• The Roosevelts get a tour of The Microsoft Home of the Future

    During our time wrapping up the Windows Phone Baseball Bucketlist tour, the powers that be at Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to let us into their highly secretive home of the future. The home essentially showcases everyday household technology that we’ll be using an estimated 10 years in the future. Johnathan, The Director of Strategic Prototyping and possible mad scientist, gave us the entire rundown of what our future digs will offer and look like. The technology featured in the home is not necessarily the direction well be accustomed to, instead the engineers at Microsoft are encouraged to think in a more non traditional sense and produce software and hardware that skews the perception of technology as we know it now. software that can tell if a plant isn’t getting enough sunlight or nutrition. OLED screens so thin, that they can be used as wallpaper and painted over with normal household paint then used to reveal a subtle message illuminated. Fully interactive tablecloths perfect for a child’s birthday party, or fun dinner party with friends and most importantly, mancaves. Coffee tables that can fully recognize photos and type of a tangible magazine TVs that offer a virtual more »

  • Back To The Future DeLorean Hovercraft Spotted In McCovey Cove

    And we though we were cool kayaking in McCovey Cove… In July Matthew Riese put his DeLorean hovercraft idea on Kickstarter saying “why can’t life be epic?” and people believed in it. With the $5000 Matthew raised he launched the Hover DeLorean in the most epic way possible. The hover DeLorean was spotted in McCovey Cove during Friday’s Rockies vs Giants game crusing around and searching for home run balls. Well done Matthew Riese, you are definitely the Roosevelt of the day.

  • 8 MVP Apps Of The Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List Trip

    Now that the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List trip is complete we had a chance to step back and look at all the apps that helped make three weeks of life on the road more enjoyable and easier for us. We used several dozen apps throughout the trip but here are the MVPs. Photosynth Sometimes it is hard to convey the awe inspiring sights of MLB ballparks (or places we saw while on the road) in words. For those moments there is no better app to have than Photosynth, a panorama app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas. To keep it simple to understand, Photosynth uses the latest in computer vision techniques to capture 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, making a perfect “sphere.” 4th & Mayor We all know Foursquare. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out for a night on the town and in the morning asked myself “where the heck did I go last night.” Foursquare solves that age old question and 4th & Mayor is a quick, clean Foursquare client on steroids. Using 4th & Mayor we checked in from the top of Fenway’s Green Monster and check more »

  • Closing Out The #WPbaseball Bucket List With A Bang At Safeco Field

    Well we finally made it. 12 cities later and The Roosevelts have landed in Seattle ready to cap off the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List Tour with a bang at Safeco Field. Safeco is one of those underrated ballparks with more ammenities than beats the eye. The retractable roof, killer sushi and an art scene that would make even the hippest of Brooklynites blush.

  • Nick Cage Hidden “Easter Egg” At Safeco Field

    During our Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List stop in Seattle we took an art tour of Safeco Field. As we looked at one of the works by Gu Xiong called “The Crowd” we noticed one of the faces in the 24-foot long mural was that of Hollywood icon Nick Cage! It is a nice little Easter Egg that everyone can enjoy when you are in town watching the Ichiro-less Mariners.

  • The Unique Origin Of 5 MLB Team Names

    Red Sox, White Sox, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Who wants to hear about the boring MLB team name’s that exist either for obvious reasons, or local fan polling (see: every recent expansion franchise). The real team names that personify the ‘boys of summer’ are the ones we are most interested in. Sure we’re really only into “our” teams as why else would beat reporters exist if not to keep us interested in things like team history and overlooking HGH allegations? As we roll on with the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List we give you five teams that can at least keep all of our attention until we go back to convincing ourselves we’ll still be in it in October.

  • Seton Hall University is Giving Students A Windows Phone and Tablet

    Seton Hall has a long history of integrating technology into the classroom. They were one of the first campuses in the country to be completely linked up to a wireless network and for almost 15 years they’ve been a ubiquitous competing campus, but this year they’re taking it up a notch. Students will be issued a Nokia Lumia 900 and Samsung Series 7 Slate. The progressive collaboration between Microsoft and SHU is training students to be as tech savvy as possible for the real world. Undergrads not fortunate enough to get a tablet will have to settle for a measly Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook. Word to the wise, keep those gadgets on campus. Newark is literally around the corner.

  • The Week In MLB [16 High Resolution Photos]

    It was a big week for Major League Baseball. The 2012 Hall of Fame class was inducted, there were some amazing pitching performances led by a one-hitter from Edinson Volquez and several celebrities stopped by ballparks across America to watch their favorite teams play. We also posted the latest edition of our MLB Ballparks in Panorama shot using the HTC Titan II so check that out and keep following along as we post Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List content.

  • MLB Stadiums In Panorama: Part II [15 High Quality Photos]

    We finished up our Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List tour on Friday night at Seattle’s Safeco Field. Throughout the trip we’ve been snapping some nifty panorama photos of baseball stadiums all across America using the HTC Titan II – see the first batch of MLB Stadiums in Panorama here. The pictures have come out incredibly well and we decided to pull together some of the best shots for you to enjoy. These picture make great Facebook Timeline pictures, see what we’ve done to our page here.  If you’re interested in making one of the photos below your timeline just simply crop to  851X315 pixels and upload.

  • Angel Stadium of Anaheim Is Disney World For Grown Men

    When you think of Angel Stadium images of the gorgeous waterfalls in center, fireworks after a win and a team with New York Yankees dynasty potential come to mind. When we think of Angel Stadium we think of all of that… plus the hottest moms in the country. Not sure what it is, but the level of hot babe moms in Anaheim trumps any other stadium in America. So all of that glory (the waterfalls, fireworks, moms) combined with the wide variety of signature ballpark food and great views from anywhere in the park make Angel Stadium of Anaheim a “Disney World for grown men”. The fact that Disney also owns the team makes me a little suspicious. Could Disney be planting hot moms in the stands to attract fans and optimize the ballpark experience? Conspiracy theory for another day.

  • Roosevelts Hot Dog Eating Contest At Dodger Stadium, Winner Gets A Date With Kate Upton

    Dodger Stadium. The 3rd oldest ballpark in the country celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this year and we were along for the ride. Although historic value alone would be enough to visit this park, we were going to try and knock off a few Windows Phone Bucket List items that accent the stadium’s rich history. The park was actually built in Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles and was the first west coast ballpark erected in 1962. Although there’s no shortage of parking in the lots, because of the huge differences in elevation around the park, it could be more than difficult to find your gate entrance or will call. The stadium is very basic in aesthetics and what it lacks in appeal makes up for with a throwback to the mod days of circular architecture. The pale yellow seats are the stadium’s staple, but one can’t help but think of a weathered Fisher Price plastic toy when looking at them. Overall the park is in great condition considering it’s age, but now that Magic is in the picture maybe its time for a facelift  to compete with the much more fan friendly, less likely to get shanked, blonde bombshell of a stadium more »

  • Miller Park’s Two-Foot Hot Dog to Celebrate National Hot Dog Month

    A two foot hot dog smothered in sauteed onions, cheese, chili and peppers, and if that’s not enough for you, picture all that goodness living in perfect harmony nestled in a butter glazed pretzel bun. My arm went numb after the first bite, is that bad? The 2.5 lbs of artery traffic was created by Miller Park’s Head Chef John and the brat/dog capital of the country to salute National Hot Dog month and The Roosevelts had the honor of having the inaugural dog to kick off the celebration.

  • Major League Baseball’s 12 Biggest Superfans

    We’ve asked God to bless America, stretched a few 7th innings, and screamed a Neil Diamond song during our baseball bucket list adventure, and along the way we have come across some astounding MLB Superfans. These aren’t your “Kiss Cam” baseball fans. These are the masters of MLB stadium knowledge, the professors of Between Inning Urinal Line Management and Introduction to Nacho Cheese Info Systems. While they will truly be the only people who might actually take you out to the ballgame, there will surely be one lingering thought in the back of your mind as you scour each hero’s prolific summary: What the hell do these people do for income?

  • San Francisco Giants AT&T Park Bucket List

    AT&T Park has the look and feel that all other ballparks should envy and look up to.  The outside’s aesthetic of brick and steel has turned into the staple combination of the modern ballpark and the science of the ballpark may have been all but perfected with AT&T. Every seat in AT&T offers something unique whether it be a view of the kayakers awaiting a home run ball in McCovey Cove or a view of the Bay Bridge from the right field seats. Aesthetics aside, AT&T offers a plethora of signature style foods and drinks true to the Bay area.

  • The 2012 MLB All-Bro Team

    Professional baseball players range from a could-be-your-math-tutor Greg Maddux to a could-be-your-county-lockup-bunkmate John Rocker. Usually we like a Bro somewhere in the middle, the kind of guy who can be paid millions of dollars to play the same sport most of us pee’d our stirrups playing and still seem like someone you’d want to hang out with. Or at least list as an acquaintance on Facebook. These aren’t the only bros in the bigs, but they’d all be a better choice to be around than Kei Igawa.

  • Witnessing MLB History At Miller Park With CraveOnline

    Last week we got to witness MLB history with John Scott Lewinski of CraveOnline at the Milwaukee Brewers game as Aaron Hill hit for the cycle for the second time in two weeks – a feat that hasn’t been done since the last 1800’s. The stadium was amazing and our new friend for life, Miller Park’s executive chef John Demartini, took us on a food tour of the stadium that included a gourmet southwestern menu prepared for fans to honor the night’s opponent, a 26 inch hot dog called the Giant Slugger and a specialty called the Meat Parfait which was four layers of fresh mashed potatoes layered with pulled pork and barbecued beef. All-in-all the day was a huge win for The Roosevelts/America and a crushing loss to our waistline.

  • The 10 Most Popular Major League Baseball Players On The Internet (According To Bing)

    Fire up Bing.com and you’ll find immediate access breaking news, an interactive approach to gaining insightful search results, and the ability to see what the second most popular trend on the internet is after Justin Beiber. Bing knows what you’re looking for, and they keep track of it, so when the world searches for the MLB these are the Top 10 players they’re looking for. As our Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List visits Kansas City for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game we present to you the 10 Most Popular Major League Baseball Players On The Internet (According To Bing). Some of the people on the list may come as a surprise to you so if you want to stay your opinion sound off on Twitter by using the hash-tag #WPbaseball.

  • Highlights From The First Half The 2012 MLB Season [16 High Quality Photos]

    The first half of the MLB season is over already? That went fast! We are in Kansas City for the second to last stop of our Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List journey eagerly awaiting the home run derby and All-Star game and go  to talking about the biggest baseball stories and highlights of the year so far. 2012 is clearly the year of the pitcher but there are also several hitting stars who are having their way with the league including a new class of rookies that will be baseball heros for decades to come. With All-Star break here we take a look back at the biggest news stories of the year to date.

  • Lightning Scares The Sh*t Out Of Twins & Rangers Players On The Field

    During the 4th inning of today’s Twins vs Rangers game in Arlington, TX lightning struck the stadium (or near by) and the ensuing boom of thunder sent players and fans scrambling for cover. We were at the game yesterday for our Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List stop at Ballpark in Arlington, saw Josh Hamilton hit two home runs and a walk-off, all humble brags aside if this happened I would have pee’d my pants a little.

  • How To: Kayak In San Francisco Giants’ McCovey Cove

    For the fifth stop of our Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List trip we learned that kayaking AT&T Park’s McCovey Cove is a great and inexpensive way to enjoy a ballgame with your friends. There are two ways to experience the game from the cove. First, you can rent a kayak from citykayak.com. They are located at Pier 40 only a five minute walk from the stadium. The kayaks are only $35. Keep in mind that you need to kayak from the Pier to the cove which takes about 10-15 minutes. The trip is by no means gruling and you don’t need to be fit like the Winklevoss twins but being in decent shape is a plus. The other way would be to buy a four-person inflatable boat from any camping or sports equipment store. The price to buy, about $120-150, will be just about the same a renting a kayak and you can head into the water from shore of McCovey Cove which is less paddling than if you left from the pier. When you get into the cove get into a spot where you can see the video board inside the stadium and turn on your radio to follow more »

  • 6 Of MLB’s Top Ballparks In Panorama [25 High Quality Photos]

    We are about half way through our Baseball Bucket List tour. Throughout the trip we’ve been snapping some nifty panorama photos of baseball stadiums all across America using the HTC Titan II. The pictures have come out incredibly well and we decided to pull together some of the best shots for you to enjoy. These picture make great Facebook Timeline pictures, see what we’ve done to our page here.  If you’re interested in making one of the photos below your timeline just simply crop to  851X315 pixels and upload. Keep checking back as next week we’ll post another batch of panorama photos from Dodger Stadium, Ballpark at Arlington, Anaheim Stadium, the All-Star Game at Kauffman and Seattle’s Safeco Field. 

  • Yankee Stadium #WPbaseball Bucket List

    Going to Yankee Stadium never gets old. Even though the stadium lost some of its traditional luster after the rebuild, it still makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you walk off the 4 or D to have the mammoth conglomerate of steel and limestone revealed. Around the stadium check out some of the bars like Stans, Dugout or The Hard Rock outside Gate D. On to the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List. Now three things make Yankee Stadium, Yankee Stadium. The history, the team and the fans. Not the suits behind homeplate who wear the occasional Yankee jersey over their dress shirts and leave in the 5th. The fans out in the bleachers who are on a first name basis with Nick Swisher. The Bleacher Creatures.

  • 25 Baseball Road Trip Tips From The Pros

    So you’ve put team schedules side-by-side and mapped out a three stadium weekend baseball road trip. Boston to New York to Philly? Cincinnati to Cleveland to Detroit? San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego? What ever your route is don’t head out on the road unprepared. Take it from us, the easiest way to prevent animosity between three dudes in a small car is to make sure you have all the tools necessary for a good trip. The Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List has us on the road for three weeks so we are as close to road trip experts as there can be so check out our list below and if you think we missed anything let us know on Twitter by using the hash-tag #WPbaseball.

  • Barry Bonds Plate Appearences (Infographic)

    The Tale of Barry Bonds is all too well known by this point. What this infographic, by Craig Robinson, does is visualize the career of the slugger’s home plate appearances through the years. Stats dont lie. Question is in an age where performance enhancing drugs dominated the clubhouse, should stipulations against Barry really matter? Those days of will forver remain baseballs grey area. Via: Flip Flop Fly Ball  

  • Fenway Park Baseball Bucket List

    As hardcore Yankee fans it is tough for John and I to say positive things about the Red Sox but if there was ever a reason to praise our rivals to the north it would be their stadium. Fenway Park is one of those gems that goes beyond just baseball. It is an American icon that is celebrating it’s 100th birthday so the timing of our visit was perfect. Although the Sox lost to the Blue Jays we picked a great game to attend. The weather started off perfect then around the 6th inning Mother Nature turned on the faucet and the game went into a rain delay. Omar Vizquel danced and lightning struck near by. To avoid the downpour our crew, along with the guys from Bleacher Report, went over to Who’s On First for a few beers then after two and a half hours the game resumed with only a few hundred people in the stands. We saw David Ortiz hit two homeruns and Jose Batista hit a bomb over the Green Monster. We got to hang out with a lot of great fans, the Sox let us sit in John Henry’s seats for a few innings and more »

  • Subway Series Bucket List at The New York Mets’ Citi Field

    What better way for us to kick off our #WPbaseball Bucket List than visiting one of the great new American ballparks located at 12001 Roosevelt Ave in Flushing, NY with a few close compadres who just happen to run some of the top lifestyle and sports destinations on the web. When you ask a Mets fan about Citi Field their response usually entails a good story about how “this is the year” (if it’s spring training) or “it’s a rebuilding year” (if it’s after July). Low blows aside Mets fans will also pridefully tell you that every seat in the park has a great view of the action on the field. As you’ll see from the videos and photos from our first stop, Citi Field had charm and plenty of great baseball bucket list items to keep us busy. The stadium is only a few years old but has quickly added an arsenal of food, attractions and interesting superfans. Basically everything you need to avoid watching The Mets.

  • Boston Red Sox Fenway Park In Panorama [5 High Quality Photos]

    On Monday night our #WPbaseball Bucket List trip took us up to Boston for the Red Sox game against the Toronto Blue Jays. HTC Titan II has an incredible panorama function built into the phone so that, combined with the 16 mega pixel camera, make for some photographic magic. At each ballpark of the trip we are shooting scenic and iconic views in panorama. Check out last week’s images from Citi Field, see our schedule here for future dates and check back for panoramic photos from Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field and more.

  • Omar Vizquel Dances To Party Rock Shuffle During Fenway Rain Delay

    Last night we were at Fenway for the Blue Jays vs Red Sox game. It was the second stop of our #WPbaseball Bucket List tour. With two outs in the top of the 7th inning Mother Nature started pummeling Fenway with rain and horrific lightning so the game went into a delay. Determined to cross Sing Sweet Caroline off the bucket list we walked across Yawkey Way to Who’s On First with the guys from BeacherReport to wait things out. After a two hour rain delay we went back into the stadium. With only a few hundred fans still in attendance the music crew decided to turn the stadium into “Club Fenway” pumping the hottest summer clubs songs you can think of. It was a blast. Fans who stuck around were clearly throwing a few brews back during the wait and were dancing in the aisles and seats with hopes of getting on the jumbotron. Omar Vizquel even got into the action and made it on the jumbotron for about 10 seconds. I was pissed at myself for fumbling the HTC Titan II and not being able to get video in time of Omar’s jumbotron appearance, which whipped the crowd into more »

  • Scenes From Interleague Play Around MLB [30 High Quality Photos]

    This past weekend American and National League teams faced off for interleague play action. A key game was the Yankees vs Mets Subway series face off at Citi Field. We kicked off our Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List tour on Saturday night at Citi Field with some friends, more on that soon. Did you see our panorama photos of Citi Field? Amazing! Keep following along on The Roosevelts or on Twitter, #WPbaseball. This week Jonathan Papelbon blew a save and paid teammate Jim Thome $5,000 to hit a walk off, game winning homerun. Kevin Youkilis was traded to the White Sxo and left the team in epic fashion and the Yankees stopped R.A. Dickey’s hot streak in it’s tracks. Here is the past week in baseball in all it’s high quality glory, including a few photos we shot ourselves using the HTC Titan II, can you tell which ones we shot? Read on…


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