• Djokovic Versus An Abrams Tank Is The Greatest Tennis Match Ever

    Novak Djokovic is currently ranked number one in tennis worldwide, but if you’re not a tennis fan, you probably had no idea. That’s because a lot of folks just don’t pay attention to tennis. But what if Djokovic were to face off against an Abrams tank outfitted with a tennis racquet? It would be the biggest sporting even since the Fridge boxed Manute Bol! Watch the awesome video below, then check out more work from Australia-based independent filmmaker Michael Shanks at Facebook.

  • Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Health Nuts With “Fake Cold Pressed Juice” Made With Fun Dip and Skittles

    Jimmy thinks it’s crazy that people have been paying $8 a bottle for cold-pressed juice, which is supposed to be better for you. So we decided to invent our own juice company and went to the Farmer’s Market to see what people thought of our “cold pressed juice.” However we didn’t tell them until after they’d had some that the juices were made with Fun Dip, Tang, Creamsicles and Skittles.

  • NFL Bad Lip Reading 2015 Edition [Video]

    The often overlooked yet greatest benefit of capturing football in high-definition is the fact that we can read every player’s lips and enjoy these always great Bad Lip Reading videos. It’s true! Before HD, football fun was in the form of blooper VHS tapes made up of hours of looped replays punctuated by Boots Randolph’s “Yakety Sax.” Those were dark days, indeed.

  • Street Artist Creates GIF Viewable From Space [Video]

    Street artist INSA is know for his GIF-ITI works where he photographs his street art as he slightly modifies it each step of the way in order to create an animated GIF. Recently he teamed up with Scotch distiller Ballantine’s and traveled to Rio De Janeiro to create a work of GIF-ITI that’s viewable from satellites orbiting the Earth. After four days, 576 man hours, and 57,515 square meters of paint, INSA and his team of 20 created the world’s largest animated painting. What have you done lately?

  • This New Video Game Trailer Captures The 90s Perfectly [Video]

    A Kickstarter campaign has sprung up for an indie computer game called Strafe and it looks incredible. The first-person shooter eschews high-tech graphics and innovative gameplay for Quake-style mindless rampage. In fact, the graphics look just like the 1996 classic. And to show just how much they love the ridiculous 90s, the developers created this retro-ad that’s just like a Genesis commercial from our childhood but taken to an insane extreme. In a world where new games with their vast, three-dimensional worlds are too much for our 30-year-old brains, this game looks like something that’s just our speed. Just imagine blowing away those alien creatures while chugging some Surge…

  • Edited State Of The Union Address Posted By John Boehner [Video]

    Last night, President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address, and now that the Republicans have taken control of Congress and the President is halfway through his final term, he’s adopted a bit of an IDGAF attitude. He took a few jabs at his opponents and vocalized his disdain for climate change deniers and torture. But, as a Reddit user pointed out, if you watched the address on House Speaker (and Republican) John Boehner’s YouTube Channel, you probably missed those parts. In fact, you definitely did, because they were edited out. At the 43:25 mark in the video above, President Obama actually said “I’ve heard some folks try to dodge the evidence by saying they’re not scientists; that we don’t have enough information to act. Well, I’m not a scientist, either. But you know what — I know a lot of really good scientists at NASA, and NOAA, and at our major universities. The best scientists in the world are all telling us that our activities are changing the climate, and if we do not act forcefully, we’ll continue to see rising oceans, longer, hotter heat waves, dangerous droughts and floods, and massive disruptions that can trigger greater more »

  • Explore The Andromeda Galaxy In 4K [Video]

    A couple weeks ago, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope captured the largest and sharpest picture of the Andromeda Galaxy. The full image, capturing 100 million stars and thousands of star clusters across 40,000 light-years, is 1.5 billion pixels and would require 600 HD screens to view the full image. We don’t know about you, but we don’t have that kind of set-up. This video allows you to explore the image on your small single screen. But pump the quality up to 4K and watch it fullscreen and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  • Costumed Do-Gooders Create NYC Subway Etiquette Video

    New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority has been working hard to educate subway passengers about the do’s and don’ts of subterranean travel. Although things like don’t litter, don’t take up multiple seats, and don’t dance on the pole and kick someone in the face seem fairly obvious, about six seconds into any subway ride will show you just how uneducated commuters can be. To help educate travelers, Christian “CJ” Koegel and his partner Chris Zelig wore full-body suits and recreated the MTA’s Courtesy Counts campaign. Hopefully these do-gooders will be rewarded with a key to the city or, at the very least, their video will go viral.

  • Spectacular Cockpit View From Red Bull Air Race

    We’re not professional aerobatic pilots or anything, but this looks pretty damn insane. The video is from Czech pilot Martin Šonka’s point-of-view in his Edge 540 V3 during the Red Bull Air Race in Ascot, UK. Be sure to watch it in HD and fullscreen to maximize the awesomeness.

  • New Documentary Examines Atari’s Unbelievable Downfall [Video]

    Since anyone reading this article is probably a video game junkie we have a gallery of the 24 Signs You Grew Up A Video Game Junkie. Once you’re don’e scrolling through and determinng if you had a problem as a kid be sure to watch a the video about Atari’s unbelievable downfall. New Documentary Examines Atari’s Unbelievable Downfall [Video] In 1982, Atari was leading the video game revolution and was fastest growing company in the United States. With the popularity of Steven Spielberg’s E.T. in theaters, Atari hoped to cash in on the success with a video game based on the movie. But in order to deliver the game in time for Christmas, the game was rushed, developed in five weeks rather than the six months to a year spent on previous titles. 1.5 million units of the rushed game were sold, but it was obviously flawed and universally panned. And Atari had 3.5 million unsold E.T. cartridges to get rid of. So what did they do? Legend had it that Atari disposed of the unsold cartridges in a landfill in New Mexico, but the story was usually dismissed as nothing more than urban legend. Then in 2014, an excavation more »

  • Nintendo Powerglove Repurposed As Stop-Motion Animation Controller [Video]

    Robot Chicken animator Dillon Markey was tired of running around sets, going from his computer to the camera to the puppets between every shot. He dreamed of a controller he could wear on his wrist to save his sanity and a hell of a lot of time. Then he realized that such a device already exists..sort of. The Nintendo Power Glove, a glove with programmable controller, was the coolest looking accessory when it came out in 1989. Who wouldn’t want to control a video game with their hand? It was even a prominent part of Nintendo commercial/feature film The Wizard, where antagonist Lucas Barton states “I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.” He was right, it certainly was bad. Only two games that took advantage of the technology were released and the accessory quickly failed. Now Dillon Markey has saved the Power Glove’s reputation by transforming it into a Bluetooth controller. He’s been using the device for a year and a half now and s constantly amazing other crew members on set. What failed accessory will Dillon tackle next? Our vote is for the Sega Activator. That stupid mat must be good for something.

  • One Of Those Days 2: Hands Down The Most Insane First Person Ski Video You’ll Ever See

    X-Games gold metal winner Candide Thovex was having another one of those casual days in his home resort of Val Blanc, France. And by “one of those days” we mean he went out and got elected the Mayor of Shred City. I don’t think it even needs to be said, but don’t try this at home. Watch this in full screen, 1080p. You won’t be disappointed. EXTREME!! Submitted to RSVLTS by Scott Flatoraid

  • Tilt-Shift Video Of Norway Looks Like Tiny Toy World

    We can’t get enough of the fantastic, toy-like worlds created with tilt-shift photography. And “The Little Nordics,” a time lapse, tilt-shift video of Iceland and Norway from Damp Design, is one of the best we’ve seen. The footage was shot using Panasonice GH3 and Canon 7D and 650D cameras then the tilt-shift effect was added in post. For some behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot, check out Damp Design on Facebook.

  • A Clockwork Orange Recreated In Grand Theft Auto [Video]

    Long before people with nothing better to do complained about the sex and violence portrayed in video games such as the Grand Theft Auto series, they complained about the sex and violence (and ultraviolence) in films such as Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. With that in mind, it’s only fitting that iconic scenes of Alex and his droogs from that film have been recreated using Grand Theft Auto graphics. Now if only someone will recreate the entire movie…

  • Drone Footage Of Frozen Chicago In Magnificent 4K [Video]

    Soaring Badger Productions created this incredible video showcasing a bird’s-eye-view of Chicago in the dead of winter. All footage was captured in temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit using a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter and GoPro Hero 4 camera. Filming took place over two weeks and was made difficult by the GoPro’s battery quickly draining in the extreme conditions. Be sure to pump up the playback quality to 4K and fullscreen view for the full effect.

  • Man Uses 106-Pound Axe To Break Stuff…And It’s Awesome [Video]

    Apparently in the League of Legends multiplayer online game, there is a character named Darius who uses a giant axe to obliterate opponents. We don’t really know anything about that, but if this real-life replica of Darius’s axe is any indication, we just might be missing out. “Irish Mike” Craughwell is the man who created the axe. In 2007, Mike became Internet-famous when a YouTube video of him demonstrating an oversized sword he was commissioned to make went viral. Orders poured in and now Mike creates oversized swords full-time. He’s even the subject of a new TV show premiering Tuesday, January 13, on Discovery called Big Giant Swords. For photos chronicling the making of the axe, check out Mike on Facebook.

  • This Zombie Parkour Video Is An Awesome Video Game Ad

    We enjoy parkour videos as much as anyone, but the one thing that they always seem to lack is motivation. Why are all these European dudes bouncing all over from rooftop to rooftop? Well now we know that the answer is simple. Zombies. Watching this freerunner escape zombies in Cambridge, we can’t help but think that it would make for an awesome video game. And you know what? It soon will be. The video is an ad for Dying Light, a new survival game due out PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on January 27. The game emphasizes avoiding the zombie hordes, so hopefully we’ll have plenty of action-packed running away to look forward to.

  • The Beer Sled: A New Era In Beer Delivery [Video]

    Drinking beer is great. It’s cold. It tastes good. It gets you drunk. Delivering beer is awful. It’s heavy. It’s not yours to drink. But these brilliant men in Colombia came up with the ultimate solution. Construct a cerveza sled and glide straight to your destination. Well, as long as your destination is at the bottom of a hill.

  • Siberian Parody Of “Shake It Off” [Video]

    Zloi Mambet is from a Siberian rural community in Russia and he is proud of his roots. In an effort to show off the people and places he loves so much, he’s been creating parody videos of pop songs. In his latest video, the Siberian Weird Al tackles Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” It’s weird and fun and pretty awesome to see people and places most of us would never even think of seeing.

  • This Brobot Is A Beer Pong Champ [Video]

    I’m all for technological progress, but this time science has gone too far. Empire Robotics has developed Versaball, an incredible robotics system that can manipulate objects of various shapes and sizes thanks to its “hand” made up of a green ball filled with a sandlike material. That’s great and all, but then the egghead inventors decided to show off Versaball at CES by showcasing its beer pong prowess. Now it’s only a matter of time before the upper echelons of fraternities are dominated by these brobots. Have you seen The Matrix? That’s going to be the dystopian future of hazing!

  • Watch An 11-Year-Old Girl Outwit Gaston To Beat Him In An Arm-Wrestling Contest [Video]

    Disney World’s Gaston, so hot right now. The video of Gaston winning a push up contest with one arm behind his back was one of the first major viral videos of the new year and now, just days later he is back dominating the web. This time an 11-year-old decided to challenge Gaston to an arm wrestling contest, but none of us knew she had this tactic up her sleeve! If you need a refresher on the Gaston push up contest you can watch that here too:

  • Relaxed Dude Roasts Marshmallows Over A Volcano [Video]

    Protip: Always be sure to pack marshmallows and Corona when making the 400 meter deep descent towards a 2000F lava pit else miss out on badass photo-op. Luckily, Simon Turner of New Zealand remembered when traveling in Vanuatu recently. Oh, and a spare tent peg is perfect for roasting your marshmallows from a (somewhat) safe distance.

  • Check Out The Northern Lights In 4K From The Comfort Of Your Warm Home [Video]

    Have you always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights but find the reality of traveling far away to look at the sky in freezing temperatures just too off-putting? Then sit back and relax you lazy loser, and watch this amazing 4K Ultra High Def video instead. Ronn and Marketa Murray captured the brilliant phenomenon near Fairbanks, Alaska a few days ago so you wouldn’t have to. But just in case this video makes you want to see the Northern Lights in person even more, check out the tours from the “Aurora Chasers” available at Ronn Murray’s Photography & Tours.

  • “Gold Bond Liqui-Shaq” Will Give You Nightmares [Video]

    As if those Shaquille O’Neal Gold Bond commercials weren’t bizarre enough on their own, someone had to go and liquify Shaq while remixing the commercials, creating the ultimate nightmare fuel. At least now we no longer have to wonder what Tim & Eric would do if given control of the brand.

  • We Want This Hard Drive Clock [Video]

    Years ago, a hard drive failure was pretty much a catastrophic event. They were expensive to replace and if you didn’t have the forethought to back up all of your data using your Jaz tape drive, everything was lost forever. But now hard drives are cheap and seamless cloud storage means nothing is ever truly gone. And when a hard drive fails, it’s tossed away only to end up in a Chinese landfill where a kid gets cancer picking for precious metals. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This video demonstrates a clock fitted with LED lights for a neat POV effect. The lights are programmed with all diferent display and effect options. Best of all, the creator has shared the instructions to make your own at Instructables and is taking orders at Indiegogo for those of us who are technologically inept. Order one today starting at just $59 for expected delivery in March.

  • Recycle Cans With A Backyard Mini Metal Foundry [Video]

    For about $20, you can stop giving away all your precious empty cans to those recycling company fat cats and instead melt them down in your backyard to make all kinds of cool junk. Unfortunately, we live in the big city and our lease specifically states “no mini metal foundries” (probably) so we’ll just have to watch this how-to video and dream. But what’s stopping a country bumpkin such as yourself from making one?