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  • Hilarious Video Of TV Show Stereotypes Made Entirely With Stock Footage

    Dissolve, stock video website created ‘Faux Shows’, a hilarious compilation of fake intros of TV shows we’ve all seen again and again. The footage shows intros with clever descriptions replacing the names of it’s stereotypical characters like “former ’90s heartthrob” and “Geeky Girl, Because Glasses”. We’re looking at you, Bones, Burn Notice, every single SVU, New Girl, that Mindy show, Cougar Town, HIMYM and dare I say Franklin & Bash. Oh also Survivor and every competitive reality show in existence. Watch the video below and count how many of the stock characters you’ve seen before.  

  • A Pilot’s Incredible View Of The Eclipse [5 Photos]

    If you were lucky enough to be in Europe a few hours ago, you may have caught the rare solar eclipse. Well, as long as you weren’t one of the many Europeans cursed with cloud coverage that is. But fear not, there were plenty of photographers who captured the event for those of us in cloudy Europe and the rest of the world. The most unique photos we’ve seen are these cockpit snapshots of the eclipse. Redditor philthadelphia’s brother-in-law received them in an email meant for somebody else. Damn. I just get emails about boating equipment for some other Joe Cucci.

  • Meet the Carolina Butcher, A 9-Foot Walking Croc That Dominated the Triassic Era

    When you think of a name like the “Carolina Butcher” a True Detective-type crime series villain comes to mind. Well this butcher’s a little different, it’s a 9-foot-long ancestral crocodile that strolled about the southeastern United States during the Late Triassic era, devouring smaller armored reptiles and competing with dinosaurs for top-predator status. It also walked on it’s hind legs. Picture Shaq on a two-foot box in an alligator costume. That’s what we’re dealing with here. Carnufex carolinensis, a name that basically translates to the Carolina Butcher, roamed around 230 million years ago, according to a study published today in Scientific Reports. The Butcher must’ve been eviscerated in a large extinction event, the only plausible option for extinction with a beast roughly double the size of it’s prey during that time. The next era of life paved the way for the dinosaurs. It was discovered by paleontologists from North Carolina State University and North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, who recently dug up fragments of it’s skull, spine and upper forelimb. The discovery, along with a 3D rendering of the crocodylomorph’s skull—filled in by comparison with close relatives—appears today in Scientific Reports. We had our graphics and science department compile a rendering of Shaq on a two-foot box compared more »

  • This Northern Lights Time Lapse Looks Like Something From Hollywood [Video]

    While doomsday cults are shouting about how the increased solar activity indicated our imminent destruction, we’re just enjoying all the great aurora borealis photos that result. And this video may just be the best footage we’ve ever seen of the northern lights. Back in February, photographer Alexis Coram packed up her Nikon D800 with Sigma 35mm and Nikon DF with Sigma 15mm FE along with her Induro Tripods and spent four nights outside of Fairbanks. The first two nights were overcast, and Alexis worried her trip would be for naught, but the next two nights were positively electric, allowing hours and hours of footage to be captured. The result is this incredible time lapse video, “Awake.” And if you’re a fan (how could you not be?), be sure to check out more amazing photography from Alexis Coram.

  • Be One With Nature In This Futuristic Floating House

    Looking to become one with nature like some newfangled Thoreau? Well don’t go moving into a dingy old cabin. Why not live right on top of Walden Pond in a futuristic floating abode? The WaterNest 100, designed by Giancarlo Zema for EcoFloLife, is a solar-powered, circular home that can be placed on any calm body of water. The two-bedroom home is made entirely from recycled glued laminated timber and a recycled aluminium hull. And if you don’t need two bedrooms, didn’t configurations are available for the 1,076 square-foot home with prices ranging from $500,000 to $850,000. And for all you tree-hugging do-gooders, the WaterNest is up to 98% recyclable and is classified as a low-consumption residential habitat thanks to a sophisticated system of internal natural micro-ventilation and air conditioning. For more info on the WaterNest 100, visit Giancarlo Zema Design Group. How about we pool our money and get one of these installed in the Hudson right outside RSVLTS HQ? I call dibs on the master bedroom!

  • The Top 10 Trending Spring-break Destinations of 2015

    Kayak recently released its list of the top 10 trending spring-break destinations of 2015 and analyzed more than 1 billion travel searches and found the 10 spring-break locations trending this year by looking at the greatest increase in click traffic for each location. Not shocking that all 10 are warm climate locations. 10. TAMPA, FLORIDA: A beach town with a great urban culture scene, don’t be shocked if Tampa climbs up this list in years to come. Shutterstock —

  • Is Burger King Really Making Whopper Perfume?

    Yesterday Burger King Japan, previously responsible for such abominations as black cheeseburgers and fondue burgers (that doesn’t look like cheese!), revealed that they would offer Whopper-scented perfume…on April 1. Is this some sort of April Fools joke? Well, it’s hard to say. The fast food giant registered April 1 as Whopper Day with the Japan Anniversary Association, making it a legit holiday. And ad materials state that the perfume will be only be available April 1 beginning at 10:30 AM. For 5,000 yen (about $41), you’ll get the perfume and a whopper. And if that doesn’t convince you, this isn’t the first time Burger King has released a fragrance. In 2008 a cologne called Flame was released online and in Ricky’s stores in New York City. So it seems like the perfume is legit. Now we’re just jealous that we can;t get it in America.

  • Art Experts Tricked By IKEA Print [Video]

    Let’s face it, art is subjective. Everyone has their own opinion as to what is good and what isn’t. But unfortunately, many find themselves defending works simply because they are in a gallery or museum. Or they believe that because they like a piece, it must be wort an exorbitant amount, as if a dollar sign legitimizes their taste. Viral content producers Lifehunters illustrated these tendencies perfectly when they placed an IKEA print in a gallery and asked for opinions on the piece of art. The passersby raved and believed it to be an expensive work. Does this prove the stupidity of the art world? Not at all! It simply proves that if we like something, we should enjoy it no matter if it’s a Picasso or an IKEA. Well, unless it’s a Thomas Kinkade. That dude sucks.

  • 60 Lovely Ladies Painted On WWII Fighter Planes [Photos]

    In the early ages of the United States Air Force it was common practice to paint a scantily clad bombshell on the nose of a fighter plane. The Wikipedia article on the history of Nose Art is actually incredibly fascinating so if you have a moment give it a look. We pulled together this collection of the best vintage nose art we could find on the web, but just keep in mind some of this vintage art is not workplace friendly so scroll at your own risk.

  • Hero Boy GivesHockey Stick to Cancer-fighting Winnipeg Girl at Jets Game

    The jumbotron at a Winnipeg Jets arena spotted a young fan holding up a sign that read “Chemo by day… Jets by night”, it was Alyx Delaloye and her family and the crowd erupted. Alyx was diagnosed with leukemia in July and is going through her sixth round of chemotherapy. After that jumbotron moment the Jets organization invited Alyx and her family back for another game. Not soon after Alyx found herself on the jumbotron again where she found herself at the center of a standing ovation, a true defining moment for the young girl, but then something even more special happened; a little boy a few rows ahead of her walked up the stairs and handed her his Jets souvenir hockey stick signed by Tyler Myers. Alyx was so shocked that she thanked the boy and looked up at her parents before the boy returned to his seat. A few minutes later she walked down to the boy, nine-year-old Keaton Hamin and wrapped her arms around him thanking him again for the selfless gesture. If you don’t have all the feels right now, you’re not human. Canadian publisher The National caught up with the two for a reunion.

  • Emily Sears Is Our Aussie Crush [35 Photos]

    Australian model Emily Sears was destined to be a superstar. Her great aunt Wendy Martin was Australia’s 1956 Model of the Year and moved to Los Angeles after being discovered by famed Vogue photographer Helmut Newton. As a child, Emily made the trip from Melbourne to her aunt’s home in LA many times and longed to replicate her aunt’s success. Emily first gained success in her native Australia, appearing in the down under version of Zoo in addition to writing an advice column for the weekly magazine. She has since moved to Los Angeles and has appeared in magazines such as GQ, FHM, and Maxim. Check out more at Emily Sears and be sure to follow @emilysears on Instagram.

  • Just How Good is Kentucky Compared To March Madness Favorites of Past Years? (Chart)

    Yeah. That. Good. Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight model and the powers that be in Las Vegas have recently predicted what everyone else already assumed. Silver’s model gives Kentucky a 41% chance to win the tournament, which by any standards is pure insanity compared to the next best team’s 11% chance of winning. That’s simply how good Kentucky is. Last year Florida was the heavy favorite to win it all and Silver gave them a 14% chance for winning it all. This year is so lopped sided in favor of the Wildcats, the next three best teams combined only have a 27% chance of winning it all, Villanova (%11), Wisconsin (10%) and Duke (%6). In the past 4 years, no team has broke the 30% odds of winning the tournament. Even the 2012 Kentucky team fully stacked with Anthony Davis, Marquis Teague, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist,  Terrence Jones, Darius Miller and Doron Lamb (all current NBA athletes) was given a 26.7% chance of a tourney championship. This year Kentucky trumps that team by 14.3%, that difference is more than last year’s heavy favorite Florida was given to win it all. Here are the favorites to make the Final Four according to Silver’s interactive infographic (check out his full more »

  • Offensive Gestures From Around The World [Infographic]

    Do you find that you talk with your hands, often gesturing as you communicate? Well that’s all well and good when you’re in the land of the free, where George Jefferson fought a cherry tree to guarantee your right to flip the bird at the kaiser, but in other parts of the world your thumbs up or “ok” sign will have you declared persona non grata. So before you travel anywhere, especially Greece apparently, be sure to check this infographic and maybe pack some mittens just to be safe. But seriously, the “rock on” sign means your wife is sleeping with someone else in Spain, Italy, and Greece? How prevalent is Mediterranean cuckolding that it merits a hand symbol??

  • Al Capone’s Miami Hideaway Now Available For Video And Photo Shoots [18 Photos]

    Last year we shared photos of Al Capone’s Miami mansion which ended up selling in May for a little over $8 million. In order to recoup some of that investment, the private buyer of the 30,000-square-foot estate enlisted MB America to host a media open house, photos of which appear below. The hope is that the restored 1922 Art Deco mansion will be used in photo and video shoots. Let’s just hope that the syphilis that claimed Capone’s life when he died at the mansion in 1947 isn’t still infecting its walls.

  • High Speed Photography Capture Waves That Appear like Ice Sculptures

    Photographer Pierre Carreau uses high-speed cameras for his AquaViva photo series, which depict waves was elegant sculptures caught forever curling in a natural swell. Carreau explains that he especially likes to photograph smaller waves, which show details that aren’t as visible on larger waves. Scroll through the seeming limitless array of waves each one unique and fluid. Check out Pierre’s entire AquaVia collection on his site.

  • Minor League Baseball Team, ‘Hartford Yard Goats’ Officially Name Team After Our ‘Goats Yelling Like Humans’ Video

    A couple years ago while in Puerto Rico, and respectably drunk from a long night of crushing Miami Vices, I thought it would be hilarious to create a super cut compilation of goats yelling like humans. I remember it like it was yesterday because the idea seemed so dumb. The video went up on the RSVLTS YouTube page, one thing led to another and 30 million views later it is one of the iconic YouTube videos of all-time. That’s not really even an exaggeration. G.Y.L.H. has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel, Zuckerberg used it in Facebook’s year in review, it was in two different Super Bowl commercials this year, created an entire music craze and so much more. I’m now forever tied to goats and people even bring goats to parties so I can hold them and take pictures. Who would have thought? It’s all pretty weird if you ask me. And just when I thought the buzz finally died down, and I can stop humble bragging by sharing links on my Facebook Wall, the goats come back around like Terminator. It’s like clockwork. But today might be the benchmark day in Goats history. According to SB Nation an entire minor more »

  • Brilliant Caller Trolls C-SPAN With Fresh Prince Theme [Video]

    During C-SPAN’s Wahington Journal show today a call came in from Jack from Bel Air. Jack went on to talk about how he was actually from Philadelphia. West Philadelphia to be precise. Then he just kept going… But after a little research, we realized this wasn’t the first time Jack trolled the network. Here are some previous calls where Jack tells C-SPAN to suck his balls and let’s them know where they can stick cucumbers. At some point, they should probably stop taking calls from Jack on the Republican line.

  • Jurassic Park Remade In Lego Stop-Motion [Video]

    What happens when a father and daughter who love Lego and Jurassic Park get together with all their friends? Something pretty damn amazing, apparently. Six Lego collections were combined, over $100,000 worth of bricks, to recreate Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park from 1993. It took about three months to make and all the hard work shows. The father and daughter team have made other Lego videos, too, that you can check out on YouTube, but none as epic as this.

  • The First Spacewalk Was 50 Years Ago Today…But It Almost Wasn’t A Success

    At 4:35 AM EDT on March 18, 1965, man walked in space for the first time. Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov left his comrade Pavel Belyayev and the comfy confines of their Voskhod 2 and made history. Leonov was only 30 years old at the time and his spacewalk lasted just a little over 12 minutes, but such a duration was probably for the best. 8 minutes into the historic feat, Leonov realized his fingertips weren’t touching his gloves and his feet were floating in his boots. His suit was inflating and he needed to get back to his airlock by somehow maneuvering his 18 feet of lifeline. Worst of all, he was approaching orbital sunset, which would leave him in pitch black. Leonov needed to act fast. “After calculating the amount of time in light and oxygen supply left, I decided to drop the pressure inside the suit … knowing all the while that I would reach the threshold of nitrogen boiling in my blood, but I had no choice.” With the pressure relieved, Leonov had to then quickly make his way to the airlock. He was ultimately successful, paving the way for Ed White to complete the first NASA extra-vehicular more »

  • 27 Examples of How Offensive Vintage Ads Were

    Advertising has always “stretched” the truth to an extent, but some of these advertisements from the early to mid 1900s are so cringeworthy offensive you’d be surprised they were ever published. If anything we can use these as examples for how far we’ve come in the past 60 years of civil rights, but then again it’s embarrassing that this was the norm for a generation in their wonder years today.

  • Lucas Theatre in Savannah Creates Amazing Original Movie Posters

    Originally built in 1921, Savannah’s Lucas Theatre is a cultural mecca in the city’s bustling arts scene. The venue hosts operas, touring music acts, and orchestras, but is most popular for its original purpose as a movie house. In addition to hosting the Savannah Film Festival, the Lucas Theatre also regularly shows classic films. But instead of using old posters we’ve seen far too many times before, the theatre employs illustrator Sean Loose to create original works. Some of our favorites are below, but be sure to check out more of Sean’s work at Behance and Loose Illustration.

  • An Interactive Look at the Changing Skylines of Major Cities Across the Globe

    The speed at which skylines change these days are mind boggling. Through this current century alone many of the worlds newest booming economies have rapidly changed their skyline’s to accomidate a growing population and prominent development. Dubai being the quickest and most recognizable change in urban development, has went from a vast desert land to one of the most heavily populated city in the United Arab Emirates. Here’s an interactive look at skylines of major cities across the globe then and now. San Francisco: Then and Now — Dubai: Then and Now — Toronto: Then and Now — Jersey City: Then and Now — Panama City: Then and Now — Manhattan: Then and Now — Downtown Manhattan: Then and Now — Shanghai: Then and Now — Paris: Then and Now — Athens: Then and Now — London: Then and Now — Hong Kong: Then and Now — Sydney: Then and Now — Qatar: Then and Now — Singapore: Then and Now

  • Now You Can Send Money To Friends Via Facebook Messenger

    Last year Facebook forced us to download their separate Messenger app if we wanted to keep up messaging our friends on our smartphones. But that was just the beginning. Since then, the social media giant has realized how often friends message each other about sending money then go to another app, such as Venmo, to complete the transaction. Facebook didn’t want their customers to have to take their eyes of off a Facebook product, if even for just a minute. Yesterday a new feature showed up on Facebook Messenger. You can now connect your Visa or Mastercard debit card and simply tap “$” to send money to your friends. It works on Android, iOS, and desktop versions of the client and, best of all, there are no fees. What’s interesting is that Facebook tackled all of this project by themselves rather than rely on partners such as PayPal. However, it’s now starting to make sense why former PayPal president David Marcus moved to Facebook’s Messaging Products division. Users in the US will notice the feature appearing in the coming months but no word on international accessibility yet. That will probably depend on how quick users take to the new service. more »

  • Celebrity Siblings You Never Knew Existed [28 Photos]

    It must be tough being a celebrity sibling. Imagine being Alex Watson or Hunter Johansson and having to deal with every perv on the Internet talking about how hot your sister is. Or what if you have more than one sibling that’s a superstar? Such is life for Tom Franco and Andrew Wilson. Jeez, and I feel bad at family get-togethers when I get compared to my brother who was able to by himself a new car before 30.


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