• Using Technology To Overcome Golf “Mis-hits”

    Did you know that 76% of all iron shots are mis-hits struck outside the center of the face. Yes, you heard that right. Considering the face of the club is where the fastest ball speeds are produced this might explain why you shoot like you and Sergio Garcia shoots like Sergio Garcia. The fact that nearly 8 out of 10 golf shots are “mis-hits” led Taylor Made to develop a revolutionary new technology, designed to improve consistency and distance. No golfer is perfect, not even the best players in the world hit the center of the club every time. So their “Face Slot Technology,” available on the RSi line of clubs starting November 14, 2014, provides greater consistency across the face, giving players improved performance on mis-hits. This technology won’t turn you into a pro overnight but it’ll certainly make bachelor party outings a lot less frustrating. Photo source: sporttechie.com

  • Everything You Need to Know About Rory McIlroy

    To celebrate Rory McIlroy’s recent Open Champion 2014 win, Function 18 has put together this great infographic highlighting key statistics and fun facts from Rory’s impressive major win! Rory has already accomplished so many amazing feats and in very rare company, only Jack Nichlaus and Tiger Woods are the only 2 players to win 3 Majors by the age of 25.  

  • This Putt-Putt Video Will Hit You Right In The Feels

    Did you know that there is a Professional Putter’s Association devoted to putt-putt golf? And they’ve been sponsoring tournaments for 50 years? And in all that time there have only been 3 perfect rounds with a score of 18? This is the story of IT manager Rick Baird and his perfect game. But it’s also an eye-opening video that presents what may seem like a silly, childish sport as a skillful game that few have mastered. And the masters of it seem like really nice dudes.

  • Golf Shot of the Year, Decade, Maybe of All Time

    The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship is the leading par 3 golf tournament in the UK and is held at the spectacular Nailcote Hall situated in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside. Matt Wheatcroft made the best of a dismal situation, with the ball hugging a fencepost in the way of a simple wedge shot, Matt had an idea heroes are made of. He banked the ball off the fencepost for an easy put. you wont believe your eyes.

  • New Sports Friends Episodes Feature Lebron, Tiger, Rodgers and a Pile On

    Our bestest friends over at Yahoo’s Sports Friends just released four new knee slappers. For newbs unfamiliar with the satirical webisode, Sports Friends features animations of famous athletes having regular, everyday conversations. Previous episodes featured Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick chit chatting about tattoos and Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder having a late night conversation under the stars. This round-up of episodes is particularly hilarious.

  • ‘Dude Perfect’ Nails Every Golf Stereotype… Perfectly. Dude.

    The trick-shot perfecters known as “Dude Perfect” have gotten into the game of cut-away comedy videos and we have to say, they got this one perfectly. In their stereotyping golf video, they identify everyone (of your friends and probably you) that makes golf as annoying as you thought it was before college (when your body could handle real sports). All aspects from ‘The Borrower’ to ‘The Overestimater’ to the dreaded ‘Guy Who Thinks He’s Happy Gilmore”, DP nails you and your buddies. Burned, so burned.

  • Rickie Fowler’s Lloyd Christmas Orange Tuxedo Inside Joke Explained

    This could be the discovery of the century. When Lloyd Christmas wore his iconic orange tuxedo to the Aspen Preservation Society’s Icelandic Snow Owl charity ball, he may have inspired a young golfer to bring that colorful flare to the course. Rickie Fowler, one of golf’s top rising talents, has a style so unique it even has it’s own SportsCenter commercial. And now we know why his signature color is orange. Plain and simple Rickie loves Dumb & Dumber. Who doesn’t? Best. Movie. Ever. This weekend Rickie showed off that he is a massive Dumb & Dumber fan, so much so that he actually got “Big Gulps, huh?” inscribed on his wedge. Which now explains why he wears top to bottom orange gear, it’s all an inside joke paying tribute to one of the greatest bro movie characters of all time… ‘Christmas, Lloyd Christmas.’

  • What is the Most Dangerous Sport? (Infographic)

    Every activity comes with a certain risk of danger, but isn’t that part of the fun? Last March in college basketball’s most acclaimed tournament, Louisville player, Kevin Ware, broke his leg so bad, the bone was exposed. The injury to put it simply, was a fluke, no contact or foul play caused the incident, but it will live on as one of the worst injuries to be caught on film. Take a look at this infographic including the most dangerous sports in the world based on sheer volume of injuries sustained and the top ten worst sports injuries through history. Note: This does not indicate how severe the injury, which is most likely why basketball trumps sports like football and hockey, two of the toughest contact sports around.

  • Remember That Hovercraft Bubba Watson Used on the Course? You Can Buy One Now.

    Remember that Oakley hovercraft you saw Bubba Watson floating around on a few months back? Well, now you can buy it. As long as you have just over half ‘a’ stack just lying around to snag one. The hovercraft cart glides over sand traps and water hazards on a cushion of air as easily as it does over fairways and the rough. Powered by a 65-hp twin-cylinder Hirth engine, its nine-blade axial-flow ducted fan propels the craft up to 45 mph and 9″ off the ground without harming grass, allowing immediate crossing of a pond or stream to follow-up a cross-water shot.

  • Scottish Open Holds ‘Happy Gilmore’ Drive Shot Competition (video)

    Phil Mickelson, Paul Lawrie, Nicolas Colsaerts and other European Tour golfers try doing the famous ‘Happy Gilmore’ golf shot during the Pro-Am of the 2013 Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open. There’s also a lot of Gilmore-esq banter and even a Shooter McGavin reference. It’s always great to see golf greats having fun with their otherwise buttoned up sport.  

  • Rory vs The Robot

    Rory McIlroy against a trash talking robot. This has gold written all over it. Mac has caught some slack  lately, but it seems as though this may put him back in the good graces of his followers. Basically Rory was a childhood phenom on late night TV, chipping golf balls into a washing machine, and now the European Tour has recreated this on an extensive level… Against a robot or a Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine to be precise

  • Does Tiger Deserve Forgiveness from Golf Fans?

    Tiger Woods is once again the top ranked golfer in the world, but is still among the top most hated athletes in America.  Apparently, cheating on your wife is the worst thing you can do in the sports world short of killing dogs.  Sorry, Michael Vick, most people hate you more than Tiger.  However, I digress.  Tiger Woods is finally starting to rebuild his character, but does he deserve to be forgiven?

  • New Nike Golf Trick Shot Commercial

    In 1999, Tiger Woods made advertising history bouncing a Nike golf ball on his wedge, then turning around and launching it. That memorable TV spot paved the way for Nike Golf’s new RZN Trick Shot spot featuring Rory McIlroy, Nick Watney, Kyle Stanley, Suzann Pettersen and Paul Casey. These athletes juggle and pass to each other utilizing Nike’s RZN core golf ball technology in the new spot, which is cut to music used in the 1999 ad.  

  • 20 Reasons Why Bubba Watson Should Be Your Favorite Athlete

    Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart video is burning up on the web and we are excited that our favorite golfer is finally getting the mainstream recognition he deserves. Yesterday we got the chance to meet up with Bubba as he unveiled the Oakley gear he will be wearing the the 2013 Masters next week and we pulled together nearly two dozen reason why Bubba Watson is America’s new golden boy. TIP: NAVIGATE GALLERY USING < LEFT AND RIGHT > ARROW KEYS

  • Introducing Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft Golf Cart

    Golf carts haven’t changed much over the years. They look and feel the same. What if there was a way to improve the traditional golf cart concept and take away some of the limitations? Bubba Watson approached Oakley with a revolutionary idea and that’s what they set out to do. They created the world’s first hovercraft golf cart. Using hovercraft technology, the BW1 is able to glide over any terrain, including grass, sand, and water.

  • New Music Video From the Golf Boys – “2.Oh”

    Awww yeah!! It’s been almost two years since the Golf Boys, comprised of PGA Tour stars Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan, posted their first music video “Oh Oh Oh.” It went super viral, racking up over 5 million views, and now they are back with an encore performance called “2.Oh.” Proceeds are benefiting charity water so watch it now for some laughs and also to raise money for a good cause!

  • Photo of the Day: Kangaroos Invade The Australian Open

    Karrie Webb of Australia waits for a mob of kangaroos to clear the fairway during day one of the Women’s Australian Open at Royal Canberra Golf Club on Thursday, Feb. 14 in Canberra, Australia. Kangaroos are not the only creatures troubling golfers in Canberra this week. According to The Associated Press, Swedish golfer Daniela Holmqvist used a tee to extract potentially fatal venom from her ankle after she was bitten by a spider during her qualifying round for the LPGA Tour’s season-opening tournament.

  • Oakley Acquires Bubba Watson, Golf Acquires Cool Points

    Yesterday, Masters Champion, Bubba Watson, joined the Oakley Family. Bubba’s unique style and attitude fit perfectly with a brand dedicated to outside the box innovation. Oakley sets a unique standard style in any sport they cater to, with a distinguishable look, different from any other brand. To me, Oakley has always been ahead of the curve in technology and sponsorships  being very critical to the sportsmen they choose. Watson’s charisma and fun attitude toward an otherwise buttoned up game could be pivotal in the progression of the sport. Bubba, Oakley. Oakley, Bubba.

  • Watch: John Peterson’s Hole-In-One At The U.S. Open [Video]

    23-year-old John Peterson sunk a hole-in-one on the 180-yard, par-three 13th in the 3rd round of the U.S. Open at the Olympic Club. John bleeds LSU and is showing his pride with a purple shirt with gold stripes. SB Nation said, “You won’t see a better reaction to anything at the U.S. Open this week than the one John Peterson gave his ace. Pure joy.” See the epic chest bump and touchdown sign for yourself here.


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