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  • Iconic Concert: Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

    Metallica’s career accolades are amongst the most impressive of any band…ever. Nine Grammy Awards, first band to have five consecutive albums debut at number one on the Billboard 200, more than 100 million albums sold, 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and the list goes on, and on. On April 21-22 in 1999 the pioneers of heavy metal teamed up with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra at Berkeley Community Theater in Berkeley, California for a live album called S&M that would go on to be 5X Platinum. Even if Metallica isn’t really your cup of tea check out the performance of No Leaf Clover (skip to it here), damn good stuff. 

  • Man Meal: Stuff-A-Burger Press

    Rejoice. Stuffing a burger with all your favorite savory ingredients just got infinitely easier. If you’ve ever attempted the stuffed burger, you immediately know how difficult it is to grill a perfect stuffed burger, without the meat falling apart or the stuffing leaking through causing a smokey mess. The Stuff-A-Burger Press offers two stuffed-burger sizes: a mammoth ¾-pound burger or, using the insert, a substantial ½ pounder. It also comes with a grill cage so your burger doesn’t fall apart when flipping. Stuff-A-Burger Press $12

  • Barry Sanders Gets Madden 25th Anniversary Cover (First Look Video)

    Barry Sanders beat out Adrian Peterson for the cover of Madden 25th Anniversary. Sanders won by puuling 58 percent of the over 700,000 votes cast on the final matchup. over 40 million votes were cast throughout the entire competition. Peterson was among newly retired, Ray Lewis and Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Jerry Rice to mention a few who got beat out by the elusive back. Sanders also graced the cover back in 2000 making him the first athlete to grace the cover twice.

  • The Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50th Anniversario

    For the big five-oh Lamborghini went all out. The Aventador LP 720-4 made it’s debut at the Shanghai Motor Show and will be the mark of the Italian automaker’s 50th anniversary. With a 6.5-liter V12 engine making 720 horsepower, this model outperforms the standard Aventador. The Aventador LP 720-4 50th Anniversario is available as a limited run of 100 cars. No pricing has yet been announced but it’s unlikely to undercut the US$387,000 Aventador LP 700-4.  

  • New Arrested Development Posters Hit the Streets, We Officially Have Bluth Balls

    The highly anticipated season of Arrested Development has been dangling in front of us just enough to keep our attention, realeasing teaser posters after teaser posters. Character posters have been popping up throughout the day in Los Angeles and we just got our hands on the bunch. The official release date (May 26th) is less than a month away and I think it’s safe to say we have Bluth balls.  

  • The New Xbox Will Be Unveiled May 21st

    On May 21,starting at 10 a.m. PDT., the entire gaming universe will have it’s sights set on Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Wash. as the new Xbox is revealed. Not much to report beyond that but mark your calendars because, like Sony’s PS 4 announcement, you’ll be able to participate at home via a live stream.

  • Beertone is a Pantone Colorbook for 200 Beers

    Beertone is what happens when you take two ad agency creatives who like brews and take on a side project. Alexander Michelbach and Daniel Eugster of St. Gallen, Switzerland created beertone to give a more visual recognition to the wide world of beer. “Beautiful design with the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage”. Michelbach and Eugster had to photograph more than 200 glasses of suds in a special type of glass that prevents reflections, they then categorized each beer by color, beer label, alcohol Volume, brewery site and beer description. Pretty much a no brainer purchase for all you beer snobs out there. The Beertone wheel is selling for $39 to $59 on its website,

  • Can Social Media Predict The NFL Draft? [Infographic]

    With weeks of speculation, rumor-mongering and paranoid misinformation leaks, the NFL Draft is riddled by smoke screens and uncertainty. But what if social media holds all the true answers? This infographic by Mashable proves that tracking mentions on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, message boards and other platforms of the draft’s top prospects can be startlingly accurate.

  • The 50 Most Popular Sports Teams In America (According To The Internet)

    The popularity of our favorite sports teams can be adjudicated using a hundred different methods, from merchandise and tickets sold, to global team familiarity. We’ve decided to take the web approach and scoured internet for the top four means of collecting information about North American sports teams, aside from visiting an official team URL. Using Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, Google search results and number of Wiki-searches, we’ve created an algorithm to find out The 50 Most Popular Sports Teams in North America on the Web.

  • New Vs Old Media Billionaires (infographic)

    We all know that new media is growing at a much faster pace than old media businesses. With the rapid speed of that growth Staff.com produced this interesting infographic on just how much faster the new age billionaire got his pool of gold coins compared to the old money billz.

  • New Nike Golf Trick Shot Commercial

    In 1999, Tiger Woods made advertising history bouncing a Nike golf ball on his wedge, then turning around and launching it. That memorable TV spot paved the way for Nike Golf’s new RZN Trick Shot spot featuring Rory McIlroy, Nick Watney, Kyle Stanley, Suzann Pettersen and Paul Casey. These athletes juggle and pass to each other utilizing Nike’s RZN core golf ball technology in the new spot, which is cut to music used in the 1999 ad.  

  • The JBL Charge Is the Ideal Travel Music Dock

    Traveling with bulky music docks is space consuming and frustrating, but docks on the smaller size tend to pack little punch and definitely not enough for a large room or the outdoors. The JBL Charge might look like just another dock, but for it’s size, packs a mind blundering amount of sound in to a fairly small dock. Its minimalist design, delightful sound, 12-hour battery life and unique USB makes this tiny tuner the ideal travel iPod dock. Because of it’s powerful battery, You can use the Charge to actually “charge” your smartphones or usb devices. The JBL Charge stereo speaker has a massive, built-in, 6000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that provides more than 12 hours of playback time on a single charge. The battery is easily recharged from the speaker’s built-in USB port, which saves you battery hassles and money.

  • Michelle Keegan Crowned “World’s Hottest Woman,” Beating Out Kate Upton

    Who is Michelle Keegan and how did she top Kate Upton for the title of World’s Hottest Women? Let us explain. ZOO Magazine, a UK based publication, polled it’s readers and the masses voted for their home-town favorite. 25 year-old Keegan is a TV star, known for her curvy yet slender frame and constant St Tropez glow, so it’s no surprise she came out on top. State-side we aren’t very familiar with Michelle Keegan so let’s take a look at the star who whipped the UK audience into a frenzy.

  • Remembering 1999 [Video]

    This has 3,000 views and it’s well on it’s way to 10,000,000. For anyone who grew up in the 90′s this is a blast to the past that you need to take.

  • The Simpsons Intro With Real People (Video)

    A few years ago, Devilfish, a London-based creative agency, and director Chris Palmer of Gorgeous created this masterpiece for Sky One, a UK based television channel. The video gained some steam in the UK, but is surprising to have not gotten more than a pass around in the States. It’s as if a large fragment from my embedded childhood memory was tweaked and now I’m as confused as I am intrigued. Enjoy. Come Home To The Simpsons from devilfish on Vimeo. [h/t] It’s Nice That

  • Every NFL Team’s 10 Best Draft Picks of All Time (32 Infographics)

    Here it is. A complete log of the best 10 draft picks from every NFL team ever. These are the 10 best draft picks in franchise history, regardless of where the player spent the majority of their career. Some choices are interesting, Bleacher Report did a phenomenal job putting this list together and hopefully some of these teams can tweak history by their choices this year.

  • Jordan Brand Celebrates Road to the Championship with Player Exclusives (10 Photos)

    With many Jordan sponsored athletes competing in the NBA Playoffs, the brand is showcasing the custom footware worn by each of its feature athletes on the squad. Russell Westbrook, Ray Allen, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace and Rip Hamilton will be repping the AJ XX8. Carmelo Anthony will be wearing his signature shoe, the JORDAN MELO M9, a lightweight support and increased responsiveness through Nike Zoom cushioning. The Jordan CP3.VI AE will be worn by Chris Paul and teammate Blake Griffin will be sporting the Jordan Super.Fly 2, which he debuted earlier this year.

  • Calo des Moro Beach in Mallorca, Spain [11 HQ Photos]

    In the southeaster part of Mallorca, Spain sits a tropical beach unlike any you’ve ever seen. Calo des Moro has high cliffs on both sides of the sandy beach which gives a very secluded look and feel to visitors. Crystal clear turquoise waters make it a great place to soak in the sun and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean sea. It can get crowded on the weekends so do yourself a favor and visit during the week, also make sure you pack a lunch because there isn’t a beach front restaurant near by.

  • Iconic Concert: Guns N’ Roses Live at the Ritz in 1988

    At the height of their popularity, the original “Fab Five” bad boys of Rock n Roll had their finest hour at the Ritz in New York City on February 2, 1988. Guns N’ Roses, in their musical peak, performed their best songs off the classic album “Appetite for Destruction.” The chemistry and panache of lead vocalist Axl Rose and lead guitarist Slash is amazing and this iconic concert shows why the 5-star rated “Appetite for Destruction”  is still the best-selling debut album of all time in the U.S. history.

  • Nike PHOTOiD x Instagram Collaboration

    Nike PHOTOiD has collaborated with Instagram in a unique model to chose a custom colorway. Simply log on to your Instagram account on NikeiD, select a photo from your gallery, then choose between The Nike Air Max 1, 90 or 95. The hamsters will start the spinning wheel and wah-lah, you now have four choices to choose from based on your trendy instagram photo. Try it for days at Nike PHOTOiD

  • Thor: The Dark World (Trailer)

    The hammer weilding, prince of Asgard is back with his first appearance since the Avengers. The film is post Avengers, but the sequel to the 2011 film. This time to battle a villain darker than his brother, Loki. An ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith, set to plunge the universe back into darkness (nerd boner). The movie is set to release this summer to accent Iron Man 3 as another Marvel franchise blockbuster.