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  • Jimmy Kimmel’s Confusing Question Of The Day (Video)

    Jimmy Kimmel has again proven that people have opinions on everything, even statements that don’t make any sense. At least there were some folks who weren’t tricked into looking like complete morons. But the real question is, do you think it’s right that President Obama refuses to end the government shutdown until the government shut down ends?

  • 13 Personality Types In Every Office (Infographic)

    Most of us, at some point in our lives, will unfortunately have an office job. If you’ve had one already, just reading about the personality types on this list will make your blood pressure rise and your eye twitch.  Those passive aggressors and their damn notes! Here’s a note for you, if you could stop placing post-its all over everything, that would be just great. Thanks. And if you’ve never worked in an office, study up on these to prepare yourself. It’s a nasty environment.

  • It’s Back…The 2014 SRT Viper

    Every 90s kid wanted one of the original Dodge Vipers. There was even a terrible NBC show, called “Viper” naturally, that featured the car and ran for four seasons because kids liked looking at it so much. But when Chrysler hit financial trouble, the six-figure supercar ceased production. New Chrysler owner Fiat, obviously confident in the economy, has brought it back under the SRT label. Now a new generation of kids can spend their lunch money on Viper posters and folders at the book fair! 

  • The History Of The Logos Of The MLB Playoff Teams

    Major League Baseball has now officially entered the postseason and even more amazing than the Pirates making it this far is the history of the teams’ names and logos. From the shared, convoluted history of the Red Sox and the Braves to the many changes of the young Rays, there is a ton of great trivia here.   

  • The New York Burger Map

    The second edition of the New York Burger map is officially off the presses. All You Can Eat Press has released their ultimate list of 41 of the best burgers around NYC. The complete map of the best tried and true burgers pin pointed down to the street all at your disposal, with a little wet-nap included for your post burger grease fingers and or face. The New York Burger Map $8

  • Calvin Harris’ EDM Remix Of The Killers’ “When You Were Young”

    Recently, we featured The Killers in our Iconic Concert series and shared their new video. Now the band is making news again with the release of Scottish DJ Calvin Harris’ EDM remix of their “When You Were Young.” The track will be on the deluxe edition of their “Direct Hits” compilation, which hits stores November 11. The synth-heavy remix has a driving beat that fits perfectly with the original song. This track is bound to pop up in your local club and probably on the next Dance Dance Revolution release.

  • Creepy Halloween Costumes From The Early 1900s (25 Photos)

    Long before there were tons of mass produced Halloween costumes to choose from at Spirit and before women tried to out sexy each other, there were these eerie homemade outfits. We have no complaints about the contemporary sexy costumes, but when it comes to giving you the willies, there is no comparison between the giant papier-mache heads and cloths with eye-holes of yesteryear and the popular horror movie character, ill-fitting, overpriced, mask of today. Also, being faded black and white or sepia toned photos adds to the sense of macabre. And here’s a haunting thought to leave you with: all these people are dead!

  • Be Immortalized As A Cartoon Character For Only $5

    Tired of cycling through your few flattering selfies for your profile pictures on your social media accounts? I know you really liked how fit you looked and how perfect your hair was on that one day six years ago, but it’s time for a change. So why not get your ugly mug immortalized as a character from The Simpsons, Futurama, or Family Guy? Uruguay-based artist Eliana Fernandez will do just that for you for the low price of $5. For an additional amount, you can get a full body drawing, add another person (real or imaginary, for you lonely weirdos out there), or even get a full scene with shadows and a background, and the turnover is just a couple days. Check out her fiverr page for all the info.

  • 3 Easy Tailgate Recipes You Can Make Using A Crock Pot

    The crock pot has become a staple in tailgate cooking. Over the years, the grill was the face of every fan’s tailgate, but the tides are turning and the lords of the lot are beginning to realize the value of slow cooking with a crockpot. Whether you’re cooking up some chili, pulled pork or an infinite amount of dips, the crock pot is a simple solution for easy cooking.  It’s a set it and forget it style cooking instrument and  you won’t have to stress about running out of food because the crock pot is all about volume, baby! Best Buy has a ton of great Small Appliances including crock pots starting at only $19.99 so head over there and let the Blue Shirt experts help you pick one up so you can be the master chef of your next tailgate with the recipes below.

  • If Mike Francesa of WFAN Had His Show During the Revolutionary War

    If you’re from New York and like sports, chances are you’ve heard Mike Francesa. His heavy breathing, redundant statements and short temper with just about every Joe Brooklyn who calls in. YouTube user WaitUhSeckin made this hilarious parody of Mike Zaun 1776, Basically if Francesa we’re to have a radio show about the Revolutionary War, fully equipped with predicting Benedict Arnold’s loyalty, fan flip out and even a call in prankster who zings Mike pretty bad. Worth a watch and a guaranteed laugh.  

  • Gaming Nostalgia: A Look at the Sega Dreamcast.

    Nostalgia has truly taken its place in gaming culture. From creating Kickstarter accounts to revive retro game characters (looking at you, Mega Man) to Game Freak constantly remaking classic Pokemon titles with updated graphics, nothing makes some gamers smile more than an updated look into the past. That being said, there are few gaming systems that have a more peculiar place in nostalgia than the Sega Dreamcast—a console that, despite its ultimate failure, has held an affectionate place in the hearts of many hardcore gamers. The Dreamcast was Sega’s final system—a console that failed due to its inability to compete with the other Sixth Generation consoles: the Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft’s Xbox, and the Nintendo Gamecube. In 2001, the Dreamcast was officially considered “dead.” With its inability to compete with the more powerful Playstation 2, the Dreamcast had insignificant sales figures in comparison to the formerly stated Sony console. Largely, the Playstation 2 can be credited for Dreamcast’s death. In fact, CNET stated that—at the turn of the century—Sega’s Dreamcast was “trounced” by Sony’s original Playstation. And, in retrospect, a “sales climb” just before the release of the Playstation 2 was not enough to save the Dodo-fated system. Despite all more »

  • Yoko Ono Performs With The Flaming Lips On David Letterman (Video)

    The Flaming Lips played a show at NYC’s Terminal 5 last night, but during the day they filled in for the Plastic Ono Band on the Late Show with David Letterman. That’s right, Yoko Ono and son Sean Lennon were joined by the Flaming Lips for an interesting performance of what might be the scariest peace song ever written, “Cheshire Cat Cry.” Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne was obviously saving his talents for his own performance that night, as he opted to sit on the floor and make noises with a bullhorn. No matter what your take on experimental art rock, you’ve go to hand it to Yoko Ono for managing to live 80 years without ever taking a singing lesson. Sitting through the performance is worth it just to hear Letterman’s joke at the end.

  • Banksy Giveth, NYC Taketh Away: Third Banksy Piece Tagged Over in an Hour

    Banksy’s attempt to “to host an entire show on the streets of New York.” has had more than buzz surrounding it. Within a day of his first piece done featuring a young, barefoot boy standing atop another figure’s shoulders, reaching for a can of spray paint hidden inside a “Graffiti Is a Crime” sign, it was completely whitewashed within 24 hours. Next was a piece written in classic graffiti style type reading “THIS IS MY NEW YORK ACCENT” followed by a seriffed typeface reading “… normally i write like this”. That piece was written over within half a day by a toy type graffiti artist. This morning Banksy unveiled his third installment of a silhouetted dog urinating on a fire hydrant with a thought bubble above the hydrant reading “You complete me…”. Within an hour an artist by the name of Kaffzilla had leashed the dog and vandalized the vandalism. Not sure if this is al part of Banksy’s elaborate plan or he actually thought his work would last the day in the city where street art is as prevalent as taxis are. We have a full month to find out.  

  • A Different Look At Detroit (10 Photos)

    When many people hear talk of Detroit, their mind conjures up images of dilapidated buildings and absurd-weapon wielding gangs ruling the streets a la RoboCop. The media do not help with an endless barrage of stories about how broke and broken the city is. But there is another side to Detroit. Despite its problems, it’s still a big city with a thriving cultural scene. Redditor mklane313 is a proud Detroit inhabitant who compiled an album of this seldom seen Detroit to show that there is more to the city than the media usually portray. As cool as the ghost town, post-apocalyptic photos that have become commonplace are, it’s nice to see the humanity and pride that keep the city going, too.

  • Where Is The Best Place To Sip Whiskey?

    The University of Oxford has conducted a study to see how your surroundings affect the way you taste whiskey. Apparently, different colors on the walls help bring out different flavors in the drink because your brain is constantly looking for cues from your environment. Personally, any room with whiskey in it seems like the perfect place to drink whiskey. How do you sign up for these studies?

  • From the People Who Brought us Call of Duty and Halo Comes Destiny

    Earlier this year, we got a glimpse at the newest game from the minds of Bungie, the developer who brought us Halo and Activision, the people who brought us Call of Duty. Today a new look at the gameplay and premise of the set on the moon. The sci-fi meets fantasy world takes a bit of a time hault from the futuristic setting of Halo into a more contemporary futuristic setting. The Halo developer also revealed that those who pre-order the MMO-like shooter will be able to play a bit early, with a beta that’s expected to launch next spring. Destiny is launching sometime in 2014, for both current and next generation consoles.

  • The Son of Rock Royalty Takes On A Beatles Classic To Pay Tribute To His Father

    Dhani Harrison pays tribute to this legendary father, Beatles guitarist George Harrison, by singing a rendition of “For You Blue,” a song written by his father. The top review of the song on iTunes says, “Ok, this sounds terrific but is also scary at the same time. Sounds exactly like George! What a fantastic tribute to his father.” and we agree. It is a fantastic, underrated Beatles tune and he does a great job with the scaled down version. Now if only he would do a whole album of his father’s lesser-known work, that would certainly drive music fans into a frenzy. As an added bonus, all proceeds from sales of “For You Blue” will go to George Harrison’s Material World Foundation so purchase it now on iTunes.

  • Walter White’s Rap Sheet (Infographic)

    It’s over. I know, but we just can’t seem to let go of what once was (an neither can the internet). So until we kick the Breaking Bad habit, we’ll continue to post up on the subject. If Walt got jail time he would have to serve over 300 years in prison. This infographic breaks down every crime Walt every committed and the prison sentence that goes along with it.

  • An Affordable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven For Your Backyard

    Now you can have restaurant style pizza right to your own backyard without breaking the bank on a ridiculously overprices wood fired pizza oven. The Alfa Pizza Forno Ciao is a portable wood-fired oven that heats up in just 10 minutes and can make an astonishing 30 pizzas per hour! Where similar overs can cost upwards of $10,000 (or more) this comes in at just over $2,000. A small price to pay for an amazing new piece of cooking technology.

  • Bell & Ross BR 126 Blackbird (Watch Wednesdays)

    Bell & Ross has always been synonymous with aviation and for their latest toy, named it after the fastest, highest plane to ever be built. To pay homage to the black beast, Bell & Ross is releasing the limited edition BR 126 Blackbird, that’s almost as beautiful as the plane themselves. The matte-black dial has become a standard with B&R, but the more interesting take on the watch is the independent hand to measure minutes in a full 60-minute arc on the main dial as opposed to relegating it to a 30-minute sub-dial. It also sports an a.m./p.m. indicator and a flyback complication. Orange canvas strap and a black rubber strap NATO-style strap. 500 pieces total, so get’em quick. $6,700

  • Preserved Wildlife In Africa’s Lake Natron (6 Photos)

    Wildlife photographer Nick Brandt has captured incredible images of animals that have died and been preserved in Lake Natron for his new book, Across the Ravaged Land. The lake, located in Tanzania, is known for it’s high pH levels, low depth, and high temperature, factors which mean almost certain death for any animal that tries to make it their home. Luckily, these factors also make for great preservation of the lake’s victim’s carcasses.  See more of Nick Brandt’s work at his website.

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