NBA Jam machine. Anyone remember how to enable big-head mode?

  • Lakers Unveil “Hollywood Nights” Black Uniforms

    The Lakers need a change. That’s apparent. You stick with what works, until it’s broke. Then you fix it. Easy, right? Sometimes. But every now and again a little mix-it-up does a team good. While these new “Hollywood Nights” jerseys might not fit the classic style of the Lake show, in my honest opinion, I think they’re straight fire. Somehow I think The Black Mamba had something to do with this.

  • Stop the Presses. LeBron James Finally Shaved His Head.

    LeBron James has finally decided to do the inevitable and shave his head. We all knew it was coming. Maybe the Guide To Baldness in the latest issue of GQ gave him the confidence to bust out the razor. He debuted the new look while in the Philippines for Nike’s “Witness History Tour,” promoting the sport of basketball in Southeast Asia, and he can definitely pull off the look. Some before shots…

  • You’ll Love the New Phoenix Suns Jerseys in 10 Years + 20 Photos of Suns Retro Jerseys

    The Phoenix Suns unveiled a simple variation of a vibrant 90’s style jersey yesterday, announcing three variants that would them into the coming season. Many people are up in arms about the less than appealing kits, but the suns have never been a traditional team when it came to their jersey. This seems to be a minimalist approach to the jersey worn by Sir Charles himself in the 90’s. To this day that jersey is flying off the shelves.  Here are the Suns Jersey’s through the years.

  • Kevin Durant Teaches Kids About The Real World

    Just an Instagram Video of Kevin Durant teaching kids about the real world, by taking them on a little ride called ‘Get that sh*t outta here.’ Come on kid, he’s Kevin Durant, you know he’s going to to block that shot. Every youth of American deserves to get at least one jump shot blocked by Kevin Durant in their lifetime. That’s how you get better.

  • What is the Most Dangerous Sport? (Infographic)

    Every activity comes with a certain risk of danger, but isn’t that part of the fun? Last March in college basketball’s most acclaimed tournament, Louisville player, Kevin Ware, broke his leg so bad, the bone was exposed. The injury to put it simply, was a fluke, no contact or foul play caused the incident, but it will live on as one of the worst injuries to be caught on film. Take a look at this infographic including the most dangerous sports in the world based on sheer volume of injuries sustained and the top ten worst sports injuries through history. Note: This does not indicate how severe the injury, which is most likely why basketball trumps sports like football and hockey, two of the toughest contact sports around.

  • The Evolution of NBA Team Logos (Infographic)

    The NBA has always been known as a flashy league, with near acrobats soaring through the air with a flair for the dramatic. So it makes sense to have their logos and uniforms match the eccentricity of the players style of play. Over ther past 70 years the league has gone through some drastic changes and with that progression comes team name changes and logo redesign to keep the team looking fresh. There has only been one team older than 20 years old that has never gone through a team logo redesign can you guess who?


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