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  • Gmail Launches Money Sending Google Wallet Feature

    Google is just making enemies left and right, announcing a merge of Google Wallet and Gmail, allowing users to send and receive payments using only their gmail. People still haven’t figured out how to use PayPal and now Google has to go and launch, this painfully easy way to exchange tender? I smell world domination. All transactions will be under the super encrypted Google Wallet Purchase Protection also covers 100% of “eligible unauthorized transactions.” They make it so simple, don’t they?

  • Man Meal: Guy Gourmet (Book)

    Rejoice, a cookbook targeted toward the guy who wants to cook like a man and eat healthy. From Adina Steiman, the food and nutrition editor of Men’s Health, and Paul Kita, who oversees the Guy Gourmet blog on MensHealth.com, Guy Gormet features healthy recipes from the palettes of Thomas Keller, Rick Bayless, Kenny Callaghan, Tyler Florence, Adam Perry Lang, Chris Lilly, Anita Lo, Masaharu Morimoto, Seamus Mullen, Eric Ripert, John Stage and Marcus Samuelsson and other highly respected chefs, giving you a play by play on how to enjoy cooking like a man without your arm going numb.  The ideal cook book for summer if you want to stay healthy and lean. Soon you won’t even have to suck in when you look in the mirror. Guy Gourmet $15.26      

  • Kobe Bryant Tweets a Grotesque Picture of His Surgery, Crosses Social Media Boundaries

    In case you’ve been living under a rock the past couple months, Kobe Bryant has taken up social media in an unprecedented way. After rupturing his achilles tendon, Kobe has embraced the 21st century and has quickly ascended my Power Rankings of Favorite Tweeters and Instagrammers. Congrats Mamba, you’re my number one! Recently, he’s been giving updates on his rehab as he tries to prove his haters wrong and comeback from his most devastating injury of his career. But Kobe crossed a line this past week. A social media line, that is usually reserved for the creepy people on the internet not named Kobe. He Instagrammed a picture of his achilles surgery and it was the most disgusting picture I’ve seen since Kevin Ware’s broken leg made its way on the interwebs.

  • Does Tiger Deserve Forgiveness from Golf Fans?

    Tiger Woods is once again the top ranked golfer in the world, but is still among the top most hated athletes in America.  Apparently, cheating on your wife is the worst thing you can do in the sports world short of killing dogs.  Sorry, Michael Vick, most people hate you more than Tiger.  However, I digress.  Tiger Woods is finally starting to rebuild his character, but does he deserve to be forgiven?

  • The Perfect Athlete (video)

    Meet, Shane Perkins, the world champion and Australia’s fastest track cyclist. Shane is more machine than human at this point in his career, tossing away human emotion and sacrifice like a piece of lint flicked off a shirt. He is, essentially, the Ivan Drago of track cycling. “Shane is finely tuned to be like a Formula 1 car, he just needs that exact body function and biomechanics in order to perform at the optimal level”, says Arnaud Domange, Shane’s soft tissue therapist.

  • Breckenridge Brewery x Topo Designs Urban Outdoor Pack

    A bit unusual for a a top teir bag designer like Topo to collab with a brewery, but it all makes sense when you look a little deeper. The bag was made for urban or rural outdoor excursions, all while housing a collapsable 6 pack cooler, to house your ale-needs on a hot summers day. Rugged enough to endure a mountain forest while hip enough to hold its own in an urban concrete jungle. Outdoor Pack $140

  • Edita Vilkeviciute Gets Us Amped For Summer

    And here is 24 year-old Edita Vilkeviciute showing us what all the beautiful women across America who show at H&M will be wearing this summer at the beach. The Lithuanian model who is a regular with Victoria’s Secret r has been all over the web if late some if you want to check out some more pictures visit our Edita Vilkeviciute channel.

  • TAG Heuer Automobile Club de Monaco Black Edition (Watch Wednesday)

    Designed for the automobile club of Monaco, in super limited quantity, 225 watches to be exact, coated in titanium carbide and features sub dials at 3 and 9 o’clock as well as a date display at 6. The watch pays homage to  the king of vintage Heuer, 1970s Black Monaco, which is so rare, Heuer can’t even confirm it actually existed. The AMC features a orange “sahara” lining and a steel folding buckle with safety push buttons. $8,200 Available in June 1970 Black Monaco, One of the rarest Heuer’s on the planet      

  • Google Launches Streaming Music Subscription Service: Google All Access

    Google made a game-changing announcment today at Google I/O, revealing the launch of a music service, Google Play Music All Access. Set for a Wednesday launch date in the United States for $9.99 per month. People who sign up by June 30 will pay $7.99. The news is a big deal to all users who frequent Spotify, Pandora, Slacker and iHeartRadio, claiming that the platform will be “a uniquely Google approach to a subcribtion music service.” Google is no stranger to music, already having services that allow users to upload 20,000 songs to any android device in Google Locker, and Google Music, a service that allows users to purchase music. Claiming All Access to be the ultimate explorers experience, making the search for any music genre easier than the available networks out there. All Access, creates suggested music for you based on your listening preferences, as well as featured suggestions from the “music experts” at Google. When you drill into the genre section you’ll be able to browse for featured albums, top albums and (what I personally thought was the coolest arm) Key Albums that define a specific genre. Here’s where it gets “Google”. Every Song you play has the more »

  • Best Skits From Kristen Wiig Hosting SNL

    Kristen Wiig was on the other side of the SNL fence last Saturday, hosting for the first time since leaving the show last season. She came back in style, bringing with her some of our favorite characters from her days as a cast member. The Californians, Target Lady, Garth and Kat and Lawrence Welk all came back to say hello, and with them the nostalgia that made Wiig a household name. She also came at us with a couple new characters that will have you on the floor, rolling in true Kristen Wiig form. Hands down, the best skit of the night was about a new show on The Disney Channel  “Aw Nuts! Mom’s a Ghost!” is about a family with a dark past, but now with more spirit than ever. Wiig’s performance was a lot to live up to and the skits were funny, but sub-par given Kristen’s history and on screen amity with the current cast. The skits below we’re the funniest of the show, but we expect more from a cast member who’s jersey is already up in the rafters after a year of departure.  

  • 101 Things to Do in Vegas (Infographic)

    Yes, when you think Vegas, baby! you think of the casinos, clubs and day pool parties with women who look like their out of a Maxim shoot. But Vegas has a lot more to offer outside of the strip, 101 things to offer actually. This infographic highlights some of the lesser known activities that could split up your binge long weekend in Vegas. They might just make you not want to off yourself on the flight home.

  • Ranking Subway’s Athlete Roster from Worst to First

    When they aren’t having adults speak like children, or promoting avocados like they are extinct, Subway has some pretty awful commercials. Despite that fact, they have a very impressible roster of professional athletes. Subway claims to be the “official training restaurant” of said sports’ stars… which sounds like a load of crap, but who are we to argue? Outside of the major athletic gear companies, you’d be hard pressed to find another company that boasts as much talent as Subway. I wanted to rank them by their acting performances, but the commercials are so bad, they don’t really provide anyone the opportunity to shine, so lets rank em by their athletic accomplishments for no reason.*

  • Nina Agdal Will Make Hump Day A Little Easier [25 Photos]

    We’re so close to Memorial Day Weekend I can taste it. This is going to be a vicious hump day so we’ll try to ease the pain with 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model* Nina Agdal modeling for Banana Moon swimwear. The two time Swimsuit model (2012 photos and 2013 photos) made her Super Bowl debut in February but we’ve been singing her praises for over a year now. * In no way can we prove this but if she doesn’t land the cover there is something wrong with the world.

  • RSVLTS & America Team Up for Our Line of Patriot Gear

    Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, The RSVLTS store has unveiled the American Dream Team Tank and Cap’n’Merica snapback hat. Go ahead, empower yourself and put the 2nd Amendment to good use by showing off the guns in this tanktop with a patriotic color way that pays homage to the greatest team ever assembled for the greatest states ever united. Made with American Apparel fabric to ensure quality. The unique stars and stripes snapback features a raised embossed RSVLTS logo that screams “I’m American and you know that, because I’m wearing this hat that screams America.” Get them now to ensure you have them in your hands by MDW.

  • Why Dwight Howard Has Played His Last Game With The Lakers

    The postseason is over for one of the most disappointing Los Angeles Laker teams in history. At the center of it is Dwight Howard. Los Angeles was the focal point for what was probably the only interesting storyline at the end of the regular season, but the all the air left the tires once the post-season started. The Lakers made us all believe in a dream, then they splashed the water on our faces and woke us up. The biggest question of the Lakers off-season is the same one as last year. Will Dwight Howard wear the purple and gold next year?

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine Will Be Your New Favorite TV Show

    Andy Sandberg, stars in this new single camera, cop-medy about life as a detective in the NYPD. Sandberg, plays the best detective on the force, but he just can’t seem to grow up. Melissa Fumero plays Amy Santiago, a smoking hot fellow cop with something to prove, as well as Terry Crews (Old Spice Powerman), Joe Lo Truglio (I Love You Man’s high voice guy) Stephanie Beatriz and Chelsea Peretti.

  • Incase 2013 Spring Camo Collection

    Incase is takes on the biggest trend of the season, with a camo line of day packs. The line is made up of durable twill construction alongside a specially designed custom camouflage pattern. The full line includes the likes of Incase’s DSLR Sling Pack, DSLR Pro Pack, Range Backpack and Campus Pack. The Campus Pack is accented with a bright orange base and Range with black base. Incase Custom Camo $59.95 to $149.95  

  • 30 Iconic HQ Photos of the Seaside Heights Roller Coaster

    The Jet Star roller coaster in Seaside Heights, NJ plunged off Casino Pier and into the ocean during Superstorm Sandy and the remnants of the coaster have become an iconic symbol of Sandy’s damage in the months since the storm struck. Over the next 48 hours workers will demolish the coaster to make way for a new pier and also bring safe swimming and surfing conditions to Seaside as the town gears up for the first summer since the Superstorm. We pulled together iconic photos of the coaster in the ocean so we remember the Superstorm. Update: there is a live video stream of the demolition. Watch it here >> Donate to the Red Cross >>

  • Dejected Faces of Toronto Maple Leafs Fans [17 Photos]

    The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t made it to the NHL Playoffs in nine years, so when they went into the third period of game 7 against the Boston Bruins, with a two goal lead and 90 seconds lwft, the fans partying on the streets of Toronto had a lot to cheer about. Then one of the most epic collapses in hockey history occurred and the Bruins pulled off a come from behind victory for the ages. Lucky for us, photographers, Rick Madonik and Vince Talotta were there to capture the pure dejection. Not that we want to throw salt in the wound of Maple Leaf fans, but while Boston was cheering this is what was happening up in Toronto. 

  • Roger Federer vs. A Fly (Video)

    For Roger’s latest swat conquest, he takes on the illusive fly. A commercial released today for the Nike Free Trainer 5.0, shows how the shoe mimics the natural motion of the foot with its Chinese finger trap-inspired upper and Nike Free sole. See what fate the little buzzer suffers as Fererer tries his best to use his tennis skills in house.


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