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  • An Inside Look at the Office of Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker

    In the latest issue of Obscura magazine, Nike CEO Mark Parker opens his door at their new headquarters located in Beaverton, Oregon. The office showcases an art collection of over 1,000 pieces, keeping Parker constant inspired while he sketches new ideas. From the big picture the office looks like the cluttered room of a child unable to let go of old toys, but take a closer look and each piece serves a purpose for generating fresh ideas  every day. Pick up issue 14 of Obscura for the full article.  

  • Think Spring, Be Warm with 2014 Golf Shoes

    Anything to get your mind off the polar vortex that has not only engulfed the majority of the U.S, but also the internet. Everywhere you turn you can’t seem to get away from a video of someone experimenting with boiling water outside. So we’re here to change up the pace a little. With spring just around the corner, and yes, it’ll be here before you finish reading what exactly a poler vortex is, the precious game of golf will take the southern jet stream back in to our lives. If you’re one of the lucky states unaffected by the cold front, then good for you, we’re freezing our toes off and thinking of our happy place is all we have left. The newest lines from adidas Golf, Nike Golf and Puma Golf don’t exactly mesh well with your daddy’s golf attire, but bring a fun bright aspect to the game it otherwise lacked. With young-gun-stars like Fowler, Bubba and Rory taking center stage on the coarse the buttoned up rules of days yonder are exactly that. Behind us. This season lace up your spikes with one of these new golf shoes, featuring lighter and more comfortable technologies. adidas adizero one more »

  • 8 Lessons in Manliness From Nick Offerman

    The paragon of manliness in today’s culture, otherwise void of such mythical creatures, is Nick Offerman. Or more accurately, it is his character, Ron Swanson. If you couldn’t decipher, though, much of that televised manliness is tongue-in-cheek. Offerman, though it is hard to believe, eats vegetables sometimes. He admits to being sensitive and to taking ballet lessons. He does so with utmost confidence. He’s also modest and open-minded, at least according to his book, Paddle Your Own Canoe. Therefore, I think we can learn more about manliness from the real man behind the farcical myth than from the symbol of manliness that his character has become. Here are eight lessons, pretty literally transcribed from his book:

  • The Rodman North Korea Meltdown From the Thoughts of his Teammates

    If you didn’t hear or see the meltdown Dennis Rodman had during an interview with Chris Cuomo of CNN’s “New Day,” here it is. It is what it is. Rodman defends his movement to North Korea, pressing to stay out of the political tape during his time there. Defending his trip, claiming it’s strictly to bring the game of basketball to their culture. There are concerns for the welfare of U.S. citizen Kenneth Bae, who’s been detained there for more than a year for reasons that are unclear, which Rodman, and Rodman spokesman and teammate, Chris Smith refused to comment on. The other former NBA players are along side ‘The Worm’ to take part in a basketball game for Kim Jong Un’s 31st birthday against the North Korea team. The players knew they’d catch slack for participating in the controversial game for a dictator’s personal pleasure, but what they didn’t account for was the unpredictable Rodman’s on air meltdown, chalk full of tears and babble. The look on his teammates faces morph from objectified stance to “What have I done” in less than two minutes says it all. We’ve mocked up a few screengrabs from the best moments of the more »

  • Amsterdam In Motion Timelapse Video

    UK born photographer/filmmaker Jack Fisher is quickly becoming a big name in the hyperlapse medium. What seperates hyperlapse from regular timelapse is that the camera is moving throughout the shoot. His latest commission, “Amsterdam in Motion,” showcases the Dutch capital in November and December of 2013, during the annual Light Festival. The result is a high definition video of an already visually-striking city during one of the most epic public art installations in the world.

  • 30 Things I’ve Learned Last Year That Were Stupidly Obvious, But Helped Me Anyway

    I never thought I would see the day. But here I am, writing a proselytizing article with advice aimed at twenty-somethings from my own Gen-Y perspective–and it’s in (true Elite Daily) list form. Well, anyway, I’ve gotten over my squeamish fear of appealing to the mainstream, enough so that I wrote an article about all the nifty things I’ve learned this year. I’m sure I sound naive. And I am. All “twenty-somethings” that write “twenty-something” articles are naive. Because, they are “twenty-somethings”. Duh. Being well aware of that fact, I still think some of these ideas can help you. They’ve helped me out over the last year. These ideas continue to help me still. I’m sure some of them will be replaced by better ideas, but so goes the nature of life and living.

  • Own A Pair Of Retro Leather Boxing Gloves

    Reenact the early days of the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, when gloves were first required in boxing, and pretend you’re “Gentleman Jim” Corbett with these vintage leather boxing gloves. Made of hand-stitched cigar leather, these gloves will make you feel like a classy Jack Dempsey rather than that bare-knuckled brute John L. Sullivan. The description says “for decorative use only,” but if Jack Johnson challenges me, you know I’ll be putting these on before I start swinging. By Jack Johnson, I obviously mean the gentle singer-songwriter, not the heavyweight champ of 100 years ago. Get your pair of retro leather boxing gloves today for $69 from Restoration Hardware.

  • FSU Defeats Auburn in BCS Championship (20 HQ Photos)

    Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston led his Florida State Seminoles to the last BSC National title of the modern era. Winston led the top-ranked FSU team to victory after an undefeated season. The first half of the game was lop sided to say the least, Auburn gaining heavy ground on a flat footed Seminole squad. In the second half, however, Famous Jameis took the reigns and led State to a 34-31 victory after a 4th quarter shootout.

  • Timeline Of The Far Future Infographic

    Nobody likes surprises when it comes to universal events. With that in mind, BBC Future presents this handy infographic to help you plan for the future that you’ll never see. Hmmm…I seem to be having trouble entering some of these dates in my Google Calendar.

  • The 50 Most Popular People On Instagram in 2014

    We’re willing to bet you use Facebook less than you did one year ago. Right? As statistics show Facebook is in decline we think when it comes to social media Instagram is King. So let’s take a look at the people who are running the show in 2014. We’ve combed through Instagram statistics to pull together the following list of the 50 Most Popular People on Instagram.

  • JuggaLove Juggalo Dating Service [Video]

    Are you a juggalo looking for your juggalette? Is it hard finding a significant other who is down with the clown? Try out JuggaLove, founded by Dr. Kenneth “2 Krunk Pussy Killa” Ross, and find your dream gal who’s not put off by Faygo-induced diabetes, Great Milenko tattoos, and ridiculously oversized JNCOs.

  • Nicolas Cage Film Review Haiku

    I think we can all agree that Nicolas Cage is the greatest gift to mankind. Even when his movies are bad, and they’re often really, really, bad, there is always something insanely interesting about Cage’s performance. Maybe it’s the nonsensical voices he chooses for his characters. Maybe it’s the way he loses his shit. Whatever the reason, today we celebrate the 50th birthday of this fine actor. To commemorate his half-century of greatness I revisited some of his best films and wrote down my impressions in the form of haiku.

  • Footage From Nirvana’s Last LA Concert [Video]

    On December 30, 1993 Nirvana took the stage at the LA Forum during their In Utero tour and the show was captured by filmmaker and longitme friend of the band, Dave Markey. This footage would be the last time the band would play Los Angeles before singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide in April of 1994. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the performance, Markey recently posted a a video highlighting three songs form the show. Here is Nirvana playing their covers of the Vaselines’ “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam,” Daivd Bowie’s “Man Who Sold The World,” and their own “All Apologies” at the LA Forum for the last time.

  • Full-Length Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘House Of Cards’

    Netflix hit original series “House of Cards” returns for a second season on February 14, guaranteeing a weekend of binge watching for millions of people all over the world. Here’s the full trailer to get you ready for the next chapter in the saga of Frank and Claire. Let’s hope season two of “Orange is the New Black” won’t be far behind.

  • Rope Swing Zipline From The Top of an NFL Stadium [Video]

    Devin Super Tramp, who shows us again and again that he has more fun than anyone in the world with his YouTube videos, has managed to make something worth watching that takes place at the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium. With help from Panasonic, who provided cameras, and Aerial Concepts, a live entertainment and production firm, Devin was able to make a rope swing zipline and capture some incredible footage.

  • Dapper Baseball Players Of The 1800s [25 Photos]

    The A.G. Spalding Collection from the New York Public Library has some amazing photographs of all your favorite baseball stars of the 19th century, like Civil War hero Dick McBride, but the best find is proof of contemporary actor Zac Efron being a time traveler. Check out that picture of Philadelphia Athletics superstar Joe Battin and try telling me that’s not the star of the upcoming “That Awkward Moment.” Also, although most of these dudes are nothing like the MLB juiceheads of today when it comes to physical appearance,  JF Guehrer looks like a total badass. The rest of them, with their scrawny frames and interesting facial hair, just look like the guys you’d see at any cocktail bar in Brooklyn drinking Fernet.

  • You’re Eating Wings Wrong. Brandi Milloy & Food Beast Make it RIght.

    As evolution goes, progress is inevitable. The consumption of eating chicken wings is no different. For years, the staple snack synonymous with sports food has been eaten by the discretion of the wing eater. Well the game has changed. Forever. The scientists over at Food Beast’s applied food science division have devised an economical method for taking down wings by removing the bone completely. Brandi Milloy gives a step by step breakdown anyone can achieve with flawless results.

  • Sleek Australian Bachelor Pad [7 Photos]

    Australia based firm Finnis Architects designed this modern bachelor pad, the Esplanade House, in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. The residence has three bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, and the ground floor’s living areas seamlessly flow together, making the house perfect for entertaining. The glass facade creates a welcoming atmosphere that is sure to impress any guests. 

  • XBox One vs Nintendo 64

    All this Xbox One vs PS4 is way overhyped. The consoles just about have the same guts in a different box, and really, the boxes look pretty damn similar too. But what if you put one of the most prolific consoles to change the video game world up against one of the new uber-consoles to recently hit the market. BuzzFeed recently put the two to the test and the results are spot on.

  • Science Teacher Eats Nothing But McDonald’s for 90 Days, Loses 37 Pounds

    John Cisna, a science teacher form Iowa, wanted to prove that with an understanding of caloric intake, it was possible to eat McDonald’s for every meal and remain healthy. For 90 days, he ate nothing but McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but limited his caloric intake to only 2000 calories per day. He also resolved to walk 45 minutes each day. He was able to lose 37 pounds and his health wasn’t compromised, showing a stark difference from the results presented in Morgan Spurlock’s sensational “Super Size Me.”

  • “Step Into The Void” Allows You To Step Off A French Alps Cliff Without Dying [13 Photos]

    On December 21, the Chamonix Skywalk at the top of the Aiguille du Midi mountain peak in the French Alps, opened to the public. Called “Step Into The Void,” the art installation lets you see the Alps like never before. The five-sided glass enclosure allows visitors to hover 3,396 feet surrounded on all sides by custom-made 1/2 inch glass. For those who aren’t brave enough to enter the skywalk, there is also a terrace with a railing that might make you feel a bit more secure.

  • Photo of the Day: ‘The Boss’ Gets Pulled Over for Speeding in 1978

    Bruce Springsteen was driving along from Manhattan to Holmdel, New Jersey, speeding like “the Boss”, when a couple of coppers made a routine speeding stop. The officers were thrilled to find out that the man behind the wheel was none other than Springsteen himself. Bruce’s then girlfriend, rock photographer, Lynn Goldsmith, happened to be by his side when the interaction took place and took one of the most epic classic rock photos ever to be taken. Photo via: @HistoryInPics

  • You Can Now Earn a College Degree in “Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation”

    Because, why not? The United College of Hipsters- just kidding- Blue Ridge Community College in North Carolina has implemented a course aimed at students hoping to earn a degree in “Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation” through the applied science program. The craft beer industry is rapidly expanding and worth more than $10 billion dollars according to the Colorado-based Brewers Association and  with around 400 new breweries opening in 2012. BRCC will give students a chance to make alcoholic beverages at the professional level. The college anticipates the state government will step in an approve funding before it launches this fall. With the industry exploding at the seams and demand for skilled brewers and distillers growing with it, a program that trains students in mechatronics and the practical skills of fermenting wine, brewing beer and distilling liquor. For more info on the story click here

  • Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

    On January 3rd Samsung announced the release of their second camera from the Galaxy line. The Galaxy 2 promises to combine the quality imaging of a high-end camera with sharing capabilities and an intuitive design to match the most up-to-date smartphones. Samsung upped the ante this round with a 1.6GHz Quad Core processor and an Android platform making it easier for users to shoot, edit and most importantly these days,  share high quality images. With a 21x Optical Zoom, the Galaxy 2 is the ideal camera for anyone who takes pride in their shots, but doesn’t have the room to take a bulky DSLR with them everywhere. Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities are the real game changers that put this camera above and beyond all else. Because of it’s Android (Jellybean) OS you’ll be able to navigate through your apps and web while connected to a Wi-Fi network, but if you cant wait to share a new photo of your friend pretending to lean on a landmark, Samsung’s new ‘Tag & Go’ feature makes it painfully simple to transfer photos from the camera to any NFC-enabled smartphones and devices. All it takes is a simple tap of the smartphone and camera and devices will be more »

  • The Insanely Inspirational Art Of The Ultimate Warrior [25 Photos]

    Hailing from parts unknown, the Ultimate Warrior has always been a bit of an odd fella. Known for his insane and nonsensical rants and for constantly sabotaging his own career, the Ultimate Warrior re-emerged on the Internet and proved himself to be just as crazy as ever. Political and religious rants aside, his website also showed us the artistic side of the man who defeated Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI. His 6×9 inspirational paintings of such wise men as Frederick Douglass, George Washington, and Jack LaLanne are accompanied by quotes from the subject or the Warrior himself. You can order prints or commission a painting on his Weapons of Wisdom page. And always remember, “GREATNESS IS NOT GIVEN…IT IS BEATEN OUT OF ONESELF.”

  • That Time Niagara Falls Went Dry [4 Photos]

    From June to November 1969 the American Falls were dewatered. This action cut back the normal flow of 60,000 gallons a second to almost nothing. Most of the diverted water was either sent over the Horseshoe Falls or diverted to the Robert Moses generating plant’s upriver intakes. The action enabled Canadian and US power companies and the US Army Corps of Engineers to do on-the-spot inspections and aerial photographs of the river bed’s rock formation. This was all part of a plan to reduce erosion to the Falls and it offered a view of the falls that no one will likely see again. Via: Reddit

  • Manhattan Micro Loft Bachelor Pad [10 Photos]

    Located at the top of a Manhattan brownstone, this loft offered the architects at Specht Harpman only 425 square feet to work with BUT with 25 feet of vertical space, they made this amazing micro loft. Through brilliant use of levels, every inch of the space is put to use. The fisrt level is the entry and kitchen, leading to the living space a few steps up. Then stairs lead to a bed pavilion projected over the living area that also has stairs up to a roof garden. The staircases contain storage area and even a bathroom. With very little furniture necessary, what was once a cramped space now seems perfectly comfortable.


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