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Madden 16 Is Apparently Awesome

The danger of sports video games is the repetition. If you buy the 2011 release, chances are not much has changed by the time of the 2012 release. Maybe a few minor game play adjustments or a few tweaks to the different kinds game modes available to players. Especially in today’s gaming…


17 Of The Best Terrible Tom Brady Sketches

In the midst of the “deflatagate” court hearing Wednesday, what became most apparent was not Tom Brady’s potential 4-game suspension or anything regarding the NFL. Instead, the most news generated from the not-quite-accurate courtroom sketch of Tom Brady. In typical Internet fashion, the savagery commenced once the sketch was released and…


Rex Ryan Eats Dog Food

Rex Ryan is about as enigmatic as you can get. On the one hand, he is an incredibly self-confident guy who loves feet and blowing smoke up everyone’s asses by making promises he can’t keep. On the other hand, he also is very good to his players and is involved in multiple…