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  • Brower Club Opens Game-Changing Men’s Retail Store in Hoboken

    On the quaint streets of 1st and Hudson in Hoboken, NJ is a men’s shop looking to change the game of the retail marketplace in the blooming city. Hoboken is a city that offers everything under the sun for a young professional (bars, great food, bars and great food). Everything except retail stores for men. Brower Club, Men’s Provisions Shop and Membership club is listening to the whispers of supply and demand. And the millennial males of the city have been demanding this for some time now. Offering a wide variety of apparel, leather goods and antique home decor, Brower Club is going where no Men’s shop has gone before in Hoboken. According to the U.S. Census Bureau Data  there are roughly 20,000 men living in Hoboken at a median age of around 30-years old and exactly zero exclusively male retail stores for them to shop at. Except of course American Apparel and not that there’s anything wrong with AA, but sometimes a guy wants to leave the house in something other than a neon deep-v. Brower Club offers that. Focusing on atmosphere and quality product, Brower is the “millennial-man’s” guide to buying the essentials. They’re also offering up a membership more »

  • 3D Ice Cubes For Wealthy Liquor Lovers

    Take your next glass of whisky to the next level with 3D on the Rocks. Each of these cubes were made with fresh spring water and a precision drill. No word on whether these will ever be available for sale but on the site you can view all their masterful creations.

  • Super Mario Theme Played On Wine Glasses And A Frying Pan [Video]

    YouTube user Dan Newbie makes incredible music by striking wine glasses filled with varying amounts of water to obtain different tones. His latest video, featuring 48 wine glasses and a frying pan for percussion, finds him performing the theme from the original Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game. It’s not a simple song and it leads to some impressive moments with multitracking of up to 4 wine glass parts. Check out more of Dan Newbie’s videos on YouTube.

  • Standardizing The World’s Subway Maps

    Paris-based architect Jug Cerovic was unimpressed with the subway maps he came across while traveling the world. His search for a map that was clear and easy-to-use led him to draw up his own. Beginning with his native Serbia, then moving on to Paris and Madrid, Cerovic created simple maps with lots of information but very little clutter. He continued making maps for subway systems across Europe, Asia, and North America. Along the way, he developed a standardized system that he tried to convince the cities to adopt. However, convincing the various cities to agree on a standard proved impossible, so Cerovic opted just to sell the maps on his website. He is also working on a mobile app so you can always have the maps at your fingertips. I’ve already downloaded the New York map to my phone. It even has the PATH and Light Rail for those of us in New Jersey! Be sure to check out the rest of the maps at INAT.

  • Mustangs In The Movies [Infographic]

    On April 17, 1964, Ford unveiled the first Mustang, dubbed the “1964,” at the New York World’s Fair. The car was an immediate success and its innovative, sporty design made it perfect for action-packed movies.  The Mustang first appeared in the James Bond film “Goldfinger” in September of 1964. The historic car chase in Steve McQueen’s “Bullitt” in 1968 solidified the car’s reputation as a legitimate action star. This infographic highlights some of the Mustang’s most memorable roles, up through Will Smith’s 2007 Shelby GT500 in “I Am Legend.”

  • Which NHL Teams Dominate Facebook?

    Sixteen teams are about to embark on a fight to the near and probably toothless death. The NHL playoffs are upon us and The Sporting News has broken down the alliances of each U.S. state and Canadian provinces based on fans on Facebook. As you can see Canada dominated most of their country favoring the Canadians and their golden boy, Sidney and his waddling teammates.

  • Rare Photos of Pablo Picasso Painting with Light

    In 1949, LIFE photographer Gjon Mili took rarely seen shots of Pablo Picasso in the South of France painting with light. Using a small flashlight in a dark room, Picasso created incredibly fluid and abstract figures while Mili used triple exposed photography to capture the drawings. What was created were breathtaking images that would pave the way for an entire new medium of art.

  • Five CAT Machines Go Head to Head in Massive Jenga Game

    Jenga is a game of precision and grace amongst have a steady hand and knack for a loose piece here or there. We’ll what if each of the27 pieces weighed 600 lbs? CAT products are known for being the most heavy duty machines out there and they wanted to prove it. So they set up a massive game of Jenga (Stacks) and used five of its machines including excavator and a telehandler to remove the half-ton wood blocks. The object of the game is for heavy equipment operators to remove and then reposition a stack of 27 blocks one at a time, without toppling the structure.

  • Adding Color To 15 Iconic and Historic Photos of New York City

    The only thing we love more than Kate Upton floating around in Zero G is when photoshop savvy historians take old black and white photos and bring them to life through creative colorization. One of the most popular stories in RSVLTS.com Adding Color To The Most Iconic Photos In History so we decided to do a follow up focusing on New York City. 

  • Amazing “Sky Art” Sketches Are Claustrophobically Trippy (22 Photos)

    Thomas Lamadieu‘s amazing Sky Art illustrations have been an ongoing project of his for over a year. As the project advances through Germany, France, Belgium, and Canada, Lamadieu’s technique does as well. His doodles and sketches have become more intricate using the shapes of the engulfing buildings to create a blissful sky portrait. A wonderful use of negative space in a cluttered environment. Also very trippy. 

  • College Football Players Should Be Making $178K Per Year

    The findings of a study conducted by the National College Players Association and Drexel University found that college football players playing between 2011 and 2015 should make around $178,000 per year if universities and the NCAA decide to release the stranglehold they have on the game and the players’ ability to not risk their entire careers working for nothing.

  • The Many Varieties of Whiskey (Infographic)

    Pop Chart Labs, the creators of some of our favorite visual data charts have FINALLY created a visualization of whiskey. The chart features different variations of grandpas ol’ cough syrup ranging from Kentucky Bourbon to Irish Single pot, the chart breaks down different distilleries and brands as well. “A spirited taxonomy of the ultimate amber elixir, this chart categorizes and distills all the major varieties of whiskey–from scotch to bourbon to single malt to moonshine.” The Many Varieties of Whiskey $29  

  • Fascinating Footage of the Effects of Viper Venom on Human Blood

    Snakes. You hate them. Indiana Jones hates them. Who doesn’t hate them. Even though only about 15% of snakes have dangerous venom, in fact only around 30/2,700 species of snakes pose any real threat to humans. Vipers are one of them. The venom from a bit causes skin and muscle near the bite can begin to turn necrotic, also disseminated intravascular coagulation or blood clots can occur and cause failure of the kidneys and other organs, and may ultimately result in death. This video shows what a single drop of viper venom can do when dropped on human blood.

  • JavHead Stole The Show At Coachella [42 Photos]

    Arcade Fire may have been the headlining performer at Coachella on Sunday but it was an oversized cutout that clearly stole the show. Javhead.com is our second favorite site on the internet so we decided to hit the print shop to bring JavHead along with us to the festival. We didn’t think many people would recognize JavHead but our crew couldn’t walk more than 30 feet at a time without getting stopped by someone asking if they could take a picture. We spent hours around the festival with JavHead in the air so there are probably more than a few people interested in what the hell it was all about. Hundreds of photos were taken and here are some of the best. If you haven’t visited Javhead.com do it NOW!

  • New Meme Alert: Hustle Man [25 Photos]

    The ultra-popular Humans of New York always features a picture of someone on the street of NYC along with a touching if not overly-sappy diatribe about lost love, or finding inspiration, or some other nonsense. Until today. Today we were gifted Hustle Man. His words were succinct yet powerful: “I’m Hustle Man! That’s all you need to know.” Hustle Man is our new hero and we’re not the only ones. These pictures have been popping up in the Facebook comments for Humans of New York over the last few hours. Check out more of them on Facebook. 

  • Damian Lillard Talks Legends with “No Rings” in Newest Foot Locker Spot

    Damian Lillard is is ready for the playoffs. He’s after a championship and wants to make sure he doesn’t end up like one of those legends who never won a ring. Even though Lillard is only in his second season in the league, he’s still as hungry as the rest. The Foot Locker commercial stars Lillard talking smack on ringless sports legends Barry Sanders, LaDainian Tomlinson, Chris Webber and Karl Malone. Malone isn’t angry, he’s just disappointed.

  • Videogame Characters As Classic Japanese Woodblock Art

    Ukiyo-e Heroes began when illustrator and gamer Jed Henry contacted Tokyo-based carver and printer Dave Bull. Bull has spent years in Japan learning the classic art of woodblock prints. He now teaches the method to young artisans to keep the tradition alive. When Henry shared his idea of combining contemporary videogame characters with the Ukiyo style of woodblock prints, Ukiyo-e Heroes was born. For more info on the process or to see more work and order prints, check out Ukiyo-e Heroes.

  • 40 Photos Of Russians With Their Rugs

    Back in the days of the Soviet Union, simple construction methods led to people often needing to hang rugs on the walls to keep in the warmth and keep out the noise. The rugs came to be seen as somewhat of a status symbol and are still found on walls in Russia today. In this age of selfies and social media, they serve the added benefit of being a sweet backdrop. Need to show off your guns? Do it in front of the rug! Need to look sexy while holding a pet? Nothing hotter than laying in front of a rug! Need a backdrop that contrasts your new Adidas tracksuit? That rug on the wall will certainly make it pop! Hey, at least it’s better than a Bob Marley poster.

  • Relive Your Childhood In An Adult Way With Coloring Book Corruptions [10 Photos]

    You can never be sure when artistic inspiration will strike. Such is the case the case with these Coloring Book Corruptions. Boredom led the site’s creator to relive the childhood hobby of coloring while adding a little to the pictures for amusement. The inclusion of drug abuse or a self-harm scenario creates a narrative otherwise lacking in the superficial outlines of cartoon animals. And sometimes there’s an added poo. See more at Twitter, Facebook, and Coloring Book Corruptions.

  • Photographing Life From High Up In The Air [15 HQ Photos]

    Pilot and aerial photographer Alex MacLean travels the world, capturing photos from high up in his Flight Design CT two-seater. Trained as an architect, MacLean has a knack for recognizing patterns that are all but invisible to those of us stuck on terra firma. His work has been exhibited all over North America, Europe, and Asia and appears in countless private, public, and university collections. For more of incredible photographs, visit Alex MacLean Aerial Photographer.

  • Open Sign-Up At Google Glass Today

    Google is now allowing any US resident over the age of 18 to sign up for Google Glass. They haven’t specified how many slots are open in the Explorer Program, but, like with anything tech-related, the offer is bound to be snatched up quickly. Sure, we all say how much we hate those Google Glass-wearing geeks undoubtedly recording our every move as they stare at us in Starbucks and on the subway, but plenty of us are also envious of the cachet the device bestows upon its wearer. I mean, I’m already staring at people, I might as well have the latest technology to maximize my ogling. But to get that cachet, you need cash. Google Glass will cost you $1500. If you have that sort of money to fork over to become king of the nerds, head over to the Glass Explorer Sign-Up and become an Explorer before it’s too late. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in a dark corner pretending not to take pictures of you with my flip phone.

  • Behind The Scenes Photos Of James Franco, Jason Segel, And Seth Rogen When They Were Teens [17 Photos]

    From 1999-2000, NBC aired “Freaks and Geeks,” a high school comedy-drama set in the early 80s. The series was created by Paul Feig, who went on to direct “Bridesmaids,” and produced by Judd Apatow, who has made pretty much every comedy blockbuster of the last 15 years. The short-lived show is most remembered, though, for the “Freaks,” including James Franco, Jason Segel, and Seth Rogen. It was the first time many of us saw these actors, and nobody could guess the huge stars they would become after appearing on a show that lasted just 18 episodes.

  • Drunk Russian Teaches Us The Futility Of Existence [Video]

    In this Russian take on classic Commedia dell’Arte, we find a contemporary Pierrot enduring an excruciating, caged existence. He pines for freedom, but his attempts, marred with buffoonery, are increasingly futile. When it looks as though all has failed, our clown resigned to this desolate Purgatory, stuck in an endless cycle of Sisyphean tasks, a lone cherub reveals an egress. Like Beatrice leading Dante from Purgatorio to Paradiso, the hero of this Divine Comedy is able to finally transcend his tortured plane and, perhaps, finally find the peace that has oft eluded him. Fin.

  • Bizarre Japanese Vitamin Water Commercial Celebrates NYC [Video]

    What’s the best way to sell Vitamin Water to the Japanese market? Well if I could answer that, I’d be in Tokyo swimming in piles of yen and not in Jersey rolling pennies so I can get some pork roll for breakfast (every little bit helps!). Whether it’s the best way or not, somebody at Coke had the idea to make this frenetic ode to New York City with a dancing man with a boombox for a head to advertise the tasty beverage often utilized as a hangover cure. Featuring such NYC staples as Ramen Burger, Strollercize, and Nitehawk Cinema, I’m not sure what the video has to do with Vitamin Water, but there is a lot of shouting so I’m pretty sure I should buy some just to be on the safe side.

  • A Look At The Navy’s New $3 Billion Ship, USS Zumwalt [11 Photos]

    On April 12, the US Navy christened its lates ship, the USS Zumwalt. It is the first of 3 ships in the new DDG category of destroyers, featuring the latest technology at a cost of over $3 billion each. Initially offering two 155mm AGSs equivalent to 12 155mm howitzers, it is anticipated that one AGS will be switched out with the Navy’s awesome new rail gun beginning in the 2020s. And despite being 40% larger than the ubiquitous Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, the new class of DDG is incredibly stealthy. The radar signature of the ship is akin to a fishing boat and the sound levels are about the same as the common Los Angeles-class submarines. All 3 DDG ships should be launched by the end of the decade, ushering in a new era of Naval warfare.

  • Forgo College And Study TL;DR Wikipedia Instead

    In this fast paced world of instant gratification, who has the time to read and study in order to learn? Sure, Wikipedia was fine for reading hours at a time in the quaint, relaxed early 2000s. We all spent long summer days in front of our Sony Trinitron 17-inch CRT monitors while sipping on Pepsi Blue, but those were simpler times. Now we need our information in inaccurate, succinct snippets. TL;DR Wikipedia sums up any subject, from Hitler to Soul Patches to Swing Dancing in a single sentence. Let these “facts” fill your head and feel your intellect embiggen.

  • 1 Star Amazon Reviews On Movie Posters Are Hilarious [25 Photos]

    Remember the days when film reviews were written by critics who were eloquent writers, imparting knowledge along with their well though out opinions? Lame. Thanks to the Internet, we can all voice our inane opinions and plaster reviews on sites like Amazon while we’re perched atop our toilets, dropping a deuce. In fact, as I write this piece about the lack of professionalism of Amazon users, I am sans pants and drinking a beer. But who cares? These reviews may not have the insight of a James Agee piece, but they’re certainly a hell of a lot more entertaining to read. For more great movie posters, follow “Awful Reviews” on Facebook.

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