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  • ‘Derp’ ‘Twerk’ ‘Selfie’ Officially Added to Oxford Online Dictionary. Webster is Laughing Somewhere

    Well there it is, we’ve managed to derp our way into the official english language. Today, Oxford Dictionaries announced that “derp” has been added to their online edition. “Twerk” will also be added to the dictionary as part of a quarterly update, which includes words such as “selfie,” a word meant to discribe a self taken photo (usually with a mobile device), “digital detox” for time spent way from Facebook and Twitter, and “Bitcoin,” for the nationless electronic currency whose gyrations have also caught the world’s eye.  Let’s face it, we’ve all had a ‘derp’ moment. I’m having one right now, actually, but to add it to the Oxford Dictionary along side much more prominent words in the english language? I just don’t know. According to Oxford, derp is a mass noun meaning “foolishness or stupidity” or an exclamation “used as a substitute for speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action.” Herp derp is also an acceptable form for the latter meaning. Congratulations everyone, we’re idiots.

  • The March On Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream Speech” Happened 50 Years Ago Today [26 HQ Photos + Video]

    The Great March on Washington was one of the largest political rallies for human rights in United States history and called for civil and economic rights for African Americans. It took place in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, August 28, 1963 – 50 years ago today. Martin Luther King, Jr., standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, delivered his historic “I Have a Dream” speech advocating racial harmony during the march and it is still considered to be, arguably, the greatest speech in American history for helping to pass the Civil Rights Act (1964) and the Voting Rights Act (1965).

  • Michigan Recruit Breaks Nine Tackles for Six Points

    If Madden was real life, it would look something like this. Peramus Catholic and Michigan recruit, Jabrill Peppers, looks like a human pinball, bouncing off defenders as if they were inatement objects, pinging off until he lands in the endzone. Kudos to Jabrill for not losing site of where the endzone actually was after three 360 spin moves. The opposing team, Red Bank Catholic wishes YouTube never existed right about now.

  • Eminem Evokes Old School Rap in New Single, ‘Berzerk’

    Eminem released his first single of his new album a day after announcing the album drop. The single is called “Berzerk” and after a single listen your head will be steaming like a tea kettle, from old school samples of the Beastie Boys Ad-Rock screaming “Kick it!” from Fight for your right and classic rock riffs sampled from Billy Squier’s “The Stroke”. That with a combination of Em scream rapping as if from the padded walls of an asylum will have you cringing in fear while rocking to the classic familiarity of old school rap/rock. Eminem is taking a leap with this one, but who knows, this might be just what glam-rap needs to get a wake-up kick in the balls. Who better to do it from, than the guy who changed the game in his era.

  • Nike Unveils Team USA 2014 Olympic Hockey Jerseys

    Nike has been on a jersey release tear as of late unveiling new stretch and weight technology to football, soccer and now hockey. Last week they released their 2014 Olympic Russian Jerseys and this week they’re releasing a retro style USA jersey that’ll be a sure fire hit with anyone living in the 50 states. The 2014 Nike USA Olympic Hockey Jersey fuses USA Hockey’s rich history and tradition with the performance needs of today’s athletes. Decades of design delivered the inspiration to create a lightweight jersey with distractions removed and range of motion maximized. The jersey draws inspiration from the pride of competing for Team USA by amplifying the American Flag aesthetic through matte/shine stars on the shoulders and bold striping. The patriotic and inspirational message “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” can be found on the inside neckline. The USA Hockey Crest has been enlarged and refined to reflect the 80’s aesthetic, while the right sleeve pays homage to gold medals in 1960 and 1980.  

  • 57 MLB Stars Making More In 2013 Than The Entire Houston Astros Roster Combined

    With a dismal .338 winning percentage the Houston Astros are, by far, the worst team in Major League Baseball this year. With that in mind credit must be given to Astros owner Jim Crane who, according to a report from Forbes Magazine, is on pace to make an estimated $99 million in operating income this season – more than any team in baseball’s history. That is nearly as much as the estimated operating income of the previous six World Series championship teams — combined. How is this possible? The Astros started the 2013 season with a payroll of $26 million but have since cut that number to an astonishing $13 million. The team has only one player pulling in more than $1 million this year (Erik Bedard $1.15M). Couple that with soaring TV revenues and you have a very profitable business. Fifty-seven major leaguers make more individually than the $13,000,000 the Astros’ current 25-man active payroll makes collectively. The New York Yankees alone pay nine players more than the Astros payroll. And leave it to Jason Bay, who is not even on a team and earns more than the all of the Astros thanks to an old contract with the more »

  • 5 Professional Athletes And Their Superhero Counterparts

    In contemporary society’s world of mass-spectator sporting events, the athlete can be considered as something of a real life superhero—a famous, high profile figure who children seek to emulate and who always deliver when they are most desperately needed. Moreover, some athletes have freakish abilities that teeter on the verge of being superpowers. This list will look at five athletes—mainly footballers—whose appearance, athletic ability, or personas reflect that of characters in the American comic mythos. Unfortunately the list will only be solely an evaluation of superheroes—a criterion that excludes Calvin Johnson, who has adopted the moniker of Megatron, the Transformers supervillain.

  • Rafael Nadal Hits The Shot Of The Year At U.S. Open [GIF]

    During the first day of play at the U.S. Open American underdog Ryan Harrison hit a difficult shot into the deep corner of the court and not only did Nadal sprint across the court to get to the ball, but sliced it back with an incredible running passing shot. Shot of the year.

  • Insiders Look At The Worst Wildfire In California History [34 HQ Photos]

    For about two weeks California firefighters have been struggling to contain a wildfire that is raging across the Stanislaus National Forest and into Yosemite National Park. The Rim Fire as it is being called is now the largest wildfire in state history consuming nearly 149,999 acres, nearly the size of Chicago. The fire is in a very remote area but it has disrupted hydroelectric power supply to San Francisco and destroyed 23 structures. The view from space is amazing…

  • Cogburn CB4 Real Tree Camo Bike

    If only Robin Hood had this in Sherwood Forest, that old pesky Sheriff of Nottingham wouldn’t stand a chance. But I’m sure today you can use the Cogburn CB4 to sneak up on deer and stuff. A silent assassin, the CB4 produces much less noise than an ATV or truck, the go to get-arounds for most sport hunters today. It’s massive 3.8” tires run at low pressure making it a breeze getting through the thick of woods. The entire body is made of a no glare finish and covered in a camo pattern. And it’s good for the environment! Cogburn CB4

  • Things China Makes (Infographic)

    China makes so many goods, that if it suddenly decided to stop, most of the rest of the world would experience impossibly high demand for many “essentials” of modern life — things like air conditioners, cell phones and personal computers. That’s not all, though, China produces almost 50% of all pork in the world, while also producing the same amount of coal. 

  • Tear Jerker Of The Day: 96 Year Old Man Writes A Song “Oh Sweet Lorraine” For His Late Wife And Wins A Contest

    A 96-year-old Illinois man named Fred Stobaugh wrote a song about his wife of 75 years and when he sent the heart-wrenching ode into a singer-songwriter contest, they decided to produce it for him. When Fred talks about his wife Lorraine now, it’s hard for him to hold back tears after the life they led together he says was ‘like a dream.’ After she died, he was sitting alone in the Peoria home they once shared and for the first time in his life he decided to write a song.

  • Jefferson’s Small Batch Bourbon

    A woody nose with vanilla and golden caramel syrup makes you appreciate small batch bourbons like a french cafe in a mall cafeteria. Small batch bourbons typically blend 200 to 300 barrels  before bottling where as Jefferson’s blends 8 to 12. Yeah, exactly. So bourbon is typically aged in large warehouses, so that hundreds of the barrels can age uniformly. I’m sure you know heat rises, which cause much more volatility in temperature for the barrels high near the roof. Large fluctuations in temperature cause barrels to age faster and in turn lose flavor due to evaporation. Because of this barrels are blended together to keep flavor consistent, but barrels in the center of the warehouse are set aside, because those are always the best barrels for flavor. Jefferson’s basically only blends the best of the best, giving it a “very” small batch title, instilling the quality of each bottle. Going down it’s a velvety smooth and delicate body that warms the palette. The finish is moderate in length, with a tiny kick at the end. $30

  • TCU Unveils Uniforms with a Hidden Meaning More Badass Than the Uniforms

    TCU have always been on the forefront of innovation. In 1935, Coach Dutch Meyer revolutionized football during a run to the national championship introducing the “Meyer Spread,” a formation that allowed star quarterback Sammy Baugh to revolutionize the forward pass. Now they join the ranks of the college football uniform revolution, only they did it perfect. At first glance the uniform is striking, but not overdone. A matte black top and bottom with  subtle hints of Nike’s new spiked design patteren toned down on the shoulders and the stenciled numbers. Purple under shirts and socks to keep the TCU tradition and now an even lesser seen red accent. on their socks, gloves and helmet. A matte purple and black camo pattern on the helmet symbolizes the horned frogs ability to blend with it’s surroundings, but the uniform’s red accents that harken back to the horned frog’s defense mechanism, 

  • Scientists Create Hydrating Beer Which Could End World Hangover

    Rejoice! A team of super-hero, angel researchers at Griffith Health Institute in Australia have created a recipe with a hydrating beer that could rid the world of hangovers. The team began to rethink how beer was made and used electrolytes in their recipe, which in turn replenish and rehydrate you as you drink your life away at your local watering hole. Imagine waking up on a Sunday and not cursing Aunt Bethany’s name for not only being born, but being born 75 years ago, this very Sunday. The beer’s taste also wasn’t affected in adding the electrolytes and after Associate Professor, Ben Desbow gave his subjects four kinds of beer—including their improved version—to people who had finished exercising, found out that their modified beer was a third better at hydrating people than an ordinary one. Now for the bad news, because of the amount of electrolytes needed to hydrate, alcohol content must be reduced, so for all the genuine alcoholics out there, you might want to pass. Then again you probably just drink away the hangover anyway. [Via: Daily Mail UK}

  • How 5 Serial Entrepreneurs Made Their Billions (Infographic)

    As you’ll see below, some of the most eccentric and well known billionaires around the world are self made, and we’re not talking handed a million dollars and made it into a billion. All of these men began their work ethic at a very young age, selling Christmas trees or nes papers, then their desire for building something they can call their own took over and as you’ll see it took dipping their hands in a variety of different business’ before their billions came. Richard Branson has been involved in almost thirty different ventures and shows no signs of stopping. It’s just the mentality of a serial entrepreneur. Elon Musk began creating video games, then founded electric car company, Tesla, now plans to build a Hyper loop rail from San Francisco to LA. Keep the ball rolling and wheels in motion.

  • Spectacular Ocean-Front Malibu Bachelor Pad [34 Photos]

    Located directly off the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu’s most exclusive beachfront neighborhood, this 6,152 square foot beachfront bachelor pad will run you a cool $18M. If you get tired of lounging at the beautiful pool with brilliant views of the ocean head on up to the sprawling 2,500 square foot rooftop patio for lounging and entertaining.

  • Houston Texans Have The Second Best Tailgate In The NFL

    Tailgating. The right of passage for sports fans in America. On any given Sunday in the Fall, parking lots in NFL cities swell with thousands of grill masters cooking up a wide variety of specialty foods. From porterhouse steaks, meticulously marinated in a secret passed down recipe to full pig roasts (we’re looking at you Oakland) the food choices are endless. Having the proper tools could be the difference between a Gatorade shower and a tailgate shunning. When it comes to grilling there is Coleman’s NXT Grill and there is everything else. This compact beast fits 18 burgers at one time, 20,000 BTUs for cooking intensity, and folds like a Transformer allowing it to fit in your trunk with ease. Did we mention the no-spill grease cup that prevents grease stains while you’re hauling it? Anyone who’s ever tried to lug a greasy travel grill home knows the crime scene, you could open up your trunk to.

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