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16 Snack Recipes For Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl Sunday is a man’s day. It’s the one day men can cry a little bit when their team loses. It’s the one day a married man of three can drink for 14 hours straight without anyone questioning if he has a problem. It’s also the one day they can cook…

NFL: Baltimore Ravens OG John Urschel
Penn State University/State College, PA
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Credit: Steve Boyle

The 10 Smartest Professional Athletes

A while back, we brought you the story of John Urschel who, at the time, we called the smartest player in the NFL. This was further proven when he competed for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2014-2015 while also working on a thesis about graph eigenfunctions. Well, incredibly, he just proved himself to be a whole…


The Bullhorn: RSVLTS Weekly Recap

Well, here we are; 19 weeks after the season officially started and we have our contenders for World Champions. Granted, the NFL exists strictly within North America, but that doesn’t change the fact that the winner of Super Bowl 50 will be the best football team in the world. Loopholes.…

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Lawrence Phillips Found Dead In His Jail Cell

Lawrence Phillips, the controversy-steeped former NFL player, was found dead today of apparent suicide in his cell at Kern Valley State Penitentiary. In 1996, University of Nebraska-Lincoln superstar running back Lawrence Phillips was recruited to the St. Louis Rams. Despite having a litany of off the field issues (mostly assaults…


The 6 Most Infamous NFL Team Relocations

Unless you’ve been actively avoiding watching television or surfing the Internet, you’re aware that the St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers have 98% confirmed that they are moving to LA this upcoming season (side note: no word on rebranding them, but we came up with a few of our own if…


The Bullhorn: The RSVLTS Weekly Recap

Fumbles and missed field goals are pretty much as wild as things got during the Wild Card Playoff round this past weekend. And, while under normal circumstances these would be kind of boring, it was actually insane, Which is all a lowly fan could ask for as they sat in…

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Why Nick Saban Is The Scariest Man In Football

Few men in sports make a better villain than the unsmiling, unsparing, unstoppable coach of the back-to-back national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. Warren St. John spent three weeks on Nick Saban’s trail—and a couple of days in his face—on a mission to find the soul of the scariest man in…