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Every Lamborghini Is In This One GIF

Lamborghini was started by mechanic Ferruccio Lamborghini and orginally manufactured tractors. The company was very successful, allowing Lamborghini to amass an impressive collection of cars, including several Ferraris. When the clutch broke on one of his Ferraris, Lamborghini realized it was the same clutch he used in his tractors. He…

Terry Bozzio

12 Ridiculous (And Rockin’) Drum Kits

Drums are an essential part of rock music. Drums ARE the rhythm section. The Doors proved you can get away with no bass guitar, but leaving out drums? Forget about it! But as important as drums are to rock, are these outrageous drum sets really necessary? Look at Ringo Starr’s…


A Hideous 3D-Printed Car Hits The Road In China

Considering China’s WinSun Technologies recently 3D-printed apartment buildings, a car should be no problem. And apparently, it isn’t, as Sanya Si Hai 3D Technology, Ltd. has 3D-printed China’s first automobile. Dubbed “Shuya,” the frame of the car was printed with a composite material with the powerfully-named color “tyrant gold.” Shuya…