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  • Style Watch: Power On Powder, Tech Gear on the Mountain

    Technology has done wonders for mountain sports in the past few years, the introduction to goggle tech in particular. Cameras, GPS and built-in heads up display are a few of the features making your downhill runs that much more compelling as well as interactive, sharing videos, stats and locating friends are all features offered within a piece of protective eyewear. Audio is another branch of tech that’s advancing every year, with the addition of audio synced with Bluetooth riders are able to listen to their favorite tunes on a run, without the danger of complete noise cancellation. Here are this season’s best tech additions to the cold weather mountain gear category. Whether a gift or a treat yo’ self holiday purchase, keep these in mind when doing your shopping. 

  • Get Up Close And Personal With Lions In New GoPro Video

    GoPro videos are pretty much the greatest thing ever and the latest release doesn’t disappoint. The GoPro team got together with Kevin Richardson, the lion whisperer, to get amazing closeup footage of lions and hyenas in Africa. At certain points, cameras are even strapped onto the animals to give you their perspective. You better enjoy this video because with ace trophy hunter Melissa Bachman on the loose, there’s no telling how long before there are no lions left. Also, check out Kevin Richardson’s website to see all the great work he does and watch some more videos, including one of him swimming with a lion.

  • A Beginner’s Guide To Wine [Infographic]

    Is your sommelier vocabulary limited to phrases like “This Blue Hawaiian Boone’s Farm tastes like ass”? Then you should probably study this infographic and get a little culture, you bum. Now you’ll be able to impress your lady when you order wine on your next date night. “This Thunderbird is sweet and wooden with hints of butterscotch.” Pure class.

  • Sports Friends: Gronk Gets Upset After Tom Brady Yells at Him

    On the latest episode of Sports Friends Rob Gronkowski gets pretty upset after Mr. Perfect, Tom Brady lays into him for not running the right route. Gronk, being the big child that he is, tries to hold back his emotions, but can’t and it shows on the poor guys face. Tom feels bad, makes it all better and makes a tiny off-color joke and all is well at Gillette.

  • Here’s Waldo: Foolproof Strategy For Finding The Missing Man

    Every kid has spent hours and hours trying to find the striped shirt wearing, bespectacled Waldo in books purchased at the annual Scholastic Book Fair (along with cool shaped pencil erasers and Cal Ripken, Jr posters, of course). Well it ends up we were all wasting our time. After hours of research, Slate developed a method based upon where Waldo is usually found and put it to the test versus the common, frustrating method of just scanning the page and getting tricked again and again because for some reason, everyone in the Waldo universe wears red and white stripes. Their strategy won out.

  • The Steak Breakdown: Your Ultimate Guide to Cuts of Beef

    The greatest thing to go from farm to table — at least since that time you had a dream about a date with Daisy Duke — is steak. But where does porterhouse come from? What’s the best way to cook a skirt steak? And, most importantly, what beer should you be drinking while enjoying a tri-tip?

  • GTA V Inspired Texting And Driving PSA [Video]

    Ireland’s Road Safety Authority teamed with Setanta Insurance to create an ad to show the dangers of texting while driving. Titled “Wheelman”, the ad was the result of a contest inviting people between the ages of 15 and 25 to come up with a short movie idea that would appeal to the youth of Ireland. Winner Rory Nestor came up with the idea of a Grand Theft Auto scenario that apparently teaches you that high speed gunfights won’t kill you, but using your phone while driving will certainly end in disaster.

  • Red Bull Illume: The 50 Most Mind-blowing Action Sports Photos of 2013

    Red Bull Illume is the largest sports photography contest in the world and this past weekend voting for the 50 finalists kicked off in Scottsdale, AZ. We just happened to be in town during the launch and got to check out the fifty finalists from this year’s Red Bull Illume competition on outdoor display in Scottsdale, AZ. It was magical and we highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area. To build hype we pulled together photos from the launch event and photos of the 50 finalists from this years competition. 

  • Own Prints from a Wes Anderson Dedicated Art Show

    Wes Anderson has a unique cult following. Some say he has an acquired taste in filmmaking, but those who are fans adore him. So much so that a San Francisco art show titled “Bad Dads” was has dedicated to his films. The show features everything from fine art, to stencil style to action figures now available for sale at Spoke Art gallery’s website. There are prints and original pieces up for sale online, so we pulled some to give you an idea of what they’re working with. Spoke Art Wes Anderson

  • Alyssa Arce Goes To The Beach, We All Win [12 Photos]

    Get to know the name Alyssa Arce (@MissAlyssaArce) because in 2014 you’ll be seeing a lot more of her. The half-Caucasian and half-Honduran recently did a shoot with Terry Richardson (the guy behind Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video) that put her on the map and now eagle-eyed paparazzi follow her to beaches all over the world snapping photos the ones from Miami Beach below.

  • The 10 Biggest Blockbuster Sports Deals of 2013

    With each passing year, there is one thing that is guaranteed in sports; massive amounts of money will be spent. Whether on a team-seeking superstar, who can bring a franchise’s championship aspirations to fruition or by a wealthy entrepreneur taking new ownership of a club, money is required to make either of the aforementioned transactions. In 2013, there were many instances of massive spending for the sake of bolstering the already considerable fanbase of spectator sports. What were the most notable, you ask? Well, look no further than Yearbook13, responds RSVLTS.

  • Tyson Brings Back Holyfield’s Ear, Rodman Goes back to North Korea for Good in Foot Locker Spot

    This week is Foot Locker’s Week of Greatness, a full week of premium shoe releases so impactful it can right all the world’s wrongs. Still a bit confused? Picture Mike Tyson bringing back Evander Holyfield’s ear to his front door. In a Box. The brilliant spot features athletes somewhat mocking themselves in light hearted fashion, humanizing them for the good of the world.

  • World’s Tallest Waterslide Gives You A Reason To Go To Kansas

    The world’s tallest waterslide is currently under construction at Schlitterbahn, a Kansas City waterpark. The Verruckt Meg-A-Blaster slide, set to open May 23rd of next year, will send you down its 140 foot drop at 65 miles per hour in a four person raft. Hopefully there will be higher sides added before construction is complete. Also, I’m no physicist, but it looks like that hump will send you flying into Missouri. Good news for the people of Kansas City: There will probably be some full time positions opening up at the Schlitterbahn cleaning the rafts after people schlitter their pants. 

  • Nike LunarENDOR Quickstrike Snowboard Boot

    Nike’s LunarENDOR QS snowboard boot is definitely the only of it’s kind. Let’s get started with the most obvious feature, the LA Gear style LED swoosh. Made up of thirty LED lights and powered by an embedded lithium ion battery, and it’s on/off switch is conveniently located atop the boot’s cuff, so you can go all Clark Griswald at the touch of a button. If you can manage to turn your eyes away from the light show, the LunarENDOR is actually one of the most technologically advanced boots on the market. Nike’s signature Lunar foam is more responsive and absorbs a good amount of impact on jumps. A 3-D molded upper and a Nike Flywire inner lacing system further enhance fit. Finally, the LunarENDOR’s liner and shell are reinforced with strobel technology that attracts and stores heat. The LE QS will be available in December at limited quantities at the Nike.com store.

  • Watch Kanye West’s Bizarre Bound 2 Video

    Self-proclaimed “creative genius” Kanye West has unleashed his greatest turd upon the world with his new video for Bound 2, featuring fiance Kim Kardashian. Oh yeah, and she’s naked. Miss Kardashian turns in her greatest acting performance yet, managing to show slightly more interest and excitement than she did in her role as a corpse in her sex tape with Ray J. There is plenty of overly saturated time-lapse photography to look at in the background when you get bored with the simulated sex atop a motorcycle. The romantic lyrics are what save the production, though. “I wanna f– you hard on the sink/After that give you something to drink/Step back, can’t get spunk on the mink”. Creative genius, indeed.

  • What If The Planets Were The Same Distance As The Moon? [Video, GIFs]

    Ever get bored with staring at that same old dull moon day after day and wonder what it would be like if the planets were that close instead? Well check out this awesome video made by YouTube user yetipc1 where he does all the work for us. I’d be cool with most of the planets at such close proximity, but Saturn and Jupiter would both be a bit jarring. Of course, there probably wouldn’t be much sunlight to actually see them if they were that close, anyway.

  • Coffee Maker Cooking: Brew Up Your Next Dinner

    Think that just because you’re tiny studio apartment has no appliances you can’t have a home cooked meal? Or maybe you just can’t operate that 1930s stove that made you rent the place because it’s so Art Deco hip. Or maybe you’re just lazy. Well get yourself an electric coffee maker for $10 at whatever “mart” you favor and follow these instructions to prepare an entire home-cooked meal of poached salmon, couscous, and steamed vegetables. Then start coming up with your own recipes using the handy little device that let’s you grill, steam, or poach. Nothing like putting off being a grownup for a little while longer!

  • Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football [Book]

    They were the Bears shufflin’ crew, shufflin’ on down, doin’ it for you. They weren’t here to start no trouble, they were just here to do the Super Bowl shuffle. The 1985 Bears were one of the most iconic teams the NFL has ever seen. Who could forget Walter Peyton’s unique run? Or Jim McMahon’s bad-ass haircut and sunglasses? Or The Fridge’s fridge-ness? Together they only lost one game that season and brought Chicago the only Super Bowl win the city has ever seen. Now you can relive that amazing season with the once in a lifetime team that brought hope to the Windy City in Rich Cohen’s Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football. With new interviews from the coaches and players that made it all happen, this memoir will awaken the fan in anyone. Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football $18

  • Bob Dylan Releases Interactive Music Video And CD Box Set

    Almost 50 years after being release, one of Bob Dylan’s best known songs, “Like A Rolling Stone”, has received the music video treatment. It’s an interactive video that features such celebrities as Drew Carey, Danny Brown, Marc Maron, and the “Pawn Stars” family lip syncing to the song on different channels that you can switch between while the video is playing. It’s a cool idea and no doubt you’re better off watching these people lip sync than going to an actual Bob Dylan performance these days and watching him incoherently fumble through his set. The video is in celebration of the release of his 47-disc “Complete Album Collection Volume 1″. Volume 1? Really? 47 discs and just volume 1? You hi-tech types can also get the collection on a USB drive with a bonus harmonica case!

  • Parents Stage Dino-vember for their Kids at night. Immediately Win Parents of the Year Award

    In a world where prepping five-year-olds with tablets before school reigns the norm, Refe and Susan Tuma, parents-of-the-year gave their children a sense of tangible wonderment a digital world. Every December the Tuma’s release their inner artist by setting up toy dinosaurs embarking on adventures, making a mess of the kitchen and even having painting class while their children are asleep. “We wanted to help them see the real world with sense of wonderment.” says Refe a writer and editor in the Kansas City area. “They play with the scenes we’ve created, and it lasts for hours before they get tired,” Dinovember also helps Parents to be creative and push their own efforts to the limit, because kids these days wise up quickly, so pushing the envelope like spray painting walls or decimating the environments parents teach their kids to keep clean are methods the Tuma’s use to throw off their children’s skeptical speculation. Refe and Susan have encouraged all parents across the board to participate as well, check out their new uploads on Dinovember.

  • English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet

    “Because” has always been a subordinating conjunction and nothing more. It served its purpose and did it well. But now, thanks to internet-speak, “because” has taken on a new life as a preposition, just like in the title above. Read all about the transition and see a ton of examples at The Atlantic and then bring up the subject with your grammar Nazi friends, who will undoubtedly dismiss you as an imbecile. Because pomposity.

  • Rob Ford Soundboard

    Let’s hear it for BroBible for finding the Rob Ford Soundboard, allowing you to entertain yourself for hours while listening to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s amazing soundbites on such topics as smoking crack and oral sex. I clicked the “prostitution” button so much I was almost put in a trance from his melodic delivery. He can be saying the filthiest things, but his adorable Canadian accent just makes it all okay. Now let the prank phone calls begin!

  • 10 Species that Almost Went Extinct in 2013

    With the Earth’s climate in peril, the list of animals on the endangered species list has climbed to staggeringly high numbers. In a more solemn edition of the RSVLTS Yearbook13 lists, a look at the species that survived 2013 with minimal numbers merits discussion—an attempt to raise mass awareness for animals of dwindling numbers.

  • Brooklyn-The Gentleman’s Rant [Video]

    Warning Brooklynites: Hold on to your vintage typewriter and try not to choke on your Fernet cocktail while you watch this rant on your beloved borough. To be fair, these complaints only apply to a small fraction of Brooklyn. Go to neighborhoods like Flatbush, or East New York, or Coney Island and your complaints will be very different. Still, the no credit card thing is a major pain. Every time you use the shady ATM you lose $5 while gaining a chance at identity fraud. At least the free pizza at Alligator Lounge almost makes up for having to sit next to a dude with a monocle whose unicycle is chained up out front.

  • Man Meal: Bourbon Glazed Holiday Ham

    Don’t give the kids any ham this Thanksgiving. The ham will be spiked. Spiked with delicious bourbon to get you through the holiday season with the family you love dearly. This is a basic recipe for cooking an good ol’ fashioned pig with the addition of grampas ‘cough medicine’. To add some sweet flavors to neutralize the kick of the bourbon add some ginger and apricot preserves. Enjoy, but don’t give the kids any ham.

  • 5Pointz: 50 Beautiful HQ Photos Of The NYC Graffiti Landmark

    The Long Island City’s graffiti landmark was destroyed in the early hours of Tuesday, November 19th when the building’s owners whitewashed all the graffiti to begin the construction of a luxury condos on the site. Police were present to fend off protesters trying to save the landmark and word quickly spread via social media. “5Pointz is the world’s largest display of graffiti art, and it’s a global social hub,” Eric Felisbret, the author of Graffiti New York, told New York Magazine last month. “Now that it looks like that’s going to disappear, I’m not sure where the movement’s going to go.” If you never had a chance to visit the landmark we pulled together 50 amazing photos of NYC’s coolest museum.