• Bringing Creativity Back To Skating [Video]

    Skateboard ramps are cool and they can serve a variety of functions: bike ramp, rollerskate ramp, um….freerunning ramp? Huh, maybe ramps aren’t so multi-faceted. But what if they could double as boats and trains? “Impossible,” you say? Well then you haven’t met the Zenga Bros. The Vancouver-based filmmakers recently teamed with Booooooom and Flexfit to create “Skate Heads.” The video aims to bring back creativity and excitement to a sport that has become stale. No lie, as soon as I watched the video I wanted to head out to the skatepark but then I remembered that my “skating” days were spent button-mashing to Street Sk8er on Playstation. Oh well, it’s snowing out anyway.

  • Even Pros Can’t Do Anything With Walmart Skateboards [Video]

    Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to get into skating but your parents didn’t want to blow a bunch of money on something you’d probably lose interest in so they bought you a cheap Walmart skateboard? You spent hours on that thing but the wheels hardly moved and you couldn’t do a damn thing. So you got into rollerblades instead. Oh, that didn’t happen to you? Yeah…me neither. But if that did happen to you, it’s not your fault. It turns out even the pros can’t use Walmart’s skateboards, as Chris Joslin learns in this video.

  • Tony Hawk Is 46 And Still Incredible [Video]

    Tony Hawk, who at 46 has a son who is also a professional skater, may have retired from competitions 15 years ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still an amazing skater. In his new video, “Perched,” Hawk pulls off some of his most famous tricks to remixes of songs that anyone who played the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater videogame will remember—”Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” by Primus and “Police Truck” by the Dead Kennedys. It’s great to see Tony Hawk still being awesome, but we can’t help but wonder how he’d fare in a competition these days…

  • This Skate Video Has Amazing Cinematography

    When we were kids, skate videos were gritty and shaky, shot on Hi8 or VHS and featuring dudes in baggy jeans and pop punk music. And we loved them. But now, with the advent of affordable HD cameras, skate videos have become beautifully shot short films with wide angles, slow motion, and, most importantly, no tiresome uses of fisheye lenses. “La République du Skateboard,” a short film from Neels Castillon, is described as “an impressionistic ode to street skateboarding.” And with incredible shots around Paris captured by a Red Epic camera, that description is most apt. For more great projects in a similar fashion, check out Neels Castillon’s website.

  • Downhill Skating At 65 MPH? Nope! [Video]

    James Kelly is no stranger to downhill skating, preferring the hills of the Western Sierras to any formal racecourse. With years of practice, he has mastered skating at ludicrous speed while still maintaining control. That’s why he teamed up with Arbor Skateboards to create the James Kelly Pro Model. The long wide board can be fitted with multiple wheelbase options depending on your needs while the subtle rocker and concave will keep you locked in at even the most extreme speeds. It all looks like great fun until somebody crashes, which Kelly does around the 2 minute mark. If seeing that wipeout didn’t convince you that skating at 65 mph should not be attempted by mortals, then check out Arbor Collective. And maybe invest in some leather.

  • Skating Video With No Traffic Looks Like “28 Days Later”

    Remember when Cilian Murphy wakes up to a world without people in “28 Days Later?” Well if he had a brain in his head, he would have taken the opportunity to skate  all over the city. That’s pretty much what this video from skating filmmaker Russell Houghten looks like. He captured skaters all around Los Angeles and spent hours masking in After Effects to edit out all the traffic. The result is a post-apocalyptic LA where only the skaters survived. Check out both the video, “Urban Isolation,” and the “making of” below. Houghten is also selling prints from the video to raise money for Los Angeles County animal shelters at his website. 

  • Tony Hawk Jumps Moving Mini [Video]

    Remember when Tony Hawk jumped a Lexus LFA a couple years ago? Probably not, because it was so damn boring. The car was parked sideways, for crying out loud! I saw a slow-witted, skateboarding marmot do the same thing one time and the marmot wasn’t even impressed by his own talent. But now Tony has brought his A game in this video where he jumps over a Mini that’s in motion. Next stop: Springfield Gorge.

  • Female Skaters Of The 1970s [18 Photos]

    Women have been a part of professional skateboarding for 50 years, but their names are not nearly as well known as their male counterparts. In fact, the first professional female skater, Patti McGee, was featured on the cover of Life magazine in May, 1954. By the 1970s, women were a big part of the California skate scene and skated alongside men in crews such as the Z-Boys. Many of these photos were taken by the great skateboard and surfing photographer Warren Bolster. For more 70s skate photos, check out CalStreets.

  • Bringing Skateboarding To Afghanistan [15 Photos]

    For the past five years, Skateistan has been dedicated to bringing skateboarding to war-torn Afghanistan. The charity opened their first skatepark in Kabul in 2009 after Australian research Oliver Percovich noticed a crowd of young Afghanis entranced with his skateboarding. Over 400 children in Kabul now visit the skatepark weekly, and with interest growing, Skateistan decided to grow with it. The second facility, pictured below, was opened last year in Mazar-e-Sharif. The new compound, when completed, will feature a skatepark, educaiton center, and sports hall. In addition to the recreational aspect, Skateistan also employs Afghanis as instructors and crew members, offering a new source of revenue in places where gainful employment can be scarce. There have been some issues along the way with culture clashes, but Skateistan has no intention of being scared off. It’s honorable to see people making so much good of a tough situation. Keep up with the charity’s future plans and see what you can do to help at Skateistan. 

  • Red Bull Skateboarders Invade their Chicago Office

    This is what happens when the Red Bull Skate Team works in an office. The highly anticipated full clip from the Red Bull Daily Grind Project has dropped. On the 23rd floor of a high-rise in the heart of downtown Chicago an office floor was turned into a unique skate park. The Red Bull Skate team including Ryan Sheckler, Felipe Gustavo, Joey Brezinski, Corbin Harris, Alex Midler, Ryder Lawson, Gard Hvaara and Sewa Kroetkov reported for work.

  • NYPD Tries To Corral Longboarders With Giant Net, Hilarity Ensues [Video]

    Broadway Bomb is an annual gathering of thousands of longboard skaters in Manhattan that took place earlier this month. This year, the NYPD sought to corral the skaters with a net that was easily avoided by the small dudes on skateboards but was a major obstruction for the drivers in daytime New York City traffic. Speed up the footage and add “Yakkety Sax” playing in the background a la Benny Hill and you’ve got the makings of an incredible video.

  • Trace Action Sports Tracker

    Remember that time you hit that gnarly jump or got pitted in the radical tube of a stellar wave? Yeah, but we don’t. With Trace you can track all of your jumps, runs, hop, skips and jumps. Using advanced GPS technology, Trace can identify a tre-flip down 10 stairs, detail every turn on a 100-yard Rincon right, and measure a backflip off a 20-foot kicker at Mammoth. And it’s as small as a delicious Reese’s. (as shown in scaled photo) There will be three mobile apps available to cater to the surf, skate and snow community, all with unique interfaces that are tailored to the sport. With each #SESSIONSHEET, you’ll be able to log eaxmples like; How high an Ollie was, How long your vert was or how much air did you get off a wave. Trace will be available for purchase in January for $150.

  • What is the Most Dangerous Sport? (Infographic)

    Every activity comes with a certain risk of danger, but isn’t that part of the fun? Last March in college basketball’s most acclaimed tournament, Louisville player, Kevin Ware, broke his leg so bad, the bone was exposed. The injury to put it simply, was a fluke, no contact or foul play caused the incident, but it will live on as one of the worst injuries to be caught on film. Take a look at this infographic including the most dangerous sports in the world based on sheer volume of injuries sustained and the top ten worst sports injuries through history. Note: This does not indicate how severe the injury, which is most likely why basketball trumps sports like football and hockey, two of the toughest contact sports around.

  • The Toughest Action Sport (infographic)

    Action Sport athletes risk their lives everyday for the price of adrenal glory. Addicted to the rush, these extreme sport athletes have chosen a dangerous path of broken bones, life changing injuries and in some cases worse. These sports have all the spotlight traits of a rock star with the most to lose. In an industry where the envelope is constantly being pushed, which sport stands at the top of the action sport tough hill?

  • RSVLTS.com X Shaun White

    Back in August Shaun White took over a 7-11 in New York City to launch his new Mintacular Stride gum. Here are some pictures from the event so check them out and watch our interview if you havent already.

  • Summer X Games GoPro Highlights

    Picture the best extreme athletes in the world with the best handheld HD camera in the world attached to their faces. Rally cars, skateboarders, motocross superstars and BMX pros take you along for a ride of high definition Mountain Dew Proportions. Without further ado, we bring you GoPro x The Summer X-Games 2012.

  • Fun With Sports Action Sequence Photography (26 Photos)

    Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2009 Rafael Ortiz/ Photo by: Mauricio Ramos Chris Doyle/ Photo: Justin Kosman Photo: Justin Chando Dani Pedrosa/ Photo: Cameron Baird Clemens Doppler and Peter Gartmayer in Rome Felix Baumgartner/ Photo: Alfredo Martinez Nitro Circus with Travis Pastrana danbdancin@ Flickr Corey Bohan/ Photo: Christian Pondella Photo by: Johnny Tirita Vasso Karadassiou and Vicky Arvaniti at Falassarna. Red Bull Mentawais Surf Trip Petr Kraus on the Caribbean Islands Photo by: Marcio Abe Tanner Hall/ Photo by: Wojtek Antonow Red Bull Art of Motion Tampa Photo: tiger_tim_2000@Flickr Photo: tatersmasher@Flickr Ronnie Renner/ Photo: Garth Milan Photo: loic2co@Flickr Red Bull Air Race Rotterdam Nitro Circus with Travis Pastrana Red Bull Corinth Gap Photo: tatersmasher@Flickr Red Bull X-Fighters London 2010 (H/T Red Bull USA)

  • Danny Way Builds A Mega Ramp in Hawaii

    Danny Way is one of the greats in skateboarding history. Like any legend in their field he is always looking to push the envelope. Jumping over the Great Wall of China, dropping from the top of the Hard Rock Cafe signage, and countless other epic tricks, he has done it all. In the video, a teaser trailer for his upcoming short film series titled Rediscover Dreams, we are given a sneak peek into the monstrous mega-ramp Way built at his home in Kauai, Hawaii.

  • Ryan Sheckler Kickflips a Taxi in NYC

    Ryan Sheckler was in New York City this week to shoot a commercial for GoPro. In this clip Sheckler goes HAM with a kickflip over a taxi in Chinatown. Ironically this video was not shot with a Go Pro but the commercial drops soon so keep an eye out for it because word on the street is it’s gonna be sick.

  • This 12-year-old Landed The First 1080 In The History of Skateboarding [Video]

    For years the holy grail of all skateboard tricks, the 1080, has eluded the biggest and most talented stars in skateboarding. While many have tried, it was never landed — that is until now. A Master of Physics would say that it make sense a young kid would be more likely to pull off a 1080 because the older you are the heavier you get so the more you have to try and defy gravity. Be that as it may 12-year-old Tom Schaar of Malibu, CA is well on his way to becoming a globetrotting skateboard legend like Tony Hawk.

  • Australia’s Big Day Out Through The Eyes of Tony Hawk [26 Photos]

    The Big Day Out  is an annual music festival held in several cities in Australia and New Zealand in late January. The best performers on Earth descend Down Under and this year Tony Hawk and his skating crew we’re invite to do skating exhibitions at each of the shows. He chronicled the trip so check out the tricks, road trip action, behind the scenes look at bands and all the madness that goes along with being the most famous skateboarder on Earth.


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