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#WCW: Alyssa Smith

Alyssa Smith is a blond bombshell who was born and raised in Newport, CA. It’s this Southern California swagger, and her love of posting videos like “How To Smoke A Cigar In Your Underwear” to Instagram, that has her on RSVLTS as this weeks #WCW.

household hack

Household Hacks for the Modern Man

There’s this misconception that straight dudes shouldn’t care about creating a comfortable, functional, and generally nice living space for themselves. Our culture stereotypes interior decorators as flamboyantly gay men and markets household fixtures and cleaning products to women. But that doesn’t let your average straight-dude-self off the hook. Maintaining your…


DIY Mini Crossbow [Video]

Have you been looking for a manly project to work on but lacking in tools, materials, and skill? Well then this is the perfect project for you! Learn how to build your very own mini crossbow, capable of shooting matches over 30 feet, with just popsicle sticks, hair clips, and…


The Bright Lights Of Vivid Sydney In GIF Form

From May 23 through June 9, Australia’s most populous city is transformed into “Vivid Sydney,” an interactive light and music show. Now in its sixth year, the festival converts Sydney icons such as the Opera House, Martin Place, and the Museum of Contemporary Art into giant canvasses for showcasing incredible…

Movie cars (1)

The Greatest Vehicles in Cinematic History

Israel-based illustrator Ido Yehimovitz has illustrated a collection of popular vehicles as seen in movies and television shows. The vehicles were created to be portrayed in an exaggerated style to show the over-the-top style of each car or truck. Vehicles from movies like Ghostbusters, Dumb and Dumber and Old School are included…


20 New Movies As Classic Movie Posters

There are plenty of great movies being made these days, but with the increasing reliance on computer graphic design and the orange/blue complementary scheme, there’s no denying that movie posters are unremarkable if not completely forgettable. Before becoming so formulaic, movie posters were an art unto themselves. New York-based designer…


Nike SB P-Rod 8

Being the poster-child for a full division of Nike comes at no east feat (pun intended), but Paul Rodriguez has continuously risen to the challenge. A four-time X Games Gold medal champion in the street skateboarding category, P-Rod is becoming an identifiable with skateboarding as any other great athlete to…


New Meme Alert: Alone At The Prom [35 Photos]

What happens when the Internet finds a picture of a dateless fella posing for prom photos? Only great things, of course! Reddit’s latest Photoshop Battle features a “forever alone” at the prom. Some digital artists were kind enough to give him hot dates, while others saw the need to humiliate…