• Harlem Globetrotter Breaks Record For Longest Shot; Season Looks Bleak For Washington Generals [Video]

    Harlem Globetrotters Rookie Thunder Law (was that one of the American Gladiators?) broke the world record for the longest basketball shot yesterday. The former record, a paltry 104 feet 7 inches was shattered by Thunder’s impressive 109 feet 9 inches shot at the Phoenix Suns’ US Airways Center in Phoenix in celebration of Guinness Worlds Records Day. If the Washington Generals were hoping for a repeat of their 1971 season, when they beat the Globetrotters one game, it’s probably not going to happen any time soon.

  • University of Hawaii Retro Uniforms are Hot Lava

    The University of Hawaii will be going full retro on us during their bout with San Diego State this Saturday, November 16th. The Rainbow Warriors will be paying homage to the days of the 1960’s for ‘retro night’ on the island. The green uniforms will sport rainbow shoulders and white pants accented with a rainbow stripe. Under Armour has added rainbow sprinkles to the uniforms with rainbow palms on their receiver gloves and a iridescent finish on black cleats. Hot lava, bro, hot lava.

  • Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History [Video]

    In November of 1993, the first Ultimate Fighting Championship event, UFC 1, was held in Denver, Colorado. 20 years of great fights followed and to celebrate its birthday, UFC has collected the 20 best knockouts from those years. Watching these brings back memories of renting the UFC VHS tapes from the mom-and-pop video store with the huge back room of smut. Nothing like being a kid, drinking Capri Sun, eating Fruit by the Foot, and watching men violently beat each other almost to death.

  • DeAndre Jordan- Top Ten Club for SportsCenter

    DeAndre Jordan discovers one of the perks of being featured on the SportsCenter Top Ten after arguably the dunk of the year. The newest of the SportsCenter commercials featured DeAndre crossing his fingers hoping he’s on the list for the most exclusive of exclusive clubs, but what’s inside might surprise you.

  • Incredible Video Of Wingsuit Flight Through Narrow Canyon

    When looking for a suitable locale for a wingsuit flight, narrow canyon is probably not at the top of your list. That’s why you’re a boring wimp and nobody likes you. Me too. But brass-balled wingsuit expert Robert “Scotty-Bob” Morgan thought that the frighteningly narrow Beehive Line in Utah’s Great Basin National Park would be a perfect spot to take flight. He was also kind enough to strap a GoPro camera on to capture all the action. Now those of us who have trouble navigating a wide hallway without bumping into every possible obstacle can see what it’s like to not be so bad at life.

  • NFL Logos Recreated as Beautiful European Soccer Club Crests

    FootballAsFootball is a beautifully executed site that features NFL logos as European soccer logos. The illustrations, done by six designers from Minneapolis are done with pinnacle quality in design and to be dead honest some pro teams could learn a thing or two from these eloquent renditions (cough, cough panthers). At the end of the project each team will have separate designes in the likeness of English, German, Italian, and Spanish soccer styles. We’re very giddy about this. Check out all 32 teams here.

  • ESPN 30 for 30: The Space Jam Game

    ESPN’s acclaimed documentary series takes on the epic game and strange happenings of the Space Jam game. Well kind of. Sketchy, a weekly comedy series parodies the compelling sports doc series using the lopsided, crooked Space Jam movie as a game where Jordan triumphed through adversary, unmatched rivals and even murder. ESPN’s acclaimed documentary series would never really profile a silly, partially-animated sports movie, but if it did, it would look like this.

  • Sports Friends – LeFluffy, LeSean, DeSean and Michael

    On this episode of Sports Friends Michael Vick drops in on DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and a new puppy, LeFluffy. LeFluffy really gets Mikes tail wagging when he sees the dogs sheer cuteness. Michael can hardly contain himself. As a new dog lover and enthusiast, Vick puts in his two cents on the breed of LeFluffy as well as his expertise on his own dog.

  • NFL Salute to Service Apparel

    The NFL is partnering up with the Pat Tillman Foundation (PTF), USO and the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) to sell goods supporting  and honoring veterans and active duty members of the military with its annual Salute to Service campaign. This year players and coaches on-field will be sporting gear available on the NFL Shop website, including this bad-ass military green hoodie, featured above. Each team will have custom hoodies, hats and gear available with camo or military accents. Support Salute to Service here.

  • Meanwhile in Spain: Impossible Buzzer Beater Defies Laws of Logic

    Real Madrid is a spanish sporting club known for their soccer prowess. Considered the Yankees of soccer, the team is made up of the best athletes from around the globe, but the club also owns a lesser known basketball team. That basketball team is about to gain some serious steam after this one in a billion buzzer beating shot. Felipe Reyes managed to catch a full court inbound pass while jumping out of bounds and… well you get it. He makes it.

  • The Resemblance is Uncanny: Seneca Wallace Throws like Uncle Rico

    Aaron Rodgers understudy, Seneca Wallace had anything but his job cut out for him when he had to take over for the injured elite quarterback. He struggled a majority of the game, while Green Bay’s running game kept them in it, but the Pack fell short by a touchdown possibly due to Seneca’s throwing form mimicing that of another quarterback who also fell short in his high school state championship.

  • The 11 Best NFL Draft Classes of All-Time

    The NFL Draft is certainly an exciting time in the offseason during America’s most popular sport—a time when unfortunate teams seek their franchise savior and a time when playoff teams seek their final piece that will hurdle them through the championship threshold. But, even the best scouts in the country state that the NFL Draft is far from being a perfect science. If that were the case, the San Diego Chargers would have never selected Ryan Leaf in 1998 when Charles Woodson and Randy Moss were both still available. Moreover, the Raiders would not have selected JaMarcus Russell when… well, the best wide receiver, the best running back, the best cornerback, and the best linebacker in today’s NFL were available. 11. 2007 NFL Draft Notable Players: Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, Darrelle Revis, Adrian Peterson, Joe Thomas, Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch, Joe Staley, Marshal Yanda In a few decades, this draft class has the potential to hurdle 11 spots to number one. Unfortunately, time travel is not available with contemporary technology. The list of current NFL superstars from this class really makes the 2007 Raiders front office seem incompetent. 10. 2011 NFL Draft Notable Players: Cam Newton, Von Miller, A.J Green, Patrick more »

  • Aaron Rodgers Surprises a Girl with Spina Bifida With a Musical Collaboration

    Aaron Rogers and David Gruber have been partnering with foundations to set up scenarios for Rodgers to surprise fans with disabilities in Wisconsin. The series is meant to draw attention to non-profits who are changing the world for their respective fields. In this episode, Aaron and David surprise Kelly, a Spina Bifida Sufferer, after she thought she’d simply be filming a commercial for a non-profit. The setting took place at the Pabst Theater, highlighting the work of IndependenceFirst, an organization run by and for the benefit of people who have disabilities. Rodgers just discount doublechecked life.

  • Pat Tillman Would’ve been 37 Years Old Yesterday- Paying Homage to a True American Hero

    Let’s talk about Pat Tillman for a second. Pat would have celebrated his 37th birthday and I would be doing a disservice to America if I didn’t pay homage to the man. Tillman was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the 1998 National Football League (NFL) draft. After a couple years of hard work and dedication, he earned his place as a starting player and ended up setting a new team record for total tackles in the 2000 season.  Loyal to his team, Tillman turned down a lucrative contract with the St. Louis Rams to stay with the Cardinals in 2001. Tillman left a promising football career in 2002 to join the US Armed Forces following the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.  In an interview in 2002 Tillman stated, “Sports embodied many of the qualities I deem meaningful, however, these last few years, and especially after recent events, I’ve come to appreciate just how shallow and insignificant my role is . . . It’s no longer important.”  Tillman enlisted with his younger brother, Kevin to become Army Rangers.  They were in the second battalion of 75th Ranger Regiment in Fort Lewis, WA.  Tillman served in several tours of duty, more »

  • Adam Pardy Got Checked through the Glass, Helmet Stolen and Beer Poured on Him Last Night

    Adam Pardy of the Winnepeg Jets had a rough night. First he had the unfortunate luck of getting checked against the boards and have the glass fall out on to the fans with ice side seats. Then one hilariously ballsy fan took it upon himself to rip the helmet off Pardy’s head and wear it himself. Not, but a second after that another Chicago fan thought it would be in good taste to pour a beer on the head of now helmetless Adam. A series of unfortunate events for Adam Pardy. Fitting it was on the 20th anniversary of the fan man in Chicago.

  • Patrick Willis Took An Internship WIth Infinity Ward, The Makers of Call of Duty: Ghosts [Video]

    SportsNation ESPN recently released a comedic video of San Francisco 49ers star linebacker, Patrick Willis interning at Infinity Ward Studios. In it, Willis does voice acting—where he throws in a pigskin-esque twist to military jargon. In addition, Willis dons a suit where he participates in some cutting edge motion capture technology. Ironically, his suit is black and teal—something that, when he was simulating getting killed, felt like something of an allusion to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 2013 NFL Season.

  • 11 Ridiculously Expensive Sports Cards You Wish You Owned

    Remember when you were kid and you spent all your money on Stadium Club cards? They were so premium and glossy, they were bound to be a good investment. Every other kid thought so, too, and now we all have tons of really nice looking, worthless cards. Well here’s a look at 11 cards we wish we had collected instead of wasting time on glossy eye-candy or cheating Topps out of gold cards with the flashlight trick 20 years ago. 

  • Kevin Ware Sinks First Shot Attempt Since Gruesome Injury

    It was the broken leg heard (saw) around the globe. A horrific sight that brought players and coaches alike to absolute tears. Kevin Ware sat terrified and in pain at the sight of what will go down as one of the most horrific sports injuries to be seen, especially on national TV. Last night Louisville took the court against Pikesville State and Kevin made his debut since the injury and long rehab stint to follow. The crowd on their toes waiting for Ware to hit the floor and get a touch, and what happens; Kevin sinks a three. Could you have written a better return story?

  • 10 Sports Fans Who Became Famous

    Fandom in American Sports is one of this country’s most celebrated cultural aspects. Often, fans go to games and–amidst a crowd of fellow game goers– go home unnoticed. However, there are rare occasions when fans become just as famous–if not more so– than the players on the field. Sometimes iconic, sometimes loved, and sometimes vilified; RSVLTS has compiled a list for some of the most notable famous fans.

  • How the Owners of All 30 NBA Teams Made Their Money

    Sure, we all know how some of the NBA owners made their fortunes, Mark Cuban with his Internet boom money and Michael Jordan from being Michael Jordan, but do you know how every single owner got rich? The Grizzlies’ Robert Pera, the youngest NBA owner at 35, formerly worked for Apple as an engineer. Clippers owner Donald Sterling started out working as a divorce lawyer. Read all about these 4 and the other 26 owners at Mental Floss.

  • Two Things Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto Loves: Crack and Novelty NFL Ties

    Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, recently admitted to using crack cocaine as if was some nonchalant activity people do in a “drunken stupor”. Exact words, “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine,” Ford told reporters outside his office. “But no, do I, am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago.” As far as I know, Toronto isn’t burning to the ground, so it would be ignorant for me to say whether or not Ford is competent enough to remain in office, but what I can tell you is he had this ‘deal-with-it’ moment when he wore this retro NFL logo tie to his press conference, where he set the record straight about his crack cocaine abuse. “No, I’m not an addict and no I do not do drugs. I made mistakes in the past and all I can do is apologize but it is what it is. And I can’t change the past and I can apologize to my family, my friends, my colleagues and the people of this great city.” Ford has refused to step down as mayor and choose alleigance to one specific NFL team. He more »

  • GoPro Adventure Series: Combing the Chilean Valparaiso’s Hills

    The second installment of GoPro’s Hero3+ features Aaron Chase, Brian Lopes and Chris Van Dine riding through the heavily decorated hills of Valparaiso, Chile. The shots were filmed entirely on the Hero3+ camera and feature the riders bolting down stairs, turning sharp corners and even riding on walls. Valparaiso is the prefect place to film down hill video, because of it’s urban terrain and beautiful city landscape.

  • Which Pro-Sport is Worth the Effort (Infographic)

    The road to professional athletics is not for the faint of heart, even the best in the biz have to practice day in and day out not to be dethrowned at the top of their game. Injuries, ailments and simply not being in the right place at the right time are all variables that can hinder an athletes worth. In this infographic by Sports Interaction  they break down how much an average player makes in the short lifespan of a pro athlete. In addition they’ve also broke down just how much top athletes get paid per advancement or succession in their particular sport. A-Rod, for example, gets paid over $253,000 per hit. I’ll leave you with that tid-bit of information, let it marinate. 

  • World’s Largest Indoor Surf Park Coming to New Jersey

    While the indoor ski slope remains empty and devoid of snow, the skydiving wind tunnels are still a bunch of holes in the floor and the huge Ferris wheel has yet to be built, developers of American Dream Meadowlands (formerly named Meadowlands Xanadu), are going to bring the world’s largest indoor surfing park of the swamps of the Meadowlands as early as January 2015.    The $1.8 billion, 2.3 million square foot shopping center (see the rendering above) was recently taken over by a Canadian company called Triple Five and they are seeking to jump start the dormant entertainment and retail mall in East Rutherford. 

  • The North Face’s Into The Mind Official Trailer

    Is your knowledge of ski movies limited to the amazingly awful “Ski School” and “Ski School 2″? If so, do yourself a favor and check out 2011’s “All.I.Can” from Sherpas Cinema then watch the trailer for their followup, “Into The Mind”, which is sure to be another hit. Presented by The North Face, “Into The Mind” features some of the most incredible cinematography seen on the bigscreen and will undoubtedly go down as one of the best sports films ever shot.

  • The 10 Most Eccentric, Rambunctious, Or Otherwise Insane Athletes

    Insanity reigns in all of sports. Truly, there can be a case made that athletes have the potential to be the pinnacle of mental lunacy– a fact that comes with the very nature of their occupation, which is destroying their bodies for the entertainment of spectators. Luckily, RSVLTS is here to compile a list of the craziest athletes to ever step on a field, a half pipe, or the Grand Canyon. In this article, “crazy” can have several different definitions– ranging from a term of endearment to an outright declaration of  mass-fearfulness.

  • Minimalist MLB Stadiums [Photos]

    Now that the 2013 MLB season is in the rear view mirror we take one more look at America’s sport with these fascinating minimalist posters that capture the essence of each ballpark.

  • Watch Excited Red Sox Fans Flip Car [Video]

    Wicked pissah! Sawks win! What better way to celebrate than flipping over cars? Also uprooting trees seems like a fun idea. Maybe next time, though, it would be more polite to make sure no one is in the car when it gets flipped. To be fair, if the Mets ever actually won a World Series I might lose control, too.

  • 11 Fastest Players in NFL History (Infographic)

    Speed is synonymous with sports, but essential in the NFL. In it’s history, the NFL has not only produced players that can reach olympic athlete speeds, but can take or give a hit while doing it. Take a closer look at these numbers and tell me the top 5 players aren’t superhuman. Bo Jackson was every inch as skilled in real life as he was portrayed in Tecmo Bowl.  

  • What Do The Mavs Say? [Video]

    If you really want to scare the kiddies this Halloween, play this video over and over again. I know the noises coming from Vince Carter will be haunting me for days. How many millions do you think Mark Cuban had to put up for these guys to make fools of themselves?

  • Watch Carlos Burle Surf What May Be The Biggest Wave Ever [Video]

    While many in Europe were seeking sanctuary from the storm known as Saint Jude, which killed 11 people, surfers saw it as the perfect opportunity to catch some of the biggest waves the world has seen. The current record, from the same spot in Portugal, is 78 feet and now Carlos Burle is waiting on final word to see if he is the new titleholder. Some are saying this wave was closer to 100 feet! This is a well produced video of the event but maybe a different song would have been better. “O Fortuna” makes it sound like Burle tried but his hubris was too much and Poseidon took him to a watery grave. Why not something happy, like “Surfin’ Bird”? Nazaré Blow Up from SURFPortugal Mag on Vimeo.

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