• Mike Tyson Fights Are Even Better With Street Fighter Sound FX [Video]

    For all of us who grew up playing the Street Fighter videogames in America, we knew the boxer character as Balrog. However, in the original Japanaese version of the game he was known as M. Bison because he was modeled after Mike Tyson. To avoid a lawsuit, the game developers did some name swaps and we ended up with M. Bison as the red-suited dictator played by Gomez Addams in the terrible Van Damme Street Fighter movie. But this was all 20 years ago and nobody is going to sue anymore, so it’s time for Mike Tyson to embrace M. Bison, which he did when he retweeted this video of his fights with sound effects from the videogame.

  • Pharrell’s “Happy” Works Surprisingly Well On Trombone [Video]

    If there’s one thing Christopher Bill’s 130 YouTube videos prove, it’s that he knows his way around a trombone. From classical to jazz to pop, he can do it all. And he doesn’t even need a band. His latest video is a cover of Pharrell’s infectious hit “Happy” made up entirely of trombone loops. What may seem like a goofy novelty is actually an amazing cover that you’ll want to hear more and more. Just listen to that rich timbre! And good news for all you fellow tromboners: Christopher’s arrangements are available on his website.

  • Quiznos House Of Cards/Game Of Thrones Parody Makes For Strange Ad [Video]

    Quiznos was never known for their conventional advertising, as you may remember from those “we love the subs” commercials, and this current ad is no exception. Is it even an ad? Quiznos is mentioned briefly in one scene, but it’s mostly just a pretty good parody of House of Cards and Game of Thrones. With the troubled sub shop recently filing for bankruptcy, is this the sort of move that will turn them around? Who knows! But if the sandwich business doesn’t work out, they seem to have a good handle on producing funny videos.

  • Kurt Cobain Is Alive And He Drinks Fruit Flavored Beer [Video]

    What do Bruce Lee, Kurt Cobain, Elvis, Tupac, Marilyn Monroe, and John Lennon all have in common? You may think it’s that they all died tragically too soon, but Bavaria Beer would have to disagree. The Netherlands’ second largest brewer proposes that those stars are living on a secluded island, aging gracefully while drinking Bavaria Radler fruit-flavored beer. I’m a tad suspect of their choice of beverage, but the commercial is pretty funny, especially when Kurt Cobain gets a disgusting eyeful of an aged Marilyn Monroe.

  • Pepsi Ad Pranks London Commuters With Crazy VFX [Video]

    Pepsi Max UK has released the latest ad in their “Unbelievable” campaign and it is, well, unbelievable. A London bus stop gives waiting commuters a look into an alternate reality where monsters and UFO are commonplace. Cameras outside the bus shelter capture passers-by and places them into all sorts of sci-fi scenes with real-time visual effects. Seeing this before your morning commute may even do a better job at waking you up than drinking the highly caffeinated soft drink.

  • Tom Hanks’ Best Role Yet: Rap Superstar [Video]

    Rap geniuses Buckwheat Groats have teamed up with everyone’s favorite actor, Tom Hanks, for their newest video. Sort of. Well, they rap about Tom Hanks and they superimposed his face, so it’s almost looks like he’s making it rain in the club and drinking Hennessy. What about the lyrics? Well, any song that shouts out “Sleepless in Seattle” director Nora Ephron gets props from us. It’s just too bad that Tom’s own rapper son Chet Haze didn’t come up with the idea first. Maybe Chet can start a feud with Buckwheat Groats.

  • Drummer Plays Every Green Day Song In 5 Minutes [Video]

    Drummer Kye Smith wanted to pay homage to Green Day for getting him into music and drumming when he was young, so he created a medley of all of their songs. Then he played along on the drums. That’s over 90 songs in 5 minutes. If nothing else, this video will remind you how great the first 4 Green Day albums were. Time to fire up Spotify…

  • CNN’s Don Lemon Proves Why We Need Science Education [Video]

    You can’t blame CNN’s Don Lemon for wanting to get to the bottom of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 and with the cable network’s 24/7 coverage of an event we still know very little about, it’s bound to be difficult to find something to talk about. But black holes? Really? At least Lemon prefaces his question of black holes being responsible with “I know it’s preposterous, but…” Then he asks an expert, former Inspector General for the Department of Transportation Mary Schiavo, her thoughts. Wait, why would she know about black holes? “A small black hole would suck in our entire universe so we know it’s not that.” Hmph. Well that’s not true, but at least she wasn’t the one who posed the question. The whole exchange just comes off like a Perd Hapley segment on “Parks and Recreation.”

  • If Google Was A Real Person, Part 2 [Video]

    College Humor has made another “If Google Was a Guy” video and it’s just as great, if not better, than its predecessor. Brian Huskey again stars as Google who must endure nonsensical and disgusting queries from all sorts of people. He even has to cover himself in paint splatters for Jackson Pollock’s birthday a la Google doodle. There’s some topical humor thrown in, with jabs at Google Glass and the NSA. The most amazing part, however, is that Milana Vayntrub is hot even when asking about why her farts stink.

  • Motorcycle POV From Isle Of Man TT Race Feels Like A Videogame [Video]

    This incredible video shows you just what the racers see at the Isle of Man TT Race. Hop on Michael Dunlop’s bike as he races at speeds over 120 mph trying to catch John McGuinness and Cameron Donald. Smack a speedometer on the screen and you’d swear it was a videogame, especially when they take those crazy turns. The best part of the video is that their is no lame EDM track playing, just the sweet sound of the bikes.

  • Arcade Fire Covers “Motownphilly” [Video]

    It looks like Arcade Fire is on a trend of playing unique covers for each city they perform in on their current tour. They covered Canadian indie rockers The Constantines at their Toronto show last week and last night in Philadelphia they played “Motownphilly.” The song that made Boyz II Men famous over 20 years ago may seem a bit of an odd choice for Arcade Fire, and the performance comes off somewhat awkward, but it was a valiant effort. At least they didn’t attempt “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”

  • What Would Die Hard Be Like If It Starred Pugs? Now We Know [Video]

    My only complaint about “Die Hard With Pugs” is that there should be even more pugs. All we get are pug John and Holly McClane and I would have liked to at least see a Hand Gruber pug. And maybe a Sgt. Powell pug, too. Also, I think we can all agree that “A Good Day to Die Hard” would have been much better if John McClane, Jr was played by a pug. I’m not talking about some cop/dog buddy movie a la “Turner and Hooch,” though. I think the character should still be CIA operative John McClane, Jr. He just happens to also be a pug. Somebody get me Hollywood on the phone.

  • Superman With A GoPro Is Better Than Man Of Steel [Video]

    Warner Bros. could have saved a lot of time and money if they had just gone with this simple, fun approach to Superman. Using a DJI Phantom quadcopter, GoPro camera, and little bit of vfx knowledge, this LA team was able to make a better Superman production than Hollywood. I can just imagine in the near future a sky filled with quadcopters trying to capture shots for amateur filmmakers. You want to make millions? Be the person who comes up with a system that will keep the drones from crashing into each other. But until that day of utter quadcopter calamity comes, enjoy the work these guys did and watch the “behind the scenes” to see how it all came together.

  • Wes Anderson Centered [Video]

    One of the first rules many photographers and cinematographers hear is to never center their subjects. In fact, centering is often thought to be amateurish. Well Wes Anderson either never got that memo or just doesn’t seem to care and things appear to be going all right for the guy. After this video, you’ll never  watch his films the same way again. Do you think my roommates would mind if I drew a line down the center of the big screen TV and watched Wes Anderson movies all day?

  • NYC’s Mayor De Blasio Gets Entertainment Advice From Steve Buscemi [Video]

    This Saturday marks the annual Inner Circle Show at the New York Hilton where Mayor De Blasio will be lampooned by reporters, bloggers, and radio and TV personalities. Afterwards, the mayor customarily gives his rebuttal to the friendly ribbing. To help out the new mayor with his act, seasoned entertainer Steve Buscemi gives him advice on acting and ventriloquism in this new video. For more information on this year’s 92nd Annual Inner Circle Show, titled “Stuck With de Bill,” and the charities it benefits, check out the official Facebook page.

  • Lego Robot Breaks Rubik’s Cube Speed Record [Video + GIF]

    The Big Bang Fair, a celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math for young people, was recently held in the UK. One of the highlights of the show was when Cubestormer 3, a robot made from Legos with a smartphone brain, broke the world record for fastest time in solving a Rubik’s cube. The previous record, held by Cubestormer 2, was 5.27 seconds, which was shattered by more than 2 seconds with the new record being 3.253 seconds. The Cubestormers are built with the single purpose of solving Rubik’s cubes. The smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S4, acts as the eyes and brain, examining the cube and figuring out the moves which are then relayed to the Lego Mindstorms robot. And just in case you were wondering how humans compare, the fastest record was set last year at 5.55 seconds. All hail our Lego robot overlords.

  • Terry Crews Returns With Another Crazy Old Spice Ad [Video]

    A new Old Spice ad starring Terry Crews, the most energetic pitchman since the late, great Billy Mays, has premiered and it’s just as bizarre as the rest. Crews stars as himself, excited as always about the newest Old Spice product, this time an electric razor, and also as a wily neck hair about to be shaved off. It’s just as entertaining as the rest and has plenty of shouting to wake you up and get your week started. It may even make you a bit teary-eyed the next time you shave your face.

  • Humanity Continues To Decline As Germany Invents Robot Strippers [Video]

    Japan, consider yourself served. Those creepy Germans have managed to overtake you in sexualized technology with their robot pole dancers unveiled at CeBIT, the world’s largest computer expo held in Hanover this week. The robots were originally designed by artist Giles Walker for an exhibition, but the Germans had the ingenuity to make an app to control them and, as the engineer in the video puts it, “we change them to get bigger breasts.” The robots cost about $39,500 each, but think of it as an investment since you can keep their tips when you have them put on a show!

  • Drone Gets Up Close And Personal With Volcano [Video]

    We live in incredible times. Not too long ago, getting footage like this, especially for cheap, seemed like an impossible dream. But now, for about $1000, you can fly your very own camera-equipped quadcopter, like the DJI Phantom in this video, into the most amazing locations to get shots you never thought possible. How did it get so close without melting? DJI should use this as a promotional film for how badass their quadcopter is.

  • MTV’s Top 20 Turns 30, Here’s The Original Hits [20 Videos]

    In March of 1984, MTV, a channel that at the time was free of teenage moms and Jersey Shore mooks, premiered its Top 20 Video Countdown. At the end of the year, this was the list of the Top 20 of the Top 20. I promise you, they are not all bad, but the bad ones are in fact terrible. Does MTV even have a Top 20 Countdown any more? Do they even have music videos?

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Buys Tank, Crushes Things [Video]

    Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a tank. Arnold Schwarzenegger crushes random objects with his tank. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s now inviting you along for the ride. For every $10 donation to Afterschool All-Stars, you get an entry for you and a friend to win a ride on Arnold’s tank, crushing things with him in California. And because he’s such a good dude, he’s matching each donation dollar for dollar. To enter, head over to Omaze, but hurry up. The deadline to enter is tomorrow.

  • Nothing: A Seinfeld Supercut Of Nothingness [Video]

    Seinfeld was famous for being a show about nothing. “Nothing” takes the notion a step further by removing the people form Seinfeld. Granted, the exteriors with the music at the beginning get old fast, but skip ahead to the quiet shots of nothingness and you’ll feel like you’re at some hip new MoMA exhibit. The “city that never sleeps” with no people in it is a bit eerie but also somewhat calming.

  • Strangers Kissing For The First Time Goes Better Than Expected [Video]

    Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva assembled pairs of strangers and asked them to kiss upon meeting each other for her new video “First Kiss.” As expected, at first they are all awkward with each other, like characters in some sappy romantic comedy, but when they kiss, they go all in. It’s not just a quick peck, it’s full on making out. And miraculously, none of them seem weirded out by the end of it. Hell, I didn’t even know you could have a first kiss without alcohol involved. I guess you learn something new every day.

  • Terrible Track From Daft Punk And Jay-Z Leaked [Video]

    After one listen, it’s not hard to see why Daft Punk never released this track recorded around 5 years ago. The music is fine, but Jay-Z’s rap, centered around Blackberrys and relationship problems, is incredibly hokey. This YouTube uploader was kind enough to transcribe the silly lyrics, so read along while you listen to “Computerized” for the first-and probably last-time.

  • Real Life Better Call Saul [Video]

    Daniel Muessig is a real criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh who has released a commercial that would make Saul Goodman envious. He insists he’s the best to defend you because he himself thinks like a criminal. You can tell just how legit he is by the lengthy disclaimer at the end of the video. Watching this almost makes me want to commit a crime in Pennsylvania just so I can call Muessig to defend me. Almost.

  • Amazing Dad Animates His Son In Dragonball Intro [Video]

    Imagine how cool this kid must be with his group of friends. “What did you get for your birthday?” “A rock tumbler and some stupid mancala game. How about you?” “Oh nothin’ much, my dad just animated himself and me in the opening to Dragonball. But, hey, a rock tumbler, that’s cool.” Brazilian animator Robson Menezes dos Santos has set a high bar for 2014 Father of the Year. I just wish my dad had animated me with the Thundercats. Hooooooooooooo!

  • Chrysler Orders Original Dodge Vipers To Be Destroyed [2 Videos]

    93 first-generation Vipers have been ordered to be destroyed by Chrysler. The preproduction cars were donated to schools to be used for auto shop classes, but somehow two of the not street-legal cars, lacking emission controls or speed-limiters, made it onto public roads and were involved in accidents. Since Chrysler still owns the cars, they were held liable for the accidents. Now Chrysler’s lawyers are demanding the other cars, worth upwards of $250,000, destroyed all because of the actions of a couple of morons. Good work, guys! That’s why you can’t have nice things.

  • Computer Vision Syndrome And You [Video]

    The Atlantic takes on the all too serious issue of “Computer Vision Syndrome” in this video. We RSVLTS know all the well the horrible effects of CVS, but we are just too dedicated to bring you all this fine content every day, dammit. But I know I am willing to take the advice of this video. Now excuse me while I take a break from my computer and go grab a drink somewhere and maybe do a little shopping because, let’s face it, I deserve it. Just don’t tell the other guys.

  • First Trailer for “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For”

    Th long awaited follow-up to 2005’s “Sin City” is set to be released on August 22. The first trailer is now out and “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” is looking even more stylish than the original. Many actors from the original are returning, such as Mickey Rourke, Powers Boothe, and Jessica Alba (thank God), and they will be joined by plenty of actors new to the series such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin, and Eva Green (thank God). 

  • This Putt-Putt Video Will Hit You Right In The Feels

    Did you know that there is a Professional Putter’s Association devoted to putt-putt golf? And they’ve been sponsoring tournaments for 50 years? And in all that time there have only been 3 perfect rounds with a score of 18? This is the story of IT manager Rick Baird and his perfect game. But it’s also an eye-opening video that presents what may seem like a silly, childish sport as a skillful game that few have mastered. And the masters of it seem like really nice dudes.

  • First Marijuana Commercial Debuts On Network TV, Watch It Now

    MarijuanaDoctors.com is a new service that connects patients with physicians for medical marijuana recommendations and to help get the word out they produced a commercial that will begin to air of network TV. As laws around America change it is certainly a brave new world for this booming industry.

  • New Marijuana Study Confirms Everyone Knows You’re High And You Will Be Stoned Forever [Video]

    Aw man, I knew it. I mean, that is to say, I think I overheard some nefarious drug addict types that listen to jazz and use hip slang like “organic quinoa hummus” talking about this sort of thing when I got off at the wrong bus stop one time. But seriously, how long do you think it will take before our parents and grandparents are sharing this startling news story on Facebook? Hey…did you just hear that? I think it’s the cops…

  • Amazing Aerial Footage Of Reindeer Herding [Video]

    Norwegian photographer Jan Helmer Olsen used a hexacopter drone to capture this footage of reindeer herds and the result is incredible. In order to shoot from the air in Norway, Olsen must obtain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority and approval from the National Security Authority. The result is definitely worth the hassle.

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