• Orchestra Eats Hot Peppers During Performance, Hilarity Ensues [Video]

    Claus Pilgaard, aka Chili Klaus, is a Danish chili enthusiast and entertainer. He recently shared his love of the spicy fruit with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, who sampled some of the world’s hottest specimens during a performance. After ingesting the peppers, Chili Klaus led the orchestra in a rendition of Danish classic “Tango Jalousie.” Despite the obvious pain all the musicians are in, they remained professional and were able to play the piece incredibly. Sadly, the Danish National Chamber Orchestra is closing at the end of the year, but this video is on helluva way to go out!

  • There’s Street Art In Maine? [Video]

    When you think of Maine, you most likely think off pastoral New England settings, lobster, maple syrup…um…Stephen King—but certainly not street art. However, Portland is home to a thriving street art scene and has been for some time. Learn about the art and the artists in this short documentary that journalist Steven Jackson produced while at Portland’s Salt Institute and is currently being featured on The Atlantic.

  • Tony Hawk Is 46 And Still Incredible [Video]

    Tony Hawk, who at 46 has a son who is also a professional skater, may have retired from competitions 15 years ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still an amazing skater. In his new video, “Perched,” Hawk pulls off some of his most famous tricks to remixes of songs that anyone who played the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater videogame will remember—”Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” by Primus and “Police Truck” by the Dead Kennedys. It’s great to see Tony Hawk still being awesome, but we can’t help but wonder how he’d fare in a competition these days…

  • Surfing At 1000 Frames Per Second Looks Amazing [Video]

    Australia-based cinematographer Chris Bryan isn’t just a master at operating Phantom cameras—especially when it comes to high-speed photography—he is also a qualified Phantom technician. And with his technical knowledge, he has been able to work with Phantom to create his own lightweight, self-contained underwater housings. This means he’s able to film capture surfers close up using Phantom Flex, Phantom Miro M-320S and the new Phantom 4K Flex and we get to watch the awesome videos that result. And with some of the US possibly receiving snow this weekend, this video is a frustrating reminder that we won’t be able to head to the beach for a long time.

  • This One-Lap Bike Race Looks Surprisingly Difficult [Video]

    The Marymoor Crawl, first held in 2005 during the Marymoor GP in Washington, is one of the most unique cycling races and this weekend saw the race held in Britain for the first time during the Revolution Series. In the race, the cyclists begin on turn four and for the next four minutes, they must track stand without crossing the starting line. For those four minutes they cannot put a foot down, grab a rail, ride off the track, hit another cyclist, or ride backwards without being disqualified. Then the bell rings and they’re off…for one lap.

  • ESA’s Rosetta Mission As Sci-Fi Short [Video]

    Launched over 10 years, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe recently reached comet 67P/C-G and on November 12, will launch the Philae lander to explore the comet’s surface. To commemorate this incredible feat, the ESA produced a short film, “Ambition,” that presents the incredible mission as a work of Hollywood science fiction. The fact that a real space mission can make for such a great sci-fi story is testament to just how amazing the science of space exploration is. Hopefully this polished, effects-laden short is just what is needed to get people the world over excited in space programs again.

  • The Most Beautiful Way To Destroy Your Drone[Video]

    What do you do when you buy a new $500 GoPro Black? Strap it to your even costlier quadcopter and capture some great footage, of course! Here’s some beautiful footage of Price, Utah, caught just as the drone was leaving the signal range of the controller. Good thing those high-tech wonders have a handy “return to home” feature so they can come back on their own. Oh, but too bad there’s a cliff in the way.

  • This Is The Greatest Use Of An Ice Dispenser Since…Ice [Video]

    Yesterday a Redditor posted pictures of his ice dispenser that he filled with candy so instead of ice cubes, you get an assortment of frozen treats. But in typical Internet fashion, nobody believed that it would actually work. Whereas most posters, when confronted with the righteous cynicism of folks on the Internet, would delete their post and dare never to post anything again (until they make a new username), this brave OP created a video to prove the functionality of his brilliant lifehack. But frozen Starbursts?? Does this guy own stock in Dentistry Inc.?

  • This Commercial Is An Incredible Ski Film

    Filming athletes in LED suits is all the rage right now, and we’re just fine with that. It makes for awesome video and which what Philips was hoping for when they teamed with Swedish agency Ahlstrand & Wållgren and filmmakers Sweetgrass Productions to create “Afterglow,” a short film to promote Philips’ color-backlit Ambilight televisions. The 12-minute long video was filmed at Golden Alpine Holidays in Aleyska, Alaska. The slopes were lit up with brilliant colors while the team of professional skiers wore suits comprised of thousands of LEDs. This is the sort of advertising we can really get into.

  • This Skate Video Has Amazing Cinematography

    When we were kids, skate videos were gritty and shaky, shot on Hi8 or VHS and featuring dudes in baggy jeans and pop punk music. And we loved them. But now, with the advent of affordable HD cameras, skate videos have become beautifully shot short films with wide angles, slow motion, and, most importantly, no tiresome uses of fisheye lenses. “La République du Skateboard,” a short film from Neels Castillon, is described as “an impressionistic ode to street skateboarding.” And with incredible shots around Paris captured by a Red Epic camera, that description is most apt. For more great projects in a similar fashion, check out Neels Castillon’s website.

  • We Can’t Stop Watching This Japanese USB Lighter Commercial [Video]

    A couple years ago, Jii, a Japanese company that produces a lighter that is powered via USB charge, became Internet famous for their bizarre commercial. But like most things on the web, we quickly forgot about it. But apparently Jii is still a thing and they’re still producing wacky commercials. This soccer-themed cartoon is impossible to figure out (what does soccer have to do with smoking?) but we can’t stop watching it. We don’t even smoke, but for some reason we have been hypnotized into desiring this device.

  • You Won’t Believe Why Florida’s Governor Refused To Debate [Video]

    Last night Florida Governor Rick Scott debated former governor and current Democratic candidate Charlie Crist. However, Gov. Scott was seven minutes late to the debate. Was he sick? Did he have car trouble? Some sort of emergency? Nope. He was mad because Crist had a fan beneath his podium. Scott’s camp of dolts insisted that the rules called for “no electronic devices” which Crist violated with his electric fan. Apparently Scott is not aware that most of the English speaking world does recognize a difference between electric and electronic devices based on complexity and Crist’s $10 fan seems to be a basic, “electric” device. Crist also was quick to point out the absurdity of the situation but didn’t volunteer to give up his fan and get things started. Basically, this non-debate sums up everything wrong with politics when your candidates are both spoiled babies. Good luck, Florida!

  • Virgin America’s 6-Hour Flight Sim Video Is Oddly Entertaining

    Virgin America has just come up with the greatest way to advertise their low-fare, but high-quality coast-to-coast flights—with a 6-hour video simulating your flight on one of the other airlines. This Bunuel-tinged epic features long shots of the back of the seat in front of you, annoying neighbors, and pushy flight attendants. It’s frightening how real it is. There are even a few dream sequences to give the film an avant-garde touch. Seriously, if this isn’t deserving of a Criterion Collection release, I don’t know what is. How many years do you give it before it’s playing on loop at the Museum of Modern Art?

  • Base Jumpers Splash Into Roof-top Pool Party From Kuala Lumpur Tower

    In this incredible video, base jumper John Van Horne arrives with a splash at a pool party by diving off the 1,099 feet famous Tower in Kuala Lumpur. One base jumper could teach us all a thing or two about arriving at a party in style. John Van Horne and his two friends, ‏‎Matt Frohlich‎‏ and ‏‎Andy Lewis‎‏, decided they had to make an impressive entrance everyone would remember by jumping off the observation platform of the Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the amazing video taken by a a GoPro camera, the viewer sees the jaw-dropping height – about 1,099 feet – Mr Lewis jumps from and he seamlessly glides in the air to great cheers from the crowd. His arrival makes a splash literally and metaphorically and he is soon joined by another daredevil arriving in the pool in the same heartstopping way. Source: DailyMail

  • Exploring The Pop Music Poetry Of Nicki Minaj [Video]

    YouTube user MartiansBrain was surprised when he found out that his 12-year-old niece and all her friends were listening to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.” He didn’t believe that the song, about a woman who sleeps with a drug dealer because she likes the things he buys her, was appropriate for children his niece’s age. In order to present the lyrics in an easier to understand manner, he created this spoken word video, set to the soothing music of Erik Satie’s “Gymnopédie No.1.” No matter where you stand on the issue, this is a pretty entertaining and effective video. I think it’s the first time I actually paid attention to the lyrics of this song…

  • Just How Fast Can Ebola Spread? [Video]

    We’ve been hearing a lot about Ebola and now that the virus has made its way to the US, we are trying to learn as much as we can. That’s why we’re glad Swedish doctor and popular public speaker Hans Rosling has released his latest “Factopod” detailing just how quickly the virus can spread. The rate at which an infection spreads is known as its r-0. Ebola’s r-0 is between 1.7 and 2.0, meaning each person who has it will spread it to two more people on average. And this video presents this scary exponential growth in a way that even the dimmest bulb can understand.

  • Incredible Video Footage Of The Great Martian War Of 1913-1917

    In a continuing effort to guarantee that anyone who watches the channel will not actually learn anything about history, the History Channel has created a “documentary” of the Great Martian War of 1913-1917 that never was. As easy as it is for those of us who grew up watching non-stop Hitler documentaries to hate on the current, alien-loving iteration of the channel, this actually looks pretty cool. The filmmakers used actual archival footage from World War I and inserted CGI Martian robots to wreak havoc on the doughboys. Unfortunately, it looks as though the special is currently airing in the UK only. for more info check out History.

  • That Hawkward Moment When A Bird Of Prey Attacks Your Drone [Video]

    Christopher Schmidt was flying his Phantom FC40 quadcopter around Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge when the drone got a little too close to a hawk. The bird, perhaps thinking the quadcopter was another predator invading his turf, flew at drone, knocking it from the sky. Good-guy Schmidt throttled down the props as soon as he noticed the hawk coming at the craft to keep from injuring the bird. Miraculously, the quadcopter escaped unharmed, too.

  • UK Burger Joint Sends First Burger Into Space [Video]

    Chosen Bun, a gourmet burger restaurant in London recently sent the first burger and chips (that’s fries to us Yanks) into space. Why? Because they could. The meal was sent up via helium balloon, with about $400 worth of the increasingly precious gas. The entire voyage was captured on a GoPro camera and there’s something incredible about seeing incredible views of the Earth with a burger and fries in the foreground.

  • This 4-Minute Handshake Is Pretty Impressive [Video]

    Ever wonder what TV news anchors do during the commercial break? Do they grab a quick snack? Maybe freshen up with some vocal exercises? Nah. They perform epic, four-minute long handshakes. Or at least that’s what Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange of Chicago’s WGN-TV do. It’s probably a nice break when you spend your day reporting depressing subjects like war and ebola and the Cubs.

  • 15 Minutes Of Glorious Spinning In MMA Fights [Video]

    For skilled and agile fighters, spinning is an effective move. First they avoid a hit from their opponent then are suddenly in position to deliver a bunch of their own. But not everyone is so graceful. Some of these spins are successes, while some of these fighters just look like that kid in high school who always talked about martial arts classes but when he finally got in a fight he just spastically bounced around then got dropped by one punch. But when set to Strauss’ “Blue Danude” or Offenbach’s “Can-Can,” they are all entertaining. Oh, and one dude gets a backwards kick to the junk.

  • You’ll Hate Yourself For Loving This Bacon Bowl Commercial So Much [Video]

    When the Bacon Bowl first came out, with it’s infomercial of dubious quality appealing to housewives whose only chance at love and affection from their husbands and children being bowls constructed entirely of bacon and filled with eggs and cheese, it was easy enough to dismiss the product. Unless you were high when the commercial was on, in which case you swore you’d buy one but luckily passed out before working up the energy to dial the phone number. But with this new commercial, complete with an epic theme song and novel uses for the bacon bowls (is that ice cream???), you might just want to go out and waste money on a device that seems to be nothing more than a muffin pan turned upside down. And where can one find these marathons with bacon and eggs for sustenance? Throw in a nice hearty stout, and that sounds like the greatest race ever!

  • Alfonso Ribeiro Brought Back The Carlton On Dancing With The Stars [Video]

    Alfonso Ribeiro, most famous for portraying Carlton on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” is one of the current “stars” on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Last night he brought back the spastic St. Vitus dance that Carlton couldn’t help but perform every time he heard the sweet sounds of Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual.” And it was glorious. Let’s see Randy Couture try and top that! Oh wait, he can’t because he already got eliminated. I mean…uh…it’s not like I watch this dumb show or anything. But seriously, is it fair to have Alfonso Ribeiro on the show? The man’s a professional dancer already. He’s been selling his “Breakin’ and Poppin’” VHS since 1985!

  • This Kangaroo Street Fight Is Business As Usual In Australia’s Suburbs [Video]

    “Bruce, the kangaroos are fighting in the streets again.” “Never mind that, Sheila, we’re almost out of Foster’s and Didgeridoo Idol is about to start! Can you make the 450 km voyage to the nearest store and get some more?” At least, that’s how we imagine this going on. When every animal and insect is poisonous and out to kill you, seeing two kangaroos beating the hell out of each other in your driveway is probably the least of your concerns.

  • Danny MacAskill’s New Video Stars Scotland. And It’s Magnificent. [Video]

    Danny MacAskill is a street trials pro cyclist, so we are used to seeing him bouncing around urban environments. But MacAskill wasn’t always a city boy. He’s from Scotland’s Isle of Skye, laden with rocky, natural wonders. In this video he returns to Skye and does some impressive riding on the Cuillin Ridgeline that would see a lesser man (me) shit his pants and break his neck. But seriously, the Scottish vistas are incredible and it’s refreshing to see Danny MacAskill in such a different environment, yet still doing some unbelievable cycling.

  • Watch Hanksy Travel The World In His New Street Art Webseries [Video]

    New York street artist Hanksy, known for his humorous, pun-laden paste-ups featuring pop culture icons, is one of our favorites in the scene. He may not be producing giant murals adorned with saccharine messages of positivity, but he did transform Jonah Hill into “Jonah Chill” with the addition of sunglasses and a joint. Hanksy keeps things light and fun and we appreciate that. And now Hanksy is taking his irreverence on the road in a new webseries, “Surplus Candy.” The first episode finds him traveling to Montreal, where street art meets high art. Although he initially dismisses the movement, he keeps an open mind and is able to learn a little something from a wide assortment of artists. And he’s able to laugh at the everyone, including himself, the whole time. The first episode just came out and it’s clear that this will be a series to keep your eye on.

  • Downhill Skating At 65 MPH? Nope! [Video]

    James Kelly is no stranger to downhill skating, preferring the hills of the Western Sierras to any formal racecourse. With years of practice, he has mastered skating at ludicrous speed while still maintaining control. That’s why he teamed up with Arbor Skateboards to create the James Kelly Pro Model. The long wide board can be fitted with multiple wheelbase options depending on your needs while the subtle rocker and concave will keep you locked in at even the most extreme speeds. It all looks like great fun until somebody crashes, which Kelly does around the 2 minute mark. If seeing that wipeout didn’t convince you that skating at 65 mph should not be attempted by mortals, then check out Arbor Collective. And maybe invest in some leather.

  • 14 Movies Recreated With Stock Footage [Video]

    Stock footage company Dissolve put together this clever video to illustrate just how varied their library of footage is. Using only stock footage, they were able to recreate 14 popular movies, including “Titanic,” “Top Gun,” “Babe,” and “The Shining” in just two minutes. It’s a novel approach to advertise a useful but not particularly exciting service.

  • You Won’t Believe This Man Is CGI [Video]

    In the fields of robotics and 3D animation there exists a belief in an uncanny valley where human movement is replicated almost perfectly, but the slight difference causes revulsion in the viewer. It’s the reason why so many people found the 3D animated films “Beowulf” and “The Polar Express” so creepy and something that animators keep in mind when creating their characters. But by the looks of this video, Australian animator Chris Jones has absolutely nothing to worry about. The man in this video looks and moves so realistically, you’re brain will never even entertain the thought that he’s completely computer generated. We’ve certainly come a long way from the blocky Max Headroom characters of the 80s! Check out more videos of the process involved in making such a detailed short and see other projects at Chris Jones’s website.

  • Pogo Has Created A Hypnotic Song Using Harry Potter Dialogue [Video]

    Australian electronic music wunderkind first came to prominence in 2007 with a hypnotic track composed of sound clips from Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Since then he has created dozens of impressive songs using sounds clips from popular children’s movies. His most recent track revisits the Harry Potter films, which he famously used in his drum and bass track “Alohamora” in 2009. This new mix mostly utilizes dialogue from the character of Hermione, portrayed by Emma Watson in the films, and features an equally impressive video created by Jeesh.

  • Cirque Du Soleil Choreographed A Dance For Drones [Video]

    Cirque du Soleil, which for years has been surprising men who are dragged to performances by their girlfriends only to admit “that was pretty cool,” has teamed up ETH Zurich and Verity Studios to produce this amazing short film. In the short, 10 lampshades, powered by quadcopters, come alive and perform an incredible dance routine. Now, anyone who has actually tried to pilot a quadcopter knows how difficult it can be and to coordinate something like this would be impossible. That’s where the technological know-how of ETH Zurich comes in, who developed precise computer controls for the quadcopters, opening the door to entirely new applications for the drones.

  • This 5-Year-Old Is Stronger Than All Of Us [Video]

    You may have heard of Giuliano Stroe, a 10-year-old Romanian gymnast and bodybuilder who has broken all sorts of records since beginning his training at the age of 2. Well after seeing how great he was, his parents decided to start training his younger brother, Claudio, even earlier. Claudio started hitting the gym at just 18 months, doing the same workout as his brother but with less reps and weight. Here’s Claudio, now a 5-year-old badass, doing the 90 degree pushups that made his big brother a star and showing off his impressive triceps in the process. That’s cool and all, but can he drive a car or buy booze? Yeah, didn’t think so.

  • An Entire Episode Of Wheel Of Fortune Can Be Edited Down To 3 Minutes [Video]

    Wheel of Fortune is a great show to watch, as long as you’re a child or are braindead. But for everyone else, there’s nothing worse than when Jeopardy ends and you can’t find your remote and you have to see more than a few seconds of Wheel of Fortune. Unless you live in one of the markets where Wheel is first, in which case it’s equally bad when you tune in too early and have to watch Pat and Vanna banter about some inanity as the credits roll. Listening to people tell stupid stories about their families or failing to grasp the rules of the game after 30 years (you have to buy vowels, dummies!!) is pure torture, but the game itself is just fine. That’s why we enjoy this video that edits a complete episode down to a very watchable 3 minutes. It even includes all the “Bankrupt” spins so you can still enjoy the contestants’ misery.

  • Travis Pastrana Has Lost His Mind [Video]

    Motocross superstar Travis Pastrana recently constructed some of the biggest, most insane ramps ever built then invited his Nitro Circus crew over to, presumably, break their necks. Chad Kagy, James Foster, Steve Mccann and Jolene Van Vugt are all here, illustrating how contagious Travis’s craziness is. It’s good to see that family life hasn’t slowed Travis down and let’s hope this is just a small sample of the madness we’ll see in his new film, “Action Figures,” to be released this winter.



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