• Helicopters Playing Hockey, Because Canada [Video]

    Helicopter pilot, super successful entrepreneur, and all-around awesome Canuck Bradley Friesen has added another incredible accomplishment to his life with this video he made of his helicopter taking part in a hockey game. Apparently, when you are the inventor of an automatic paper towel dispenser and a hangover cure, you use your spare time making videos with your helicopter joining in on the ice alongside your friends from the WHL or making a Doritos commercial featuring a bunch of hot models which is currently a semi-finalist for the Crash The Super Bowl contest. Life is good for Bradley Friesen.

  • Malia Manuel Is The Best Female Surfer In The World [25 Photos]

    Hailing from Hawaii, Malia Manuel is currently ranked as the top female surfer according to the Association of Surfing Professionals. She began surfing at the age of 8 and when she was 14, she became the youngest person (male or female) to win the US Open of Surfing. Malia then placed first in the US Open Pro Junior in 2009 and became champion of both the Azores Islands and Pantin Spain World Qualifying Series 6-star events. Oh yeah, and not only is she an amazingly talented athlete, she’s also incredibly hot, as these photos prove. Keep up with Malia Manuel on Facebook and Instagram.

  • 5 Bizarre Things Pete Rose Has Signed On Baseballs For Money + Giveaway

    Pete Rose is in the news today for saying “Jay-Z got Cano a big raise, but he got him an extra 30-day vacation called October” so the timing feels right to show you an interesting collection of baseballs we spotted at Brigandi’s Collectables in NYC. Apparently if you give Pete Rose money he’ll sign almost anything on a baseball. As part of our 12 Days of Giveaways we’re going to give away a baseball signed by Pete Rose inscribed with “I Wish I Shot Bin Laden – Pete Rose.”

  • The 65 Best Sports Photos Of 2013

    It’s been a great year in sports. Lots of memorable moments that will go down in history and also several that are just as goosebump-inducing that weren’t as mainstream. We’ve pulled together the following compilation of best photos from the 2013 sports year to pay homage to both.

  • Football as Football Has a New Batch of Soccer Themed NFL Crests

    Football as Football is a brilliant campaign set out to redesign each NFL team logo in the likeness of European soccer. The team of Minneapolis designers are categorizing each phase of their project by English, German, Italian and Spanish style crests. Last month, FAF released a mix of 1 logo from each team. Today they finished the second stage by completing English and German styles in full. All I want for Christmas is one of these on a T-Shirt. View the whole collection at Football as Football.

  • This is Why Peyton Manning is the Best Quarterback in the League

    Peyton Manning was icing his ankle last week in a cold tub during practice. With his helmet on. This photo of Manning went viral after it raised some questions and eyebrows. Gray Caldwell and Stuart Zaas of Denverbroncos.com released a statement explaining why Peyton was wearing his helmet and watching a tablet while icing his ankle. Earlier this season, Manning and tight end Julius Thomas found themselves in the training room instead of practice on a Wednesday. Not wanting to miss out on mental reps, Manning took matters into his own hands. With his injured ankle in the cold tub, the quarterback kept his helmet on to listen to the play calls from Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase, who was on the practice field. Simultaneously, he watched game tape on his iPad. Of course this is how Peyton Manning spends his time in the pool… pic.twitter.com/y9XTOJ68Xd — The Whistle (@TheWhistle) December 11, 2013

  • Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Parties [Video]

    Last year, mountain bike trials legend Martyn Ashton wowed the world with his original “Road Bike Party” video where he swapped his usual mountain bike for a Pinarello Dogma 2, the road bike that won the 2012 Tour de France. He somehow managed the impossible, tackling obstacles made for a mountain bike on the road bike. When his initial video received millions of views, Ashton set out to film a sequel. In between work on the new video, he took part in the Animal WD40 Action Sports Tour, where he fell from a bar 3 meters from the ground, breaking his back in the process. Confined to a wheelchair since the accident in September, Ashton was still determined to finish the video, and with the help of fellow professionals Chris Akrigg and Danny MacAskill, his vision was realized with the release of “Road Bike Party 2.” Watch the new video and then the original and be amazed at the crazy talent that these athletes possess.

  • RSVLTS Talk with Clay Matthews about Sack Celebrations, Holiday Gifts and His NFL Family Ties

    When you think of Clay Matthews, you think machine. A target driven machine that hunts and neutralizes at will, but with beautiful flowing blonde hair. Maybe the long lineage of Matthews that have played in the league has something to do with it, the household name “Clay Matthews” is actually the third player to carry the family name to the NFL, his father and grandfather both passing the torch, but that’s not all, the Matthews family ties to the NFL is now at six with two A&M prospects on the way. We sat down and talked about his compelling family story, USC’s recent coaching decision and what to get the man who has everything for Christmas. 

  • The 11 Most Captivating Games of the 2013 Sports Year

    A multi-billion dollar industry, the world of mass spectator sports is truly an integral part of American society—inspiring fans to rabidly cheer, disapprovingly jeer, and become collectively energized. What fuels this phenomenon are the games that become etched into the lore of their respective sport; when the mental torment of watching a team struggle through a difficult season culminates in a fatigue-awash victory. The best games of 2013 fit such a criteria. And, with so many team-wide moments that prove to viewers the value of hard work, RSVLTS has gathered a Top 11 list to give 2013 a Norse Funeral-like send off.

  • Burton Releases 2014 USA Sochi Snowboarding Uniforms

    Burton has revealed their design for the 2014 Winter Olympics U.S. Snowboarding team’s uniforms and they certainly look unique. Inspired by an old quilt Burton’s designers found at an antique fair, the uniforms are a patchwork of Americana that mixes Burton’s laid-back snowboard culture with homemade American creativity and ingenuity. The uniforms won’t be available to the public, which is probably for the best since you’d have to be an Olympic athlete to successfully pull off the look, but a line of t-shirts and accessories inspired by the design will be released by Burton in January.

  • Kaepernick Silences the Haters in new Beats by Dre Ad Spot

    Beats by Dre release their new ad spot by Director Paul Hunter, featuring the their signature noise cancelling headphones to silence the haters. The Spot, similar to the recent Kevin Garnett commercial, features Colin Kaepernick on a team bus arriving at a rival stadium. Although they don’t say where it is, fans are draped in blue and neon green and it’s raining. Hint hint. The commercials really push the boundaries of fanatics heckling a rival star player, but Kaepernick walks away smiling.

  • Chasing A-Rod [Link]

    Learn everything you wanted to know about Alex Rodriguez in this detailed, in-depth profile from New York Magazine. While chronicling the steroid scandal that the MLB superstar is currently embroiled in, we also get a look at the personality traits that caused him to make such poor choices. 

  • Cardboard Rodeo With Dale Earnhardt Jr. [Video]

    Devin Graham, aka Devinsupertramp, seems to have a lot of fun making his awesome videos and the latest is no exception. Sponsored by Mountain Dew, Devin traveled to Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s home in North Carolina and recklessly towed folks around on pieces of cardboard, a plastic bin, and a Power Wheels. Getting sponsored by big-name companies to make insanely fun and dangerous videos: What could be better?

  • Nike Fuses Their Flyknit Technology with Revolutionary Kobe Elite 9 Sneaker

    Today at the The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, Nike unveiled what they’re calling a revolutionary shoe. The KOBE 9 Elite, a shoe that fuses their top notch basketball technology with their Flyknit tech, a system used for their running shoe, by creating a one-piece engineered upper made from single strands of yarns, making a lightweight yet incredibly strong shoe. Designed with Kobe’s tech insights and design inspirations, the KOBE 9 Elite features three key technologies: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarlon, giving the shoe superior lightweight performance. The shoe is beautiful, that’s a given, but is it smart to use brand new technology with an aging superstar coming off a serious leg injury? For the success of the shoe, let’s hope not. The KOBE 9 Elite releases globally on Feb. 8, 2014, at Nike.com and select global retail locations.

  • Golf Shot of the Year, Decade, Maybe of All Time

    The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship is the leading par 3 golf tournament in the UK and is held at the spectacular Nailcote Hall situated in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside. Matt Wheatcroft made the best of a dismal situation, with the ball hugging a fencepost in the way of a simple wedge shot, Matt had an idea heroes are made of. He banked the ball off the fencepost for an easy put. you wont believe your eyes.

  • 100 Retro ’80s and ’90s Sports Posters + Don Mattingly Signed Baseball Giveaway

    Remember the days of yonder when the Costacos Brothers‘ fantastical sports lithographs from the 1980s and ’90s reigned supreme on every  sports fans bedroom wall from the ages of five through college, maybe later. The Costacos Brothers’ had a knack for getting athletes out of their element on the field for some themed out glamour shots. In all the bros managed to shoot over 700 of these photographs and we managed to grab 100, with a few retro Nike posters sprinkled in. From the golden age of sports, when every pro athlete wasn’t in the top 1% of the economy here is the definitive collection of retro sports posters. In honor of our 12 Days of Giveaways courtesy of Brigandi Coins & Collectibles, and ’90s sports we’re also giving away a certified Don Mattingly signed ball from the Hitman himself. Mattingly spent 14 years playing for the Yankees and was named the Captain joining the ranks of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Thurman Munson & Derek Jeter. His #23 is retired by the Yankees and he is enshrined at Monument Park in Yankee Stadium. This official Major League baseball is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and is worth $225.00.

  • Fox Sells Out the Super Bowl

    Fox has sold all of the in-game advertising spots during the Super Bowl on February 2. The average rate for a 30 second spot this year was $4 million, beating last year’s $3.8 million. Fox is also looking to the FoxSports.com live stream of the game to be an another big income opportunity, expecting more than CBS’ 10 million online viewers last year. The biggest sporting event of the year means big business.

  • 22 Athletes Who Will Play Their Entire Career With One Team + Cal Ripken Jr. Autograph Giveaway

    In todays world of sports, it seems like athletes follow the big pay day, as well they should. A career path that could be diminished by an ankle tear could be worth potential millions of dollars should be looked after like a life insurance policy. With the talent pool in professional sports at an all time high, the competition is fierce and unforgiving, so when a player spends his entire career with one team, it’s all the more profound. One of the most renown and well-respected players in MLB history, Cal Ripken Jr., played his whole career with the Baltimore Orioles and this week we are giving away a signed photo from baseball’s Iron Man as part of our 12 Days of Giveaways courtesy of Brigandi’s in New York City. Enter above and then see twenty-two athletes who’ve spent a decade or more with one team and will probably finish their career in that same city. Derek Jeter The most notable of the bunch and most likely to face retirement in the near future. After coming off an injury ridden season that limited Derek to playing only 17 games, The Captain was almost plagued with picking up the $9.5 M tab on his more »

  • 10 Athletes Who Blew Our Minds in 2013

    It’s clear that—in sports—there’s a need to point out the best individual players despite the overwhelming message that a team’s collective effort trumps everything (points to Boston Red Sox and the Seattle Seahawks) But, with the Most Valuable Player Awards being among the most coveted pieces of recognition in athletics, RSVLTS is here to count down the Top 10 Most Valuable Athletes of 2013. And, while it may not compete with the opinion of the Associated Press, it still is a part of the Yearbook13 event—where there is a chronicling of all the most notable, memorable, and otherwise monumental aspects of the fleeting year.

  • Epic Rap Battles of History: Michael Jordan vs. Muhammad Ali [Video]

    The new Epic Rap Battle of History has been released, this time starring Comedy Central’s Key and Peele as Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. It’s a little darker than some past rap battles, with mentions of Parkinson’s disease and slain fathers, so be warned. With that being said, it was also way more entertaining than some of the more recent battles. Maybe this video will get some momentum going for the rest of the season. Also, don’t forget to vote for the winner. I’m going with Muhammad Ali for calling out Jordan’s Hitler mustache.

  • Mariano Rivera Signed Baseball Giveaway + 10 MLB Hall of Fame ‘Shoe Ins’

    For our 12 Days of Giveaways series we’ll be sending off a Mariano Rivera signed baseball today. You heard right, people, a certified ball signed by the Sandman himself courtesy of Brigandi’s in New York City. Enter below and a winner will be chosen at random at noon, one week from today. Once you’re done entering check out RSVLTS 12 Days of Giveaways for a chance to win iconic collectables from sports history.   Mariano Rivera is the most dominant closing pitcher in baseball history as he holds the record for most career saves in the MLB.  The 2013 season was the last one for this Yankee Legend. There is no doubt he will be voted in to the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible. This official Major League baseball, signed by Rivera, is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Nike’s “Play Russian” Commercial Will Give you Chills

    The Sports brand partnered up with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam to create a winter wonderland of sport. Encouraging Russians to “Play Russian” play cold anf fight the elements. The video features famous Russian athletes like ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, long jumper Darya Klishina, as well as footballer Alexander Kokori. Seems like just about everyone is gearing up for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

  • 50 Rare and Iconic Photos of Magic Johnson + Autographed Photo Giveaway

    Magic Johnson is often considered the best point guard in NBA history. He reinvented the way people thought about point guards with the combination of flashiness and his size. Magic finished his career with 5 NBA Championships, 3 MVP Awards & 3 NBA Finals MVP Awards. This fantastic 8″ x 10″ photo features Magic being guarded by the great Michael Jordan, signed in bold Lakers gold by Earvin himself. This holiday season treat yourself or a loved one with an epic addition to your man cave or a solid gift for any sports fan, this signed Magic Johnson photo from Brigandi’s in New York City. Enter below and we will pick a winner on Wednesday, December 4th at noon. Once you’re done entering check out RSVLTS 12 Days of Giveaways for a chance to win iconic collectables from sports history.   Now that you’ve entered take a look at 50 rare photos of Magic Johnson that you’ve probably never seen before. From his time at Michigan State to his NBA career and everything in between. See also: Mariano Rivera autographed baseball giveaway – Ends 12/9/13 50 Rare and Iconic Photos of Magic Johnson

  • Florida Player Blocks Florida Player. Sums Up Dismal Season.

    To think Florida was a SEC powerhouse just a few years ago, now they’re losing to Georgia Southern and blocking each other. In a play that sums up their first losing season since 1979, the Florida Gators sealed their fate with a devastating loss. With an unfortunate record of 4-7 the Gators managed to allow Southern to score 26 points despite not COMPLETING ONE PASS. That’s right Southern managed to come away with 429 yards of total offense without a single completed pass. But I digress, here is a video of a couple of two confused Gainesville players blocking each other on offense, although the play ended up a success, the UF on UF block will go down symbolizing a dismal season for the Gators.

  • 2013 Nike Army Navy Gameday Uniforms

    For the rivalry’s 114th matchup in history, Nike pays tribute to each academy’s rich heritage and drawing inspiration from key historical figures within each respective military branch.  The Army uniforms tribute the legacy of General Winfield Scott, nicknamed “Old Fuss and Feathers” for his insistence on maintaining proper military dress. Scott served as General in the U.S. military longer than any other. The Navy garb pays homage to the dying command of Captain James Lawrence: “Don’t Give Up the Ship.” Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry flew a flag emblazoned with the statement during the decisive Battle of Lake Erie, one of the biggest naval battles of the War of 1812. The 114th meeting between Army and Navy takes place on Dec. 14 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Top 10 Most Touching Sports Moments of 2013

    Sports have functionally become the mechanism that unites communities—providing those facing adversity with a brief amount of respite. In 2013, this was proven with moments that gave purpose to an otherwise questionable necessity of spectator sports. As a part of the Yearbook13 event, RSVLTS has compiled a list of the moments in 2013 athletics that transcend stats—giving athletics an intangible relevance in American society.

  • That’s Gotta Hurt: UFC 167 In Slow Motion [Video]

    Give your wincing muscles a workout with this super slow-motion recap of UFC 167. The action was captured using Fox’s Phantom Cam, which is capable of recording up to 5000 frames per second. A regular slow-motion camera records around 380 frames per second. The fact that even when slowed down so much, some of these punches still look pretty quick is incredible. Also, the way their faces smush makes me giggle.

  • 59 Reasons Why Michael Jordan Is Better In GIF Form

    There is no doubt that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time. You could make a case for him being the best athlete of our lifetime on the court but in business as well. His “Jump Man” silhouette is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. You can watch Jordan highlights all over the web but we think watching him in GIF form is better than anything else.

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