• Introducing The Most Impressive Tailgate Man Cave In America

    Meet Keith Thompson (below in the KCCO shirt). He is a diehard Florida State fan with one of the most impressive tailgate tech set-ups in America. At each home game Keith rolls his RV into the lot and invites dozens of friends over to enjoy his fire pit, full bar, flat screen TV’s with DirecTV, projector screen also with DirecTV and custom speaker system housed inside a 3 foot cooler amongst so much more. You can sit on his leather couch and watch every single game as if you we’re in the comfort of your own man cave. Keith is an official nominee for Tailgate Techie and it would shock us if he doesn’t walk away the winner.

  • BBQ and TV Combo [Bold Tailgate Award Nominee]

    Name: Corbyn Paynes Team: Middle Tennessee State Nominee Category: Tailgate Techie College football fans take their tailgating seriously and for many, the events before college football games are just as important as the battle taking place on the field. Here at RSVLTS.com, we decided to harness the collective passion of this “United States of Tailgating” and we’ve teamed up with Wheat Thins to launch the 1st annual Bold Tailgate Awards. Tailgating pros all across America will be asked to visit the Tailgate Awards homepage and submit nominations. Nominate Your Tailgate!

  • Tailgate Techie

    Do you want to watch 15 games simultaneously while eating Wheat Thins snacks with the Grill Master at the stadium? Absolutely, the Tailgate Techie has you covered. With a portable DirecTV satellite playing 15 games simultaneously – and a mega surround sound system to boot – the Tailgate Techie can even easily help you forget not scoring those last minute tickets. If you or a friend fit one of these categories, now is the time to get recognition for your team spirit and overall love for tailgating. Head on over to RSVLTS.com/TailgateAwards and enter now! Nominate Your Bold Tailgate Now!


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