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  • Smartphones Inserted Into Classic Paintings Works Better Than Expected

    Although many would argue that smartphones are an social ill, alienating us from our surroundings while we indulge in more narcissistic pursuits, there’s no denying that they’re a big part of contemporary life and probably aren’t going anywhere. But what if smartphones were always around? How would the iconic paintings of Leonardo, Munch, or Goya change? Easy! Everyone at the Last Supper would have their iPhones out; The Scream would be a reaction to a cracked screen; and Saturn would be freaking out, looking for somewhere to plug in his charger. At least that’s how artist Kim Dong-Kyu imagines it in the series “Art X Smart.” check out some of our favorites below and see the rest of the collection on Tumblr.

  • These OG Life Hacks Were The Difference Between Life and Death… And Made By a Cigarette Company

    Life Hacks have been around for generations, but before they were called life hacks, I’m sure they were just called “Tips to Avoid Death”. Around 100 years ago Gallaher’s brand cigarettes would insert cards with helpful tips illustrated on them in every pack. So essentially Gallaher would put these life saving tips on every pack of cigarettes, while slowly killing you from the inside. Isn’t it ironic. Don’t you think? 1. How To Extract A Splinter “Fill a wide mouthed bottle with hot water nearly to the brim, and press affected part of hand tightly against mouth of bottle. The suction will pull down the flesh, and steam will soon draw out the splinter.” 2. How To Fell A Tree “Have decided which side you wish the tree to fall, cut alternatively a downward and inward cut as shown. When about half through, proceed to cut the other side a few inches higher, and finally pull tree down by means of ropes.”   3. Keeping Plants Watered While Away “Fill a large pail with water, and stand it a little above the level of the plants and group round or near as many plants as practical. Loosely plait two or more »

  • The World’s Largest Urban Zipline Will Get You All Tingly Inside

    Who other than Daredevil stunt phenom Devin Supertramp could pull this one off. With only 10,000-foot length of barracuda cord, a parachute, a RED Camera, Go-Pros galore, a few clinically insane friends and Speed Stick to pick up the tab, supertramp put’s together one of the most breathtakingly action packed video in a 3 minute clip. What looks to be Panama in Central America, Marshall Miller and his crew strapped on some parachutes hopped on the zip-line and then simply let themselves go. See for yourself then go out and buy some Speed Stick. You’ll need it.

  • Chris Pratt Gives An MTV Cribs-Style Tour Of The Milano [Video]

    “Guardians of the Galaxy” is the biggest movie right right now, taking in over $90 million in its first weekend. To put that in perspective, that’s more than recent superhero movies “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ and “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and just behind “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” It has proved that successful movies can be made from non-mainstream comics and that superhero movies can be comedic. And judging by this MTV Cribs-style tour of the film’s spaceship, the Milano, it also proves that not everything has to be CGI.

  • You’ll Swear These 13 Images Are Moving, But It’s All An Illusion

    Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka of Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan is known in the academic community for his work specializing in visual perception and visual illusion. Internet dullards are more familiar with his trippy static images that appear to be animated. The professor’s more serious work is undoubtedly important to science, but we prefer to look at his cool pictures. And we think you’ll agree. For more info, check out his website, where it looks like he has books for sale. Just be sure to brush up on your Japanese first.

  • You Can Help Buy Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

    Michael Jackson’s manchild Xanadu, known as Neverland Ranch, is expected to soon hit the auction block. The 2,700 acre property in Los Olivos, California, where Jackson entertained such celebrities as Brooke Shields, Macaulay Culkin, and Corey Feldman (yes, the Corey Feldman) is expected to sell for $60 million. Who will the lucky owner be? How about you? Former SPIN editor Mark Blackwell has begun a GoFundMe campaign to raise $75 million to buy Neverland. In 3 days, a whopping $130 has been raised thanks to 7 contributors. As with any crowdfunding campaign, donors are offered various levels of gifts. $20 will get you a Jackson name change which will be listed in the book of “Honorary Jacksons” at the ranch. $250 earns you an “I helped buy Neverland Ranch” T-shirt. With a donation of $15,000 you get a “private MJ experience” complete with climbing trees and going to Taco Bell wearing surgical masks! And on the off chance that $75 million isn’t raised or it’s not enough to buy the property? Blackwell insists you’ll still receive something entirely worthy of whatever contribution you make. If you can afford frivolous expenditures or are just bad with money, be sure to contribute more »

  • Get up Close And Personal With Celestial Hardbody Comet 67P [5 HQ Photos]

    Over 10 years ago, in March of 2004, the European Space Agency launched the Rosetta spacecraft. The robotic space probe was built with the intent of studying comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. On August 6, Rosetta entered into orbit around the comet, the first spacecraft ever to do so. For the next 17 months, Rosetta will orbit 67P while conducting the most detailed study of a comet ever attempted. In November, the Philae robotic lander will land on the surface of 67P for further studies. Below are the first of the comet close-ups received from this incredible mission. Keep up with ESA Mission Rosetta on Twitter.

  • The Rolex ‘Deepsea Sea-Dweller’ James Cameron Took to the Challenger Deep

    You’ll never need this watch. You’ll never come close to using this watch for it’s actual purpose of telling time up to 12,800 feet below sea level. But damn is it cool. Rolex is now releasing the Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue Dial made to commemorate James Cameron’s solo dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench with a fancy gradient dial that fades from blue to black symbolizing the dark depth of deep sea. Its 44 mm Oyster case, reinforced with the patented Ringlock System, was designed to provide the highest degree of resistance in a size that remains wearable and practical. Like we said you’ll never need this watch. Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue Dial. $James Cameron Money  

  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know About The Original ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Movie [Link]

    Although the latest “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie from Michael Bay is the one garnering all the headlines, it was the original movie form 1990 that we all grew up loving. As fun and awesome as the movie seemed to little kids who watched it over and over again, the reality of bringing the turtles to the screen was much different. Grab a slice of pizza and check out these facts about every 90s kid’s favorite movie.

  • No Logo, No. 11 Brand Identities That Are Just Wrong

    Any corporate consultant will tell you that branding is everything. Your company’s logo and brand identity are suppose to be eye catching and engaging, immediately drawing your attention toward it, but said attention should be drawn for the right reasons. Bored Panda managed to collect a handful of logos that should have never seen the light of day for one reason or another. From sexual innuendoes to some questionable letter spacing, here are 11 brand identity mistakes. Rule#1: make sure you rotate your logo in every direction before going public with it. Help a bro out, share this story with your friends: Tweet More awesomeness from The Roosevelts 1. Russian Daredevils Climb Dubai’s Princess Tower And Take Stomach-Churning Selfies [13 Photos] 2. 34 Cleaver Photos That Will Make You Double Take Melanie Iglesias GIFS (40 GIFS) | Bri Teresi Bikini (50 Pics) | Kate Upton Greatest GIFS (53 Pics) 3. 7 Music Icons Resurrected Using CDs [High Quality Photos] 4. The 57 Most WTF Moments In The History Of Google Street View 5. The 45 Most Perfectly Timed Photos of 2014 (So Far) 6. 20-Something Mick Jagger Was Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be [46 Photos] Brooklyn Decker GIFS (100 Pics) | Alexis Ren Smokeshow ( 142 more »

  • Bootleg Russian Ads Featuring Western Celebrities [17 Photos]

    Copyright and trademark enforcement doesn’t rank high on the list of priorities for Russian authorities, so many small businesses will use the faces of Western celebrities to advertise without fear of litigation. Despite heightened diplomatic tensions between Russia and the USA, it’s nice to know that Russian shawarma vendors still find Michael Jackson hip enough to sell their undoubtedly delicious sandwiches. But are Nicolas Cage and John Travolta from “Face/Off” really the best spokesmodels for a hospital?

  • What can $1 buy around the world? [Infographic]

    Based on a Facebook survey by Lonely Planet, this graphic shows various products all over the world which you can buy for $1. What will get you one hour of street parking in Los Angeles will get you an unlimited rice meal in India. For the price of %40 of a Starbucks espresso in France you can get a bottle of cheap wine in Italy. See how far the cost of $1 will get you around the rest of the globe in this travel inforgraphic.

  • 15 Golden Books We Wish We Had As Kids

    Remember those Little Golden Books your grandmother would buy you when you were a kid? They were boring stories with uninspired illustrations that looked just like the wallpaper in your dad’s old room that your grandparents still hadn’t changed, 30 years later. What if those books were about selling meth or killing aliens? That sure beats the Poky Little Puppy! Illustrator Joey Spiotto, aka Joebot, has transformed popular TV shows and videogames into Little Golden Books with his series “Storytime.” You can see the collection at his first solo show at LA’s Gallery 1988 from August 1-16, where you can buy prints of your favorite online. Also check out m ore of Joey Spiotto’s work on Facebook.

  • Rugby League Strikes Deal with Marvel to Wear Custom Super Hero Jerseys

    Marvel heroes have teamed up with the National Rugby League of Australia to give their players a bit of a super-human boost. This August five teams will sport jerseys inspired by some of Marvel’s most popular superheroes. The NRL sees similar attributes between the players and heroes making the collaboration fun and exciting for sports and comic fans alike. The Syney Roosters don Captain America jerseys, St. George Illawarra Dragons will wear Iron Man, Canberra Raiders as The Hulk, North Queensland Cowboys will sport Thor and the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles with Wolverine. Although the Sea Eagles’ Wolverine uniforms have a set of claw marks in their chest we won’t hold it against them. Why would Wolverine claw his own chest? Why?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Stars In Bizarre Japanese Commercials

    Portugese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo may not be happy with his national team’s performance at this year’s World Cup, but at least he can take comfort in the millions of yen he’s earned with these bizarre product endorsements in Japan. The first ad is for a product called the ReFa ACTIVE. It’s a massage device that you roll over your muscles, simulating the grasp of a physical trainer’s massage. It also emits microcurrents produced by solar panels on the sides of the device that stimulate your tissue and muscles. Oh yeah, and it looks like a penis and testicles. Watch as Ronaldo engages in the “luxurious beauty ritual” with his massager in an attempt to gain “athletic beauty.” Next Ronaldo promotes another fine product from MTG, the Facial Fitness PAO. The device exercises those all-important but oft-neglected facial muscles so as to strengthen smiles lines, define facial contours, and turn up the corners of the mouth. But apparently nobody told Ronaldo that in order to get that perfect smile, you need to actually stick the PAO in your mouth then bounce around like a maniac for 30 seconds. He just looks at it and plays with it in his hads more »

  • Gear of War: 1,000 years of English Military Infantry Equipment [13 Photos]

    Photographer, Thom Atkinson has recorded 13 military kits for his ‘Soldiers Inventories’ series, a photo series featuring English military uniforms, gear and weapons throughout history from 1066 to 2014. Atkinson’s series depicts stories from an Anglo-Saxon warrior at Hasting during medieval cruisades through modern day times where the pocket watch of 1916 is today a waterproof digital wristwatch; the bolt-action Lee-Enfield rifle has been replaced by laser-sighted light assault carbines; and lightweight camouflage Kevlar vests take the place of khaki woollen Pattern service tunics. For a full list of every item in these photos head over to The Telegraph.

  • Arab Millionaires Bring Their Supercars On London Vacation [13 Photos]

    Knightsbridge, the upscale residential and retail district in central London, is where wealthy Arab playboys flock each summer during a period known as “The Season.” In a most opulent display, the millionaires bring along their supercars, including Ferraris and Bugattis, parking them wherever they will get the most attention, often ignoring parking laws. Each year “The Season” brings complaints from residents who have to deal with the ostentatious visitors revving and racing their cars all through the night. Also, the London elite are probably jealous of the badass cars that even they can’t afford. At least the show makes for a great photo op!

  • Watch What these Incredible People Do After a Man Gets His Leg Caught in a Subway Gap

    Despite all the wrong in this world, good people still exist. In Perth, Australia a typical work commute turned ugly when a man walking off a subway car trapped his leg between the train and platform around 9am. Rail officials didn’t want to move the train, fearing it would cause serious damage to the mans leg, so onlookers jumped at the chance to help. Hundreds of people joined in an effort to push the train just enough so the man could dislodge his leg from the small space that had wedged itself in. After a few attempts the plan worked and faith in humanity was restored. Hopefully the aliens saw that and not the video of that woman riding a bike face-planting on a dock.

  • Pinky And The Brain Reading Pulp Fiction Will Confuse Your Inner Child [Video]

    At last year’s 12th Annual SF Sketchfest, voice actors Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche reunited for “An Afternoon with Pinky and the Brain.” It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since we first heard Paulsen as the dimwitted mouse Pinky and LaMarche as his brilliant superhuman cohort Brain and it’s great to hear those characters again. But it’s even greater to hear the two read Pulp Fiction with Pinky and the Brain as Vincent and Marsellus.

  • A Crocodile Fought A Shark; You Have A 50/50 Chance Of Guessing What Happened Next [5 Photos]

    A family thought they were just going to snap a few pics of crocodiles in the wild on their croc-sighting trip in Australia’s Top End, but what happened next will go down in history as the single greatest thing that ever happened. Or not. But it’s still pretty cool. A croc known as Brutus, a crowd favorite on the expeditions, went all out with an incredible display wherein he attacked a devoured a bull shark. Photographer Andrew Paice, on a family trip at the time, was lucky enough to capture the rare event. How long before Syfy cashes in with Earthcroc? Or Acrocalypse?

  • 20 Reasons You Should Book a Ticket To Iceland Now [Travel Tuesdays]

    Iceland is a country full of enough natural wonders to keep your adult ADD in check for at least a couple of weeks. With beautiful summer weather and brisk winters, Iceland is the perfect spot to visit during all four seasons. With stunning colorful mountains, bursting geysers and of course the Northern Lights, Iceland should definitely be your next adventure. Oh and did we mention it’s only a four hour flight from New York.

  • 2015 Indian Scout Motorcycle

    The Indian line of motorcycles has gone through a resurgence over the past few years breaking the Roadmaster, Chief and Chieftain out of vintage days and back on to the assembly line. And for it’s next trick Polaris will rejuvenate the Indian Scout, a beautiful new rendition 70 years in the making. The 2015 Scout will have a cast aluminum frame weighing in at about 560 lbs. The tan leather bucket seat is the real eye catcher, lying in between a 61.5-inch wheelbase and a 31-degree lean angle, with a signature Indian triangle shape. 1133cc V-twin engine will boast 100 horsepower and 71 pound-feet of torque through a six-speed overdrive transmission all for around $11,000. Grunt in approval.

  • Top 5 Trending Videos Of The Week

    We’ve partnered with StumbleUpon and each Tuesday they will help us reveal the most popular, trending videos of the previous week according to stats provided by their new video app 5by.

  • Drawing And Photography Combine In These Incredible Portraits

    Paris-based graphic designer Sebastien Del Grosso has been passionate about drawing since he was a child. As he got older, he developed an interest in photography. It only makes sense then that Sebastien would combine the two mediums, and his series “L’esquisse d’une vie” (The Sketch of a Life) does just that. Be sure to check out more from Sebastien Del Grosso at Behance.

  • Chris Pratt Raps Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre” [Video]

    Chris Pratt is winning everything right now. He starred in the hit “Lego Movie,” can currently be seen in the box office smash “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and he’s working on the newest Jurassic Park. And apparently, he can also rap. Watch him perform Eminem’s rap from “Forgot about Dre” and be wowed by the awesomeness that is Chris Pratt.

  • 5 New Scrabble Words That Make Us Weep For Mankind

    Merriam-Webster has published the fifth edition of the Official Scrabble Dictionary, adding 5,000 words to the tome last updated in 2005. Strategic players will be excited with the numerous two-letter words added, including za, te, and qi, while Inuits will finally be able to play qajak, their spelling of kayak. As great as these new words are, there are others on the list that illustrate the devolution of our language. In fact, the following five new words make us weep for mankind.

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review You’ve Been Waiting for. It Doesn’t Suck.

    TMNT Actually Doesn’t Suck! Last week I had an opportunity to check out an advanced screening of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you told the 9-year-old version of me this, I’d be running around like a maniac. However, now that I’m twenty years wiser, I know that a movie like this could really piss me off. Taking a childhood favorite and bringing it back is always a risk, and often times it fails. But I decided to give it a try anyway (especially since it was free) and I watched it in 3D. Keep in mind that I went into it with very, very low expectations. I can now report back and let you know that IT DID NOT SUCK. I’ve told every person that I’ve spoken to the same thing, “If you go in with low expectations, you’ll be pleasantly surprised”. I know that may not sound like a glowing endorsement but I can honestly say that I would not have been upset leaving the theatre if I had paid the $54.60, or whatever 3D movies cost now. The original story of the turtles and the way they link to April O’Neil (Megan Fox… I love you) may be more »

  • All Of Marvel’s Hidden Easter Eggs Revealed

    Josh Horowitz of MTV News has compiled an ongoing list of every Marvel easter-egg caught within the comic book company’s latest run at the silver screen. Clever girls. Hidden messages throughout the Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The Avengers series are all revealed giving you a new insight to the amazing layers in every Marvel movie. Stan Lee is an obvious one, making appearances in every Marvel movie, but did you notice what classical song Jebediah plays on the piano in the midst of his double-cross? Watch the video below and have your eyes opened. Get More: Music News