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  • These Fictional Movie Posters Make Us Wish These Sequels Actually Existed

    On Novemebr 13, Los Angeles art gallery and production company iam8bit will host “Sequel,” featuring movie posters for sequels that don’t exist from over 40 artists. A few of the posters began floating around the web yesterday, and we collected all that we could find. If these 12 are any indication, this show is going to be great. Even if most of these movies would suck (another Sleepy Hollow??), it’s refreshing to see movie posters with actual art and not just cliches like orange/blue contrast or back-to-back leaning. If you’re in the area, you can RSVP to the show on Facebook. The rest of us will be able to scoop up whatever’s left after the show at iam8bit.

  • Swat Team Drops in at Children’s Hospital As SuperHeroes on Halloween

    At the ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital, Halloween could be a sad day with some children unable to go outside and trick or treat with the other kids. So the hospital joined forces with the Toledo Police SWAT Team, WTOL and Chrys Peterson to give the lucky kids a real treat on Halloween when a few super heroes dropped in to great the kids. Superman, Ninja Turtles, Ironman and a few more scaled down from the roof to say hi, making this year’s Halloween a little more special.

  • Indisputable, Statistical Proof that Ben Affleck is the Best Director of the Last Decade

    With Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar already being praised as his finest work in a strong lineage of directed feature films, a question arose amongst the office editorial staff: Is Christopher Nolan the best director in this day and age? If not, then whose name is emblazoned on the folding chair throne of the king of directors? From Nolan’s recent box office hits, including the Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception, it would appear he’d be the heavy favorite. But Scorsese, Joel Coen, and David Fincher could also be argued as the best around with their recent accolades for silver screen successes. So we decided to take the argument one step further and agglomerate every movie over the past decade by the top directors in the movie industry. Because of their unique “Tomatometer” rating system, we used Rotten Tomatoes as our source of rating. Their system is built by it’s staff first collecting online reviews from writers who are certified members of various writing guilds or film critic associations, then aggregating them together for a mean score. Essentially we took every movie each director in our pool of “top directors” has made in the past decade and averaged out their score based on more »

  • Betting on Eli-te: Why the Tom Coughlin era Giants should never be counted on, or counted out

    To quote The Lion King, when the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world. I’m fairly confident this is not a quote Tom Coughlin uses to inspire his locker room. Yet it’s a concept that embodies Coughlin’s eleven year, two Super Bowl ring tenure as head coach of the New York Giants.  Coughlin teams seem to thrive when no one believes in them and toil in mediocrity once everyone does. In a vacuum this year is no different.  A lifeless 0-2 start to the year had some calling the Giants one of the worst teams in the league and media contemplating moving on from Eli Manning after the season.  Three straight wins had the Giants trending up on the collective media radar and attributing their offensive prowess to the play of Eli Manning. Now another losing streak has left the Giants mired in a season plagued by the loss of veterans and expected key contributors, leaving a locker room filled with inexperienced youth and a head coach resembling an overwhelmed grandpa on babysitting duty. Victor Cruz, Jon Beason, and three of the top four cornerbacks have ended their seasons on injured reserve.  Free agent signing Rashad Jennings more »

  • Space Station Astronauts Put A GoPro Inside a Floating Water Bubble in Zero Gravity

    Water surface tension in microgravity has always been interesting, but what these three astronauts did aboard the International Space Station just took space to the final frontier. In my opinion, sticking a GoPro inside a floating water bubble in zero gravity has completely pushed the limits of space science as we know it. Astronauts Steve Swanson, Reid Wiseman, and Alexander Gerst filmed the videos sometime during summer 2014 as part of Expedition 40, which they also filmed in 3D. In space free falling liquids take on a spherical shape without that pesky gravity holding them down. IFLS notes that “Hydrogen bonding between water molecules naturally pulls them together, resulting in a spherical configuration that minimizes surface area.” Stick a GoPro in a free flowing sphere of water and you have yourself inter(stellar)net gold.

  • Tim And Eric Made A Totino’s Commercial And Now We Need An Adult

    Totino’s Pizza Rolls, which no adult has actually ever eaten sober, thought it would be a good idea to hire Tim and Eric for their latest ad campaign. The comedic duo, known for oddball commercials for fake products like the Poop Tube, would not be most people’s first choice to direct an actual food commercial. But then again, Totino’s Pizza Rolls would not be most people’s first choice for food. We’ve got to hand it to them, they did manage to keep the gross out level to a minimum while also introducing such inane Totino’s accessories as the feminine mini backpack, pizza chess, pizza roll love package, and pizza roll launcher. Watch the commercial below then head over to Totino’s Living and see if you can figure out what the hell is going on. Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel the urge to eat pizza rolls and listen to punk rock.

  • High-Quality Historic Maps Of Hoboken From 1881 and 1904

    Hoboken, home of baseball, Frank Sinatra, and RSVLTS HQ, is one of New Jersey’s fastest growing cities. In fact, from 2000 to 2010, the city’s population grew an incredible 30%. But it wasn’t always the busy city we know today. Hoboken was originally developed in the early 1800s as a resort city for Manhattanites. Then, beginning in the late 19th century, the city’s ports came under heavy use for shipping, aided by the railroad station. In 1889, 3000 manufacturing workers were employed in Hoboken. By 1909, that number had tripled. Check out the two maps below from 1881 and 1904 for an illustrated look at this growth. And be sure to click on the maps to see the full-size images.

  • A Medieval Belarusian Band Covered Metallica And It’s Awesome

    Medieval folk band Stary Olsa recently covered Metallica’s classic “One” using authentic medieval Belarusian instruments. The result is something that would fit perfectly into Game of Thrones. The only downside is that they stop at the “machine gun” part of the song, which is when it really starts to kick ass. And is it just me, or does the singer look like one of Fred Armisen’s characters from Portlandia?

  • Amazon Just Surprised Us All With Echo

    Visitors to Amazon today may have been surprised to see the announcement of the Amazon Echo. A voice-controlled speaker that can play music, answer questions, provide news and weather, and so much more, the Echo seems to have come out of nowhere. Right now Echo is available from Amazon on a invite-only basis with a regular price of $199 and Prime member price of $99. The device can be set-up via an app for Android and Fire phones with an iOS app currently in the works. You can check out all the features in the video above, which makes the Echo look like a Super Siri that actually works! After the failure of the Fire phone, this is just what Amazon needs this holiday season. And we need it, too. Hopefully that invitation will turn up soon…

  • Star Wars Episode VII Get’s Classic Subtitle, “The Force Awakens”

    The new J.J. Abrams/Star Wars project finally has a subtitle, “The Force Awakens”. Disney discretely announced the title on their twitter this morning after it was announced that the movie had wrapped filming this past week. Abrams has made it clear that the highly anticipated movie will be a direct extension of the original series even going as far as to using tangible practical effects as oppose to a CGI heavy production. The film is scheduled for a December 18 2015 release date as of now and is being regarded as the most highly anticipated movie in the near future. Although Abrams will be the director for this movie, Disney has made it clear that, as of now, will have no direct connection to Episode VIII or IX. Rian Johnson, although has made it clear that he’ll be more than likely involved in the coming movies. While not much else is known about the movie, except for the whole new cast reconnecting with the original one, and actor Anthony Daniels, who plays  androide C3PO tweeted this recently; “No movie sequel is better than The Empire Strikes Back.” You might eat those words for Xmas dinner in 2015. Joy & Indigestion to the more »

  • These 16 Babies Look Like Celebrities

    Somebody call Maury Povich—these babies have famous faces and somebody has some explaining to do. Just at look at that mini Mark Wahlberg! He’s probably got the numbers of every girl in his preschool in his Playskool Elmo Cell Phone. And that poor Gandalf-looking baby is going to look eleventy-one by the time he enters kindergarten.

  • Mr. Bean Is A Perfect Subject For Renaissance Art

    Renaissance artists are known for capturing the perfect human form and British comedian Rowan Atkinson, best known as Blackadder and Mr. Bean, ahs the perfect face. Those bug eyes, that giant nose, that fish mouth, those thick eyebrows—wait a sec, he’s actually pretty funny looking. Those uptight Renaissance artists wouldn’t like him at all! But just look at how his rubbery features brighten up these old boring paintings from Leonardo and other stuffy “masters” who wouldn’t know a decent face if it stared at them from their TVs during PBS’s Britcom block on Saturday nights. And for more great Photoshops, check out Rodney Pike Humorous Illustrator.

  • Visualizing 10 Complex Major City Layouts Based on Color Is Just Mesmerizing

    You’ll never appreciate good city planning until you realize the two extremes of navigating yourself around a good and bad developed city. Before modern city planning older cities grew without major central planning. Data-artist Steve Von Worley has devised an intricate and highly detailed concept rendering aligning different colors to street directions in over a dozen of the world’s largest cities. Right-angled streets aligned in true north, south, east or west directions are represented in red, while angled streets that skew in between the four cardinal directions change hue from from purple to blue and cyan with green and yellow used to show different angles. New York, for example has a constant purple hue, because of the direction the natural layout of the island it’s grid-like layout it pointed 15-30 degrees to north. Chicago, however is a deep red, looked at one of the best built cities in the world and you can see why, it’s development is clean and mostly uniform. Older cities like Boston, Tokyo and London (ohhh London) look more like Jackson Pollack paintings than city maps, because their cities were developed before modern day city planning, streets and buildings we’re simply laid out based on ease more »

  • An Inside Look At Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City [29 Photos]

    Originally a fort for the Chinese military, Kowloon Walled City was a densely populated settlement of 350 buildings constructed with little regard to code or safety. The British government in control of Hong Kong adopted a hands off approach in the 50s, leading to the city becoming a haven for gangs, drug addicts, and prostitutes. A series of police raids in the late 70s helped lower the crime rate, but with a population of 33,000 by 1987, something had to be done. The government announced plans to demolish the unsafe settlement in January 1987. A leghty eviction process followed, with the government paying out $350 million to residents. By 1992, the City was empty and demolition work began in 1993 and completed in 1994. Beginning in the 80s, photographers Greg Girard and Ian Lambot spent 4 years chronicling the end of the city. They published their photos in 1993 in a hardcover book entitled “City of Darkness: Life in Kowloon Walled City.” As interest in the City grew and with the 20th anniversary of the demolition this year, a new edition, with added photos and essays has been published. You can order “City of Darkness Revisited” for $91. And check more »

  • Fascinating Look At Elevators Speeds At The World’d Greatest Skyscrapers

    They cost billions of dollars, symbolize economic power and are photographed by millions, but the world’s tallest buildings also compete on a lesser known measure that pushes the limits of modern engineering: elevator speed. These ultra-fast lifts can reach speeds of 20 metres per second (45 mph) and feature technologies that use heat resistant brakes, mitigate excess vibration and adjust for air pressure to prevent ear blockages. Our graphic shows the top speeds of elevators in eight of the world’s tallest and most famous buildings, and how far they have traveled since this web page loaded.

  • Shaq and Sir Charles Try out for True Detective Season 3

    Now that Season 2 of True Detective has been cast with the likes of Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell and Time Riggins (I’ll never call him by his real name. Never), Season 3 casting is already on the minds of progressive thinking interneters. Adam Lefkoe, Talent scout, looks to two of the NBA’s greatest and largest players. Watch Shaq and Charles Brkley try out for the much anticipated season 3 of True Detective.

  • Jeopardy Had A Category With Fake Rapper Names And It Was Ridiculous

    Despite constant rumors saying otherwise, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has said again and again that he has no plans to retire. But he just might reconsider after having to read a ridiculous category this week called “Not a Successful Rap Musician” in which contestants were given three names and had to determine which was not a real rapper. Not only was the category extremely simple for anyone with even a cursory knowledge of pop culture, we now fear it will result in enterprising young rappers taking the fake names for themselves. As soon as we hear about a mixtape dropping from Corn Dogg, we’ll know who to blame, Trebek.

  • Candidates for 2014’s Most Boring Potential Super Bowl Teams

    The Kansas City Royals. The ’11 New York Giants. Lou Bega. Getting hot at the right time seems like a recipe for success, especially when it comes to the playoffs or use of ‘da trumpets’.  Finally the NFL playoff race heats up just as the legal narratives for the some of the game’s biggest stars have cooled (or maybe we just don’t want to talk about them anymore).  We’ve reached the point in the season where Super Bowl contenders start to differentiate themselves from the pack.  Occasionally though we end up with a team that sneaks up on us, usually when we’re too busy watching the perennial contenders or wondering what color to call Bob Costas’s hair. Throughout recent Super Bowl history we’ve been afforded the thrilling luxury of enduring two weeks of nonstop coverage of a few teams that we probably would’ve been fine with never hearing from again.  The type of team that harbors the unknown, at times overshadowed by a dominant story line their opponent may have, and keeping up with equal network coverage by providing features like long form interviews with fullbacks about the struggles of the zone run blocking scheme. It’s easy being the fan more »

  • Dreaming About Fresh Pow At Andy Warhol’s House With The Best Snowboarders On Earth

    On Tuesday Oakley invited us to the premier of their new big budget film Snowboarding For Me, a film that brings to life the unique relationship between Oakley’s world-class snowboarding team, which includes pioneers Terje Håkonsen, Eero Ettala and JP Walker, Olympians Shaun White, Mark McMorris and Ståle Sandbech, and backcountry riders Jake Blauvelt and Nicolas Müller, and the sport and lifestyle they inhabit every single day. We got to experience some of the “lifestyle” at the pre-party for the movie premier at a two-story art space owned by designer Jeff Koon that was once Andy Warhol’s home. Our reaction when we found out it was Andy Warhol’s house: @nicolasmuellair @eeroettala approves #selfieseason @jake_blauvelt

  • This Ralph Wiggum Cake Hurts Our Brains

    Take a look at that Ralph Wiggum drawing above. Pretty neat, right? Well fooled you, dummy! That drawing is actually a cake! Kylie Mangles of Freshly Squeez’d is a designer who also happens to make incredible cakes. To achieve the animated look with perfect cel-shading, the cake must be viewed from a certain angle, which when you think about it, makes it even more impressive. Even with that much diabetes-inducing fondant, we’d choo-choo-choose to devour that cake.

  • The painful what-if that haunts ‘Ghostbuster’ Ernie Hudson [Link]

    Ghostbusters celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, but one of the paranormal exterminators has bittersweet feeling towards the iconic film. When Ernie Hudson signed on to play Winston Zeddemore, the character was as much of a part of the team as Peter, Egon, and Ray. But when it came time to film, everything had changed. Read all about the experience in Hudson’s own words in this touching essay.

  • Cheeky New Movember Ads Reminiscent of Romance Novel Art

    It’s November again, you know what that means, Mustaches galore. Since our patron saint and founding father, Teddy Roosevelt wore the bushy lip hair better than anyone else in history, we condone the act of growing one in order to raise money for prostate cancer. Ad Agency, BBDO Toronto just took Movember to the next level by mimicking cheesy romance novel cover art, but replacing the shirtless studs with regular men with horrific looking mustaches accompanied by the headline “Be A Hero”, predicating wearing a mustache and raising money for a month makes you a hero.

  • 20 Years Ago George Foreman Became The Oldest Heavyweight Champ [Video]

    Boxer George Foreman, who famously lost his heavyweight title to Muhammad Ali in 1974’s Rumble in the Jungle, originally retired from the sport in 1977. He then went on to become a minister and open a youth center. In an effort to raise money for his charitable endeavors, Foreman announced a return to boxing in 1987. In the coming years, Foreman had a couple chances to regain his heavyweight title, first against Evander Holyfield then Tommy Morrison. The much older Foreman held his own but ultimately lost both fights. By 1994, nobody expected the 45-year-old to win back his heavyweight title. In April of 1994, Michael Moorer defeated Evander Holyfield and became the first-ever southpaw heavyweight champion. On November 5 of that year, Foreman was given the chance to fight Moorer in Las Vegas. For the first nine rounds, Moorer relentlessly beat on Foreman and was ahead on all scorecards. But in the tenth round, Foreman came alive and unleashed a series of punches on his exhausted opponent. A short right hand knocked Moorer to the canvas, where he was counted out. George Foreman had become the oldest heavyweight champion. You can check out the entire fight below, but if more »

  • A Lisa Frank Sticker Adorned Love Letter From A Young Katy Perry And Other Bizarre Music Memorabilia Is Up For Auction

    On Friday, November 7, you can bid on a whole bunch of bizarre music memorabilia at Julien’s Live. Some of our favorites from the huge lot of 720 items are in the gallery, including a love letter from a 10-year-old Katy Perry that is covered in Lisa Frank stickers and Liberace’s “Stars and Stripes” get-up—perfect for Independence Day galas. And for those of you who are feeling especially creepy, Beyonce’s bra from the “Run” trailer is also up for auction. Personally, I’m hoping to win Elvis’s TCB sunglasses. I bet they smell like sweat and cheeseburgers!

  • Hugh Hefner’s Son Reveals What it was Like Growing Up in the Playboy Mansion

    Cooper Hefner, Hugh’s now 23-year old son gave an intimate look into his childhood in a recent Business Insider exclusive. The heir to the Playboy throne walked around the Mansion’s campus as he described childhood adventures in the infamous grotto noting how for him it wasn’t the “mecca for orgies” everyone has come to know it for, but a place where he could have “Indiana Jones” adventures. Hefner delves into his time as an adolescent sneaking downstairs during his parents event’s, but not disclosing exactly what went on out of fear of “getting in trouble” from his parents. Hefner brings an interesting perspective to the most famous mansion in the country, talking about playing hide & seek and childrens games as oppose to squawking about his undoubted countless sexcapades with playmates through his teenage years, which definitely exudes a certain standard of class set in by Hugh. A look at @cooperbhefner on Instagram reveals the younger Hefner is a bro living a far from average life: A photo posted by Cooper Hefner (@cooperbhefner) on Jul 7, 2014 at 5:09am PDT A photo posted by Cooper Hefner (@cooperbhefner) on Jun 6, 2014 at 12:14pm PDT A photo posted by Cooper Hefner (@cooperbhefner) on May more »

  • Rihanna’s Esquire Shoot Is An Early Christmas Present

    We were pretty excited to see Rihanna’s recent return to Instagram, where the sultry singer often pushed the boundaries of the Puritan picture police, but the pop star’s recent photo shoot for Esquire UK is the icing on the cake. We’ve posted some of the photos below, but you can get more info at Esquire and check out Rihanna’s Instagram for some risque bonus pics. And knowing her history with the photo-sharing site, they might not be up for long…

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