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Amazing Hyperlapse Tour Of Austria

We are huge fans of hyperlapse videos, but oftentimes the overly serious or just downright bad background music is distracting and confusingly unrelated to the subject. For “A Taste of Austria,” Austrian production team Film Spektakel did something so obvious yet so refreshing–using atmosphere-appropriate sound effects that transport you to…


Bringing Creativity Back To Skating [Video]

Skateboard ramps are cool and they can serve a variety of functions: bike ramp, rollerskate ramp, um….freerunning ramp? Huh, maybe ramps aren’t so multi-faceted. But what if they could double as boats and trains? “Impossible,” you say? Well then you haven’t met the Zenga Bros. The Vancouver-based filmmakers recently teamed…


Epic Dad Joke Duel [Video]

For some reason, all dads develop a corny sense of humor based mostly on puns, with some reports of the onset of the phenomena occurring in the delivery room. The preferred stage for most dad’s and their cringey jokes is the restaurant, where their family and servers are forced to…