• Watch Kanye West’s Bizarre Bound 2 Video

    Self-proclaimed “creative genius” Kanye West has unleashed his greatest turd upon the world with his new video for Bound 2, featuring fiance Kim Kardashian. Oh yeah, and she’s naked. Miss Kardashian turns in her greatest acting performance yet, managing to show slightly more interest and excitement than she did in her role as a corpse in her sex tape with Ray J. There is plenty of overly saturated time-lapse photography to look at in the background when you get bored with the simulated sex atop a motorcycle. The romantic lyrics are what save the production, though. “I wanna f– you hard on the sink/After that give you something to drink/Step back, can’t get spunk on the mink”. Creative genius, indeed.

  • The 9 Hottest Carl’s Jr. Commercial Girls of All-Time

    This morning, Sports Illustrated Hot Click’s, Jimmy Traina, announced that Nina Agdal, the model we predicted would land the 2013 cover of SI’s Swimsuit issue, will be starring in the upcoming Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial. Carls Jr. has an amazing ability for locking down the most beautiful women in the world to star in their commercials. Yeah, It’s a fast food company, so no way do any of these girls ever come close to eating Carl’s Jr., but they still get it done, which is impressive. Here we countdown the most beautiful women to star in Carl’s Jr. commercials and the list reads like an all-star team of hotness.

  • Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant Announces Kanye West On Stage, The Mayans Were Right

    The Mayans predicted the world was going to end in 2012 and looks like the prediction came true with 24 hours left in the year.  While on stage at Revel in Atlantic City Kanye West revealed that his girlfriend Kim Kardashian is pregnant. The news hasn’t been confirmed by Kim Kardashian but her sister Khole Kardashian has confirmed the news via Twitter. View Kim Kardashian’s 30 hottest bikini photos below…


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