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  • A Kickball That Makes Ice Cream…Welcome To The Future

    We often like to look through the bizarre collection of gifts at Hammacher Schlemmer just to ponder who actually buys the hovercrafts and Batmobiles, but they also have some affordable, but still outrageous, items. A kickball that’s also an ice cream maker? Yeah, that qualifies as such. The Kickball Ice Cream Maker takes the hardest part of making ice cream, the waiting, and turns it into a game. Inside the ball are two compartments. Place cream, sugar, and whatever flavoring you want in one and ice and rock salt in the other. Then reassemble the ball. Then kick. After 20 minutes of play, you are rewarded with delicious ice cream. By requiring a little bit of physical activity, the device will help slow your transition into fatty territory—and what a tasty transition it will be! Get it now from Hammacher Schlemmer for $35. via CNET

  • 21 GIFs To Remember Kari Byron

    When “MythBusters” premiered in 2003, it was like nothing on TV. The science shows we had watched as kids, like “Mr. Wizard’s World,” “Beakman’s World,” and “Billy Nye The Science Guy,” had finally grown up. Gone were the acid-base volcanoes, replaced with exploding toilets and guns that shot frozen chickens. It was the beginning of the movement that turned science into something we all fucking love. We didn’t think it could get any better. Then it did. Season 2 introduced the build team of builder Tory Bellecci, metal-worker Scottie Chapman, and, most importantly, artist Kari Byron. This team would also perform outrageous experiments, made all the better with the inclusion of a plucky redhead. Sex appeal knows no bounds, not even in the lab, and Kari attracted even more attention to the hit show. She was smart, funny, and looked good firing a gun. Nerds the world over were smitten. Alas, nothing lasts forever. Yesterday it was announced that Tory, Grant (who replaced Scottie in the third season), and even our beloved Kari would not be returning to the show. “MythBusters” were going in a “new direction.” We’re sure Kari and the rest of the build team will find success, more »

  • 25 Reasons You Should Follow The Air Force On Instagram

    National Aviation Day was this week so what better way to celebrate than following our own flying servicemen, the US Air Force? All branches of the military have jumped on the social media bandwagon but there is something especially visual about the Air Force that makes their Instagram so great. Is it the expansive aerial vistas? The sleek curves of the SR-71 Blackbird? The otherworldliness of the Stealth Bomber? The badass pilot selfies? Yes. It’s all of those reasons. And more. Check out these highlights and be sure to follow @officialusairforce on Instagram.  

  • Quiz: match the insult to the rock star [Link]

    “I’m forever near a stereo saying, ‘What the fuck is this garbage?’ And the answer is always the Red Hot Chili Peppers.” Damn, that’s harsh. But do you know who said it? Find out in this hilarious quiz from The Guardian featuring some of the most vitriolic quote from rock stars about other rock stars. What fun! I only got 5 correct. Let’s see if you can do better.

  • Don’t Listen To Random Dude On Facebook, The ALS Association Is Using Money Wisely

    By now everyone knows about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and what’s there not to love? Tons of money is being raised for a great cause AND we get plenty of entertaining viral videos. But there’s always someone who isn’t happy. In the last couple days a video has been shared thousands of times on Facebook featuring a man who did a little research into the ALS Association and decided that they, and all nonprofits, are nothing more than money-grubbing organizations out to line their own pockets. And he’s totally wrong. We’re not going to share his video because we don’t want to spread of misinformation, but we will give you some real facts. The ALS Association is currently funding around 100 research projects and last year spent $7 million, or 27% of expenses, on research. But research isn’t their only interest. They also work in educating the public and advocate for those suffering from the disease. It was the work of the ALS Association that allows servicemen with the disease to qualify for healthcare and disability benefits through Veterans Affairs. It’s important to know where your money is going and to research charities. There are some bad people out there, but more »

  • It’d Be Gnarly To Hang-10 With Surfing Bombshell Brianna Barnes [Photos]

    Surfing Magazine teamed up with model Brianna Barnes for a photoshoot they called “Just A Model and a Shirt.” The theme of the shoot is totally unrelated to surfing but you won’t hear any complaints from us. We’re not really sure the photos can be called “behind the scenes,” more like outtakes, but we’re not here to judge because they are gnarly, brah.

  • The US Marshals Are Auctioning This Incredible Classic Car Collection

    Crime doesn’t pay. At least not in the long run. But it certainly does for a little while and while it’s paying, you might as well enjoy your ill-gotten gains. David Nicoll was one such slimeball whose crimes made him a millionaire and he enjoyed every minute of it. As head of Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services, he would bribe doctors to send their patients for testing they didn’t require then bill insurers and the government extravagant amounts. With the millions he made, he was quick to spend it on strippers, cars, and Jets tickets. It couldn’t last forever and Nicoll was arrested last year. His cars were seized by the US Marshals and will go up for auction September 12 in Lodi, New Jersey, home of the fictional Bada Bing strip club where Nicoll would have undoubtedly conducted business with Tony Soprano if he could. The incredible collection of classic cars includes a 1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird, 1967 and 1970 Ford Mustangs, and 3 Yenko Chevrolets: a ’69 Camaro, ’69 Nova, and ’70 Chevelle. Unfortunately, no slack-jawed yokels will be allowed to spectate during the auction, so these photos are as close as we’ll get to these great cars, but if more »

  • What If All NFL Logos Were British?

    With the start of the 2014 NFL season upon us, and considering the league’s burning desire to go “global” we look at NFL logos if they were British because 10 years from now there is a good chance London will home to the Jacksonville Jags.

  • Chris Pratt Did Something Incredible Last Night For A Kid With A Genetic Disorder

    Dylan Prunty is a true LEGO prodigy. Dylan is so good that the President of LEGO presented him with a Certificate of Achievement that reads, “You go beyond a LEGO enthusiast; you are truly a LEGO Master Builder!” The 8-year-old is being treated for a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial disorder and over the past two years, Dylan has spent more time at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles than he has at home. This has given his plenty of time to master the art of LEGO and his creations are nothing short of unbelievable. On Wednesday Dylan got a surprise visit from one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy stopped by to hang out and help learn the art of LEGO.

  • NBA Teams Are Now Tweeting Photoshopped Players in Movies

    NBA Social Media managers have gone completely berserk on Twitter today. In a battle royal Twitter war, official NBA teams are tweeting photoshopped movie poster puns using their teams players. With the Mavericks coming out guns blazing with “Joe Dirk” and the Knicks also coming out swinging with “21 Shump Street” we hope this goes on forever. The Hands down the winner as of right now is Karl Malone staring in “Home Malone”, co staring Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman. Follow along using the hash-tag #NBAMovies.

  • Shocking Before & After Photos Of The California Drought

    Until recently, drought conditions had been worsening steadily for California since 2011. The past couple weeks have seen conditions remain the same rather than getting worse, but it doesn’t look like conditions will improve anytime soon, either. A wet El Niño fall had been predicted this year, but as we get closer the chances of such weather actually occurring have dropped to just 65%. And even if it does arrive, it won’t be anywhere near as wet as originally anticipated. With almost 99.8% of the state experiencing “severe” drought and more than half at “exceptional,” the driest on the five-level scale, the situation is looking dire for California residents.

  • The 2022 World Cup Will Be Played In A City That Doesn’t Even Exist Yet

    If you’re trying to create the perfect 21st-century city, it helps to start with a blank slate. Even if that slate is a sweltering strip of sand. That’s essentially what the government of Qatar and its developers are trying with Lusail, an ambitious planned city on 28 square miles of waterfront desert along the Persian Gulf. Now under construction, the compact city will contain a commercial district, a lagoon, four islands, two marinas, an upscale shopping mall, a hospital, a zoo, two golf courses and housing for some 250,000 people. It also will feature an 86,000-seat soccer stadium, surrounded by a moat, that’s expected to host the final game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Residents and visitors will get around via a light-rail network, a water-taxi system and a network of underground pedestrian tunnels. And all the energy, communications and transportation systems will be run with the help of computers from a single command center, making Lusail a “smart” city that can automatically adapt to changing traffic and weather conditions. “It’s very much an opportunity to build a vision of the future,” said Barry Hughes, senior vice president at HOK, the global architectural firm that designed Lusail’s Marina Mall more »

  • The Autodromo Stradale [Watch Wednesday]

    In the era of Gran Turismo, each journey was a unique adventure on winding roads and narrow mountain passes, accompanied by the sound of a mighty engine up front and a whiff of petrol and leather. Stradale, meaning “road going” in Italian, conjures memories of that special time when the gentleman driver blurred the distinction between a road car and a race car. The Autodromo Stradale draws inspiration from dashboard instruments from Italian sports berlinettas of the late 1950s and early 1960s, featuring a fascinating multi-layered dial. Beneath the domed sapphire crystal, the hour indexes are applied to a transparent glass ring, which floats over the colored dial below for a 3-dimensional effect. The custom designed leather strap makes reference to the luxurious interiors of the time. This timepiece is powered by a 24 jewel Japan-Made automatic movement, beautifully finished and displayed behind a sapphire exhibition caseback. As with all of Autodromo watches, the Stradale arrives in beautifully conceived packaging evoking the idea of a road trip in Northern Italy circa 1960, complete with vintage-inspired map hand stamped with your purchased date. The Autodromo Stradale $875

  • This Brazilian Political Ad Is The Craziest Video You’ll Watch Today

    Paulo Batista is a candidate for state representative in Sao Paulo and if this ad is any indication, he’s not too keen on communism. Watch as he flies over the Earth, shooting communists, portrayed as rabble-rousers and Dragonball-esque alien creatures, with laser beams from his eyes. The ad has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, prompting Batista to declare it his official ad. He has even promised to make another outrageous ad featuring a premise created by voters. American politicians should take a page from Batista’s book. Their inability to accomplish anything while constantly bickering at each other shows they think politics is a farce, so the least they could do is entertain us a little. And with all the money they get from lobbyists, their commercials would have the budget of a Hollywood summer blockbuster.

  • Watch Pete Frates Inspiring Reason for Starting the ALS Ice Water Challenge

    Yes, we know you’ve heard of the ALS ice bucket challenge. Even if you live under a rock, it’s likely that that rock has been nominated to dump a bucket of ice water on it in hopes to raise awareness for the challenge. When the likes of Bill Gates, Oprah, Aaron Rogers and George W. Bush have participated in a synonymous challenge something’s going right. Well Pete Frates, former BC baseball captain and the new face of a very serious Lou Gehrig’s disease that hasn’t received proper attention since Gehrig himself gave his infamous retirement speech. ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi takes a close look at the movement that’s changed the whole mentality of a country.

  • You’ll Never Guess How These Tornadoes Of Light Are Created [10 Photos]

    British photographer Martin Kimbell creates incredible tornadoes of light using a most-unlikely object—a hula hoop. Experimenting with different objects to “draw” light designs in his long-exposure photographs, Kimbell eventually settled on the ubiquitous children’s toy and lined it with LEDs. When hurled in the air, the hula hoop is transformed into these dazzling light trails spiraling across the night sky. The trails can be modified by utilizing hoops of varying sizes and weights and altering the throw. Using this method, Kimbell is able to keep all the effects work inside the camera, never having to resort to Photoshop wizardry. See more of Kimbell’s “light paintings” and other series at Flickr.

  • This 1954 Drink Menu From The Plaza Will Make You Wish You Had A Time Machine

    Located on Fifth Avenue just south of Central Park, The Plaza has been one of New York City’s premier hotels for over 100 years. But such popularity and luxury come at a price. Whereas a room cost just $2.50 when the hotel opened in 1907 (about $63 in 2014 dollars), today a room can cost over over $500. Even drinking at the hotel and just pretending to be a guest can cost you, with cocktails starting around $20. But it wasn’t always this way. While browsing the New York Public Library Digital Colelctions, we came across this drink menu from The Plaza from way back in 1954. And boy have times changed. In those days, you could get a cocktail for around $1.20 and even a 20-year-old scotch would only run you $1.65. Sadly we have no time machine to travel back and enjoy those prices from 60 years ago, but at least we can find solace imbibing cheap, old-man beer. And we don’t mean because it drowns away our troubles (although it does!)—at $18 for a 30-pack, you can actually enjoy Schafer for a little less than the 1954 price of 65¢.

  • #WCW Hannah Davis Because Derek Jeter Nominated Her For The Ice Bucket Challenge

    The Captain is the latest athlete to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Before Yankees pitchers CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka doused Jeter he acknowledged both former Yankee Lou Gehrig, who suffered from ALS (the disease is often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and Pete Frates, the former captain of the Boston College baseball team who suffers from ALS and had emerged as a national spokesman for the Ice Bucket Challenge. He then went on to nominate Kevin Connelly, who is otherwise known as E from Entourage, Michael Jordan, who is Michael Jordan, and Hannah Davis, who is all but not confirmed to be is girlfriend. Not long after the nomination, Hannah, who is will known for her appearance in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, went on Instagram and took Jeter’s challenge. Since Hannah is the new Queen on baseball she is this week’s #WCW.

  • Portugal In Hyperlapse Will Amaze You [Video]

    Ukraine-based filmmaker Kiril Neiezhmakov has made hyperlapse videos of his travels in Moscow and Paris in the past and now he has created an incredible video that presents Portugal like you’ve never seen it before. As opposed to the static placement of the camera in traditional time-lapse productions, hyperlapse involves moving the camera to create a tracking shot. What elevates Kiril’s videos to another level is his transitions between locales. It’s like a sci-fi journey through space and time in glorious HD. After watching the Portugal video, be sure to check out his other hyperlapse creations at Vimeo.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Rory McIlroy

    To celebrate Rory McIlroy’s recent Open Champion 2014 win, Function 18 has put together this great infographic highlighting key statistics and fun facts from Rory’s impressive major win! Rory has already accomplished so many amazing feats and in very rare company, only Jack Nichlaus and Tiger Woods are the only 2 players to win 3 Majors by the age of 25.  

  • Electric Supercar Unveiled…And It’s Not A Tesla

    Each year at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the well-to-do show off their collections of pristine, classic cars and occasionally a new vehicle, aimed at that high-income market, is unveiled. This year’s unveiling was something never seen before from a company nobody had heard of—the Renovo Motors Coupe, an all-electric supercar. Renovo Motors has been working on the project for the last four years, but has managed to kept it secret until the the unveiling. They even went as far as only test driving the car at night! The Renovo Coupe is actually based on the Shelby CSX9000 coupe but with twin electric motors. Those electric motors churn out 500 horsepower and propel the supercar from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds. Unfortunately, it tops out at 120 mph, and with a 100 mile rang, you’ll get about 15 to 20 minutes of hard drivingon the track before you need to charge up. But with a fast charger, you’ll be back at full power in just 30 minutes. Renovo will soon be taking preorders for the vehicle and aims to begin production in California in the second half of 2015. But with a price tag of $529,000 you may want to more »

  • Classic Characters Come To Life On This Artist’s Face [17 Photos]

    London-based makeup artist Laura Jenkinson uses her own face as a canvas for her creations. But instead of merely painting her face, she uses her mouth as the oversized mouths of classic cartoon characters she paints on her chin. The characters began appearing on her Instagram account a little over a year ago and have been quite a hit. Jenkinson now has almost 20,000 followers and recent media attention is sure to increase that number even more. Some of our favorites (Cartman!) are below, but you can see the rest at Instagram and Facebook.

  • Street Art From Around the World Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

    Over a week after the passing of comedy legend Robin Williams and the globe still mourns, but a touching movement of street art around the world is taking over the walls of major cities proving the influence Williams had on people from every walk of life. Graffiti artists have taken their craft to another level with touching stencil, srpay and paste on work to pay their respects to Williams. Beautiful Robin Williams graffiti #RIPRobinWilliams pic.twitter.com/u6zG8YfyPP — DCHomos (@DCHomos) August 13, 2014 “@Dari_Cuenca: Graffiti in memorian a Robín Williams en el Barri de Gracia de Barna. pic.twitter.com/BFlxPlNH9x” wow — Graffiti (@QueGraffiti) August 17, 2014 RT @KEYEPhotogs: Graffiti art tribute to Robin Williams at the #hopeoutdoorgallery #keyephotog pic.twitter.com/hgdzsa84gN — keepaustinwierd (@KeepAustinWierd) August 17, 2014 This is incredible. A lad spray painting a tribute to Robin Williams on Cling Film in the city centre. #RobinWilliams pic.twitter.com/32ulfkAWj6 — Taylor (@Taylor_DjSwitch) August 13, 2014 Graffiti tributes to Robin Williams are popping up around Dublin: http://t.co/7qYGHvMXX4 pic.twitter.com/Q6WRCaoNbi — DailyEdge.ie (@dailyedge) August 14, 2014 Robin Williams Graffiti Art Appears In Serbia #streetart #RIPRobinWilliams pic.twitter.com/PXk4VAmGHX — Street Art 360° (@StreetArtEyes1) August 15, 2014