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The Bullhorn: The RSVLTS Week 4 Recap

This week saw a couple of losing teams come into their own in terms of playing well together and just straight up not losing. Though a few struggling teams continued to struggle, but that’s just par for the course. Also, a horrible week to be a kicker. As with weeks…


The Bullhorn: The RSVLTS Week 3 Recap

Another week another batch of winner and losers. The week was a big one for backup quarterbacks as many finally got their time in the spotlight after injuries ravaged the pocket last week. There were also a surprising amount of mismatched teams playing this week, leading to a few more blowouts than…


Rex Ryan Is Afraid Of Rob Gronkowski

It’s no secret that Rob Gronkowski is one of the most regularly successful football players on the field. After his performance during Week 1, he is on track to have more than 50 touchdowns this season. Considering what we’ve seen out of him before, it doesn’t seem that out of…