• RSVLTS Exclusive First Look Inside The Bud Light Hotel

    This morning we were amongst the first people in New York City to check out the Bud Light Hotel docked at Pier 88 on the west side of Manhattan. On a side and somewhat related note, our RSVLTS team were the first pedestrians to crack open a few icy cold Bud Lights for indulgence at the Bud Light Hotel… at 9 am, what of it? A crowning achievement for the likes of all men’s lifestyle editorial. STUFF Magazine would be so proud. As far as the hotel itself goes, the behemoth Norwegian Cruise Line vessel is 1,062 feet long and dubbed the Norwegian Getaway, the second largest in the NCL fleet. The boat will hold around 3,000 weekend-residents checking in today, but will carry around 4,000 total. After check-in, guests enter the lobby of the hotel, which is fittingly skinned out in ‘Bud Light’ blue. Surprisingly the branding is not distasteful, considering they parked a ship the size of 5 1/2 football fields in the Hudson. The impressive branding job was done less than 24 hours before we arrived and took about 1,500 man hours of labor. Elegant artwork flows across the outer hull of the vessel done by South Florida’s David more »

  • Can Team Logos Predict Super Bowl Winner?

    Until the whistle blows at the end of the game, people will be making predictions for the upcoming Super Bowl. While everything will be analyzed and rehashed using every stat available, another prediction tool may present the best data available — the team logos. According to Sarah Steil, Co-Founder and designer at Be That Design in Minneapolis, MN, “Logos visually embody the values and personality of an organization. That applies to football too — especially at this level of competition. The first step in identifying the leader is to identify those characteristics that will most clearly define success on the field.” Let’s see how Steil evaluated the two powerhouses and if her analysis can provide more insight into what might happen when Denver and Seattle meet in the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 2, 2014. Here’s how the teams breakdown based on 5 critical characteristics: Offense: Advantage Broncos. The Bronco’s charging horse logo represents an unstoppable charging force that cannot be stopped (in the wild or on the football field). Defense: Advantage Seahawks. The Seahawks have a bird’s eye view that can spot the block the best offensive drive. Strength: Advantage Broncos. The Broncos exude raw power. The charging horse, more »

  • Weather Triggers Super Bowl Ticket Prices to Plummet

    Super Bowl tickets have drastically declined after speculations of the weather taking a turn for the worse arose. We’re less than a week away from the big game and tickets are $409 lower from last year’s New Orleans prices. After projecting this years Super Bowl to hold the record the most expensive football game ever, ticket prices and sales are at a low. The cheapest ticket on NFL Ticket Exchange, the league’s official resale site, is at $1,779. Two years ago at this time, the cheapest ticket was $809 higher. ESPN projects ticket sales to eventually rise, but until weather projections become better tickets will With weather definitely being the major concern, travel also plays a factor for the teams involved. Although the match up is about as good as one can hope for, local fans from both teams have over 4,000 miles in travel distance combined. Because of the original projected price of tickets, fans were less likely to afford those prices combined with traveling that distance to watch their team compete in harsh conditions. Now that ticket prices have dipped, travel expenses have risen making a catch 22 scenario for fans willing to fly across the country to more »

  • More NFL Bad Lip Reading [Video]

    BadLipReading takes on the NFL again, just in time for the Super Bowl. There’s some real good ones this time around, especially the nonsense spouted by 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. Hopefully he’ll be just as entertaining next Sunday. Pro tip: make sure you have closed captioning on so you don’t miss any of the hilarity.

  • Colton Moore Wins X Games Gold After 2013 Tradgedy

    Colton Moore won gold last night at the X Games for the snowmobile freestyle, during the first night of competitions in Aspen for the 2014 games. After a tragic 2013 run where Colton and his brother, Caleb, both crashed in the event. Caleb wouldn’t recover from the injuries sustained and passed away soon after the accident. It was an emotional victory, but just deserved after a tremendous first run that sealed his fate on top. Watch the run here

  • Photos From The First Winter Olympics 90 Years Ago

    This week marks the 90th anniversary of the first Winter Olympics held in Chamonix, France in 1924. 16 nations competed in 16 events from 6 sports. Norway was the clear winner with 17 medals, while the US finished third with just 4 medals and only 1 gold. Later that year, the Summer Olympic Games were held in Paris, beginning the tradition of holding both games in the same year which continued for another 70 years. The lack of safety gear makes these games look pretty exciting. Bobsledding in a wool sweater and a hat? Sounds like fun!

  • Super Bowl Ticket Price Infographic

    Plan on heading to scenic East Rutherford, New Jersey for the Super Bowl? If this infographic is any indication, you may want to head to your local bank or credit union (or Amscot, I won’t judge) and get yourself a not so small loan. Also, pack a sweater, because this isn’t just one of the most costly Super Bowls to attend, it’s also really, really, cold! Sounds enjoyable, right?

  • A Guide To American Football [Video]

    You bought an officially licensed jersey to wear. You looked up instructions on making one of those football stadiums built entirely of cold cuts and condiments. You have two fridges filled with both kinds of beer (light and full flavor(?)). You have a football to fumble around with nervously while watching the game. You are ready for the Super Bowl. Wait…you don’t know anything about how the game is played? Check out this video and brush up on the basics so that when you’re friends come over, you’ll have more to talk to them about than the commercials. With GoDaddy opting for a more mature image without scantily clad women, you might as well pay attention to the game.

  • The 12 Biggest Contracts in MLB History

    At one point in time the big, long and ridiculously money driven contracts in professional sports were few and far between. These contracts were generally only given to the guy everyone considered a “once in a generation” type player. That was until Alex Rodriguez and the Texas Rangers changed the blueprint for long-term contracts in Major League Baseball. Today, contracts of great length and dollar amounts are signed on a regular basis and in lure of the huge contracts signed this off-season, the Roosevelt’s takes a look through history and count down the top 10 biggest contracts in MLB history. Brace yourself; some of these may make you want to change your profession.

  • NHL Legends Invade Bryant Park For a Pick-Up Game + Stadium Series Ticket Giveaway

    Yesterday, NHL legends from The New York Rangers, New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils invaded Bryant Park in Manhattan for an impromptu pick up game promoting next weeks Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium. Brian Leetch, Mike Richter, Dave Maloney, Ken Daneyko and Grant Marshall were a few of the players involved in the round robin pick-up games. The snow really came down during the game, essentially making the rink a snow globe for the game which could be a possibility for the games. We spoke to Rangers legend and former captain, Brian Leetch about athletes playing in these outdoor conditions and how it can affect their game. “Well I think it would be something similar to the Winter Classic that you saw, they have to get out therea little bit more with the shovels, but this snow is really perfect. The hardest part is looking around having fun then realizing that you’re still playing for those two points that you need for the playoffs, but after your morning skate, you’ve enjoyed your family time and realize that you have to get out there and get ready for the game.” We’re teaming up with the Stadium Series to give two more »

  • Stunning Tilt-Shift Sports Photography (20 HQ Photos)

    Tilt-Shift uses the shift of a selective focus, simulation a miniature scene. When fused with sports photography creates a beautiful focal point for high resolution shots. the name may derive from the tilt–shift lens normally required when the effect is produced optically. Here are some of the best tilt-shift sports photos of all time.

  • Michelle Obama Posterizes LeBron James at The White House

    Who knew Michelle Obama had ups? In this promo video for “Let’s Move”, The Miami Heat visit the White House to talk about eating healthy and drinking water while being active. This video includes the following; Erik Spoelstra giving his best/worst impression of being a journalist, Chris Bosh video bombing, D. Wade being D. Wade and LeBron getting posterized by a dunking Michelle Obmama.

  • Warren Buffett Will Give You $1 Billion If You Fill Out A Perfect ‘March Madness’ Bracket [Link]

    How would you like to win a billion dollars? Well Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and partner Quicken are willing to fork over that amount to whomever fills out a perfect March Madness bracket. Of course, the odds of winning the prize are 1 in 9.2 quintillion, but it never hurts to try. Also, the 20 most accurate imperfect brackets will win $100,000 each. The contest begins March 3.

  • Skydiving Into Mile High Stadium [Video]

    See Denver’s Mile High Stadium like never before from this helmet cam footage from a member of the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm parachute team. The footage was taken before Sunday’s championship game against the Patriots. The speed of the descent is incredible to see and the stunt was the perfect way to start what would be a gamewinning day for the Broncos.

  • The 6 Greatest Athletes In The History Of The Internet

    The world is always exposed to televised athletes doing acts of pure physical amazement. But, what often goes unseen are the athletes who take their talents to an entirely different stage—the Internet. In this case, many world-class athletes go unseen—largely due to the notion that the best athletes can be seen on television. Well, RSVLTS is here to pull the veil of obscurity off of many stunning athletes whose renown is limited to the Internet. 6. Working Out in the Park This video has been circulating the Internet for some time. And, it has been doing so for obvious reasons; the guy in it is a veritable freak of nature—a man with the ability to completely control his body. 5. Havard Rugland—Obviously Much was made about “Kickalicious”—the Norwegian kicker who had a brief stint with the Detroit Lions. Well, the video that started it all was quite a spectacle of pedal prowess. 4. Orlando Duque Cliff Diving is a sport that doesn’t receive a lot of attention. But, when it is viewed, then the true dazzling nature of the sport is revealed. Currently one of the brightest stars in the sports, Orlando Duque shows off his amazing body control a more »

  • Richard Sherman x Beats by Dre Studio Wireless Commercial

    The newest commercial in the line of controversial Beats by Dre ads features Pro-Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman in their new “Hear what you want” campaign. Fresh off an NFC Championship game-wining, nail in the coffin tip that caused San Francisco 49ers the game, this commercial is more than timely. The tip was the catalyst for a Seahawks victory and a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII.

  • So NBA All-Star Jerseys Are Just T-Shirts Now

    The NBA All-Star jerseys have leaked and they are painful to look at. For better or worse the All-star game has become a full blown calamity. Players don’t play defense, the dunk contest stinks and now this. These terrible jerseys are everything that embodies a game players take for granted. The jerseys themselves aren’t necessarily ugly, but they’re far from nice and far from even looking like a basketball jersey. They’re stuck in a limbo of awfulness combined with a lazy design scheme. Shame on you NBA. Both jerseys feature a large Fleur de lis on the chest and uniform numbers on the left sleeve similar to the terrible jerseys worn on Christmas day. EXCLUSIVE! NBA All-Star jersey leaked on French site. I confirm it's the real deal –> http://t.co/ihX7lPzEQu pic.twitter.com/7tuvUvp3E4 — Paul Lukas (@UniWatch) January 16, 2014 Los "pijamas" del All Star ya han salido a la luz #allstar #nba pic.twitter.com/rXSHaxX1xa — FUIKAOMAR (@FUIKAOMAR) January 16, 2014

  • The Definitive Collection of Broncos, Pats, 49ers and Seahawks GIFs, Because Playoffs

    This Sunday we embark on a glorious feat of strength between the four best teams in the NFL. In a perfect world these four teams would be exactly where they are now, fighting for the Lombardi trophy. Each team is stacked with talent and players most Pro Bowl teams would be jealous of. We’ve collected this seasons most definitive GIFs for each remaining team to leave you to decide what team’s going to come up on top this Sunday. Denver Broncos New England Patriots San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks

  • The History of Ski Filmmaking

    The North Face has partnered with Teton Gravity Research, Sherpas Cinema, Stept Productions, and Mountain Sports International to produce a multi-episode series on the free skiing culture. With the winter Olympics gearing up, the North Face has taken center stage with uniforms and sponsorships, to pay homage to the sport that made them a cultural icon they created “The Rise”. This episode takes a look at filmmaking in skiing, an art that has been sought after for many years, but blown out of the water in recent years with film tech making serious leaps and bounds.

  • Rangers, Isles and Devils Gear up for the NHL Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium

    This winter the NHL is embarking on a country wide series of outdoor games, the Rangers will face the Devils on Jan. 26, 2014, at 12:30 p.m., and go up against the Islanders on Jan. 29th at 7:30 p.m. Other games around the country consist of  the Los Angeles Kings versus the Anaheim Ducks at Dodger Stadium on January 25th and the Pittsburgh Penguins versus the Chicago Blackhawksat Soldier Field on March 1st. We had an opportunity to chat with Carl Hagelin and Mats Zuccarello of the Rangers and NHL greats, Jean Potvin and Grant Marshall about playing an outdoor game at the worlds most famous baseball stadium. Tickets for both games are available at NHL Stadium Series Tickets

  • If NFL Logos Were Hipsters [Link]

    We love when talented designers take on team logos. We especially love it when there’s a touch of humor involved. Check out these hipster redesigns of all the NFL teams and see what it would be like if it was, I don’t know, a bike polo league or something. Dan Snyder should consider the Redskins redesign since hipsters don’t yet have any official organization (unless there’s a barista union).

  • The Original Rules Of Basketball Turn 122

    Dr. James Naismith developed the game of basket ball (it was originally two words) in 1891 but he didn’t solidify the rules and publish them until January 15, 1892. Looking back on the original rules, the game doesn’t seem that exciting. The first and greatest difference is the lack of dribbling. In the early days of the game, someone would pass you the ball and you would have to stop then either pass it to another teammate or go for a shot. And the ball? It was originally a soccer ball, then a pig’s bladder encased in leather (standard until the 1940s). There was no dunking, indeed such antics would certainly destroy the peach baskets that were the original goals. And since the goals were made of genuine baskets, the ball had to be retrieved after each successful point. If the ball bounced out of the basket, no point. There were no three point shots or shot clocks. Goal tending was perfectly acceptable. Luckily, this incredibly boring game only lasted for two 15-minutes halves with a 5 minute rest in between. One glaring omission is the number of players on each team. It was eventually set at 5, but not more »

  • Peyton Manning Loves “Omaha” [Supercut Compilation]

    Peyton Manning can’t stop shouting about Nebraska’s largest city. The Denver Broncos quarterback used the word “Omaha” loudly and often during Sunday’s playoff victory over the San Diego Chargers. According to an NFL.com video montage, Manning barked “Omaha” before the ball was snapped 44 times during the game.

  • Top 21 Undrafted Football Players Who Crushed It In the Pros

    The NFL Draft is undoubtedly the highest-touted amateur selection event in all of the four major American sports; the stars align in New York City and the brightest stars of the NCAA prepare to take a step into fortune, fame, and media over-exposure. But, the history of the draft isn’t a kind one. Hence, not every college standout is promised NFL glory. Likewise, not all collegiate afterthoughts are guaranteed the same fate when playing under the big, American-colored, tri-lettered shield. As such, there is seldom a more celebratory event in the NFL than a previously unknown athlete emerging from obscurity and into the heralded pigskin pantheon. Recently, RSVLTS got to sit down with one of such athlete at the Xbox One Loft in New York City. Victor Cruz, undrafted out of Umass, discussed on his lifelong gaming hobby, Xbox One’s  “Playoff Face Off,” and his humble origins.  While led us to produce this list of the all-time greatest undrafted NFL legends:

  • Thomas Morgenstern, Three-time Olympic Champion Ski Jumper, Injured In Horrific Crash [Video + Photos]

    TAUPLITZ, Austria (AP) — Three-time Olympic ski jump champion Thomas Morgenstern of Austria was hospitalized with skull injuries and a bruised lung on Friday after crashing during training for this weekend’s ski flying World Cup. “Thomas Morgenstern is conscious and well responsive,” the Austrian ski federation said in statement hours after the incident, adding the athlete’s condition would be monitored in the intensive care unit of a Salzburg hospital for the next 72 hours. Morgenstern’s injuries were not life-threatening, head of clinic Josef Obrist told the Austria Press Agency. “He has a serious injury and he has to be monitored fulltime,” said Obrist, adding that Morgenstern was responsive and gave clear answers. During his second training jump of the day, the 27-year-old Morgenstern lost his balance in the air, turned over to the left and landed on his back and head. He briefly lost consciousness but was able to speak shortly afterward. “Fortunately he was responsive, Thomas can move arms and legs. That’s very important,” team physician Herbert Leitner said. “He asked me what happened.” Morgenstern received first aid on the hill and was flown by helicopter to the hospital, head coach Alexander Pointner said. “We can only hope for more »

  • RSVLTS Predicts the Playoffs: The Divisional Round

    Well, the table for the 2014 NFL Playoffs has already been set. Upon which, the appetizing course—otherwise known as “Wild Card Weekend”—has already been feasted. But, before we take another look into ole RSVLTS Crystal Ball—a mythical sightseeing orb of dubious success—let’s recap the predictions thus far. For the NFC, RSVLTS predicted that the following teams would receive playoff berth. To the right of our predictions were the actual standings: NFC Division Winners Our prediction: 1. Seattle Seahawks   Actual standing: 1. Seattle Seahawks Our prediction: 2. Carolina Panthers Actual standing: 2. Carolina Panthers Our prediction: 3. Philadelphia Eagles Actual standing: 3. Philadelphia Eagles Our prediction: 4. Chicago Bears Actual standing: 4. Green Bay Packers NFL Wild Card Our prediction: 5. New Orleans Saints Actual standing:  5. San Francisco 49ers Our prediction: 6. San Francisco 49ers Actual standing:  6. New Orleans Saints  With one mistake with the Division Winners and the inversion of the Wild Cards, RSVLTS’ predictions were better than some but worse than what actually came to pass. Now, for the AFC. AFC Division Winners Our prediction: 1. Denver Broncos Actual standing:  1. Denver Broncos Our prediction: 2. New England Patriots Actual standing:  2. New England Patriots Our prediction: 3. Cincinnati Bengals Actual standing:  3.  Cincinnati Bengals Our prediction: 4. Indianapolis Colts Actual standing:  4. Indianapolis Colts Wild Card Our prediction: 5. more »

  • Remember That Sweet Air Hockey Beer Pong Table? Here’s How to DIY

    If you can remember that far back, a few weeks ago, the internet spiked with the innovative brilliance of a few bros who created an air hockey beer pong table. A new game, with new skills which will ultimately lead to bromantic intoxication. The skilled toolmen responsible for this revolutionary creation, built an imgur with a step by step process to help you achieve table themed drinking game glory. “All in all took about 200 bucks and 2 weekends to make, including the 50 dollar 4″ drill head and 80 for the table. It helps make the jersey hurt less.” Check their page for the full breakdown.   

  • Slow Motion Bowling Is Surprisingly Epic [Video]

    Filmmakers Givan Egbers and Bjorn Meertens used a Sony NEX-FS700, a favorite for capturing slow-motion video, to create this hilariously suspenseful video of bowling at 400fps. You can almost taste the nachos and smell the shoe deodorizer while you watch this video that makes bowling look way more intense than it ever actually is.

  • Houston Rockets Mascot Scares the Bejeezers Out of Players

    In what may be one of the best viral pranks of recent history, the Houston Rockets mascot, “Clutch the Bear”, waited outside the players entrance/exit area and proceeded to scare the heck out of a majority of the Rockets players. Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin, James Harden, and Dwight Howard all fell victim to the bear-scare, in what promises to live on in one of the greatest reaction pranks of all time. All set to the perfectly times sounds of The Beastie Boys “Sabotage”. Great job, Clutch.

  • NBA Logos Redesigned as Soccer Logos

    Footballasfootball began the revolution imagining Football logos with a European soccer twist now Milan Vučković, a designer from Serbia has followed suit with NBA teams. The idea was to mix two sports and redesign their logos. Being a fan of both football (or soccer) and basketball, I decided to redesign NBA logos and make them look like football logos. Every logo you see is color correct and matches the idea of the original logo.