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  • NFL Week 2 Power Rank Revealed

    Week one of the NFL has come and gone and one thing is for certain, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are without a doubt the front runners for the Super Bowl. Week two power ranks have been released by CBS Sports and the Broncos have jumped ahead of the 49ers as the top team in the league. See where your team stacks up below.

  • Jimmy Kimmel Twerk Pranks the World

    A couple months ago the now infamous “Twerk Fail: Girl Catches Fire Video” was released in the the wild world of YouTube and in recent weeks the video has gone outbreak style viral. Well, you guys, it was all a hoax. Kimmel got us good and for all you skeptics out there, congratulations, nerds, you were right. Here is the video Kimmel released last night, boasting about how he punk’d us all.

  • Luxury Underground Bachelor Bunker

    A two-bedroom property up for sale in Las Vegas is creating quite a stir and it’s all because the property includes a luxurious bunker 26 feet underground. Built in the 1970′s by Girard B. Henderson, a wealthy businessman, it was built to be able to withstand nuclear blasts during the Cold War. Fully equipped with a heated pool and a water fountain, a sauna, two bedrooms, a guest house, an indoor putting course, a bar, and even a dance floor and yes, there’s an underground yard that surrounds the home on all sides. Now up for sale for $1.7 million, the property includes the two-bedroom underground level, the one-bedroom underground guesthouse for Will Smith, the two-story and two-bedroom house above ground, the four-car garage, and over an acre of property.

  • Drone’s Eye View of Burning Man 2013

    Drones are all the rage right now. So it’s inevitable that someone would bring one to the trendiest non-festival festival in America. There were so many drones at Burning Man that there was almost a drone midair collision at 0:14 of this video.

  • Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” Was Released 10 Years Ago Today

    Fast forward 50 years into the future and “Hey Yeah!” will be an iconic song that represents a generation. Need proof? Just this year Grantland.com named it the best song of the millennium after a March-Madness style bracket of 64 songs. And it all began 10 years ago today when “Hey Yeah!” was released.

  • ODB Hologram Performs with Wu Tang at Rock The Bells

    Game over, Wu Tang. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s about to shut down the internet. O.D.B., AKA Peanut the Kidnapper, AKA Little Billy Clinton, AKA Rusty, AKA Dirt McGirt, AKA Joe Bananas, AKA Freeloading Rusty, AKA Dirt Schultz, AKA Big Baby Jesus, AKA Knifey McStab lives on in the form of a halogram performing with Wu Tang at Rock the Bells. Wu Tang performed all the favorite tracks that O.D.B. contributed to and the eerily surreal performance brought back memories when it was a Wu world.

  • Virgin Galactic Completes 2nd Successful Supersonic Launch (Video)

    Virgin Galatic is setting out to be the first company to offer civilian space travel and in their first two test launches have had flawless success. Richard Branson, Virgin’s CEO, announced SpaceShipTwo‘s success via YouTube on September 5th. The ship uses a unique feather mechanism in second supersonic flight to slow the flight down after it hits high velocity speeds. Branson has been dedicating a majority of Virgin’s assets to this project and more so than not, when Sir Dick, dedicates himself to something, it usually works out.

  • Under Armour Speedform Running Shoes

    A running shoe that actually fits like a running shoe should. UA took inspiration from spacesuits and paired it with the material innovation of a bra to create the seamless heel cup…the holy grail of fit. UA Speedform is an entirely new way of making footwear. Its form fit outsole gives the impression of a stretchable sock. That combined with Under Armour’s chafe-free 4D Foam and signature material makes for a revolutionary running shoe. Under Armour Speedform Running Shoes $120  

  • J.D. Salinger Movie Sheds Light on the Mysterious Author

    J.D. Salinger was always known to have been a bit of a shut in, said to have been the Howard Hughes of authors, Salinger’s time in the lime light after writing The Catcher in the Rye was said to have been too much for him. SALINGER features interviews with 150 subjects including Salinger’s friends and colleagues who have never spoken on the record before as well as film footage, photographs and other material that has never been seen. Additionally, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Edward Norton, John Cusack, Danny DeVito, John Guare, Martin Sheen, David Milch, Robert Towne, Tom Wolfe, E.L. Doctorow, Gore Vidal and Pulitzer Prize winners A. Scott Berg and Elizabeth Frank talk about Salinger’s influence on their lives, their work and the broader culture. The interviews talk of Salinger’s time as a counter intelligence investigator in the military to his time at his secluded cabin.

  • College Football Style Trends Across America [Infographic]

    Every year, fans across the nation gather for the finest tailgating in the country. NCAA® Football Fans across America have traits and styles that are specific to the regions where their schools are located. Some styles have become tradition and some, for better or worse, will pass within a year or two. Using the latest data available on the internet and fan submissions from RSVLTS.com, we’ve dissected each region’s style to give you a detailed look at college football trends across America.

  • Lucy Mecklenburgh Wants To Be A Bond Girl [16 Photos]

    22-year-old Lucy Mecklenburgh has been trotting around the globe partying it up in some of the hottest destinations on Earth. She was most recently spotted in Ibiza and was quoted in FHM saying that she would like to be a Bond girl in the future. As you’ll see in these photos for FHM UK ‘s October 2013 issue Mecklenburgh has the looks to be a future Bond girl and that is usually the first prerequisite.

  • Real Life Tony Stark, Elon Musk, Channels Iron Man with 3-D Gesture Technology

    If you’re not familiar with Elon Musk yet, he’s a South African born version of Tony Stark, the fictional billionaire, genius, superhero playboy. Though he might not be the playboy socialite Tony is, it’s probably because he’s too busy, building space travel rockets or a Hyper loop train that can take you from San Fransisco to LA in 30 minutes or being the CEO of Tesla Motors. I’m not exactly sure if Musk created what you are about to see as an ironic gag (because of the constant Tony Stark comparisons) or has been working on it for years, but he basically took the hand gesture technology from the Iron Man movies and built a Leap Motion controller to manipulate 3D designs, Musk even notes the film in his dialogue. “If you can just go in there and do what you need to do — just understanding the fundamentals of the thing should work, as opposed to figure out how to make the computer make it work, then you can achieve a lot more in a lot shorter period of time.” Says Musk Musk uses three different type of gesture based design, from a simple desktop to an immersive virtual reality more »

  • Photo of the Day: LADEE Spacecraft Lifts Off Over New York City

    A night launch of NASA’s newest spacecraft to the moon – the LADEE spacecraft – on the U.S. East Coast on Friday, September 6, 2013 at 11:27p ET prompted many fine photos. The launch took place at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, 200 miles south of New York CIty, but despite this and tons of light pollution former NASA photographer Ben Cooper took an amazing photo from the Top of the Rock.

  • Coleman NXT Grill

    When it comes to grilling there is Coleman’s NXT Grill and there is everything else. This compact beast fits 18 burgers at one time, 20,000 BTUs for cooking intensity, and folds like a Transformer allowing it to fit in your trunk with ease. Did we mention the no-spill grease cup that prevents grease stains while you’re hauling it? Anyone who’s ever tried to lug a greasy travel grill home knows the crime scene, you could open up your trunk to.

  • The Pat Tillman Tunnel at ASU is Inspiring to Say the Least

    The Arizona State football team will now have the inspiration of Pat Tillman, an ASU grad and Arizona Cardinals player from 1998-2001, when he turned down a contract offer of $3.6 million over three years after the season to enlist in the Army in 2002. He was killed in Afghanistan in 2004. The ‘Tillman Tunnel’ was installed this season to lead players on to the field before a home game. If that doesn’t give you chills, absolutely nothing will. View more photos and the full story at NESN

  • The New RoboCop Movie looks RoboTASTIC!!

    Sam Jackson, Mike Keaton and Commissioner Gordon sharing the screen with a half-robot police man. I’m sold. I really don’t need to write any more, but I will. This movie is going to be chalk full of good ol’ fashioned action. Unadulterated, guns blazing, robot crushing, not so distant future action. Joel Kinnaman plays the new matte black RoboCop fully stocked with an armory of weapons, a cool face lazer line and the struggle for human emotion. With the help of some CGI, director, José Padilha looks like he put together one heck of a remake. February 7, 2014.

  • The 10 Best NFL Tailgating Cities In America, Green Bay Packers Land At #1

    Tailgating. a right of passage for any sports fan in America. On any given Sunday in the Fall, parking lots in NFL cities swell with thousands of grill masters cooking up a wide variety of specialty foods on their Coleman NXT Grills. From porter house steaks, meticulously marinated in a secret passed down recipe to full pig roasts (we’re looking at you Oakland) the food choices are endless. Having the proper tools could be the difference between a Gatorade shower and a tailgate shunning. If all that talk of tailgating, football and pig roasts isn’t getting you antsy enough for the season to kick-off, we’re about to put it over the edge. For the past month we have been counting down the top 10 cities for tailgate grilling in the NFL and today we finally reveal number one. 10. Pittsburgh Steelers There is no denying that the Steelers have one of the most dedicated fan bases in the world. Just look at their highly successful “Terrible Towel” marketing campaign that has been duplicated hundreds of times over by sporting teams and corporations. At a tailgate you’ll meet plenty of fans who are willing to share their food and keep an more »

  • In Honor of Freddie Mercury’s 67th Birthday, Iconic Concert: Queen, Live Aid 1985

    Picture hearing a tune. Any tune, then having the ability to belt out that tune at the top of your lungs with perfect pitch whenever the f*ck you wanted. That was Freddie Mercury. He had that voice that comes once in a generation, a four-octave vocal range that combines with a flamboyant on stage persona that sky rocketed Queen as one, if not the best band of all time. Their  1985 Live Aid concert was arguably the most iconic concert of the century, battling The Beatles rooftop show. Here in full is Queen’s entire set at Live Aid. British comedian Rhys Thomas for Rolling Stone: “That’s the greatest Queen moment of all time,” Thomas says of the band’s famous performance at London’s Live Aid charity concert in 1985. “Freddie was actually told he couldn’t sing – he had throat nodules. But he still went on. That was a turning point for Queen’s career. Freddie had gone solo, and their last album [1984's The Works] didn’t sell well. The band was on a break, pretty much, and Bob Geldof said, ‘You’ve got to do this thing.’ They weren’t even on the bill yet when it sold out. They did a medley of five songs more »

  • The Most Unique Burgers in the U.S.

    The most ‘Murican food there is. The hamburger. The one food item that unites an entire country, also shares the ability to be as distinct as the chef wants. Any well established American cookery takes pride in their signature burger and if you span the 50 states, you’ll be able to find some interesting signature recipes from lobster topped to peanut butter jelly.

  • 8 Legendary Quarterback Who Never Matched Peyton Manning’s Second Half Stats…In An Entire Game

    At the start of the second half of last night’s game the Denver Broncos we’re trailing defending Super Bowl champs The Baltimore Ravens by three points. That all changed when Peyton Manning had, arguably, the best second half of a game in NFL history. He went 16-23 passing with 302 yards and 5 touchdowns in 30 minutes of play, completely dismantling one of the best teams in the league. To put it into perspective, Mike & Mike gives us the following quarterbacks who have never thrown for 300+ yards and five touchdowns in a game, let alone one half. Peyton Manning: 302 Yards, 5 TDs in second half on Thursday

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