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  • You’ll Never Guess What These Sculptures Are Made From [17 Photos]

    One can get bored looking at sculptures made from clay or marble all the time. Artist Yong Ho Ji must have recognized this when he chose to work in a most unique medium—old tires. The Korean artist masterfully uses strips from old tires to create these detailed, realistic sculptures of all manner of man and beast. If you look closely, you can see the tread, giving the sculptures a one-of-kind texture. Check out more of this incredible work at Yon Ho Ji’s website.

  • Weird Al Spoofs Pharrell With “Tacky”

    Weird Al’s 14th album, “Mandatory Fun,” comes out this month and the master of parody songs has declared it his final album. Don’t worry, Weird Al isn’t retiring. He just realized that digitally self-releasing songs works best for his medium, which tends to be topical. Most of the pop hits he parodies on the new album have already been tackled by YouTube users, such as Pharrell’s “Happy,” rewritten by Al as “Tacky.” But even if others are getting in on the parody game, no one has the talent of Weird Al and his band when it comes to reproducing the music so perfectly. Check out the video for “Tacky” below, featuring comedians Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal, and Jack Black and be sure to pick up “Mandatory Fun” when it’s released.

  • The 25 Hottest French Actresses For Bastille Day

    July 14 is the French national holiday known to us English-speakers as Bastille Day, celebrating the storming of the Bastille in 1789. Occurring simultaneously with the American Revolution, our two nations grew up together and were early allies. We Americans may not always understand the stinky-cheese eating, expensive wine-drinking French friends, but we love them just the same. And the fact that they have plenty of hot actresses is just icing on the eclair. Using the IMDB starmeter, ranking actresses on popularity via user activity, we present you with the 25 hottest actresses from France. So put on your beret, start humming “La Marseillaise,” and check out France’s wonderful gifts to the world.

  • Saving Private Ryan Re-Cut As Expendables 3 Trailer

    Did you enjoy “Saving Private Ryan” but felt that it was too much of a downer? This trailer lets you see how the World War II drama would look if it was made as an over-the-top action movie like “Expendables 3.” The result is reminiscent of the way Michael Bay took a real-life story of kidnapping and murder and turned it into a wacky, comedic caper with “Pain and Gain.” Fun!

  • This Portable Video Game Console Is A Work Of Art

    Thanks to PC-powered emulators such as the ever-popular MAME, revisiting classic games form your childhood is easier than ever. However, if you wanted to play these games without feeling like you were sitting in front of your computer, your choice was pretty much limited to building a big, bulky, arcade-style cabinet—not a viable option if you want to keep your girlfriend. But now you can play classics like Metal Slug on the go with the R-KAID-R. Available in 5 different finishes, including walnut, black ash, and emerald green maple, the R-KAID-R is a portable gaming console encased in solid wood. An 8-inch LCD screen, 8-way joystick, and 9 buttons allow you to play your favorite classic games that are easily imported via USB or SD card. The battery offers 8 hours of gaming on a full charge. The console will be available in September for €2,499 ($3400), but don’t dawdle—only 50 of each color will be available. Pre-order yours today at R-KAID-R.

  • The Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection

    Steven Spielberg is one of the most prolific directors in motion picture history. Spanning over 40 years, Steven’s career began as a teenager when he made his way onto the Universal backlot and befriended studio executives. His passion and talent quickly developed, allowing him to direct an unprecedented number of blockbuster films. The Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection showcases a selection of the Academy Award winner’s unforgettable movies filmed for Universal, including his very first TV feature, Duel, and his first theatrical release, The Sugarland Express, and blockbusters such as Jaws, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Jurassic Park. Steven’s work has captivated audiences worldwide and continue to set the standard for filmmaking. The Steven Spielberg collection.

  • Fallon’s World Cup Final Superlatives [Screen Grabs]

    With the World Cup Final at it’s end Jimmy Fallon took an opportunity to use his hilarious Superlatives skit on the players from Argentina and Germany. He pokes fun at the best players from each team including Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi, claiming he’s most likely to get slapped then kissed on a Telemundo soap opera.  

  • Manhattanhenge Is Back and Taking over the Streets of NYC

    This weekend was particularly special for NYC, having it’s now infamous Manhattanhenge taking place where the sun sets true west of midtown. Manhattanhenge — a term coined by Neil deGrasse Tyson — describes the biannual occurrence when the setting sun lines up perfectly with the city’s grid, bathing its streets with dazzling light, and clogging Instagram feeds with gorgeous views.

  • Ranking The Most Powerful Militaries on Earth Based Off Their Firepower [Infographic]

    There’s only one true way to compare military strength, and thankfully we haven’t had the opportunity to compare powerful countries in recent decades  — though with a powder keg in the South China Sea, standoffs in Ukraine, and proxy wars throughout the Middle East, we are alarmingly close. For a simpler evaluation of military power, we turn to the Global Firepower Index, a ranking of 106 nations based on more than 50 factors including overall military budget, available manpower, and the amount of equipment each country has in its respective arsenal, as well as access to resources.

  • Revisiting The Epic 1998 Yankees vs Orioles Brawl In GIF Form [31 GIFS]

    It was the 8th inning and the Yankees were up by seven runs. The Orioles flamethrower Armando Benitez was on the mound and he intentionally threw a pitch into the back of Yankees’ Tino Martinez. The benches cleared and what ensued was, in our humble opinion, the best brawl in MLB history. 50 steroids fueled beasts were throwing sucker punches and the fight spilling into the dugouts where it finally subsided after six minutes. It was awesome. Let’s revisit the action in GIF form.

  • Photographer Brings Spam Email Stories To Life [6 Photos]

    Cristina de Middel worked as a photojournalist for 12 years before tiring of the stress of editors’ demands resulting in misrepresentations of the events she was supposed to document. If she was going to capture fiction, it might as well be her own ideas. One such idea is her series “Poly-Spam.” Cristina yearned to stage the incredible stories in spam emails she had collected over the years. She spent 6 months working on the project, making sure each character and their surroundings was portrayed just right. The result is a series of photos that make the spam writers human and almost makes you sympathize with their maudlin stories. To see more from the series and other amazing projects, check out Cristina De Middel Photography.

  • Look at What the World Thinks of the LeBron Decision in Real Time

    LeBron James just announced he’d be taking his talents back to his home city of Cleveland to join a new breed of powerhouse players in Kyrie Irving, Anthony Bennet and newly drafted Andrew Wiggins. The decision was shocking, but LeBron had kept his promise of one day returning home, but no one knew it would be at the pinnacle of his career. The Cavs now have the most exciting team in the NBA and everyone will be posting their thoughts on the King’s decision on social media for the next decade or so. So here in real time are the latest LeBron related hashtags around the web. #LeBron #Cleveland #Clevelandcavs

  • 45 Early Photos Of Babe Ruth From The Library Of Congress

    On July 11, 1914, George Herman “Babe” Ruth, Jr. played his first professional baseball game. The 19-year-old Boston Red Sox pitcher won the game against the Cleveland Naps, 4-3. He wen 0-for-2 at bat, striking out the first time and then removed for a pinch hitter in the seventh inning. It was not a glorious start, but he would go on to become the biggest baseball player of the era. To celebrate Babe Ruth’s baseball centennial, we collected these Library of Congress photos from early in his career. Also, we came across his World War I draft card, listing his occupation as “Base Ball” and his place of employment as “Fenway Park.”

  • I Guess Now is a Great Time to Visit Cleveland, Here’s What You Can Expect

    Cleveland has had it’s fair share of troubles over the past 20, 30, 40 years, but all if forgotten and all is forgiven. The King has come back on a white horse to save the his city. Kissing babies and slam dunking his way back into the hearts of of Ohions (sp?). After his ‘humble’ announcement this morning, LeBron James is going to attempt to bring a championship to Cleveland. A feat that hasn’t been accomplished in any sport in 50 years. With Johnny Football and LeBron back in town there’s no better time to visit Cleveland.

  • 8 Minimalist Posters Of Classic Films

    We love the simple yet effective aesthetic of minimalist art. Movie posters translate especially well in the form, with the sparse presentation somehow able to convey the feel of the movie. Hong Kong graphic artist Sasha Ng created these 8 posters for classic dramas from yesterday and today. For more of Sasha Ng’s work, check out Behance.

  • ‘TMNT’ Motion Movie Posters Introduce Each Turtle Half Shell by Half Shell

    Print is dead, long live motion posters. At least until 3D motion posters come on the scene. Although there’s nothing like a clever well designed movie poster, a new trend for the blockbuster movie scene are ‘motion posters’, a short clip highlighting a specific scene or character, in this case the heroes in a half shell. These 15-second clips feature Ralph, Leo, Donny and Mikey running, jumping and skateboarding through the streets of New York and toppling down a snow mountainous region. All four videos feature non-stop action sequences that give a detailed look at the otherwise mysterious turtles. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; Don’t screw it up, Bay.

  • Bird’s Eye View Airport Photos Are Surprisingly Peaceful [12 Photos]

    When you think about airports, you think about the stress of arriving hours before your flight; the stress of getting fondled and interrogated by TSA; the stress of making it to your gate before your flight leaves despite arriving at the airport hours ago. And if you’re afraid of flying, there’s that, too. Airports are not a peaceful place. At least, they aren’t from our point of view, here on the ground. But when you look down at airports from satellite images, they don’t seem so bad. Just expanses of runways and some cute little planes. Even the world’s busiest airports, like Heathrow and JFK, look serene. For more of these calming airport images, check out Holding Pattern. Just don’t let these pictures fool you, airports are still awful.

  • The Best Drone Photography of the Year Will Have You Flying High [23 Photos]

    Within the past year amateur drones have taken over the sky. With pricing becoming more and more affordable, video and photography drones are becoming the absolute norm. With stabilizing technology advancing at hyperspeeed, drone photographs are capturing beautiful landscapes of the world below. National Geographic recently teamed up with one of the only sites dedicated to posting and sharing drone photography and video, Dronestagram. Last year, Dronestagram launched as a platform for amateur and professionals alike to share and upvote their favorite photos. Dronestagram and National Geographic provided the prizes for the “most amazing aerial views” category. The first prize went to user Capungaero who submitted a photo of a bird in flight. The prize included a Go Pro Black Edition Camera; $200 toward a canvas, aluminum, or plexiglas print; a drone DJI Phantom 2; and publication on the National Geographic website and the French edition of the magazine.

  • 42 Astounding Natural Wonders of California: No Filter Necessary

    Taking up more than half of the west coast California is home to some of the best beaches and mountains alike. Not to mention endless national parks, endangered wildlife and of course home of the infamous Redwood State Park. California: No Filter Needed. If these astounding photos don’t make you want to drop everything and book a trip to California then nothing will. If you haven’t seen everything on this list get off your butt and start exploring, but make sure you share this with your Facebook friends first.

  • Invisible Industrial Sander Makes Objects Disintergrate into Thin Air

    Laurin Döpfner made a time-lapse video of an industrial sander’s aftermath two years ago. Döpfner took the sander and shaved off 0.5 mm of each object at a time and used about 650 different photos each to create the video. The finished product is an elegant disintegration of organic and man made products alike. Feast your eyes on a truly unique time-lapse. Verschleif from Laurin Döpfner on Vimeo.

  • 11 Eerie Photos Of 1960s NYC Devoid Of People

    French photographer Eugene Atget was well known for his photos documenting early 1900s Paris. His antiquated technique, requiring long exposure times, meant Atget would work in the early morning hours, before any pedestrian traffic. The resulting photos show Paris devoid of any people. In 1964, photographer Duane Michaels sought to recreate Atget’s empty city in New York. Michaels wandered the city in the early morning and captured New York like it had never been seen before. For more of Duane Michaels’ work, check out DC Moore Gallery.

  • Every Robot-On-Robot Fight From The Transformers Trilogy In One Video

    Nobody goes to a Transformers movie for the fine acting. And nobody goes for the ridiculous story. Everybody just wants to see robots fighting each other while destroying everything around them, yet somehow Michael bay tricked us into watching 3 excruciatingly long movies just for a a few minutes of such battles. This video takes all the awesome robot fights from the first three movies and from the more than 7 hours of film we are left with…20 minutes. At least there’s hardly any Shia LaBeouf.

  • Nike Baseball Brings the Heat to Minnesota for the MLB All-Star Game [23 Photos]

    Nike Baseball released specs of their brightly colored Nike Lunar Vapor Trout Spectrum, Nike Lunar Trainer 1 Spectrum and the Nike Vapor Elite Pro Spectrum for the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game set to take place in Minneapolis next week. Taking a local approach to the recently revealed Nike Vapor Collection, the Nike Lunar Vapor Spectrum Collection is inspired by the sun’s reflection onto the Land of 10,000 Lakes. When the sun sets over water, individual points of light blend together to form a smooth-colored spectrum of light. The collection is composed of lightweight and responsive product both for the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game enabling speed. AKA it’s bright, iridescent colors are sure to turn heads, and with MLB’s strict color guidelines in place outside of these games, why let the NBA have all the fun? The Nike Vapor Spectrum Collection will be available on Nike.com and at select retailers with the All-Star Game cleats available July 12 and Home Run Derby cleat and batting glove July 14.

  • The 50 States In LEGO Form

    Jeff Friesen is an award-winning photographer who spents much of his time on his serious, fine art photography. But during the summers, when he’s spending time with his daughter, he often finds himself playing with her toys. Last year, this led to a fascination with Legos. He first constructed and photographed a funny scene depicting Manitoba, Canada. He enjoyed it so much, he completed scenes for all 10 Canadian provinces. Still yearning for more Lego projects, he decided to capture all 50 states in Lego form. The series provided so popular, Friesen is now publishing a book, “United States of Lego,” that you can preorder on Amazon. And check out more of Friesen’s Lego projects at The Brick Fantastic. 


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