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  • How To Dress Like James Bond For A Fraction Of The Price

    Imgur user chrispscott is a big fan of James Bond movies and watches his favorites every winter. While watching Skyfall, he diecided to challenge himself to recreate some of Daniel Craig’s Bond outfits at a fraction of the price. Although the recreations are still over $600, that’s about one-tenth the cost of what 007 was wearing on the big screen. He also included a classic get-up from the Connery Collection and even an outfit inspired by Q (the contemporary version of the character, not the old man).

  • Vintage Cars On The Streets Of NYC [38 Photos]

    You’ve either got to be crazy or possess a great insurance plan if you park your classic car on the streets of New York. Between the heavily salted roads in winter and the insane drivers who think nothing of a hit and run no matter the season, chances are your vintage vehicle isn’t going to last long. But sometimes a classic ride is just too nice to give up—even if most folks wouldn’t give your “beater” a second look. And as someone who drove a 1985 Oldsmobile Delta 88 for many years, I totally understand.

  • The Definitive List of The 10 Greatest Characters in Home Alone

    When it comes to Christmas movies there are very few that can rival Home Alone.  To me, Home Alone is the best Christmas movie of all time.  Hands down.  The perfect mix of child and adult humor all balled into one.  I know all of you Christmas movie purists are out there drinking hot cocoa with your pinky up like Waahhh A Christmas Story is better.  And you’re right, good movie, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Kevin McCallister. Due to my thorough love for Home Alone I thought it would only be right to compile a list of it’s greatest characters to get you all in the Christmas Spirit. Please enjoy the Home Alone Soundtrack while you read.  10. Mitch Murphy “Bring me back something French!”  What kind of list would this be if we didn’t mention this annoying little fucker.  He was the sole reason the McCallister’s forgot Kevin in the first place.  Had he not been asking the van driver if his van had automatic transmission or 4 wheel drive, they would of noticed Kevin was missing.  So basically without him, there is no movie. 9. Old Man Marley Old Man Marley AKA the South Bend Shovel more »

  • A New Kind Of Starbucks Store Targets Craft Brewers [9 Photos]

    It’s not enough that Starbucks has taken over every street corner in the country, enticing us with the energizing aroma of expensive coffee drinks available in a variety of sizes with names that don’t help you discern the size, now the java giant is eyeing the craft-brewed crowd with a new kind of store. And we have to admit, it looks pretty great. Dedicated to its Reserve line of limited edition and smaller-batch blends, Starbucks recently opened Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, the company’s home city and just a few blocks from the original store. The 15,000 square-feet facility in a 100-year-old building houses two enormous roasters that prepare all the coffee served at the Roastery. Customers can watch as sacks of coffee beans enter the roasters creating brews that are mixed into all sorts of hip concoctions with the help of a Chemex and other craft-brewed tools. And then hand over $6 for something they could have made at home in their pajamas.

  • Spanglish Action Movie Posters Are All That’s Right with the World

    Artist, Josh Ariza loves a terribly good 80s and 90s action movie as much as the next guy, so he decided to put a flavorful latin twist on his newest Spanglish poster series, a fun rendition of three undeniably classic action movies. These limited-edition prints serve as a homage to the golden age of action, when actors did their own stunts, yes Travolta actually took his face clean off for Face-off. Printed on French Paper by Mama’s Sauce, there are only 100 of each. All are personally signed and numbered by me. El Faceoff features Travolta and Cage as Luchadores who’ve exchanged wrestling masks. Road Casa portrays a high-kicking mariachi hell-bent on defending his turf. And ¡Rapido! shows Keanu as a vigilant bandit along side Sandra as his love-torn mujer. Get’em while they’re caliente on Josh’s Portfolio page here.

  • A Sea of Fog Filled The Grand Canyon In “Once A Decade” Cloud Inversion [Photos]

    A “once a decade” total cloud inversion took place in the Grand Canyon last week when the huge void with filled with what looked like rolling white fog. The cloud inversion, which happens when cool damp air is trapped in the canyon by warm air is extremely rare. The Grand Canyon management team posted a fascinating timelaspe video showing how it all went down. To give you some perspective of how huge the Grand Canyon is take a look at this photo of what Manhattan would look like if it was inside the Grand Canyon: Photos of the cloud inversion:

  • DC Comics Covers Pay Homage To Classic Movies

    The last decade has not been great for DC Comics characters when it comes to Hollywood adaptations. Aside from the Batman trilogy, they’ve been pretty terrible. Green Lantern, Superman Returns, Man of Steel, Constantine…you get the idea. But DC has turned its back on Hollywood. In fact, in March DC will dedicate covers from 22 of their comics to classic movies. And some of them are giving us great ideas. Catwoman in a Bullitt-style thriller with double-crosses and awesome chases? Sounds a lot better than Halle Berry using her powers to beat Benjamin Bratt at basketball.

  • Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

    What goes better with creative writing than a little kickstart juice to get the party started. The literary visionaries who wrote brilliant works such as  Fahrenheit 451, Moby-Dick and anything Hemingway wrote. Now you can give the gift of wonderfully mixed cocktails with a literary twist to them with Tequila Mockingbird, the ultimate cocktail book for the literary obsessed. Featuring 65 delicious drink recipes—paired with wry commentary on history’s most beloved novels—the book also includes bar bites, drinking games, and whimsical illustrations throughout. Even if you don’t have a B.A. in English, tonight you’re gonna drink like you do. Drinks include: The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose The Last of the Mojitos Love in the Time of Kahlúa Romeo and Julep A Rum of One’s Own Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margarita Vermouth the Bell Tolls

  • This Pizza Has 99 Cheeses; Your Move, Donatello

    Remember that scene in TMNT when Donatello calls a 99-cheese pizza a “culinary impossibility?” Well master pizza chef Johnny di Francesco remembered and decided to take on the challenge. The Melbourne chef, who is the first Australian ever trained in Naples to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana VPN rules and who recently won first place at the pizza world championships in Italy, decided to try his hand at the first pie of its kind. He begins by melting down a mix of 96 cheeses in a pot, which can take up to an hour. Then he builds the pie and sprinkles buffalo mozzarella, goat cheese, fior di latte, ricotta, and raspadura to reach 99. Becuase of the time it takes to prepare each 99-cheese pizza, the $23 pie was only served at di Francesco’s Gradi restaurant in the Crown casino complex during a two-hour block at lunch time on Saturday. What do you think America? How about we steal the recipe and add one disgusting slice of American cheese on top and claim the first 100-cheese pizza? via NDTV

  • The Sony World Photography Award Entries are Phenomenal (15 Photos)

    The Sony World Photography Awards are in full swing and some of the entries are simply amazing. The competition is open to  amateur and professional photographers with a keen eye for the world’s wonders. Since it’s inaugural 2007 competition, the awards have collected over 700,000 entries. This year’s entries span all walks of life, architecture and blink of an eye beauty. Here are 15 of the best images across categories like Split Second, Arts and Culture and Travel. Those competing in the professional contest will be judged by the 2015 honorary jury consisting of Oliver Schmitt, Matthew Leifheit, Xingxin Guo, Joanna Milter, Maria Pieri, Enrica Viganò, and Sasha Erwitt. The deadlines for this season ends on January 8, 2015. Check out the website for more information.   Cioplea Vlad, Romania, Split Second Category (c) Cioplea Vlad, Romania, Entry, Split Second Category, Open Competition, Sony World Photography Awards Image title: Dog Fight Image Description: This is exactly the moment when Romanian YAK Team is breaking the formation just in front of the public at Bucharest International Air Show. At that moment they look just like they are haunting each other.Image location: Bucharest International Air Show 2014   Ioulia Chvetsova, France, Arts and Culture Category (c) more »

  • Junk Food Transformed Into Art In These Renaissance-Style Portraits [10 Photos]

    Are we overly-obsessed with fast food? So much so that the latest quadruple-bacon-greaseburger becomes a coveted object? Or has our sense of irony grown so out of hand that our sarcastic love of something so gross has now become sincere? Or do we just think taking classy photos of Taco Bell is funny? Yeah, probably just the last one. But whatever your reasons, these are some pretty unique photographs. Photographer Rebecca Ruetten’s series of five still life photos and five portraits are an absurd take on the Renaissance work of Caravaggio. Titled “Contemporary Pieces,” the series was exhibited at Karussell Hamburg earlier this year. For more info, check out Rebecca Ruetten.

  • YaddaYadda Bond Villian YaddaYadda Superyacht

    Don’t you dare tell me this superyacht wasn’t modeled after 4 generations of the Bat-mobile. Don’t you dare. The Xhibitionist superyacht is the stuff of dreams, dubbed the “supercar of the sea” it’s contours and submersive design make it seem like it’s about to sink into the abyss and shoot torpedos at jetskis. The 75-meter behemoth comes with eight rooms, complete with monochrome furniture, a rooftop jacuzzi and helipad that fits thee helicopters, so your billionaire friends won’t have to pull up on a lesser sea vessel, how thughtful. Gray Design, the sweedish firm responisble for this yacht among boats, is hoping to charge $25 million.  

  • A Prison Warden Covered Himself In Simpsons Tattoos

    52-year-old Australian prison warden and grandfather Michael Baxter is vying for the Guinness World Record for most cartoon characters tattooed. The record doesn’t currently exist, but there is one for most tattoos of one character, held by Lee Weir of New Zealand who has 41 Homer Simpson tattoos. Despite being covered in tattoos, Baxter didn’t get into body art until just a decade ago, starting with a blue bird on his arm. Then a few years ago he walked into Twisted By Design and walked out with his first Simpsons tattoo. He now has 203 characters from the long-running show covering his back. The art looks great and we wish Michael Baxter luck in achieving his world record. And we also hope former Simpsons producer David Mirkin was just kidding with this tweet: Truly a lovely tribute. We will, of course, have to sue him and confiscate his back. http://t.co/hUNvWAODhb pic.twitter.com/F2BLjtwEpC — David Mirkin (@DaveMirkin) December 4, 2014 via Herald Sun


    If you’re like most folks, chances are you’ll find yourself traveling for the holidays. And if this winter is anything like last year, you’ll find yourself stuck at an airport along the way. But that doesn’t mean you have to pick at a $9 chicken sandwich made days ago while you try to figure out how to use the free WiFi. Airports these days have plenty of great options, especially when it comes to drinking. Here are your best bets in America’s ten busiest airports.

  • New 3D models in Google Maps Are Hyper Realistic

    Google has began implementing hyper real 3D models of buildings in it’s Google Maps and Earth applications. New York City and San Francisco will be the first cities unveiled with extreme detail. The Freedom Tower,  Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and the Bay Bridge in San Francisco are some wildly impressive examples you can look at right now. In May 2013  Google began updating imagery from Google Earth and doesn’t have plans of stopping until the entire planet looks like a Sim City game.    

  • Amazing Time Lapse Of Northern Lights From Space [Video]

    In case you weren’t aware, NASA’s Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit keeps an incredible archive of time-lapse videos from space at The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. There’s a world map that you can click and find footage of it from the International Space Station. The only problem is that the videos aren’t streaming and can be fairly large downloads. Good thing Selmes Films produces excellent compilations of these NASA videos that we can watch on YouTube. Check out this video featuring the Northern Lights from space and then watch some other awesome videos of our planet form Selmes Films.

  • You’ve Got To Be Crazy To Capture New York City Like This [32 High Quality Photos]

    What do they put in the water in Eastern Europe that makes everyone so fearless? Probably Vodka. That’s the only explanation we can think of when it comes to urban explorers such as Ukrainian photographer Vitaliy Raskalov and Russian photographer Vadim Makhorov. Just 21 and 25 years old respectively, the two must not care about seeing their 30s, because they are constantly traveling the world and climbing to the top of every building they come across. Which works out for us because we get these great photos from places we are too practical to ever experience. Recently the duo visited New York City and captured these incredible shots from the tops of skyscrapers and bridges. These are just some of the photos they took, but you can check out the rest, along with more details about the shoot, at On The Roofs.

  • RSVLTS Best Casual Winter Jackets of 2014

    Welcome to winters in 2014. Cold, frigid, dystopian anywhere north of DC. I can almost hear the laughs bellowing from residents of Chicago, as if their hateful winter weather has expanded throughout every north state in the continental 48. Get used to it, because it doesn’t look like these harsh winters are going anywhere anytime soon. Why not embrace the cold and be prepared this winter instead of packing on base layers, middle layers and a less than adequate out shell. Here are our Top 5 casual jacket choices to get you through this frigid SOB of a winter.   FjällRäven Övik Jacket We’ve had a chance to put this jacket up against the elements, and it holds up as well as a Carhartt, but without the rugged canvas shell. The outer layer of this jacket is durable and tightly woven not letting in even a pinhole of brisk air (thanks to FjällRäven’s g-1000 technology) and if it does, the inner lining will do it’s job keeping you cozy. The  Ovik definitely fits big, so if you like your jackets snug like your skinny jeans go a size smaller. Fabrics: G-1000. HeavyDuty: 65% polyester, 35% cotton, G-1000. FjällRäven Övik Jacket $300 J. Crew Broadmoor more »

  • James Blunt Is A Twitter God

    Most of us here in the US know James Blunt from his hit song “You’re Beautiful” way back in 2004, but he’s actually managed to stay popular, selling millions of albums worldwide. Seriously, I looked it up. And honestly, his latest music isn’t terrible as far as pop goes. But even if his music career eventually dies, he can always become an insult comic. Check out these 2014 highlights from James Blunt’s Twitter account and see how celebrities should handle hateful social media posts. You would if yours was this big. RT @HannahNorman96: I've never fully understood why James Blunt felt the need to strip in his music video — James Blunt (@JamesBlunt) December 9, 2014 Coming upstairs now. RT @sassyfalahee: omfg james blunt is on the tv downstairs can this day get any worse! — James Blunt (@JamesBlunt) December 8, 2014 Boning your mum. RT @Charlie_1232: James Blunt has a twitter, what would he even tweet about? — James Blunt (@JamesBlunt) December 3, 2014 This is embarrassing on so many levels. RT @JimJimhawker: Have agreed to go and see james blunt with my mum…. — James Blunt (@JamesBlunt) November 23, 2014 I doubt either of them will answer. RT more »

  • Switch Between 9 Different Angles In This Innovative Breakdancing Video From Nikon

    In order to showcase the D750 Digital SLR camera, Nikon captured South Korean breakdance crew Morning of Owl from nine different cameras simultaneously. The resulting video allows you to seamlessly switch between the multiple angles as you watch the dancers do their thing. And the video looks incredible. With the ability to simultaneously record uncompressed and compressed Full HD 1080 footage at 60/50/30/25/24p and the option to manually control ISO, shutter speed, and aperture while recording, the D750 is sure to top “prosumer” Christmas lists this year.

  • 16 World Leaders Reimagined As Hipsters

    We tend to imagine world leaders as stuffy old men or dead folks in yellowing photographs because they tend to be stuffy old men or dead folks in yellowing photographs. We Gen Y-ers need someone we can relate to if we are expected to get down with political science. That’s (probably) why Israeli artist Amit Shimoni created this hipster-ized portraits of world leaders. Yitzhak Rabin looks really familiar. Is he the dude that gives out charcuterie samples at Chelsea Market on the weekends? Be sure to keep yup with Amit Shimoni on Facebook and get prints or gear with his work at Nuvango.

  • Jack Black And Punk Supergroup OFF! Fight A Bear In Hilariously Exciting Music Videos

    Poor Keith Morris. The former Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman just wanted to go skydiving on his 59th birthday with OFF! bandmates Dimitri Coats and Steven McDonald. But while the skydiving coach, played by Jack Black, is explaining the safety measures, Steven’s acid kicks in, setting off a cataclysmic series of events. The first video, with a cliffhanger ending, was released last week while the exciting conclusion dropped today. Check out both videos below and get the new OFF! album, “Wasted Years,” at iTunes for $10.

  • Build Your Own Hoverboard Using Leaf Blowers And Plywood

    This year has been tough for those of us who have been waiting for hoverboards since Back to the Future II. First Tony Hawk advertised one iin a video that turned out to be a hoax. Then someone actually invented a working hoverboard, but it’s big and complicated and can only hover over certain materials. 2015, the “future” in the film, is almost here and it looks like we’ll never have the simple Mattel hoverboards we’ve wanted since 1989. Or will we? Ryan Craven, aka Mr. Hoverboard, has created a hoverboard using materials you can pick up at Home Depot or Lowe’s. The device is basically a small hovercraft made with four leaf blowers, a shower curtain, plywood, tape, and staples. Craven estimates it costs between $250 and $500 to build your own. And best of all, he’s shared his plans at Mr. Hoverboard so you can easily build your own. Quit wasting your time waiting around for someone else to make your damn hoverboard. Watch the video of Mr. Hoverboard in action, go buy your materials, and start building. Then make us one, too. via CNET

  • Laphroaig Descriptions Make For Great Christmas Carols [Video]

    Laphroaig is one of the tastiest single malt scotches on the market, but its intense peaty and smokey flavor can be a bit much for those who don’t usually drink scotch. Laphroaig realizes this and has a great sense of humor about its unique flavor. This year they’ve produced numerous ads featuring lovers and haters describing the flavor and they’ve also invited anyone to share their opinion on the taste, whether it be good or bad, on their website. And now, just in time for the holidays, Laphroaig has set the funniest descriptions to popular Christmas melodies. Slàinte.

  • Magnified Scotch Reveals Alien Worlds [20 Photos]

    Photographer Ernie Button was washing dishes when he noticed a film at the bottom of a scotch glass. Through experimentation, he realized that different patters were created when just a little bit of scotch sat at the bottom of the glass and the alcohol was left to dry. Ernie then used different colored lights to illuminate the patterns and when photographed close up, alien worlds were revealed. The photos became a series entitled “Vanishing Spirits: The Dried Remains of Single Malt Scotch.” You can see some of our favorites in the gallery, but you can check out the rest along with plenty of other great work at Ernie Button.

  • World’s Highest-Paid Musicians 2014 [Link]

    The top 10 earning musicians made over $1.4 billion combined last year. Almost half of that came from number one on the list, Dr. Dre, whose payout from Apple’s purchase of Beats helped him earn $620 million, way more than anyone else on the list. But who are the other top earners in music? Check out the list of the 30 highest-paid musicians in 2014 to find out.

  • Baseball’s Harsh Winter Meetings and the Ghost of Off-Seasons Past…

    The Winter Meetings and the Ghost of Off-Seasons Past… It’s that time of year again- the annual bald guys wearing blazers convention is upon us. Or more commonly known by its official title: the Baseball Winter Meetings. The gathering of the collective business side of Major League Baseball gives attendees a chance to mingle with front office staffs, league executives, and a handful of Jerry Maguire-types in attempts to rebuild, recharge, and refocus on the season ahead. I’ve had a handful of opportunities to attend (loiter) the baseball winter meetings in the past and interact (watch from afar) with baseball executives and media to try and gain a better understanding (eavesdrop) of what exactly happens (closed door meetings, nighttime public intoxication, Peter Gammons) during the four day event. There’s a general sense of courtship going on at these meetings – like a baseball themed dating website weekend event- as team executives and player representatives mingle to find God’s match for them and complete the Rule 5 draft that no one but them understands. While baseball’s free agency period tends to hit a Fallon-less fever pitch around this time of year the foundation for an occasional blockbuster trade can be accomplished as more »

  • Pew! Pew! The Navy Has Tested Their New Laser [Video]

    Earlier this year, we told about the US Navy preparing their first laser-equipped ship, the USS Ponce. Well good news (or terrible news if you’re our enemy): the laser is ready! After spending $40 million over the last seven years on development, the Navy has tested their laser weapon system, LaWS, in the PErsian Gulf. Check out this video and see the 30 kilowatt laser in action/ It’s actually made up of six lasers focused together in one Death Star-like beam. Although lasers can be disabled by inclement weather and are limited to line-of-sight targets, the new weapons will complement common shells and missiles. And at a cost of just 59 cents per shot fired, lasers are a much cheaper option over the million dollar missiles.

  • Iconic Movie Glasses [Infographic]

    Quick: What do Tony Montana, Jeff Lebowski, Leon, and Morpheus all have in common? They all wore badass glasses. But be warned, those glasses only look good on them. If you’re not Laurence Fishburn, your Morpheus glasses will just make you look like that kid in high school who wore big silk shirts emblazoned with dragons. Plus, these are all pretty expensive glasses. How come the solar shades from Back to the Future II didn’t make the cut? They were only $2 at Pizza Hut!

  • 15 “What If” Movies We’d Like To See

    For the past few years, New York-based designer and illustrator Peter Stults has been creating alternate reality movie posters. He’ll take contemporary blockbusters and reimagine them as classic movies of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. We’ve shared some of his earlier work here, and we’re happy to see that Peter is still churning out more of these great “what if” posters. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see Marilyn Monroe as a sexy alien in Under the Skin?You can find some of his latest work in this gallery and you can keep up with Peter’s work on his Behance page and by following him on Twitter.

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