• RSVLTS Predicts the Playoffs: The Divisional Round

    Well, the table for the 2014 NFL Playoffs has already been set. Upon which, the appetizing course—otherwise known as “Wild Card Weekend”—has already been feasted. But, before we take another look into ole RSVLTS Crystal Ball—a mythical sightseeing orb of dubious success—let’s recap the predictions thus far. For the NFC, RSVLTS predicted that the following teams would receive playoff berth. To the right of our predictions were the actual standings: NFC Division Winners Our prediction: 1. Seattle Seahawks   Actual standing: 1. Seattle Seahawks Our prediction: 2. Carolina Panthers Actual standing: 2. Carolina Panthers Our prediction: 3. Philadelphia Eagles Actual standing: 3. Philadelphia Eagles Our prediction: 4. Chicago Bears Actual standing: 4. Green Bay Packers NFL Wild Card Our prediction: 5. New Orleans Saints Actual standing:  5. San Francisco 49ers Our prediction: 6. San Francisco 49ers Actual standing:  6. New Orleans Saints  With one mistake with the Division Winners and the inversion of the Wild Cards, RSVLTS’ predictions were better than some but worse than what actually came to pass. Now, for the AFC. AFC Division Winners Our prediction: 1. Denver Broncos Actual standing:  1. Denver Broncos Our prediction: 2. New England Patriots Actual standing:  2. New England Patriots Our prediction: 3. Cincinnati Bengals Actual standing:  3.  Cincinnati Bengals Our prediction: 4. Indianapolis Colts Actual standing:  4. Indianapolis Colts Wild Card Our prediction: 5. more »

  • Remember That Sweet Air Hockey Beer Pong Table? Here’s How to DIY

    If you can remember that far back, a few weeks ago, the internet spiked with the innovative brilliance of a few bros who created an air hockey beer pong table. A new game, with new skills which will ultimately lead to bromantic intoxication. The skilled toolmen responsible for this revolutionary creation, built an imgur with a step by step process to help you achieve table themed drinking game glory. “All in all took about 200 bucks and 2 weekends to make, including the 50 dollar 4″ drill head and 80 for the table. It helps make the jersey hurt less.” Check their page for the full breakdown.   

  • Slow Motion Bowling Is Surprisingly Epic [Video]

    Filmmakers Givan Egbers and Bjorn Meertens used a Sony NEX-FS700, a favorite for capturing slow-motion video, to create this hilariously suspenseful video of bowling at 400fps. You can almost taste the nachos and smell the shoe deodorizer while you watch this video that makes bowling look way more intense than it ever actually is.

  • Houston Rockets Mascot Scares the Bejeezers Out of Players

    In what may be one of the best viral pranks of recent history, the Houston Rockets mascot, “Clutch the Bear”, waited outside the players entrance/exit area and proceeded to scare the heck out of a majority of the Rockets players. Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin, James Harden, and Dwight Howard all fell victim to the bear-scare, in what promises to live on in one of the greatest reaction pranks of all time. All set to the perfectly times sounds of The Beastie Boys “Sabotage”. Great job, Clutch.

  • NBA Logos Redesigned as Soccer Logos

    Footballasfootball began the revolution imagining Football logos with a European soccer twist now Milan Vučković, a designer from Serbia has followed suit with NBA teams. The idea was to mix two sports and redesign their logos. Being a fan of both football (or soccer) and basketball, I decided to redesign NBA logos and make them look like football logos. Every logo you see is color correct and matches the idea of the original logo.

  • 13 Baseball Legends You Wouldn’t Believe Received A Lower Hall Of Fame Voting Percentage Than Greg Maddux

    Greg Maddux was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday with 97.2 percent of the votes. Fun fact… Maddux faced 20,412 batters in his career and just 310 of them saw a 3-0 count.  This includes his intentional walks too. If we only look at unintentional 3-0 counts, it’s 133 in 20,284 total batters. That’s roughly one out of 150 hitters.  Insane. Only seven players in baseball history have received a higher voting percentage and many more legends received less. Let’s focus on the legends who received a lower voting percentage than Maddux. The list is quite amazing.

  • Indian Luge Training Down Himalayan Highway [Video]

    Shiva Keshavan is an Indian luge athlete with a problem: his country has no luge tracks for practice. What does he do to prepare for the Winter Olympics? Modify his sled and roll down a Himalayan highway while dodging cars and trucks on the way, of course. His dedication and spirit are what the games are all about and will surely get you pumped for the Sochi Winter Olympics next month. He even rolls under a truck at high speed. How insane is that??

  • Cleveland Indians Reportedly Changing “C” to Primary Logo

    Paul Lukas of Uni Watch has reported the Cleveland Indians have changed their “primary” logo to the Block C that has been used on alternate uniforms over the past few seasons. The change isn’t surprising after the media controversy surrounding the Redskins and ower, Daniel Snyder concerning the current Washington team name and logo. The team will still feature the Chief Wahoo logo on their home hats and jersey sleeves, which may have you wondering just what has changed? The initial steps in this phase out process begin with marketing. Broadcasting graphics and logos around the stadium will most likely have a heavy Block “C” influence. Indians changing primary logo to the block-C. No change to uniforms, Wahoo still on home cap, sleeves. pic.twitter.com/0EEopJ3ph2 — Paul Lukas (@UniWatch) January 8, 2014

  • RSVLTS Super Bowl XLVIII Event Watcher

    With Super Bowl XLVIII rolling into town we’re on high alert for events and cool happenings going on around New York City during Super Bowl weekend. RSVLTS Super Bowl XLVIII Event Watcher is your one-stop-shop for the most up to date event information.  Read: RSVLTS Super Bowl XLVIII Event Watcher

  • Dennis Rodman’s Touching Rendition Of Happy Birthday For Pal/Despot Kim Jong Un [Video]

    Glorious leader of Best Korea celebrated his birthday with good friend Dennis Rodman and a team of former NBA players, despite pressure from evil U.S. imperialists against the visit. Rodman sang “Happy Birthday” to Kim Jong Un while all the ecstatic attendees clapped in unison completely of their own free will. Best Korea then beat Yankee dogs at their own game.

  • FSU Defeats Auburn in BCS Championship (20 HQ Photos)

    Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston led his Florida State Seminoles to the last BSC National title of the modern era. Winston led the top-ranked FSU team to victory after an undefeated season. The first half of the game was lop sided to say the least, Auburn gaining heavy ground on a flat footed Seminole squad. In the second half, however, Famous Jameis took the reigns and led State to a 34-31 victory after a 4th quarter shootout.

  • Rope Swing Zipline From The Top of an NFL Stadium [Video]

    Devin Super Tramp, who shows us again and again that he has more fun than anyone in the world with his YouTube videos, has managed to make something worth watching that takes place at the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium. With help from Panasonic, who provided cameras, and Aerial Concepts, a live entertainment and production firm, Devin was able to make a rope swing zipline and capture some incredible footage.

  • Dapper Baseball Players Of The 1800s [25 Photos]

    The A.G. Spalding Collection from the New York Public Library has some amazing photographs of all your favorite baseball stars of the 19th century, like Civil War hero Dick McBride, but the best find is proof of contemporary actor Zac Efron being a time traveler. Check out that picture of Philadelphia Athletics superstar Joe Battin and try telling me that’s not the star of the upcoming “That Awkward Moment.” Also, although most of these dudes are nothing like the MLB juiceheads of today when it comes to physical appearance,  JF Guehrer looks like a total badass. The rest of them, with their scrawny frames and interesting facial hair, just look like the guys you’d see at any cocktail bar in Brooklyn drinking Fernet.

  • Trail Blazers Make NBA History Hitting 21 Threes [Video]

    The Portland Trail Blazers made NBA history last night against the Charlotte Bobcats by scoring 21 3-point shots, becoming the first team to score 20 or more 3-pointers twice in one season. Portland dominated the entire game, with 39 points in the first quarter and 30+ points every other for a 134-104 victory over Charlotte. Check out this video highlighting all 21 of last nights 3-pointers.

  • GoPro: Shaun Flippin’ White [Video]

    With much of the Midwest and Northeast United States facing the first winter storm of the new year, dubbed “Hercules,” now is the perfect time to get pumped about winter sports. What better way than watching this GoPro video featuring Shaun White? Also, with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi just around the corner, this clip is good preview of what we can expect from Shaun White and Team USA.

  • 24 Vintage Sports Ads

    I think it’s safe to say that if there’s one thing to take from these ads, it’s that if you wish to be a baseball great, you should start smoking cigarettes. Do they still make Chesterfields? Because I’d sure like to be the next Ted Williams! Also, note the Arthur Ashe Bufferin ad that mentions the heart surgery where he got the blood transfusion that was later revealed to be the cause of his AIDS. 

  • ESPN Releases First World Cup Promo [Video]

    2014 is finally here which means it’s time again for the the FIFA World Cup. This promo from ESPN will get you so pumped, that you’ll be sure to forget about the mass protests in Brazil against the tournament, which is causing the forced relocation of 30,000 families. Also, with the games closer to US time zones, we won’t have the luxury of getting drunk at 7 AM watching live matches from South Africa like the vuvuzela-laden party that was World Cup 2010, which means there probably won’t be as much interest from casual observers. No matter what, I know I’ll be glued to the TV come June just to see the South American fans. Remember Larissa Riquelme?

  • The 10 Most Anticipated Sporting Events of 2014

    With the World Series in the books, 2013—in terms of great sporting events—has passed. But, after the passing of December 31st, the year begins anew and hence the athletic clock can be reset. To celebrate the conclusion of 2013 and to welcome the arrival of the approaching year, RSVLTS has put together a list of the sporting events to get most excited about in 2014.

  • The 50 Yard Lounge Brings the Worlds Best Chefs and Athletes to NYC

    In case you haven’t heard, NYC will be the epicenter for the Super Bowl. The game is being played at the Meadowlands, the players are staying in Jersey City, but all the fun is sure to be had in Manhattan. 50 Yard Lounge, a food- and drink-themed event space, has just announced their talent lineup, showcasing chefs and Jets players from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2. The lounge will be housed in a fifteen-thousand square foot space, dedicated to roof decks, restaurants, and plazas, with areas for live music, lounging, and events. Set right across the street from Madison Square Garden, the 50 YL will be the be-all-end-all spot for the best eats in the city, featuring the biggest names in food and football; Michael White of Marea, Marc Forgione, Johnny Iuzzini, and Pat LaFrieda, plus football players like Joe Theismann, Doug Flutie, and Cris Carter. Each day the Lounge will be broken up into “Four Quarters” beginning with breakfast events starting at 10am like “The NYC Breakfast Bagel Bash” then moving through 2 more quarters until the 9 pm time-slot that will feature awesome late night munchies like, “Late Night Tacos”, “Late Night Pizza” and “The Burger Bowl”, which more »

  • 14 Awe-Inspiring Athletic Performances of 2013

    Athletically, 2013 was a three hundred and sixty five day span of time that was collectively awe-inspiring. From the resurgent Boston baseballers to Peyton Manning making a late-career case of superiority in his more than a decade-long rivalry with Tom Brady, there were plenty of moments that made fans—with their mouths agape—go, “HOW IN GOD’S NAME DID HE DO THAT?!”

  • The Real Duck Dynasty Debut 2014 Nike Mach Speed Uniform

    The Oregon Ducks football uniforms are on the cutting edge of innovation, with the clear goal of optimizing athlete performance and speed on the field. On December 30, Oregon will take the field wearing the latest Nike Pro Combat “Mach Speed” uniform, the most innovative Nike Pro Combat system of dress to date.

  • RSVLTS Predicts the 2014 NFL Playoffs, Part I

    Well NFL fans, it’s December; meaning that the Cowboys’ previously promising season has taken an ill-fated turn for the unfortunate. In addition—and on a note typically less spoken of in correlation with the aforementioned team—December means that the “playoffs?!” are on the horizon. And, in true gentlemanly fashion, RSVLTS is here with our cultured facial hair and eyewear to help assist every NFL fan in interpreting what the future holds for all the league’s playoff hopefuls. With that in mind, sights are set on East Rutherford and the lights in its overlooking metropolis are beginning to illuminate as the Super Bowl looms ever closer. Who’s going to be in the big matchup? Well, don’t get ahead of yourself; who makes it into the tournament must be covered first.

  • Ballpark Blueprints

    A no brainer for any baseball fan. These hand-drawn architectural blueprints of MLB’s most famous fields come in 18″ x 24″ prints and are definitely a must have if you call yourelf a true fan. Pay homage to America’s pastime and get yourself on eof these now. Ballpark Blueprints

  • Bud Light Hotel Reveals Impressive Super Bowl 2014 Musical Line-Up

    We told you back in early November that Bud Light Hotel, the ultimate fusion of sports and music, is back and bigger than ever for Super Bowl XLVIII. (Read also: 9 Facts You Need To Know + 23 High Quality Photos). We went to the Bud Light Hotel in New Orleans for last year’s Super Bowl and it was flat-out mind-blowing which gets us excited for the latest news released this afternoon.

  • 10 Examples of Brief Sports Superstardom

    Athletics—and those who partake in such events in a professional manner—are often thought of in two repelling polarities, either existing as a veritable earthbound deity or residing in the muck of sporting shame. However, what is often forgotten amongst the overdone stories of greatness and its polar opposite are the tales of those who were stars for a brief amount of time—the guy who, for a month, was better than the best player of the time. For these athletes, they stood as the momentary pinnacle of their respective sport—only to be cast to the wayside after one short year, month, or day. What are some prime examples of brief stardom in sports, you ask? Well, this top 10 begins now, RSVLTS responds.

  • 10 Greatest Snowy Football Games in NFL History

    When winter comes and the snow begins to fall, many outdoor sports concede to Mother Nature and her nasty ways – most sports that is, except football. Rain, sleet or snow football has proven to be the one sport that isn’t afraid to give Mother Nature a run for her money. With that being said, and in light of the snow filled week 14 in the NFL and the upcoming Super Bowl that could be a winter mess, we take a look at the top 10 best snow covered football games in NFL history.

  • Red Bull Skateboarders Invade their Chicago Office

    This is what happens when the Red Bull Skate Team works in an office. The highly anticipated full clip from the Red Bull Daily Grind Project has dropped. On the 23rd floor of a high-rise in the heart of downtown Chicago an office floor was turned into a unique skate park. The Red Bull Skate team including Ryan Sheckler, Felipe Gustavo, Joey Brezinski, Corbin Harris, Alex Midler, Ryder Lawson, Gard Hvaara and Sewa Kroetkov reported for work.

  • The 33 Most Popular Sports Videos On The Web In 2013

    It’s been an incredible year in sports. From amazing feats like Chris Davis’ 109 yard game-winning kick return to instant fame (we’re looking at you Katherine Webb) to funny prank videos like Matt Harvey asking fans about Matt Harvey. Speaking of Matt Harvey, we’re giving away a signed baseball from the Mets stud. There have been thousands of sports videos uploaded online in the last year but we’ve weeded through them all and narrowed it down to the 33 best of the best.

  • Ovechkin Plays Russian in New Nike TV Spot [Video]

    Nike has released the new ad for their Play Russian campaign which features athletes engaging in different winter sports against frozen Russian backdrops. The last commercial was a composite of many different athletes while this one focuses entirely on Alexander Ovechkin of the Russian National Ice Hockey team and captain of the NHL’s Washington Capitals. Watch the video and get pumped for winter sports then check out more from #PlayRussian at Nike and brush up on your Cyrillic skills.

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