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  • Russell Westbrook & NBA’s Best Get Reanimated into Their-College-Selves for March Madness

    The NBA recently released a series of in game celebrations by it’s premier athletes that cuts into an animated sketch showing their college roots for March Madness season. Using the tagline “The Dance Never Ends” the series delves into the players college days with some extra effects. Russell Westbrook never smiles, even when he’s wearing a bear head. — Stephan Curry has hairy arms and claws! WAREWILDCAT! — Dwane Wade has great golden wings! — Kyle Lowry has a tail and the toned arms of a wildcat! — Al Horford gets scaly! — James Harden is Devilishly beardsome. — Paul Pierce is a giant bird!

  • Eye-Catching Series Captures The Piercing Gaze of Famous Eyes

    The eyes are a window into a person’s soul. They tell a story in themselves, even if you isolated them, cutting around everything else, which is exactly what artist Jason Edmiston did in his current series ‘Eyes Without A Face’ currently on exhibition at the Mondo gallery in Texas,  The gallery focuses on the piercing gaze of pop-culture icons from cinema and stage. Cobra Commander, Hannibal Lector, Daft Punk, Walter White and even Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) have had their eyes immortalized in this phenomenal series by Edmiston, best known for his work of detailed icons using vibrant color. Get what’s left of Edminston’s original work here. All images courtesy of Jason Edmiston

  • Morton’s Unveils “Million Dollar Burger” For A Fraction Of The Price

    Although Morton’s The Steakhouse may be best known for their steaks (duh), the restaurant chain all began with a hamburger. Arnie Morton and Klaus Fritsch were working together at Montreal’s Playboy Club in 1978 when Fritsch prepared a burger for Morton to sample. Morton said it was the best he’d ever had and the duo teamed up to open Morton’s of Chicago, the first of the chain’s 70 restaurants. Morton’s is celebrating the humble hamburger with their over-the-top Million Dollar Burger. It’s the classic Morton’s burger topped with foie gras, black truffle butter, and braised short ribs on a brioche bun. The decadent burger comes with fries and a glass of Stags’ Leap Winery “The Investor.” The meal will set you back $39 at most locations or $45 at New York-area locations. When you think about it, that’s a pretty decent deal for a Million Dollar Burger. Just be sure to get yours before they disappear April 12.

  • Is This A True Augmented Reality Demo Or Just A Gimmick? [Video]

    Last year Google invested $542 million in Magic Leap and at the time, nobody really knew what the company was up to. And now we’re still not entirely sure, but if this video is any indication, the company is onto something huge. The video begins with some standard augmented reality apps for checking email and the like, but when a game is launched, things get awesome. An office is transformed into a level from a first-person shooter in a totally immersive environment. Let’s just hope it’s the real deal and not a marketing gimmick.

  • The World’s Best Single Malt Scotch Is From…Taiwan?

    When you think of single malt scotch, you probably think of burly, bearded men distilling whisky in foggy, heather-filled moors of…Scotland. After all, the place is in the name. But these days, the best-rated single malts are coming from nowhere near Scotland. Last year we told you about the Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 from Japan, which received top honors in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. Now the World Whiskies Awards have named Taiwan’s Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique the world’s best single malt. The 58.6 per cent ABV whisky has previously been awarded New Whisky of the Year in the 2012 Whisky Bible and was described at the awards as “surprisingly smooth on the palate” and “like Bourbon-infused milk chocolate.” Kavalan says the whisky is aged in American oak barrels that previously held both white and red wines. Sounds pretty good, huh? And at $140 for a 700ml bottle, the Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique is quite affordable as far as the world of single malts is concerned. So…anyone know if Clan MacGregor won any awards?

  • The Air Force Made a Stealth Super-car You’ll Never See Coming

    The Air Force isn’t just advanced laser warfare and sound barrier breaking aircrafts, sometimes they like to have fun with cars too. So they built the Dodge Vapor, a matte black muscle car with Air Force accents, because not every military ground vehicle has to be a Hummer. So not only does it’s fine matte finish actually look bad-ass, but according to the Air Force is absorbs radar, and is designed to emulate planes like the F-117. The “web-cam” mounted on top of the roof is actually a state of the art 360-degree thermo-survalence camera, the “command center” on the dashboard include 3 large LCD monitors that control, thermal imaging, GPS, internet access and stealth exhaust, not to mention a thermal-scanning camera mounted to the bumper that leads to a windshield heads up display for dark stealth purposes. Oh and some carbon fiber tire caps, just in case you enemy is trying to take out your brake line.   

  • A Malaysian Oil Rig Has Been Reborn As A Scuba Diving Resort

    Located in the heart of the famed Coral Triangle in Malaysia is Seaventures Dive Dig Resort. The 25-room resort was formerly an exploration jackup rig for the oil and natural gas industry that has been transformed into a scuba diving mecca. In addition to both four-berth dormitories and standard single and double rooms, Seaventures also features a movie room, a karaoke lounge and bar, pool tables, table tennis table, a souvenir shop, and a small conference room. Weekly barbecues and live music also entertain divers while they catch their breath. But the real marvels lie below the water. The Coral Triangle is home to more than 3,000 species of fish and 500 coral species. And the rig makes it easy for divers to make their way underwater, with an elevator eliminating the need to lug gear on and off a boat. Unlimited House Reef diving is free to guests whenever they want. A variety of PADI courses ranging from try dives and beginner courses to professional certifications and specialties is also offered by the resort. For more info and current rates, check out Seaventures.

  • What’s All the Hype Around the Nike Air Max Zero?

    Recently, Nike Design Director Graeme McMillan revealed a sketch from the Nike archives, where it had been collecting dust since 1987. The sketch was drawn by Nike’s legendary lead designer Tinker Hatfield, the man responsible for creating some of the most well known sneakers on earth, like a one man Pixar, he can’t miss. The vintage sketch was designed before the iconic Air Max 1 shoe released in the 1980s, called the Air Max Zero, a concept that would eventually turn into the Air Max 1, but because of technological limitations was never produced until now. Originally he designed the upper to be comfortable and form-fitting, with a tipless vamp, an idea borrowed from the 1985 Nike Sock Racer. The sketch also featured an external heel strap that lacked a heel counter, a design concept that remained unseen until the Nike Air Huarache release in 1991.

  • This NYC Penthouse Comes With Its Own Sky Garage [15 Photos]

    You really have to feel sorry for the ultra-wealthy in New York City. While the rest of us only live a few stories up in our tiny apartments, they are resigned to penthouses far above the clouds, victims of their own success (or inheritance). Things we take for granted, like walking up a couple flights of stairs with our two bags of groceries that overfill our minifridges, are huge issues for the mega-rich. Do you know what a pain it is to carry all your Whole Foods bags to the elevator then wait for it to travel to the very top of a skyscraper? Of course you don’t, peasant. That’s why the penthouse at 200 11th Avenue in Chelsea is constantly being eyed by celebrities. For not only does the property offer a huge space, with three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, 20 foot ceilings, and a terrace with views of the Empire State Building, there is also a car elevator and private garage. Never again will New York’s elite have to leave their vehicle and make idle chatter with a doorman. This smart freight elevator will recognize your car and take you right to your private garage in a 60-second more »

  • 10 Bad-Ass American Road Trips To Take In 2015

    The debate over the most beautiful road in America will probably be an open ended one for the rest of time. With the United States topography and landscapes so different and beautiful in their own regard, choosing your next scenic road trip might be tougher than you ever thought. So before you choose your destiny, take a look at some of the great stretches of road the U.S. has to offer.

  • 31 Awesome Photos That Show What Single Fatherhood Really Looks Like

    Over the last 50 years, there has been a steady increase in divorce rates, leading to a greater number of single fathers. But these men aren’t shying away from the challenge. And when HuffPost Parents asked their readers what single fatherhood really looks like, the response was huge with tons of photos of Dads doing whatever it takes to make their kids happy. And yeah, that might just include dressing up like a princess once in a while. You got a problem with that?

  • The Monetary Mayhem Of March Madness [Infographic]

    Although the dudes actually playing the game don’t see a cut of it, there is a ton of money changing hands during March Madness. In fact, the event has become so big that the amount spent on ads now exceeds the NFL, NBA, and MLB postseason. And many of the 181 viewers take part in bracket pools which have become their own mini-economy involving over $3 billion. So wait…why aren’t NCAA players paid again?

  • This Is What 32 Game Of Thrones Characters Would Look Like If They Lived In The ’80’s and ’90’s

    What would happen if we took our favorite characters from “Game of Thrones” and put them in our own world twenty or thirty years ago? Artist Mike Wrobel has created some delightful images that show exactly how Arya, Jon, and the others would dress if they had to live in our world in the ’80’s and 90’s. Only a few weeks to go until the new season!

  • This Driverless Car Is En Route From San Francisco To New York

    Delphi Automotive, one of the leaders in automotive electronics and safety systems, is currently making history with the first coast-to-coast road trip of a driverless vehicle. The specially-equipped Audi SQ5 SUV will capture 2.3 terabytes of data over the 3,500-mile journey using four short-range radars, three vision-based cameras, six lidars, a localization system, and a driver assistance program. If you catch a glimpse of Delphi’s Audi on the highway, don’t be afraid that it suddenly turns Decepticon and tries to run you off the road. There are at least two drivers in the car at all times to take over in case of an emergency or through construction zones. Also, just to be cautious, the car will not drive at night and will only be on the road about eight hours per day. Delphi expects the car to arrive in New York City before the start of the New York International Auto Show April 3. Until then, you can keep up with the vehicle’s progress on Twitter @DelphiAuto.

  • Porn Stars Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before [24 Photos]

    As someone who was schooled by the Sisters of Mercy, I must say I don’t know who any of these “porn stars” are. In fact, I’m not even sure what porn is. Apparently people have relations on film, but that’s a surprise to me and Sister Catherine. But for the rest of you heathens, here are your favorite stars of such classics as Blondes Go Black, Big Booty Shakedown, and Transsexual Prostitutes 66 as photographed by Roger Kisby. The adult film stars were captured in these intimate portraits during the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas and they all look…pretty normal, actually.

  • Take A Drone Tour Of South America In HD [Video]

    Have you ever wanted to tour South America but you suffer from a lack of pesos and reais? That’s alright, you pathetic bum, because Adam Humphrey made this incredible video that you can watch from your mom’s basement. Adam backpacked across South America, traversing over 11,000 miles through Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru, with a Nikon D60 and DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro Hero 3. And the result is amazing.

  • Watch Police Dispose of 20,000 Pounds of Seized Fireworks in a Spectacular Fashion

    How long does it take to detonate 20,000 pounds of fireworks? The answer, courtesy of the Midland, Texas, Police Department, is 3 1/2 days. A court ordered the destruction of the illegal fireworks. The department’s bomb squad, along with those from Odessa, Lubbock and Amarillo, assisted the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the controlled detonation. And what does an uncontrolled detonation look like? Here’s the answer — in the form of San Diego’s 4th of July failed extravaganza in 2012: — Source: NPR.org

  • Guess How Much Mark Cuban Is Selling Tony Montana’s “Scarface” Mansion For?

    If you’ve ever dreamed of living the dangerously high life like Tony Montana in Scarface, now’s the time to consider cashing out your IRA early and transitioning careers to cocaine kingpin: the estate showcased in the film is back on the market, listed by Maverick’s owner and Shark Tank extraordinaire March Cuban, for a staggering $35 million. But don’t get ahead of yourself by researching moving truck prices down to Coral Gables. It’s actually nowhere near Miami — but rather, Montecito, California.

  • How Will Your Tattoos Look When You’re Older? Pretty Cool, Apparently

    If you have tattoos, then you know that the first thing people do is grab your arm or leg to get a better look at your ink. Because by getting tattooed, you sign away all rights to personal space. Then those same people follow up by asking how you think your tattoos will look when you’re older. Because tattoo were invented by people our age and nobody had them before the 90s. Oh wait, that’s not right at all. People have been getting them for years and there are plenty of old people with tattoos running around who look pretty damn cool. Check out more from this ever-growing gallery at Bored Panda.

  • 8 Post-Punk Icons As Marvel Superheroes

    We never noticed how similar angsty, costumed, post-punk music icons are to angsty, costumed, Marvel superheroes until we saw this latest series from artist Butcher Billy. You may remember Billy’s insanely popular series of post-punkers as DC heroes a few years back, but we think the connection with Marvel’s tortured heroes makes much more sense. Just look at poor Morrissey down there. He would go out tonight, but he hasn’t got a stitch to wear. Because he tore all his clothes when he turned into the Hulk. But he is human and he needs to be loved. Just like everybody else does.

  • Isreal’s Alpinist Special Forces Look Like Action Movie Stars

    The Israeli Defense Forces are known to have one of the best and most elite special forces in the world, and they just so happen to look like Bond henchmen. Their top tier unit are known as the Alpinist Unit: a team of Israeli reservists who are the best at what they do specializing in mountain warfare, snow warfare and difficult terrain warfare in the northern front, especially Mt. Hermon, that includes, but not limited to skiing, jumping on skis while shooting guns, clearing snow paths using any tactics necessary and we’re guessing some of those tactics include things not shown in these photos. Photo source: Flicker

  • 20 Unbelievably Terrible Kindle Covers

    The digital revolution has made it easier than ever for unknown authors to self-publish their masterpieces and release them to the masses. And ereaders like Amazon’s Kindle have made it easier than ever to find these books that you would have never known existed. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. Now we have to trudge through the muck and mire of the self-published ebook world to find anything worth a damn. And to make it really difficult, these authors have not only mastered the written word, they’ve also become masters of MS Paint, as evidenced by these unbelievably terrible but all too real Kindle covers. If you can stomach it, check out the rest at Kindle Cover Disasters.

  • Poler Stuff x Chocolate Release Limited Drifter Bag You Need

    Poler Stuff x Chocolate Skateboards collaborated to create their 20th year in business with a special edition Poler Drifter backpack. A classic bag with a functional twist, it can carry an entire skateboard that fits horizontally across the inside of the bag. It has an extra velcro padded flap on the back that securely keeps your deck in place while you travel but doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic of the bag when not in use. Padded laptop sleeve that will hold up to a 15” personal computer. Daisy chain side webbing that allows infinite lashing possibilities and a front exterior slash pocket for organizing accessories. Made of 1000D Campdura body fabric Approximately 18” x 7.5” x 10” inches. Limited and available at Poler Stuff.

  • Hilarious Video Of TV Show Stereotypes Made Entirely With Stock Footage

    Dissolve, stock video website created ‘Faux Shows’, a hilarious compilation of fake intros of TV shows we’ve all seen again and again. The footage shows intros with clever descriptions replacing the names of it’s stereotypical characters like “former ’90s heartthrob” and “Geeky Girl, Because Glasses”. We’re looking at you, Bones, Burn Notice, every single SVU, New Girl, that Mindy show, Cougar Town, HIMYM and dare I say Franklin & Bash. Oh also Survivor and every competitive reality show in existence. Watch the video below and count how many of the stock characters you’ve seen before.  

  • A Pilot’s Incredible View Of The Eclipse [5 Photos]

    If you were lucky enough to be in Europe a few hours ago, you may have caught the rare solar eclipse. Well, as long as you weren’t one of the many Europeans cursed with cloud coverage that is. But fear not, there were plenty of photographers who captured the event for those of us in cloudy Europe and the rest of the world. The most unique photos we’ve seen are these cockpit snapshots of the eclipse. Redditor philthadelphia’s brother-in-law received them in an email meant for somebody else. Damn. I just get emails about boating equipment for some other Joe Cucci.


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