• Man Sets Himself On Fire And Jumps Off Building, Because Russia [Video]

    I guess that even when the Olympics are going on in your country, you still need to make your own fun sometimes. This enterprising young Russian fellow, an undoubted future contender for a Darwin Award, was probably trying to come up with the most scientific way to calculate the effects of snow on breaking one’s fall. And to add even more science, why not add the variable of fire? Bear in mind, this unorthodox approach makes more sense after imbibing copious amounts of vodka. Thankfully the lad survived, as he is seen getting up and walking to the crowd of onlookers, probably directing them to a taller building he will jump from next.

  • Mario Bros. Music Like You’ve Never Heard Before [Video]

    There are plenty of videos of people playing the iconic music from the original “Super Mario Bros.” on run-of-the-mill instruments like piano, guitar, or violin, but this time it’s played on a three thousand year old instrument called a sheng. It’s a collection of bamboo flutes controlled through one mouth piece to give a sort of compact pipe organ sound that also, as luck would have it, sounds like a sound chip in an 8-bit videogame console. The talented musician also includes the sound when Mario is embiggened by the mushroom and the familiar din of coins being collected.

  • Gravity’s VFX Revealed [Video]

    British visual effects company Framestore has released a video showcasing all the work that went into creating the amzing visual effects for Best Picture nominee “Gravity.” The amount of planning that went into every shot of the almost entirely CG film is mind-boggling. And the fact that viewers were able to accept the virtual world as real life is a testament to Framestore’s cinematic accomplishment.

  • Google Unveils Project Tango Smartphone To 3D Map Your World [Video]

    Our eventual tech overlords at Google have unveiled the next step in their plan to bring about the singularity. Named Project Tango, Google revealed their new smartphone technology capable of 3D mapping your surroundings in real time. With Tango, directions from Google maps will no longer stop once you reach the building of your destination. You’ll be able to find your way through labyrinthian corridors in even the biggest, most confusing complexes. The tech will also aid the visually impaired when they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. There are also gaming opportunities, as Tango would add more realism to augmented reality games. Now put on your tinfoil hat and consider that this will also give Google a real time, 3D map of where you are at all times. When they become Skynet and send out Terminators, there will be nowhere safe to hide. Unless you don’t have your phone on you every second of the day. But then how will you see if your friends liked the filters on the picture of your eggplant parm sandwich that you Instagrammed earlier?

  • PEP Keeps The Fun Coming With “I Met A Boy” [Video]

    Brooklyn’s PEP, who won us over last month with their video “Stephen,” has already released their second video. Director Avery McCarthy, whose previous work includes the Starlight Girls’ “7×3″, directed the candy-colored video that’s a perfect complement to the bubblegum song. “I Met a Boy” is another 50s pop hit for the 2010s that brightens our day just in time for spring. If you like what you hear (how could you not?), PEP’s EP is now available on 7″ vinyl for $10, including a digital download, or you can get just the digital version with a tin of PEPpermints for $4, both from Bandcamp.

  • Bonnaroo 2014 Lineup Announced

    The Bonnaroo lineup for 2014 was announced last night via a frenetic video featuring Taran Killam and Hannibal Buress. Many of the artists are no huge surprise, such as Kanye, The Flaming Lips, and CHVRCHES, but there are a few you don’t usually see on the festival circuit. Elton John, Lionel Richie, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are some of the more interesting acts to perform at the festival, held in Manchester, Tennessee June 12-15. Somewhat surprisingly, this may be one of the only festivals without the newly reunited Outkast. If that’s not a deal breaker, be sure to get ready to scoop up tickets when they go on sale Saturday at noon. For more info, check out Bonnaroo.

  • Pomplamoose’s Pharrell Mashup [Video]

    Pomplamoose, the musical duo made up of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, has released their newest YouTube video featuring a mashup of Pharell hits “Get Lucky” and “Happy.” Musically, they’ve managed to transform the already catchy Pharrell songs into an infectious amalgam, and the visuals are equally impressive. Conte makes use of the same projection mapping techniques seen in his Aviici remix in October followed by the Pomplamoose Lorde/Beck mashup in November, while showing major progress on his already commendable skills. The fact that the video was shot in one take with no edits is even more amazing.

  • Epic Ski Jumps In The 80s [Video and GIFs]

    Ski jumping is a pretty crazy sport. To someone who has never done it and most certainly never will, it seems to involve flying off a ramp, leaning forward, and praying you don’t die. This video from the 80s shows the horrible crashes that occur when your prayers aren’t answer. Even the jumpers who landed safely seem to have panic filled moments in the air, flailing about in one last attempt to not die. An Imgur user was also kind enough to create animated GIFs out of some of the best bits of the video.

  • Sir David Attenborough’s Curling Commentary [Video]

    Sir David Attenborough improves everything he narrates with his classy, educated, English voice. He even makes that video of the turtle mounting the shoe sound like a respectable documentary. Now he’s elevated curling, our favorite Winter Olympic sport, to an art form we never thought possible. And get a load of the beautiful ladies of the Great Britain curling team. I wouldn’t mind placing my walnut’s in their nest, if you know what I mean.

  • Thailand Prison Inmates Fight Foreigners For Reduced Sentences [Video]

    The folks at Coconuts TV are always finding something strange in Southeast Asia to share with their YouTube audience and their most recent video is no exception. Apparently, if you ever find yourself in a Thai prison with at least a ten year sentence, you can get months or even years shaved off for fighting. Not random fights in the rec yard, but organized Muay Thai bouts with tourist opponents. It may seem weird to encourage and even reward fighting, but the inmates who spend their time training for a match don’t have time to engage in drug and gang activity. How come there hasn’t been a Van Damme movie about this yet?

  • Tightrope Walk Between Hot Air Balloons [Video]

    Tightrope walking has been done to death. Literally, people have died doing it. So how are daredevils expected to take funambulism to the next level? How about attempting to walk between two hot air balloons 10,000 feet in the air? Yeah, that will probably do it. I know these guys know what they’re doing and they have parachutes on, but I still almost had a heart attack watching this. Watch it yourself and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

  • Full House Without Michelle [Video]

    Want to have your childhood ruined? The aptly named YouTube user Full House Without Michelle has removed youngest Tanner daughter Michelle from the opening of the classic sitcom and in the description presents a grim take on the show: “Did Danny Tanner deal with the grief of losing his pregnant wife in a fatal car crash by creating an imaginary daughter named ‘Michelle’?” Jeez. Leaving in the laugh track really makes it creepy, too.

  • Awesome Turntable Remix Of Doobie Brothers

    I’m not ashamed to admit it, I think the Doobie Brothers are a great band. And I was super excited to hear a remix of one of their biggest hits with original singer Tom Johnston (who would be replaced by Michael McDonald), “Long Train Running.” Canadian DJ and producer Skratch Bastid teamed with American Jj and master turntablist Chris Karns for the song, showcasing their skills on the wheels of steel. It’s refreshing to see DJs who actually have some skill and are not just plugging in their iPods and pretending to turn knobs on a mixer.

  • Farting Figure Skating [Video]

    Thanks to some well-placed high-definition mics, NBC was able to unveil their new Surround Brown Sound®, which amplifies those “brown” frequencies most often heard in flatulence, during the Sochi Winter Olympics. Watch as the new technology enhances the already incredible performance of official Surround Brown Sound® figure skater, Jason Brown. It will bring a tear to your eye and a sting to your nostrils.

  • VW Beetle Travels The World 3 Times And Is Still On The Road [Video]

    “Once More. The Story Of VIN 903847,” may be a half hour commercial for Volkswagen, but it’s also a powerful documentary featuring the iconic Beetle. The video, from VW Canada, chronicles the history of a 1955 Beetle whose original owner drove it around the world three times. The car, now on its third owner, is still on the road and used for adventurous voyages. Volkswagen has also set up an interactive version of the movie at Once More.

  • Platform 46: The Biggest Tablet You’ll Ever Need [Video]

    Last year the Ideum and 3M teamed up to build the Platform 46, a coffee table with a 46-inch touch display. Utilizing 3M’s 46-inch multitouch display that is impervious to light interference and Ideum’s top of the line touchscreen table build, Platform 46 only had one problem: it ran Windows 8. Widows 8 is a fast, stable operating system, but it’s a giant change from previous Windows builds, scaring away many users. Now Ideum and 3M have announced Android support for the Platform 46, enticing users familiar with the hugely popular smartphone OS. Platform 46 is available from Ideum, starting at $6950.

  • Insane Formula 1 POV Video

    French Formula 1 driver Simon Pagenaud strapped on a camera and went for a drive around California’s 2.3 mile Sonoma Raceway, allowing us to see what it’s like driving a  2.2-liter twin-turbo V6 Honda Indy car. I’ve got to say, it doesn’t look that hard. I have hours of practice on Gameboy’s F-1 Race (the game that came with the 4-player adapter), and I’m fairly certain I could drive that just fine without dying in a horribly violent wreck.

  • Free Solo Climb At 1500 Feet [Video]

    Last month, American rock climber Alex Honnold complete the first free solo ascent of Mexico’s El Sendero Luminoso. That’s 1500 feet up without rope, harnesses, or any other safety gear. This clip is just a preview of the full video which will soon be released on The North Face’s YouTube channel. I don’t know if I could watch a longer video without having a heart attack. It must have been especially difficult for Alex Honnold to make the climb considering his gigantic balls knocking into the wall.

  • Crazy Russians Climbing Shanghai Tower [Video]

    Looking for something to make you nauseous on your lunch break? Boy do I have the video for you! We’ve shared quite a few photos of Russians climbing every building they come across and now they have scaled the second tallest building in the world, Shanghai Tower. How were they able to accomplish such a feat? Their ingenious methods were explained in a blog post: Few months ago me and dedmaxopka planned to travel to Chinese largest cities, starting from Hong Kong and ending in Shanghai. Our maing goal was the tallest construction in the world – Shangha Tower, which is still under construction, it’s height is little over 650 metres at the moment, which makes it second tallest building after Burj Khalifa in Emirates. Knowing about strict Chinese laws, we prepared quite thoroughly for this and chose the most approriate date – Chinese New Year. During this holiday security was less vigilant, there were no workers on the site and construction cranes didn’t work. We sneaked into the site during the midnight, then climbed 120 flours for two hours and had to sleep almost 18 hours on the site waiting for a good weather.

  • Bizarre Video For Achy Breaky Heart Rap Remix

    I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve wanted nothing more for the past 22 years than a rap remix of Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart.” No, wait, I mean I’ve wanted everything more than that. Well we had a good run without that happening but now Cyrus, or BRC as his new rapper friend Buck 22 calls him, is back with “Achy Breaky 2.” And if the song wasn’t bad enough on its own, there’s even this video with a lengthy introduction from Larry King warning us about an alien invasion. The only explanation is that Billy got into Miley’s stash. Maybe they can go on a father/daughter rehab trip. I smell a reality series!

  • 6 Iconic Images Recreated In One Uninterrupted Shot [Video]

    The Sunday Times, one of the classier British newspapers (no page 3 girls), has released a new ad that takes 6 classic images from fine arts, cinema, TV, and music and combines them into one flowing shot. It’s like one of those crazy Michel Gondy music videos from the 90s condensed into 50 seconds. After watching the ad, also check out the “making of” video that shows the ad from a stationary camera set far back on the set. The amount of work that goes into such a short but complicated video is astounding.

  • Winning Your Breakup [Video]

    The funny folks at Upright Citizens Brigade have come up with the ultimate breakup management company, Victory Incorporated. Imagine a complete takeover and makeover of your social network profiles to give the appearance that you’re happy and you’ve moved on when in reality you’re at home, in your filthy sweatpants, watching that episode of 90210 where Brenda keeps listening to “Losing My Religion,” while you eat pint after pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. Victory Inc may not make you feel better, but it will make your ex feel worse. Honestly, this could be a legitimate business. I’d be tempted to use it.

  • Reporter Confuses Samuel L Jackson and Laurence Fishburne While Interviewing Samuel L Jackson [Video]

    Watch as Los Angeles entertainment reporter Sam Rubin confuses Samuel L Jackson with Laurence Fishburne while interviewing Jackson live on air. Rubin quickly apologizes and tries to steer the conversation towards Robocop, but Jackson doesn’t let him off so easily. On the bright side, there may be a new job opening for an entertainment reporter at that station.

  • Breaking Bad Facebook Lookback Video

    Take a break from watching Facebook look back videos of your friends who travel to exotic places or have happy families and watch this spoof featuring Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Watch as the entire critically acclaimed drama is summed up in a silly video. The use of “LOL” and “YOLO” really change the attitude of the show.

  • Mike Judge Returns To TV With Silicon Valley [Video]

    Mike Judge, the comedic genius behind “Beavis and Butthead,” “King of the Hill,” “Office Space,” and “Idiocracy,” is returning to TV with the HBO comedy “Silicon Valley.” The premise, involving a bunch of computer nerds with brilliant ideas but no social skills to sell themselves, is hardly new territory, but Judge’s take is sure to be refreshing and quite vulgar. The show doesn’t premier until April 6, but HBO has been kind enough to leak this teaser trailer and it looks hilarious. It can’t be any worse than “The Good Family,” right? Remember that? Of course you don’t.

  • Just How Big is Google? Huge. Google is Huge. [Video]

    With Google acquiring more and more tech companies, their presence is becoming ever more ubiquitous. With their current forays into artificial intelligence and robotics, are we getting closer to a Terminator-esque Skynet situation? Probably not. But this video presents the facts about Google’s many business acquisitions and the reasons behind them without falling into David Icke “lizard people” territory. There may be many questions as to the tech giant’s ultimate goal, but one thing is for certain: Google is huge.

  • Heavy Metal Performance Ends With Broken String…On A Piano [Video]

    Classically-trained Ukrainian pianist Viktoriya Yermolyeva has made a name for herself on YouTube as “vkgoeswild” for her incredible renditions of popular rock and heavy metal songs performed on the piano. Recently she was featured on the ultimate heavy metal cruise experience, “70,000 Tons of Metal”-a 5-day festival on a cruises ship in the Caribbean. While performing her version of the Black Sabbath classic “War Pigs” live for the very first time, Yermolyeva’s dynamic playing resulted in a broken string on the piano and a bruised finger on the pianist. Watch more of her amazingly talented videos on her YouTube channel “vkgoeswild.”

  • Ice Sledding In Russia at 96 MPH [Video]

    Anyone can sled down a snowy hill and it’s plenty of fun…if you’re a little baby. Now Russia has taken sledding to the next level by strapping the sled to a speeding car while the sledders try their best to not die. Between this and the Russian city climber we posted pictures of today, I think its time Russia has their own Olympics involving all their crazy sports that the rest of the world doesn’t have the balls (or lack of safety concerns) to engage in.

  • Celebrities Read Mean Tweets: Part 6 [Video]

    Jimmy Kimmel Live recently returned to one of the best bits on late night TV with a sixth installment of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.” Kimmel hopes that the segments will raise awareness of the pain caused by anonymous hating on celebrities in a public forum. You can really see the pain in the eyes of these helpless actors. The most hateful of the tweets comes from Kimmel himself, about his arch nemesis Matt Damon.

  • An Honest Facebook Movie [Video]

    Those damn Facebook “look back” videos just won’t stop. Every time I log in, I am greeted with a dozen new videos from people I barely remember that for some reason I click on. I’ve yet to see one that impresses me and I’m ever so smug about not making one myself. With that being said, the steady stream of videos parodying the look backs are incredible, like the Rob Ford one we posted earlier this week. Instead of creating a fake look back for someone, this video takes the honest route and gives a much more authentic impression of the increasingly useless social network.

  • Amazing Flyover of Antarctica [Video]

    With the winter many of us are currently experiencing, you’re probably thinking how you never want to see snow again. Well you are wrong, buddy. Snow covered landscapes can still be beautiful, just as long as they’re not in your backyard. Take a look at this video of a flyover at Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica at the Italian Mario Zucchelli Research Station and fall in love with snow all over again.

  • Full Length Crowd-Sourced RoboCop Remake [Video]

    Are you pissed off that another one of your favorite childhood movies is being remade by Hollywood with the release of RoboCop next week? Instead, try watching this fan-made, crowd-sourced, scene by scene remake of the already perfect 1987 Paul Verhoeven original. 50 different filmmakers, both amateur and professional, were given different scenes from the original to re-shoot in their distinctive style. This remake has way more heart than anything Hollywood can churn out, and I for one would definitely buy that for a dollar. For more info on the film, check out Our RoboCop Remake.

  • Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday With This Iconic Concert [Video]

    On this day in 1945, iconic musician Bob Marley was born in Jamaica. Although his life was tragically cut short when he died of cancer at the age of 36 in 1981, his creative output has left an indelible mark upon the world. From his early days as a soulful ska singer to his worldwide success as a reggae ambassador, Marley is much more than just someone who’s picture is hung up next to a “take me to your dealer” poster in a dorm room. Taken from his final tour, the following concert video features Bob Marley at his biggest as an international superstar. Filmed in Dortmund, Germany on June 13, 1980, and broadcast on German TV, this was the biggest tour in all of Europe that year. The first 4 songs are performed by the I Threes, featuring Marley’s wife Rita, then Bob takes the stage performing some of his biggest hits.