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  • English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet

    “Because” has always been a subordinating conjunction and nothing more. It served its purpose and did it well. But now, thanks to internet-speak, “because” has taken on a new life as a preposition, just like in the title above. Read all about the transition and see a ton of examples at The Atlantic and then bring up the subject with your grammar Nazi friends, who will undoubtedly dismiss you as an imbecile. Because pomposity.

  • Rob Ford Soundboard

    Let’s hear it for BroBible for finding the Rob Ford Soundboard, allowing you to entertain yourself for hours while listening to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s amazing soundbites on such topics as smoking crack and oral sex. I clicked the “prostitution” button so much I was almost put in a trance from his melodic delivery. He can be saying the filthiest things, but his adorable Canadian accent just makes it all okay. Now let the prank phone calls begin!

  • 10 Species that Almost Went Extinct in 2013

    With the Earth’s climate in peril, the list of animals on the endangered species list has climbed to staggeringly high numbers. In a more solemn edition of the RSVLTS Yearbook13 lists, a look at the species that survived 2013 with minimal numbers merits discussion—an attempt to raise mass awareness for animals of dwindling numbers.

  • Brooklyn-The Gentleman’s Rant [Video]

    Warning Brooklynites: Hold on to your vintage typewriter and try not to choke on your Fernet cocktail while you watch this rant on your beloved borough. To be fair, these complaints only apply to a small fraction of Brooklyn. Go to neighborhoods like Flatbush, or East New York, or Coney Island and your complaints will be very different. Still, the no credit card thing is a major pain. Every time you use the shady ATM you lose $5 while gaining a chance at identity fraud. At least the free pizza at Alligator Lounge almost makes up for having to sit next to a dude with a monocle whose unicycle is chained up out front.

  • Man Meal: Bourbon Glazed Holiday Ham

    Don’t give the kids any ham this Thanksgiving. The ham will be spiked. Spiked with delicious bourbon to get you through the holiday season with the family you love dearly. This is a basic recipe for cooking an good ol’ fashioned pig with the addition of grampas ‘cough medicine’. To add some sweet flavors to neutralize the kick of the bourbon add some ginger and apricot preserves. Enjoy, but don’t give the kids any ham.

  • 5Pointz: 50 Beautiful HQ Photos Of The NYC Graffiti Landmark

    The Long Island City’s graffiti landmark was destroyed in the early hours of Tuesday, November 19th when the building’s owners whitewashed all the graffiti to begin the construction of a luxury condos on the site. Police were present to fend off protesters trying to save the landmark and word quickly spread via social media. “5Pointz is the world’s largest display of graffiti art, and it’s a global social hub,” Eric Felisbret, the author of Graffiti New York, told New York Magazine last month. “Now that it looks like that’s going to disappear, I’m not sure where the movement’s going to go.” If you never had a chance to visit the landmark we pulled together 50 amazing photos of NYC’s coolest museum.

  • Chucky Terrorizes Brazilians In Advertising Prank [Video]

    Apparently, a new Child’s Play movie, “Curse of Chucky”, was recently released (I had to look it up, too) and to advertise it’s Brazilian debut, this crazy stunt was devised. In the video, a man dressed as Chucky and wielding a knife, crashes through an ad for the film and terrorizes unsuspecting people (including children!) waiting for the bus. Chances are, this is probably scarier than anything you’ll see in the direct to video movie.

  • NYC Graffiti Mecca “5Pointz” Is Gone, Whitewashed Overnight By Owner and Police [9 Photos]

    Long Island City’s graffiti mecca was whitewashed overnight by the building’s owner to begin the process that will turn the landmark into luxury condos. Police were present to fend off protesters trying to save the landmark and word quickly spread via social media. “5Pointz is the world’s largest display of graffiti art, and it’s a global social hub,” Eric Felisbret, the author of Graffiti New York, told New York Magazine last month. “Now that it looks like that’s going to disappear, I’m not sure where the movement’s going to go.” Read also: 5 Pointz: The Destruction Of A Cultural Treasure

  • Rob Ford Tries his Luck Recreating Volvo’s Van Damme Epic Split

    Ok maybe it’s just a parody, but this eerily realistic mimic of Jean Claude Van Damme’s now infamous Volvo commercial just semi-made my day. Artjail VFX decided to show their stuff in a brilliant mix of two of the most relevant viral personalities for the next 15 minutes. The true kudos Artjail deserves is in the turnaround time this took to make. We were completely in awe of the Volvo Van Damme Epic Splits spot. And remain completely in Awe of Mayor Ford’s Epic lifestyle north of the border. Behold #VANFORD

  • See What Famous Musicians Would Look Like If They Were Alive Today [12 Photos]

    Ever wonder what those members of the “27 Club” would look like if they lived another 40 years? Sachs Media Group teamed with Phojoe, a photo restoration and manipulation company, to do the work for us and satisfy our curiosity. Some of them seem a tad unfair. If they were still alive, they’d probably be rich enough to keep themselves looking good. I would imagine John Lennon would not look as old as he does here. Have you see Paul or Ringo lately? And why does Keith Moon look like a bad Peter Sellers character from a swinging 60s romp?

  • Social Media Prank Shows Why You Need To Manage Your Privacy Settings ASAP [Video]

    Many people keep their various social media accounts public and check in everywhere without ever giving a second though to the repercussions. This new hidden camera short from Jack Vale Films shows you why that may not be such a good idea. He approaches random people in public and reveals information about them that is available for anyone to see, and they are still amazed. Some folks even threatened to call the cops for “invasion of privacy”. So update your privacy settings or else you may be the next person approached by a creepy dude in public who may or may not have a hidden camera channel.

  • Winter Cocktails (Book)

    You’re home, it’s cold, you throw a couple of logs in the fireplace or a couple of tires in the old garbage can blaze, now you need a drink. On the nights when straight russian vodka out of the bottle just wont cut it and you need a good cocktail recipe that accents the weather outside (frightfull) try these wintery drinks (delightful).  In Winter Cocktails, María del Mar Sacasa and Tara Striano share more than 50 recipes for cold-weather cocktails and mixed beverages, including mulled ciders, hot toddies, wine drinks, eggnogs, and punches; there are even chilled drinks made with a kick that’ll warm you right up. Winter Cocktails $15

  • Take Full Panoramic Photos With Panono [Video]

    Sometimes you’re someplace that’s so amazing that you just don’t know what to take a picture of. You’re so overwhelmed that only a 360-degree picture of everything around you will suffice. For those times and anytime when a full panoramic photo would be cool (always), there’s the Panono. It’s a panoramic ball camera that takes full 360-degree shots in extremely detailed 72 megapixels. To take a picture, simply toss the ball and an accelerometer inside the device calculates when it has reached maximum altitude and snaps a photo. The ball can also be mounted and controlled remotely to take pictures without tossing it around. You can pre-order yours right now with a pledge of $499 Indiegogo. And don’t worry about the goal not being met, they are already more than one-third there just a few days into the campaign. But get yours quick, the $499 early-bird special is almost sold out.

  • GOCE Satellite Provides Beautiful Images Of Earth From Space, Crashes Back To Earth Sunday Night [HQ Photos]

    The European Space Agency’s 1.2-ton GOCE gravity-mapping satellite plunged through the atmosphere on Sunday and broke up into bits over the South Atlantic Ocean. GOCE re-entered Earth’s atmosphere around 7:16 p.m. ET Sunday, hitting the atmosphere over a spot due south of the Falkland Islands, around the coordinates of 60 degrees west and 56 degrees south, ESA said. About 500 pounds (250 kilograms) worth of debris was expected to have survived the car-sized satellite’s re-entry, but no damage was immediately reported.

  • Watch The First New Beatles Video Since 1996

    It’s been 50 years since the first album from The Beatles and in celebration of the milestone, Apple Records has released the 37-song “On Air-Live at the BBC, Volume 2″, the first release of new material since the multi-volume “Anthology” collections in 1996. Featured on the new release is this cover of Buddy Holly’s “Words of Love”. The video is a great mix of archival footage and new animation and a great reminder of what made The Beatles one of the biggest bands in rock and roll history.

  • Sin Taxes: Taxing Our Vices [Infographic]

    How come all of our precious vices have to be taxed so much? Smoking, drinking, gambling…the government gets a cut of all of our favorite things. Now you can use this info to complain when standing outside in the cold with other smokers or drinking your day away at the bar or spending your Christmas money on video slots. Hmm…I guess it makes sense why these are heavily taxed after all. Damn sensible government. 

  • Top 10 Overhyped Sports Stories of 2013 (That Didn’t Actually Matter)

    With ESPN running nearly 24-hour sports news and banter-laden segments, they need to maintain a constant flow of material. Unfortunately, this means that many of the stories that they cover are tabloid-esque sensationalist time-fillers that further invoke the interest of a population who catalyze meaningless brouhaha. A year full of soap opera-worthy drama that ESPN beat until the end of its ninth life, 2013 had no shortage of meaningless locker room tales. And, in true End of the Year fashion, RSVLTS has the best—and least meaningful—of the sporting news abyss. 10. Mark Sanchez’s Headband Does anybody remember that guy who was the New York Jets’ starting quarterback? Well, the biggest splash he made in 2013 was via his choice of headwear. And, as the media gravitated towards it, it spiraled into a story much larger than necessary. Seriously, the MLB is on during the summer, can’t tabloid NFL stories fall to the wayside during the offseason? 9. The Alex Rodriguez Saga While controversial, the Alex Rodriguez debacle in New York City hardly has the same impact as it once did. Once a player who would easily join the all time greats in Cooperstown, A-Rod is now a shamed fallen star more »

  • 25 Eerie Abandoned Communist-Era Monuments

    Before years of fighting broke the former Yugoslavia into a half-dozen nations, it was home to many monuments form the biggest names in Easter European architecture. These incredible Soviet-chic buildings were tourist attractions through much of the 80s, before the fall of communism. In 2006, Belgian photographer Jan Kempenaers revisited these architectural wonders, long since abandoned, and his photos reveal the beauty that still exists, even in their current condition. Maybe the former Yugoslav republics should advertise the buildings as locations for retro science fiction filmmakers, since they look like something out of Logan’s Run. 

  • 11 Guinness World Records That Were Broken In 2013

    There is an old saying that records are meant to be broken—that or make a record so esoteric that surely nobody has previously thought of it. Well, in 2013, there were some records that were broken and some that were most likely set for the first time. And, for the sake of entertainment, RSVLTS has a list that will inspire your imagination, invoke your envy, and illicit whatever neurological twitches that causes cringing.

  • The Man Who Holds The World Record For Holding The Most World Records [Video]

    Ashrita Furman may not be a household name, but he holds the impressive title of most world records from the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course, many of his records are bizarre activities that few have probably engaged in, but as this short film shows, Furman loves what he does and he has a great time doing it. If you’re interested in his records, read through the list on Ashrita.com.

  • Everything Wrong With Back To The Future [Video]

    Cinema Sins ruins your childhood with their video pointing out every mistake in Back to the Future. Many of the “sins” are simple continuity errors that nobody notices anyway, but the ones about time travel are just not fair. When time travel is what propels your entire plot, some holes are to be expected. But varying pens in Geroge’s pocket in one scene? Come on Continuity Supervisor Nancy Hansen, what were you thinking?

  • The Four Players: 4 Gritty Short Films Highlighting Super Mario Characters

    Evan Daugherty, acclaimed screenwriter known for his work on Snow White and the Huntsman, wrote and directed a series of badass short films based the most famous video game of all time. “The Four Players” otherwise known as The Fixer, The Addict, The Star and The Soldier are base around Mario, Luigi, Princess and Toad set in a fantasy world, based off the Super Mario Bros game. Mario a rotund plumber is the go-to man for fixing “problems”, Luigi, a recovering addict and botanist finds his calling, Princess, a singer captured by Bowser and his Koopas is trapped and Toad, a creature that looks like something out of a Guillermo del Toro movie plays a soldier loyal to her highness.

  • Never Before Seen Photos of JFK Moments Before His Assassination [7 Photos]

    Sonia King was just 10-years-old when her father, a Dallas jewelry wholesaler, photographed the sun-splashed, cheerful scene in Dealey Plaza mere minutes before President John Kennedy was assassinated. After sitting in storage for more than 45 years, her father’s pictures now appear in TIME, seeing the light of day for the first time in five decades. King recently shared the story behind the previously unpublished photos that mark the end of Camelot which you can read on TIME.com.

  • Hilarious Breaking Bad Alternate Ending [Video]

    Taking a page from 80s sitcom Newhart’s famous series finale, a Breaking Bad DVD-extra features a funny alternate ending where Walter White wakes up in bed next to his Malcolm in the Middle costar Jane Kaczmarek, explaining the entirety of the series as just a bad dream. In just a few minutes, they manage to fit in a ton of jokes about the series. Too bad the two shows didn’t air in the reverse order. A Malcolm in the Middle finale where it’s explained as a meth-induced fantasy would have sort of made sense.

  • Polaris Releases First Airless Tire Vehicle [8 Photos]

    Tired of having to change the tires on your ATV after being shot at with a .50-caliber round or driving over a railroad spike? Well then, Mr. Badass, perhaps you need to check out the Sportsman WV850 H.O. from Polaris. The $15,000 ATV features TerrainArmor tires, airless tires that can go up to 1000 miles after running over a railroad spike or 350 miles after being shot with a .50-caliber round. It’s also got a 1500-pound towing capacity and 850-pound payload capacity. If you want one, place your order now, because Polaris says only a limited number will be produced. Get your sportsman WV850 H.O. at Polaris.

  • Banned food in the US: a state-by-state guide

    Have you ever gone into your local Whole Foods to look for some UK-made haggis, only to find that there was a sign that read: “UK-made haggis is illegal in the United States and why are you even looking for it and still reading this very long sign?!”? We’ve all been there, and the pain is very real…

  • Nike x Poler Vapen Snowboard Boots

    Poler and Nike share the Oregon brotherhood, so naturally this was a collaboration made in heaven. The Nike x Poler Vapen Premium QS Snowboard Boots are the first collaboration boots between Poler and the one and only Nike Snowboarding. Poler’s signature camo theme is present in the tongue of the Vapen and it’s logo appears on the outtersole. Boasting a mid-flex feel for all around riding and a camo tongue and interior liner, this boot will gain you much deserved recognition on the hill with all the performance you expect. The design is inspired by the Mogan Mid 2 with the superb fit and feel of the Kaiju. Limited Quantities available at Poler $240


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