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Delta’s New Safety Video Is A Meme Overload

Delta’s newest inflight safety video is an ode to everything that makes the Internet great, from Annoying Orange to Ice Bucket Challenge to our favorite, Goats Yelling Like Humans. And don’t forget to check out the different “blended” versions at the end, featuring even more Internet celebrities you probably forgot…


Skynet Update: Robot Receptionists Invade Japan [Video]

Toshiba’s “communication android” robot Chihara Aico, which creepily falls into uncanny valley territory, has begun phasing out mankind by gaining employment as a receptionist at Japanese department store Mitsukoshi. The test as a temporary receptionist is just the beginning of Toshiba’s plan for the robot with eerily realistic skin texture…


Incredible 4K Video Of Dubai Via Jet Pack

We’re always excited to share footage of Swiss pilot Yves Rossy, known the world over as Jetman for the personal jet pack with carbon fiber wings that he invented and pilots, but this latest video is especially mind-blowing. Jetman now has a protege, 31-year-old skydiver and BASE jumper Vince Reffet,…