• Browns Unveil 9 New Uniform Combinations for 2015 Season

    The cleveland Browns mad waves a few months ago after they unveiled new creative assets that underwhelmed the world. After decades of monotony Browns fans were hungry for change. They’re expectations fell short after they received a simple color hue change on their signature bland orange. Well yesterday the team unveiled a new set of uniforms boasting 9 different color combinations. Browns president Alec Scheiner said about nine different jersey combos: “We could be like Oregon of the NFL”. Yes, and no. Yes, because it’s a drastic change from the Browns classic style uniforms that keep traditionalists happy, but fall short with a younger fan base, and no, because the Browns are simply catching up to the rest of the league. Most teams in the league already offer alternate or throwback style jerseys, so while we appreciate Scheiner’s excitement, it’s nothing groundbreaking or even new…outside of Cleveland. As Nike highlights, “To honor the city and team history, the Browns’ iconic uniform has always embodied a simple, workmanlike appearance with an immediately recognizable orange and brown color palette. This aesthetic holds an emotional power well beyond the colors, numbers and iconic stripes.” “This modernized uniform design draws influence from Cleveland’s architectural more »

  • Would You Want Your NFL Team To Switch To These Helmets?

    We always get excited when we hear about a team unveiling a new design but we are often left disappointed. You know the Browns paid someone tons of money to come up with the switch from the orange helmets to the…orange helmets. Why do the teams even bother? They can just take a look at sites like Behance and find a ton of great ideas from creative people who are actually passionate about their projects. Mexico-based designer Marco Antonio Licea Pérez is one such artist who has come up with a bold new approach to NFL helmets. Whereas many designs look to create a helmet with a giant, wrap-around logo, such as this collection we shared last month, Marco instead developed small logos and used the helmets to showcase team colors or intricate designs that symbolize the teams. Look closely at Bears helmet and you’ll find paw prints! Some of the logos are all new, while others, such as the Packers, utilize a retro design. To see each design in detail, check out the NFL Pin Logos from Marc’s Industrial Design at Behance.

  • How Much Every NFL Team Has Spent in it’s First Day of Free Agency

    With NFL free agency in full swing since yesterday at 4 pm, theres been complete hysteria among the league with teams making blockbuster deals opening up cap space to lock in big name players. As of Monday, the Jacksonville Jaguars ($66.3 million) and Oakland Raiders ($61.3 million) began the day leading the league in cap space and as of today still have the most wiggle room with the Jags at $65.1 million and Raiders at $61.3 million. According to Spotrac.com teams that don’t spend the NFL’s payroll minimum might risk being forced to give the difference directly to the NFL Players’ Association. Teams like the Philadelphia Eagles’ Chip kelly have seemed to have been clearing house, completely changing the team’s chemistry and franchise players around, in what some analysts are calling genius and some madness, all while spending roughly $20 million of cap space in a single day. On the other end of that spectrum, the St. Louis Rams went from $14.2 to $25.8 million in cap space after acquiring Nick Foles for Sam Bradford. The New Orleans Saints are barely staying afloat after being in the red $500,000 yesterday and up to $1.9 million today. While it’s only the second day of Free Agency, more »

  • NCAA Has Banned “Crop Tops” For Football Players

    The stomach-exposing crop top has always been a great look for women but for men … not so much. Just look at a young fashion-challenged John Elway. The NCAA has taken a stand and banned the crop top in college football, though it’s more because it doesn’t want exposed back pads.

  • NFL Team Logos Get The Minimalist Treatment

    Nothing goes better with the sleek simplicity of Ikea furniture than the bold colors and simple geometric shapes of minimalist art. But if you also want to show your support of your favorite NFL team, your bound to lose your simplistic aesthetic. Let’s face it, NFL logos may look great on t-shirts and hats, but they are not fine art suitable for framing. San Francisco’s Art of Sport decided to change that. This collection, entitled “Touchdown,” features minimalist representations of all 32 teams using their iconic colors and clever representations of their names. Check out the collection then order prints of your favorites from Art of Sport.

  • Taiwanese Animators Tackle The Super Bowl…and Nail It [Video]

    Did you somehow miss out on the Super Bowl? Maybe you were overcome with gluttony, forcing wings down your gullet while everyone else was crowded around the TV, screaming at the idiocy of the refs or the idiocy of the Seahawks. Well none of that matters now, because this crude CGI cartoon from Taiwanese Animators has everything you need to know about the game, from training with Conan O’Brien to Katy Perry’s halftime show to a measles-infected trip to Disneyland.

  • Tom Brady Just Joined the Most Exclusive Club in the NFL

    The New England Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl in the last 14 years and with that, Tom Brady’s MVP secured his footprint in one of the most illustrious clubs in the Super Bowl era. A club that until last Sunday, only Peyton Manning and Joe Montana were a part of. Brady joins the two great quarterbacks with the most combined MVPs and Super Bowl championships in history. Although Manning has the most regular season MVP’s with 4 and 2 Super Bowl Wins, the combined accolades are proof these three are the best of the best. Aaron Rodgers recently won his second MVP award, making him one MVP award or Super Bowl championship shy of being a part of the most elite club in the NFL. This chart, made by Business Insider shows the combined accomplishments of the NFL’s best.  

  • You’ll Never Believe How Much the 15 Highest Paid College Football Coaches Make

    College football is arguably as popular this year as it has ever been. With the playoff system officially underway, NCAA football television deals at an all time high and millions to be made by universities across the country, it’s no wonder why coaches salaries are shooting up. Every team now needs that special competitive edge for a chance to win a national championship, if that means poaching NFL coaches like Michigan or keeping Nick Saban happy in Bama, so be it. Give them what they want. Using data compiled by USAToday.com, here are the highest-paid college football coaches.

  • Watch Odell Beckham Jr Break The One Handed Catch World Record

    Yes, there is such thing as a “One Handed Catch” world record, and the new holder is Odell Beckham Jr. Part of me wants to say “big fucking deal, this skill won’t win you a Super Bowl” but then I looked at my wall that doesn’t have any world record plaques hanging on it and realized that I should shut up. Also, shout out to Drew Brees for the laser accurate passing. Can’t break a catching record without setting a passing record too.

  • Take a Virtual Tour of the NFL’s Thoughtfully Designed Park Avenue Headquarters

    In the run-up to Super Bowl XLIX, most of the National Football League’s 400-person staff have left for Glendale, Ariz.—and the near-empty midtown New York office was ideal for a behind-the-scenes tour by Jaime Weston, the NFL’s vp of marketing, who pointed out details that make the headquarters such a unique space. Each of the four floors was designed to tell a story that corresponds with commissioner Roger Goodell’s guiding principles.

  • The Microsoft Algorithm that Predicted the World Cup Just Chose it’s Super Bowl Winner

    Cortana is once again attempting to predict the record books, this time with the Super Bowl. Cortana is the Windows Phone virtual assistant that has gained much acclaim after predicting the World Cup outcome with a 15-1 prediction record then moved on to the NFL season and playoffs. The program uses a Bing algorithm to calculate a series of limitless variables, then land on a percentage of outcome. This season she had a 178-88 (66.9%) record, which was nearly identical to Vegas picks, but fell short to Nate Silver’s ELO model, which went 184-82 (69.1%). For the playoffs Cortana is 8-2 on her playoff game picks after correctly predicting both conference title games.

  • The Fascinating History of Super Bowl Media Day (That You Probably Didn’t Know]

    Super Bowl XLIX Media Day has come and gone and among the things I learned is Rob Gronkowski considers himself the team’s best dancer, Bill Belichick isn’t a Katy Perry fan, Tom Brady is a Jay-Z guy and Marshawn Lynch was just there so he wouldn’t be fined. As the absurdity continues to be dissected, check out our gallery looking back at past Media Days, starting in 1981 with John Matuszak. You may know him better as Sloth from The Goonies.

  • Style Watch: The Lyin’ King

    This winter, dress exactly like your favorite stylish liar. With a few simple fashion tips you’ll be able to replicate the hottest trend for this year’s northeast casual wear. Whether you’re having drinks with a few friends in the heart of Boston or giving an impromptu press conference, a knitted crew neck sweater complimented with a light cotton tee, warm winter boots, a retro style knitted cap and some close to the hip jeggings are all you need to sweat through this winter’s hottest lie season. Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady followed these style tips perfectly at a local press meet up earlier today. J. Crew Solid Graphite Crewneck Sweatshirt($69.50) Hanes Classics Men’s Traditional Fit ComfortSoft($11.99) New England Patriots New Era Navy Blue Classic Sport Knit Hat ($24.99) Super Stretch Jeggings ($59.00) UGG Men’s Classic Short Boot ($170.00) Nike Ball Pump ($10.00)    

  • NFL Bad Lip Reading 2015 Edition [Video]

    The often overlooked yet greatest benefit of capturing football in high-definition is the fact that we can read every player’s lips and enjoy these always great Bad Lip Reading videos. It’s true! Before HD, football fun was in the form of blooper VHS tapes made up of hours of looped replays punctuated by Boots Randolph’s “Yakety Sax.” Those were dark days, indeed.

  • Here’s The Exact Moment The Colts Felt The Allegedly Deflated Ball Against The Patriots

    During the second quarter of the AFC Championship Game, Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson picked off a Tom Brady pass at the goal line. That play ultimately sparked a league investigation into the Patriots use of deflated balls. Newsday’s Bob Glauber reports that Jackson ran to the sideline and handed the ball to an equipment manager who felt there was something wrong.

  • Updating 14 Classic NFL Logos

    The National Football League was formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association. Over the last 95 years, as the league grew and teams moved around, it only makes sense that team logos would change. Illustrator and graphic designer Rene Sanchez dug up these vintage logos, some of long-forgotten teams such as the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees, and gave them new life with this collection. But Rene didn’t just stick to NFL teams. Head over to Rene’s Behance portfolio for NCAA, NBA, and MLB logos of yesteryear, too. Our favorite has got to be Buffalo’s 1940s AAFC logo featuring Buffalo Bill Cody riding a buffalo. Can we get a MoveOn petition to bring it back?

  • Take a Ride through of the Atlanta Falcons New $1.2B Home

    The Atlanta Falcons have released a new video diving into their new $1.2 billion stadium. The stadium, set for a 2017 opening looks like a geometry teacher’s dream. The retractable roof opens with a beautiful spiral of moving slates, there’s an over arching 360-degree halo jumbotron and plenty of standing room with a visible view of the game. The stadium is also set to include a fan plaze, giant solar panels, and electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot. My only question; what did they use the extra $400 Million on to build MetLife Stadium?

  • Which NFL Team Hasn’t Had A Playoff Win in Over 25 Years?

    The NFL is a fickled beast. No matter how well you’re team does in the regular season, no matter how much you pay your quarterback, no matter how many times you win your division, the only thing that matters is the playoffs. The teams that remain playoff contenders year after year are the teams that will live on in the record books. So why has winning a playoff game been such a daunting task for a select few NFL teams? Coaching, management and sometimes just bad luck. The five teams who have the longest winless playoff streak are pretty predictable, but given the recent regular season success and playoff appearances, its more than astounding to see the stats in front of you.

  • The Same Microsoft App That Aced The World Cup Is Now Picking NFL Playoff Games

    Microsoft’s Windows Phone voice assistant app, Cortana needs to pick up and head to Vegas. Cortana uses a Bing Predicts algorithm that has had phenomenal results. Without any point spread against it, Cortana has won around 66% of it’s picks straight up. Cortana made headlines after it predicted 15 of 16 world cup games last summer and although it already has a wrong prediction under it’s belt, it can still place a 9-1 record if it doesn’t fail for the rest of the playoffs. The only game Cortana failed to pick the correct outcome thus far was last week’s Pittsburgh/Baltimore game, which Vegas and Nate Silver’s ELO model got wrong as well. This week’s picks are officially out, but subject to change. Check out her picks and let us know how she stacks up against your picks. Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots — Patriots win, 75.4% chance (Patriots -7.5) Carolina Panthers vs. Seattle Seahawks — Seahawks win, 74.2% chance (Seahawks -11) Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers — Packers win, 61.4% chance (Packers -6.5) Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos — Broncos win, 72.9% chance (Broncos -7)

  • 20 Years 20 Quarterbacks

    The 2014 NFL draft resulted in 14 quarterbacks drafted, adding to the 240 quarterbacks that have been drafted in the last 20 years. 20 Years 20 Quarterbacks is an attempt to name the best quarterback to come out of each draft class: There’s never been a better time in the NFL to be a quarterback. Granted I’d be pretty satisfied with anytime beyond junior high as a quarterback, yet its the gunslingers in the league now that are expected to produce at a higher level in what seems like a shorter amount of time. For today’s quarterback with great power comes great responsibility, even if it doesn’t come with great pass protection. The 2014 NFL draft resulted in 14 quarterbacks drafted,  adding to the 240 total quarterbacks that have been drafted in the last 20 years. While many of these draft choices never see playing time or even roster spots it doesn’t stop teams from annually sifting through the QB harvest, hoping to find the next Tom Brady and hoping to pass on the next Ryan Leaf. Some of these draftees make an immediate impact we can quantify, while others leave us only able to truly judge their career once it’s over. So while its easy to name some of the more »

  • Andrew Luck’s Trash Talk Skills Are Dismantling Defenses Brains

    Andrew Luck is an evil genius. He’s unanimously known as the weirdest trash talker in the NFL and word is finally starting to get around. Luck infiltrates the minds of combative D-linemen and linebackers by complimenting them after every tackle or sack on… himself. The tactic is not only confusing to opponents, but it drives them berserk. In a recent piece by Kevin Clark of the WSJ, Luck’s obscure method of trash talking is broken down, “Defensive back Nolan Carroll, who has hit Luck three times and with two teams, remembers the first time it happened while he was with the Miami Dolphins last year. Carroll, now with the Philadelphia Eagles, was blitzing off the edge and got to Luck, knocking him down just after he released the ball. Carroll was walking back to the huddle when he heard “Great job, Nolan!” He turned around, searching for the person who said it—maybe it was a teammate, he thought. “Then I realized it was Luck who said it. I’m like ‘what’s going on? Aren’t you supposed to be mad?’” Carroll said. “So then I’m the one who gets ticked off because an upbeat attitude isn’t something you see.” Luck’s over zealous, more »

  • Mario Williams Rescues Jim Kelly From Lake-Effect Storm with Bobcat

    The Buffalo area is in total disarray after the giant lake-effect took the city by snow storm. Western New York has been completely pummeled by the massive storm, in some areas the snow piled up to almost 6 ft. The Buffalo Bills stadium is covered in so much snow, officials are worried the won’t be able to play this Sunday being under 220,000 tons of snow. The crowned king of Buffalo Jim Kelly has been going through so much as of late, so Bills current defensive end, Mario Williams decided to help him out… by using a bobcat to dig out his driveway. Faith in humanity restored. I think the snow is getting to him! LOL

  • 100 Years Ago Pro Football Lost Its First Player To Game-Related Injuries

    Before the National Football Leaguue, there was the Ohio League and Harry Turner, center for the Canton Professionals, was one of its most popular players. Harry Turner began his professional football career in 1907 with the Canton Indians. By 1911, he had worked his way up to captain of the Canton Professionals, an underdog made up entirely of local players. That same year, his team was to face the Shelby Blues in the Ohio League Chamionship. The Blues were led by player-coach Peggy Parratt, known for developing the forward pass. The Professionals forefeited the game when a dispute erupted over an offsides call. Turner was so upset that he called his team off the field, forfeiting the game to Shelby. He then announced his retirement from the sport November 26. But his hatred of Parratt led Turner to stay with Canton for three more years. By 1914, Parratt had moved on to the Akron Indians while Turner was still with the Pros. With the Indians, Parratt had put together a team of former Notre Dame stars, including Knute Rockne. The Indians dominated the Ohio League that season until they faced the Professionals on November 15. During the game, Turner fractured more »

  • Why Peyton Manning’s Touchdown Record Will Be Near Impossible to Beat

    The argument can officially be made. Peyton Manning may be the best quarterback of all time. At 520 passing touchdowns already, Manning shows no signs of stopping any time soon. After breaking Brett Favre’s record which stood at 508 touchdowns, Peyton has catapulted himself into NFL greatness on a scale which very well be impossible to break. Gregor Aisch and Kevin Quealy of the Upshot, have charted Manning’s trajectory of quarterbacks past and present. When Alex Rodriguez joined the 600 homerun club we saw a similar graphic from the NY Times, which gives us a real perespective on retired and current players. It’s always intriguing to estimate how current NFL greats stack up against HoF greats. Since this graph was created in October almost exactly one month ago, Peyton has thrown 10 Touchdowns.


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