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  • An Icelandic Volcano Is Erupting And It’s Glorious [11 Photos and Video]

    Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano began erupting on Friday, August 29 with a larger eruption on Sunday, August 31. Fountains of lava have been seen shooting 70 meters into the air. And due to a series of earthquakes since August 16, cracks have been created in the Vatnajokull glacier allowing for lava to pour through. The concern is if the flow continues, the glacier can melt, causing vast flooding in the area. Also, increased volcanic activity has resulted in increasingly violent eruptions over the last 72 hours. The ash warning, initially at red, the highest level, has since been reduced to orange. So far the activity hasn’t affected commercial flights, unlike Eyjafjallajokull volcano in 2010, whose ash cloud interrupted flights for 6 days. It’s incredible to see this amazing display, but it’s also important to remember the very real consequences that can follow.

  • Artist Depicts Nike’s Biggest Athletes Using their Iconic Swoosh

    Graphic illustrator, Andy Gellenberg, based in Trier, Germany used a bit of over the top branding by taking Nike’s iconic swoosh as a brush for creating portraits of Nike’s most high profile athletes. Gellenberg carfully arranged the swoosh in a series of scaled shapes to create a series of beautiful portraits.

  • Need To Motivate Yourself? Get A Face Tattoo!

    Someone on the Rams who isn’t named Michael Sam is all over the news today. Is the story about this player’s prowess on the field? Of course not! All eyes are now on rookie defensive end Ethan Westbrooks because of his facial tattoo. But it’s not the fact that he has one, for plenty of professional athletes have the same, it’s the oddly motivational reason why he got it in the first place. “I was just like I might as well go ahead and get it on the face because if nothing else, it will help motivate me to either be a guy that has a tattoo on his face looking for another job or hopefully I make it in the NFL and don’t have to work too hard to do something (else). I don’t feel it’s a bad thing now. I don’t regret it. It speaks for itself.” It sort of makes sense, for even in today’s society facial tattoos are not welcome in very many workplaces, and congratulations to Westbrooks for his success thus far—but how many people with facial tattoos who are currently looking for jobs had the same idea? Although to be fair, Westbrooks tattoo isn’t more »

  • Google Glass Can Now Read Your Emotions

    You know how before a date or big interview you anxiously read about body language and facial cues so you can figure out what the other person is really thinking about you? Uh…yeah…me neither. But if your limited social aptitude leaves you with a lack of ability to read emotions, you’re now in luck. Well, at least if you have Google Glass. Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition—SHORE for short—is a new app from a German software team (you know the Germans always make good stuff) that can analyze facial features by comparing your subject to a database of over 10,000. However, you may have to wait for their initial reaction of anger/surprise when they notice you staring at them wearing your Google Glass. On a more serious note, the app actually has some real applications outside of fooling around with friends to see if you can trick it. People with autism often struggle with reading emotions, which can lead to social isolation. With SHORE, they’ll be able to recognize how those around them feel and can react appropriately with confidence. For more info, check out SHORE at the Fraunhofer Institute.

  • Watch Kanye West’s Full “Made In America” Performance

    Bringing the theatrics of his Yeezus tour to Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway this past Saturday, Kanye West closed out day-one of Budweiser’s Made in America festival with a two-hour set that featured songs from his entire catalog—from College Dropout to 808s and Heartbreak, Cruel Summer, and of course Yeezus. In addition to the classics, Kanye included his trademark rants and even a callout to Virgil Abloh when he wasn’t satisfied with lighting at one point during the performance. Regardless of how you feel about ‘Ye’s personality, the man can perform. Although the visually stimulating sets and high-energy execution has become somewhat of a signature, Kanye definitely surprised the crowd when he brought a waterfall on stage with him. Enjoy the performance. ~ highsnobiety.com

  • This Tunisian Island Is Becoming A Street Art Paradise [35 Photos]

    Tunisia is probably best known for its desert vistas dotted with stone buildings, characteristics that made it the perfect place to stand in for the planet Tatooine in the Star Wars films. With such beauty, it may seem odd that a Tunisian village is now inviting artists to paint all over their walls. But the result is nothing short of fantastic. The island of Djerba, known as the “Island of Dreams,” is now home to a street art project called “Djerbahood.” 150 artists from 30 countries were invited to Djerba to leave their distinctive marks on the village. During July and August, they visited for a week each and painted their murals. Now one of Tunisia’s oldest cities is home to a marvel of modern art. Check out more photos from the project at Djerbahood and on Facebook.

  • Glacier National Park Might Be The Most Underrated Park In The United States [26 Photos]

    Not long ago more than two dozen glaciers in Glacier National Park would be able to survive the summer but scientists are reporting that there is a big leak taking place at America’s water fountain and climate change is to blame.   As USA Today reports, if you’re interested in seeing the namesake glaciers of Glacier National Park you better hurry. “The great sadness of Glacier National Park is that it’s probably going to be true that fairly soon, we’re going to call it ‘The National Park Formerly Known as Glacier’,” Ken Burns, co-creator of the PBS series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, says. With current global warming trends, the United States Geological Survey warns that Glacier National Park’s glaciers could disappear within the next several decades. The park boasts over 700 miles of trails across some of the most striking mountains, forests and lakes in the world. If you haven’t been lucky enough to visit the park that features 130 named lakes, more than 1,000 different species of plants, and hundreds of species of animals in 1 million acres we pulled together the following set of beautiful photos. Copyright: welcomia/Shutterstock Copyright: puttsk/Shutterstock Copyright: Galyna Andrushko/Shutterstock Photo via Bsam, view more of their photos on 500px Copyright: SNEHIT/Shutterstock more »

  • These NFL Superlatives Will Make The Internet Explode in 2014

    Preseason NFL predictions are about as common as beer koozies and flip flops at this time of year, but rather than guessing who will win the Super Bowl and which players will take home MVP honors, we’ve decided to do things just a bit differently. Don’t get me wrong: I love reading the serious predictions, and I’ll be posting mine right here soon enough, but we’re going to get things started on a bit of a lighter note.

  • The Periodic Table of Hip-Hop

    In conjuction with A3C, PopChart Labs just created one of the best visual representations of hip-hop’s greatest artist we’ve ever seen. Laid out in the image of a periodic table, each chemical symbol is designated an artist and unique elemental representation in letters. tabular arrangement of eminent MCs catalogues 223 naturally occurring, never-word-slurring artists in all, from N(as) and (Dr) Dre to (Mf) Doom and (A$)AP Rocky to (D)rake and Snoop D-O-(gg). Featuring color-coded labels indicating their favored genres–with special indicators for originators of a style–each MC has been meticulously hand-illustrated and assigned an appropriate chemical symbol, along with notations for debut year and geographic area of origin.

  • Game of Thrones Title Sequence As A 60s TV Show [Video]

    Back in April, YouTube darlings (and all-around incredible performers) Postmodern Jukebox teamed up with sax player Dave Koz to record the “game of Thrones” theme as a smooth, west coast cool jazz song. The result was a hep chart that would make Paul Desmond proud, but it was missing an appropriate title sequence. That time has now arrived. Fix yourself a Manhattan and check out this GOT intro that will have you yearning for the days when you could refer to a woman as a tomato and people would know what the hell you meant by it.

  • Hospital Food Around The World [17 Photos]

    Have you been in the hospital, suffering from a debilitating injury or horribly diseased, and thought “well, at least it can;t get any worse” only to be fed a meal that makes you envious of the bologna sandwiches at Rikers? Hey, I’ve been there. I once had to eat turkey bacon at an Adventist hospital. Who the hell makes bacon out of a damn turkey?? If you thought other places around the globe had it better, you were right. But don’t be too angry, for it could also be much worse. Bread, a pickle, and an unappetizngly pink sausage? Damn Poland, you scary.

  • If Every NFL Team Had an Emoji for This Season’s Kickoff [32 Exclusive Emojis]

    Rejoice, rejoice. The NFL season is so close you can smell that Monday morning aroma of stale beer and buffalo sauce you’ve grown to love. This Thursday Richard Sherman and the defending champion Seattle Seahawks take on Aaron Rogers and the powerhouse Green Bay Packers for the beginning of what promises to be another exciting NFL season (If the refs stay out of the way). In honor of the upcoming season we created a series of 32 ‘tongue-in-cheek’ NFL emojis that link back to culture references for each team. With fantasy sports taking up a majority stake of every fan’s life from September through December, talking smack is now an essential weapon in every league, so we hope you’ll use these emojis in good measure on your league’s message board come kickoff. We’ve cerated a series of 32 emojis using pop-culture references from each team’s recent years, like Smokin’ Jay Cutler, the New York Jets parting ways with their long time un-official superfan and ESPN’s questionable coverage of Michael Sam. We’ve also included iconic references to franchise player’s nicknames like Megatron and Super Cam. Enjoy.

  • 1 WTC Is Getting An Equally Tall Residential Neighbor

    Last week Denny’s opened a location in New York’s Financial District and we were positive that there could never be any greater news for the neighborhood. But we were wrong. 125 Greenwich has been announced as downtown’s tallest residential building and second-tallest skyscraper. At 1356 feet, it will be just 12 feet shy of the roof of nearby One World Trade Center and almost as tall as the city’s tallest residential building, Midtown’s 432 Park Avenue. Despite the immense height, 125 Greenwich only features 77 floors due to the enormous ceilings offered. There will be 10 full-floor penthouses at 5300 square feet each, and a 10,600 square foot duplex at the top, which will surely become downtown’s most expensive residence. If you happen to know who buys it, please invite us over. New Jersey must look incredible from there!

  • What Is The Ugliest Building In Britain?

    British architectural magazine Building Design noticed that many new buildings being constructed were broing, uninspired, and just lacking in good design. And if so much money was being spent on these monstrosities, they should at least get the recognition (and derision) the deserve. That’s why since 2006, the magazine has awarded the Carbuncle Cup to the year’s worst new building. The list of 6 finalists was recently announced, with the winner being awarded the cup later this week. Who do you think will win? Our vote goes to Woolwich Central. Now if only they’d bring a contest like this to New York City to discourage the gargantuan edifices that are constantly being erected.

  • Can Uber really replace car ownership in US cities?

    Can Uber really replace car ownership in US cities? Here’s a look at the numbers. It’s long been hailed by Uber CEO Travis Kalanick that their on-demand transportation service will eventually replace car ownership entirely. In fact, he believes one day all the Uber cars on the road may be driving themselves. As technology and competition drive down the costs of peer-to-peer ride-sharing, there’s no denying that we as consumers win. So what does this mean for the classic American dream: house, car and children? I’m here to tell you, one of these prizes might change. About two years ago I sold my 2000 Lexus GS 300 and replaced it with a sleek single-speed Pure Fix commuter bike. Two years later, I still bike to work every morning. And for anything over 3–5 miles, or when I’m just not feeling up for the workout, I call an Uber. I love the safety and convenience of Uber, the overall quality of their cars, and especially as a young black male, the peace of mind that I’ll never again have to deal with the police. Before I sold my car I did some calculations to validate my suspicion that owning a car more »

  • Nike Takes on Nature with Trail Running Collection

    I don’t care what the weather forecast says, Summer is Over. Labor Day is over, let depression set in. It’s. Over. Baby. Now that you’ve come to that realization go take a jog somewhere. Go jog through the woods, through the mud and rain. Nike’s got you covered. Their new trail running collection was made specifically tailored for off road running. Loose branches, mud puddles and a few boulders don’t stand a chance with The Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 2 and Trail Kiger Jacket.  The Terra Kiger 2 combines the popular low-profile, super-responsive engineering of the original Nike Terra Kiger with added strength and abrasion resistance. Heel and forefoot Zoom Air units deliver responsive, quick-off-the-ground cushioning. The aggressive cross-country-inspired lugs –gripping the ground for optimal trail traction – combined with a sticky rubber outsole give runners the traction to help handle whatever comes underfoot.  The Trail Kiger Jacket features a stowable hood and packable design allows runners to layer down on the trail when the temperatures warm up. Coated with a DWR (durable, water-repellent) finish, the Nike Trail Kiger Jackets offer wind and water resistance for weather protection. Designed with practicality and performance in mind, the Nike Trail Kiger Jackets includes multiple zip pockets for easy storage more »

  • Incredible Poster Featuring Genealogy Of Football Teams

    The NFL was born 94 years ago, with the creation of the American Professional Football Conference. Of the original 14 teams, only 2 still survive, the Decatur Staleys (now Chicago Bears) and the Chicago Cardinals (now Arizona Cardinals, duh). What happened to the others? And where did the other 30 NFL teams come from? Those answers can be found in a new poster from HistoryShots, “Genealogy of Football.” More than 150 teams are included on the 40″ x 22″ poster. View the full image and buy yours today at HistoryShots, with prices starting at just $39.

  • This Two-Handed Breaking Bad Drawing Is The Most Impressive Video You’ll Watch Today

    Want to feel bad about your lack of artistic ability? Then just watch this video! Artist Mark Gibson spent 3 hours and 30 minutes creating this drawing of Breaking Bad’s Jesse and Walter using both his left and right hands. At the same time. And if that doesn’t impress you enough, the music track backing the time-lapse video is from a piano concerto written and performed by…Mark Gibson. Apparently, he can do everything while the rest of us struggle with drawing stick figures and playing “Chopsticks” on the piano. If you want to feel even worse about yourself, check out more incredible artwork from Mark Gibson.

  • Teddy Roosevelt Delivered His “Speak softly and carry a big stick” Speech On This Date in 1901.

    While speaking at the Minnesota State Fair on September 2, 1901 Vice President Teddy Roosevelt first used the phrase to describe his belief in negotiating peacefully, simultaneously threatening with the “big stick”, or the military. The speech was four days before the assassination of President William McKinley who died eight days later, which subsequently thrust Roosevelt into the presidency at the age of 42, making his the youngest President in America’s history. 

  • Plastic Bags Or Arctic Landscapes? Why Not Both? [11 Photos]

    If you’re like everyone else (you are, I promise), you have a plastic bag full of balled up plastic bags in a cabinet in the kitchen. You swear you’ll take them to the grocery store and recycle them, but you never do. Sure, you use them to line tiny waste baskets, but you only have so many bathrooms. What are you going to do with all those bags? How about photographing them? Norwegian artist Vilde Rolfsen noticed that the folds and wrinkles in plastic bags resemble the arctic landscapes, complete with caves and icy mountains. Using colored cardboard and tinted lights, she is even able to mimic the varying colors of Norway’s seasons. And all the bags were found in the street, most likely left behind by people who were too lazy to take them back to the grocery store for proper recycling. Plastic bags aren’t the only object that Vilde Rolfsen looks at from a different perspective. Be sure to check out more of her work at her website.

  • Reddit Launches An Official App For AMAs

    Reddit was all over the news this weekend for being one of the ring leaders in the celebrity hacking that they are calling The Fappening. But there was also a significant new product release from the so-called “front page of the Internet” as they are planning to release a dedicated AMA app for iOS, with an Android version arriving later this week reports TechCrunch.

  • These Classic Art And Magazine Cover Mash-Ups Work Better Than Expected

    Eisen Bernard Bernardo is a Philippines-based digital artist whose work often demonstrates a deep knowledge and appreciation of classic paintings. Five years ago he created a series for FHM Philippines where the magazine’s covers were placed on classic paintings to often comedic effect. It was a great idea, and Eisen decided to take it to the next level by using all sorts of magazine covers, resulting in many funny and also some thought-provoking images. We’re no art experts, but Miranda Kerr as Eve? Who wouldn’t sacrifice a rib for that? Be sure to check out the rest of the series and other awesome work from Eisen at Behance.

  • Jessica Bueno Is A Stone Cold Spanish Fox [15 Photos]

    Where do we begin with Jessica Bueno? This 24 year old former Miss Seville is wildly popular in her home country of Spain… she has over 250,000 followers on Twitter (@jessica_bueno90) and a growing Instagram following @jessica_bueno… yet there is not one article written about her on the internet by an English speaking website. Not even one. She literally has not crossed the Atlantic yet and we’re here to change all that.

  • Whiskey And Caramel Combine In This Ultimate Steak Sauce

    Labor Day Weekend is upon us, which means that summer is officially over. Kids are going back to school, baseball is winding down, football is starting up…it’s a very emotional time. What better to enjoy this last weekend of being outside than with a big, fat grilled steak? And what better to top your steak with than a caramel whiskey concoction? Chef Adam Perry Lang, whose delicious barbecue we were able to sample at Meatopia in San Antonio last fall, has teamed up with George Dickel for this sweet and smoky sauce that’s versatile enough for use on your steak or bowl of ice cream. Adam shared the sauce with Jimmy Kimmel this week and sent us the recipe. You’re welcome.

  • New York’s East Village Then and Now

    30 years ago, New York’s East Village was like another world. It was the center of the city’s music and art scenes, a place both Madonna and Jean Michel Basquiat called home. But the East Village could also be a dangerous neighborhood, with high crime rates and drug dealers on every corner. Like most of Manhattan, the East Village has since been reborn, with coffee shops, brunch spots, and unaffordable housing. In fact, it’s now one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city and the country. Photographer Daniel Root recently came across photos he took of the Eat Village in 1984. Realizing its been 30 years and the significant changes in the neighborhood, he has been revisiting the locations and posting the series on Tumblr. There’s no commentary cheering or jeering gentrification, its simply a juxtaposition of then and now, allowing you to make your own conclusions. But there’s no denying that Tomkins could sure use a bandshell again.

  • SoHo Coffee Shop To Open “Central Perk” for ‘Friends’ 20th Anniversary

    Eight O’Clock Coffee will be completely remodeling their SoHo coffee shop into a pop-up shop made in the image of “Central Perk” from Friends. The fully functioning pop-up Central Perk coffee bar will be located at 199 Lafayette Street (at the corner of Broome Street) in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. It will open its doors to the public on Wednesday, September 17, following a special media preview Monday and Tuesday, September 15–16, and will remain open through Saturday, October 18. The shop’s business hours are Mondays–Fridays, 8:00 am–8:00 pm, and Saturdays–Sundays, 10:00 am–8:00 pm. Highlights of the Central Perk pop-up shop include: Select special appearances by Friends’ James Michael Tyler, who guest starred on the series as Central Perk’s infamously deadpan barista, “Gunther” Photo ops on the re-created Central Perk set, including the actual orange couch from the show — perfect for “sofa selfies” Weekly in-store performances akin to Phoebe’s improvised songs; who can forget “Smelly Cat”? Contests and giveaways throughout the month, featuring prizes that include Friends on Blu-ray™ and DVD (all 10 seasons!), the limited-edition Central Perk Roast from Eight O’Clock Coffee, branded gift packs and more! Friends-themed merchandise and Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Central Perk Roast and other bagged varieties available for purchase more »

  • 15 Secluded Get-Aways You’ll Wish Were Yours for LDW

    Hide and Seek: The Architecture of Cabins and Hide-Outs, a new book from Gestalten explores a rarely seen look at some of the most remote habitats of humans on the planet. Hide and seek features highly individual cabins, hideaways, and summer homes completely hidden from the lights, noise and chaos of urban civilization. These imaginative structures meld traditional architecture with modern living in fascinating and surprising ways. Whether located in the forest, on the water, or in the mountains the homes incorporate their natural surroundings as part of the structures integrity.