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The US Military’s Biggest Threat? Obesity

We need to bring back Major Payne to whip America’s kids into shape because according to a recent report from Mission:Readiness, an organization of over 500 retired admirals, generals and other retired senior military leaders, the military’s latest threat is the nation’s obesity epidemic. Nearly one-third of Americans aged 17-24…


Stallone to Tackle ISIS in “Rambo: Last Blood”

For countless generations, nothing has screamed “America!” quite like John Rambo kicking some international ass.  Hell, even Ronald Reagan took a page from Rambo when asked how he would deal with the 1985 Beirut hostage crisis.  Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that John Rambo has become an American icon and…


The Greatest Jokes Ever Told

What happens when you ask Mike Birbiglia, Jessi Klein, John Hodgman, Chris D’Elia, Doug Stanhope, Kumail Nanjiani, and 16 other top comics for the best jokes they’ve ever heard? You get gems like these: It’s from Mitch Hedberg: I wrote a letter to my dad. I wrote, “I really enjoyed…