• The Most Insane Ski Line Ever Is A Big Nope [Video]

    Red Bull has done the impossible: They’ve created a ski film even better than the 1991 classic Ski School. Days of My Youth was filmed over two years and features incredible shots that make you feel like you’re the one on the skis and not just some lazy bum watching other people do fun things while you sit on your couch with your laptop and an Utz Barrel of Cheese Balls. One such insane scene features Cody Townsend’s line of the year. A lesser man would kill himself navigating the same crevice. A much lesser man would spill his cheese balls and wet his pants.

  • This Commercial Is An Incredible Ski Film

    Filming athletes in LED suits is all the rage right now, and we’re just fine with that. It makes for awesome video and which what Philips was hoping for when they teamed with Swedish agency Ahlstrand & Wållgren and filmmakers Sweetgrass Productions to create “Afterglow,” a short film to promote Philips’ color-backlit Ambilight televisions. The 12-minute long video was filmed at Golden Alpine Holidays in Aleyska, Alaska. The slopes were lit up with brilliant colors while the team of professional skiers wore suits comprised of thousands of LEDs. This is the sort of advertising we can really get into.

  • These Insane Speed Riding Stunts Will Wake You Up [Video]

    For those who don’t know, speed flying is an air sport where you fly a small fabric wing down a steep slope. Strong winds can keep you flying the whole way down. Strap some skis to your feet, and now you’re speed riding. Valentin Delluc is a master of the sport, as illustrated by this video. He even grinds the chairlift cable! Check out more of of Valentin Delluc’s insanity on Facebook.

  • Epic Ski Jumps In The 80s [Video and GIFs]

    Ski jumping is a pretty crazy sport. To someone who has never done it and most certainly never will, it seems to involve flying off a ramp, leaning forward, and praying you don’t die. This video from the 80s shows the horrible crashes that occur when your prayers aren’t answer. Even the jumpers who landed safely seem to have panic filled moments in the air, flailing about in one last attempt to not die. An Imgur user was also kind enough to create animated GIFs out of some of the best bits of the video.

  • Indian Luger Wipes Out Then Amazingly Recovers To Finish Run [LINK]

    Indian luge athlete Shiva Keshavan, whose insane training video showed him speeding down a busy highway, was both the unluckiest and luckiest Olympian Friday morning. During a training run, he flipped off his sled while going around a turn then managed to somehow flip back on it, all while speeding down the track at nearly 60 miles per hour. 

  • Meet Russia’s Olympic Curling Team: Smokeshow Overload [36 Photos]

    The Winter Olympics are here, but are you still trying to figure out which sport is worth your attention? It’s time to consider curling. It may look like shuffleboard on ice, but you won’t find any Ft. Lauderdale retirees on the ice in Sochi. In fact, female curling teams are often loaded with beautiful women. This Olympics, the team to watch is Russia. Check out these pictures of Ekaterina Galkina, Anna Sidorova, and Alexandra Saitova and you’ll be sure to have a new favorite winter sport in curling.

  • Colton Moore Wins X Games Gold After 2013 Tradgedy

    Colton Moore won gold last night at the X Games for the snowmobile freestyle, during the first night of competitions in Aspen for the 2014 games. After a tragic 2013 run where Colton and his brother, Caleb, both crashed in the event. Caleb wouldn’t recover from the injuries sustained and passed away soon after the accident. It was an emotional victory, but just deserved after a tremendous first run that sealed his fate on top. Watch the run here

  • Photos From The First Winter Olympics 90 Years Ago

    This week marks the 90th anniversary of the first Winter Olympics held in Chamonix, France in 1924. 16 nations competed in 16 events from 6 sports. Norway was the clear winner with 17 medals, while the US finished third with just 4 medals and only 1 gold. Later that year, the Summer Olympic Games were held in Paris, beginning the tradition of holding both games in the same year which continued for another 70 years. The lack of safety gear makes these games look pretty exciting. Bobsledding in a wool sweater and a hat? Sounds like fun!

  • The History of Ski Filmmaking

    The North Face has partnered with Teton Gravity Research, Sherpas Cinema, Stept Productions, and Mountain Sports International to produce a multi-episode series on the free skiing culture. With the winter Olympics gearing up, the North Face has taken center stage with uniforms and sponsorships, to pay homage to the sport that made them a cultural icon they created “The Rise”. This episode takes a look at filmmaking in skiing, an art that has been sought after for many years, but blown out of the water in recent years with film tech making serious leaps and bounds.

  • The North Face’s Into The Mind Official Trailer

    Is your knowledge of ski movies limited to the amazingly awful “Ski School” and “Ski School 2″? If so, do yourself a favor and check out 2011’s “All.I.Can” from Sherpas Cinema then watch the trailer for their followup, “Into The Mind”, which is sure to be another hit. Presented by The North Face, “Into The Mind” features some of the most incredible cinematography seen on the bigscreen and will undoubtedly go down as one of the best sports films ever shot.

  • Trace Action Sports Tracker

    Remember that time you hit that gnarly jump or got pitted in the radical tube of a stellar wave? Yeah, but we don’t. With Trace you can track all of your jumps, runs, hop, skips and jumps. Using advanced GPS technology, Trace can identify a tre-flip down 10 stairs, detail every turn on a 100-yard Rincon right, and measure a backflip off a 20-foot kicker at Mammoth. And it’s as small as a delicious Reese’s. (as shown in scaled photo) There will be three mobile apps available to cater to the surf, skate and snow community, all with unique interfaces that are tailored to the sport. With each #SESSIONSHEET, you’ll be able to log eaxmples like; How high an Ollie was, How long your vert was or how much air did you get off a wave. Trace will be available for purchase in January for $150.

  • RSVLTS x Oakley Hit the Slopes with Fall ’13 Line

    After one of the most hyped X-Games of all time, Oakley was gracious enough to let us tag along with some of their pro boarders for a day at Snowmass, Aspen. The day started out with some great breakfast grub at the Oakley Athlete House. Buttermilk oatmeal pancakes, bacon, sausage and fresh fruit isn’t a bad way to start out a day of shredding on the mountain. After a few runs, lunch was served at a quaint cabin in the middle of the mountain and we got to shoot the breeze with some athletes about their new gear. Great conditions and some fresh Fall ’13 Oakley snow line makes for some great photos.

  • Winter X Games by the Numbers (infographic)

    Our pal’s over at Krush created this gnarly infographic showing the back end of the favorite action sports winter pass time of our generation. The X Games have most definitely surpassed it’s founders wildest dreams in terms of sheer growth and popularity. Quadroupaling in attendance and nearly tripling in TV viewers, the X Games have become a staple competition no matter the household. Check out the infographic to find out the bare bones facts.

  • Shaun White Cuts Signature Hair for Locks of Love (Video)

    We’ve always been huge fans of Shaun White. Great guy on and off camera, we know he’s had a few run in’s recently, but he’s a pro snowboarder not the Governor of New York. He’s always been more of a rockstar then role model, but this just about makes up for it all. White has cut his signature red hair for a great cause, Locks of Love. The Olympic gold medal winner and 24-time X Games medalist just made a major classy move and is awarded 1000 cool points.

  • The History of Snowboarding (infographic)

    The history of snowboarding arguably dates back over 400 years to Turkish villagers who used to rip it up in the Kackar mountains. Yeah, odds are they weren’t lobster flipping over their donkey carts, but they probably got a taste of what it’s like to catch a toe edge and faceplant hard (just like you and me…ok, maybe just me). Anyway, we put together an infographic that chronicles the history of snowboarding so you can appreciate how far things have progressed. From wooden boards, to swallowtails, to carbon fiber. Anyone remember riding in Sorel boots? Our friends over at Krush created this gnarly infographic telling the linear story of snowboarding.  

  • The Oakley Airwave Goggle

    The Oakley Airwave is the future of technology meets action sports. It combines the company’s best goggle technologies with a heads-up display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth, and more with a host of onboard sensors to bring new possibility to the alpine experience. Alpine sports enthusiasts can access a full range of information transmitted directly to the eye with the benefits of Oakley’s world-class optical performance, comfort and protection. The heads up display appears as a 14 ft projection 5 feet away, so your eye never has to refocus, but aligned low enough to be non intrusive. Speed, jump verticals and jump time are also new innovations that will encourage riders and skiers to push the envelope without the assist of a buddy filming their jumps. The Airwave also has over 600 snow trail maps so you can map out or check off your run before you ride. And if thats not enough, if your mountain brah’s have the goggles, app or a smartphone you can track their location on the mountain and meet up after a few runs on your own.

  • Nike Snowboarding Danny Kass QS Double Tongue Fighter Jet

    Arguably the freshest snowboard boot to ever hit the market, The double tongue Nike Snowboarding boot will be coming out this winter in limited quantities. Bearing the signature look of the vintage fighter jets of the U.S. airforce, these screaming jets come with a matching DK Van Patten weatherproof jacket made from hardy STORM-Fit fabric. Keep a close eye on the release of these bad boys. Nike Snowboarding $320- 360

  • The Toughest Action Sport (infographic)

    Action Sport athletes risk their lives everyday for the price of adrenal glory. Addicted to the rush, these extreme sport athletes have chosen a dangerous path of broken bones, life changing injuries and in some cases worse. These sports have all the spotlight traits of a rock star with the most to lose. In an industry where the envelope is constantly being pushed, which sport stands at the top of the action sport tough hill?

  • We Talk Music, Being a Dick and Space Travel With Shaun White

    Stride and 7-11 teamed up to release the official gum flavor of Shaun White called Mintacular. We got to talkin with Mr. White about his passion for The Black Keys, some other tunes he listens to while on the slopes and how big of a jerk he was in Friends with Benefits. For being a sponsored pro snowboarded for more than half of his life, the brah was a pretty down to Earth brah. The kid’s got charisma and a seasoned vet at making the camera his best friend. Travis Pastrana is safe as the world’s Swiss Army knife of extreme sport athletes for now, because White is too busy with the two sports he already dominates. Although the idea of space travel did tickle his mustache, he’s content with being on a board with gravity holding him down just enough so he can pull off some serious air on the pipe. On the topic of medals and competing, he went into a zone and for a minute, you saw the focus in him. That determination you’d expect from the best snowboarder in the world and not the guy who looks like the kid you bought purple haze from on more »

  • Nike Snowboarding 2013

    https://vimeo.com/48991130 The juggernaut that is Nike does it right all the time, 100% of the time. They stick to what they’re good at, which is making a adaptable shoe/boot that treats your foot right in the active environment that tickles your fancy. This season they’ve released a line up with more versatile colorways combined with features that leat you customize the flex of the boot with the new adaptable liners with removable spacers that will adjust the stiffness of the boot. The new Zooms snowboard boot also have the Ultra Strong Flywire Cuff and Nike’s new free inspired grooved outsoul to enhance comfort and boardfeel. Nike Snowboarding

  • RSVLTS.com X Shaun White

    Back in August Shaun White took over a 7-11 in New York City to launch his new Mintacular Stride gum. Here are some pictures from the event so check them out and watch our interview if you havent already.

  • 7 DIY GoPro Video Devices That Will Make You The Next Curt Morgan

    Winter is fast approaching which means the Art of Flight junkies are taking their Oakley snowboard gear and GopPro’s out of mothballs. Filming with traditional helmet mounts is for the birds. 2013 is going to be the year of extreme video angles so don’t be left in the dust. Here are 6 DIY GoPro hacks that will have you rivaling Curt Morgan in no time.

  • Fun With Sports Action Sequence Photography (26 Photos)

    Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2009 Rafael Ortiz/ Photo by: Mauricio Ramos Chris Doyle/ Photo: Justin Kosman Photo: Justin Chando Dani Pedrosa/ Photo: Cameron Baird Clemens Doppler and Peter Gartmayer in Rome Felix Baumgartner/ Photo: Alfredo Martinez Nitro Circus with Travis Pastrana danbdancin@ Flickr Corey Bohan/ Photo: Christian Pondella Photo by: Johnny Tirita Vasso Karadassiou and Vicky Arvaniti at Falassarna. Red Bull Mentawais Surf Trip Petr Kraus on the Caribbean Islands Photo by: Marcio Abe Tanner Hall/ Photo by: Wojtek Antonow Red Bull Art of Motion Tampa Photo: tiger_tim_2000@Flickr Photo: tatersmasher@Flickr Ronnie Renner/ Photo: Garth Milan Photo: loic2co@Flickr Red Bull Air Race Rotterdam Nitro Circus with Travis Pastrana Red Bull Corinth Gap Photo: tatersmasher@Flickr Red Bull X-Fighters London 2010 (H/T Red Bull USA)

  • Red Bull “Supernatural” Takes Off Saturday, March 31st At 1PM on NBC

    Red Bull Supernatural 2012 from Lib Tech on Vimeo. Under bright, bluebird skies, 18 of the world’s most notable up-and-comers alongside the icons of snowboarding progressed the sport to a new level, as Red Bull Supernatural ran at Baldface Lodge outside of Nelson, B.C., Canada. From the first rider to drop, Scotty Lago, through Travis Rice’s final run, the never before ridden Red Bull Supernatural course challenged every aspect of the competitors’ talents, bringing the most progressive riding of our time together in a single run. Catch the full event when Supernatural airs as part of the Red Bull Signature Series on March 31st 1-3pm EST on NBC, redbullsignatureseries.com.

  • NHL: A Year in Photos

    The NHL Playoffs are just around the corner. With the great season the players have shown us already, the playoffs promise to be some of the best hockey we’ve seen in years. Here’s a season breakdown in Hi-Res photos.

  • RedBull Crashed Ice: Your New Favorite Sport (14 Photos)

    Its always great to see the preliminary stages of a sport destined for greatness. Red bull has done it again, innovating a new sport combining the speed and grit of hockey with down hill cross ice racing. The sport has been around since 2001, but has grown significantly in popularity the past couple of years. Basically a down hill roller derby. The courses are bumpy, narrow, and steep, which involve downhill skating in an urban environment, on a track which includes steep turns and high vertical drops. So if you’ve ever taken your girlfriend for an ice skate around the rink in the winter you know how easy it is to look like a fool with skates on.

  • Top 10 Viral Sports Advertisements (Videos)

    Over the past few years, big brands have been featuring viral videos of professional sports figures accomplishing astounding feats during “down time” on a commercial set or just practicing their trade. While everyone knows the authenticity of these viral ads, it’s fun to imagine these athletes as the larger than life figures we once thought they were as children. Kobe Jumps Over Speeding Aston Martin- Nike Evan Longoria Saves Reporters Life- Gillette Micheal Vick Practice Field- Powerade LeBron’s Full Court Show- Powerade Hardest Hockey Shot- Samsung The Black Mamba Jumps a Pool of Snakes- Nike Van Persie Does The Ricochet Trick- Adidas Ball Girl- Gatorade Roger “William Tell” Federer- Gillette David Beckham Hits 3 Beach Bins- Pepsi

  • Inside The 2012 European Winter X Games [30 High Res Photos]

    The top winter sports athlete on Earth descended on Tignes, France for the 2012 European Winter X Games. The event took place from March 14th to March 16th and one of the main highlights was Shaun White as he demolished the competition on the SuperPipe and the WX Slope. As the winter season wraps up take a look inside the 2012 European Winter X Games.

  • Huge Air at the 2012 Burton European Open [26 High Quality Photos]

    This past weekend the top snowboarders on Earth descended on the Swiss Alps to take part in the 13th annual Burton European Open. There was tons of high flying action and the largest BEO Halfpipe crowd ever witnessed an amazing show with TTR Halfpipe World Champions Kelly Clark (USA) and Iouri Podladtchikov both claiming the Halfpipe titles by a significant margin.