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Surfing At 1000 Frames Per Second Looks Amazing [Video]

Australia-based cinematographer Chris Bryan isn’t just a master at operating Phantom cameras—especially when it comes to high-speed photography—he is also a qualified Phantom technician. And with his technical knowledge, he has been able to work with Phantom to create his own lightweight, self-contained underwater housings. This means he’s able to…


Trace Action Sports Tracker

Remember that time you hit that gnarly jump or got pitted in the radical tube of a stellar wave? Yeah, but we don’t. With Trace you can track all of your jumps, runs, hop, skips and jumps. Using advanced GPS technology, Trace can identify a tre-flip down 10 stairs, detail every…

Acacia Swimwear Girls - 26

Beauty + Adventure [30 Photos]

Acacia Swimwear caters to a unique set of adventurous women who appreciate travel and surf culture. Acacia is in the process of shooting their 2013 collection in the most beautiful beach locations on Earth. Here are a handful of preview pictures. If this gets you craved to see the world…