• NYPD/FDNY Charity Hockey Game Included a Bench Clearing Brawl

    The NYPD and FDNY annual charity hockey game was tied at 3 goals a piece on Sunday when a bench clearing brawl broke out on the ice. It’s a well known rivalry between the two squads with a lot of bad blood, but a bench clearing brawl is a rare scene. A cop in the stands told the NY Post “he’s been coming to this NYPD-FDNY game for 20 years and had never seen a bench-clearing, cop-firefighter brawl before.” The NYPD eventually won 8-5.

  • We’re Giving Away 12 MLB Rookie Cards in Honor of Opening Week

    To commemorate the return of the baseball season kicking off this week, we’re partnering up with Brigandi Coins and Collectibles to give away this legendary set of rookie cards in premium, plastic ‘screw-down’ display holders. One lucky winner will receive 12 rookie cards of some of the game’s greats. The contest giveaway will last the 2 weeks starting today and the winner will be announced on April 16th. If you don’t want to wait for your name to be picked, you can head over to Gilt tomorrow or Rue La La on April 8th to check out their Brigandi Baseball memorabilia sale. The cards in the giveaway are: Derek Jeter, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw, Yasiel Puig, Robinson Cano, Frank Thomas (2014 HOF), Tom Glavine (2014 HOF), Greg Maddux (2014 HOF), Chipper Jone, Andrew McCutchen and Craig Biggio.

  • How Milwaukee Brewers’ Hank the Dog Became The Happiest Mascot In Baseball [52 HQ Photos]

    Meet Hank the Dog. Just one month ago he was a stray, in bad shape, wandering around the Brewers’ spring training facility in Phoenix, Ariz. looking for food. He was discovered by team management, taken in and adopted by the players and fans alike. Fast forward to opening day in Milwaukee on March 31st and Hank received one of the loudest standing ovations in Miller Park history. Not only that but it was announced that he would be honored with a his own Bobblehead night on September 21st with proceeds going to the “Hank Fund,” created by the Milwaukee Humane Society for the care of stray animals. We’ve heard the barking: Here’s your BobbleHank! Announcing @WiscHumane Day! #BallparkPup http://t.co/cbikcyWjbz pic.twitter.com/sORS7kALjB — Milwaukee Brewers (@Brewers) March 27, 2014 It is a whirl wind story that not only saved a stray pooch but has also raised countless amounts of money and awareness for the ASPCA.

  • 2014 MLB Travel Routes & Calendar Poster

    During the upcoming 2014 season, Major League Baseball teams will collectively travel over one million miles to complete a regular season schedule of 2,430 games over 182 days. These gnarly prints show the travel itinerary for each team is unique — influenced by geography, divisional requirements, and the whims of a computer generated scheduling system. 2014 MLB Travel Routes & Calendar Poster 24″ x 18″ $28  

  • U.S. Soccer National Team Unveils 2014 World Cup Away Kits

    Nike and U.S. Soccer unveiled an interesting away kit for the 2014 World Cup set for this summer in Brazil. The kits consist of three bands representing the colors of the American flag. The base color of the jersey and the cuff of the sleeves feature a prominent red. The upper torso and top sleeves include a bold blue tone, and a white chest band extends over the middle of both sleeves. “The USA has a profound and passionate pride in their nation,” said Martin Lotti, Global Creative Director for Nike Soccer. “We wanted to create a design that reflects this in a daring and colorful fashion to give them an even more imposing appearance on the pitch.” Nike with the help of some notable American athletes had their own little photoshoot to give them a chance to support their American pride, included are football players Andrew Luck and Ndamukong Suh; skateboarders Eric Koston and Sean Malto; track and field gold medalist Allyson Felix; and former U.S. National Team member Alexi Lalas.

  • Local Gainesville News Reenacts Game Highlights To Get Around NCAA Rules [Video]

    The local news team at Gainesville, Florida’s WCJB TV-20 wanted to show highlights from the Florida/Dayton Elite Eight game, but due to NCAA regulations, they were not allowed to air the footage. Not being able to contain their excitement over their team’s win, station employees made their own highlight reel by reenacting the game in the office. Oddly enough, this video may now be the highlight of the season.

  • The Absurd Invention Of The Baseball Catcher Suit

    In the early days of baseball, clever inventors were constantly patenting changes to bats, balls, and mitts to make for a more consistent and exciting game, but not every innovation was met with acceptance. The most notable ignored invention in baseball history must be James E. Bennett’s “Base Ball Catcher” patented in 1904. Apparently finding the act of catching a baseball entirely too dangerous, Bennett created a suit for the catcher to wear that would do all the work for him, except for throwing the ball. The entirely-too complicated device featured an open-wireframe body portion reinforced by slotted walls of wood. Adjustable shoulder and hip braces keep the contraption firmly attached to the catcher. A cushion behind the cage kept the impact of the ball from injuring the player (hopefully) and the bottom of the cage contained an opening for easy retrieval. There is also a safety cage that guards the face (hopefully). It’s a shame the idea never caught on, just for the entertainment aspect, but with pitches capable of exceeding 100 mph, just sitting there waiting for the ball to speed into your chest seems like a frightening proposition.

  • 19 Shocking Facts About Detroit’s Bankruptcy While Miguel Cabrera Laughs All The Way To The Bank

    Over the weekend Miguel Cabrera became the richest athlete in the history of American sports, ironically in a city that is so broke that 40% of its streetlights are not functioning. In 2013 Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, with long-term debt estimated between $18 billion and $20 billion, and yet the team could afford to give it’s star player a contract worth $292 million guaranteed. Sure, theoretically, if Miggy helps the Tigers go deep into the playoffs it could help jumpstart the economy but let’s just take a look at the current state of Detroit and consider what could be improved upon with nearly $300 million. 

  • Andrew McCutchen and Pirates from Seton Hall, ECU and Tampa Bay Plunder SportsCenter

    In the newest addition of “This is SportsCenter” John Anderson’s morning breakfast meeting doesn’t go as planned when pirates barge in and plunder everything in the room. Andrew McCutchen leads a group of scallywags from Seton Hall, East Carolina and Tampa Bay to invade the conference and take everything including Anderson’s pie chart and especially the lox.

  • Mike Tyson Fights Are Even Better With Street Fighter Sound FX [Video]

    For all of us who grew up playing the Street Fighter videogames in America, we knew the boxer character as Balrog. However, in the original Japanaese version of the game he was known as M. Bison because he was modeled after Mike Tyson. To avoid a lawsuit, the game developers did some name swaps and we ended up with M. Bison as the red-suited dictator played by Gomez Addams in the terrible Van Damme Street Fighter movie. But this was all 20 years ago and nobody is going to sue anymore, so it’s time for Mike Tyson to embrace M. Bison, which he did when he retweeted this video of his fights with sound effects from the videogame.

  • Miguel Cabrera Inks The Largest Contact In Baseball History

    Overnight the Detroit Tigers made a huge commitment to two-time American League MVP Miguel Cabrera, locking him down on a new 10-year contract that will pay him $292 million. Not only that but the club has an option for an 11th and 12th season which would ballon the contract to over $352 million. FOX Sports reports:

  • Swaggy P Celebrates A Three That Doesn’t Go In [GIF]

    Nick “Swaggy P” Young celebrates everything: fresh haircuts, new kicks, wins, Kobe Bryant death stares, Iggy Azalea’s lipstick preferences—you name it says Bleacher Report, so it’s no surprise that he celebrated this deep three pointer before it went in leaving us with the following hilarious GIF.

  • Your State’s Highest-Paid Employee Is Probably A Coach [Infographic]

    According to this infographic there is a good chance that your state’s highest paid employee is a coach. You might be asking, “so are my hard-earned tax dollars paying these coaches?” The answer is probably not according to Deadspin. The bulk of this coaching money—especially at the big football schools—is paid out of the revenue that the teams generate.

  • World Cup Posters 1930-2014 Reimagined

    New York-based designer James Campbell Taylor is a fan of the World Cup, but not always of the official posters for the event. Eschewing the overly corporate designs of contemporary posters, Taylor instead reimagined each of the 20 posters, opting to capture not only the feel of each event, but also the design aesthetic of the time period. The posters illustrate how much design has changed over 84 years while also showcasing Taylor’s knowledge and grasp of the art form. For more of his incredible work, check out Pennarello Graphic Design.

  • David Beckham Unveils Plans for Miami MLS Stadium

    In addition to bringing a Major League Soccer franchise to Miami, David Beckham recently unveiled his plans to construct a 25,000-seat stadium for the team. Located on Miami’s man-made Dodge Island, the plan calls for the open-air arena, a surrounding plaza offering dining, shopping, and entertainment options, and the rehabilitation of a drawbridge offering access to and from downtown Miami. The arena, which would be the league’s third largest, would be entirely privately-funded, which is great news for Miami and Dade County taxpayers. The location is currently home to Royal Caribbean Cruises, who is concerned about traffic the arena would bring. Beckham’s group insists the night-time schedule of the MLS should have no conflict with the mostly daytime business of the cruise industry. With parking also a concern, the group plans not to schedule home games on the same night as the Miami Heat, who play nearby. If the Dodge Island plan falls through, Beckham does have three backup options around the city. Whatever they do, they better get moving, because the new team is scheduled to begin playing in 2017.

  • The Inside Story of Baseball’s Grand World Tour of 1914 [Link]

    The 2014 Major League Baseball season opened over the weekend with a two-game series between the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks in Sydney, Australia. This wasn’t the first time baseball went international, though. Beginning in October of 1913, the New York Giants and Chicago White Sox embarked on a five month world tour, beginning in Japan and ending in England with many stops in between.

  • Creative Illustrations of James Harden’s Beard

      In an experiment to sharpen creativity, artist Filip Peraić created ‘James Harden Illustrated’ a series of creative renditions focusing on James Harden’s iconic beard and side profile. The series was made to enlighten and enhance the creative process invoking viewers to see a simple profile of an iconic athlete in a completely new light. Peraić also has some fun with the series illustration Harden as a Greek philosopher in one piece and replaces his beard with a whale in another.

  • How to Win $1 Billion on NCAA Basketball: A Mathematician’s Tips [Link]

    As everyone knows, Warren Buffet has offered $1 billion to anyone who can come up with a perfect March Madness bracket. With the odds at 9.2 quintillion to 1, this may seem like an impossible feat, but when you consider that the top 20 brackets will each receive $100,000, it’s probably worth a shot. Mathematician Dr. Tim Chartier has been teaching March Madness bracketology for years and several of his Davidson College students have scored in the 96th percentile or higher on ESPN’s bracket challenge. Learn all about his method then fill out your bracket and sit back and wait for all the money to come rolling in.

  • Motorcycle POV From Isle Of Man TT Race Feels Like A Videogame [Video]

    This incredible video shows you just what the racers see at the Isle of Man TT Race. Hop on Michael Dunlop’s bike as he races at speeds over 120 mph trying to catch John McGuinness and Cameron Donald. Smack a speedometer on the screen and you’d swear it was a videogame, especially when they take those crazy turns. The best part of the video is that their is no lame EDM track playing, just the sweet sound of the bikes.

  • 36 Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names For 2014

    Fantasy baseball is the king of all fantasy games. A good manager needs at least a dose of sabermetrics, a good sense of value and six-months-plus commitment to his roster to compete for the big money. A relationship/marriage-threatening effort like that deserves a solid team name.

  • NASCAR Vs Formula 1 [Infographic]

    Although we all know that NASCAR versus Formula 1 debate was settled by that thought-provoking Will Ferell documentary “Talladega Nights,” there are some interesting facts presented in this infographic. Obviously, since this comes from Formula 1 sponsor Red Bull, the info aims to show the superiority of the sport through technology, money, and crazy steering wheels, but the fact that NASCAR, a sport limited to just the United States, is a viable competitor is pretty impressive. Plus, that Jean Girard character was a real jackass. U-S-A! U-S-A!

  • Your First Look At The Home Of The 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo

    Tokyo will be the home of the 2020 Summer Olympics and they are actively looking for venues to hold the historic games. The likely home of the opening ceremony is the newly announced “National Stadium of Japan” by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Upon completion it will accommodate 80,000 people and will have game changing features like adjustable seating sections to allow for spectators to get even closer to the action and roof retractability for added air ventilation. They recently released a video to show what the building will look like inside and out.

  • RedBull Uses 3D Modeling to Show Every Piece of a Formula 1 Car

    A new clip from Red Bull sees Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel explain the 2014 Formula One regulations — which are arguably the most complex the sport has ever seen. At the start, thousands of car parts simultaneously assemble around Dan to form the RB10. As Dan races to catch up Seb in his RB9, the World Champion’s car becomes transparent while travelling at full speed. The film then presents a visual sequence that shows the 2014 regulation changes taking shape and coming to life, as Seb’s car transforms from an RB9 into an RB10. As well as providing information on the new technical changes for 2014, the clip also presents a unique view of the technology at work inside this year’s Formula One cars.

  • Felix Baumgartner to Compete in Nürburgring 24 Hour Race

    Felix Baumgartner will race at the famous Nürburgring 24 Hour race in June in the Eifel mountains of Germany equipped behind the wheel of an Audi R8 LMS. Baumgartner made history in 2012 by completing the highest ever free fall as part of the Red Bull’s Stratos project, jumping from a balloon at a height of 127,852 ft. and falling to Earth at speeds of up to 843 mph. Baumgartner has earned his stripes behind the wheel of a Subaru Impreza already and a Volkswagen Scirocco race at Hockenheim, but now seeks high speed glory over a twenty four hour time period. Teaming up with Audi Sport, Felix will race one of an R8 LMS cars at Nürburgring, a fearsome 25-kilometer mixture of the Grand Prix circuit and the infamous Nordschleife circuit, nicknamed ‘The Green Hell.’ “I regard this as one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced. But I’ve got a perfect surrounding, there is a great atmosphere and I am feeling welcome in the Audi race experience team. But I am starting from scratch, as this sport is new to me.” Said Baumgartner. Way to jump right into it Felix.

  • New York City’s New MLS Team is Leaving the Final Logo Decision Up to Fans

    New York City Football Club will be the newest addition the the MLS, partnering with two of the biggest sports teams, the New York Yankees and Manchester City aim to create a new breed of fan in the metro area. NYCFC will be gearing up for the 2015 season and in it’s initial preparation will be asking supporters to choose between two badges. In addition #myNYCFC has launched a new activation allowing supporters to create their own badge that will be part of a larger mosaic of the final crest. Go to myNYCFC to cast your vote.

  • Bringing Skateboarding To Afghanistan [15 Photos]

    For the past five years, Skateistan has been dedicated to bringing skateboarding to war-torn Afghanistan. The charity opened their first skatepark in Kabul in 2009 after Australian research Oliver Percovich noticed a crowd of young Afghanis entranced with his skateboarding. Over 400 children in Kabul now visit the skatepark weekly, and with interest growing, Skateistan decided to grow with it. The second facility, pictured below, was opened last year in Mazar-e-Sharif. The new compound, when completed, will feature a skatepark, educaiton center, and sports hall. In addition to the recreational aspect, Skateistan also employs Afghanis as instructors and crew members, offering a new source of revenue in places where gainful employment can be scarce. There have been some issues along the way with culture clashes, but Skateistan has no intention of being scared off. It’s honorable to see people making so much good of a tough situation. Keep up with the charity’s future plans and see what you can do to help at Skateistan. 

  • 30 Stunning 2014 MLB Spring Training Photos

    the 2014 MLB season is mearly upon us and over the course of this past offseason, a handful of trades, free agent signings and announcements have been made. Robinson Cano left his pinstripes for Seattle. Prince Fielder has taken his talents to the lone star state and Derek Jeter announced his retirement. But all that news is overshadowed by that spring time air feeling that baseball is back. Here are 30 spring training photos to get you back in the baseball swing of things. Chris Sale Hideki Matsui Guest Instructing Tanaka and C.C. Sabitha waiting for their turn in line Jason Giambi Russel Wilson in Texas Rangers gear Derek Jeter with Joe Namath Joe Namath Yu Darvish Russell Wilson Taking BP Russell Wilson taking field practice. Daisuke Matsuzaka Kevin Mattison Troy Tulowitzski Prince Fielder sporting a new Texas uniform Adam Eaton and Prince Fielder got close Derek Jeter Carlos Correa Jonathan Singleton reacts to a strike call Scott Feldman asks batter “Is this what you want? You want this? Well You can’t have it” The artist formerly known as Angel Pagan Johnny Gomes fields a tricky fly ball Submarine pitcher Shunsuke Watanabe Robinson Cano outside of his pinstripes

  • A Century of Ballparks (Infographic)

    Part of a continuing exploration of information design using baseball as a core theme, this poster, by Lou Spirito, illustrates the current 30 MLB ballparks to scale. Each field is shown in a common green hue while surrounded by a color from the respective home team’s primary palette. Ballparks are arranged in ascending order by date opened. I00 years separates the first and last.

  • This Putt-Putt Video Will Hit You Right In The Feels

    Did you know that there is a Professional Putter’s Association devoted to putt-putt golf? And they’ve been sponsoring tournaments for 50 years? And in all that time there have only been 3 perfect rounds with a score of 18? This is the story of IT manager Rick Baird and his perfect game. But it’s also an eye-opening video that presents what may seem like a silly, childish sport as a skillful game that few have mastered. And the masters of it seem like really nice dudes.


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