• This Bad Girls Club Hopeful Got Booted And Reacted Appropriately [Video]

    What do you do if your car gets booted? Pay the proper fines and vow to be more responsible in the future, probably. Unless you’re at auditions for “Bad Girls Club,” a show where seven “bad girls” are locked in a mansion and left to kill each other with cattiness. Then you need to show how “bad” you are drive off like it’s no big deal. I think it’s safe to say that the lady who drove off in the booted BMW will be getting a call back from the producers.

  • Feuding C-Span Pundits Get A Phone Call From Mom [Video]

    Brad Woodhouse is the president of the progressive advocacy group Americans United for Change and the Democratic Super PAC American Bridge. Dallas Woodhouse is a Republican who heads the conservative Carolina Rising. They are also brothers. No, this isn’t the lame premise for a terribly boring sitcom, it’s real life and the subject of a documentary titled Woodhouse Divided. The brothers were recently on C-SPAN discussing bipartisanship when they got a surprise phone call…from Mom. The host swears the call wasn’t planned, but the soon-to-be viral video seems like great publicity for the documentary.

  • Jaguar Showcases Augmented Reality Windshields [Video]

    Jaguar Land Rover, the UK-based auto manufacturer owned by India’s Tata Motors, has developed an incredible new kind of windscreen or, as we call it in the President’s English, windshield. First of all, the 360 degree windshield eliminates any blind spots. The roof pillars that usually obscure the driver’s view are fitted with screens that show just what it looks like outside, offering the driver an uninterrupted view of their surroundings. Another bit of awesomeness is the “Follow Me” Ghost Car Navigation that displays a simulated car ahead of you so you can safely navigate without having to look down at your GPS. Hopefully further down the line Jaguar will offer some DLC that transforms the other cars on the road into Mario Kart characters.

  • This Severe Weather Time-Lapse Video Will Teach You To Fear Mother Nature

    Nicolaus Wegner is a Wyoming-based photagrpher who is available for all your portrait needs—from yearbook photos to wedding photos to saccharine pics of your kids that make your friends sick. But when he’s not working on portraits, he spends time capturing nature’s wrath in the form of storms that will make you crap your pants. “Stormscapes 2″ is a time-lapse of violent weather in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado photographed between May and September of this year. Watch the video below, then check out more from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo. Damn, nature, you scary… Stormscapes 2 from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.

  • Amazing Time Lapse Of Northern Lights From Space [Video]

    In case you weren’t aware, NASA’s Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit keeps an incredible archive of time-lapse videos from space at The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. There’s a world map that you can click and find footage of it from the International Space Station. The only problem is that the videos aren’t streaming and can be fairly large downloads. Good thing Selmes Films produces excellent compilations of these NASA videos that we can watch on YouTube. Check out this video featuring the Northern Lights from space and then watch some other awesome videos of our planet form Selmes Films.

  • Switch Between 9 Different Angles In This Innovative Breakdancing Video From Nikon

    In order to showcase the D750 Digital SLR camera, Nikon captured South Korean breakdance crew Morning of Owl from nine different cameras simultaneously. The resulting video allows you to seamlessly switch between the multiple angles as you watch the dancers do their thing. And the video looks incredible. With the ability to simultaneously record uncompressed and compressed Full HD 1080 footage at 60/50/30/25/24p and the option to manually control ISO, shutter speed, and aperture while recording, the D750 is sure to top “prosumer” Christmas lists this year.

  • Build Your Own Hoverboard Using Leaf Blowers And Plywood

    This year has been tough for those of us who have been waiting for hoverboards since Back to the Future II. First Tony Hawk advertised one iin a video that turned out to be a hoax. Then someone actually invented a working hoverboard, but it’s big and complicated and can only hover over certain materials. 2015, the “future” in the film, is almost here and it looks like we’ll never have the simple Mattel hoverboards we’ve wanted since 1989. Or will we? Ryan Craven, aka Mr. Hoverboard, has created a hoverboard using materials you can pick up at Home Depot or Lowe’s. The device is basically a small hovercraft made with four leaf blowers, a shower curtain, plywood, tape, and staples. Craven estimates it costs between $250 and $500 to build your own. And best of all, he’s shared his plans at Mr. Hoverboard so you can easily build your own. Quit wasting your time waiting around for someone else to make your damn hoverboard. Watch the video of Mr. Hoverboard in action, go buy your materials, and start building. Then make us one, too. via CNET

  • Pew! Pew! The Navy Has Tested Their New Laser [Video]

    Earlier this year, we told about the US Navy preparing their first laser-equipped ship, the USS Ponce. Well good news (or terrible news if you’re our enemy): the laser is ready! After spending $40 million over the last seven years on development, the Navy has tested their laser weapon system, LaWS, in the PErsian Gulf. Check out this video and see the 30 kilowatt laser in action/ It’s actually made up of six lasers focused together in one Death Star-like beam. Although lasers can be disabled by inclement weather and are limited to line-of-sight targets, the new weapons will complement common shells and missiles. And at a cost of just 59 cents per shot fired, lasers are a much cheaper option over the million dollar missiles.

  • The Most Insane Ski Line Ever Is A Big Nope [Video]

    Red Bull has done the impossible: They’ve created a ski film even better than the 1991 classic Ski School. Days of My Youth was filmed over two years and features incredible shots that make you feel like you’re the one on the skis and not just some lazy bum watching other people do fun things while you sit on your couch with your laptop and an Utz Barrel of Cheese Balls. One such insane scene features Cody Townsend’s line of the year. A lesser man would kill himself navigating the same crevice. A much lesser man would spill his cheese balls and wet his pants.

  • Relive 2014, YouTube Style [Video]

    From “Get Happy” to the ALS ice bucket challenge to those real-life, functional Wolverine claws, YouTube has once again compiled all the most viral moments from the past year into one “star”-studded video. And now I have every stupid song from 2014 stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, YouTube.

  • Incredible Drone Footage Of Iceland [Video]

    The quality in this video is so good, it must have been made with professional equipment, for an absurd amount out of reach of any hobbyist, right? Nah. It was all done with a DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero4 Silver. The video was shot in 30fps then slowed to 24fps in post to give it an ethereal quality. Also, the original 2.7k resolution was downsampled to 1080p, resulting in supersharp video. And as a testament to the incredible quality of the GoPro, all the settings were left on auto. For a detailed description of the project, be sure to check out the story at Fstoppers.

  • This Megadeth Medley Is Insane [Video]

    In 1983, Metallica fired original lead guitarist Dave Mustaine due to his drug and alcohol abuse and replaced him with Kirk Hammett. Metallica went on to super-stardom with Hammett, but Mustaine has done pretty well with his band Megadeth, too. Over the past 30 years, Megadeth has sold over 50 million albums and solidified their place as thrash metal gods along with Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer. Over the years, Mustaine has continued alienating band members left and right, most recently losing a drummer and lead guitarist last month. But good news, Dave! This dude knows every Megadeth song. And he can play all 160 in chronological order as a bitching 20-minute medley.

  • Apollo Astronauts Had Filthy Mouths [Video]

    We think of the Apollo astronauts as these clean-cut, all-American men who lived and breathed apple pies and bald eagles. And they were. But they were also humans who got frustrated and showed that frustration by uttering the occasional profanity. Popular Science’s always informative and entertaining Amy Shira Teitel explains how NASA cleaned up the salty language of the astronauts when it came to transcripts of the mission. And how the original audio has survived. Watch the video below and for more information, check out the article at Popular Science.

  • Jimmy Fallon Plays Pictionary With Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Short, And Miranda Sings [Video]

    Jimmy Fallon continues his domination of late night TV by gathering up the best guests and having them do absurd things. Sure, we still have to hear the boring stories about the new project we don’t care about, but now those stories are shorter because Fallon has his guests engage in shenanigans such as this game of Pictionary with Martin Short, Jerry Seinfeld, and YouTube star Miranda Sings. Not only are the comedians all bad at drawing, but they are also terrible at guessing! And wait til you see the boobs on Martin Short’s Mrs. Claus…

  • The Worst Movember Mustache Removal Methods [Video]

    Movember is over, so unless you live with your mom (who you refer to as “mother”) and drive around the neighborhood in a white panel van, it’s probably time to shave that mustache. You could just shave it off with a razor, but there are so many other methods available! Why not use wax, electricity, a knife, or even fire? Because as this video illustrates, those methods are extremely dangerous while simultaneously ineffective. So watch this video, have a laugh, then shave that creepy thing off already.

  • Eerie Drone Footage Of City Abandoned Since Chernobyl Disaster [Video]

    On April 26, 1986, the world witnessed the worst nuclear accident in history when an explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine killed 31 people and emitted radioactive particles over much of the Soviet Union and Europe. The effects of the disaster were most visible in the nearby city of Pripyat, where plant workers and their families made up much of the city’s population of 50,000. The entire city, which was about to open an amusement park, was evacuated and has remained a ghost town ever since. Earlier this year, freelance filmmaker Danny Cooke spent spent a week in Pripyat for a 60 Minutes segment. The footage, much of it shot with a drone, looks like something out of a Hollywood dystopian thriller, but the fact that it’s real is scarier than any movie could ever be. Watch the video below and check out the full segment about the Chernobyl disaster and what’s being done about it today at CBS.

  • Exclusive Footage From New Dr. Strange Movie [Video]

    Oh wait, it’s just the Marvel Universe float from the 1987 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Sorry. But it’s still pretty amazing in its own way, especially since we get to see Wolverine and Dr. Doom interact with the Avengers—something that won’t happen on film any time soon. And for some reason the whole sequence is backed with the score from Back to the Future. Oh yeah, Robocop makes an appearance to pull a lever. Hey, it might be corny, but it’s still way better than that pathetic KISS performance this year.

  • Hold Your Horses: The Budweiser Clydesdales Aren’t Going Anywhere [Video]

    Earlier this week there were numerous reports of Budweiser getting rid of the Clydesdale horses that have been synonymous with the brand since 1933, when the horses delivered the first case of post-Prohibition beer from the St. Louis factory. Those dastardly glue factory operators were twirling their mustaches in anticipation but Budweiser says whoa there, those horses aren’t going anywhere. In fact the Clydesdales play a role in this new campaign with Lyft that you can view below. And despite reports to the contrary, the horses will be around for the holidays and will appear at the Super Bowl.

  • Revisiting Our Epic Black Friday Shopping Chaos Super Cut Video

    Post by The Roosevelts. About a year a go we posted the Black Friday Shopping super cut compilation to YouTube and it has since ranked up nearly 3 million views. Guess there is something about Walmart fisticuffs that drives the crowds wild. If you haven’t seen it yet, or you want a reminder of why shopping online is the way to go enjoy this video.

  • Greatest Inventor Ever Builds James Bond Laser Watch [Video]

    Brilliant inventor Patrick Priebe, who has previously built working Cyclops laser goggles and an Iron Man gauntlet that actually shoots missiles, has now made a James Bond-inspired laser watch. Just like the watch we all wanted when we played Goldeneye on N64, this watch shoots a destructive laser that can pop balloons and light matches. Priebe says he probably won’t mass produce them, but if he did, they would cost over $300 each. However, he does build and sell his creations by request through his company Laser Gadgets. It would be awesome to have a laser watch, but I’ll hold out for the Moonraker Laser.

  • Take A Virtual Ride On The World’s Tallest Roller Coaster [Video]

    When it opens in Orlando in 2017, the Skyscraper at Skyplex will be the world’s tallest roller coaster. As someone who lived in Orlando for ten years and was eventually bored to tears by Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, let me get this out of the way now…damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. The Skyscraper will feature 5,200 feet of track with seven inversions including zero-g rolls and raven turns. In addition to being the tallest at 500 feet, the roller coaster will also feature the world’s highest inversion and steepest drop at 123 degrees. And with all-day ride passes at Skyplex expected to cost about $20, it will easily be Orlando’s cheapest roller coaster option. So…who wants to plan a 2017 Orlando trip?

  • Freediver Walks On Water [Video]

    Scuba diving is pretty cool—if you’re a baby who needs to breathe all the time. For a real extreme rush, freediving is where it’s at. And once you master not dying, the best of the best, like freediving brothers Armando and Francisco del Rosario, perform derp-inducing illusions. The original video, featuring walking and sitting on water, was released over the summer. And now Barcroft has revealed how the tricks were pulled off. You won’t find any Hollywood VFX here. All it took was a couple talented freedivers and an upside down camera. Watch the original and making of videos below.

  • Audrina Patridge Catcalling Women, Kind Of. [Video]

    For the last couple weeks catcalling has been all the rage on the internet. Men catcalling women. Women catcalling men. Jets fans getting catcalled. Women in yoga pants getting catcalled. And of course Princess Leia Walking Around New York for 10 Hours Getting Catcalled. Audrina Patridge has undoubtedly been catcalled millions of times by both men and women, so in a little social experiment Audrina used dating app pick up lines we’ve all heard and fed them to two good-looking guys through a hidden ear piece. value=”AQ~~,AAADaW99wdE~,mmU91lvcfAxO6-tsOR9Ng0N8nBXVOO5V” /> The goal of the experiment was to have the guys use these lines to unsuspecting women to see who gets slapped, who gets a laugh and who (if any) land a girls number. This will be the first in a series of videos, so if you want them to use your best pick up lines send it to @Curve using the hash-tag #GetYourCurveOn and suggest a few in the comments. Share this story with your friends: Tweet   Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Visualize Sound Like Never Before In This Cymatics Video

    Cymatics is the study of visible sound vibration, usually through a thin coating of particles or liquid over a vibrating membrane—and every time someone makes a video illustrating the phenomenon, it’s a hit. Recognizing the wow factor of these cymatics demonstrations, musician Nigel Stanford teamed with NYC-based filmmaker and VFX artist Shahir Daud to combine a ton of the sound visualizations for this incredible music video. And it also happens to be the first single from Stanford’s new album. Check out the video below then see how all the experiments were performed at Cymatics.

  • Shocking New Video Shows Immediate Aftermath of MH17 Crash

    On Sunday, the Associated Press released some amateur footage of the immediate aftermath of the MH17 crash that took place about four months ago. The two-minute video shows a crowd of villagers staring at a massive amount of smoke and fire and asking if the pilot had been found, apparently because they thought the plane belonged to the Ukrainian military. (The pilots and crews of downed Ukrainian planes were regularly being taken hostage at the time.) Their response seems to back-up the commonly accepted theory that pro-Russia rebels fired on MH17 because they too assumed it was Ukrainian, though the separatists continue to deny that they had anything to do with the incident. — Via nymag.com

  • Little Girl Has Front Row Seat For Hockey Fight [Video]

    When the Dallas Stars faced the Arizona Coyotes a couple days ago, Brenden Dillon and Kyle Chipchura had a bit of a skirmish right in front of a family. And we were presented with a most interesting sociological display when the father immediately began taking pictures of the fight while the mother went to shield her daughter’s eyes. After a few seconds of recording, the father remembers he’s a parent and help shield his daughter from the violence. But he maintains a giddy grin. And not only did Dillon win the fight, his Stars went on to win 4-3.

  • This Dude Deserves To Be On American Ninja Warrior [Video]

    Jake Murray really wants to be on American Ninja Warrior. To prove it, he produced this submission video that isn’t your run of the mill dude answering questions and doing a few flips (although he does both those things), but instead is a hodgepodge of random scenes of badassery, including a Footloose-esque 80s training montage. Let’s hope the popularity of this video will allow Murray to appear on the show. And let’s really hope when he gets on, he does Kevin Bacon proud and kicks that course’s ass.

  • This Parrot’s Matthew McConaughey Impression Is Alright [Video]

    So you come across a link that says “Bird does perfect Matthew McConaughey impression” and you know it can’t be true, but it’s early and you don’t feel like working yet, so you click on it. Then you witness the most beautiful thing—an African grey parrot named Einstein saying “alright, alright, alright” with a Texas drawl. Now if they could just get that parrot to snort some coke and perform the “Wolf of Wall Street” chant, I could die a happy man.

  • Hollywood Can’t Compete With This Supercut Of NASA Footage In HD

    Using 80GB worth of photos captured by astronauts aboard the International Space Station between 2011 and 2014, timelapse filmmaker Guillaume Juin created this awe-inspiring video of the Earth entitled “Astronaut.” And thanks to the incredible cameras aboard the ISS, this footage rivals the best visual effects that Hollywood has to offer. Do yourself a favor and turn down the lights and watch the video fullscreen to get the full effect. And be sure to check out Juin’s other great timelapse videos.

  • Boston Looks Like The Most Beautiful City In The World In This Trippy Timelapse

    Boston, you sexy sexy beast. Traditional time-lapses are constrained by the idea that there is a single universal clock. In the spirit of Einstein’s relativity theory, layer-lapses assign distinct clocks to any number of objects or regions in a scene. Each of these clocks may start at any point in time, and tick at any rate. The result is a visual time dilation effect known as layer-lapse.

  • A Medieval Belarusian Band Covered Metallica And It’s Awesome

    Medieval folk band Stary Olsa recently covered Metallica’s classic “One” using authentic medieval Belarusian instruments. The result is something that would fit perfectly into Game of Thrones. The only downside is that they stop at the “machine gun” part of the song, which is when it really starts to kick ass. And is it just me, or does the singer look like one of Fred Armisen’s characters from Portlandia?

  • 20 Years Ago George Foreman Became The Oldest Heavyweight Champ [Video]

    Boxer George Foreman, who famously lost his heavyweight title to Muhammad Ali in 1974’s Rumble in the Jungle, originally retired from the sport in 1977. He then went on to become a minister and open a youth center. In an effort to raise money for his charitable endeavors, Foreman announced a return to boxing in 1987. In the coming years, Foreman had a couple chances to regain his heavyweight title, first against Evander Holyfield then Tommy Morrison. The much older Foreman held his own but ultimately lost both fights. By 1994, nobody expected the 45-year-old to win back his heavyweight title. In April of 1994, Michael Moorer defeated Evander Holyfield and became the first-ever southpaw heavyweight champion. On November 5 of that year, Foreman was given the chance to fight Moorer in Las Vegas. For the first nine rounds, Moorer relentlessly beat on Foreman and was ahead on all scorecards. But in the tenth round, Foreman came alive and unleashed a series of punches on his exhausted opponent. A short right hand knocked Moorer to the canvas, where he was counted out. George Foreman had become the oldest heavyweight champion. You can check out the entire fight below, but if more »

  • CNBC Host Illustrates The Importance Of Geography Education

    In case you’re not familiar with “Squawk Box” on CNBC, it’s a show where a bunch of people sit around a table “squawking” over each other in an effort to be the loudest one with nothing to say. The most egregious offender is co-host Joe Kernen, who apparently missed the memo that Ireland became a sovereign nation about a century ago. While speaking with IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan, Kernen couldn’t figure out why Ireland used Euros instead of British Pounds. After all, Kernen was recently in Scotland where he used pounds, and Scotland and Ireland are all on the same island, right? Not so much. It’s also interesting to note that Kernen has written a book bashing economics education in America titled Your Teacher Said What?!: Defending Our Kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism. Obviously the “Liberal Assault” has struck again!

  • “Chappie” Is The Robot Movie We’ve Been Waiting For Since Short Circuit

    There’s just no escaping Die Antwoord today. Not only did the rap group release a new music video, they’re also starring in Chappie, the new film from Neill Blomkamp. The first trailer for Chappie was also released today and it looks like another great sci-fi film from Blomkamp, whose previous films, District 9 and Elysium, offered extensive social commentary in addition to sci-fi excitement. It will be interesting to see how Chappie, which is being promoted as a lighter comedic film compared to Blomkamp’s other work, will be received. It’ll also be fun to see if Die Antwoord’s Ninja and Yo-Landi will can hold their own with costars Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver.

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