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  • Could Coachella Have Reunited Nirvana With A Hologram Of Kurt Cobain?

    When Coachella released their “Bloom” teaser video (below) on Wednesday we thought there was a chance Golden Voice, the promoters of Coachella, would bring the living members of Nirvana, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, together to support a reunion of the band fronted by a hologram version of Kurt Cobain. Wishful thinking but not all that unrealistic. Novoselic and Grohl performed together for the first time in over 20 years at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert and the 1993 “In Utero” concert (above) and the MTV Unplugged show offer great video footage that could have been turned into a hologram. It wasn’t meant to be but maybe next year? Since the 2Pac performance in 2012 was such a hit and fake Coachella line-up posters are all over the web someone put together this gem featuring an all hologram line-up.

  • The Definitive Coachella 2013 Spotify Playlist – Stream It Free Now!

    Some people are saying that this year’s line-up is a bit weak. “So stoked for Blur, The Stone Roses and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.” – Every Dad on Earth. But there are still plenty of bands to be really excited about. Many of which you may have never even heard before. So now we give you the ultimate Coachella playlist. It is a collection of three different playlists broken down by Friday, Saturday and Sunday artists. So throw it on shuffle and get acclimated to the musical cornucopia coming this April.

  • First Clip Of Ashton Kutcher in Steve Jobs Biopic Hits The Web

    jOBS, the Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher debuts Friday at Sundance and opens in theaters on April 19, the 37th anniversary of the founding of Apple Computers. In the clip released on ET Steve Jobs is reaming out Steve Wozniak for not realizing that computers are something that everyone is going to want to own. “Look. You’re overreacting. Even if you were developing this for freaks like us, and I doubt you are, nobody wants to buy a computer…nobody,” Gad says. “How does somebody know what they want if they’ve never ever seen it?” Kutcher replies. [Source: UPROXX]

  • Jessica Rafalowski Is The Freshest Face Of 2013

    We are glad that Jessica Rafalowski made our list of 30 Women Who Will Dominate 2013 back in November. Called it! It is a no brainer that she will be one of the freshest faces of the new year. Her new feature in FHM South Africa’s February 2013 issue might be the hottest new shoot of 2013 and it would be a damn shame if you didn’t have the ability to see these photos because you weren’t able to fly to South Africa to pick up the issue. In fact it is our civic duty to share these pictures with you.

  • John Smoltz’s Million Dollar Backyard Sports Complex Will Make You Drool

    Smoltz spent “easily” $2 million to build and design his backyard, doing the majority of the grunt work himself. It includes a baseball field, basketball court, football field, golf course, volleyball court, tennis court, and a fishing pond. On the inside, there’s a trophy room that includes memorabilia from his 21-year MLB career and the torch Muhammad Ali carried in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Take seven minutes out of your work day to watch. 

  • Spectacular Photos Of A Burning Chicago Warehouse Encased In Ice [27 HQ Photos]

    Mother Nature has turned on the air conditioning in an epic way. Temperatures all across the U.S. have hit record lows and yesterday in Chicago it was colder than Juno, Alaska. Single digits in Chicago made fighting a massive abandoned warehouse fire difficult. Nearly 200 firefighters descended on the scene in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood but found frozen hydrants and icy ladders. Incredibly nobody was injured but it was so cold that water sprayed onto the building froze almost instantly leaving the building encased in ice. 

  • Prince Harry Loves Ice Cream

    Wait, they have ice cream in the dessert desert? Maybe in Dubai but not the troublesome places Prince Harry has been. The real story of the video goes a little something like this. The badass 28-year-old Prince, who doubles as a Apache attack helicopter gunner, was in the middle of a television interview about his previous tour of duty in Afganistan, when he was called into an urgent mission. We don’t know what the mission was all about but it must have been important because he stopped mid-sentence and removed his microphone, before running off to join other members of his crew. Ice cream run! The original video without ice cream bells dubbed over it

  • 75 Greatest “That Guy” Actors

    In Hollywood, there is a humble role that is wildly important, but doesnt get the credit deserved. “That Guy” character actors get paid well, but never attracted the paparazzi or autograph hounds. You don’t know their names, but you immediately know their faces. They’re the support system of the silver screen, the unsung heros of Hollywood, the sidecar of Tinsel Town; That Guy. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of character actors who have more talent in their distinguished squint or surprised gasp, than the Channing Tatum’s of Hollywood have in their stupid heart throb faces. Not Gosling, though, he’s the man. These guys deserve to have their name known and with that, here’s the list. It’s a work in progress, but there were still several “That Guy” actors who still need recognition. So until ”That Guy Actors II: That Guy Strikes Back”, enjoy.

  • Oris 4e RHFS Limited Edition (Watch Wednesday)

    The Oris RHFS is just about as boss of a watch as you can get. This limited edition flight instrument was inspired by the 4e RHFS, the French special forces helicopter battalion. In the flight instrument style of the Oris BC4 collection, the case is coated in gunmetal PVD – an allusion to its military origins. The background of the small second carries the French military logo and the tip of the second hand features the French tricolore.

  • The Ultimate Kelly Kapowski Photo Collection [120 Pics]

    Kelly Kapowski may have been the refining sex symbol of the late-1980′s and early 1990′s but he impact on pop culture is as strong (or stronger) as it was 20-something year’s ago when she was on Saved By The Bell .  This week Esquire released a smokin’ Tiffani Amber Thiessen Me In My Place photoshoot and today, as we celebrate the 39th birthday Tiffani Amber Thiessen we give you the ultimate Kelly Kapowski photo collection.

  • The Battle for the Best Chapelle’s Show Sketch Ever

    Grantland’s, Rembert Browne, devised the most brilliant bracketology for the best Chapelle’s Show sketches. There are 11 Rules he followed when choosing, then ranking each sketch from 1-16 then separated them into 4 regions. This is an intricate, well thought out article who’s winner might surprise you.

  • Bet You Didn’t Know There Are Thousands Of Underwater Internet Cables Running Across The Oceans

    The world’s internet network has been damaged by an anchor landing on a key cable where it hits Kenya – the East African Marine System. The undersea cables are a remarkably historic but efficient way of supporting the information age, and their network is everywhere. I had no idea there was a cable running across the entire width of the Atlantic ocean, let alone the dozens shown on this map. The idea of even producing a cable long enough to circle the globe several times, then laying it on the bottom of the deep deep ocean is mind-boggling. This map from telecom data specialists Telegeography shows the full extent of that network. Zoom in, out and around the map or click on the navigation on the right to explore it. View the map here >>

  • The Perfect Party Playlist On Spotify

    If you need a rockin’ playlist this is it. Seriously stop looking. Here is the official playlist of RSVLTS.com’s “Sorry For Partying NYE 2013″ throwdown in Hoboken. Sure, NYE was almost one month ago but all the smiles int he photos below are a direct result of the playlist. And unlimited booze. 97 tracks, 6 hours. Club bangers and feel good sing alongs. Throw it on shuffle or start it from the top. Fun fact. If you press play at exactly 9pm three hours later the hook of Alesso’s “Calling” will kick in exactly at midnight. It took hours and hours to get the timing just right but I did it. To top it all off, I added a 12 second cross fade so all the songs blend with no down time. Playlist perfection.  

  • The Art Of Sleeping At The Airport Can Be A Awkward Nightmare [24 Photos + Infographic]

    Curling up in a ball on one of those double wide faux leather seats. Laying on the nasty carpet with a jacket over our head. Leaning forward with your head resting on a carry on suitcase. We’ve all been there. Sleeping at an airport can be an absolute nightmare. Here are a few people that tried (and filed) to catch some ZZZ’s before their flight and an interesting infographic showing us how to do it. View the full size infographic >>

  • 20 YouTube Reaction Clips to Mock your friends

    Every once in a while, a friend posts a status so ridiculous it calls for something larger than a piffy comment. Here is where you find that something. A collection of “Yes”, “No’s” and miscellaneous videos to spice up your Facebook commenting.

  • Irina Shayk, Be My Valentine

    Christiano Ronaldo is a lucky guy. He is the most popular athlete on Earth and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk, is one of the most bodacious bombshells in the game. It doesn’t get any better than that.  Here is Christiano’s lovely Valentine modeling La Clover Lingerie’s V-Day collection.

  • The Staggering Cost Of Attending 2013 Super Bowl XLVII

    Round trip airfare from New York City: $2,200. Three nights at the local Holiday Inn: $4,500. Two tickets for the Super Bowl in the absolute furthest corner of the Superdome’s upper deck: $5,500. Getting to see the big game in person: Priceless. Wait, no. It’s not priceless at all. The absolute minimum it will cost you to attend this year’s Super Bowl is $12,200 and that doesn’t account for parking, eating, etc. Heck, even the taxes for all this will be about the price of a round trip flight to Europe. Check it out for yourself on StubHub and Expedia.

  • 5 GIFs From Kate Upton’s Mercedes-Benz CLA Super Bowl Commercial

    The teaser trailer for Kate Upton’s Mercedes-Benz 2013 Super Bowl commercial leaked online yesterday and has already been given the GIF treatment. The full-length commercial will air on Super Bowl Sunday and will feature Upton alongside Usher. This is a pairing that Mercedes believes will help reach a younger audience for the new C-Class, the company’s first front-wheel drive car for the U.S. market, according to the Los Angeles Times. It reportedly goes on sale in September for about $30,000.

  • Coachella 2013 Line-up Guide: Confirmed Acts And Dispelling Rumors

    Coachella will be announcing their 2013 two weekend line-up in the next few hours or days (at the most). Get excited. Here are some pictures from Coachella 2012. With Governors Ball dropping a bomb on the music industry today it’s now Coachella’s turn to awe us.  We’ve been following Twitter religiously for confirmations and dispelling of rumors. Here is a feed of what we’re seeing. 

  • People Are Awesome 2013

    Here is the much needed follow-up to the 2010-2012 human highlight reels that have over 150,000,000 views on YouTube combined. People Are Awesome 2013 will knock your socks off.


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