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  • Land Rover Transparent Hood Concept [Video]

    Next week at the 2014 New York Auto Show, Land Rover will be presenting its Discovery Vision Concept, setting the tone for its new SUVs. Included in the presentation will be this “Transparent Bonnet Concept” system that uses cameras placed in the grille to capture the terrain below while it appears on the vehicle’s Head-Up Display, rendering the hood invisible. For those who use their Land Rovers for the off-road driving they’re intended for, the system will make navigating narrow tracks and climbing and descending hills and rocks much easier and safer. For more info, check out the press release form Land Rover.

  • The Mercury 7: America’s First Astronauts [22 HQ Photos]

    On April 9, 1959, NASA announced the original seven men chosen to be astronauts for the manned spaceflights of the Mercury program. Dubbed the Mercury 7, the group was made up of Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Gordon Cooper, and Deke Slayton. NASA originally planned for an open competition to find its first astronauts, but President Eisenhower, ever a stick in the mud, insisted that they all be test pilots. Due to the size of the Mercury capsule, candidates could be no taller than 5’11″ and weigh less than 180 pounds. Other requirements were age under 40, a bachelor’s degree, and at least 1500 hours of flying time. More than 500 initially applied, and after rounds of testing, both physical and mental, the group was whittled down to 18. The final 7 were chosen because of their genius-level IQs and their ability to function both as a team and solo. Between them, the 7 flew on all classes of manned NASA spacecraft from the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs. With the exception, of Gus Grissom, who was tragically killed in the 1967 Apollo 1 fire, they all lived long lives well into retirement more »

  • Woman Crush Wednesday: Alexandria Morgan [16 Photos]

    To say that we have high hopes for Alexandria Morgan would be an understatement. We think she is going to be the next big thing in 2014 and to celebrate we’re making her our #WCW. Did we mention that Alexandria Morgan stopped by RSVLTS HQ for a photoshoot that will be debuting leading up to Memorial Day weekend? Make sure you follow @RSVLTS to see all the exclusive photos when they launch…

  • Sony Covers Costa Rica In Flower Petals For Bizarrely Beautiful Stunt [8 Photos + Video]

    Sony, in collaboration with advertising agency McCANN and photographer Nick Meek, devised a unique way to advertise their new 4K TV with four times the detail of high definition. For more than two weeks, a team collected thousands of bright flower petals in Costa Rica before using them to cover the landscape in lush colors that are sure to look even more incredible in 4K. Honestly, I don’t know if I can live with this 1080p video now. I may as well be watching on a 1948 Zenith.

  • Punk Legend John Joseph Gives Juicing Tips [Video]

    Even punk rockers get old. It’s hard to believe that John Joseph, of the legendary Cro-Mags, is 51, and it’s even harder to believe that he is now giving tips on how to make juices and smoothies. He’s traded hard drugs for red chard and algae, but he’s as entertaining as ever in this video form Munchies. Also, if you like John Joseph’s no-nonsense, straight-talk style in this video, be sure to check out his NYC walking tour when it starts back up in May. For more info and tickets, head over to Rocks Off.

  • Alison Brie Stars in SMIRNOFF’s New Advertising Series and Now We Like SMIRNOFF

    Community star and perfect woman, Alison Brie and Derek Huff star in SMIRNOFF’s most recent series of six spots surrounding a “party at Adam Scott’s” house. Throughout the series Brie and Scott, who play themselves go through the motions of throwing a party. Each video is a satirical take on the exclusivity that new age vodka claim to encase. Yes, I sat through all six of these videos, but strictly for Brie watch. The adverts are actually pretty clever, mocking exclusive clubs, bottle service tables and uber-hipster-mixologists. Oh and Alison Brie is in every shot.

  • Spectacular Landscapes Around The World [20 Photos]

    The United Kingdom-based Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers recently held a one-off Spectacular Landscapes competition. Hundreds of photographers entered, and those voted the 20 best are presented in the gallery. For more info on the competition and current open competitions, check out Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.

  • The Game of Thrones Sex Infographic

    Since it’s inception Game of Trones has been about three things. Power, death and sex. Not necessarily in that order. In fact quite often the opposite. The show has made it’s mark as pushing the erotica limits in terms of on screen nudity and sex. Cool Material created this informative and hilarious infographic showing the map of characters who’ve done the hibbity bibbity with one another.

  • Spoiler Alert: Supercut Of Every Major Movie Plot Twist [Video]

    Save yourself the time from watching such cinematic masterpieces as “Citizen Kane,” “The Game,” “Arlington Road,” and “Deep Blue Sea” by taking a look at “Spoiler Alert!” from Screen Junkies. And if you have one of those sheltered friends who managed to miss out on all these and now wants to get into movies, ruin their fun by showing them this video. A list of the movies featured follows the video.

  • Jimmy and Anne Sing Rap Classics

    Jimmy and Anne Hathaway team up to perform rap hits like “Gin and Juice,” “In Da Club,” and “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” with a Broadway twist. Now we know sometimes Hathaway could get a bit goody goody, unless shes on a Batcycle in a black leather cat suit and the camera angle is just right, but the girl can sing. And show off her butt.

  • The Other Side Of Iconic Album Covers [21 Photos]

    Flickr user Harvezt has created a series titled “The Dark Side of the Covers” where he imagines what the reverse side of classic album covers would look like. Some, such as Mettalica’s “Master of Puppets” are an obvious continuation of the original image. But others show a more in-depth knowledge of the content portrayed, such as the inclusion of the guitar Zal Cleminson played when he first joined Nazareth seen on the back of “No Mean City” or the addition of Brian Epstein on the back of “Yellow Submarine.” For more covers and info on the each, check out Harvezt on Flickr.

  • ‘Major League’ Turns 25 — Here Are 15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie [Link]

    Can you believe it has been 25 years since we first met Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, Willie Mays Hayes, and the rest of the hapless Cleveland Indians in “Major League?” To celebrate it’s anniversary this week, here are 15 facts you don’t know about the movie, including why Hayes is never seen throwing, how Charlie Sheen prepared for his role, and what the original ending entailed.

  • The Red Band Trailer for “Neighbors” is Robert De Nirific

    The redband trailer for the upcoming comedy, Neighbors looks hilariously filthy to say the least. Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne and Lil’ Franco headline the cast of the new family meets frat bros comedy. Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne are ready to start their new family when a fraternity moves in next door. After a mishap involving the poilice turns their relationship sour, Efron and Franco start pulling pranks on Rogan and his family, only to be payed back by Rogan. A classic Tale of feuding neighbors and Robert De Niro impressions. Nick Stoller is directing the piece which means it should live up to “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him to the Greek” standards.

  • The Future Of Fashion As Imagined In 1893

    The Public Domain Review came across these great drawings in an article from the January 1893 issue of “The Strand” magazine titled “Future Dictates of Fashion.” Unfortunately, things didn’t quite pan out as the author, W. Cade Gall, envisioned, with foppish dandies gallivanting about, escorting ladies in petticoats and bloomers. Although, the 1975 dude with the quirky facial hair, monocle, flowing scarf, and ornamental steampunk parasol could pass for an exceptionally outrageous contemporary hipster. And what’s up with the elf-shoe fad of the 1940s? 

  • This Perfect Man-Cave Chess Set is Made of Bullets

    These one of a kind custom chess sets are built to order, each one a little different. The pieces are made from a range of bullet sizes including 50 caliber bullets and every board is made completely custom, you could even work with the company to really customize every facet of these beautiful tables. The company who makes them urges and notes the customization details in each set that will include: “different watch gears and hands, different wood surface texture and appearance, different wood burning details, different retaining rail design to keep pieces secure. The chess pieces will be the same ( unless you specify you want a different shell size ). The bright side of this is that you can have a hand in some of the details.” Bullet Chess Set    

  • 10 Must Have Items From Bonhams Space History Sale

    New York auction house Bonhams is having a space history sale today with incredible artifacts from US and Soviet space missions. With the ever dwindling budgets of space exploration programs, these items could be the closest you ever get to space. For just $30,000 or so, you could even own a stowage strap encrusted with actual lunar dust! Check out Bonhams for the entire catalog and watch as these awesome artifacts get snatched up for more money than you could ever afford.

  • How To Get Lost (On Purpose)

    I’ve got a few strange hobbies. I like to ski, I like to drink craft beer, I like to salsa dance, and I like to get lost in new cities. Doesn’t sound too odd, does it? Well, it’s uncomfortable. It’s also frustrating. You always look like a fool when you don’t know where you’re going, and every subway is so tricky to figure out at first. But that’s the point. What a beautiful contrast it is to be the guy staring at rooftops and road signs while the world scurries by. As I write this, I’m sharing a table with a stranger in a random coffee house in Boston. I’m sort of lost. I can see the docks, so I’m not too out of place. I could find myself on a map, if I tried. Either way, after I finish this article and a bit of other work, I’m going to go out and see what else I can find. I heard the aquarium is pretty neat; maybe I’ll stop by. A museum or two? I like history. What I won’t do is this: buy a day pass for a trolley tour with a bunch of other tourists. That’s not more »

  • Marvel Selfies Take “#Selfie Satire” to a Hilarious New Level

    The #selfie is here to stay. In culture and in the dictionary as well. There’s no fighting it, resistance is futile. There’s only acceptance. So digital artist, Butcher Bully, brought some of the most relevant icons in the film and comic industry to the world of #selfies in “Let’s save the world, but first, LET ME TAKE A #SELFIE”. Bask in it’s selfie satire and accept the fate of the universe. I swear Thor is making a duck face.

  • 24 Iconic Albums That Are Now 20 Years Old

    April 8, 1994 was a pivotal moment for music of the 1990′s. It was the day that The Offspring released their pop punk juggernaut “Smash” and it was also the day that Kurt Cobain’s body was found at his home in Seattle. The entire year for that matter would have a huge impact on music for decades to come. Debut albums from Weezer, Nas, Outkast, Biggie, Hootie, DMB, and several others dominated the charts and collections like Bon Jovi’s “Cross Road” and the Lion King soundtrack are still relevant today. There is a good chance that many of these albums were the first CDs you ever bought. Looking at you Weezer “Blue” album, or what ever you are called. Take a flashback to classic 1990′s music by streaming the following 24 albums for free right here.

  • 60 Yearbook Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Or Cringe (Probably Cringe)

    It’s that time of year when the world’s most brilliant people, high school seniors, leave their mark on the world with the nuggets of wisdom known as high school yearbook quotes. The brooding, misunderstood geniuses will broadcast their edgy political beliefs; the stoners will make drug references that they are too stoned to realize are extremely obvious; the minority students will make light of their race; quirky nerds will quote cartoon or videogame characters; some wiseacre will make a sex joke. No matter what they choose, they are sure to look back on their quotes and cringe. Thankfully, I never picked up my yearbook, so I will never have to see whatever undoubtedly stupid quote I put down. Although, as someone who was brooding AND nerdy, I cringe just imagining the possibilities.

  • Spend Your Summer At Mexico’s Seashell House [15 Photos]

    The Seashell House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico is one of the most unique homes you’ll ever see. Build in 1994, the house truly resembles two seashells. The tall, two-story shell features a living room, kitchenette, and half bath downstairs and a bedroom and bathroom up top. The smaller, round shell features a king bed and full bath. Outside you’ll find a pool and a great view of the sea across the road. The best part is that the house is a popular vacation spot and is available from $225. For more info, check out the Seashell House on Airbnb.

  • 2015 BMW M4 Convertible

    A guy can dream (of Summer) can’t he? The 2015 BMW M4 epitomizes everything that’s right with the warm weather seasons. The three-liter, 425-horsepower, twin-turbocharged straight six engine is nice and all, but who really cares about all that when your drop-top folds up in under 20 seconds. Available with either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, depending on if your swerving around pot-holes on the north east coast or cruising down the PCH on the west coast will surely affect your decision. 2015 BMW M4 Convertible

  • The Top 50 Best Craft Breweries In America of 2014

    In 2013 the craft beer industry saw another year of unprecedented growth with sales up an astounding 9.6 percent. Craft beer is more than just a passing trend and with nearly 3,000 craft breweries across America producing thousands of different variations the Brewers Association,  the largest organization of brewers in the United States, released their annual list of the top 50 craft breweries ranked by their 2013 beer sales volume. How did your favorite craft brewery fare?

  • Incredible Street Art Portraits From MTO [21 Photos and Video]

    Originally from France then relocating to Germany, street artist MTO has created incredible works all over the world. His giant black and white portraits often feature film and music icons, such as Robert De Niro, Jim Jarmusch, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan. The portraits, averaging between 2 to 3 meters tall, take MTO up to 5 hours to complete. Last year, he also made a documentary titled “FL” about his experiences with the controversy surrounding a mural he painted in Sarasota, Florida. You can check out the film a the end of the photostream. For more of MTO’s work, head over to his Facebook page. 


    Just because you want a fine craft beer doesn’t mean you need to reach for a bottle. More and more microbreweries are jumping on the aluminum can bandwagon and putting good beer in cheap cans. Thrillist put together a list of these 15 underrated canned beers for the next time you don’t want to drink from a bottle, but you don’t want to drink Schlitz or Hamms, either. Not that there’s anything wrong with Schlitz or Hamms, of course, but sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different.

  • Classic Works Of Art With A Modern Touch

    Ukraine-based artist Nastya Nudnik began her series “Emoji Nation” when she realized how certain emoji characters resembled classic works of art. She expanded the series to include social media mashups of iconic paintings and transforming fine art into movie posters. The series features work from Magritte, Munch, Goya, Hopper, and many other famous painters with modern touches. View the rest of “Emoji Nation” and other work on Behance and Tumblr.

  • Watch Mike Judge’s New Show “Silicon Valley” On YouTube [Video]

    The nice folks at HBO have decided to save us cheapskates from having to pirate Mike Judge’s new comedy “Silicon Valley” by offering the first episode for free on YouTube. It’s a pretty funny show featuring a ton of people who will have you saying “Hey! It’s that guy from that thing…” So watch the first episode, contemplate buying future episodes, then return to downloading from shady sites and wonder why your computer is overrun with malware, you bum.