• Incredible Poster Featuring Genealogy Of Football Teams

    The NFL was born 94 years ago, with the creation of the American Professional Football Conference. Of the original 14 teams, only 2 still survive, the Decatur Staleys (now Chicago Bears) and the Chicago Cardinals (now Arizona Cardinals, duh). What happened to the others? And where did the other 30 NFL teams come from? Those answers can be found in a new poster from HistoryShots, “Genealogy of Football.” More than 150 teams are included on the 40″ x 22″ poster. View the full image and buy yours today at HistoryShots, with prices starting at just $39.

  • NAVY’S Uniforms Will Have Each Player’s Rank On their Sleeves vs OSU

    Under Armour recently stole Navy away from Nike, amongst other top schools, and is turning the college uniform game on it’s head. While Navy was signed wit Nike, they had some of the crispest uniforms in NCAA football. Yes, I said Crispest. After their recent change of sponsor it was up in the air whether UA would live up to expectations, well they didn’t disappoint. Their 2014 season opener uniforms will be inspired by the iconic Navy Summer Whites military uniform. “For the first time, uniforms will slightly vary from player to player, with each athlete wearing their specific rank on the field, depicted in the shoulder board and pant leg design of each uniform. Freshmen will be wearing uniforms that only have the anchor on the shoulder and pant leg, but no stripes, while sophomores will have one diagonal stripe. Juniors will have two diagonal stripes and seniors will have one parallel stripe. Navy captains Noah Copelandand Parrish Gaines will wear a star and three parallel stripes, the rank of a midshipmen lieutenant.”

  • What If All NFL Logos Were British?

    With the start of the 2014 NFL season upon us, and considering the league’s burning desire to go “global” we look at NFL logos if they were British because 10 years from now there is a good chance London will home to the Jacksonville Jags.

  • Here’s What The NFL Would Look Like If Every Star Played For Their Hometown Team [Photos]

    California, Texas and Florida account for nearly a third of all of the players currently in the NFL.  Inspired by Elite Daily’s fascinating story “Here’s What The NBA Would Look Like If Every Star Went Home Like LeBron James” the good people of BestTickets.com have answered the question, what if every pro football player was rostered on the NFL team he was born closest to? The Texas, California and Florida NFL teams would, logically, have some pretty mean starting rosters. But what would the rest of the teams look like?

  • The Brothers Manning Have a Glorious New Rap Video Out

    Did we mention it’s glorious. Peyton and Eli done did it again. With this Diect TV partnership for their new Fantasy Football channel, the Brothers Manning film a four minute over the top rap video featuring Archie Manning, Chris Johnson giving a dread-lock make over, Joe Namath cooking with your mom and a bevy full of women. There’s something about Peyton and Eli completely owning their own goofiness that makes from comedic brilliance.

  • The Definitive Collection of ‘Football as Football’ [120 Redesigned NFL Logos]

    Six designer pals began a project over a year ago to redesign every NFL logo in the style and image of German, English, Spanish and Italian soccer teams and called it ‘Football as Football’. We’ve been keeping up with them over the past year on updates on the projects status, which has recently been finished and polished. Just in time for the 2014-15 NFL season kickoff, all four country style logos will include all 32 NFL teams, so go ahead. Ogle and enjoy and if you’re a fan of a team with a sub par logo like oh, let’s say the Panthers, Jaguars or Titans then maybe it’s time for a Twitter movement to get one of these to replace their abysmal logo. Our hands down favorite is the ‘Oakland Italian’, just so bad-ass.

  • NFL And MLB Team Logo Mashup

    Graphic designer Brandon Hubschman, who created the NFL/NBA Logo Mashups we shared last week, is back at it again, this time combining MLB and NFL teams. Some are really great, such as Hubschman’s personal favorite, the Buccaneers/Rays logo. Check out how seamless the ray fits in to the front of the ship. Others are not so great. What’s up with the Jaguars/Dodgers? Let us know you’re favorite and check out more of Brandon Hubschman’s work at Daily Snark.

  • NFL And NBA Team Logo Mashup

    Graphic designer Brandon Hubschman created this series of NFL and NBA team logo mashups by combining all 32 NFL teams with their repective NBA team in regards to geography or lineage. Most of them make total sense, but we’re still trying to figure out the Jacksonville Jaguars/Utah Jazz relation. Some of them turned out really awesome (Saints/Pelicans) while others are hilarious (Redskins/Wizards). Check out more of Brandon’s work at his Behance gallery and his Twitter, @NFL_Memes.

  • The NCAA’s are losing in all arenas

    Imagine you managed to maintain a business throughout decades not under the jurisdiction of fair practice laws of the land. Imagine you have profited in great deals, establishing regional deals and growing your chain to the masses. Then your workers and everyone else catches wind of how you are making profits and want you to abide by the same laws as everyone else. Like the NCAA you would hold on to your business model even though it is unjust and unscrupulous till you were forced to relinquish it. Unfortunately for the college governing body the pressure to release is coming from all sides. For years the NCAA has rode around eating of its excesses, getting fat and slovenly while their core breaks down. Major Conference realignment breaking traditional rivalries, who cares as long as that boat load of money comes in. Well that boatload of unlimited cash has seemingly sprung many leaks The trial of the NCAA vs. its former players over likenesses in video games has begun this week, with the NCAA not being able to accurately explain why it is able to use these players without paying them after they’ve graduated. The same day the trial began the more »

  • NFL Teams As Corporate Logos

    People like to complain how professional sports are becoming an overly corporate affair, but these logo redesigns take that notion to a whole new level. Artist Brandon Hubschman has remixed all 32 NFL team logos using elements from some of the most recognizable corporate logos. Some are bit obvious and uninspired (Jaguar/Jaguars? boring) but others are pretty awesome (Raid/Raiders? YES!). Check out more of Hubschman’s artwork, including lots of NFL-themed projects, at Behance.

  • Julian Edelman has a New Hilarious Web Show Called “Burger Tyme”

    New England Patriots reciever, Julian Edelman has a brand new web series he calls Burger Tyme, essentially it’s between two ferns, but with a pro athlete hosting his teammates, instead of a fat, bearded Galafanakis hosting A-list celebrities. Edelman brings on Patriots teammate, Chandler Jones and obliviously mistakes him for Jones’s brother, Jon “Bones” Jones. They then talk tom foolery for a few minutes, staff members crash the show and then talk burgers for a bit. Edelman does a fantastic job, of playing his own breed of nonchalantly insulting host. Have to give him a few webby points, because this is just delightful.

  • What kind of person paints a topless Eli Manning?

    You are almost certainly familiar with Rappoccio’s work, whether you know it or not. He has imagined NFL logos as if they were hipsters, or obese, or fustily monocled Brits, or afflicted with terminal Manningface, at his own site and at Kissing Suzy Kolber. He is also the man who (MS) painted the masterpiece above, which is something like what a shirtless, beachcombing Eli Manning would look like if he were painted by David Hockney. This is a weird thing to do, maybe, but it is also what David Rappoccio does.

  • 12 Greatest Moments from when ESPN Picked Leaf Over Manning

    It is NFL draft day and we are throwing it back to the most watched NFL Draft in Montana history – Peyton Manning vs. Montana native Ryan Leaf. Our pals over in Big Sky Country at Montana Mint, wrote a fantastic piece of editorial on the best moments from the days when ESPN The Magazine hilariously argued for Leaf over Manning. Here are our favorite 12 moments from the article… The writer compares Leaf to Favre “You’ve got the No. 1 pick: Who’s it going to be? Peyton Manning, everybody’s All-American with perfect genes? Or Ryan Leaf, Favre-like gunslinger, bully enough to flick away 300-pound linemen?” And a Hall of Famer “Come 2018, Ryan Leaf, not Manning, will be strutting up to a podium in Canton.” (to be fair, a lot can happen in the next four years) How Ryan Leaf totally got the 90s “You might find Ryan Leaf backstage at a Matchbox 20 concert begging for the mike” This quote from Ryan Leaf “Hey, man, mind if we do the interview in the Jacuzzi?” And this one… “I watch film as much as Peyton does, I just don’t tell everyone about it.” (doubt it, bro) And when Leaf tries to describe the more »

  • College Football Players Should Be Making $178K Per Year

    The findings of a study conducted by the National College Players Association and Drexel University found that college football players playing between 2011 and 2015 should make around $178,000 per year if universities and the NCAA decide to release the stranglehold they have on the game and the players’ ability to not risk their entire careers working for nothing.

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Unveil New 2014 Uniforms

    The Tampa Bay Bucs in collaboration with Nike revealed the team’s new NFL Elite 51 Uniforms for the ’14 season. Can’t help, but think of an arena football uniform. The new uniform features a refreshed color scheme honoring the franchise’s past and present, while confidently positioning the team for the future. In collaboration with the Buccaneers and the NFL, Nike designers incorporated many of the unique historical aspects of the Tampa Bay area by showcasing the city’s roots, vibrant culture and spirited fan base. “Today marks the culmination of more than two years of research and planning to bring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into a new and exciting era of our history,” said Buccaneers co-chairman Edward Glazer. “We worked closely with our partners at Nike to design a uniform that would set the standard for both design and functionality. The result is a sleek, modern design that honors our championship past while also establishing a new, bolder identity moving forward.”

  • 5 Different Perspectives of the Metrodome’s Demolition Implosion

    Yesterday the former home of the Minnesota Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves and U of Minnesota football was finally put to rest. The Twins and Wolves would eventually move on to greener pastures, but the Vikings were stuck with the stadium until last year, when the ceiling of the dome literally collapsed due to weight from a snowstorm. Luckily the dome wasn’t in use at the time. Since the incident, new plans were approved for a brand new facility the Vikings can call home, putting to rest the stadium TIME Magazine pegged dead last in a 2012 NFL stadium ranking. On Sunday morning a series of controlled explosions finally put the aged stadium down. Using demo explosions were originally out of the question, but last week crews decided it would be the best option, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. The “Dome” was the only stadium to host the World Series, MLB All-Star Game, NCAA basketball’s Final Four, and a Super Bowl.

  • Statistics Prove That Defense is More Important Than Offense in the NFL

    It happens at the beginning of every September; 32 NFL teams come out of the woodshed that is Training Camp—vying for a chance to play in the Super Bowl. But, when asking the question about what it takes to win the Super Bowl, even those who have won the Big Game are somewhat divided about what it takes. However, what is true is that 11 out of the past 15 first overall draft picks have been quarterbacks, the current NFL era is hailed as the “Golden Age of the Quarterback,” and the rules allow for passing stats that were previously only thought to be possible in the Madden NFL video game franchise. But, is a top-tier quarterback and a high-powered offense the most important element needed to hoist the Lombardi trophy? The numbers may be in contrast with the widely assumed winning formula, but we will attempt to make sense of all of the stats.

  • If NFL Teams Got A Corporate Logo Makeover [32 Photos]

    New York City-based graphic designer Ryan K Fishman has mixed NFL teams logos with famous brands, such as Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jet Blue, for his series entitled “LogoRemix.” Can you identify them all? If you’re stumped, find out the brand on the LogoRemix tumblr. Also check out more of Ryan K Fishman’s work on his portfolio page. Which is your favorite remixed team logo?

  • Heavy Metal NFL Logos [29 Photos]

    Iowa-based graphic designer Kimberly Breuer wanted to celebrate the end of football season the best way she knew how-by creating new logos for the teams. She went for a heavy metal look, and the results are simple and fun. Breuer re-imagined every team’s logo except for the Seattle Seahawks because, as she put it, “it’s not like they didn’t get enough attention already.” Be sure to check out more of Kimberly Breuer’s work on Behance and her blog, Socks Are For Your Feet.

  • Demolition of the Metrodome (20 Photos + Roof Blast Video)

    The Metrodome in Minneapolis was the only place to host the World Series, MLB All-Star Game, NCAA basketball’s Final Four, and a Super Bowl.Next year the Vikings will gear up to play at the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium. Demolition is finally finished, while the rebuilding process is just beginning. Two days ago demolition on the roof structure was polished off with a bang. Here is teh video and 20 photos of the end of the Metrodome and the beginning of… The Metrodome.

  • The Complete 1,000+ Text History Between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin Has Leaked

    Through a league source, The Big Lead has obtained the full transcript of over 1,000 text messages Incognito and Martin swapped between October 2012 and November 2013. The messages are what you’d expect from wealthy, young athletes: Incessant talk about partying, drinking, and chasing women. And there is plenty of bawdy back-and-forth banter that at times reads like a fraternity brother hazing a pledge. If Incognito was indeed tasked with ‘toughening up’ Martin – a question Dolphins coach Joe Philbin refused to answer in early November – did he cross a line? The text exchanges should offer some insight into the relationship between Incognito and Martin.

  • NFL Helmets In The Star Wars Universe [32 Photos]

    Mexico based art director and illustrator John Raya took the 32 teams in the NFL and mixed them up with characters from the Star Wars universe to come up with a football league from a galaxy far, far away. See more of his work on his behance portfolio. Also, the RSVLTS would like to congratulate the Toydaria Wattos on their win in the Galactic Bowl yesterday. The Hoth Tauntauns didn’t have a chance. 

  • RSVLTS Catches Up, Chats With Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro Jamaal Charles

    Recently, RSVLTS got a chance to communicate with Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl running back, Jamaal Charles at an event promoting the newest downloadable content for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Titled Onslaught, it is now available to purchase on Xbox Live. It will be ready for launch on the Playstation Network in a few weeks—wait patiently, Sony faithful! Charles seemed to enjoy the DLC, largely pointing toward the rampant chaos that only Call of Duty entails. Citing one map in particular, Charles said that he “loved Bayview”—the map that replicates the idyllic Santa Monica pier. A long time gamer, Charles’ other favorite titles are: Tomb Raider, NBA 2K, and Madden. When speaking of the lattermost game, Charles said that he would create himself in the game during his pre-NFL days. And, in the NCAA games, he would create himself and then get drafted into the NFL through the virtual world created by the game. During his rookie season, Charles said that he “put himself ahead of every player” in the game, regardless of their position or rating—something that most of the human population would do upon the realization of an NFL dream. However, gaming was not the only topic of more »

  • Richard Sherman 30 for 30 Mockumentary Starring Frank Caliendo As Everyone

    Frank Caliendo, best known for his decade long stint on Fox NFL Sunday doing impersonations of NFL personalities (usually John Madden), is back in this ESPN 30 for 30 mockumentary about Richard Sherman. Watch Caliendo brilliantly take on Jon Gruden, Bill Belichick, Mike Ditka, and many others. He even goes back to his MadTV days with appearances from former presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton.

  • 3 (Good) Reasons Why The Super Bowl Should Be Played On A Saturday

    The Super Bowl is unquestionably the pinnacle moment in America’s sports calendar. It is a spectacle of hard-hitting tackles and even harder-hitting capitalism, with multimillion-dollar, 30-second television commercials and host cities reaping hundreds of millions in tourism dollars. As such it has become more than just a sports holiday, but an American holiday. But like most great traditions, is there a way to make the Super Bowl better? Yes! ESPN’s Kenny Mayne and CafePress believe so. The National Football League should move the Super Bowl to Saturday. If the Super Bowl were played on Saturday, consider: