• The 199 Greatest Emily Ratajkowski Photos and GIFS on the Web

    It should be pretty obvious for anyone who has ever logged on to the internet that Emily Ratajkowski is the Queen of the web. Sorry Kate Upton. As Emily gears up for sring time weather in the best way possible we’ve complied the ultimate collection of the photos and GIFs from her history on the web. From behind the scenes from shoots with SI Swimsuit and Esquire to her finest moments on Instagram, we’ve got it all.

  • Get Ready For These New Sriracha Snacks

    We know you can already get sriracha potato chips from Lay’s and sriracha ketchup from Heinz, but those brands use their own version of the sauce, not the Huy Fong Foods recipe we’ve all come to love. That’s why we were so happy to see that Pop! Gourmet Foods used the real deal in their sriracha popcorn. And apparently that’s just the first product in a whole new line. April 8 will see the release of Huy Fong Sriracha potato chips followed by sriracha powder April 20. Pop! also announced croutons and tortilla chips, Sriracha ketchup, Sriracha mayonnaise, and Sriracha hummus. The assorted products should be available at Kroger supermarkets and Bed Bath & Beyond stores. And be sure to keep an eye on Pop!’s website for future product announcements. We can’t wait for April 20, the day we sriracha all the things!

  • Manny Pacquiao Just Sealed the Deal on This $12.5M Mansion with 4 Tickets to His Fight

    Manny Pacquiao recently purchased a humble Beverly Hills home for $12.5 million. In addition to the money the prized fighter had to throw in a little extra to acquire the 10,000 square-foot mansion, four tickets to his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., according to Martin Rogers of USA Today. With tickets are priced as high as $7,500, Pacquiao’s realtor told Rogers the tickets “no doubt” helped him get the house over two other bidders. The seven-bedroom, eight-bath mansion has a sleek, bright interior with gorgeous backyard views overlooking Beverly Hills not to mention the house also has an in-home theater and a beautiful back patio with a pool and lounge area.

  • The Best Selling Throwback Jersey in Each State

    Throwback jersey company Mitchell & Ness recently released info on which jersey sells the best in each state.  Using their 2014 sales data, Mitchell & Ness compiled a list of their top selling player in each state then and aggregated that data into the map. Then they compiled a full list of players below, with a short description of that player’s career or season. Going by the amount of Laker “8”s on the map, we can see how influential Kobe’s game has been throughout the country.

  • Red Bull’s ‘Jump And Freeze’ Competition In Kazakhstan Is Weirder Than It Sounds [Photos]

    Sometimes skiers and snowboarders can take themselves just a little bit too seriously. Well, at Red Bull’s ‘Jump And Freeze’ they don’t – it’s against the rules! First, you dress up in the most creative costume you can find, or you can make yourself a crazy little vehicle. Then, you slide down the slope as fast as you can and nail the best trick you’ve got on your way into the icy water. It’s like Flutag but on the mountain…and more ridiculous.

  • Vin Diesel honors Co-Star/Friend Paul Walker by Naming his Baby Daughter Pauline

    Fast Seven Star Vin Diesel recently had a newborn baby with longtime girlfriend, Paloma Jiminez and named the baby girl Pauline, in honor of his recently deceased co-star, Paul Walker. Diesel announced the birth last week, the third child for the couple, on his Facebook page. Diesel went on Today, where he revealed the name to anchor Natalie Morales during a weekend helicopter ride over Los Angeles. “There’s no other person that I was thinking about as I was cutting this umbilical cord,” Diesel said. “I just knew he was there. It felt like a way to keep his memory a part of my family and a part of my world.” After news broke of Walkers tragic and sudden death, Diesel expressed his emotions toward Walker, but this truly shows how close the duo were off-screen. Post by Vin Diesel.

  • Guess How Much Mark Cuban Is Selling Tony Montana’s “Scarface” Mansion For?

    If you’ve ever dreamed of living the dangerously high life like Tony Montana in Scarface, now’s the time to consider cashing out your IRA early and transitioning careers to cocaine kingpin: the estate showcased in the film is back on the market, listed by Maverick’s owner and Shark Tank extraordinaire March Cuban, for a staggering $35 million. But don’t get ahead of yourself by researching moving truck prices down to Coral Gables. It’s actually nowhere near Miami — but rather, Montecito, California.

  • Google is Bringing Real-Time March Madness Action and Updates to your Phone

    Google is rolling out some new tricks for this upcoming NCAA Tournament, The Google Bracket features winners based on NCAA men’s basketball-related searches on Google; views, comments, and likes on YouTube videos; and articles written on Google News with all data pulled during the 2014-2015 NCAA men’s basketball regular season. In addition to their bracket Google is also rolling out Real-Time Trends. Throughout the tournament, we’ll be pulling real-time trends, ranging from most searched match ups, players, teams, and questions to top trending moments. For the first time ever, Google will embed YouTube videos within searches to feature real-time moments as well as post-game highlights. All of this will be available in the Google app on your mobile so you can stay on top of the tournament. In the app, you’ll also get Now cards helping you keep up with March Madness happenings — if you tap on the cards, you’ll see the latest updates and results on Google. YouTube and Turner has also announced a partnership that brings real-time game video recaps and highlights to the official (and first-ever) NCAA March Madness YouTube channel. There will also be live press conferences, game previews plus daily news and analysis.

  • Popular Chefs Read 1-Star Yelp Reviews

    There’s not a more opinionated chest pounding group of food aficionados then that of the “Yelp Reviewer”. The gents over at Food Beastdecided to have some fun at the expense of 3 of the most prominent (and good humored) chefs of popular southern California restaurants by filming them read out a few of their one-star Yelp reviews. Chef Jason Quinn of The Playground, Chef Daniel Shitcob Shemtob of TLT Food/ Food Network and Scott Nghiem of Afters Ice Cream/ The Milky Bun definitely had a good laugh reading out some of the worst reviews their establishments got.

  • Hoboken Leprecon 2015: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly [97 Photos]

    On Saturday, March 7th thousands of people spilled into our hometown for Hoboken’s annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities. “Leprecon” is (by far) the busiest day of the year for bars in the Mile Square and judging by photos uploaded to Instagram it looks like things got pretty wild. Here is a look at the good, the bad and the down right ugly of Hoboken Leprecon 2015. As a quick side note, if you didn’t already know, we’re very proud of our Hoboken roots. Whether we’re throwing jenga tournements at our loft in downtown Hoboken, taking over the entire city for a bar crawl, perfectly describing what life is like in Hoboken (through the use of GIFS) or winning sports championships, we’re always doing our best to be on the forefront of everything awesome in town. So when we got wind that the awesome upscale sportsbar/gastropub The Ainsworth would be opening a new location right on the waterfront in Hoboken we were very intrigued. They have two locations in Manhattan and one in Las Vegas, so we see this as a big addition for the Mile Square. Long story short, we reached out to them, one thing led to another and we’re more »

  • If House of Cards Were a Whimsical Sitcom

    House of Cards much anticipated Season 3 was recently released on the hungry pit of binge watchers on Netflix and is already getting rave reviews, but what if Frank Underwood was the center piece of a sitcom? YouTuber TalkFine created a jingle to go along with a House of Cards supercut that acts as an intro for a whimsical sitcom. And now it’s stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

  • JNCO Jeans Are Making A Comeback in 2015, According to Fashion

    So if you’re a young millenial you might not even remember this, but there was a dark age in human history, where everyone wore these comically large legged jeans around everywhere. The kicker is it wasn’t ironic, people genuinely thought that these jeans were the shit and for a while the entire nation was hooked. During the dark days of the turn of the century rave era these jeans plagued the streets and shopping malls across the globe. Men and women alike would swoosh down the street, that soft but rigid sound of denim constantly brushing up against each other, like the sound of cicadas buzzing about the skies every 17 years. Well now the JNCO has received a large influx of capital from a Chinese investor and is staging a 2015 comeback. Being that in 1998 the company banked $170 million is it that outrageous to think history can repeat itself? This past fashion week in NYC, the JNCO brand announced it’s resurgence and we’re asking the world to stop them in their tracks. Need a reminder of the dark ages? Here. Now go start a Change.org petition to ban the Chinese from invading our streets with these communist more »

  • Kanye Valentines Day Cards Should Be a Mandatory Gift

    Kanye is more relevant than ever these days, going two-for-two on outlandish remarks at the Grammy’s this year once again giving high praise to Queen Beyonce in reference to Beck winning best album of the year. Now Complex has created these hilarious Valentines Day cars you need to give that special someone this year. We all know Kanye loves three things, himself, Kim and himself, so this V-Day give the ultimate gift of love with these cards illustrated by Oli Holmes, that feature Kanye’s popular music lyrics, quotes and puns to prove your undying love this Valentine’s day.

  • Twitter Erupts As Fox Sports Airs Porn In The Background Of Live NHL Game [Video]

    As of 9:00 pm EST this is still kind of breaking news but the story goes like this. The Predators hockey game was airing on Fox Sports Tennessee when all the sudden, on live TV, you can clearly hear the sensual sounds of porn being played in the background of the broadcast. Share this story with your friends: Tweet Hockey may not be as popular as the NBA but there were certainly thousands of people watching live, along with plenty of kids, and that is when Twitter went ape-shit. Here are some of the complaints: Someone at Fox Sports Tennessee watching porn during the Predators game? — Judson (@JudsonK217) January 30, 2015 @DanDBradley @FSTennessee @JGarcia36 Dish. Definitely heard it. — Zack Bennett (@ZackTN) January 30, 2015 @AmyPredsfan Yes, we are aware of the situation and trying to figure out what is going on. Thank you for reaching out, and sorry again. — FOX Sports Tennessee (@FSTennessee) January 30, 2015 @OnTheForecheck @FSTennessee heads gonna roll. Glad we didn't have kids here — Elizabeth (@predinpink) January 30, 2015 @FOXSports Tennessee #Preds announcers are amazing at multitasking it seems #HockeyPorn — Boyler33 (@Boyler33) January 30, 2015 @lisahayes4 @FSTennessee I hope there is an apology. more »

  • Everything You Need to Know to Achieve the Perfect Work Day

    Juggling work, life and sleep might seem like a more daunting task than your job in itself, but it doesn’t have to be, with a little initial extra scheduling and organization you can optimize your work day, be more productive, less stressed and happier. The infographic below is based on a study that claims working 52 minutes followed by a 17 minute break is the optimal way to structure your work day. Try it out, it just may save your life.

  • The 16 Hottest Carl’s Jr. Commercial Girls of All-Time

    Carls Jr.’s eye for spotting up-and-coming modeling talent is almost as good as ours at RSVLTS.com. Almost. We’ve been pitching these guys to partner on photoshoots for like two years and maybe one day they’ll jump at the opportunity because it’s starting to seem like they troll RSVLTS (and other guy sites like COED, BroBible, Andy Gray’s SI Hot Clicks, etc) on a regular basis, see who we’re dubbing the next big thing and tap those girls for their Super Bowl commercials. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, we love it. The burger giant has an uncanny amazing ability for locking down the most beautiful women in the world to star in their commercials. Yeah, one look at the fast food company’s nutrition facts will convince you that none of the girls ever come close to eating Carl’s Jr., but they still get it done, which is impressive. Here we countdown the most beautiful women to star in Carl’s Jr. commercials and the list reads like an all-star team of hotness.

  • A Scientist Explains How #DeflateGate Might Be A Massive Misunderstanding

    Tom Brady just went on national TV and used Bill Clinton’s “deny ’til you die” strategy like a seasoned vet. Now ESPN heads are losing their mind over a Tom Brady conspiracy, Mark Brunell literally started squirting tears on air. But what if all this is a big misunderstanding? Share this story with your friends: Tweet A Reddit user who is a Ravens fan, and also a scientist, used the Gay-Lussac’s Gas Law of gasses to offer an explanation as to what could have possibly caused this whole #DeflateGate controversy, and why it might be a big misunderstanding. Feel free to check my math but using gas law physics, the calculations show that if the Patriots’ balls were inflated to 12.5 PSI before the game at room temperature (around 70 degrees), then they would only be 11.1 PSI at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That 1.4 PSI drop is pretty close to what the NFL found, and if it was colder than 50 degrees when it was measured it would have dropped even more. Here’s the math: Using Gay-Lussac’s Gas Law, P1/T1 = P2/T2 Assuming the balls were inflated to 12.5 psi at room temperature (25C, 298K). That means the pressure in the ball more »

  • How Well Can You Recognize These 3D Renderings of Your Favorite Sitcom Homes

    If you were shown photos of these famous sitcom homes, you’d probably get them right 9/10 times, but seeing a full 3D rendering without the locked in camera angle you’re used to seeing from your couch it might not be as easy. so HomeByMe, a French technical design firm, created accurate renderings of Monica & Rachel’s enormous “Friends” Manhattan apartment, “Dexter’s” Miami condo, “Big Bang Theory’s” Pasadena loft and “How I Met Your Mother’s New York City” pad. The renderings are interactive so scroll through the incredible detail. Big Bang Theory Dexter Friends How I Met Your Mother

  • Watch This Gigantic Territorial Hippo Almost Obliterate a Boat Full of People

    Recetly a safari watch tour group out of Botswana called Pangolin Photo Safaris took claim to a video showing a larger than life and physics defying fast hippo chasing down a tour group and nearly capsizing the boat. The video, which has gone viral, was published meant to serve as a warning to people who mistake hippos as gentile herbivores. From the looks of things, the survivors of this are lucky to be alive. Post by Pangolin Safaris.

  • We’re Giving Away this Bern x Wu-Tang Brand LTD Helmet, So you Can Protect ya Neck ( And Head)

    From the mountains to the mean streets of Shaolin Bern Unlimited has collaborated with Wu-Tang Brand LTD for arguably the most bad-ass protective helmet on the market. The limited edition Bern Watts helmet offers comfort and protection plus a unique Wu-Tang design throughout. We liked the collab so much we reached out to Bern for an official RSVLTS x Bern x Wu-Tang Brand LTD giveaway for our readers to have the chance to be a part of the killah-bees. Don’t forget to find out what your Wu name using this Wu-Tang Name generator. Whether you’re on your board, bike, the slopes, or in the water, the Watts, will have a model to match your needs.  The Wu-Tang’s infamous W logo is set on the back right of the helmet with a ghosted Wu-Flag and beehive honey comb pattern on the back as well. The Clan’s signature yellow is accented throughout the strap and colors on the matte black helmet. a Rafflecopter giveaway The EPS/Thin Shell model is a certified helmet for both bike and snow. This model uses a thin ABS shell lined with EPS Foam to create a burly lightweight lid. A certified helmet is designed to crack and more »

  • No Pants Subway Riders Around The World [25 Photos]

    Started in New York City with just seven participants in 2002, the No Pants Subway has since become a worldwide event, with over 60 countries participating in January every year. Flash mobs of brave commuters ride their cities subways January 11 sans pants, no matter what the weather. While traveling on numerous trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan yesterday, I didn’t happen upon any of the pantsless revelers, and judging by some of the photos, that was probably for the best. Did you strip down in your city’s underground? Let us know what sort of horrible infection you contracted!


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