• NYPD Tries To Corral Longboarders With Giant Net, Hilarity Ensues [Video]

    Broadway Bomb is an annual gathering of thousands of longboard skaters in Manhattan that took place earlier this month. This year, the NYPD sought to corral the skaters with a net that was easily avoided by the small dudes on skateboards but was a major obstruction for the drivers in daytime New York City traffic. Speed up the footage and add “Yakkety Sax” playing in the background a la Benny Hill and you’ve got the makings of an incredible video.

  • How X-Games Champ Missy Giove Went From Gold To Trafficking Marijuana

    What do you do when you have tons of medical bills and you didn’t plan for an early retirement when you were an X Games superstar? Transport and sell hundreds of pounds of marijuana, of course! That’s the path mountain biker Missy Giove took at least. And she would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for those meddling DEA agents.

  • The 9 Greatest Sideline Meltdowns In NFL History

    The advent of nationally televised sporting events has given spectators an enhanced look into the happenings of an NFL sideline—some of which are publicized to the organization’s chagrin. With Dez Bryant’s recent sideline ranting, it left RSVLTS thinking about some of the more notable, ugly, or otherwise animated sideline spats, tirades, and incidents that were worthy of a countdown list.

  • Ohio State Marching Band Pulls off Epic Movie Montage

    The Ohio State University marching band has a reputation that precedes itself. Known for it’s elaborate halftime shows and illustrious themes the band has had a number of it’s performances go viral, including the most recent Micheal Jackson tribute. Well this might be better. A movie montage featuring characters from some of the greatest films with a synonymous soundtrack like Superman and Jurassic Park. It is about the music still isn’t it? Sort of. The music is great, but to pull of these steps alone would be a feat (get it?), let alone playing music while doing it.

  • AXE Hair’s #StyledInSeconds Photobooth Fun [41 Photos]

    On Monday night Ned from COED.com, Cass from Guyism.com, Steve from MadeMan.com and yours truly met up at Bounce Sporting Club (55 W 21st St, New York, NY 10010) where AXE Hair and their lovely celebrity stylist Natalia Bruschi (‏@NatiBru) showed us that it only takes a few seconds for guys to get the hair girls love with AXE Hair styling products. Natalia’s clients include some of the biggest names in Hollywood and I was told that my hair, see it in the GIFs below, looks very similar to Leo. Yes, Leo. I kinda see it. Once the pregame was over we boarded a party bus en route to MetLife Stadium for the ultimate Monday Night Football VIP experience that included a suite stocked with booze, food, and unlimited cookies. It was pretty damn incredible to say the least.

  • Johnny Football Is A Good Tipper

    Johnny Manziel is a d-bag. Johnny is arrogant. Johnny is a jerkoff rich kid. Johnny is [insert your complaint] here. What you can’t say about Manziel is that he’s a bad tipper. @shelbsss11d the honor of serving Scooby a night this week and was soooo happy.

  • Drunken Wade Boggs Sings Garth Brooks In The Keys [VIDEO]

    This is one of the classics from the Busted Coverage archives because there isn’t much better than Drunk Wade Boggs signing “Friends in Low Places” way back in 2011. So many of you are new to BC that I had to dig up Wade for an encore from Snappers in Key Largo. Watch until the end when a woman give Wade some advice. “Don’t quit your day job, darlin.”

  • Ranking the 32 NFL Team According To Their All-Time Winning Percentage (With HQ Cheerleader Pictures)

    The NFL is a league of constant competition– a veritable athletic battleground where no mercy is inflicted upon the team that performed in an inferior fashion. But, what teams have been the most successful at defeating their opponents throughout the chronicled decades of the NFL? Well, RSVLTS is here to help answer that question. Courtesy of FOX Sports, this list was compiled of each team’s record– brought together in ascending order based on winning percentage. For teams that had the same winning percentage, the club with the greater amount of wins was given the favorable position. But, before beginning; the team with the most wins of all time is the Chicago Bears– a team with over 600 wins, which is a distinguished number that only two other teams can claim to exceed. Those two aforementioned teams are the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers. Inversely, only one team in NFL history has tallied losses to the point of sexcentenary excessiveness– the Arizona Cardinals, who have 680 less than desirable matchup conclusions. Also, the Cardinals have the second most ties of all time– behind only the Bears, who have 42. But, to learn the winningest team based on percentage, more »

  • Peyton Manning’s Papa Johns Are Raking In Dough

    Peyton Manning can do no wrong these days. He bought up 21 Papa John’s stores in the Denver area last year and they’ve all seen an increase in business. Thousands of dollars a day, in fact. This is great news for Eli. Maybe Peyton can get him a job at one of the stores after this season. 

  • Ranking The 30 MLB Ballparks According To Yelp

    What is the easiest way to see how Major League Baseball ballparks  stack up against each other? Yelp. Obviously. We went through the Yelp pages for each of the 30 ballparks and ranked their popularity according to  Yelp number and the number of Yelp reviews received. When you’re finished see Ranking The 31 NFL Stadiums According To Yelp. 

  • Bearcats Baseball Post Game Shenanigans

    The University of Cincinnati Bearcats really know how to have a good time. Their post-game interviews are quickly becoming legendary for all the background hijinks (I’m partial to the jousting catchers). I suppose that when you have a 24-32 record, you need to enjoy yourself somehow. And as bonus, we’ve got all the shenanigans captured in GIF form for you kids to use in your Reddit comments or whatever it is you do with them.

  • The Oregon Ducks Support The Fight Against Women’s Cancer in True Ducks Fashion

    Coming together in support of a common cause, the University of Oregon will rally a larger team to battle one opponent that touches us all: cancer. The Ducks will take the field on Saturday wearing uniforms to honor cancer survivors and help raise money for the fight against women’s cancers. Nike and the University of Oregon have partnered for many years during the month of October to honor Breast Cancer Awareness. This year, the Ducks’ will wear pink Nike Vapor Talon Elite cleats, pink Nike Vapor Carbon Elite socks and pink Vapor Jet gloves in combination with their black Nike Pro Combat uniform system. In addition, this year the Ducks will punctuate their look with bold pink helmets. The special edition BCA uniforms are designed to raise awareness and funds for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund as the team stands united in their support to help find a cure for women’s cancers. 

  • 11 Artists That Should Be Featured on the Super Bowl Halftime Show

    After the Janet Jackson incident that—well—everyone knows about at this point, there was a streak of quality Super Bowl Halftime acts. Starting with Paul McCartney in 2005, Super Bowl Halftime shows have gone on to feature such respectable artists as The Who, Tom Petty, and Prince. But, in recent years, Super Bowl Halftime shows have  devolved back into the cesspool of flavor of the week pop artists—featuring artists like Bruno Mars, who will be playing the upcoming Super Bowl in New Jersey, and a cameo appearance by LMFAO during Madonna’s performance. This begs the question; who are some acts that would return the Super Bowl half time show to its late 2000’s sense of quality? The following 10 acts are artists who put on excellent half time shows: 11. Spinal Tap Their performance would be borderline ludicrous, if they were able to find the entrance to the stage. However, the whole “joke band” label would be somewhat difficult for them to overcome—considering how seriously the NFL takes itself. 10. Pearl Jam Quickly becoming the living fossil from the grunge era, Pearl Jam is renowned as a premier live act with great stage presence. By the off chance that the Super more »

  • The Top 11 Most Peculiar Pre-Game Rituals In Sports History

    Pre-game rituals are some of the scariest, most glorious, and most baffling practices in all of sports. But, there are some pre-game rituals that make people cringe, cower in fear, or get vicariously psyched more than any other. Whether they are meant to get an individual focused, intimidate their opponents, or charm a player with good fortune, these eleven pre-game rituals are certainly among the world’s most iconic, most terrifying, and most peculiar.

  • The Breast Cancer Awareness Secret The NFL Doesn’t Want You To Know [15 HQ Photos]

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month is the NFL and nearly every inch of open space on the field, in the stadium and on the players uniforms is covered in pink. It seems to be a noble cause, raising awareness for a troubling illness, but according to data obtained from the NFL by Darren Rovell of ESPN, a shockingly small amount of the fans’ money spent on this pink merchandise purchased at the NFL’s online shop, official team stores, and at the stadiums is actually going towards cancer research.

  • Insider’s Look At The World Solar Challenge In Australia [13 Photos]

    More than 40 teams from 24 different countries took part in the World Solar Challenge, a 3,000 kilometer race of solar-powered vehicles across Australia.  The fastest was a Dutch team who made the trek in 33 hours, but there were also awards for safety and practicality. With an average speed of just over 56 mph, that win may not seem too impressive, but then you have to take into account THESE ARE TOTALLY SOLAR-POWERED!

  • New Sports Friends Episodes Feature Lebron, Tiger, Rodgers and a Pile On

    Our bestest friends over at Yahoo’s Sports Friends just released four new knee slappers. For newbs unfamiliar with the satirical webisode, Sports Friends features animations of famous athletes having regular, everyday conversations. Previous episodes featured Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick chit chatting about tattoos and Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder having a late night conversation under the stars. This round-up of episodes is particularly hilarious.

  • The 12 Greatest Feuds In American Sports History

    Feuds: the players start them and the media perpetuates them. But, with the inherently competitive nature of sports, it seems that people thrive off of a good dramatic conflict. Feuds pervade sports and have given pundits, reporters, and other media members a good storyline to boost the ratings of an upcoming matchup. But, what are some of the best feuds in sporting history? Well, RSVLTS is here to chronicle some of the best, most intense, and most comical feuds in sporting history. Before beginning, it must be stated that this list will only cover the four major team sports in America– a criteria that disqualifies the likes of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. But, without further ado, the best sporting feuds:

  • 2001 Eye Opening Ad Sheds Light on Native American Issue in Pro Sports

    In 2001, The National Congress of American Indians released an blatant poster of racist baseball caps in hopes to raise awareness of the Cleveland Indians logo on their cap. Today that poster is more relevant than ever. With the controversial Redskins branding under the microscope, everyone from SI to the President has chimed in with their two cents. It looks as though Daniel Snyder, the owner of the team is stubbornly clinging to the name, he claims 95% of Native Americans don’t have an issue with. The poster at hand was created by the NCAI in the 1990′s by the advertising firm, Devito/Verdi in 2001, says Slate. The poster features unquestionably racist characters of The New York “Jews” and San Francisco “Chinamen” next to the Cleveland Indians Cheif Wahoo logo. Definitely the most compelling argument we’ve heard yet. Take notes Bob Costas.

  • If 22 of Your Favorite Athletes Worked at the Mall…

    The keyword here is what-if. What if some of our favorite athletes chose a different life path somewhere along their road to professional athletics. If so, they’d probably be working at some of the stores you frequent in the local shopping malls. The Foot Lockers and Modell’s Sporting Goods are a no brainer, but what about some athletes that have a more unique style or charisma. We’ve complied a list of athletes and the shopping mall store that best compliments their personality.

  • The Bob Costas Washington Redskins Video Everyone Is Talking About

    The controversy over the Redskins’ name just won’t die out as it has in years past. The latest to weigh in was Bob Costas during halftime on Sunday Night Football. He summed up his feelings by saying “It’s an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present day intent.” Team owner Dan Snyder is still defending keeping the name but he does seem to be paying more attention to dissenting opinions. And with one of those opinions coming from President Obama, who said if he owned the team, he would consider changing the name, Snyder would be wise to listen. The big deal with Costas last night was that although lots of people are sharing their thoughts, they’re not doing it during halftime on SNF. Should a sportscaster be discussing such a sensitive issue or should he just stick to talking about the game?

  • The Start Of The New York City Marathon May Be Affected By The Government Shutdown

    The ING New York City Marathon is an important event not just for runners, but also for day drinkers who like to pretend they care about runners to feel better about themselves, and for the second year in a row, both groups may be screwed. Last year, the event was canceled because of Superstorm Sandy, and if the government shutdown continues, we may see no marathon again this year. The race is set to start at Staten Island’s Fort Wadsworth, which is currently closed, and if a new route isn’t decided soon, the November 3 race may not happen. 

  • Mesmerizing Video of Mike Tyson’s Greatest Knockouts

    Remember when heavyweight bouts were really exciting to watch? I love the Klitschko Brothers, they’re great boxers, but the undercards are way more fun these days. But when Mike Tyson was fighting, those were the most ferocious heavyweight matches the world has ever known. And the way he fought brought out the same intensity in his opponents (though they couldn’t match Iron Mike). Let’s hear it for BroBible for finding this video and let’s pray that one day, heavyweight boxing will again be even halfway this lively.

  • We’re Getting Excited For the Anaheim “Mighty” Ducks Throwback Night

    Every 90s kid remembers how cool the Mighty Ducks were when they entered the NHL in 1993. Hell, the Disney-owned team was named after every kid’s favorite movie of 1992, where we all learned the power of the “triple-deke.” But then tragedy struck when Disney sold the team and they became the Anaheim Ducks. There’s nothing cool about that. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the Ducks will again be Mighty when they take on the Senators on Sunday night, donning their radical 90s logo. And for those fans lucky enough to be there in person, they can enjoy popcorn and soda for 93 cents! Just in case you’ve suffered sever head trauma and forgot what the old logo looked like, we’ve got some pictures to jog your memory. 

  • A Compelling Look At MMA Legend Frank Shamrock

    A new Spike TV documentary takes viewers on an unforgettable journey into Frank Shamrock’s tumultuous past from his remarkable fighting career to his turbulent personal life including delving into issues of alcoholism, domestic violence, and a damaged relationship with his brother Ken. “Frank Shamrock: Bound by Blood” debuts October 10 on Spike.

  • Ranking The 31 NFL Stadiums According To Yelp

    What is the easiest way to understand how NFL stadiums stack up against each other? Yelp. Obviously. We went through the Yelp pages for each of the 31 stadiums in the NFL and ranked their popularity according to  Yelp number and the number of Yelp reviews received.