• Insider’s Look At The World Solar Challenge In Australia [13 Photos]

    More than 40 teams from 24 different countries took part in the World Solar Challenge, a 3,000 kilometer race of solar-powered vehicles across Australia.  The fastest was a Dutch team who made the trek in 33 hours, but there were also awards for safety and practicality. With an average speed of just over 56 mph, that win may not seem too impressive, but then you have to take into account THESE ARE TOTALLY SOLAR-POWERED!

  • New Sports Friends Episodes Feature Lebron, Tiger, Rodgers and a Pile On

    Our bestest friends over at Yahoo’s Sports Friends just released four new knee slappers. For newbs unfamiliar with the satirical webisode, Sports Friends features animations of famous athletes having regular, everyday conversations. Previous episodes featured Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick chit chatting about tattoos and Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder having a late night conversation under the stars. This round-up of episodes is particularly hilarious.

  • The 12 Greatest Feuds In American Sports History

    Feuds: the players start them and the media perpetuates them. But, with the inherently competitive nature of sports, it seems that people thrive off of a good dramatic conflict. Feuds pervade sports and have given pundits, reporters, and other media members a good storyline to boost the ratings of an upcoming matchup. But, what are some of the best feuds in sporting history? Well, RSVLTS is here to chronicle some of the best, most intense, and most comical feuds in sporting history. Before beginning, it must be stated that this list will only cover the four major team sports in America– a criteria that disqualifies the likes of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. But, without further ado, the best sporting feuds:

  • 2001 Eye Opening Ad Sheds Light on Native American Issue in Pro Sports

    In 2001, The National Congress of American Indians released an blatant poster of racist baseball caps in hopes to raise awareness of the Cleveland Indians logo on their cap. Today that poster is more relevant than ever. With the controversial Redskins branding under the microscope, everyone from SI to the President has chimed in with their two cents. It looks as though Daniel Snyder, the owner of the team is stubbornly clinging to the name, he claims 95% of Native Americans don’t have an issue with. The poster at hand was created by the NCAI in the 1990′s by the advertising firm, Devito/Verdi in 2001, says Slate. The poster features unquestionably racist characters of The New York “Jews” and San Francisco “Chinamen” next to the Cleveland Indians Cheif Wahoo logo. Definitely the most compelling argument we’ve heard yet. Take notes Bob Costas.

  • If 22 of Your Favorite Athletes Worked at the Mall…

    The keyword here is what-if. What if some of our favorite athletes chose a different life path somewhere along their road to professional athletics. If so, they’d probably be working at some of the stores you frequent in the local shopping malls. The Foot Lockers and Modell’s Sporting Goods are a no brainer, but what about some athletes that have a more unique style or charisma. We’ve complied a list of athletes and the shopping mall store that best compliments their personality.

  • The Bob Costas Washington Redskins Video Everyone Is Talking About

    The controversy over the Redskins’ name just won’t die out as it has in years past. The latest to weigh in was Bob Costas during halftime on Sunday Night Football. He summed up his feelings by saying “It’s an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present day intent.” Team owner Dan Snyder is still defending keeping the name but he does seem to be paying more attention to dissenting opinions. And with one of those opinions coming from President Obama, who said if he owned the team, he would consider changing the name, Snyder would be wise to listen. The big deal with Costas last night was that although lots of people are sharing their thoughts, they’re not doing it during halftime on SNF. Should a sportscaster be discussing such a sensitive issue or should he just stick to talking about the game?

  • The Start Of The New York City Marathon May Be Affected By The Government Shutdown

    The ING New York City Marathon is an important event not just for runners, but also for day drinkers who like to pretend they care about runners to feel better about themselves, and for the second year in a row, both groups may be screwed. Last year, the event was canceled because of Superstorm Sandy, and if the government shutdown continues, we may see no marathon again this year. The race is set to start at Staten Island’s Fort Wadsworth, which is currently closed, and if a new route isn’t decided soon, the November 3 race may not happen. 

  • Mesmerizing Video of Mike Tyson’s Greatest Knockouts

    Remember when heavyweight bouts were really exciting to watch? I love the Klitschko Brothers, they’re great boxers, but the undercards are way more fun these days. But when Mike Tyson was fighting, those were the most ferocious heavyweight matches the world has ever known. And the way he fought brought out the same intensity in his opponents (though they couldn’t match Iron Mike). Let’s hear it for BroBible for finding this video and let’s pray that one day, heavyweight boxing will again be even halfway this lively.

  • We’re Getting Excited For the Anaheim “Mighty” Ducks Throwback Night

    Every 90s kid remembers how cool the Mighty Ducks were when they entered the NHL in 1993. Hell, the Disney-owned team was named after every kid’s favorite movie of 1992, where we all learned the power of the “triple-deke.” But then tragedy struck when Disney sold the team and they became the Anaheim Ducks. There’s nothing cool about that. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the Ducks will again be Mighty when they take on the Senators on Sunday night, donning their radical 90s logo. And for those fans lucky enough to be there in person, they can enjoy popcorn and soda for 93 cents! Just in case you’ve suffered sever head trauma and forgot what the old logo looked like, we’ve got some pictures to jog your memory. 

  • A Compelling Look At MMA Legend Frank Shamrock

    A new Spike TV documentary takes viewers on an unforgettable journey into Frank Shamrock’s tumultuous past from his remarkable fighting career to his turbulent personal life including delving into issues of alcoholism, domestic violence, and a damaged relationship with his brother Ken. “Frank Shamrock: Bound by Blood” debuts October 10 on Spike.

  • Ranking The 31 NFL Stadiums According To Yelp

    What is the easiest way to understand how NFL stadiums stack up against each other? Yelp. Obviously. We went through the Yelp pages for each of the 31 stadiums in the NFL and ranked their popularity according to  Yelp number and the number of Yelp reviews received. 

  • The 2013 Giants: As Bad as the 2008 Lions?

    To truly grasp how bad the Giants have been, a look at the worst team in recent memory is necessary: the 2008 Detroit Lions. Finishing the season 0-16, the Lions—obviously—also started the season at a mark of 0-5. Through the Lions’ first five games of 2008, the defense allowed 159 points—31.8 points per game. In contrast, the Lions scored only 76 points in their first five games—15.2 points per game and less than half of their total allowed points. Moreover, the average margin by which they lost games was about 25 points. Enter the comparison toward which Big Blue fans might cringe: the Giants—offensively abysmal—have scored 82 points during their first five games. Of course, this total is just 6 more than the 2008 Detroit Lions’ total. Moreover, the Giants’ “vaunted” pass rush-fueled defense has allowed 182 points during their first five games—a total that is 23 greater than the 2008 Lions. Moreover, the Giants have lost games by an average margin of 20 points—less than four points fewer than the 2008 Lions. In summation, there is disappointing and then there is historically bad. And, thus far, the Giants poor numbers—both offensively and defensively—have been eerily consistent with a team more »

  • Just a Few Mascots Fumbling About

    Because sometimes, at the end of a long fall week, you need to get your jumblees off by watching some mascots fall, stumble and trip while carrying a cake. Here, my friends, is the ultimate Mascot fail compilation for your viewing pleasure. All the trampoline fails, the studder-steps and segway accidents you can muster.

  • The History Of The Logos Of The MLB Playoff Teams

    Major League Baseball has now officially entered the postseason and even more amazing than the Pirates making it this far is the history of the teams’ names and logos. From the shared, convoluted history of the Red Sox and the Braves to the many changes of the young Rays, there is a ton of great trivia here.   

  • If Mike Francesa of WFAN Had His Show During the Revolutionary War

    If you’re from New York and like sports, chances are you’ve heard Mike Francesa. His heavy breathing, redundant statements and short temper with just about every Joe Brooklyn who calls in. YouTube user WaitUhSeckin made this hilarious parody of Mike Zaun 1776, Basically if Francesa we’re to have a radio show about the Revolutionary War, fully equipped with predicting Benedict Arnold’s loyalty, fan flip out and even a call in prankster who zings Mike pretty bad. Worth a watch and a guaranteed laugh.  

  • LeBron James, The Artist, Has a Message for You

    LeBron James is an athlete, culture socialite and artist. He respects art. He appreciates art. To celebrate the launch of the LEBRON 11, Nike is offering kids between the ages of 5-12 a chance to design a t-shirt for LeBron. Aside from the glory of designing LeBron’s new favorite tee, the winner will have their design produced on Nike t-shirts and win a trip to Miami to watch LeBron play. In addition, an equipment donation will be made to their school’s PE program.   How it works: Use LeBron James as the inspiration to design a t-shirt. Design can include images, numbers and words like “Nike” and “Miami.” Steer clear of drawing LeBron in a Miami Heat uniform—NBA logos aren’t allowed. Design must be drawn freehand on 8.5″ x 11″ paper using either a pen, pencil, markers, crayons or paint. Design must be created by kids between the ages of 5-12 without assistance from parents. A parent or guardian must write down the name, age, city and state of the t-shirt designer. A parent or guardian must also include their name, email address and phone number and include a sentence or two telling Nike the inspiration behind the design. All more »

  • How A 5’5″ Basketball Player Trained Himself to Dunk [Video]

    Brandon Todd is 5’5” and he can dunk. He has never believed his height to be a limitation but an opportunity to change how people view small athletes. Brandon transformed his body over the course of a few years, gaining over 80 lbs of muscle, increasing his vertical to over 45 inches. Todd hopes to teach others that through hard work and perseverance physical limitations can be overcome.

  • If Every NBA Team Had A Rapper As A Global Ambassador

    With the recent announcement that Drake would be the Toronto Raptor’s “global ambassador,” SPIN compiled a list of who the rest of the NBA should choose as their rapping envoys. Some are obvious (Jay Z for the Nets), some are funny (DMX for the Suns), and some are just plain confusing (Jewel for the Jazz). After reading the list, I  think we all feel bad for Portland.

  • 10 Examples Of When Good NFL Teams Were Bad and When Bad NFL Teams Were Good

    The NFL is a maddening league—one where a team that seems inept during one season can show an inverse in ability during the next. If such a statement seems ludicrous, just ask the Kansas City Chiefs how they are feeling at 3-0 after their 2012 season of sucking allotted them with the number one overall pick in the most recent NFL Draft. But, the fact is that even legendary NFL dynasties like the 1970’s Steelers, the 1980’s 49ers, the 1990’s Cowboys, and the 2000’s Patriots have their roots in rather unfortunate beginnings. Also, there have also been many teams like the Browns, the Raiders, and the Lions that had their days of dominance. Such winning ways may be in erstwhile decades, but they still came to pass.

  • The Jordan XX8 SE North Carolina Will be Wearing This Season

    This season the North Carolina Tar Heels will be sporting these camo patterned Jordan XX8 SE on the court. Camo patterns have gained momentum in the past year with most of the top active wear companies, now Jordan follows suit with a classic camo pattern suited for Mr. Jordan’s alma mater. Georgetown and possibly Maquette will be sporting the same pattern in their school’s color way as well. Russell Westbrook, one of Jordan Brand’s new poster child will be rocking a wild patterned version for the Oklahoma City Thunder’s opener. The shoes will also include new responsive foot plate technology we’ve only seen in the XX8, The Flight Plate. The Flight Plate’s main purpose is to maximize the responsiveness of Zoom Air cushioning. By compressing and deflecting on the units during action, the Flight Plate “unlocks” the power of Zoom Air. Jordan XX8 SE

  • Los Angeles Clippers unveil “Back in Blue” Nautical Uniform for First Time since 1985

    Adidas and the Los Angeles Clippers unveiled a “Back in Blue” pride uniform at media day for the 2013-14 season. The jerseys feature a light-blue colorway with short sleeves, which seem to be the growing trend in college and pro-ball. For the first time since the team was based in San Diego in 1985, the team will rock a light-blue jersey as their kit for all Sunday home games this season. The nautical flags on the side are mean to represent L-A-C, the team’s letters that represent Los Angeles Clippers and homage to a coastal city with a heavy heritage of the sea. Light blue has a rich history with the organization and has been a part of the team’s identity since they were the Buffalo Braves in the 1970’s

  • RSVLTS Talk Precision and The Science of Sport with John Brenkus

    We got to sit down with John Brenkus of Sports Science on a new endeavor of his that combines precision playmaking in sports and lifestyle. Precision plays a huge role not only in Sports Science, but also in determining the difference between a good shave and a great shave, which is why John is working with Gillette to bring the “Precision Play of the Week” Facebook trivia game to NFL fans this season. Each week, John will breakdown one of the prior weekend’s best plays on Facebook and fans will be invited to answer trivia for the chance to win prizes. Gillette Precision Play.

  • The 25 Biggest Rivalries In College Football

    To determine how to rank the biggest college football rivalries in 2013, we looked across fan sites and discussion boards, identifying different things fans and sports experts say make top rivalries- such as history, notoriety, competition and popularity. Our goal was to produce an unbiased ranking that focuses on measurable metrics- such as attendance, ticket demand, and total games played (to name a few). In addition to historical data, we also measured recent performance and game demand to reflect current trends and events. Metrics Recent Popularity (30 points) Metrics: Attendance , Stadium Capacity Filled, Ticket Demand Notoriety (25 points) Metrics: In-State Rivalry, Intra-Conference Rivalry, Trophy Awarded, Claimed National Championships (both teams), Conference Championships (both teams), Heisman Trophy Recipients (both teams) History (20 points) Metrics: Date of First Meeting, Total Games Played Competition (15 points) Metrics: (Historical) Date of First Meeting, (Past Decade) Average Point Difference, Appearance in AP Regular Season Poll Criteria The rivalry must have a game scheduled or announced in the 2013 season. The teams involved in the rivalry must have met at least once in the last 5 years. The teams involved in the rivalry must currently be associated with Division 1 school. Via: TicketCity.com

  • Larry Bird’s Poorly Decorated Florida Mansion Can Be Yours For $4.8 Million

    Larry Bird has put his Naples, Florida mansion up for sale for the low price of $4.8 million. What do you get for such a bargain? Pretty much what you would expect from a midwesterner who retires to Florida’s Gulf Coast in a four bedroom, 6000-square-foot house. The ceiling fans have palm frond blades, the bar has an aquarium, the pool has an adjacent tacky tiki hut…you get the idea. Hopefully he’s taking the Florida-grandma inspired furniture (plaid living room chairs, floral patterned dining room set, etc) back to Indiana when returns as Pacers’ team president. Oh, and of course there’s a basketball hoop in the driveway (but not an actual court).   

  • Abandoned Olympic Venues Of 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing [12 Photos]

    With the current debate in Brazil about how much hosting the Olympics helps the local economy despite the enormous construction costs, we thought we would look at how another country has utilized their Olympic structures. China hosted the summer games in Beijing in 2008. Surely they put all those fields and stadiums to good use, right? Well, if the plan was to create the biggest permanent set for a post-apocalyptic movie, then they were right on target! Someone call Kurt Russell, we’re going to need him to dust off his Snake Plissken eyepatch for Escape From Beijing.

  • Bizarre Revelations From NBA Jam Designer

    Mark Turmell, lead designer on the original NBA Jam arcade game, did an interview with ESPN The Magazine where he revealed all sorts of interesting facts about the game, from a special code in the programming that favored the Pistons over the Bulls when the two played each other to arcade machines haunted by Drazen Petrovic. Now to gather some quarters from under the couch and find an arcade with an original NBA Jam machine. Anyone remember how to enable big-head mode?