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Relive 2014, YouTube Style [Video]

From “Get Happy” to the ALS ice bucket challenge to those real-life, functional Wolverine claws, YouTube has once again compiled all the most viral moments from the past year into one “star”-studded video. And now I have every stupid song from 2014 stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, YouTube.


This Megadeth Medley Is Insane [Video]

In 1983, Metallica fired original lead guitarist Dave Mustaine due to his drug and alcohol abuse and replaced him with Kirk Hammett. Metallica went on to super-stardom with Hammett, but Mustaine has done pretty well with his band Megadeth, too. Over the past 30 years, Megadeth has sold over 50…


Apollo Astronauts Had Filthy Mouths [Video]

We think of the Apollo astronauts as these clean-cut, all-American men who lived and breathed apple pies and bald eagles. And they were. But they were also humans who got frustrated and showed that frustration by uttering the occasional profanity. Popular Science’s always informative and entertaining Amy Shira Teitel explains…


Freediver Walks On Water [Video]

Scuba diving is pretty cool—if you’re a baby who needs to breathe all the time. For a real extreme rush, freediving is where it’s at. And once you master not dying, the best of the best, like freediving brothers Armando and Francisco del Rosario, perform derp-inducing illusions. The original video,…