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Paul Dano on the Art of Becoming Brian Wilson

For “Love & Mercy’ star, playing the Beach Boys leader was the challenge of his career Over the past decade, Paul Dano has portrayed everyone from a firebrand preacher in There Will Be Blood to a mentally challenged kidnapper in Prisoners. But on the second day of shooting Love & Mercy, the new Brian Wilson…


Pornhub Is Raising Money For Porn In Space

As NASA’s budget hovers around its lowest amount in decades, the adult entertainment innovators at Pornhub are looking to pick up the slack. Are they looking to research the effects of space radiation on cell production? Or examining cardiac atrophy and diastolic dysfunction during and after long duration spaceflight? God…


Holus Brings 3D Holograms To Your Tabletop

Do you want to receive important messages from Princess Leia? Or watch live performances of dead entertainers like Tupac and Michael Jackson? 3D Holograms make that possible and now you’ll be able to view these effects at home with the Holus, a tabletop device that creates an interactive, 3D world…