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  • The Vanity Fair Oscars Photo Booth Is Where The Magic Happens [Photos]

    The Vanity Fair Academy Awards after party has become one of the most sought-after tickets of the year for Hollywood stars. One of the annual staples of this A list bonanza has become the photo booth which always leads to some absurd boozy moments captured on camera. Everyone loves a photo booth, even your favorite stars. See all the 2015 photo booth pictures on VanityFair.com

  • Ouch. A Grammy Nominated Artist Shared His Royalty Statements And It’s Not Good.

    Armen Chakmakian is a Grammy-nominated recording artist who, from an outsiders perspective perspective, is probably living a lavish life that we see on Instagram. But Armen recently shared his royalty statements and it shows that the days of becoming rich in the music industry ended with the Millennium. His music was streamed over 14,227 times and he made only $4.20! Armen shared the story and the royalty statement which you can see below. 

  • This Is How You Bring The Juicing Craze To The Bar [Link]

    Do you want to take part in the juicing craze but you’re afraid it means you have to give up your precious alcohol? Fear not! It turns out that those fresh, healthy juices also make great mixers. Check out these recipes and start incorporating fresh fruit and vegetable juices into your cocktails. It finally makes sense why I never like kale juice–I wasn’t adding any tequila!

  • Sandboarding In 4K Looks Incredible [Video]

    Filmmaker Scott David Winn, aka ScottDW, creates all kinds of incredible, ultra HD videos, that make you feel you’re in on the action. His latest video features him and a group of friends sandboarding in Peru’s Ica Region, known for having some of the world’s largest sand dunes. And it’s all in glorious 4K resolution.

  • The Cast of Almost Famous: Then and Now

    Surprisingly Almost Famous was a box office bomb. Crazy. But critical acclaim and dominance at the 73rd Academy Awards and Grammy’s led people to rewatch the movie, and like Shawshank Redemption before it, poof, Almost Famous became a modern classic. Writer and director Cameron Crowe essentially kick started the career’s of some of biggest names in Hollywood so let’s take a look back at the cast of Almost Famous to see what they’ve been up to.

  • Wildlife Photographer Captures Amazing Shots of Tree Frog Hitching a Ride on a Beetle

    Indonesian wildlife photographer Hendy Mp has captured a once in a lifetime moment in time when a Reinwardt’s tree frog took a ride atop a giant rhinoceros beetle. In other news taxi app, Uber is now offering up ‘Uber Rhino Beetle’ as a new method of transportation. The tree frog will be back charged a 2.1x surge price due to morning rainforest dew. That beetle should get frog protection. Ok I’m done now.   photos by Hendy Mp

  • Is This Ice Cream Worth $816?

    People like to joke that everything in Dubai is covered in gold. But that can’t be true, right? I mean, it’s not like they put gold on their ice cream. Oh wait, they do. Dubai’s Scoopi Café, a newly launched chocolatier and ice cream café on Al Wasl Road, has begun selling the world’s most expensive ice cream, the “Black Diamond.” Priced at $816 per scoop, the ice cream is made with exotic Madagascar vanilla, Iranian saffron, and black Italian truffle. It’s then topped with 23-karat edible gold. But the good news is you get to keep the Versace bowl and spoon. And in a place where ostentation is encouraged, the “Black Diamond” is sure to be a hit.

  • The Strange Dr. Martens X ‘Adventure Time’ Series of Boots to Release in March

    Doc Martens and the Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time” are collaborating on a series of boots themed around the popular cartoons characters. The collection of boots are currently available to pre-order online from SOLESTRUCK. They are scheduled to become available to purchase in Dr. Martens stores and online on March 3, 2015 and are weird. Weirder than the show, but in a good way, not in a, ya know weird way.

  • Bacon Mac Lasagna, Will Love You Then Kill You (Man Meal)

    All hail the king. The Vulgar Chef is the king of the food world. His newest creation is a frankensagna of two of the best paired foods of all time. A combination of two comfort foods that will have you way too comfortable on the couch pants unbuttoned, unzipped and most likely off within 10 minutes of hawking down your last bite. “I wanted to create something I gave a fuck about. I wanted to create something all of you would give a fuck about. I wanted bacon and I wanted that shit stacked the fuck up because food tastes better when its stacked.” says Dr. Frankenstein himself, The Vulgar Chef, a food blogger who prides himself on the delicious and more so than not, unhealthy recipes that make your mouth water and heart palpitate. The Bacon Mac and Cheese Lasagna is a beautiful collaboration of weaved bacon sanwhiched in between humps of mac and cheese and sauce. Take one pound of bacon, slice each piece in half then do as follows according to the chef “6 slices per weave and cooked the tits out of it”. Then layer bacon, cheese, sauce and repeat followed by a final layer of cheese more »

  • Hannah Stocking Is Klay Thompson’s Girlfriend And A Total Knockout [26 Photos]

    Things are going great for NBA star Klay Thompson. His Golden State Warriors are the best team in the league; he made NBA history last month when he scored 37 points in one quarter; and he just signed an endorsement deal with BodyArmor Sports Drink. Oh yeah, and his girlfriend is a total knockout. If you’ve spent any time o n the Internet in the past year, you’ve seen Hannah Stocking. With over 700,000 followers on Vine and 1.1 million on Instagram, the model is well on her way to becoming a household name, much like her boyfriend. And from these photos, it’s easy to why.

  • Photographer Captures Superheroes’ Private Lives

    Ever wonder what your favorite Marvel and DC superheroes do when they’re not out superheroing? Why? It’s none of your business, Mr. Nosey. But if you did wonder, Edy Hardjo has all the answers. Using action figures and a touch of digital manipulation, Edy shares what Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, and other popular superheroes do in their off time. How does Hulk trim his armpit hair? How does Tony Stark wash his Iron Man suit? Does Ghost Rider pee? All those questions and more can be answered at Hrjoe Photography on Facebook and Instagram.

  • 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Finalists Revealed [35 Photos]

    The world’s biggest photography competition, the Sony World Photography Awards, has announced the finalists for 2015. This year was the biggest yet in the competition’s eight-year history, with an impressive 173,444 images submitted from 171 countries. The winners will vie for $30,000 in prizes and all finalists will benefit from the invaluable exposure offered by the world-famous competition. For more info, visit the World Photography Organisation.

  • These Awesome Monks Have Snowball Fight During Rare Jerusalem Snowstorm [Video]

    Jerusalem doesn’t often experience heavy snow, so when it happens, everyone makes the most of it. Even monks! These Roman Catholic Franciscan monks took a day off from washing the feet of poor people and singing with birds (it’s been a while since Catholic school, but that seems about right) in order to play in the snow and have a snowball fight. Now someone needs to speed it up, add some “Yakety Sax” and maybe a sexy nun and we’ll have a Benny Hill sketch.

  • The World’s Fastest 300 Game May Be The Only Time You’re Impressed By A Bowling Video

    In order to score a perfect 300 in bowling, one must get 12 strikes. It doesn’t seem that crazy since even terrible bowlers have scored a few strikes in a game, but between waiting for the ball to return and waiting for the pins to set, even a pro like Big Ern McCracken loses focus. PBA Tour Champion Tom Daugherty has come up with the perfect solution: bowling a perfect game over 12 lanes. This way he is able to keep his rhythm and complete the feat in just two minutes. We just wonder how many attempts it took to get the video right. We really want to see the times he got 11 strikes then messed up on the very last lane.

  • Visualizing “The Art of War” for the Workplace in 11 Photos

    Tzu’s famous Chinese military book “The Art of War” is a must read for any man or woman approaching the real world. It’s methodology parallels just about every situation of strategy. Cartoonist Jessica Hagy created “The Art of War Visualized” a creative chart based book highlighting key components of “The Art of War” wisdom you can use in the business world. Business Insider asked Hagy to annotate a few of her favorite charts from her book.

  • Horny Goat Brewing Perfects Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

    Porters, those deliciously dark beers that are often overlooked by new imbibers, have often enticed us with flavored offerings. It began with vanilla and chocolate, which are both delicious, but in recent years, brewers have become more adventurous with their flavors, reaching the apex of beer flavor fusions with the introduction of chocolate peanut butter. I’ve had chocolate peanut butter porters before, such as Liquid Bliss from Georgia’s Terrapin Beer Company, and thoroughly enjoyed them, but it wasn’t until I got a hold of Horny Goat Brewing Company’s Horny Goat Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter that I realized just how great the concoction could be. I had never heard of Wisconsin’s Horny Goat Brewing Company and at $11 a 4-pack, it was a bit more expensive than the $12 per 6-pack I was used to paying for Liquid Bliss. But variety is the spice of life and I was feeling muy caliente! As soon as I popped open the bottle, I was hit with a strong aroma of peanut butter and a less intense chocolate accent. It smelled like dessert and absolutely nothing like beer. If this was a blind taste test, I would have thought there was a peanut butter more »

  • Volvo May Be Way More Ahead of Self-Driving Technology than Everyone Else

    Volvo is set to start testing a full fleet of autonomous vehicles in 2017 on the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden, where the company calls home. Volvo quietly paved the way for self braking cars, which other car companies have more than boasted about, and now their quietly delving into the self driving industry. With a company like Volvo, safety has been priority number one for it’s entire history. So with the future (and present) in mind, they came to the conclusion of taking the most dangerous aspect of driving out of the equation; humans. Volvo’s careful approach takes a page out of aircraft engineering, creating a series of back up systems that come into play if another fails. Cameras, oh so many cameras. Oh and sensors, too. So many sensors. Cameras and sensors working in unison with radar and laser systems precisely map out everything on the road, from lane markers to traffic hazards to other vehicles. The series of cameras can visually triangulate objects’ relative positioning using a trifocal camera, which simultaneously views the world in swaths of 140, 45, and 34 degrees. Ultrasonic sensors serve two distinct purposes for use, very low-speed driving – like parking- and last-second emergencies, like more »

  • New Meme Alert: Travolta’s Creepy Kiss

    Last year at the Oscars, we all felt bad for John Travolta when he couldn’t pronounce Idina Menzel’s name. It was awkward and live and we were very understanding about it. But John Travolta doesn’t want our pity. He wants us to fear him the way Christian Slater did in the 1996 classic Broken Arrow. How can we learn to fear the man who taught William Hurt how to enjoy life again in the 1996 classic Michael. Easy. By creeping out every woman at the Oscars last night with unnerving displays of affection. Of course, once PhotoshopBattles got a hold of the photos, Travolta again became the subject of much derision.

  • Photographer Transforms Her Photos Into Pop-Up Books

    Colette Fu was born in New Jersey, but when she was in her mid-twenties, she decided to visit China and learn about her ancestry. She learned that her mother is a member of the Yi tribe, one of 55 ethnic minority groups recognized by the People’s Republic of China. The Yi live primarily in Yunnan Province, home to 25 different minority tribes. Now inspired to document these tribes, Colette combined her photography and paper crafting skills to give her incredible photographs new dimension. The project began in 2008 with Colette originally intending to only document ethnic groups in Yunnan Province, but as the project grew in popularity, Colette extended her scope. You can keep up with her travels and ever-growing body of work on her blog. If you would like to see these impressive books in person, check out “Land of Deities: Pop-up Photos of Southwest China,” on view now through April 21 at Georgetown University.

  • The Fun-spiring SF Offices of Tech Company, Chartboost

    Blitz Architecture has developed a new fun office layout for Chartboost, a technology platform that helps mobile game developers find new users and monetize their games, in San Francisco. When moving into a new office space, Chartboost was most interested in taking the opportunity to celebrate what is at the core of their business: video games. As the world’s largest games-only technology platform, Chartboost wanted their San Francisco space to reflect the energy of the gaming world and create a fun, interactive environment that would excite anyone who entered. Blitz stepped up to the challenge and designed a modern ofce that brings the world of games to life. The full Chartboost experience begins after walking up the stairs from entrance to the reception, where an entire wall is dedicated to the “photo op.” Visitors can find their games on display and take pictures with the boxes (although we think the show-stealing, 11-foot-tall dinosaur probably gets some photo love too). The dinosaur, aka “Buster,” has become the Chartboost mascot – they even developed their first in-house mobile game starring the T-Rex. Hanging app boxes and an interactive iPad love wall further celebrate the developers and clients of Chartboost’s products. Blitz reflected more »

  • 38 Ways To Enjoy Coffee [Infographic]

    We have some great news for coffee drinkers! The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, the top nutritional experts in the US, have lifted their decades-long silence on the subject of coffee and it’s nothing but praise for the beverage: Currently, strong evidence shows that consumption of coffee within the moderate range (3 to 5 cups per day or up to 400 mg/d caffeine) is not associated with increased long-term health risks among healthy individuals. In fact, consistent evidence indicates that coffee consumption is associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in healthy adults. Moreover, moderate evidence shows a protective association between coffee/caffeine intake and risk of Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, moderate coffee consumption can be incorporated into a healthy dietary pattern, along with other healthful behaviors. The bad news is that the majority of Americans are barley drinking two cups per day. If you want to drink three to five cups but you feel regular coffee is just too boring, try one or twenty of these coffee drinks. But be careful, the added calories from sugar and dairy can negate some of the healthful benefits.

  • Language Quiz: Are You on Fleek? [Link]

    Did you mistakenly scroll down while watching a YouTube video only to find that you have no idea what any of the commenters are talking about? Bae? On fleek? TFW? What the hell does any of this mean? And how did we lose touch before 30? Take this quiz from the New York Times and finally learn what the kids mean when they tell you they’re unbothered. And then feel old when you get half of them wrong.

  • House Of Cards Gets The Sesame Street Treatment [Video]

    Sesame Street has been lampooning adult-oriented TV shows and confusing children for years with such parodies as “Birdwalk Empire,” “Homelamb,” “Desperate Houseplants,” and “True Mud,” but their latest might just be our favorite yet. Check out this brilliant retelling of the Three Little Pigs as a parody of Netflix’s House of Cards, complete with Frank Underwolf complaining about there being too much pork in town.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Teases Profile View of Curved Screen

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been surrounded with rumors and leaked photos as of late, but a recently tweeted out photo of the S6 courtesy of T-Mobile CEO John Legere, reveals the company will carry the Galaxy S6, but also hints at it’s beveled curved screen adding another dimension to the phone. Though the official unveiling will be on March 1st, it’s highly speculated the phone will look and function very similar to the Galaxy Note Edge. Was there even a question? Of course @TMobile will carry The Next Big Thing! http://t.co/st6K7weXXz — John Legere (@JohnLegere) February 23, 2015

  • Stunning Photo From Space Shows America Encased In Ice [Photos]

    Americans living in the eastern U.S. have certainly been feeling the cold this past week, but now they can see it. This weekend, NASA released a satellite photo which shows the Midwest and East Coast turned white with snow and ice thanks to a recent blast of Siberian and Arctic air. However, the blast has contributed to 21 weather-related fatalities in Tennessee since Monday, according to the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency. They include 11 people who died of hypothermia and five victims of motor-vehicle accidents. ‘Looks like the states have been sitting in a freezer,’ the space agency said in a statement. The picture was taken by NASA’s Terra satellite 200 miles up from Earth on Friday when record low temperatures were set across the nation including in Maryland, Kentucky, North Carolina and Georgia.