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  • 8 Football Movies Every Guy Should See

    With the Harbowl on its way, it’s time to get in game mode. Since there are no actual games to quench your thirst, might as well pop in a movie or stream something to pass the time. Sure you could turn to Rudy or Varsity Blues, but you’ve seen those like a billion times, and, outside of the Ali Larter whipped cream bikini scene, you can only watch them so many times. Here are 8 football movies you may not have seen, but really should. >>

  • 13 Manly Meals You Can Cook with a Blowtorch

    Guys, are you looking for a way to make cooking more awesome? Ladies, are you trying to get your guy to help out more in the kitchen? If so, the answer is simple: buy a blowtorch. And no, I am not kidding. There are a number of amazing and delicious things that you can cook with a blowtorch. With some, the blowtorch isn’t really necessary, but it does make the process easier (and way more fun). With others, though, the blowtorch actually provides something no other cooking methods can. Fascinated? I don’t blame you. So let’s get started. See all 13 things here >>

  • What’s Faster App

    The idea for What’s Faster started from a curious eight year old boy William who was always asking his father “Dad, what’s faster a BMW or a Ferrari, a Jaguar or Jet, an Apache helicopter or a Aston Martin.” William and his father Will combined ideas and efforts and made that question into one amazing app for curious people everywhere. What’s Faster brings hours of fun and learning as you test your curiousoty of speed amount 32 categories and 625,000 unique comparisons. The game shows you two items and you have to guess what is faster! Pretty simple. You have to get a certian number of correct to unlock the next category. Get too many wrong and the round ends. With all the comparisons inside the game you may get stuck now and then. Radar guns allow you to “clock” the two items, get thier speeds and move on to the next comparison. What a help! What’s Faster comes with 25 radar guns. If you need more, you can purchase them inside the game. Download it now: $1.99

  • Taco Bell CEO Confirms That Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos Are Coming Soon

    I retired from the Taco Bell game after graduating from college but with this latest news regarding Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos I might need to pull a Favre and come out of retirement. The Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos have been spectacularly popular for Taco Bell, selling 200 million units and becoming the most popular item in the history fo the company which was started in 1962, and this morning CEO Greg Creed confirmed to CBS This Morning that Cool Ranch Doritos are coming in 2013. CEO of @tacobell says a Doritos Cool Ranch taco is coming soon — CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) January 29, 2013 Now if only they would sell just the shell in stores we could make our own at home. Photo via: ibtimes.com

  • Sriracha Chocolate Bar

    There’s no better way to tell your special someone that they’re a hunka-hunka burnin’ love than to get them a chocolate that is LITERALLY a hunka-hunka burnin’ love. When you combine melt-in-your-mouth chocolate with tingles-your-happy-tastebuds sriracha sauce, you’ve got a recipe for true love… or at least greed, followed by lust, followed by gluttony. The Sriracha Spicy Chocolate Bar is a blend of sun-ripened chili and dark chocolate cocoa. They’re made in small batches so they can be quality tested (nom nom nom! best job!) and shipped out at maximum freshness. We guarantee that it will make your mouth the happiest its been in a long time.  Buy now: $7.99

  • Garrett McNamara Rides Record Breaking 100 Foot Wave

    Nazare, Portugal was pumping out record high waves and fearless surfer Garrett McNamara was there. If you haven’t seen the pictures floating around by now, you must have your head stuck in the sand. The Guardian reported that McNamara rode a 100-foot wave. Thankfully, a trailer-style video surfaced and from the looks of it, we can expect a movie to follow. Take a look at these monsters… Watch the video here >>

  • Ranking The Hookups of Michael Phelps

    So what does 22 Olympic medals do for a guy when it comes to dating the sexy and famous? In Michael Phelps’ case, it does pretty well. And since it was being reported last week that he just hooked up with another pretty lady Guyism figured they’d take a look back at his alleged dating timeline.

  • 10 Simple Steps To Boost Your Credit Score By 100 Points

    The importance of your credit score cannot be overestimated. Do you need to apply for a new credit car or are you looking to get a loan? Then it’s in your best interest to have the highest credit score possible. Raising your credit score is not easy but there are certain steps you can take that might help. A few of these steps from BusinessInsider.com will impact your score immediately and some will help over time but in the end you should be able to raise your score by 100 points. Obviously this won’t work for everyone. If you are habitually bad with paying bills or you’ve have a financial crisis in the past than it might take a little more time to reach the +100 mark but anything is possible if you’re proactive.

  • Barbara Palvin Loves Ketchup [10 Photos]

    I love ketchup as much as the next guy but the thought of chugging Heinz straight out of the bottle makes my skin crawl. Regardless there is no way this incident, instigated by the ever powerful Terry Richardson for a new phtooshoot, will change the fact that 2013 will be a very good year for Barbara Palvin who is on our list of 30 Women Who Will Dominate 2013. All these photos came from www.terrysdiary.com which s a treasure trove of photography awesomeness. We’re big fans so head over there when you have a moment.

  • Facebook Unveils Maps Showing NFL Fans Loyalty By Region

    The National Football League is one of the most popular sports in America with some incredibly devoted fans. Facebook has about 35 million account holders in the United States who have Liked a page for one of the 32 teams in the league, representing one of the most comprehensive samples of sports fanship ever collected. Put another way, more than 1 in 10 Americans have declared their support for an NFL team on Facebook.

  • George Clooney To Star In Walt Disney Biopic “Tomorrowland”

    The are very few details regarding this movie about the founding of the Disney empire but we do know the live-action movie is being called “Tommorowland,” will star George Clooney, and it is being developed by director Brad Bird (Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, The Incredibles, The Iron Giant) and writers Damon Lindelof and Entertainment Weekly’s own Jeff “Doc” Jensen.

  • Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank…Part 2

    Back on January 9th we featured the “Invisible Driver Prank” in our list of 9 Hilarious Drive-Thru Pranks. This was just about the funniest prank we’ve ever seen an over 30 million people agree. This weekend the video’s creator MagicofRahat released “Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank 2″ the second hilarious installment. Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank 2 The original – Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

  • A Surfside Dream Home In Bridgehampton, New York

    If soft sand and perfect waves sound like paradise we’ve got the house for you. This two-story oceanfront house, clad in horizontal slats of Alaskan yellow cedar and anodized aluminum windows, in Bridgehampton, New York includes private guest quarters for friends and family who want to spend a long weekend a full garage, natural dunescape near the beach, sun deck, a free-form, chlorine-free swimming pool and geothermal heating/cooling and photovoltaic electric panels. Source: mydesignstories.com

  • The Internet Universe Map

    This is one of the coolest things you’ll see all day. This Internet universe map works just like any other map. Every site is a circle on the map, and its size is determined by website traffic, the larger the amount of traffic, the bigger the circle. The resulting product looks like a galaxy where you can search specific websites, zoom and interact to see the stats. Unfortunately the stats seem to be a little out of date because rsvlts.com isn’t included and we’ve been killing it over the last few months but regardless of our bitterness this is still pretty damn cool. View the internet map >>

  • The Archipelago Table

      This “Archipelago Table” creates an illusion of stone coming up from the glass table. To create the illusion a stone was cut in half and a glass panel with sandwiched between the two pieces. You can learn all about it over at Eaglewolforca official site. The piece isn;t for sale but with all the internet buzz that will stem fromt his cool table art look for them to become available in the future. 

  • Do’s And Don’ts Of Riding An Escalator

    This infographic may feel obvious but I think this needs to be shared with everyone living and working in New York City. Very little escalator etiquette in the Big Apple.  In fact, save this infographic to your desktop, print it out and keep a few in your back pocket. If you see anyone breaking the rules hand them a flier. Source: Laughingsquid.com

  • 80 Must Read Life Advice Tips From The “Actual Advice Mallard”

    This is one wise duck. The Actual Advice Mallard is a Meme that first appeared on the internet on June 19th, 2011 but has really gained steam over the last month. Actual Advice Mallard features a photograph of a male wild duck accompanied by captions containing life hacks and other useful information. They are most always totally on point. There are hundreds,if not tens of thousands of Actual Advice Mallard photos floating around but we narrowed it down to 60 essential ones that can help you on it real life.


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