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Love Was In The Air At Sunday’s Redskins Game

I’m actually pretty disappointed with the lack of horrible people doing disgusting things to themselves and each other at football game these last few weeks. Ever since we drew attention to Bills’ Mafia rewriting the book on how to be sure your parents are disappointed in you, they’ve completely calmed down.…


The Bullhorn: Week 7 RSVLTS Recap

Week 7 is perfect time in the season to take a hard right and turn it all around. Teams like the Cowboys who started off with a bang are starting to fall into a hard downswing while teams like the Saints are starting to look good (despite the fact that the…


Will Victor Cruz Ever Return?

I don’t have very high hopes for Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz even getting on the field this season. This is for two reasons. Reason #1: Literally no one will give a straight answer about what his injury actually entails or how serious it is even though he is not practicing with the…


The Bullhorn: RSVLTS Week 6 Recap

We’re now 6 weeks into the season and we still have 5 undefeated teams left. To show you significance of this statistic, ever since the playoff field was expanded to 12 teams in 1990, teams that started with 6-0 have all made the playoffs. So, barring a wild departure from…