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  • 16 HQ Photos From The Early Days Of Mountain Biking

    Retro bikes? Quirky facial hair? Vintage clothing? Overly warm photos with vignetting? Sounds like all the makings of a hipster Instagram account. But these photos are the real deal. They were taken by Wende Cragg, who would get together with her other adventurous cyclists in the 70s and ride down California’s mountain trails during the early days of what would become the sport of mountain biking. At the time, bike manufacturers didn’t build specialized bikes for downhill, mountainous terrain. It was common for ones hub brake to burn up all the grease on these downhill voyages and seize up, requiring one to repack the bearings. Because of this, these races became known as “Repacks” and their popularity led to modern mountain biking as we know it today. More of these great photos can be found at Biking History and for a more in-depth look at Wende Cragg and her fellow California repackers, check out Collectors Weekly.

  • Stepping Boldly Into the Unknown and the Dangerous: 4 Life Lessons from Teddy Roosevelt

    On October 11, 1910, Teddy Roosevelt took a four minute flight in a plane built by the Wright Brothers. This effectively made him the first president to ever fly in a plane. Share this story with your Teddy Roosevelt loving friends: Tweet Think about this for a minute. The technology that was used to build an airplane in 1910 was primitive, and therefore, this was a very uncertain and possibly dangerous venture for Roosevelt to undertake. Let’s frame it in today’s terms: imagine President Obama hopping nonchalantly into a sketchy, unproven space ship just for fun. It would never happen, even though an airplane ride in 1910 was a much scarier option. Editors note: To see how insane the ride actually was watch this video. The President of the United States was actually on that plane! So what allowed the youngest president in our country’s history to take what was such a large risk with such nonchalance? What are some lessons we can extract from this model of manliness? Jump In and Have Fun With it “Roll the dice.” – The Digital Wild Once upon a time, I was a nervous kid who chose to take on the daring task more »

  • Panic! At The Disco Played a Live “Bohemian Rhapsody” Cover for the Ages

    Punk-ballad-rock group, Panic! At The Disco have been on tour as of late and if you we’re lucky enough to be in the crowd for “The Gospel Tour” then you got to see them perform an epic cover to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Panic not only covered the sound pretty flawlessly, but frontman, Brendon Urie did a decent enough job of reaching to hit the near impossible octave range Freddie Mercury belted out in his day. Combine that with a dazzling light show and some HD cameras and you have yourself quite a little music video. On July 12, 1986 Queen performed “Bohemian Rhapsody” at Wembley Stadium and to this day it is still considered to be one of the great moments in rock music history. Watch it below and let us know int he comments if you think the Panic! cover did it any justice. Photo source: HuffingtonPost

  • Our New Favorite Tumblr Features Dudes in Awful Startup Shirts

    If you’re involved in “the industry” at all then you’ll definitely have some laughs at this, our favorite, Tumblr that highlights the awful world of Startup T-Shirts. Design companies over in northern California are drooling over branding start-ups. Take a verb or a noun, Add an extra suffix like “ify”, write that word in helvetica, choose a secondary color, take the extra suffix and make it that color, screen print 50. Now you’re a start up. Maybe throw an oversized suit jacket over it. Man, now you’re cooking with grease. And Yes, we’re a startup. Yes, we have t-shirts, too. You can buy them here.

  • X-Rays + Rainbows = Incredible Street Art [18 Photos]

    London-based street artist SHOK-1 has spent three decades mastering graffiti techniques, becoming a world-renowned street artist in the process. The last few years have seen SHOK-1 put those skills to incredible use with his series of “X-Rainbows.” Using brilliant rainbow hues, SHOK-1 paints strange anatomical amalgams of bones and bugs, illustrating a detailed technical eye and wonderful imagination. His work can be found all over the world, including pieces in Brooklyn and Manhattan earlier this year. Check out more awesome work on Facebook and buy prints at SHOK-1 Art Retail.

  • 23 YouTubers Unknowingly Come Together For An Epic Song [Video]

    Israeli musician Ophir Kutiel, known as Kutiman, first gained worldwide attention in 2009 when he sampled multiple YouTube videos for his project “ThruYOU,” amassing 10 million views in just 2 weeks. Kutiman has been releasing more videos of his YouTube mixes recently that will be compiled into an album next month, “Thru You Too.” The following video features one of these impressive compositions, “Give It Up,” comprised of an incredible 23 samples of amateur YouTube musicians.

  • Where People Want to Travel According to Google Autocomplete

    The world’s most desired travel destination can be sorted and decided upon in an infinite amount of categories and filters, But to really get a sense of where people want to travel you have to get scientific. So we called upon our market research and development team at RSVLTS Labs to conduct a very complicated social experiment. Using Google’s complicated search technology, we sourced every letter in the alphabet using the constant “I Want to Travel to…” to find a definitive answer of where people want to travel to. Some letters gave us pretty obvious answers, “E” had Europe topping off autocomplete search results and “U” had USA, but some of the more interesting results came from “O”, “Y” and “H”; apparently people really want to go Home and apparently people love going to “One Direction”. Also note the second answer under “T”; me too. Me too. After all the results were archived, we decided to find out where the most desired travel destination would be without using a letter. Here are the results.

  • Preview Primus Covering Classics From Willy Wonka

    Earlier this year, experimental funksters Primus played a Willie Wonka themed New Years show that was a huge hit with fans. Then in July bassist and frontman Les Claypool revealed that he was reuniting with the classic Primus lineup of guitarist Larry LaLonde and drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander to record Primus and the Chocolate Factory With the Fungi Ensemble, featuring funky, far-out covers of the songs from the classic 1971 Gene Wilder film. It will be the first time the original Primus lineup will play on an album together since 1995. The album doesn’t come out until October 21, but Primus released “Pure Imagination” a couple months ago and “Golden Ticket” just this week. Check out the tracks below, which sound like Swordfishtrombones-era Tom Waits transforming beloved children’s songs into nightmarish carnival music (in other words, they’re awesome). And for more info on the album and tour dates, head over to Primusville.

  • Your Favorite Models Strip Down For New Photography Book [16 Photos]

    Russell James has been lucky enough to spend the last 20 years photographing the world’s most beautiful women for Victoria’s Secret. He’s now paying it forward by publishing a collection of his work titled Angels. The 304 page book features 170 photos of the world’s most famous models all stripped down. Adriana Lima, Brooklyn Decker, and Candice Swanepoel are just a few of the famous names who appear in the collection of nude photographs. Check out a preview of the book, out October 15, in the gallery and be sure to pre-order a copy from Amazon for $139. And for more work from the photographer, including some NSFW photos from the book, check out Russell James Fie Art Photography.

  • Nike Soccer Partner With ILOVEDUST Design Studio To Reveal Beautiful 2014/15 Club Kits [25 Photos]

    Creative house ILOVEDUST partnered up with Nike for their newest campaign to reveal soccer kits for teams around the world for the 2014/15 season. They revealed beautiful designs incorporating, players, fans, icons and nicknames surrounding historical and cultural references associated with each club, first with Barcelona and Manchester United, Nike’s most popular sponsored clubs, then tackled 25 other teams. They then blended highly detailed illustrations with a hand drawn aesthetic surrounded by the jersey reveal. Included are Manchester City, Barcelona, PSG, Inter Milan, Celtic, AS Roma, AS Monaco, Manchester United, Athletico Madrid, Juventus, Hertha Berlin & Frankfurt.

  • RSVLTS Snap: Behind The Scenes of ‘Bayside! The Musical’ Opening Night [27 Photos]

    Our good friend Marty from National Lampoon told us about the opening night of National Lampoon Presents “Bayside! The Musical!“, which has been named a “critics pick” by the New York Times. We knew it would be the perfect opportunity to get disposable cameras into the hands of Jessie Spano, Mr. Belding, Zack Morris and the rest of the crew for a RSVLTS Snap set. After all, what would a parody musical about the greatest show of the 1990’s be with out the go-to photography technology of the day capturing all the behind the scenes action. Little did we know but Dustin Diamond who played the loveable nerd of the bunch is currently guest starring in the show! He was a great sport and got in on the action.

  • Sean Payton 100 Devon Still Jerseys to Support His Daughter’s Cancer Treatment

    In  the midst of a very dark and dramatic NFL season, New Orleans Saints coach, Sean Payton did showed an enormous sign of humanity, buying 100 Devon Still Jerseys. If you don’t know the backstory behind Devon Still, he fought his way on to the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad, then 53-man roster. Still made the tough decision after he becoming aware health insurance for him and his family would be cut off, if he walked away from the league to take care of his ailing  four-year-old daughter who fighting  a Stage 4 pediatric cancer disease. The Bengals not only kept Still on the Practice squad, but went one step further by putting him on the full roster. The Bengals organization decided to not only sell Devon Still Jerseys on their website, but promised all proceeds would be donated to with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and other pediatric cancer research efforts. Jeff Berding, the Bengals director of sales and public affairs, said Still’s jersey sold more in its first 24 hours than any other Bengals jersey had in a single day. This is where Sean Payton selflessly stepped in an ordered 100 Devon Still Jerseys. At around $100 per jersey, Payton donated close to $10,000 more »

  • Street Art Comes To Life In These 12 Awesome GIFs

    We love street art and we love animated GIFs but we never imagined the two could be combined. Lucky for us, Spanish photographer and animator A.L. Crego never thought such a thing was impossible, creating these incredible GIFs that bring street art by the likes of ERRE, Sokram, and Ligen to life. Some of the animations are subtle, with simple eye movement on the artwork, but others, such as the incredible day to night GIF, are like short films on an infinite loop. Crego’s work isn’t just limited to animating street art. Be sure to check out more of A.L. Crego’s cinemagraphs on Tumblr.

  • J.D. Salinger & New Balance Make “The Catcher in The Rye” Sneaker

    Why not? Sneaker collabs have been stranger than this. The Catcher in the Rye, a coming of age story that 99.9% of students in this country have read during their school days. A book that students actually enjoyed reading. These modified version of New Balance’s most classic style is a part of the brand’s Authors Collection, celebrating the iconic work of American literature by incorporating swaths and stitches of color based on the novel’s original cover. The insoles pay homage to NYC born novelist- J.D Salinger with a colorway based off the original “Catcher in the Rye” book cover. Featured in premium suede with mesh accents, the sneaker comes equipped with the brands proprietary ENCAP sole with Xar-1000 heel plate support. Other notable details include: embroidered tongue and heel, 3M detailing, tonal woven laces and custom cityscape printed insoles. J.D. Salinger “Catcher in the Rye” M997HL

  • The Sizzling Alexis Ren Nike Shoot That You Need To See [Photos]

    You first learned about Alexis Ren back in July when we named her our #WCW of the week. Since then her career has really taken off and she has turned into one of the most popular women on Instagram of the moment. lexis recently teamed up with sweatthestyle.com for a Nike inspired photoshoot that is must see. Follow Alexis Ren on her Instgram.

  • The Most Memorable Toys Of The 80s & 90s, Illustrated & Reviewed

    Hong Kong based illustrator and writer, Alex Banks collaborated to write an nostalgic article surrounding the 10 most memorable toys from the ’80s & ’90s. Though the majority of toys are the expected, Nintendo, Game Boy and Rubik’s Cube a few others really hit you in the face with the nostalgia stick like Pogz, the Super Soaker 50 and Tiger Electronics’ Talkboy. Banks runs through memories as well as backtstories for creating each toy, for example Banks tells the history of the Super Soaker 50 by quoting inventor, Lonnie G. Johnson, an inventor and engineer who’s worked with NASA and the U.S. Airforce, “Johnson says he told himself, ‘Well, you know, what I can do is put the hard-science stuff aside for a minute, do a water gun, make some money on that, and then I can go pursue my other ideas.’”

  • You Can Buy Ari Gold’s House For Just $5 Million

    It’s time for Entourage fans to smash open their piggy banks and pool their money because Ari Gold’s house is for sale. The 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom house, owned by everyone’s favorite sleazeball agent on the HBO series, is back on the market for $4.995 million after selling for just $3 million back in 2013. Supposedly, the 5,283-square-foot home has been remodeled, explaining the huge price increase, but that price still seems a bit steep, especially considering that the property is supposedly haunted by former owner Ozzie Nelson of the 50s TV classic Ozzie and Harriet. Still, it would be awesome to live in Ari’s house. We’ve got $216.11 towards the $5 million. Who else is in?

  • There’s a Secret Floating 2-Story Bar Off The Coast of Fiji You Should Know About [14 HQ Photos]

    Think of the quintessential idea of paradise in your head. Clear skies, white sand beaches, uninhabited islands, crystal blue water. Then add the icing on the cake, a two story bar floating just off shore with an in house international DJ, sun decks with day beds, world-class drinks and an Italian Wood Fire Pizzeria; all with a 360-degree view of the ocean. Soon they’ll even have Wi-fi, so you workaholics and Instagram fiends could satiisfy your technology addiction. The every changing location of the appropriately named ‘Cloud 9‘ is currently close to the Ro Ro Reef off the coast of Fiji’s  Mamanuca Islands. Cloud 9 fits around 100 people and offers motored and non-motored water activities as well. You can also book it for weddings, but since I gave you the idea you have to invite me.

  • 10 More Sodas That Need A Comeback Like Surge

    With the news that Coca-Cola has brought back Surge as an Amazon exclusive, we started to think about other sodas that need to make a comeback. Get thirsty for nostalgia and quirky flavors with thislist of 10 sodas we want to drink again. what do you think? Did we miss your favorite?

  • Score One For 90s Kids: Surge Is Back

    Coca-Cola always had the supreme beverage in terms of cola, but when it came to citrus drinks, there was nothing that came close to Pepsi’s Mountain Dew. But in 1996, Coca-Cola started work on their top secret new drink codenamed MDK or Mountain Dew Killer. In 1997, MDK was release, now called Surge. It was a caffeinated citrus soda based on the popular Norwegian soda Urge released by Coca-Cola the year before. Surge was heavily marketed as an extreme sports drink and sales reflected the success of the campaign. For a little while. But with sales declining, Coca-Cola ceased production of Surge in cans and bottles in 2002 and fountain syrup in 2003. Surge drinkers were offered hope in the form of Vault, a similar drink Coca-Cola released in 2005, but by 2011, Vault was also discontinued. Although Surge had been gone for years, unopened cans of the drink became hot commodities online. Campaigns to bring back the beverage sprouted up and now, more than a decade after Surge was killed off, it has found new life as an Amazon exclusive. Coca-Cola entered a new deal with Amazon to ship and sell cases of their beverages and a Surge exclusive more »

  • Dubai’s Record Setting Dancing Fountain Makes Las Vegas Look Like Childs Play [22 Photos]

    The Dubai Fountain is a record-setting choreographed fountain system set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake, located at the foot of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. It was designed by WET Design, the California-based company responsible for the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel Lake in Las Vegas. Illuminated by 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors, it is 275 m (902 ft) long and shoots water 240 feet into the air accompanied by a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music. It was built at a cost of AED 800 million (USD 218 million).

  • 12 Astonishingly Unique Facts About Teddy Roosevelt You Probably Didn’t Know

    Not only is Teddy Roosevelt part of the namesake of the best website the internet has ever seen, he’s also one of the most interesting men to ever walk the earth. After reading up about Roosevelt, it becomes less and less of a surprise he became this nation’s youngest president in history. Not only was Teddy a conservationist, New York City’s first police commissioner and author of 38 books, he also dubbed Maxwell House’s signature tagline. Here are 12 unique facts about the 26th President of the United States in preparation for this weekends highly anticipated Ken Burns documentary called “The Roosevelts”.

  • Our #WCW Aarika Wolf The New Calvin Harris Music Video Star

    We first told you about Aarika Wolf back in early August when she was our #WCW in a 96 photo blowout. At that time we knew she was a star on the rise but not it looks like she on the fast track. Believe it on not but music videos are still a big deal and she landed the starring role in a music video for a Calvin Harris song that is going to be a monster hit. The music video for the song “Blame” was released on YouTube just this morning (September 12th) and as of the publishing of this article it is already up to 250,000 views. Once you’re done watch the super sexy video check out the her latest shoot with Life Without Andy in the gallery above and follow Aarika on her Instagram.

  • A GIF Keyboard is Coming to IOS

    Forget emoji’s. They’re a thing of the past. The new hottness in the digital keyboard realm are GIFs. Not just any olf GIFs, but a whole keyboard of reaction GIFS. App developer PopKey has created an interesting app that works exactly the same as your emoji platform, only with animated GIFs from your favorite movie, show or video. Just think, literally never having to say another word to anyone via text, ever again. Every question, every answer, ever feeling expressed through the power of the GIF.

  • These Are The 38 Most Extreme Selfies In The History of The Internet. Would You Take Them?

    If you ‘Google’ “Most Extreme Selfies” hundreds of stories spread across the internet will flood your search results, all claiming to have the “most extreme selfies” on the internet. This story has been published every which way, but we think we have done it best. This morning we took a few hours and sourced over 100 selfie photos that people on the internet deemed to be “extreme”. Then our editorial staff had an impromptu all hands on deck meeting to collectively go through all the photos, then decided which were incredibly badass and which were not. What started as over 100 “extreme” photos, was whittled down to the following 38 selfies that we’re dubbing the most extreme in the history of the web. This story is not sponsored by Mountain Dew.

  • A Twisted Short Story of Cartoon Characters After their Prime

    Hollywood is a fickled animal, even for cartoon characters that have reached their peak and fallen. Artist Steve Cutts created an experimental world that delves into the lives of cartoon characters past their prime in a short animated story. In this video titled ‘Where Are They Now?’, a dark look at the lives of struggling cartoon actors including Snoopy, Roger Rabbit, Charlie Brown, Pikachu, He-Man, Thunder Cats and Super Mario could be quite grim. Where Are They Now? from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

  • Michael Che Joins ‘SNL Weekend Update’ as First Black Co-Anchor

    This season will be nothing short of a historic one for the cast of Saturday Night Live, acquiring Michael Che from the Daily show and throwing him front and center, behind the Weekend Update desk along side Colin Jost. The former Daily Show correspondent will be the first African-American cast member to be a Weekend Update anchor and also the first co-anchor to be part of a two man duo. Cecily Strong, the glue of Weekend Update over the past two seasons will be stepping down upon her own request in order to appear in more sketches. i wanna thank Jon & the entire @TheDailyShow staff for letting me do this. i had a FANTASTIC time there. 1st class all the way — Michael Che (@CheThinks) September 12, 2014 SNL creator, Lorne Michaels told the New York Times Che is “a strong writer,” and “really funny.” Che is a native New Yorker started performing stand up in 2009, then began writing for SNL in 2013, and joined the “Daily Show” cast this year. Streeter Seidell from College Humor was also added to the list of new writers this season. The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on more »

  • Ducktales Theme Sung By Your Favorite Movie Characters [Video]

    This week, everyone has been making a big stink about Disney’s video of a bunch of ducks reenacting the opening sequence to DuckTales. But was the video really that good? The ducks just clumsily walked into chintzy props, there were no Beagle Boys, and, most egregious of all, the ducks didn’t even sing the theme song. This video, featuring classic movie characters like Howard the Duck, Ace Ventura, and Little Nicky, is much more impressive. Although it still suffers a lack of Beagle Boys.