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  • The 11 Types Of Girls You Will Meet on Tinder

    Tinder is an app for your iPhone that allows you to flirt with people near by but in an anonymous sort-of way. It launched last September but is really starting to catch steam in the last few weeks. If you’re new to the Tinder game here are the 11 types of girls you’ll meet. See the full list on Brobible.com >>

  • Notre Dame Student Sinks Half Court Shot To Win $18K

    This morning during ESPN’s College GameDay and Notre Dame senior named Casey Murdock stepped up to half court for a chance to win $18,000. All he had to do is sink a shot and as you see in the GIF created by Guyism Casey woke up on the lucky side of the bed today and walked out of the arena with a nice chunk of change.

  • The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookies Revealed [167 Photos]

    Kate Upton may have landed the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue for a second year in a row but the real story should be the 2013 rookie class as revealed in this leak by Fashioncopious.com. Two rookie beauties, Katherine Webb and Hannah Davis, are already well-known for their high profile relationships and career moves that include commercial and modeling successes. The other three models on the list have had success in their own right and the appearance in 2013 Swimsuit will send their name into the Google Search stratosphere when the issue is released on February 12th. Our early favorite for Rookie of the Year would have to go to Hannah Davis who landed a coveted placement on this year’s cover, see the upper right corner. Back in 2011, Kate Upton landed this placement on the cover and eventually was crowned Rooie of the Year.

  • Kate Upton Is The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Model

    FashionCopious On February 12th the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover will be released on Late Night with David Letterman. The identity of the swimsuit cover model is typically one of the best kept secrets in the publishing industry but today it looks like this year’s cover has been leaked by fashioncopious.com.  If this is in-fact a leaked photo of the real 2013 issue and not a really, really good fake Kate Upton will be the queen of the modeling world for the second year in a row. This would also dispell very convincing rumors started by The Daily Mail that Nina Agdal had landed the cover. Back on December 18th TMZ published photos of a Kate Upton bikini busting shoot in Antarctica. According to TMZ these photos were for a  ”super-secret Sports Illustrated cover shoot” and now it looks like these images were for the 2013 cover.

  • ’90s Child TV Actors Who Made it (15 Photos)

    Everyone knows about the Timberlake’s of the celebrity circuit. Those child actors that have killed it since birth, but what you might not know is that some of our favorite actors as children have made it back into the contemporary TV and movie scene.  

  • Doug Flutie Is Trying To Become A Knuckleball Pitcher

    What does it take to become the next great knuckleball pitcher? Most pitchers don’t know the first thing about throwing a knuckleball so it is reasonable to believe that someone with a decent arm could be molded into the next R.A. Dickey. Just look at the greatest knuckleballers of our time. R.A. didn’t start throwing his knuckleball until he was a 32 year old minor leaguer looking for a hail-mary pass to keep him from getting cut. And Tim Wakefield, he was drafted as a third baseman but realized he would never make it to the big leagues as a position player so he worked with knuckleball legend Phil Nikro to develop the pitch. MLB Networks is producing a reality show called “The Next Knuckler” in which Doug Flutie and four other former college quarterbacks are taught by former big league pitcher Tim Wakefield how to throw the knuckleball. The pitcher that wins the competition will receive an invitation to pitch with the Arizona Diamondbacks during Spring Training. Your browser does not support iframes.

  • The Science of Bluffing (infographic)

    Bluffing is a form of deception that is common and essential in Poker as well as many everyday situations. The body unconsciously leaks ‘gestural slips’ (aka “Poker Tells”) so if you know what you are looking for, you stand a better chance of calling your opponents bluff. Lie detection experts can spot deception a mile off and using our guide, you will be able too.   Via: Visual.ly

  • Photo of the Day: Powerful Nor’easter ‘Nemo’ As Seen From Space

    The U.S. East Coast is about to get romped by a massive winter storm comprised of two low pressure systems that are merging to create one large superstorm. The NOAA’s GOES-13 satellite captured this fascinating image at 9:01 a.m. EST, showing clouds associated with the western frontal system stretching from Canada through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, into the Gulf of Mexico. The comma-shaped low pressure system located over the Atlantic, east of Virginia, is forecast to merge with the front and create a powerful nor’easter. The National Weather Service expects the merged storm to move northeast and drop between two to three feet of snow in parts of New England. See the full size image here >> Credit: NASA

  • NY Rangers Reporter John Giannone Gets Hit In Face With Puck, Keeps Reporting (Video)

    Being a sports reporter can be a perilous. John Giannone, the rinkside reporter for the Rangers on the MSG network, knows all about it. On Thursday night during the second period of the Rangers-Islanders game, Giannone took a puck to the face. Giannone didn’t let this slow him down. With blood dripping down his face Giannone kept reporting. Hat tip: CBSsports.com and TotalproSports.com

  • Alone on the Ice: The Greatest Survival Story in the History of Exploration (Book)

    On January 17, 1913, alone and near starvation, Douglas Mawson, leader of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, was hauling a sledge to get back to base camp. The dogs were gone. Now Mawson himself plunged through a snow bridge, dangling over an abyss by the sledge harness. A line of poetry gave him the will to haul himself back to the surface. A month later Mawson found himself, nearly starved to death, at the base camp he sought out for. On the 100th anniversary of the most incredible survival story ever recorded, David Roberts releases the book telling the story, including remarkable photo illustrations from Mawson’s account. Alone on the Ice $17.96

  • The Harlem Shake is Sweeping the World (Wide Web)

    The Harlem Shake is here. And it looks like it’s here to stay. In 5 years the grounds crew at Yankee Stadium will be doing this during the 7th inning stretch. The dance has been sweeping YouTube lately and we’re putting our money on The Shake being the official impromptu dance of spring 2013. Dueces Gangnam style. Take a look at the largest Harlem Shake compilation on the web. We Can Harlem Shake and So Can YOU!

  • The Pete & Pete 20th Anniversary Reunion Goes Horribly Wrong (Video)

    The Adventures of Pete & Pete was everyone’s show. Not everyone’s favorite show, just that show you wouldn’t turn off if it was on. A little weird, but made up for it’s strangeness with lovable characters and suck-you-in story telling. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about the lady of my childhood, Petunia. The crew recently had a reunion at the SF Sketchfest and things didn’t go over too well.   The Adventures of Pete & Pete 20th Anniversary Reunion from Michael C Maronna

  • The Ultimate Deck

    Award-winning design agency,Stranger & Stranger, collaborates with Dan and Dan to bring you the ultimate deck. Each card is custom designed by a different artist and is the most expensive deck of cards ever produced. Packaged in a gorgeous tuck-case of extraordinary detail that incorporates embossed elements and foil accents. Each deck is hand sealed with a vintage-inspired tax stamp, perforated for easy opening. The Ultimate Deck $24.95

  • The 25 Richest Contracts In Sports History

    With USA Today reporting that the Seattle Mariners will be inking Felix Hernandez to a 7 year, $175 million contract that will make him the highest paid pitcher in MLB history we’ve pulled together a list of the largest contracts in sport history. Most are baseball, some worked out well and others were busts. Source: Wikipedia

  • Amazing Speed Painter at Anderson’s Viewers Got Talent

    D. Westry is a master speed painter who decided to show off his amazing skills during the “Anderson’s Viewers Got Talent” competition. The result was all kinds of awesome – let’s just say that he started with a potato and really turned it around at the end. Watch on Brosome.com >>

  • A Look Inside Google’s New Tel Aviv Office

    Google has recently opened up new offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. The seven-floor space, located in Electra Tower, is filled with different themes within the common areas on each level. From the large windows allowing employees to look over the urban landscape of the city to the trees and picnic tables giving the impression that one is walking through an orange grove, the office presents a uniquely inviting environment to expand one’s mind. It is also through this separation of desks and cubicles from the vineyard-like communication areas that the office seeks to provide different settings for varying innovative work processes—whether than be collaboratively or in isolation. Source: mymodernmet.com and officesnapshots.com

  • Selena Gomez “Spring Breakers” Promo Photos

    Selena Gomez will be starring along side James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens in a new movie called Spring Breakers. The film hits theaters March 22nd which means it’s promotion is hitting full stride. Here are the latest promo photos featuring Selena Gomez.

  • One-Handed Football Player Makes Amazing Interception

    Making a diving one-handed catch would be very difficult for most football players but high school senior Shaquem Griffin has an advantage over most football players when it comes to making one-handed grabs. When Shaquem was only four years old his hand was surgically removed. In February, Shaquem played in the International Bowl, which pits some of the best high school football players in America against players from around the world. And in that game, Shaquem, a safety, made an absolutely incredible one-handed interception. Shaquem is considered one of the top players in Florida and has been offered scholarships to 14 different mid-major football programs, and on Wednesday he signed with Central Florida.

  • Watch: Spud Webb Winning The 1986 NBA Dunk Contest

    On February 8, 1986, Spud Webb, who at 5’7” was one of the shortest players in the history of professional basketball, won the NBA slam dunk contest, beating his Atlanta Hawks teammate and 1985 dunk champ, the 6’8” Dominique Wilkins. One of the most memorable events of Webb’s career was his dunk contest win, which took place on February 8, 1986, at the NBA All-Star Game Weekend in Dallas. Webb, the shortest player to ever participate in the competition to that time, went up against men who were, in some cases, a foot taller. In the end, size didn’t matter. Webb dazzled the crowd with his soaring dunks and bested teammate Dominique Wilkins, who had won the 1985 contest by beating Michael Jordan. (The NBA’s first slam dunk competition was held in 1984.) View the full size infographic here >> Infographic source: NBA.com

  • How To Make A Winter Survival Kit

    The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for the Tri-State area. Their main tips include staying indoors and having a “Winter Survival Kit” handy. In an emergency, this survival kit could save your life but what exactly do you need? We’ve pulled together a list, some are obvious, others are not. Make sure you get these items before the storm hits.

  • Blake Griffin Taps up Chandler Parsons (Video)

    Blake Griffin might be the funniest person in the NBA. This time giving AAU buddy, Chandler Parsons a below the belt, fun tap. It wasn’t during a game. It wasn’t a cheap shot. It was a “Hey how ya doin, bro?” shot. He even named his dog after Parsons, some say, because of a massive dunk Chandler had on Blake. Blake can do no wrong these days.

  • 30 Gourmet Sandwiches Any Guy Can Make At Home

    The trick to knowing how to make a good sandwich isn’t how, but what. So many men digress from making a homemade sandwich, because they get tired of the same old thing, yet fear trying anything new or complex. Guys need be told what to make in the kitchen, you’ll be surprised how innovative of a cook you are after getting a little push. We’ll get you started with 30 easy to make sandwiches any guy can make. Just say to yourself “I can do this. I can Make a sandwich. I can concoct the best sandwich ever made. I will make the best sandwich of all time.”


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