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  • What to Expect From The Argentina vs Netherlands World Cup Semi-Finals

    Yesterday’s Brazil-Germany game turned out to be one of the most lopsided games to ever be played on a World Cup pitch. Today the Netherlands takes on Argentina in a battle of offensive powerhouses. Can the speed of Robben be enough to take the Dutch past the miniature magician, Lionel Messi? Here’s an everything-you-need-to-know infographic for the matchup. Will the South American hopefuls keep the western hemisphere in the games or will the trophy remain in Europe?

  • The Emotions of a Nation Captured in Brazilian Newspaper Front Pages [24 Photos]

    Brazil’s devastating 7-1 loss to Germany has sent the entire country in a downward spiral of not only sadness, but shame. Thousands of fans with championship hopes were not only hopeless and helpless, but crushed and in tears after the unthinkable took place before their very eyes. After suffering their worst loss since 1920, the emotions of a broken country were shown on the front page of their newspapers.

  • The Best and Worst Tasting Burgers in Fast Food Will Definitely Surprise You

    It’s a given that when you walk or drive-thru a fast food restaurants, you’re sacrificing taste and quality for price and speed of service, but there is most definitely a stark difference in taste for some of the most popular franchises in the country. Consumer Reports surveyed 32,500 subscribers and asked about their experiences at 65 fast-food chains based on taste of their signature item. Their categories ranged from Burgers, Chicken, Burritos and Sandwiches & Subs targeting the chain’s most popular item. Then asked “On a scale of 1 to 10, from least delicious to most delicious you’ve ever eaten, how would you rate the taste?”

  • A Time Lapse Tour Through the Streets of Barcelona

    Barcelona is one of those cities that capture the culture and beauty of it’s people and history through it’s unaltered cobble stone streets and architecture. Shanghai-based photographer Rob Whitworth created a mind boggling time-lapse of the best locations and landscapes the Spanish city has to offer. It took Rob 363 hours work total (75 Hours Logistics and Travel, 31 Hours Scouting and Location Finding, 78 Hours Shooting and 179 Hours Post Production) to create this video. Using a method he calls flow-motion, Rob was able to use 26,014 shots to create this intense virtual tour around Barcelona. Barcelona GO! from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

  • 25 Crazy Items Confiscated By The TSA

    While many will debate the efficacy of the TSA, there’s no denying that they confiscate a ton of stuff. There is even an official Instagram account for the agency, documenting many of the expected and unexpected items they come across on a daily basis. Obviously most people who pack these things just suffered a momentary lapse of judgment and probably didn’t plan on committing a terrorist act, but the fact is, the rules have been in place for years and we all know them. So next time you’re thinking of packing that novelty watch that looks like a bomb, maybe you should just consider a Timex instead.

  • The Amount Of VFX In Game Of Thrones Is Incredible [Video]

    Ever wonder how much of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is computer-generated wizardry? The answer is pretty much all of it. Castles, mountains, water, fog, and even people are added in post-production. This video from Mackevision, just one of the visual effects studios responsible for the show, illustrates the vast world created by these visual artists who are so good at what they do, we don’t even notice the extent of their work.

  • The Complete List of Derek Jeter’s Retirement Gifts

    Regardless if you love or hate the New York Yankees there is really no way you can have hard feelings towards Derek Jeter. He is a rare player that earned the respect of players and fans alike throughout his 19 year career. Jeter’s farewell tour is weaving it’s way across the U.S. and this coming week it hits the midway point at the 2014 All-Star Game. Let’s take a look at the previous stops of the Derek Jeter Farewell Tour and some of the items that have been presented to him. Check back each week as we update the list too.

  • The 15 Costliest Hurricanes In History As Seen From Space

    With Hurricane season upon us we take a look at the costliest Atlantic hurricanes in history as seen from 250 miles overhead. These pictures will give you a new perspective of their sheer scale related to the states, countries and regions affected. Another shocking thing you’ll notice is 10 of the 15 costliest hurricanes all took place in the last decade.  The information was pulled from the “List of costliest Atlantic hurricanes” Wikipedia page and the numbers are based on their uninflated damage totals.

  • Franciele Perão Is The Best Reason To Cheer On Brazil [41 Photos]

    Are you still undecided on who you want to win today’s World Cup match between Germany and Brazil? After these photos of Brazilian model Franciele Perão in her home country’s jersey hit Reddit, we think a few undecided folks have since pledged allegiance to Brazil. After all, who wouldn’t get behind those hips? Be sure to follow Franciele Perão on Facebook.

  • A Photographer Toured North Korea—But Can He Trust What He Saw? [24 Photos]

    Danish photographer Ulrik Pedersen recently traveled to North Korea, capturing these photos of everyday life. At first he was surprised at just how normal life in the isolated dictatorship appeared, but then he realized he wasn’t getting a realistic view of the nation. Pedersen was there for two weeks, and the entire time he was accompanied by his tour guide and driver along with numerous check-ins from government officials. He even noticed that many of the buildings he saw were fakes, constructed simply to back up the made-up stories from his guides. It was this deceptive nature that leads Pedersen to believe that the people are worse off than he previously imagined. For more eye-opening photo collections, visit Ulrik Pedersen Photography.

  • World Cup Countries as Game of Thrones Houses

    An incredible Tumblr called World Cup Westeros imagines every team competing in the World Cup as a Game of Thrones house. The gritty look and feel combined with the colors of each country give the ultimate GOT vibe, accented with a custom icon symbolizing attributes of the country. I don’t know what this get’s me more excited about, GoT or the World Cup finale. Either way I hope someone gets their skull crushed. Not really. But really?

  • The Myth of the Alpha Male [Link]

    Everyone knows that there are two types of men—alphas and betas. The alphas are powerful and have their choice of any woman while the betas get walked all over. It’s a simple theory, gleamed from observing animals like chimps and wolves, and it has been applied to humans for ages. But is it really that simple? Scott Barry Kaufman, Scientific Director of the Imagination Institute, doesn’t think so. 

  • 9 Mind Blowing Photos Of Typhoon Neoguri From Space

    Typhoon Neoguri is currently battering Okinawa as it moves torwards Japan’s main island of Honshu. The storm, expecting to reach Tokyo on Thursday, is the equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane, with sustained winds of 123 mph and gusts up to 168 mph. Early this morning, Alexander Gerst, an astronaut from the European Space Agency currently aboard the International Space Station, captured these incredible photos as the ISS traveled over the Pacific. The size of the storm has been compared to Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the US east coast in 2012. Keep up with Gerst’s photos from ISS at Flickr.

  • Buy Your Very Own Harrier Jet

    The Harrier Jet, originally developed in the 1960s, is most known for its vertical takeoff and landing ability. It’s a subsonic jet that can hover like a helicopter. Of course, this also causes it to be a pain in the ass to pilot. The vertical takeoffs are only possible at less than maximum loaded weight. Conventional landings are only possible within a narrow range of speeds, favoring a near-vertical landing with some forward speed. Even with these limitations, who wouldn’t want one? On July 26, a 1976 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3 Jump Jet will hit the auction block at England’s Silverstone Classic Sale. Unfortunately, the jet is no longer armed and the engine isn’t mounted. Also, a few internal components are missing. But still, get some friends, some beers, and a few tools, and we’re confident you’ll be flying this jet in no time. After all, it was built for parking lots…

  • Dubai is Creating the World’s First Climate Controlled City/ Bond Villain Headquarters

    Dubai has it’s fair share of surreal accommodations, unheard of luxury and a police squadron of super-cars, so why not? Why not work on plans for a city completely separated from the conditions of the outside world? Why not take 48 million square-feet and turn it into a mini metropolis? It’s called the Mall the of the World, and it will be the world’s first city-sized enclosure allowing it’s residents to nearly avoid outside conditions completely. The point is to give people the ability to experience normal city life inside the controlled environment for weeks on end. With Dubai’s summer temperature averaging 104 degrees (F) the city will be looked at as the premiere destination for travel or even seasonal business. Their winter temperatures reach around 72 degrees (F), during those months the promenade would open it’s roofs allowing cooler temperatures to flow through the city streets. The full monty will include over 100 hotels & serviced apartment buildings, including over 20,000 hotel rooms, the largest theme park in the world and the largest mall in the world, at over 8 million square-feet.

  • Beatallica Is The Greatest Cover Band You Never Knew You Wanted To Hear

    Almost no one has ever sat around wondering how the pop ballads of The Beatles would sound like if played by Metallica. We say almost no one because 4 guys did think just that and formed Beatallica in order to find out the answer. Formed in 2001, Beatallica takes the songs of The Beatles and plays them in Metallica’s distinctive heavy metal style. Sometimes the songs are even mashups of hits from the two distinctly different bands. Covering two of the most litigious bands can be troublesome, though. Sony/ATV Publishing, who owns most of The Beatles’ catalog, tried to shut down the band in 2005. Surprisingly enough, legal help came from Metallica’s own Lars Ulrich, who totally supported Beatallica. With help from Ulrich’s attorney, a settlement was reached with The Beatles’ publishers and the band has been able to tour and release albums without any further legal troubles. Listen to their full album, “Abbey Load,” below, featuring a great Lars Ulrich-esque drum solo in place of Ringo’s iconic solo on “The End.” Keep up with Beatallica on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Volkswagen Once Made A Multi-Colored Car. And It Was Glorious.

    The 90s Volkswagen Polo, a European model that was a little smaller than the North American Golf, was available in four colors, and to advertise that fact, Volkswagen produced a model using panels of each color to advertise the options at auto shows. The multi-colored, Frankensteined vehicle proved popular and the public demanded Volkswagen produce the quirky cars. In 1995, Volkswagen produced 1,000 of these, dubbed the Polo Harlequin. The model proved so popular, that 3,800 were eventually produced. But what about North America? Surely birthday party clowns and free-spirited young ladies with “mean people suck” bumper stickers should be offered a chance to own such a glorious car. In 1996, Volkswagen released a Golf Harlequin using the same four colors as its European counterpart. The Golf edition was limited to just 264 cars and two of the colors, Chagall Blue and Pistachio Green, were only available in North America on the Harlequin. There’s even a Harlequin Registry that aims to track down all 264 Golfs. So far, 113 are accounted for…

  • NFL And NBA Team Logo Mashup

    Graphic designer Brandon Hubschman created this series of NFL and NBA team logo mashups by combining all 32 NFL teams with their repective NBA team in regards to geography or lineage. Most of them make total sense, but we’re still trying to figure out the Jacksonville Jaguars/Utah Jazz relation. Some of them turned out really awesome (Saints/Pelicans) while others are hilarious (Redskins/Wizards). Check out more of Brandon’s work at his Behance gallery and his Twitter, @NFL_Memes.

  • Glow: The Autobiography of Rick James [Book]

    The late Rick James was made wildly relevant again through the eyes of the Chapelle Show and even after his passing has remained familiar through an older generation of fans of his music and a younger one familiar with the hit tv show alike. James was best known for his funk hit “Super Freak”, but was also an acclaimed producer and award-winning pioneer in the fusion of funk groove and rock. Pre-2004 James partnered with biographer David Ritz to give readers an in depth no holds barred look into the life of a man with the ultimate rock star life. Sex, Drugs and Funk. Glow: The Autobiography of Rick James

  • Dave Chappelle’s 6-Minute Bit on Donald Sterling from His Radio City Music Hall Shows is Incredibly Hilarious

    Dave Chappelle recently did a run of comedy shows at Radio City Music Hall and some fan in the audience captured his entire 6-minute segment about Donald Sterling. It’s an incredibly funny take on the biggest NBA scandal in recent history and it really made me wish Chappelle’s Show still existed if for no other reason than to have Clayton Bigsby and Donald Sterling become racist lovers in the skit the world needs.

  • The Longest Film Ever Made Has A 72-Minute Trailer [Video]

    Can a 72-minute video really count as a trailer? It can when it its a teaser for the longest film ever made, a 720-hour experimental artwork called “Ambiance.” This video will be followed by a 7 hour and 20 minute-long trailer in 2016, then a 72 hour trailer in 2018. The complete film will be shown only once, during a synchronized broadcast across every continent in 2020. After that single showing, the film will be destroyed. “Ambiance” is the work of Swedish artist Anders Weberg and only time will tell how the finished product will be received (our money’s on “with lots of confusion”). Remember when you thought “Braveheart” was long? Ha!

  • A Meticulous Metric of Baseball Team Names

    A taxonomy of 482 professional baseball team names, spanning over 150 years and covering teams from the bigs to the minor and independent leagues, as well as the Negro Leagues, the Nippon Professional Baseball league, and more. Styled like an old school baseball card, this is the definitive guide to the nation’s pastime. Pop Chart labs has created the largest collection of Baseball names visualized on one graphic. Buy the Prints over at their store.

  • Astronomy Photographer Of The Year Finalists Announced [8 HQ Photos]

    The Royal Observatory Greenwich has announced the finalists for its sixth annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year Award. The competition ends September 17 and on the following day, an exhibition of the winning images opens at the Royal Observatory. The overall winner will be awarded £1500 ($2500), while winners of each of the different categories will receive £500 ($850). For more info on the contest and exhibition, visit Royal Museums Greenwich. More of the submitted photos can be viewed at the contest’s official Flickr album.

  • Brooklyn Cyclones Host “Seinfeld Night” with Puffy Shirts and Keith Hernandez Bobble Heads

    New York Mets Single A affiliate, Brooklyn Cyclones hosted “Salute to Seinfeld Night” at their Coney Island, MCU Park which was appropriately renamed ‘Vandalay Industries Park. The team came out for batting practice wearing ‘puffy shirts’, which the mascot Sandy wore all game, there was an Elane dance off and the Soup Nazi threw out the first pitch. If that’s not enough for you, the first 3,000 fans got a special Keith Hernandez ‘Magic Loogie’ bobble head. The fans were the real heroes of the night really getting into the fun, sporting Seinfeld referenced T-shirts and holding up Seinfeld quoted signs. Oh yeah, and all postmen got in for free if they came in uniform. The Cyclones got blown out 18-2, but was anyone really paying attention to the game when there were strategic Keith Hernandez bobble head photos to be taken around the stadium? Seinfeld Night…it's real and it's spectacular pic.twitter.com/jKjhJ6BoQA — Brooklyn Cyclones (@BKCyclones) July 5, 2014 The first 3,000 people got Keith Hernandez “magic loogie” bobbleheads: The K.Hernandez "Magic Loogie" bobblehead the first 3000 fans get on Seinfeld Night w/ the Brooklyn Cyclones pic.twitter.com/MBBuFTXXMB — Kerith Burke (@KerithBurke) July 5, 2014 So much fun! Brooklyn Cyclones celebrate more »

  • Artist Draws Amazing Intricate ‘Off-the-Dome’ Illustrations

    Korean illustrator Kim Jung Gi has a very unique gift. Not only is he wildly talented, but all of his work comes straight from his head. Gi is able to sketch the most intricate of details on an enormous canvas. Using only a black marker he’s able to use his memory to build a full illustration spontaneously. Gi told Sploid, his forte is vehicles and weapons mostly due to his stint in the army’s special forces for two years.

  • George Washington Is A Hilarious Webcomic Star. Srsly.

    What happens when annoying, contemporary Internet-speak is used as dialog over stoic portraits of our nation’s first president? Something really funny, apparently. Whether he’s fighting the British, pranking the other founding fathers, or desperately trying to keep Martha from adopting more kids, George Washington delights us with all of his Revolutionary hijinks. For more from The Captioned Adventures of George Washington and other bits of humorous history, check out Lady History on Tumblr.

  • Iconic Concert: Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii

    Just days ago the English legendary rock group Pink Floyd announced they’ll be releasing a new album this October. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the last release of an album from the English rockers, when “The Division Bell” debuted in 1994. Their lastest creation will be called “The Endless River”, but not much else is known at this time. To get all geared up for their latest installment, here’s one of the most iconic sets the band ever played. Mostly because it was a live set in front of a crowdless amphitheater. Pink Floyd’s 1972 documentary “Live at Pompeii” featured the band playing in the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Pompeii, Italy, directed by Adrian Maben. 0:00 Intro song 3:34 Echoes Part I 15:30 Careful With That Axe Eugene 22:20 A Saucerful Of Secrets 32:37 One Of These Days I’m Going To Cut You Into Little Pieces 38:33 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 49:04 Mademoiselle Nobs 51:01 Echoes Part II 1:04:20 Supper 1:08:12 On The Run 1:10:12 Director Interview 1:11:00 Oysters 1:13:00 Eclipse 1:14:37 Rick Wright Piano 1:15:47 Us And Them 1:20:18 Band Interviews 1:25:54 Brain Damage 1:32:48 Echoes Vocals

  • 10 of the Toughest Man Meals on the Planet

    According to Hemingway, a man’s diet should consist of ham, sausage, sauerkraut, and beer. In other words, Hemingway thinks men should follow the diet of a German soldier. But what dishes scream manliness like bacon and eggs or simply a pint of scotch, neat. Here, we’re trying to tackle the manliest meals from around the world. We’re not looking for heart-attack burgers or  twenty-three pounds of pork. Instead, we’re giving you hearty, traditional dishes fit for the men at the navy yard. Schweinshaxe, Germany: More specifically, pork knuckle. Juicy and crackly, the Germans serve this platter atop a few pounds of Knödel (potato dumplings), sauerkraut, or red cabbage. Up the Mante: Cleanse your palate with a liter of Augustiner, which is basically another meal in itself.   Black Pudding, United Kingdom: Not pudding in any American sense, black pudding is actually sausage encased with pork blood and oatmeal. Up the Mante: Order with a battered and fried with a traditional English, served with massive slabs of bacon — not like our thin, overly crisp version — fried eggs, more sausage, and, of course, a cup of tea.   Sannakji, South Korea: This South Korean staple turns dinnertime into Fear Factor. more »

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