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  • A Slytherin is Playing the Owner of CBGB (trailer)

    Alan Rickman, formerly of House Slytherin, will be playing the proprietor of CBGB’s, Hilly Kristal in an upcoming true story piece about the New York City’s rock mecca. Original music from Iggy Pop, the Talking Heads, Blondie, the Velvet Underground, and the Police, with a laundry list of cameos playing the countless number of rock stars that sparked their careers at the venue. In it’s later days CBGB’s was known as more of a rotting landmark then a rock venue, which ultimately led to it’s demise and I’m sure Kristal wouldn’t have had it any other way.

  • The 10 Most Amazing Rooftop Restaurants In The World

    Life is better in the air! I think each of us dreamed of spending a pleasant time enjoying the bright night sky above and the spectacular view of some city or town. The enormous joy of such a close distance to the sky adds even more interest of such a time spending. Well, but if all of this can also be accompanied with nice music and a glass of favorite drink or a unique snack then the atmosphere can truly be called ideal. Today we have selected the top 10 most amazing rooftops worldwide.

  • The Awesome World of Minor League Theme Nights

    Minor League sports teams have always been synonymous with daring uniforms, a marketing gimmick to bring in fans and in some cases get some press out of it. We’ve seen everything from jersey tuxedos, worn by a team after a wedding ceremony on a mound, to a pancho patterned jersey with a pig in a sombrero on its chest for Mexican night at the hockey rink. With college and premiere pro teams taking more risks with flashy jerseys, the minor league teams, known for their outlandish theme night kits have to push the envelope a bit. Here are some of the best, worst, laughable, awful, questionably WTF jerseys worn by minor league sports teams.

  • America’s Serious Addiction to Coffee (Infographic)

    The American Psychiatric Association released a Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders. (DSM-5) lists caffine intoxication and withdrawal as mental disorders. It’s the defibrillator that makes the world go round. I wonder the shear chaos that would erupt if, for one day, the world didn’t drink coffee. I, personally, can’t tie my shoes without having a cup of coffee in the morning. Before I know it, my shoes are across the room and there I lie, sprawled out on the floor in a full temper tantrum. It’s that bad. I could only imagine the full blown addicts (Denial is step 2?) trying to function in modern society. The APA has seen such parallels in addiction with caffeine and hard drugs, they’re now equated with each other. More shocking than that is the percentage of adults who consume it in this country, daily (%83). This infographic by TopCounselingSchools.com shows you the real dark roast side to our friend, Joe.

  • Rickie Fowler’s Lloyd Christmas Orange Tuxedo Inside Joke Explained

    This could be the discovery of the century. When Lloyd Christmas wore his iconic orange tuxedo to the Aspen Preservation Society’s Icelandic Snow Owl charity ball, he may have inspired a young golfer to bring that colorful flare to the course. Rickie Fowler, one of golf’s top rising talents, has a style so unique it even has it’s own SportsCenter commercial. And now we know why his signature color is orange. Plain and simple Rickie loves Dumb & Dumber. Who doesn’t? Best. Movie. Ever. This weekend Rickie showed off that he is a massive Dumb & Dumber fan, so much so that he actually got “Big Gulps, huh?” inscribed on his wedge. Which now explains why he wears top to bottom orange gear, it’s all an inside joke paying tribute to one of the greatest bro movie characters of all time… ‘Christmas, Lloyd Christmas.’

  • Clever Street Art Piece That Only Works at Night

    Street art in London has taken on a life of it’s own. Public scribbles have transformed themselves into thought provoking works of art. Call it ‘street smarts’, Banksy paved the way, opening up the scene to a breed of artists who play cleverly in the dark of night. Conjuring up new ways to promote their art. Artist, ABOVE, took seven months to find the perfect spot on which to place his stencil of a man balancing on one hand, during the day suspended in mid air, but at night shows a skilled breakdancer balancing on a pole.  

  • Trace Action Sports Tracker

    Remember that time you hit that gnarly jump or got pitted in the radical tube of a stellar wave? Yeah, but we don’t. With Trace you can track all of your jumps, runs, hop, skips and jumps. Using advanced GPS technology, Trace can identify a tre-flip down 10 stairs, detail every turn on a 100-yard Rincon right, and measure a backflip off a 20-foot kicker at Mammoth. And it’s as small as a delicious Reese’s. (as shown in scaled photo) There will be three mobile apps available to cater to the surf, skate and snow community, all with unique interfaces that are tailored to the sport. With each #SESSIONSHEET, you’ll be able to log eaxmples like; How high an Ollie was, How long your vert was or how much air did you get off a wave. Trace will be available for purchase in January for $150.

  • 5 Leadership Tips From John F. Kennedy’s Darkside

    Forget the bold words and speeches of John F. Kennedy. Let’s look at his actions. John F. Kennedy undoubtedly holds an allure over Americans as the young, attractive Catholic that presided over “Camelot” and fought for the ideals of a new generation. But his dark traits have also been well established over the last 40 years. Surely we can learn from his speeches and his noble characteristics. That isn’t hard to do. But I think he “dark side” offers some valuable lessons as well. What made him a dangerous President can also make you a stellar leader, if you apply these traits reasonably. Remember: those who can’t learn from the bad in life are missing half of life’s lessons. Here are 5 positive takeaways from the dark side of John F. Kennedy: 1. Be Willing to Take Risks “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”- John F. Kennedy It was his defining characteristic. From the Bay of Pigs to Marilyn Monroe, JFK liked to risk shit. He liked to live on his toes. His sexual escapades continually disrupted national security (not to mention his own marriage), and his apparent recklessness brought us (arguably) close to World War III. more »

  • 22 lb. Picnic Table For Tailgating

    A standard picnic table, coming in at 6 feet long and over 100 pounds, isn’t exactly something you would pack up and bring the the packing lot for a tailgate. But now, you can toss this table in the trunk and bring it along to any picnic friendly event. The “Tailgating Wooden Picnic Table,” featuring medium brown stained wood providing texture and dimension, seats four and weighs in at just 22 pounds so you can easily take it to the beach or tailgate.

  • Breaking Bad Honest Trailer

    Breaking Bad returns this Sunday, so Screen Junkies thought they’d welcome back everyone’s favorite show with a little honesty. By the way, major SPOILER ALERT. If you ever plan on catching up with this show do not watch.

  • Bad Chemistry: The Character Elements of Breaking Bad

    Part two of Breaking Bad‘s final season kicks off in just a few days, and we’re growing increasingly anxious, wondering where the end will take us. For four-and-a-half seasons, we’ve watched the characters grow and change, with no transformation as significant as Walter White’s own personal journey from meek and innocent to ruthless and evil. Years of watching Breaking Bad has taught us which chemical elements combine to make meth, and now, as we await the show’s denouement, Shutterstock decided to break down the characters in the same way. Using assets from their extensive library, Shutterstock created a “chemical” diagram for each of the main players from the show. See how they all combine below, then tell us what you think. Does everything add up?

  • Watch Adam Scott, Seth Rogan, And Other Audition For “The Office” In 2003

    Way back in 2003 actors Adam Scott, Seth Rogen, Eric Stonestreet, Kathryn Hahn and Bob Odenkirk auditioned for roles in the eventual hit TV show “The Office” but didn’t actually get the part. Eric Stonestreet went on to win 2 Primetime Emmy’s for “Modern Family”. Adam Scott has become a very successful actor, appearing in films such as “Step Brothers” and “The Aviator” as well as in TV on the show “Parks and Recreation” which was created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur (creators of the US version of The Office). Seth Rogen was in famous shows before he auditioned such as “Freaks and Geeks” and obviously went on to be a huge actor. Kathryn Hahn has also gone on to be a famous actor, appearing in “Step Brothers” and “Anchorman”. John Cho has gone on to appear in cult films such as “Star Trek” and also “Harold & Kumar”. Bob Odenkirk has also won 2 Primetime Emmy’s and his known for his work on SNL (before this audition). He is a writer but also an actor, later appearing in “The Office” and in “Breaking Bad”.

  • Jay Leno Finds Footage Of Bryan Cranston As A Power Rangers Villain

    Started from the bottom now he’s here. Last week Bryan Cranston went on Colbert and dropped a bomb on the entire internet by revealing that one of his first jobs in Hollywood was doing voiceovers for Power Ranger villains. An eagle-eyed Jay Leno intern went through the massive archives of Power Rangers and found actual of Cranston’s voiceover.

  • This is the Most Expensive Home in the U.S., Copper Beech Farm, Connecticut

    This is the epitome of wealth, my friends. Pure unadulterated $190 million wealth. Copper Beech Farm has 15,000 square feet of living space, 7,000 square feet of basement and attic space, and an 1,800-foot-long driveway. Other features include a grass tennis court, many gardens, apple orchard, greenhouses, 75-foot-long heated pool, and a carriage house. Although it might look like an ordinary house, it was built in the 1890’s and has the same floorplan as the original with some functionality adjustments, such as a kitchen on the main floor next to the dining room. The original was in the basement, which was part of the staff quarters. I’m still not exactly sure how this home got the price tag, but Bill Gates, Mark Cuban and Pitbull, eat your heart out. A small part of me actually likes how modest (modest for $190 million). 

  • Sequential Photography for Red Bull Illume

    Over the past couple of years photographers have been experimenting with ‘sequential photography’, a still framed photo of a steady landscape with a moving piece to create the beautiful examples you see here. Red Bull Illume 2013 is a photo contest out to find the most illustrious action photo taken. A number of them being ‘sequential’. Here are some of the best of the best courtesy of Core 77 and Red Bull.

  • Adidas Unveils New Uniforms for Notre Dame and Nebraska

    Welp, out with the old in with the new. New beginnings for two of the most traditionally garbed schools in college football. Last year the Fighting Irish sported an off centered helmet, (almost) half gold, (almost) half navy with the fighting irsihman logo on a single side. Along with that was a simple navy uniform with gold numbers.Not crazy, but enough to get the traditionalists up in arms. This year they went ‘classy’, all white with gold numbers and back to their signature gold helmet, with a shamrock twist. The Fighting Irish will wear these alternate uniforms on October 5, 2013 when they face off against Arizona State at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Nebraska on the other hand went off the charts badass. Stencil simple white numbers, black uniforms with a dark grey micro pattern and stuck with their traditional helmet, sporting a black strip down the center, to keep grandpa happy. Well done, Adidas. You’re learning. Nebraska Cornhuskers will wear these alternate uniforms on September 14, 2013 when they host UCLA at Memorial Stadium for adidas’ annual Unrivaled Game.

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