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  • Tall And Skinny: The 2018 NYC Skyline

    In just the last few months, the New York City skyline has been transformed with the addition of One World Trade Center and the supertall and super-skinny 432 Park Avenue. And these projects are just the beginning of Manhattan’s skyscraper boom, a race to erect characterless glass behemoths. It appears as though architects were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should. In an effort to showcase 53W53, which will house the Museum of Modern Art, a 100-room hotel, and 120 high-end condos, CityRealty released these renderings of the future of Manhattan’s skyline. And if you’re a fan of iconic New York landmarks such as the Woolworth Building or the Flatiron Building, you are in for quite a disappointment. Midtown will become the future home of many of these gargantuan reflectors, ensuring a boom to purveyors of sunglasses around Times Square, but downtown will also see some super-skinny erections. Near the newly-opened One WTC, a couple of equally tall apartment buildings are set to house the most ostentatious of the financial sector. As rents increase and more and more of the city is bought up by millionaires who collect the properties more »

  • New York City FC’s 2015 Club Kit is… Well Everything We Expected… Nothing More

    New York City has a brand new soccer club, brought to us in part by Manchester City FC and the New York Yankees. Today their uniform was unveiled by newly signed Spanish superstar, David Villa and well the kits are everything we’d come to expect from two corporate giants. The kits aren’t ugly, there’s just no wow factor. For a team with the hype and magnitude out of the gate, we expected something with a bit more pizzaz then something out of a youth soccer program. Though the kit simply stays true to Manchester City, the ownership group’s flagship colors, we expected more of a New York feel, that we saw in the club’s badge, a beautiful traditional FC club badge, with incorporated New York State colors accented around it. Hopefully their away kit will show glimpses of a little New York Pride. #NYCFCRevealed by David Villa https://t.co/QJkatq8Ul8 — New York City FC (@NYCFC) November 13, 2014

  • Watch The World Burn From A Luxury Missile Silo Condo

    Statistically speaking, you have a 50% chance of experiencing the end of the world in your life time. I mean, you either will or you won’t, right*? So do you have a plan for when the world devolves into a Logan’s Run or Running Man or some other calisthenics-heavy dystopia? How about whiling away the 11th hour in a luxury condo built into a missile silo? While the hoi polloi are resorting to cannibalism and fighting in thunderdomes, the pragmatic folks at Luxury Survival Condo will go about their lives peacefully, knowing they have enough food for five years. And instead of fighting for their lives against Master Blaster, they will enjoy amenities such as two floors of hydroponic gardens, an aquaculture system to farm fish, a swimming pool, an indoor shooting range, a dog “park,” an arcade and, if these photos are to be believed, a gym with Hulk and John Elway wall clings. The group is currently working on their second condo complex in Kansas, encased within 9 feet of concrete, 14 stories underground. The first complex has completely sold out, but their are still units available in the second. A 900 square feet half-unit will run you more »

  • This Sculptor Works Exclusively With Nails

    John Bisbee, a sculptor in residence at Maine’s Bowdoin College, settled on a most unique medium—nails. For almost 30 years, Bisbee has worked exclusively with nails and for the last decade he has only used 12-inch spikes. But even with such a simple material, he is able to weld the nails together and create huge, intricate, flowing shapes. Shelburne Museum in Vermont is currently showcasing a Bisbee exhibition entitled “New Blooms,” featuring a series of floral-inspired pieces. But if you can’t make it to the show, you can check out more incredible sculptures on John Bisbee’s website.

  • Take A Sad Look At Kickstarters That Raised $0

    In the dark days before crowd funding websites, it was always extremely awkward when your friend would approach you with their bad business idea. You’d have to either find a diplomatic way of calling them a moron or give them faux support in hopes that someone else would have the balls to tell them they’re a moron. But thanks to Kickstarter and Go Fund Me and other money-grubbing websites, you’re off the hook! Your friend will either find strangers who are also morons and will give them money or they won’t raise a dime and realize they are, in fact, a moron. What happens to those Kickstarter campaigns that don’t raise any money at all? Italian artist Silvio Lorusso has been collecting them, and his archive of over 9000 is available to browse at Kickended. We traveled down the rabbit hole and pulled some of our favorite failed campaigns. Can you believe these all raised $0?? Who wouldn’t visit a Hawaiian Shirt Musuem? And a movie about an angry clown paying a ticket for a broken headlight? Certainly that’s worth $525!

  • America’s Most Popular Burger, Pizza & Coffee Chains Visualized [infographic]

    Flowing Data has created a series of popular burger, Pizza and Coffee joints across the U.S. Using AggData, the map above shows the nearest burger chain out of the selected seven. I chugged along every twenty miles, checked within a 10-mile radius, and then colored each dot accordingly. In their original data they used 29 burger chains, but cut the number down to show the most popular 7. With Pizza FD used 9 chains at a 5 mile radius and with Coffee they used every 10 miles. Pizza Hut absolutely dominates the country in the Pizza category, while Coffee is a bit more complicated. Starbucks is spread throughout the country evenly, more so in the major cities, but Dunkin Donuts has a stronghold on the entire East Coast. Take a look at the three graphs below.

  • English SuperMarket Ad Already Wins Most ‘Feels’ For Holiday Season

    English grocery store chain, Sainsbury has already won all “the feels” for the holiday season. In a recent advertisement made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, Sainsbury captures a moment inspired by real events from over 100 years ago, commemorating an extraordinary event that took place on Christmas Day, 1914, an infamous day in the midst of World War I, when conflicting sides of combat came together, put down their weapons and shared gifts, even played soccer on the battlegrounds. The chocolate bar featured in the ad is on sale now at Sainsbury’s. All profits (50p per bar) will go to The Royal British Legion and will benefit our armed forces and their families, past and present.

  • Clayton Kershaw’s MVP Worthy Year, By The Numbers [Infographic]

    At only 26 year’s old Clayton Kershaw just won his third Cy Young award. In comparison, Jacob deGrom, the NL Rookie of the Year this year is 26, just three months younger than Kershaw. 2014 NL Rookie of the Year DeGrom born on June 19, 1988 3x Cy Young Award winner Kershaw born on March 19, 1988 2014 was one of the best year’s a pitcher has had in a long time and Kershaw is expected to win this year’s MVP award, a feat that has only been done by a pitcher four times in the last 30 years.

  • Little Girl Has Front Row Seat For Hockey Fight [Video]

    When the Dallas Stars faced the Arizona Coyotes a couple days ago, Brenden Dillon and Kyle Chipchura had a bit of a skirmish right in front of a family. And we were presented with a most interesting sociological display when the father immediately began taking pictures of the fight while the mother went to shield her daughter’s eyes. After a few seconds of recording, the father remembers he’s a parent and help shield his daughter from the violence. But he maintains a giddy grin. And not only did Dillon win the fight, his Stars went on to win 4-3.

  • Warning: These 3D Photos Will Make Your Brain Explode

    Light-field photography makes 3D photos possible by breaking an image up into multiple pieces with light captured from all directions. This allows the photographer to refocus the image at different depths or combining stereo images into a single 3D image. And the Lytro ILLUM camera has made light-field photography more accessible than ever. More and more photographers are taking advantage of the technology with spectacular results. Some of our favorites are below, but you can find more in the user galleries at Lytro.

  • New Google App Can Give You All the “HODOR!” Missing in Your Life

    Today Google released several new features to their app including one from our favorite Game of Thrones characters Hodor. Via the Google app on iPhone and Android you can press the mic on the Google app and say “Hodor,” followed by a funny answer that Google provides. You’ll also be able to play heads or tails as well as have Google book some half-baked plans you and your friends can never seem to decide on a date for.

  • Inside Facebook’s New-New York City Digs

    Facebook is officially moved in to their new Greenwich Village engineers offices. The social network has been moving teams in little by little since February, while construction has been on going. The office includes a library, full wall art pieces and the standard office ping-pong table. “Taking a moment to look back, when we first moved into this building in February it was an open construction site, and it’s been really rewarding to have all our employees together as we watch it take shape around us,” site director Serkan Piantino writes. “We’ve seen a dozen pieces of artwork created, filled a library with our favorite books, opened a coffee bar for business, enjoyed the views looking down Broadway and daily sunsets over Greenwich Village, and, most recently, cut the ribbon on Desimone’s café with really quite incredible cuisine from our executive chef Nate Eckhaus.”

  • The Columbus Blue Jackets Just Belittled ESPN Before Our Very Eyes on Twitter

    In the second relevant news story regarding ESPN getting a truckload of shade sent it’s way today, The Columbus Blue Jackets social media manager should get a raise, nay promotion, nay should dress and play in a game. ESPN is infamous for neglecting NHL coverage on SportsCenter since it doesn’t hold the rights to air games. So, without any “teet-suckling” contract conflicts holding back the Jackets, they threw a knockout haymaker, to the sumbling sports giant. .@espn Who is this? — NHL Blue Jackets (@BlueJacketsNHL) November 11, 2014

  • Here’s How to Prepare for Impact on a Falling Elevator

    Every single time you ride an elevator, a split second of fear blast through all the little synapses and receptors in your brain, as the inkling of “What if?” pops in your head. Well now that your worst fear has just been realized, well tell you just how to prepare for impact if you’re stuck in a steel box deathtrap on a free fall. Apparently people at BI, seem to think you’ll bend your knees as a natural defense, instead of the urban legend I’ve been told my entire life, ‘just jump in the air’. Neither of which seems to make any logical sense, but both about the only viable option when stuck in a seeming Sh*t-out-of-luck predicament, right? Well, no actually, researchers at the MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering have figured out the best way to survive if you ever find yourself stuck in a falling elevator and it’s to lay down, distributing the force of impact evenly throughout your body. Even with this information, you should know, it’s extremely, extremely rare (like the Jets winning the Super Bowl rare) that an elevator will fall as a result of a snapped cable, in fact there’s only been one recorded more »

  • The Godfather’s Corleone Compound Is For Sale

    The 1930s Staten Island mansion that served as the Corleone compound in The Godfather is on the market for $2.89 million. With 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 2 offices, it’s the perfect place to spend time with your family, because after all, a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man. And that should be pretty easy, because the current decor, with bright colors and bunk beds, looks more like the set of Modern Family than the mob classic, although the office still looks like the type of room where you would ask the Don for a favor on his daughter’s wedding day. If you’ve got the cash, you can make an offer the owners can’t refuse at Connie Profaci Realty.

  • We Shed Some Light on Oakley’s Revolutionary Prizm Goggle Lenses

    This winter Oakley will be premiering a new line of Prizm goggle lens that will forever change depth and contour perception when on the mountain. We had a chance to test out, just how ‘real’ the technology was and we we’re thoroughly impressed to say the least. If you’re familiar with goggles and snowsports, then you know any jump or cut you make in bright sun, overcast or sun & clouds is like playing roulette depending on the type of goggle you’re wearing. Especially in back country skiing or boarding, bobbing and weaving through trees in a constantly changing lit terrain, wearing the wrong goggle could lead to serious injury. What Oakley is attempting to do with Prizm is enhance contrast and visibility through awide range of light conditions, showing true shadows and contours in the snow. Your ACL will thank you later. With Prizm’s level of clarity your eye will be able to catch every detail in the snow instead of getting lost in the flat, low contrast whiteness of the snow, tailoring the amount of light that you see, in turn increasing contrast. The Oakley Prizm line will be available on most of Oakley’s line of Goggles including Airbrake, Crowboar, more »

  • This Dude Deserves To Be On American Ninja Warrior [Video]

    Jake Murray really wants to be on American Ninja Warrior. To prove it, he produced this submission video that isn’t your run of the mill dude answering questions and doing a few flips (although he does both those things), but instead is a hodgepodge of random scenes of badassery, including a Footloose-esque 80s training montage. Let’s hope the popularity of this video will allow Murray to appear on the show. And let’s really hope when he gets on, he does Kevin Bacon proud and kicks that course’s ass.

  • Mechanical Caluclators Are A Steampunk Dream [10 Photos]

    Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones, you’d be hard pressed to find an electronic calculator outside the classroom, let alone an old-school mechanical one. But those mechanical devices of yore have a certain charm and, with the cases removed, are still quite impressive. Mechanical engineer Mark Glusker truly appreciates the work that went into building these magnificent machines and he shared his collection of 100 mechanical calculators with photographer Kevin Twomey. Recognizing the beauty of the rods and springs that work together to create a functional machine, Twomey’s photos focus on the innards—literally. Twomey took multiple shots at various focus distances then put the different images together using a program called Helicon Focus. The resulting photos present every different part in sharp focus. A preview of the series is below, but you can see the rest and learn all about the process at Wired.

  • Top 10 Most Disappointing Teams of Recent Memory

    The off-season is a time of optimism in sports; with one free agent signing or one spot-on draft selection, your team will make that step onto the pinnacle of sports. Inferior teams will be cast asunder by sheer dominance and respected contenders will fall by some elusive factor making your team better. Such is the hope the fan has for every team. But, sometimes after having a productive offseason, the team on paper doesn’t translate to the team on the field. This list will cover some of the most disappointing teams in recent sports history; whether they had abysmal seasons or were quickly ousted in the playoffs, these teams didn’t quite live up to the hype.

  • Tosh.0 Dismantles ESPN SportsCenter After Ripping Off His Segment

    Daniel Tosh is no stranger to taking on the biggest of adversaries, in this particular example, it’s ESPN. His “Web Redemption” segment has been a staple on his show, so when a major show like SportsCenter completely jacked his original segment, dubbing it “Awesome Video Segment”, as if the name wasn’t strange enough, the segment is essentially a carbon copy of Tosh’s, inviting an internet fail-famous personality on the show to “redeem” himself in a scripted recreation of the original fail. Tosh lashed back not only stealing SportsCenter’s “Sports Science” segment, calling it “Sports Science.0″, but then goes on to completely eviscerating ESPN, SportsCenter and all of it’s anchors, analysts and personalities. Tosh.0Get More: Comedy Central

  • Don’t You Dare Ask Why This Swedish ‘Alien vs. Predator’ Bachelor Pad Exists

    Don’t ask why, don’t you dare ask why. Just appreciate the fact that a man, from a small town near Stockholm, Sweden put in the effort to build out his two-bedroom detached villa for 2,375,000 Swedish Krona (approximately $320,350). The man with an affinity for galactic beasts is now selling the humble abode. The listing has been on the market for some time now, but is just now starting to gain serious attention after Reddit got a hold of it. Let’s hope Ridley Scott is looking for a nice Scandinavian getaway.

  • 20 Celebrity Then And Now Photos That Give Hope To Goofy Looking Kids

    Are you an ugly duckling hoping to one day transform into a beautiful swan? Well give up, uggo, because you’re too damn old and there’s no hope for you. But if you’ve got equally goony kids, there might be a chance that they won’t suffer your same hideous fate. Show them these photos to let them know there’s a possibility they’ll grow out of their gruesome guise. And if they still grow up to be freaks, know that it’s all your fault. Now excuse me while I yell at myself in the mirror and cry for a few hours.

  • Take A Look Inside This Incredible Himalayan Radio Station [15 Photos]

    Located in Jomsom, a town in Nepal over 9000 feet above sea level, Mustang Broadcasting Community is a community FM radio station used to promote local culture. But constructing a station in a location constantly under attack from strong winds was no simple task. Architect Kim In-cheurl of South Korean firm Archium used locally sourced stone to build thick, protective walls. Interior walls utilize glass to get the most out of natural lighting from above. Doors and chairs made of wood act as a stark contrast to the stone walls and tables used throughout the property. All in all, it’s an incredible work of modern architecture that seamlessly blends into its Himalayan surroundings.

  • This Parrot’s Matthew McConaughey Impression Is Alright [Video]

    So you come across a link that says “Bird does perfect Matthew McConaughey impression” and you know it can’t be true, but it’s early and you don’t feel like working yet, so you click on it. Then you witness the most beautiful thing—an African grey parrot named Einstein saying “alright, alright, alright” with a Texas drawl. Now if they could just get that parrot to snort some coke and perform the “Wolf of Wall Street” chant, I could die a happy man.

  • Contortionists Make The Best Canvas For Bodypaint [16 Photos]

    “Body concept artist” Emma Fay takes the art of body paint to the next level by making the bodies just as important as the paintings. Using contortionists, Fay is able to paint her models in such a way that the finished project is only possible through exquisite body movement. In order to accomplish this feat, Fay first has the models get into position. She then makes compositional marks on their bodies to outline the scene. The models are then able to relax while Fay paints the animals or landscapes. Finally, the model gets back into position so the completed work can be photographed. The Bumblebee, made up of three contortionists, is our favorite but all of Fay’s work is impressive. For more amazing bodypainting, check out Emma Fay Concept Artist.

  • A UK Pub Has A Double Doughnut Burger Because You Have To Die Of Something

    Legend has it, the original doughnut burger was created in a bar in Decatur, Georgia called Mulligan’s. It was called the Luther Burger in honor of singer Luther Vandross, who was said to enjoy the deliciously unhealthy sandwich (and who also died form a heart attack at the age of 54). But like so many disgustingly American staples, someone overseas has upped the ante and challenged our proud heritage of gluttony. The aptly named UK family pub chain Hungry Horse has unveiled the 1,996-calorie Double Donut Burger. Consisting of two beef patties, cheese, four pieces of bacon and barbecue sauce between two glazed doughnuts, the monster sandwich is horrible and we are so jealous that we can’t get one on this side of the Atlantic. Advertised with the tagline “So wrong, it’s right,” just the thought of the Double Donut Burger has been giving nutrition experts coronaries. Sure, the 53 grams of saturated fat probably aren’t good for you, but good news, gym rats—there’s also 75 grams of protein! UK folks might want to get one before health nuts ruin the fun for everyone. And please, send one to RSVLTS HQ.

  • Brilliant Man Photoshops Himself Into Kim And Kanye’s Family Photos

    What else is there to say other than these are incredible works of sheer genius? We just hope these are only the beginning because it’s a pretty safe bet that Kim and Kanye will keep taking terrible fmaily photos that are just begging for more of this treatment. Be sure to follow freshh_tadeath on Instagram just in case more show up! Source: Reddit

  • 6 Heroic Military Dogs Will Be Honored In Veterans Day Parade For Their Life Saving Duties

    Popular adages may promise every dog its day, but the sad reality is canines that serve in the US military — sniffing out bombs, mines and other explosive devices — aren’t even guaranteed return transport after multiple tours of duty overseas. Often, they are left behind with new owners abroad when their handlers return home. “The dogs and these veterans work side by side. To separate them, I think, is a crime,” says Lois Pope, a longtime veterans advocate who began lobbying last year to return all four-legged defenders to the states for adoption by the servicement with whom they’d bonded.

  • Michael Shannon Tortures Michael Shannon In New Deerhoof Video

    Michael Shannon, known for playing Nelson Van Alden on Boardwalk Empire and General Zod in Man of Steel brings his intense creepiness to Deerhoof’s new video for “Exit Only” off La Isla Bonita. In the video, Shannon portrays two men sitting opposite each other at a table. One Shannon tortures the other in twisted, violent ways until Deerhoof guitarist Ed Rodriguez breaks in through the wall and saves the day. It’s all very bizarre and entertaining plus it’s a damn good song. And it’s nice seeing Shannon after the end of Boardwalk Empire. Check out the video and get the album, available now from Polyvinyl.

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