• Robert Griffin III’s Dazzling NFL Debut In High Quality

    To say that Robert Griffin III was anything short of amazing in his NFL debut would be an understatement. Both he and Andrew Luck threw for over 300 yards but RG3 did it with a NFL leading 139.9 quarterback rating in a stunning win over the heavily favored New Orleans Saints. There is no way of predicting how RG3 will perform once teams begin to dissect film of the Redskins offense but one thing is for sure, people on the internet love RG3 and yesterday was a great day for football. 

  • Robert Griffin III In Beast Mode For Team adidas [Video]

    Many are saying that RGIII is going to be better than Cam Newton and Andrew Luck. He’s got Newton’s athleticism and arm, and brains to match Luck. If that doesn’t convince you “Why Robert Griffin III Is Better Than Andrew Luck” by Bleacher Report should do the trick. In the video above showcasing RGIII’s ability on the field and int he gym, adidas is (obviously) proud to announce that RGIII has joined their family.  On March 21 we’ll get to see him in action at Baylor’s NFL Pro Day. Many are hoping adidas will debut his new cleats and clothing line around that time as well.