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  • Deep Fried Pumpkin Spice Latte Has Us Rethinking This Craze

    Hey, we’re all sick of pumpkin spice everything invading our lives. BUT we gotta say, deep frying anything is usually a good idea, so if we’re going to indulge in anything pumpkin spice flavored this fall, it might as well be a disgustingly divine fried treat. Food blog Oh, Bite It, which has fried tequila and beer in the past, has now tackled that ubiquitous fall flavor with pumpkin in the name but no sign of the squash in the taste. And as much as as we’d like to hate on it, these look pretty damn delicious. It’s basically just taking cubes of angel food cake, soaking them in pumpkin spice latte, and then frying them in canola oil. Oh, and some whipped cream on the side for dipping, of course. If these pictures get your mouth watering, head on over to Oh, Bite It for the full recipe.

  • Ralph Steadman Tackles “Breaking Bad” With New Blu-ray Covers

    Artist Ralph Steadman, best known for his longtime collaboration with Hunter S Thompson and illustrating the the packaging for Flying Dog Brewery, has now created covers for a new Blu-ray collection of “Breaking Bad.” Each season has its own case with a different character drawn in Steadman’s signature style. Walter, Jesse, Saul, Gus, Mike, and Hank are each featured. The set should be available February 2015. And for more info on Ralph Steadman, check out his website.

  • Christopher Columbus Was A Jerk [Infographic]

    On Monday, the United States will celebrate Columbus Day, meaning that almost all of us will work but some places will be closed just to screw with us. We all learned how Columbus found the New World and how he was so brilliant for knowing the world was round and we are all wrong. Luckily, The Oatmeal sets us straight with this infographic and even suggests a different person to celebrate on the second Monday in October. For extra fun, send this to your Grandpa to share at the next Knights of Columbus spaghetti dinner.

  • We’re Giving Away A Bud Light Mini Field Goal Table

    Remember those memorable school lunches you spent winning your peers lunch money folding a piece of looseleaf into a triangle? Well now you can take them to school all over again with this Bud Light UpRights for Whatever – a table game that challenges you to kick as many field goals with your fingers as you can in 45 seconds using a mini-football. Just sign up, win, have Bud Light send you one of these flick football games and take your friends to the cleaners every Sunday. We have a March Madness mini hoops table at out office and it has been put to great use over the last few months. See more Ashley Michaelsen photos.

  • What NYC’s New Tallest Building Lacks in Character it Makes Up For in… Height.

    This past Friday, construction at New York City’s 432 Park was completed. It’s height is trumped by none other in NYC, including One World Trade Center, not including the added spire. The building is a luxury condominium that tops out at 1,396 feet, towering above a skyline of already tall buildings on Manhattan’s Central Park South area nicknamed “Billionaires’ Belt”. The building, which cost $1.3 billion to construct, has two penthouses, one on the 96th floor that sold for $95 million and another on the 95th, currently priced at $85 million. From the inside, the building is a work of art, but from the outside, is an absolute insult to the tradition in architectural prowess that has encompassed the New York City skyline for the last century. For a building that’s going to be the face of Manhattan’s midtown section skyline it’s incredibly boring, unlike the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and even Bank of America Tower. 432 Park is undoubtedly a architectual feat, but there is absolutely no character unlike its predecessor for tallest residential building in manhattan and the western hemisphere, the lower east side’s 8 Spruce Street, Also known as Beekman Tower and New York by Gehry. more »

  • Just How Fast Can Ebola Spread? [Video]

    We’ve been hearing a lot about Ebola and now that the virus has made its way to the US, we are trying to learn as much as we can. That’s why we’re glad Swedish doctor and popular public speaker Hans Rosling has released his latest “Factopod” detailing just how quickly the virus can spread. The rate at which an infection spreads is known as its r-0. Ebola’s r-0 is between 1.7 and 2.0, meaning each person who has it will spread it to two more people on average. And this video presents this scary exponential growth in a way that even the dimmest bulb can understand.

  • Who You Gonna Call To Get This Deluxe Ghostbusters Vinyl Reissue?

    To celebrate the 30th anniversary of our generation’s favorite movie, Ghostbusters, Legacy Recordings announced a deluxe vinyl reissue of the classic theme song at New York City’s Comic Con last weekend. The Stay Puft Super Deluxe Edition features Ray Parker Jr.’s hit song along with Run DMC’s rap from the sequel. Both songs are on Side A of the 12″ white vinyl with Side B smooth. Also included are two 12×12 3D Stay Puft lenticulars, a puffy jacket that feels and even smells like marshmallow, a certificate of authenticity, and a 6″ Stay Puft figurine. Unfortunately, only 3000 copies are available and the nerds are sure to snatch ‘em up quickly. We’ll have to keep our eyes on eBay after they begin shipping October 21. Pre-order yours at the Ghostbusters Store.

  • John Oliver Puts the Kibosh on Autumn Pumpkin Spice Hysteria

    John Oliver took the week off of Last Week Tonight, but still gave us a weekly rant online in a web exclusive video cracking down on the pumpkin spice craze now ubiquitous with fall. Oliver digs right into the subject by denouncing the flavor of the faux pumpkin by saying “the coffee that tastes like a candle — and I don’t mean it tastes like a candle smells, pumpkin spice lattes taste like a candle tastes.” He then proceeds to compare autumn’s foliage to one’s own mortality then adds a fatality to all PSL enthusiasts by noting there’s actually no pumpkin in your latte at all and that you can add the flavored syrup to your latte all year around.

  • Need Some Alone Time? Check Out America’s Coolest Ghost Towns [Link]

    Americans have a long history of someone making a few bucks in some remote location and everyone else following soon after, wringing every last resource from the land while building a town in the process. Once there are no more fortunes to be made, everyone packs up and moves on. Various mineral and natural resource booms over the last two centuries have left our great nation’s landscape dotted with some really fun and freaky ghost towns. Take a look at this list from The Smithsonian and find the best towns where you don’t have to worry about HOA regulations and loud neighbors. Well, not living ones anyway.

  • The First World Series Sweep Turns 100

    After losing a doubleheader to the Brooklyn Dodgers on July 4, 1914, the Boston Braves record stood at 26-40. They were in last place, the worst in the league. The team took a day off and on July 6, they started off on a streak that lasted for two months. In the period between July 6 and September 6, the Braves went 43-13, propelling themselves from last all the way to first place. They were the first team to go from worst to first, earning the moniker “Miracle Braves.” Despite their incredible turnaround, the Braves were still considered the underdog going into the world series against the Philadelphia Athletics. In addition to stats that couldn’t compare to the Athletics, the Braves didn’t even have a home field to garner any home field advantage. Just two months earlier they moved out of their home for the previous 43 years, South End Grounds, and were renting Fenway Park from the Red Sox while awaiting construction of Braves Field. But none of this mattered when it came to actually playing the game. The Braves won the first game 7-1 and didn’t let up for the rest of the series. Three games later, on more »

  • The 25 Best Restaurants Around the World

    Move over Michelin Stars, the new way to source your restaurant of choise is based on the people. Word of type and ratings on Trip Advisor actually. The travel site has collected the top twenty-five restaurants across the globe based on ratings throughout their site. Millions upon millions of travlers share their restaurant experiences from decor to service even touch of food occasionally. In the information age we live on it’s the ultimate resource to find out the most interesting, bizarre and eclectic places you can’t find in a travel guide.

  • This German Astronaut Is Capturing Incredible Photos Of The Earth [40 Photos]

    Dr. Alexander Gerst is a German geophysicist and was selected to be an astronaut by the European Space Agency in 2009. Ealirer this year, he launched from Kazakhstan to join the crew at the International Space Station. Currently a member of Expedition 41, Gerst has been capturing incredible photos of the Earth and, thanks to the miracle of social media, has been able to immediately share his work. Some of our favorites are in the gallery, but you can keep up with “Astro Alex” on Twitter and Flickr.

  • An Iraq War Vet Was In For A Big Surprise When Strangers Paid For The Restoration Of His 1965 Ford Mustang

    An Iraq war veteran got a big surprise when strangers paid to have his prized 1965 Ford Mustang restored. Retired SSgt. Kelly Foster had been paying little by little to have his classic car fixed up. He bought the Mustang in 2005 after his first tour of duty in Iraq. Margaret and Timor Martin were also getting their classic vehicle repaired when they heard about the soldier’s story and decided to help him out with the costs. “We got some friends of ours together and everyone pitched in,” said Margaret. “We wanted to kind of pay it forward for someone who has served this country.” Foster thought he was going to simply check on his car; instead, he learned the news it had been restored to mint condition. When he saw the car, he hugged the Martins. “I’m extremely surprised. I had no idea this would happen,” said Foster. “I’m speechless.” The Martins both come from strong military families and say they wanted to give back to those who served the country. “We feel like these guys are underpaid and under appreciated,” said Martin. “They are not taken care of the way someone who is willing to put their life more »

  • Mind Your Surroundings, Amazing Street Art Gifs

    A new interesting trend going around the digital creative scene is turning reality into stop motion GIFs. Artist A. L. Crego takes the already interesting medium of street art and bring it to life, turning large murals into moving GIFs. You can take a look at all of Crego’s amazing GIFs at his Tumblr

  • Incredible Video Footage Of The Great Martian War Of 1913-1917

    In a continuing effort to guarantee that anyone who watches the channel will not actually learn anything about history, the History Channel has created a “documentary” of the Great Martian War of 1913-1917 that never was. As easy as it is for those of us who grew up watching non-stop Hitler documentaries to hate on the current, alien-loving iteration of the channel, this actually looks pretty cool. The filmmakers used actual archival footage from World War I and inserted CGI Martian robots to wreak havoc on the doughboys. Unfortunately, it looks as though the special is currently airing in the UK only. for more info check out History.

  • Warren G.’s “Regulate” Has Been Transformed Into An Amazing Children’s Book

    It has been 20 years since Warren G and the late Nate Dogg released their hit “Regulate” and to celebrate the platinum anniversary, Wes Eisenhauer and Marc Wagner created Regulate – The Children’s Book. So gather the children around, play Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgettin,” and regale the youngsters with the tale of Warren G getting jumped in the LBC only to be saved by Nate Dogg.

  • Second Ebola Case Confirmed In United States

    Health care workers at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, where the Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, 42, was treated. Credit Joe Raedle/Getty Images (CNN) — A female nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has tested positive for Ebola after a preliminary test, the state’s health agency said. Confirmatory testing will be conducted Sunday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Test results are expected to be announced later in the day. The nurse helped care for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person ever diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. Duncan died Wednesday. The nurse is in stable condition, Texas Health Resources chief clinical officer Dan Varga said. The nurse was involved in Duncan’s second visit to the hospital, when he was admitted for treatment, and was wearing protective gear as prescribed by the CDC: gown, gloves, mask and shield, Varga said. A “close contact” of the nurse has been “proactively” placed in isolation, he added. Case was anticipated “We knew a second case could be a reality, and we’ve been preparing for this possibility,” Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services, said in a statement Sunday morning. “We are broadening our more »

  • Kurt Cobain’s Final Photo Shoot Revealed

    In August 1993, Nirvana was in New York for a performance at the Roseland Ballroom. Photographer Jesse Frohman was sent to shoot the band for the London Observer’s Sunday magazine. Nobody knew at the time that it would be the last formal photo shoot before Kurt Cobain committed suicide in April, 1994. Now the 90 photos have been collected in a new book entitled Kurt Cobain: The Last Session. Along with the photographs, the interview between Cobain and music journalist Jon Savage that originally appeared in the Observer has been reprinted. Check out the photos below and read an excerpt from the interview at Dazed Digital. And you can pre-order the book, to be published November 12, from Amazon for $31.

  • Yao Ming Makes Shaq Look Like a ‘wittle baby’

    In a past article we showed you how Yao Ming dwarfs basically everything he holds, stands next to or is in a photo with, but he’s just topped himself by taking a photo with one of the largest humans alive, Shaq. In a recent Instagram post Shaq, who also dwarfs basically everything he comes in contact with, looks like a small child compared to the 7′ 6″ Ming. Loading Yao says he's 7 feet 4 I think he's 7 foot 8 View on Instagram

  • Katy Perry Will Be The Bounciest Super Bowl Half Time Performer Ever [88 GIFS + Photos]

    The NFL might have another controversy brewing on their hands. Just take a look at these GIFS and photos. Katy is a f&%kin’ bombshell and whether you agree or not CNN is licking their chops with the idea that Katy Perry is too “risqué” to perform the half time show at Super Bowl XLIX. We’re just fine with it but what do you think? Can I get a betting line on some Katy Perry/Super Bowl controversy popping up? — Tyler Riggs (@TySpace) October 10, 2014

  • How Clowns Became Terrifying [Link]

    FX’s hit American Horror Story has returned for its fourth season and this time a clown is the main antagonist. But how did clowns become such popular villains in our culture? We grow up being entertained by them at circuses and birthday parties, only to see them as creepy monsters as adults. Learn the history of evil clowns from the fictional Pagliacci to the very real John Wayne Gacy and see why we’ve come to loathe this made-up men.

  • Rockwell’s ‘The Connoisseur’ Observes Modern Day GIFS

    A new interesting medium of art is the GIF. Yes, the GIF, they’re not just used to show dumbfounded reactions, although I do get a kick out of a good GIF reaction now and again. There is a desire and demand for good looping art around the web, especially if that art can seamlessly transition from the end back to the beginning. The Connoisseur orioginally appeared in Norman Rockwell’s painting in 1951, showing him observing a Jackson Pollock piece, now he’s back observing modern GIFs of classic works of art. Check out the entire Tumblr here.     

  • That Hawkward Moment When A Bird Of Prey Attacks Your Drone [Video]

    Christopher Schmidt was flying his Phantom FC40 quadcopter around Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge when the drone got a little too close to a hawk. The bird, perhaps thinking the quadcopter was another predator invading his turf, flew at drone, knocking it from the sky. Good-guy Schmidt throttled down the props as soon as he noticed the hawk coming at the craft to keep from injuring the bird. Miraculously, the quadcopter escaped unharmed, too.

  • Just How Contagious Is Ebola?

    “I have no doubt that we will control this importation, or case, of Ebola so that it does not spread widely in this country,” said the director of the CDC, Dr. Tom Frieden.

  • Which Kind Of Beer Should You Drink? [Infographic]

    You’re an adult now and instead of a fridge full of Keystone Ice, you’ve got a variety of stouts, pale ales, saisons, lagers, and plenty others to choose from. It can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Take a deep breath, follow along on this flowchart, and you’ll find yourself imbibing a delicious brew in no time. And if you don’t have the time to navigate this flowchart, you can always go with this simpler version: Are you thirsty? If so, drink whatever you grab first. If not, quit wasting our time.

  • Norway’s New Currency Is A Modern Design Masterpiece

    Norway’s national bank, Norges Bank, held a contest calling for new currency designs with a theme of “the sea.” Finding it too difficult to choose just one winner, the bank actually used designs from two different firms, one for the front of the notes and another for the back. Snøhetta went with a modern design featuring pixelated images of ocean scenes while The Metric System took a more traditional approach with ornate drawings of fish and ships. These images released by the bank are low resolution so as to not aid counterfeiters and still need to have security features added. After that, the new kroners will enter circulation in 2017.

  • UK Burger Joint Sends First Burger Into Space [Video]

    Chosen Bun, a gourmet burger restaurant in London recently sent the first burger and chips (that’s fries to us Yanks) into space. Why? Because they could. The meal was sent up via helium balloon, with about $400 worth of the increasingly precious gas. The entire voyage was captured on a GoPro camera and there’s something incredible about seeing incredible views of the Earth with a burger and fries in the foreground.

  • See The World Beyond The Edges Of Your Favorite Movie Posters [21 Photos]

    Malaysian artist Jaemy Choong takes postcards used to advertise movies and creates the world beyond the edges of the poster. But instead of going with what you’d expect, simply completing the recognizable character, Choong takes a more surreal route. E.T.’s arm is attached to Darth Vader’s body, Edward Scissorhands has a shock of orange hair, etc. Be sure to keep up with Jaemy Choong and follow him on Instagram.

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