• China’s Bizarre Obsession With a Kenny G Song

    China has many cultural quirks that baffle the rest of us, such as those frightening “facekinis” that women wear to the beach to keep their faces pale or the “virgin boy eggs” boiled in urine and ingested as a springtime treat, but by far the most bizarre aspect to daily life in China is the obsession with Kenny G’s “Going Home.” The song, originally recorded in 1989, sounds like any other Kenny G song, or any other smooth jazz song for that matter, but something about that one particular song has struck a chord with the Chinese people. As the New York Times recently reported, the song has become the de facto anthem signifying that it’s time to go home. The song is played at schools, libraries, shopping malls, and even out on the street as a polite way to say “get the hell out of here.” One shopkeeper interviewed said she’s been using the song since 2000 but doesn’t know when it first became popular or why. In fact, nobody seems to know the origin of the song’s status as the unofficial closing time anthem. It just sort of appeared and billions of people accepted it. “Going Home” has even conditioned more »

  • The Best Part Of Eurovision That No One Is Talking About [Video + GIFs]

    Since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest has unified European nations without the need for a fascist ideology. Apparently it’s broadcast in The United States but since we don’t compete, we don’t really care. However, this year the contest has been making headlines all over the world after drag queen Conchita Wurst was declared the winner over the weekend. It’s great that she won, she did a fine job and her beard is much better looking than anything we could grow. But with that being said, we here at RSVLTS HQ feel that other performers have been overshadowed by the media attention given to Conchita Wurst. For instance, the Polish duo Donatan & Cleo performed “We Are Slavic” and once the butter churning and vigorous laundering began, we could feel our Slavic pride swell. And we’re not even Slavic!

  • 3 Year Epic Selfie Wins The Internet [Video]

    Adventure rider, public speaker, professional photographer, videographer and presenter Alex Chacon is on the biggest celebrities in the motorcycle adventure world. He has traveled the world on his bike, most famously on a 500-day solo trip from Alaska to Argentina, and has written about and photographed his travels extensively. This video features GoPro “selfies” from Alex’s journeys in more than 36 countries. For more info on Alex and to keep up with his adventures, check out The Modern Motorcycle Diaries.

  • Slow Motion Tattoos Are Incredibly Interesting. And Painful. [Video]

    This slow motion, close-up video of the tattoo process is incredible to watch. It’s also a tad painful. Anyone who has been tattooed will say that it doesn’t hurt all that much, but watching this video and seeing the flesh wobble like Jello with each piercing of the tattoo needle makes the process look excruciating. Check out more work from Guet, the artist in the video, on Instagram.

  • How To Open A Champagne Bottle With A Sword [Video]

    Alton Brown, smartypants host of the Food Network’s “Good Eats,” uses his entertaining and highly informative style to teach the fine art of opening champagne with a saber. Now if you ever find yourself celebrating a calvary victory, you’ll know just what to do without losing face in front of your men. Of course, as Alton tells us again and again, we’re not allowed to try this at home, so we’ll just have to live vicariously through this video. Sure. Now does anyone know where I can get a saber for a totally unrelated reason?

  • Live HD Stream From The ISS Is Amazing [Video]

    Last month, 4 high-definition cameras were delivered to the International Space Station. The cameras were mounted on the outside of the ISS and live video feed has been streaming since April 30. Aside from offering an incredible view of Earth like you’ve never seen before, the program also tests the viability of commercial cameras for future space missions. If these HD cameras prove successful, millions can be saved by forgoing expensive, custom-designed space cameras. With governments cutting back on space programs, every dollar counts. Check out the live feed below and get more info on the High Definition Earth Viewing program at NASA.

  • The Creepy Japanese Village Where Life-Size Dolls Replace The Departed [13 Photos + Video]

    64-year-old Ayano Tsukimi returned to her hometown, the village of Nagoro in Japan, 11 years ago only to find that many of its inhabitants had either died off or moved to cities in search of work. To take the place of those who have passed away or moved on, Tsukimi makes life-sized dolls to take their place and inhabit the village. The idea came to her when she made a scarecrow in her father’s likeness for her garden. Since then, she has beem making the dolls constantly, with about 350 now “living” in the village, many of which can be seen on Google Street View. Take a look at these pictures then watch the short documentary about Ayano Tsukimi and her dolls.

  • Ray Romano Duets Are The Best Songs You’ll Hear All Day [Video]

    The Pete Holmes Show, airing Monday through Thursday on TBS after Conan, does not get as much love as it deserves. With so many late night shows, it’s easily lost in the shuffle. Luckily, many great sketches can be found on Pete Holmes’ YouTube channel. This most recent video features Holmes’ incredible imitation of comedian Ray Romano performing duets of pop songs with the real Ray Romano.  The result is excruciatingly terrible and beautiful all at once.

  • Every City Needs A 300 Foot Slip ‘N Slide [Video]

    What’s the best way to experience a city? Bus tour? Maybe if you like being crammed in with a bunch of people with no common language. Hansom cab? Sure, if you love the smell of horse farts. Obviously, the only answer is “slip ‘n slide.” Artist Luke Jerram installed a 300 ft slip ‘n slide on Park Street in Bristol, UK for one day only and the event brought thousands of onlookers. In fact, over 96,000 people entered for a chance at one of the 360 tickets given out to slide down the road. As luck would have it, it also happened to be on the one sunny day of the year the UK gets! You’re move, New York. Let’s get a slip ‘n slide running the entire length of Central Park!

  • If Wes Anderson Made A Porno, It Would Be Beautiful [Video]

    Being a pure young man, devoted to Bible study and needlepoint (it keeps down the urges), I have absolutely no knowledge of pornographic films. But from what I gather through overhearing conversations between salty sailor-types, the factory system of adult cinema leaves very little room for auteurship. But what if highly stylized directors like Wes Anderson were to make pornos? We’d probably get something like this video from Nacho Punch, sure to win the Hairy Palm d’Or at Cannes.

  • Real Life Pacman Looks Real Fun [Video]

    We’ve all wanted to take part in a life-action Pacman game at some point in our lives, but without a “top-down” view, it just seems impossible. The geniuses at Rooster Teeth figured out how to give their real Pacmen a view from above and threw them in a maze complete with power pellets, real fruit, and bat-wielding “ghosts.” It looks like lots of fun, especially for the ghosts.

  • The Elton John/System Of A Down Mashup You Never Knew You Wanted To Hear [Video]

    Much like peanut butter and chocolate, Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock” and System of a Down’s “Chop Suey” are two things you would never think to combine. But just like those two jackasses in that old Reese’s commercial, you’ll be happy with the results. Neil Cicierega did a great job combining the two, especially when Serj Tankian sings “angels deserve to die” over Elton John’s “na na nas.” And be sure to check out more twisted humor from Neil Cicierega.

  • This Wes Anderson Mixtape Is An Audio/Visual Delight [Video]

    We’re big fans of Johnny Wilson, aka Eclectic Method, and his unique music and video remixes. We loved his “Brief History of Sampling” a few months ago and his most recent work, “The Wes Anderson Mixtape,” is just as awesome. He sums up the video with this great description: Great directors create their own genre and Wes Anderson movies are a genre unto themselves. His films are played out in linear motion, his actors moving like costumed dolls in a vast toy house. It’s as much theatre as film. Here are Anderson’s movies remixed like a cross section of a doll’s house – the themes and styles blended and mashed together. Check out more Eclectic Method on Tumblr.

  • Incredible Before And After Of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Visual Effects [Video]

    Last week we posted before and after photos of recent CGI-heavy movies. But just because all those movies were from the last few years, doesn’t mean that green screens are a strictly contemporary phenomena. “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” was released 26 years ago and much of the movie features veteran actor Bob Hoskins, who played Smee in “Hook” and Mario Mario in the awful “Super Mario Bros.” film, interacting with cartoon characters. For the scenes that take place in Toon Town, Hoskins is the only non-animated entity. Watch this incredible before and after video of Hoskins acting alone in front of a blue screen and see all the hard work that went in to making a childhood favorite.

  • Robinson Cano Surprises Booing Yankees Fans [Video]

    Robinson Cano returns to New York today, but no longer as a Yankee. He left the Yanks for Seattle and a $240 million, 10-year contract. Although most folks would go where the money is, that doesn’t mean fans still aren’t angry. To help them blow off steam, Jimmy Fallon presented a giant portrait of the second baseman for fans to boo in public. They didn’t know the real Robinson Cano was right behind the picture. How quickly their attitudes change…

  • Epic Nike Commercial Featuring Ronaldo, Rooney, and The Hulk [Video]

    This epic new commercial from Nike Football (the soccer kind) for their #RiskEverything campaign features kids transforming into soccer superstars, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, with every kick of the ball. The commercial is so spectacular, the Incredible Hulk even makes an appearance! If this commercial doesn’t get you amped up for the World Cup, nothing will. Hey, it’s only one time every four years that you have to watch soccer. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get drunk with foreigners!

  • Newsman Brian Williams “Sings” Gin And Juice [Video]

    Jimmy Fallon previously revealed the hidden hip-hop messages in Brian Williams’ news broadcasts with his video for “Rapper’s Delight.” Apparently that wasn’t the only classic hip-hop song Brian Williams has been dropping lyrics from throughout his news delivery. Watch Williams and the rest of the NBC news crew perform “Gin and Juice” in this new video from the Tonight Show. Now that I think about it, I often get the urge to drink some Seagram’s gin while watching the news. I always figured I was just a raging alcoholic, but now I know it’s some sort of subliminal message. Now excuse me while I go in search of some bubonic chronic. I suddenly got an urge…

  • These Insane Speed Riding Stunts Will Wake You Up [Video]

    For those who don’t know, speed flying is an air sport where you fly a small fabric wing down a steep slope. Strong winds can keep you flying the whole way down. Strap some skis to your feet, and now you’re speed riding. Valentin Delluc is a master of the sport, as illustrated by this video. He even grinds the chairlift cable! Check out more of of Valentin Delluc’s insanity on Facebook.

  • DJI Phantom Flies Insanely Close To Fireworks [Video]

    So you just spend about $1000 on a DJI Phantom and now you need something cool to video. What’s your first thought? Fly into a fireworks show, of course! Or at least that’s Vimeo user Gasper C thought to do. Luckily everything went fine and he captured some awesome footage. Now you won’t have to risk your Phantom and you can be satisfied flying it around your yard at a safe altitude without wondering what fireworks look like up close.

  • Lose Your Lunch On Sweden’s Helix Roller Coaster [Video]

    Liseberg Amusement Park, located in Gothenburg, Sweden, has released the first POV video from its newest roller coaster, Helix. The 4,445 foot track features 6 inversions, 4 airtime hills, and a top speed of 62 mph. The ride lasts an impressive 130 seconds, which may seem short, but in the world of roller coasters is a pretty long time. The Cannon, another popular roller coaster at Liseberg, has a ride duration of just 50 seconds. The $30 million ride will open to the public at the end of the month. Those of us so far very away will just have to enjoy this video for now.

  • NHL’s Good Friday Massacre Turns 30 [Video]

    On Easter weekend 1984, the Quebec Nordiques and Montreal Canadiens faced off in the second round of the NHL playoffs. Fights between the regional rivals continuously broke out for the first two periods before leading to a bench-clearing brawl at the end of the second period. When the teams returned for the third period, another fight broke out before play could even begin. Players who should have been ejected from the previous fight were still on the ice because referee Bruce Hood was late in announcing penalties. His handling, or rather mishandling, of the situation led to his retirement after the playoffs that year. In total, 10 players were ejected and 252 penalty minutes were incurred. Worst of all for the Nordiques, the Canadiens, who were down before the brawls, ended up scoring all 5 of their goals in the third period, winning 5-3.

  • Seth Rogen And Zac Efron Interview For Workaholics [Video]

    In the best ever ad that’s not really an ad at all, Zac Efron and Seth Rogen interview to be the new cubicle-mate of Workaholics’ Adam, Ders, and Blake at TelAmeriCorp. The hilarious interview, filled with filthy language and blatant homoeroticism, is actually funnier than most of the current season of the show. And you don’t even realize that the segment is to advertise for the upcoming movie “Neighbors” until the very end. This is how advertising should be done.

  • Super Mario Theme Played On Wine Glasses And A Frying Pan [Video]

    YouTube user Dan Newbie makes incredible music by striking wine glasses filled with varying amounts of water to obtain different tones. His latest video, featuring 48 wine glasses and a frying pan for percussion, finds him performing the theme from the original Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game. It’s not a simple song and it leads to some impressive moments with multitracking of up to 4 wine glass parts. Check out more of Dan Newbie’s videos on YouTube.

  • Drunk Russian Teaches Us The Futility Of Existence [Video]

    In this Russian take on classic Commedia dell’Arte, we find a contemporary Pierrot enduring an excruciating, caged existence. He pines for freedom, but his attempts, marred with buffoonery, are increasingly futile. When it looks as though all has failed, our clown resigned to this desolate Purgatory, stuck in an endless cycle of Sisyphean tasks, a lone cherub reveals an egress. Like Beatrice leading Dante from Purgatorio to Paradiso, the hero of this Divine Comedy is able to finally transcend his tortured plane and, perhaps, finally find the peace that has oft eluded him. Fin.

  • Bizarre Japanese Vitamin Water Commercial Celebrates NYC [Video]

    What’s the best way to sell Vitamin Water to the Japanese market? Well if I could answer that, I’d be in Tokyo swimming in piles of yen and not in Jersey rolling pennies so I can get some pork roll for breakfast (every little bit helps!). Whether it’s the best way or not, somebody at Coke had the idea to make this frenetic ode to New York City with a dancing man with a boombox for a head to advertise the tasty beverage often utilized as a hangover cure. Featuring such NYC staples as Ramen Burger, Strollercize, and Nitehawk Cinema, I’m not sure what the video has to do with Vitamin Water, but there is a lot of shouting so I’m pretty sure I should buy some just to be on the safe side.

  • Disguised Drake Gets People’s Honest Opinions About Himself [Video]

    Jimmy Kimmel sent Drake out on the streets in disguise to ask people what they think of the rap star and their reactions to his hosting of the ESPYs (which has yet to actually occur). There were plenty of Drake haters out there but the superstar took it all in stride. A guitar player even freestyled a song chastising Drake for not playing any instruments. He did find one fan with his final reveal, but everyone else was pretty brutal. Fear not, though, he most surely consoled himself in the arms of good friend Lebron James later that evening.

  • Lorde And Joan Jett Perform With Nirvana At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction [Video]

    Last night Nirvana was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and, as custom dictates, performed a couple hits at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. “But wait,” you say, “Kurt Cobain has been dead for 20 years. How could they ever play live?” In this age of creepy hologram zombies of our favorite musicians of yesteryear, this could be a frightening prospect. But fear not, agèd grunge fan, for surviving members Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear, opted to forgo holograms, instead choosing to perform with other talented vocalists. Lorde sang “All Apologies” and Joan Jett performed “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with the band. Although nobody can replace Cobain, they’re vocals were sufficiently gritty and anguished and the rest of the band sounded great. Also singing with Nirvana last night was Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and St. Vincent’s Annie Clark.

  • 22 Jump Street Trailer [Video]

    The final 3-minute trailer for “22 Jump Street,” possibly the biggest comedy of the year, has hit, and it looks great. This time Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and their boss, Ice Cube, are going undercover at spring break. Expect more of the same from the first movie, which means “22 Jump Street” will be a hilarious blockbuster when it’s released June 13.