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So You Need A Typeface [Infographic]

Looking for the perfect font for your project or at least a good starting point? Then check out this flowchart from graphic designer Julian Hansen. And to appeal to those of us who are simpletons with no sense of style, Comic Sans is even included in the flowchart, although it…

Jaggermeryx Naida (Mick Jagger)

16 Animals Named After Famous Musicians

Today it was announced that a recently discovered species of deep sea snail would be named after legendary punk rocker and Clash frontman Joe Strummer. The Alviniconcha strummeri are snails covered with tiny spikes reminiscent of the late 70s punk fashion. But Strummer is not the first musician to receive…


The Anatomy of a Master Traveler

Traveling is an addictive hobby. An addictive hobby that can get quite expensive, which makes the most seasoned world travelers pros at saving money in clever fashion, but that’s not all, a good traveler must know their terrain, how much their baggage weighs and what kind of clothes to wear…