• The Longest Professional Sports Careers

    The average playing career for an NFL players is 3.5 years, the average MLB career is 5.6 years, the average NBA career is 4.8 years, and the average NHL career is 5.5 years. Playing in one of the major four American sports takes a toll on a person’s body that is nearly unfathomable. The aforementioned being established, it is truly an incredible feat when an athlete exceeds the career length average of their respective league. The praiseworthy nature of such a feat is heightened when athletes break their sport’s average career length by a sizable amount. Hence, it is the intent of this article to explore the athletes whose Herculean fortitude has seen them experience generation-bridging careers. But first, those worthy of an honorable mention will be listed. A Pair of NHL Legends: Considered the greatest hockey player to ever play the sport, Gretzky’s career lasted from 1978-1999. And, one of his most notable teammates makes the final list. But, Gretzky is unfortunately trumped by other NHL greats for the primary portion of the list. Moreover, Martin Brodeur—the greatest goalie in hockey history—misses the list by the mere span of a year. But, the fact that he hasn’t retired clearly more »

  • 10 NFL Players Caught On Camera Doing Freakishly Athletic Things In The Gym

    Professional athletes are generally known to be absolute pinnacle of beastliness. Throughout successive games, those who play in professional sporting events always redefine the general populace’s notions about the human body’s physical limitations. The performance of such athletes always begs the question: what kinds of pick-things-up-and-put-them-down freakishness do footballers engage in when they’re not dazzling thousands of spectators? This will generally be a compilation of professional athletes lighting up their exercise facilities, or showing off in their locker room. Either way, it is not recommended that the layman engage in such rigorous exercises.

  • MLB Stadiums in Panorama [38 HQ Photos]

    Last summer we went on a Baseball Bucket List tour with Windows Phone and throughout the trip we snapped some nifty panorama photos of baseball stadiums all across America. The pictures came out incredibly well and with baseball season getting back into swing we’ve decided to pull together some of the best shots for you to enjoy. These picture make great Facebook Timeline pictures. If you’re interested in making one of the photos below your timeline just simply crop to  851X315 pixels and upload.

  • Insiders Look At The 2013 MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game

    Last night was a memorable All-Star Game to say the least. The night began with Matt Harvey, the 24 year old, Connecticut native and NY Mets budding superstar having a scoreless two-inning outing to kick off the game on his home turf. After a couple runs knocked in by the AL, the NL was left without the jumpstart they were in desperate need of, acquiring just 3 hits all night. The AL ended up the winner, securing home field advantage for the World Series, but the real hero of the night was Mariano Rivera, who pitched a hitless 8th inning and receiving the MVP award for the night. Rivera made his final All-Star appearance, announcing earlier in the year he would be retiring at the seasons end. “That’s why I’m here,” said Rivera, after his first hold in 11 years, coming after 4 straight years of saves in an ASG. “That’s what I love to do.” Oh, and Prince Fielder hit a triple.

  • Remember That Hovercraft Bubba Watson Used on the Course? You Can Buy One Now.

    Remember that Oakley hovercraft you saw Bubba Watson floating around on a few months back? Well, now you can buy it. As long as you have just over half ‘a’ stack just lying around to snag one. The hovercraft cart glides over sand traps and water hazards on a cushion of air as easily as it does over fairways and the rough. Powered by a 65-hp twin-cylinder Hirth engine, its nine-blade axial-flow ducted fan propels the craft up to 45 mph and 9″ off the ground without harming grass, allowing immediate crossing of a pond or stream to follow-up a cross-water shot.

  • The Future Sports Video Gaming

    Sports games have come a long way since its primordial era that featured such classic titles as “Tecmo Bowl”. Hence, players no longer exclusively play as Bo Jackson, and the birds eye view has long since been nixed. With the current era of consoles coming to its conclusion, there is a mass speculation among gaming fans about the upcoming developments that are expected to accompany an exciting new chapter in video gaming. The news has thus far been as such: the upcoming era of sports gaming is certain to bring fresh technological innovation and a renewed sense of inter- company competition.

  • Top 10 Matchups of Athletes Returning to a Former Team

    Ask any professional athlete; there is always some level of animosity when facing a former team. A sportsman’s competitive nature always forces them to compete, but situations where players face teams for which they previously played are especially amplified with intensity. The following matchups are examples of highly publicized first matchups between a notable player and his former team. Mostly, players on this list managed to perform to a reasonably high level of performance. However, some managed to make it on the list due to the sheer highly publicized nature of the bitter reunion. Hence, not all players on this list managed to perform highly in their first matchup against their former team. Furthermore, there is one instance where the player’s new team was trumped by their former team. However, all of the following reunion matchups were highly publicized at the time of their happening. The list is as follows: 10. Jeremy Lin Returns to New York There was a time when Jeremy Lin dominated sports headlines—the birth of the national sensation known as “Linsanity”. During his hot streak with the New York Knicks, Lin was reputed as a breakout superstar that was performing feats of seemingly divine magnitude. ESPN more »

  • RSVLTS All Access Pass To UFC 162 in Las Vegas [21 HQ Photos]

    When I was young, I was exposed to the Las Vegas fight scene on television, weren’t we all? Who doesn’t remember all the famous people sitting front and center to see boxers fight at the MGM Grand?! Well many years have passed since those Saturday nights at my Uncle’s house watching Mike Tyson fight and bite, now boxing has been replaced by many for a sport in its boom phase, MMA, specifically the UFC.

  • Scottish Open Holds ‘Happy Gilmore’ Drive Shot Competition (video)

    Phil Mickelson, Paul Lawrie, Nicolas Colsaerts and other European Tour golfers try doing the famous ‘Happy Gilmore’ golf shot during the Pro-Am of the 2013 Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open. There’s also a lot of Gilmore-esq banter and even a Shooter McGavin reference. It’s always great to see golf greats having fun with their otherwise buttoned up sport.  

  • Why The #$@% Is This Sports News? The NFL Edition.

    Victor Cruz signed a long-term deal, Aaron Hernandez is in legal trouble, and Ray Lewis capped the 2012 NFL Season with one final “squirrel dance” with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Such stories have kept football fans following the popular American sport in spite of an otherwise uneventful offseason. And, due to the less frenetic spewing of headlines, those who cover the NFL are forced to air some stories that would otherwise not be mentioned.

  • NFL Arrests Per Team Since 2000 (graph)

    The NFL is no stranger to Johnny Law, producing forty mugshots from players in the off season of 2013. I’ll say that again, FORTY players. With the Hernandez fiasco putting a spotlight on players acting a fool, we did our due diligence using U-T San Diego’s NFL Arrest Database, to find that number jumped from 27 in the off season last year, and there are still  nearly two months left to wreak havoc. Maybe it’s a lenient penalty system in place with a slap on the wrist fine for these guys that has them acting like over privileged children without repercussions. You’ve seen the documentaries, read the stats on what the concept on money means to these athletes. Or maybe it’s becoming more mainstream in the locker room, making it part of the culture to get pinched. Whatever the case arrests in the NFL are definitely on the rise.   This interactive graph shows every arrest and charge since 2000. Visit the page and roll over for more details on players.  

  • NBA Stars Trying To “Make It” In The Summer League [15 Photos]

    Every year the NBA’s top up-and-coming talent partakes in NBA Summer League activities with the hopes of impressing team officials enough to make the big boy squad. Almost every NBA star, ever, scrubbed it up in the summer league. Here is a look at some of the biggest names in the NBA today back in the day at Summer League.

  • The All-Movie Baseball Team Line Up

    Baseball movies. We love’em. You love’em. They molded our up bringings. Whether they were comedies about a young kid getting the chance of a life time or seasoned vetren dealing with the reprecussions of an aging athlete, we learned a lot from these movies and some of their names have grown to become more house hold than contemporary players in the majors today. We’ve devised a line up of the cream of the crop baseball players in movies in preparation for the ASG at Citifield.

  • LeBron James or Michael Jordan? Which Basketball Player Is the Greatest?

    The division between generations in America’s most popular court sport is becoming progressively more apparent; Michael Jordan last played in the NBA ten years ago, and a new generation of athletes now dominate the NBA’s landscape. While there are a few players like Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan who still carry the torch from yester era, it is clear that LeBron James now dominates the game. This is something that is undeniable, regardless of whether you view James as a heroic icon or an anathema. But, the purpose of this article is not to antagonize the already massive legions of LeBron haters and LeBron admirers. Instead, this article is meant to discuss one question: who is the better basketball player, LeBron or Jordan? There will be two aspects discussed: championships and athletic ability. Both of which will be assessed equally. Ultimately, the better player will be crowned. Hence, it will finally put an end to an elongated debate between the legions of basketball fans. First of all, the subject of championships needs to be assessed. Jordan won his first title with the Chicago Bulls in 1991—he was 28 years old during the first of many Windy City triumphs. In contrast, more »

  • Carlos Gomez Makes 9th Inning, 2 out, Game Saving Grab

    Carlos Gomez made the game saving catch of the season last night. 2 outs, man on first, bottom of the 9th. Joey Votto has a 2-2 count worked against him and hits an absolute bomb straight back past center field. Votto even ripped a page out of Griffey’s technical swing book, dropping the bat as if he knew he’d just won the game for his team. Not if Carlos Gomez had anything to say about it, with more than enough time to get to the wall and time the descent of the ball, Gomez sprung up and snagged what would be a text book walk off home run. Votto started complaining about something, but there’s nothing to complain about here, folks. Francisco Rodriguez records his 303rd save, and Gomez who’s in a NL MVP race, also leading the MLB in WAR just earned himself another notch. Take you hat off, slow clap, kneel before your computer, and repeat these words; “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy.” Your browser does not support iframes.

  • Recently Deceased Browns Fan Wants One Final Letdown Before Being Laid to Rest

    55-year old Scott E. Entsminger passed away on July 4, leaving a legacy more impressive than that of his beloved Cleveland Browns. After all, the Cleveland Browns have been one of the most downtrodden franchises in the history of the NFL. But as unfortunate as the Browns history has been since its inception, Entsminger showed great pride in being a Cleveland Browns fan. According to his obituary on the Columbus Dispatch, he was a season ticket holder and a lifelong Browns fan though lifelong may not be the correct term to use given his final wish. No, Entsminger made sure to extend his passion for the Browns beyond his own life. And he did so with an odd request for his funeral. To celebrate his life and to honor the legacy of the Browns, Entsminger requested six Cleveland Browns pallbearers for his funeral so that the Browns can let him down one final time. Whether you think this is trolling at its finest or simply an absurd way to celebrate, you have to admit Entsminger was a pretty clever guy. Here’s hoping that Entsminger ascension to the afterlife can conversely lift the Cleveland Browns to a winning 2013 season.

  • The Encyclopedia of Obnoxious Sports Fans

    To state the obvious, spectator sports are excessively popular in America. Namely, the sports of Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey are collectively referred to as America’s four major sports. Sporting teams can unite a city, and establish a common brotherhood within the residents of a community. However, there are some sports patrons who take their fandom to extremist levels—detracting from the enjoyment of others. This will be an article that discusses the sporting world’s most annoying types of fans—not the teams or the cities with the most obnoxious fans. There’s always one occupant of the stands that drives the common spectator insane, and this article is meant to establish the most grating trends in sport spectating.

  • The 10 Most Bizarre Trades In Sports History

    Trades are often some of the most rumored and speculated occurrences in all of professional sports. People’s minds are often littered with images of what the discussed player would look like in a different team’s uniform. But, some trades in sports history are something of an oddity. Whether a player is traded for himself, an inanimate object, a seemingly oversized bounty, or in the presence of sheer spite, all of the completed trades on this list stand out in athletic history as thoroughly bizarre.

  • Junyong Pak Is The World’s Toughest Mudder

    At some point growing up, every boy dreams of becoming a tough-as-nails super soldier, like a Navy Seal or Green Beret. A child might fantasize about brutally exhausting training that molds him into an unstoppable force. But in most fantasies the warrior emerges from the training to go on and save damsels and nations; the reward is the heroics after, not the training itself. Junyong Pak, two time winner of the World’s Toughest Mudder, must somehow have gotten stuck in the “brutally exhausting training” part of that fantasy never to move on.

  • Greg Cook: The Best Quarterback That Never Was.

    The occurrence of a promising career being lost to an injury is far too frequent in the NFL. It is nearly unfathomable to imagine what players like Bo Jackson or Terrell Davis would have accomplished had they not been forced into early retirement by a crushing injury—Jackson was an athlete unlike anyone prior. And Davis, who was still in his 20’s upon the tearing of his anterior cruciate ligament, already boasted a plethora of accolades that most athletes don’t achieve even if they play in fifteen NFL seasons.

  • 5 People to Not Confuse NBA Commissioner Silver With

    Last night was a touching draft for the NBA, as Commissioner David Stern announced the 2013 draft picks for the last time. In fitting form, the fans gave Stern the booing, we’re sure deep down he’ll miss, before giving him a standing ovation for 30 years of (Overall)  solid service. While Stern has caught some heat for intervening a bit too much in the league, it has run like a well oiled money making machine for the better part of his thirty year reign. The new guy, Adam Silver, is well suited for the job, Darth Mauling  Supreme Chancellor Stern. Silver became NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer in July 2006 after his appointment was unanimously approved by the NBA Board of Governors. Silver is pretty acclimated already in his career being named to the 100 Most Influential People in Sports by BusinessWeek, the Sporting News and the SportsBusiness Journal and named to Time’s 20 Global Business Influentials. With that said, Silver is a fresh face in a sea of faces already in the public eye that mirror his own. We’re here to distinguish those faces you know and recognize from Commish Silver. You’ll thank us later.

  • Meet David Belle, The Founder of Parkour

    Running up walls, leaping through tight passages, crawling gracefully on railings, and passing over a flight of stairs with a single jump– a key staple of modern action cinema is an epic chase over rooftops and through narrow alleyways. These pursuits often happen when the film’s protagonist must navigate through urban constructs quickly and efficiently in order to catch a fleeing antagonist. The truth is that there is an art behind such chases, and it is called parkour. Created by David Belle—a Frenchman originating from the nation’s northern regions—parkour is the emphasis on one thing, which is getting from one point to the next with the highest amount of efficiency.


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