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The 2024 Olympic Race To Los Angeles Is On

While I’m no city official, I’m sure that bringing the Olympic games to your city is no small undertaking. Beijing pretty much had to reinvent their whole social structure in 2008 to host the summer games and then they just abandoned it. The 2014 Sochi Olympic Games were an absolute disaster…


‘Captain America: Civil War’ Teams Revealed

As Marvel/Disney slowly but methodically take over the world, moviegoers everywhere sit idly by in hopes that the next movie will be better than the last. Luckily, they usually are, which is why the latest installment of the Captain America franchise has everyone so excited. Titled Captain America: Civil War, the film…


Powerful Hurricane Katrina Then And Now Photos

Hurricane Katrina has been the topic of many conversations lately as American hits the 10 year mark of the devastation of New Orleans. Many people have written or reported on the losses and destruction that the state of Louisiana suffered when the levees broke, further highlighting the excessive death and…