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  • 15 Photos Of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals

    Designer and art director Dinah Fried first came up with the idea for her book Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals while a student at Rhode Island School of Design. Originally just 5 photographs of meals described in famous works of literature, Fired eventually prepared and photographed 50 meals for the book. Each photo is accompanied with the description from the novel along with anecdotes about the authors and their works. 15 of the photos are presented below, but to see the rest, order your copy of Fictitious Dishes. The series is pretty great, but Fried should try tackling one of the banquets from a Brian Jacques “Redwall” novel. What literary meal would you like to see photographed?

  • Belgian Ghost Town Is A Street Art Mecca [30 Photos]

    Doel, a 700-year-old town in Belgium, is on the brink of extinction. With the expansion of the Port of Antwerp, the town is set for complete demolition. Most residents began selling off their property to developers in the 90s and have long left the town, but a couple hundred remain. In 2008, 100 riot police were sent to Doel to manually evacuate the remaining residents. This has left the town in an almost war-torn state. With so many empty buildings, the village has become a giant canvas for brilliant street art. Gigantic, colorful works are the only bright spots in an otherwise bleak landscape. Photographer Romany WG captured these incredible photos and more can be seen on Flickr.

  • Read This Cover Letter Leonardo Da Vinci Wrote In The 1480s

    In the 1480s even the most brilliant men had to job hunt. Because Da Vinci was born the son of a notary, he wasn’t allowed to pursue the more illustrious professions of the time like a lawyer or political figure. And with that Leonardo chose to follow the arts quickly becoming an established artist and goldsmith under the wing of Verrochio. His work eventually became some of the most renowned in the world throughout history, but even he needed to use a cover letter for jobs after leaving his home of Florence, because the “job” market was saturated with artists. So Da Vinci traveled to Milan where he put up his services as not only an artist, but an engineer. A military engineer to be exact. So when he approached Ludovico Sforza, the ruler of the emerging city with a thing for battle, Da Vinci used his talents to create sketches for military weapons, like the catapult and a concept that would later evolve into the helicopter.     My Most Illustrious Lord, Having now sufficiently seen and considered the achievements of all those who count themselves masters and artificers of instruments of war, and having noted that the invention and more »

  • A Tribute to Discomfort: Powerful Insights from Nat Geo Photographer Cory Richards

    Cory Richards, renowned National Geographic photographer has traveled the world getting some of the best shots risking it all for the sake of adventure and travel. He’s traveled great lengths to the deepest seas, the highest mountains and some of the most dangerous terrains around the globe, even survived a massive Himalayan avalanche all for the simple pleasure of sharing a photograph with the world. Without any formal photography training, Cory has taken an extraordinary amount of profound photographs in the Nat Geo realm. Richards was adminint about picking up a trade that forced him to get out of his comfort zone and with photography gave him a chance to do just that, while traveling the world on a constant adventure. In a new four-minute documentary, production house, Blue Chalk tells the inspireing story of Cory and his taste for adventure and his inner determination to advance his craft with every photograph. A Tribute to Discomfort: Cory Richards from Blue Chalk on Vimeo.

  • 8 Easy Steps To Becoming An Interesting Man

    If you think you’re already interesting enough, you’re wrong. And it’s a slippery slope from here, my friend. Everyone has been at a bar, dinner table or client meeting and met Mr. Interesting. The person that has something intelligent to say on every topic, interesting stories about places he’s explored, ridiculous things he’s done or people he’s met; and the whole thing seems so infuriatingly effortless. You sit racking your brain trying to figure out how a person can be this captivating, and subsequently become the weird quite guy who doesn’t say anything. But, it’s probably for the best – is anything you say really going to match up to this guy? Here’s the secret; he finds it so effortless to be interesting, because it is. He’s interesting as a result of the lifestyle he leads. A lifestyle that anyone can lead. Here’s how:  1. GET OVER YOURSELF The first and most important rule of being interesting is: do not find yourself interesting. If you find yourself interesting, you’re probably the only person that does. And maybe your Mother, out of sympathy. People that find themselves interesting, talk too much. They ramble on and on long after the rest of the more »

  • 53 Cringe-Worthy Texts My Female Friends Have Actually Received From Guys Trying To Date (Or At Least Sleep With) Them

    You’re just getting to know a girl and you figure it’s going pretty well. With hardly any awkward pauses during your first date conversation and a barely fumbling goodnight kiss, you possibly have a shot at seeing this new, cool person again. Then, you send the fateful text that leads to, well, nothing. What could one, short message say to flip the switch from on to off in under twenty seconds? Here are some cringe-worthy texts my female friends have actually received from guys trying to date (or at least sleep with) them. Sending any one of these to a girl will definitely end up with you being alone on a Saturday night.

  • The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre CH 80 Chronograph (Watch Wednesday)

    TAG Heuer recently released their glimmering Carrera Calibre CH 80, a fantastic new chronograph with in house movements capable of up to 80 hours of power reserve in the tank. A truely impressive feat considering its 6.5 mm with 233-part movements. Loyal to the design created in 1963 by Jack Heuer – the man behind some of the most revolutionary advances in the field of sports timing – the displays are arranged in a classic layout, with the chronograph minutes counter at 3 o’clock, the chronograph hours counter at 9 o’clock and small seconds at 6 o’clock with a 41mm display. TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre CH 80 Chronograph

  • How To Deal With Your Back Hair Problem Because It Is Not A Victimless Crime

    It’s easy for you to be oblivious to your back hair because you can’t see it, as you’re standing there poolside, libation in hand, shirtless. But we can, sir. We all can. And once we see it, it’s all we can focus on. Don’t get us wrong, your Tom Selleck-esque chest hair is fine. When women say they want to run their fingers through your hair, though, they don’t mean back hair, like this guy at 1:15 in the Norm MacDonald classic, “Dirty Work”. But, we’re here to help, not point and laugh every time your back is turned. Here are three of the most popular options for removing this silent killer of random summertime hook-ups.

  • Photographing New York’s Trash [10 Photos]

    Photographer Bary Rosenthal has lived in New York City for the past 25 years, but it wasn’t until 2007 that they city’s trash caught his attention. Rosenthal often photographed plants and he’d have to clear trash away to find his subjects, but after a storm in 2007 flattened his usual botanical subjects and deposited more trash than usual, he decided to try capturing the trash on film. Rosenthal arrnaged a handful of plastic bottle caps the way he would wildflowers and took a shot. He was soon hooked on photographing trash. As beautiful as the images can be, they also serve as a reminder to the destruction caused by our irresponsibility. For more work, check out Barry Rosenthal Photography.

  • Sam Adams Summer & Porch Rocker

    There are two beers you need to know about this summer. So you’re outside swiggin back a few and realize there’s a big wold of beer out there, and sometimes a straight up Budweiser is just what the doctor ordered, but for the days when you’re not working in the coal mines, try a refreshing summer brew that makes you enjoy the weather before those inevitable heatwaves cometh and taketh away the life of the season. Sam summer is a golden yellow with a lace-leaving tall white head. The al is an American Wheat, brewed with malted wheat, lemon zest and grains of paradise, a rare African spice. 5.30% ABV which will leave you buzzed without feeling few after a few. Sam Adams Porch Rocker is a fruity beer, laced with hints of lemon and spritz. Picture a reshreshing blend of beer and lemonade with a carbonated splash.  4.50% ABV. The quintessential beer for 90 degrees +.  

  • The Nebula of Nintendo Games

    Nintendo might not have invented the video game, but they damn near perfected in the the glory days of the ’80s. In fact from 1984 to 1993, over 700 games were released from the NES company. Now every single one is highlighted in a Nintendo Entertainment System nebula. Broken down from release date and genre, Pop-Chart Labs created this spiral of video game glory bursting out into space time from Shoot-em-up to Beat-em-up to Sports, RPG and side scroller categories. With over 100 illustrations highlighting our favorites like “Tecmo Bowl”, “Blades of Steel” and “Excitebike” the The Nebula of NES Games is a must have for the nerdy-kid you once were and the nerdy-adult you’ve grown to become.

  • You Can Now Travel by Dragon on Google Maps

    Google is known for hiding Easter eggs in their platforms, like celebrity photobombing in Auto Awesome or countless hidden gems in their search graphic. Now they’re mixing in Maps. If you select a between Snowdon and the Brecon Beacons in Wales, Google will suggest a “dragon” as one of your transport options. They’ve even gone as far as to include an estimated flying time by method of dragon. Where as a drive would take you 3 hr 42 min a ride a top the mythical beast would only take around 21 min. That’s not all, you can call upon the Loch Ness Monster when traveling from Fort Augustus and Urquhart Castle in Scotland which will take around 28 min, much faster than taking the bus, but you might want to leave your cellphone at home.

  • 25 World War I Propaganda Posters

    World War I began almost 100 years ago, in the summer of 1914. The United States, having little involvement with the web of treaties that caused most of Europe to get involved immediately, tried to stay out of the war. In May of 1915, a German U-Boat torpedoed the RMS Lusitania, killing 1,198 passengers and crew, including 128 Americans. This act, along with the European ties of many Americans, led to President Woodrow Wilson finally declaring war on the German Empire in April, 1917. To garner support for the war, propaganda posters were created to illustrate the importance of purchasing war bonds and stamps to fund the military. Other posters aimed to convince the populace to abstain from eating wheat and meat so the food could go to the troops. World War I also was the first time the “I Want You” poster featuring Uncle Sam illustrated by J.M. Flagg was used for Army recruitment.

  • 27 Bizarre Laws and Customs American’s Better Know Before Traveling to These Countries

    Americans—how to say this nicely—tend to offend a lot of people when they’re traveling. Shouts are normal noise levels. Patriotism—’murica—reigns supreme. And sticking to McDonald’s astounds even the greasiest Italian pizzerias. Even as recently as two years ago, Americans ranked themselves as the worst tourists. What kind of masochism is that? One of the biggest American offenses involve ignoring cultural customs and substituting our own—like fanny packs and jorts. To prevent American ignorance, we decided to list a few weird customs and laws from around the world. Break these and you’ll probably be labeled a “silly American,” if you already haven’t been.

  • The Perfect Fathers Day Gift is A Piece of American History

    If your father loves America and you know he does, then what better gift to get him than a piece of American history. This week Gilt is having a unique sale on Vintage Americana Collectibles. Everything from a vintage Notre Dame banner to a framed and signed photo of President Teddy Roosevelt. Brigandi Coins and Collectibles have partnered up with Guilt again for a Vintage Americana & Sports Memorabilia sale. The sports collectables include everything from an Arnold Palmer signed Masters flag to a Mickey Mantle signed Jersey. Head over now and buy us Teddy’s ol’ Herby Hancock. Now.

  • Kelly Kapowski Was The Defining Sex Symbol Of The Early 1990’s [50 Photos]

    Pam Anderson and Cindy Crawford had nothing on Kelly Kapowski in the early 1990’s. She was the defining sex symbol of the decade and she still reigns supreme today. Just go to any summer music festival, every girl tries to look like her and dozens of guy’s are trying to pick up the Kapowski look-a-likes with her face on a t-shirt. So let’s pay tribute to the Queen of the 1990’s with a photo bonanza unlike anything else on the web.

  • The History Of Money [Infographic]

    Humans have been using banks and currency for thousands of years. See how far we’ve come, from bartering to Bitcoins, in this infographic from Mint. How do you think that dude who made the first Bitcoin transaction feels, knowing he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for a $25 pizza order? And London pizza, at that!

  • Tweeter Street Captures Twitter Users Where They Tweet [20 Photos]

    When photographer Michael Hughes would look at his Twitter feed and navigate to the “nearby tweets” section, he would often wonder about the environment in which the tweeters tweeted. He sought to capture the “tweet-context” and the idea for “Tweeter Street” was born. For the project, Hughes photographs the tweeters in the environment they were in when they wrote their 140-character message. So far he has captured tweeters in London and Jakarta. The ultimate goal is to photograph 140 tweeters from all over the world for the project. Keep up with the series on Tweeter Street.

  • Star Wars With Alphabetized Dialogue Is The Craziest Video You’ll See Today

    alphabetized? an be Could do drive every Get hard how How idea if imagine insane. it it long put read something that think this to to together? took video was will with word would you you you That is to say, Could you imagine how hard it would be to read something if every word was alphabetized? Get an idea with this video that will drive you insane. How long do you think it took to put together?

  • 50 Hip Hop Album Covers We Love To Hate

    If you bought a hip hop album in the 90s, especially anything No Limit and Cash Money, then you are familiar with the amazing graphic work of Pen & Pixel Graphics. The Houston-based company churned out album covers for hundreds of artists. If you were looking for more lens flares than a JJ Abrams film, more explosions than a Michael Bay blockbuster, and more fonts than a diner menu, Pen & Pixel were the designers you were looking for. The best news? They’re still in business! If you’re lookin for that nostalgic touch for your latest project, head over to Pen & Pixel for a quote. They even do website design!

  • This Vlad vs 50 Cent First Pitch Vine Will Break the Internet

    You win MLB Fan Cave. You Win. Yesterday the Fan Cave uploaded an altered video of 50 Cent’s infamous first pitch botch at Citi Field with a superimposed Vladimir Guerrero scooping 50’s runaway ball into a blooper single. But the real dagger in the heart is how the Mets field the ball. LOL @ Mets.

  • A Cinematic Supercut of Flipping Tables

    The pure euphoric adrenaline that flipping a table would give you. Now I’m sure many of you reading this have never actually flipped a table, then you don’t know the sheer joy that comes out of a situation so bad that it would require you to flip said table in the first place. The rage, the flip, the satisfaction. Roman Holiday created a super-cut of the best 34 cinematic table flips, obviously including Jesus, Sam Jackson and Danny Glover. Watch and then go have a cigarette** or find the nearest mosh pit to exhaust the sheer emotion you feel from seeing 34 tables flip. FTW. Cinematic Table Flips from Roman Holiday on Vimeo. **In no way do we support smoking cigarettes for emotional release. Even e-cigarettes are up in the air at this point.

  • 57 Eerie Photos Showing The High Line When It Was An Abandoned Railway

    Before it became a New York City landmark enjoyed by millions of visitors each year The High Line was a condemned freight rail line in dire straights. Built in the 1930s and out of operation since 1980, the track was on the verge of being torn down by the city. Today the park is recognized as the pinnacle of urban redevelopment but let’s take a look at it before the non-profit Friends of the High Line swooped in to save the day. If you want to see what the park looks like today visit The High Line website where they have hundreds of beautiful pictures.

  • Netflix Series BoJack Horseman Stars Will Arnett as a Washed-Up Horse Sitcom Star

    Netflix is now trying their skill set at cartoons. Their latest project “BoJack Horseman”, a dry comedy staring Will Arnett as a washed-up child sitcom actor who now has to cope with the reality of a dimming career and life as a has-been celebrity. Oh and he’s a horse. Who can walk on two legs, like a human. Oh and their are actually plenty of animorph type characters. Kind of like hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, but set around an alcoholic man-horse. It also stars Alison Brie as BoJack’s former love interest, Amy Sedaris as a cat-agent and Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul as a human. Yeah, I’m watching this.

  • This Risqué Swimwear Was Too Hot For Early 1900s Beaches [10 Photos]

    In the 19th century, two-piece bathing suits became commonplace for women, but these were no bikinis. The two pieces were a gown from shoulder to knees and a set of trousers with leggings down to the ankles. These bathing suits were great for keeping down the urges but they were terrible when it came to actually swimming in the water. In 1907, Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman came to the United States to perform as an “underwater ballerina.” She wore a form-fitting swimsuit that revealed her neck, arms, and legs and was promptly arrested in Massachusetts for indecent exposure. She added long legs and arms and a collar to the swimsuit so she could perform, but kept it form-fitting so she could still move around. She began marketing her one-piece bathing suit which became known as the “Annette Kellerman.” This new swimwear was considered the most offensive on the market and was the focus of numerous censorship efforts. To add to her notoriety, Kellerman also became the first actress to do a nude scene in a movie with her work in “A Daughter of the Gods.” Annette Kellerman, we salute you.

  • Man Meal: The Secret’s In the Sauce, 5 Summer BBQ Sauce Recipes

    A summer barbecue is only as good as the sauce that flavors the meats. Everyone know’s this. Or do they? Most people seem to think Sweet Baby Rays or the elusive Dinosaur BBQ sauce is all you need to season or marinate a good set of ribs or piece of brisket, but oh boy are they wrong, sweet baby wrong. While SBR and Dino-BBQ are great quick solutions for a quick meal, a good BBQ sauce is the unsung hero of every barbecue. We’ve pulled a collection of sauces to last you the whole summer, so simmer down now and get to work and by Labor Day weekend, your sauce will be the nectar of the Gods.

  • 5 New York City Dates That Will Impress Her (Without Breaking Your Wallet!)

    A surefire way to plan a great but reasonably-priced date is to create an experience. This way, the time you spend together will be filled up by an activity or entertainment that lasts for a while and keeps you from buying more cocktails or scrambling for options. The fact that you’re putting in the effort to really plan a date (as opposed to “Oh, let’s just meet at my neighborhood bar”) will be impressive in and of itself. Not to mention, you will have fun if your date feels more like an outing and less like a job interview.

  • This Batman-Inspired Golf Cart Costs More Than Your Car

    In Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, we were introduced to the next generation of Batmobile, the Tumbler. Thanks to those purveyors of things you never knew existed and could never afford at Hammacher Schlemmer, you can get your own Tumbler in the form of this badass and totally unnecessary golf cart. With 6 course-friendly tires and a 6-horsepower, battery-charged electric go-cart motor, the Gotham Golfcart can reach a top speed of 38 miles per hour. The all-black alloy body is just as sleek as the movie version and its twin aerodynamic wings fold around the passenger compartment to protect riders from villainous stray balls. The luxury golf cart also features adjustable leather seats, cup holders, iPad stand, and lights. Order yours today for $35,500. Or not. Because you don’t have that sort of Bruce Wayne cash.

  • Bruce Anstey’s 132MPH Superbike Record Lap Looks Like Fictional Hyper-speed

    New Zealand Superbike legend Bruce Anstey made history when he finished an Isle of Mann TT lap at a staggering 132.298 MPH. The Isle of Man TT circuit takes enough brass to hop on a bike and take a leisurely stroll through, let alone break the speed record for the course. Bruce is no stranger to going mentally unstable-fast, being a nine-time winner of what is considered to be the most dangerous motor racing event in the world. 241 riders have died on the course in less than 100 years of racing. Anstey had a camera strapped to the front of his bike and we can’t help but think of a Fast and the Furious race scene that elaborate’s peripheral vision into a hyper-speed-Star-Trek like visual. Well this is that, but in real life, without the confines of a spaceship. Hold on to your butts.

  • Origami House Is Way Bigger Than It Looks [18 Photos]

    Located in Mie Prefecture on Japan’s main Honshu island, the Origami House from TSC Architects is modeled after the Japanese paper-folding art. The unique design of the roof isn’t just for show, it also serves a structural purpose. Through contact with the ground, the diagonal roof becomes a strong defense against winds and earthquakes. The giant eaves also block the direct rays of the sun and protect the outer wall from rain. Inside, the house is planned around a double-height living room with a kitchen and dining room off to one side. A bedroom, bathroom, and traditional Japanese-room are placed along the edges. Upstairs is an additional bedroom and storage area.

  • Ryan Lewis Asks Music Fans About Ryan Lewis

    Fallon had Ryan Lewis, the producer/DJ/computer guy of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis duo roam the streets of NYC in search of some fans who actually knew who Ryan Lewis was. Even with a picture staring them in the face, fans were “Clark Kent’d” by Lewis’s glasses or maybe the fact that the only time we see Ryan Lewis is when Macklemore wins an award.

  • TV’s Greatest Catch Phrases, Because ‘How you Doin?’

    Some of television’s greatest moments in history were catchphrases coined by a select few lovable characters throughout the golden years of television programing. From Urkel’s nasally high pitched fumbled “Did I do that?” to Joey Tribiani’s “How you doin?” inquiry of seduction that got lady’s all hot and bothered, here are the best television catch phrases of all time.

  • You’ll Never Guess How These 10 Companies Got Their Start

    As more and more corporations combine into giant conglomerates that make every product imaginable, it’s sometimes hard to imagine where they got their start. Many of the biggest companies around today got their start many years ago operating in businesses that have little if anything to do with what they are today. Looking through this list, it’s obvious that if you want your business to survive and thrive, you must be willing to adapt.

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