• Hypnotizing Commercial For Mike’s Golf Shop [Video]

    Mike of Mike’s Golf Shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee, made his own commercial where he lets you know that he buys golf. Did you get that? Don’t worry, he’ll repeat it again and again until that’s all you hear. Could he be the mastermind behind those Head-On commercials (apply directly to the forehead)? The original commercial, made last month on Mike’s iPhone, is now going viral but Mike feels his message may still not be clear. To rectify this, he has just released a video where he sings about buying golf clubs. Maybe he would be less confusing if he took down that “we buy music gear” sign.

  • Incredible Wheelchair Freestyle With Wheelz [Video]

    Aaron Fotheringham, better known as Wheelz, is an extreme wheelchair athlete who recently got together with YouTube filmmaker Devin Super Tramp and Gnarly Nutrition to make this video showcasing his incredible talent. Wheelz, who has Spina Bifida, has been in a wheelchair full-time since the age of 8. He’s adapted skateboard and BMX tricks for his wheelchair resulting in what he calls WCMX. He was the first person to perform a backflip in a wheelchair at the age of 14 and then a double backflip at 18. Watch this video and see this unique athlete in action.

  • Watch This Amazing Time-Lapse Video Of London

    Photographer Paul Richardson spent 8 days cycling around London with his camera gear in October and captured over 18,000 photos, taking up 364 gigs of harddrive space. After weeks of editing, the finished product is the incredible time-lapse of one of the busiest cities in the world titled Restless Nights. See more of Paul Richardson’s work on his Facebook page. 

  • Get Up Close And Personal With Lions In New GoPro Video

    GoPro videos are pretty much the greatest thing ever and the latest release doesn’t disappoint. The GoPro team got together with Kevin Richardson, the lion whisperer, to get amazing closeup footage of lions and hyenas in Africa. At certain points, cameras are even strapped onto the animals to give you their perspective. You better enjoy this video because with ace trophy hunter Melissa Bachman on the loose, there’s no telling how long before there are no lions left. Also, check out Kevin Richardson’s website to see all the great work he does and watch some more videos, including one of him swimming with a lion.

  • GTA V Inspired Texting And Driving PSA [Video]

    Ireland’s Road Safety Authority teamed with Setanta Insurance to create an ad to show the dangers of texting while driving. Titled “Wheelman”, the ad was the result of a contest inviting people between the ages of 15 and 25 to come up with a short movie idea that would appeal to the youth of Ireland. Winner Rory Nestor came up with the idea of a Grand Theft Auto scenario that apparently teaches you that high speed gunfights won’t kill you, but using your phone while driving will certainly end in disaster.

  • Watch Kanye West’s Bizarre Bound 2 Video

    Self-proclaimed “creative genius” Kanye West has unleashed his greatest turd upon the world with his new video for Bound 2, featuring fiance Kim Kardashian. Oh yeah, and she’s naked. Miss Kardashian turns in her greatest acting performance yet, managing to show slightly more interest and excitement than she did in her role as a corpse in her sex tape with Ray J. There is plenty of overly saturated time-lapse photography to look at in the background when you get bored with the simulated sex atop a motorcycle. The romantic lyrics are what save the production, though. “I wanna f– you hard on the sink/After that give you something to drink/Step back, can’t get spunk on the mink”. Creative genius, indeed.

  • What If The Planets Were The Same Distance As The Moon? [Video, GIFs]

    Ever get bored with staring at that same old dull moon day after day and wonder what it would be like if the planets were that close instead? Well check out this awesome video made by YouTube user yetipc1 where he does all the work for us. I’d be cool with most of the planets at such close proximity, but Saturn and Jupiter would both be a bit jarring. Of course, there probably wouldn’t be much sunlight to actually see them if they were that close, anyway.

  • Bob Dylan Releases Interactive Music Video And CD Box Set

    Almost 50 years after being release, one of Bob Dylan’s best known songs, “Like A Rolling Stone”, has received the music video treatment. It’s an interactive video that features such celebrities as Drew Carey, Danny Brown, Marc Maron, and the “Pawn Stars” family lip syncing to the song on different channels that you can switch between while the video is playing. It’s a cool idea and no doubt you’re better off watching these people lip sync than going to an actual Bob Dylan performance these days and watching him incoherently fumble through his set. The video is in celebration of the release of his 47-disc “Complete Album Collection Volume 1″. Volume 1? Really? 47 discs and just volume 1? You hi-tech types can also get the collection on a USB drive with a bonus harmonica case!

  • Brooklyn-The Gentleman’s Rant [Video]

    Warning Brooklynites: Hold on to your vintage typewriter and try not to choke on your Fernet cocktail while you watch this rant on your beloved borough. To be fair, these complaints only apply to a small fraction of Brooklyn. Go to neighborhoods like Flatbush, or East New York, or Coney Island and your complaints will be very different. Still, the no credit card thing is a major pain. Every time you use the shady ATM you lose $5 while gaining a chance at identity fraud. At least the free pizza at Alligator Lounge almost makes up for having to sit next to a dude with a monocle whose unicycle is chained up out front.

  • Chucky Terrorizes Brazilians In Advertising Prank [Video]

    Apparently, a new Child’s Play movie, “Curse of Chucky”, was recently released (I had to look it up, too) and to advertise it’s Brazilian debut, this crazy stunt was devised. In the video, a man dressed as Chucky and wielding a knife, crashes through an ad for the film and terrorizes unsuspecting people (including children!) waiting for the bus. Chances are, this is probably scarier than anything you’ll see in the direct to video movie.

  • Social Media Prank Shows Why You Need To Manage Your Privacy Settings ASAP [Video]

    Many people keep their various social media accounts public and check in everywhere without ever giving a second though to the repercussions. This new hidden camera short from Jack Vale Films shows you why that may not be such a good idea. He approaches random people in public and reveals information about them that is available for anyone to see, and they are still amazed. Some folks even threatened to call the cops for “invasion of privacy”. So update your privacy settings or else you may be the next person approached by a creepy dude in public who may or may not have a hidden camera channel.

  • Take Full Panoramic Photos With Panono [Video]

    Sometimes you’re someplace that’s so amazing that you just don’t know what to take a picture of. You’re so overwhelmed that only a 360-degree picture of everything around you will suffice. For those times and anytime when a full panoramic photo would be cool (always), there’s the Panono. It’s a panoramic ball camera that takes full 360-degree shots in extremely detailed 72 megapixels. To take a picture, simply toss the ball and an accelerometer inside the device calculates when it has reached maximum altitude and snaps a photo. The ball can also be mounted and controlled remotely to take pictures without tossing it around. You can pre-order yours right now with a pledge of $499 Indiegogo. And don’t worry about the goal not being met, they are already more than one-third there just a few days into the campaign. But get yours quick, the $499 early-bird special is almost sold out.

  • Watch The First New Beatles Video Since 1996

    It’s been 50 years since the first album from The Beatles and in celebration of the milestone, Apple Records has released the 37-song “On Air-Live at the BBC, Volume 2″, the first release of new material since the multi-volume “Anthology” collections in 1996. Featured on the new release is this cover of Buddy Holly’s “Words of Love”. The video is a great mix of archival footage and new animation and a great reminder of what made The Beatles one of the biggest bands in rock and roll history.

  • The Man Who Holds The World Record For Holding The Most World Records [Video]

    Ashrita Furman may not be a household name, but he holds the impressive title of most world records from the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course, many of his records are bizarre activities that few have probably engaged in, but as this short film shows, Furman loves what he does and he has a great time doing it. If you’re interested in his records, read through the list on Ashrita.com.

  • Everything Wrong With Back To The Future [Video]

    Cinema Sins ruins your childhood with their video pointing out every mistake in Back to the Future. Many of the “sins” are simple continuity errors that nobody notices anyway, but the ones about time travel are just not fair. When time travel is what propels your entire plot, some holes are to be expected. But varying pens in Geroge’s pocket in one scene? Come on Continuity Supervisor Nancy Hansen, what were you thinking?

  • Hilarious Breaking Bad Alternate Ending [Video]

    Taking a page from 80s sitcom Newhart’s famous series finale, a Breaking Bad DVD-extra features a funny alternate ending where Walter White wakes up in bed next to his Malcolm in the Middle costar Jane Kaczmarek, explaining the entirety of the series as just a bad dream. In just a few minutes, they manage to fit in a ton of jokes about the series. Too bad the two shows didn’t air in the reverse order. A Malcolm in the Middle finale where it’s explained as a meth-induced fantasy would have sort of made sense.

  • David Hasselhoff Sings Fresh Prince Theme, Sort Of [Video]

    Apparently Germany’s love of David Hasselhoff has spread to its neighbor, the Netherlands. Brilliant Dutch super-cut wizard Matthijs Vlot recently released his newest video in which the Hoff appears to perform the theme song from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. Vlot managed to sift through tons of episodes of “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider” and even the made for TV crapfest of a movie, “Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” to create his latest masterpiece. Hopefully the “part 1″ isn’t just teasing us, as this could be the greatest series of videos humanity has ever seen.

  • Harlem Globetrotter Breaks Record For Longest Shot; Season Looks Bleak For Washington Generals [Video]

    Harlem Globetrotters Rookie Thunder Law (was that one of the American Gladiators?) broke the world record for the longest basketball shot yesterday. The former record, a paltry 104 feet 7 inches was shattered by Thunder’s impressive 109 feet 9 inches shot at the Phoenix Suns’ US Airways Center in Phoenix in celebration of Guinness Worlds Records Day. If the Washington Generals were hoping for a repeat of their 1971 season, when they beat the Globetrotters one game, it’s probably not going to happen any time soon.

  • Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History [Video]

    In November of 1993, the first Ultimate Fighting Championship event, UFC 1, was held in Denver, Colorado. 20 years of great fights followed and to celebrate its birthday, UFC has collected the 20 best knockouts from those years. Watching these brings back memories of renting the UFC VHS tapes from the mom-and-pop video store with the huge back room of smut. Nothing like being a kid, drinking Capri Sun, eating Fruit by the Foot, and watching men violently beat each other almost to death.

  • Incredible Video Of Wingsuit Flight Through Narrow Canyon

    When looking for a suitable locale for a wingsuit flight, narrow canyon is probably not at the top of your list. That’s why you’re a boring wimp and nobody likes you. Me too. But brass-balled wingsuit expert Robert “Scotty-Bob” Morgan thought that the frighteningly narrow Beehive Line in Utah’s Great Basin National Park would be a perfect spot to take flight. He was also kind enough to strap a GoPro camera on to capture all the action. Now those of us who have trouble navigating a wide hallway without bumping into every possible obstacle can see what it’s like to not be so bad at life.

  • Man of Steel Gets The Honest Movie Trailer Treatment [Video]

    Screen Junkies has released their latest “honest trailer” and this time the victim is Zack Snyder’s take on Superman, “Man of Steel”. They are sure to point out the blatant product placement, the bad acting, and complete lack of Superman character traits in an effort to give him more “depth”, which apparently meant making Superman into producer Christopher Nolan’s Batman. If you were lucky enough to miss out on “Man of Steel”, do yourself a favor and watch this instead. You’ll save a lot of time and frustration.

  • 6 Time-lapse Videos Showing Foursquare Check-ins Around The Globe

    With over 40 million users worldwide, Foursquare has collected a ton of data about what people do and when they do it in many big cities. Using the check-in  data over a span of one year, Foursquare was able to produce these videos showing a typical day in 6 cities around the world. The morning and evening travel in Japan make for an incredible light show. Why do Turks like checking in at home so much? And check out that nightlife in Hoboken!

  • Three Friends Go On An Epic Cross Country Adventure, Produce This Stunning Timelapse Video

    This summer, three friends left their comfortable jobs of six years to spend two months traveling across the country and teaching photography workshops along the way. Adventure was calling and they felt that it was time to take a risk and get out of their comfort zones. During those two months, they traveled across 32 states , visited 13 national and state parks, and drove nearly 13,000 miles in a (somewhat) trusty old Dodge Caravan… with no cruise control, and produced this stunning timelapse video of our beautiful country.

  • Inspiring Time-Lapse Transformation Of Homeless Veteran [Video]

    Late last week, a video of homeless veteran Jim Wolf went viral and if you haven’t seen it, today, being Veterans Day, is the perfect time to watch it. In the powerful time-lapse production, Wolf gets a makeover to prepare him for a new life. The video brings awareness to Grand Rapids-based Degage Ministries, an organization that helps the homeless with food, hygiene products, job placement, and much more. It’s a good reminder of those in need all around us, veterans or not.

  • How GoPro Became The World’s Best Selling Camera [Video]

    Last night on CBS, “60 Minutes” aired a segment detailing GoPro’s rise from a surfer’s desire for a compact, waterproof camera 12 years ago to the biggest selling camera in the world today. Anderson Cooper interviewed Nick Woodman, the surfer turned camera creator, who is now a billionaire thanks to his invention. We know we love the GoPro and all the great videos made with the cameras over the years and hearing the story behind the company is inspiring. And for those of you who prefer reading over watching the video, check out the transcript on CBS News.

  • Amazing Collection Of Domino Tricks [Video]

    Remember those Domino Rally sets from the 80s where you would buy dominoes that were already set up on tracks so that even the least technical and creatively challenged of kids could make a somewhat impressive display? Well I couldn’t even get those to work right, so watching a video like this doesn’t just amaze me, it makes me extremely angry for not having a fraction of a percent of the talent these people have. Using over 20,000 dominoes and taking 3 months and 2 people on 2 different continents, this video seamlessly links up some of the coolest domino tricks ever. And they probably didn’t even use a Domino Dealer (which I also could never get to work right).

  • Jake Foushee’s Incredible Voice Impressions [Video]

    Jake Foushee is a kid with an incredible talent for voice impressions. Even his normal voice is so different than what you’d expect coming from his mouth, that it seems like another impression. Here he does voices such as Joe and Peter from “Family Guy”, Optimus Prime, and Jason Statham, among others. Just imagine how deep and cool his voice will be when he’s old enough to drink and smoke! Is there any demand for Tom Waits voice impressionists?

  • Rudy Reenactment With Regis And Roc [Video]

    First, I’d like to point out how hard it was to not spell “with” as “rith” in the title. Second, I can’t believe “Rudy” came out 20 years ago. I don’t think Sean Astin has aged a day. And lastly, how can someone like Regis, who has decades of experience doing live TV, look so uncomfortable and awkward in front of a camera? He looks like one of those people who is overly concerned about what he should be doing with his hands. At least Charles S Dutton did a great job and I liked the reference to “Roc”. That was a good show…

  • British Granny Goes Crazy Playing GTA V [Video]

    This granny is frustrated with British Gas and she channels her anger in the most obvious way for an octogenarian: she plays Grand Theft Auto V. As she pummels defenseless passers-by, she shouts some of the filthiest things imaginable, but it all comes off so cute and innocent thanks to her accent. Hopefully she is just watching the action and not controlling the character, because if that’s her playing, she’s way better than I am at these newfangled video games.

  • Watch Swiss Jetman’s Incredible Mt Fuji Flight [Video]

    Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy has been using his custom jet pack to amaze all of us with incredible stunts for almost a decade and now he has taken his high-flying antics to Japan’s Mount Fuji. With his awesome flying contraption, Rossy can reach heights of 12,000 feet and hit a top speed of 190 mph. The range is only about 9 miles, but that’s more than enough for my daily routine. Imagine the awesomeness of a regular trip to Shop Rite: “Could you point me in the direction of the plantain chips? Oh that old thing? It’s just my jet pack. Please ladies, settle down. I’ll take each of you for a ride. With my jet pack.”


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