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  • Poll: Is Seth Rogen Worried About Getting Assassinated by North Korea?

    According to UPROXX The Interview scandal has hit an even uglier low as Seth Rogen and James Franco are genuinely unsure about what’s going to happen when The Interview is released as they have canceled all their upcoming press appearances, including a Thursday night chat with Seth Meyers. It’s a very curious situation because Rogen was recently on Colbert and at one point he seemed extremely jumpy when Colbert made a sudden movement behind the desk. Although the FBI has said there is no credible threats against the actors or theaters showing the film, the look of genuine fear in Rogen’s eyes makes us wonder if North Korea’s death threats could be real. Are they really worried that North Korea would try to assassinate them disguised as an interview team? That would be incredibly meta, but let’s leave it up to a poll.

  • Broments: The 14 Most Bro Moments That Broke The Internet In 2014

    Urban Dictionary defines a “Broment” as a special moment between two dudes or when a bro does something notable or extraordinary. We went through the internet archives and pulled the absolute best brotable broments, bro. This year was filled with more dude-centric heartfelt moments than words that can phonetically change  to include ‘bro’. Bro-netics. It’s not every day a retired quarterback decides to put his body through more pain and suffering after 20 years of getting thrown to the ground by 300-pound linemen or when a certain playboy celebrity dumps his model girlfriend, to party with 20 women in Miami. All these moments, no matter how cliché bro, define what it means to be one. Here are this year’s best “Broments”. 45-year-old gun slinger, Brett Favre placed third at the Golf Shores Triathlon in Alabama. Busted Coverage — When a random man named “Zack ‘Danger’ Brown” asked for $10 to make potato salad on KickStarter.  Then raised $55,000 for the project. Kickstarter — Lance Stephenson literally tried to get in Lebron James’ head during last season’s NBA playoffs. Stephenson has gotten weirder ever since. — Jeff Gordon said he wanted to do more than talk. Brad Keselowski said he’d rather “have enemies in NASCAR than have more »

  • Michael Jordan = G.O.A.T.

    Hey sportscasters…SHUT UP! Jordan is the greatest ever, and it’s not really close. Congrats to the Black Mamba for recently passing His Airness on the all-time scoring list (and taking over 250 extra games played to do it cough cough). It’s a popular narrative and time filler for people to begin to rank Kobe in the pantheon of greats and blasphemously compare him to Jordan but let’s try and put an immediate stop to the lunacy. By the end of this article, it’ll be clear Jordan is head and shoulders over any basketball player ever and might be the greatest professional athlete to ever play a team sport.

  • 7 Years of The Most Hilariously Inappropriate Christmas Cards

    Christmas cards are more than likely the cheesiest part of the holidays. Families gather in their cheerful sweaters and show you just how cookie cutter happy their perfect little lives are, even though Jason’s doing kegstands at State every Thursday and Samantha’s gone goth via their Instagrams. Comedian and photographer, John Cessna is going about his holiday tradition a little differently. Cessna’s been sending out hilarious Christmas cards, completely abandoning the holiday cheer stigma attached to Christmas cards. Since 2008, John has been removed from his families cards, after budding heads with his mother on holiday alcohol consumption, so John decided to start making his own. Christmas Fight Club, Holiday kidnapping and a sacrificial Christmas are some of the twisted Christmas Cards John has been sending his friends and family over the years. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

  • Japanese Businessmen Work Hard, Play Hard, And Pass Out Hard [21 Photos]

    Japanese businessmen are known to be workaholics. Tt’s extremely common for those with full-time jobs to work over 60 hours a week. Japanese businessmen are known to be alcoholics. Drinking with clients is expected and alcohol consumption as quadrupled since 1960. With both those figures in mind, it’s easy to see why there are so many photos of Japanese businessmen passed out in public. So let’s cut these hardworking dudes some slack and not laugh too much at these photos. Except for the guys who pass out on the trains. Taking up multiple seats is never cool and they should be shamed.

  • So You Need A Typeface [Infographic]

    Looking for the perfect font for your project or at least a good starting point? Then check out this flowchart from graphic designer Julian Hansen. And to appeal to those of us who are simpletons with no sense of style, Comic Sans is even included in the flowchart, although it can be a bit difficult to find. If you like the chart, check out more from Julian on Behance and order a print at Scribble.

  • Every Single Death Scene in Quentin Tarantino’s 7 Movies

    The Chairman of the blood, Quentin Tarantino never shies away from a good ol’ murder scene, whether it’s just or villainous, the acclaimed director gives new meaning to a glorious death. Guns, swords and bombs are all some of Quentin’s favorite toys on set when filming a gory scene from his directors chair from the likes of Bruce Willis, Sam Jackson and of course Uma Thurman. Barcelona-based filmmaker and editor Jaume R. Lloret put together a supercut of every death scene in Quentin Tarantino’s seven films and stitched them together to form an action-packed supercut ranging from Reservoir Dogs to Kill Bill to Django unchained. Spoilers and murders below. Quentin Tarantino // Every Death from Jaume R. Lloret on Vimeo.

  • Segway Crashes Are The Best Crashes [12 GIFs]

    Remember when we all anxiously awaited the super-secret and overly-hyped “IT” only to be completely unimpressed when what we got was the Segway? The lame conveyance was bought up by early-adopter tech dorks and city tourism boards with too much money to spend while the rest of us quickly forgot the stupid things even existed. But now we have a reason to celebrate the Segway! Apparently people crash on them. A lot. And it’s really funny.

  • These Pin-Up Superheroes Are Wearing Nothing But Liquid [12 Photos]

    Last fall we shared the milky pin-ups created by photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz with the help of high-speed photography, expertly tossed milk, and lots of editing. This year he’s back with his milky models in a new series, “Splash Heroes.” 12 naked beauties are splashed with colorful liquid that makes them look just like popular DC and Marvel heroes (but without any discerning logos to keep the lawyers away). Check out the models in the gallery then read all about the amazing techniques used to make the photos at Aurum Light, where you can also pick up a Splash Heroes calendar.

  • Can This Simple Device Solve Airplane Armrest Wars?

    I think we can all agree that when airplane seats are in groups of three, the middle seat gets both of the middle armrests. In fact Emily Post touched on it in her first etiquette guide almost a century ago. Don’t bother looking it up, I promise you I’m right. But what happens when there are only two seats? Is there a passive aggressive solution? Yes! Soarigami is a plastic device that folds into a paper airplane-like shape and clips onto the middle armrest. In addition to creating a barrier, it also extends both sides of the armrest so nobody gets cheated out of space. The device will be available to pre-order from Soarigami early next year for about $30. Now we can move on to a passive aggressive solution to those travelers who take their shoes off mid-flight…

  • 16 Animals Named After Famous Musicians

    Today it was announced that a recently discovered species of deep sea snail would be named after legendary punk rocker and Clash frontman Joe Strummer. The Alviniconcha strummeri are snails covered with tiny spikes reminiscent of the late 70s punk fashion. But Strummer is not the first musician to receive such an honor. Scientists have named plenty of species for their favorite musicians. Sometimes it’s because the scientists are simply fans and want to honor their idols while other times it’s due to the simple fact that the animal looks just like its namesake. The hips on Aleiodes shakirae don’t lie.

  • 30 Movies That Turn 20 Years Old In 2015

    1995 was an amazing year in Hollywood. It was the year that Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, and Chris Farley became box office stars and the Toy Story franchise got it’s start, just to name a few highlights. Let’s take a look back at a great year in film history.

  • The Limited Edition SPACELIFE “Astronaut” Jacket

    It’s every child’s dream to literally reach for the stars. Fly up in a space shuttle and float amongst the stars. We’ll there’s a very slight chance that dream is a reality today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like your favorite astronaut. SPACELIFE‘s limited edition jacket will serve as not only a replica novelty item, but also a practical jacket made of the highest quality materials used for “Astro-fashion”. In anticipation of a full line of astronaut influenced gear set to drop next September, SPACELIFE released specs from their limited edition jacket. The design of the jacket takes inspiration from the classic spacesuit and offers many technical features as well as excellent protection from the elements . The exterior of the jacket is made from a unique trilobal fiber which is both waterproof and light-reflecting. The hood includes built-in speakers, controllable via Bluetooth® or via the integrated remote on your sleeve which also allows you to effortlessly control your phone. The jacket comes in a special SPACELIFE ambassadors kit, containing various space-inspired accessories. The jacket is currently available for pre-order at €1499 (approximately $1876 USD) and limited to 100 pieces. September 2015.

  • Feuding C-Span Pundits Get A Phone Call From Mom [Video]

    Brad Woodhouse is the president of the progressive advocacy group Americans United for Change and the Democratic Super PAC American Bridge. Dallas Woodhouse is a Republican who heads the conservative Carolina Rising. They are also brothers. No, this isn’t the lame premise for a terribly boring sitcom, it’s real life and the subject of a documentary titled Woodhouse Divided. The brothers were recently on C-SPAN discussing bipartisanship when they got a surprise phone call…from Mom. The host swears the call wasn’t planned, but the soon-to-be viral video seems like great publicity for the documentary.

  • The Anatomy of a Master Traveler

    Traveling is an addictive hobby. An addictive hobby that can get quite expensive, which makes the most seasoned world travelers pros at saving money in clever fashion, but that’s not all, a good traveler must know their terrain, how much their baggage weighs and what kind of clothes to wear to blend in with the surrounding culture. This inforgraphic created by Hotels4U will be a great guide and checklist when you drop everything to travel the world for your quarter life crisis.

  • Tumblr’s 20 Most Reblogged Models Of 2014

    Tumblr has released their 2014 Year in Review to showcase the most reblogged in a variety of categories including Bands, Fashioon Trends, 3D GIFs, Tattoos, and even Reality Stars. But the category we cared most about was Models. View the top 20 Reblogged Models from Tumblr in the gallery and check out the current photo from each model that is being “liked” and “reblogged” most by all the Tumblr tots. And for more Top Tumblr fun, check out the 2014 Year in Review.

  • The Strangest Photos of 2014

    2014 had no shortage of weirdness. With strange persona’s and awestruck moments being captured, by anyone with a camera handy this year’s most bizarre events were all captured on film for the world to see. Some photos had everything to do with being in the right place at the right time and some have a more powerful message embedded within the story behind the image. But here are a few of the strangest images taken this year. [h/t] NYT

  • The Volvo Ocean Race Is Insane [18 High Quality Photos]

    The Volvo Ocean Race just may be the most extreme race you’ve never heard of. Held every three years since 1972, the sailing race takes teams all over the world over the course of nine months. The 2014-2015 race is the longest ever, covering 39,379 nautical miles between 11 ports in 11 countries. Just how extreme is it? Aside from being at sea for more than 20 days at a time, the teams, made up of nine sailors, can bring only limited supplies. Food is all freeze-dried and protein bars and must be properly rationed despite sailors burning about 6000 calories each day. Two of the sailors must have medical training to treat any illness or injury that may occur. And temperatures can range from freezing to above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The second leg of the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race, highlighted in the photos below, just wrapped up after 23 days and 5200 nautical miles, from Cape Town, South Africa to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Dutch Team Brunel took first place. And what kind of cash can the winners look forward to? Absolutely nothing! Apparently, being badass enough to complete the Volvo Ocean Race is the only reward these more »

  • Jaguar Showcases Augmented Reality Windshields [Video]

    Jaguar Land Rover, the UK-based auto manufacturer owned by India’s Tata Motors, has developed an incredible new kind of windscreen or, as we call it in the President’s English, windshield. First of all, the 360 degree windshield eliminates any blind spots. The roof pillars that usually obscure the driver’s view are fitted with screens that show just what it looks like outside, offering the driver an uninterrupted view of their surroundings. Another bit of awesomeness is the “Follow Me” Ghost Car Navigation that displays a simulated car ahead of you so you can safely navigate without having to look down at your GPS. Hopefully further down the line Jaguar will offer some DLC that transforms the other cars on the road into Mario Kart characters.

  • The Most Searched MLB players and Teams of 2014, According to Google

    This year was one of the most talked about in recent history for the MLB, a cinderella story team almost took home the World Series, the most popular player on the planet played his last game in pinstripes and there were a handful of tragic losses from Hall of Fame star, Tony Gwynn to Cardinals top prospect Oscar Taveras. The year definitely had it’s peaks and valleys, but in a sea of negative press surrounding players in the NFL, the MLB had a pretty positive year. Hunter Pence embraced his internet 15-minutes, Giancarlo Stanton signed a contract, putting him in the upper echelon of super-stardom, and Clayton Kershaw proved to be one, if not the, best pitcher to ever play the game. Google trends has pulled the top 10 searched players, MLB teams and full list of “Sports” teams for their 2014 year in review. Here are the top trends. Trending MLB Players 1. Derek Jeter 2. Tony Gwynn 3. Oscar Taveras 4. Madison Bumgarner 5. Hunter Pence 6. Giancarlo Stanton 7. Justin Verlander 8. Mike Trout 9. Clayton Kershaw 10. Pablo Sandoval The Royals, second to only the Giants in the playoffs, were the top trending Major League club. Interestingly, more »

  • Now You Can Sample Wine Without Opening The Bottle

    You’ve finally outgrown your love of hobo wines like Thunderbird and Wild Irish Rose and picked up a nice Beaujolais, maybe a Gewürztraminer, and perhaps even a Blaufränkisch. You invite a few equally grown-up friends over for a tasting, complete with pungent cured meats on tiny pieces of toast, then get ready to dive in. But wait! You are an adult now, and you can’t drink all that wine in one evening. But if you open the bottles and don’t drink, they’ll spoil. Why must you be tested in such an inhumane manner? Don’t fret, friend. The Coravin 1000 Wine Access System is here to help. The device allows you to gather a sample from a bottle without ever popping the cork. No, slow-witted reader, it’s not magic. The Coravin features a medical grade needle that makes its way through the cork in order to obtain a wine sample. After the sample has been collected, the remaining wine is saved from oxidation by argon gas. The inert gas protects without adding any unwanted flavor to the wine. The entire process takes just 20 seconds. You can pick up a Corvin 1000 Wine Access System for $299 directly from Coravin. The more »

  • 20 Years 20 Quarterbacks

    The 2014 NFL draft resulted in 14 quarterbacks drafted, adding to the 240 quarterbacks that have been drafted in the last 20 years. 20 Years 20 Quarterbacks is an attempt to name the best quarterback to come out of each draft class: There’s never been a better time in the NFL to be a quarterback. Granted I’d be pretty satisfied with anytime beyond junior high as a quarterback, yet its the gunslingers in the league now that are expected to produce at a higher level in what seems like a shorter amount of time. For today’s quarterback with great power comes great responsibility, even if it doesn’t come with great pass protection. The 2014 NFL draft resulted in 14 quarterbacks drafted,  adding to the 240 total quarterbacks that have been drafted in the last 20 years. While many of these draft choices never see playing time or even roster spots it doesn’t stop teams from annually sifting through the QB harvest, hoping to find the next Tom Brady and hoping to pass on the next Ryan Leaf. Some of these draftees make an immediate impact we can quantify, while others leave us only able to truly judge their career once it’s over. So while its easy to name some of the more »

  • Paintbrushes Transformed Into Incredible Works Of Art [15 Photos]

    We often take our tools for granted. We marvel at the finish product which would be impossible without the aid of our tools, but we neglect to take the time to marvel at our tools for allowing us to accomplish our work. We can learn a lot from Rebecca Szeto. The San Francisco-based artist recognizes that her paintbrushes are a historical record of the art they’ve helped create. To pay them back for the help, she transforms the brushes into beautifully carved and painted figurines. It almost makes me feel bad for chewing on my brushes until they split then tossing them in the garbage.

  • The 55 Most Powerful Photos of 2014

    2014 has been a year of incredible highs and lows. One theme that holds true through all the big news events is there were photographers on hand to capture the emotion as it unfolded, no matter how chaotic. More photos were taken in 2014 than at any other point in history so we did our best to weed through them all to pull together this list of the most powerful photos that defined 2014. If you feel that we missed anything please drop links in the comment section so we can make additions. Also, check out The 80 Most Powerful Photos of 2013 to see what went down last year.

  • This Severe Weather Time-Lapse Video Will Teach You To Fear Mother Nature

    Nicolaus Wegner is a Wyoming-based photagrpher who is available for all your portrait needs—from yearbook photos to wedding photos to saccharine pics of your kids that make your friends sick. But when he’s not working on portraits, he spends time capturing nature’s wrath in the form of storms that will make you crap your pants. “Stormscapes 2″ is a time-lapse of violent weather in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado photographed between May and September of this year. Watch the video below, then check out more from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo. Damn, nature, you scary… Stormscapes 2 from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.

  • Andrew Luck’s Trash Talk Skills Are Dismantling Defenses Brains

    Andrew Luck is an evil genius. He’s unanimously known as the weirdest trash talker in the NFL and word is finally starting to get around. Luck infiltrates the minds of combative D-linemen and linebackers by complimenting them after every tackle or sack on… himself. The tactic is not only confusing to opponents, but it drives them berserk. In a recent piece by Kevin Clark of the WSJ, Luck’s obscure method of trash talking is broken down, “Defensive back Nolan Carroll, who has hit Luck three times and with two teams, remembers the first time it happened while he was with the Miami Dolphins last year. Carroll, now with the Philadelphia Eagles, was blitzing off the edge and got to Luck, knocking him down just after he released the ball. Carroll was walking back to the huddle when he heard “Great job, Nolan!” He turned around, searching for the person who said it—maybe it was a teammate, he thought. “Then I realized it was Luck who said it. I’m like ‘what’s going on? Aren’t you supposed to be mad?’” Carroll said. “So then I’m the one who gets ticked off because an upbeat attitude isn’t something you see.” Luck’s over zealous, more »

  • Three New Teasers Have Arrived for ‘Better Call Saul’

    Everything we already know about Saul is simply reiterated in the teaser for February’s premier of “Better Call Saul”, the AMC Breaking Bad spin-off, staring Bob Odenkirk as the lovably sleezy attorney, Saul Goodman. Three teasers have been released revealing hints of lesser-than-legal work ethic, Saul’s eccentric choice in dress shirts and a mug. With a connection already in place from the Breaking Bad series, let’s hope the ‘Clean Shirts, Dirty Lawyer’ teaser is an innuendo to the return of Gus, the calculated drug lord with a dry cleaning front.

  • 12 Drinks Of Christmas [Infographic]

    Christmas isn’t just a season of giving, it’s also a time to imbibe copious amounts of alcohol in order to put up with family members you try your best to avoid the rest of the year. In the spirit of both giving and drinking, Redditor eightballart created this infographic featuring 12 cocktails to coincide with the most annoying of holiday songs, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” And hey, look, it’s already the afternoon! Time to get started with a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

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