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  • Could You Pass A US Citizenship Test? [Link]

    If immigrants wish to become US citizens, they must pass the Naturalization Test. If that episode of “The Simpsons” where Apu becomes a citizen is any indication, they study pretty hard for it. In order to pass, applicants must get 6 out of 10 correct in an oral exam. 92 percent of applicants are able to pass the test. Here are 96 questions that could be asked for the test. You must get 58 correct to pass. Embarrassingly enough, I got more wrong than I thought I would. Good thing I was born here.

  • 26 Sexist Ads Of The ‘Mad Men’ Era

    “Mad Men” sure makes the 1960s look like a glorious era, with all the nice suits and martini lunches. Sounds great, as long as you were a man. Despite the burgeoning feminist movement, the mainstream America targeted by advertisers of the 1960s was still a man’s world. These sexist ads that companies wish we’d forget highlight the worst of the patriarchal society of yesteryear.

  • Throwback Thursday With Zubaz [21 Photos]

    In 1988, Michael Hegstrend and Joseph Laurinaitis, better known to wrestling fans as the Road Warriors and, later, the Legion of Doom, brought their idea for comfortable workout pants to bodybuilders Dan Stock and Bob Truax. Zubaz was born. In the late 80s and early 90s, Zubaz designs for professional sports teams became extremely popular with athletes and fans alike. But like any fad, it wouldn’t last forever. By the late 90s, the company was bankrupt. Dan and Bob bought back the company and since 2007, Zubaz has been back in business, popular with both nostalgic fans and professional athletes who wore the pants as kids. Order some for yourself at Zubaz. 

  • 11 Things You Should Stop Doing to Your Girlfriend

    You know those times when your girlfriend gets mysteriously shady-eyed and stops talking to you as you wrack your brain to figure out what went wrong? You can avoid these dreaded moments by learning how you’re making her go mute (and no, it’s not always that she’s on her period).

  • Throw Chains At Women In Bizarre New Game From Kanye And Future

    To promote their new single “I Won,” Future and Kanye West have released this creepy videogame. In it, you play as Future and Kanye, relaxing on the beach, waiting for fine ladies to walk by. So you can throw gold chains at them. And turn them into trophy wives. Actual trophies. And you get more points for the amount of style you utilize in your assault. There’s also a link to purchase the album, but after playing the game for a few minutes, you’ll probably be sick of it. Do you think this is how Kanye wooed Kim in real life?  

  • Musicians With Doctorates [Infographic]

    Think that popular musicians are lucky to be where they are, because without their hit records, they’d just be hard-partying dummies? That might make you feel better about yourself, but it’s just not true. This infographic presents the musicians who found the time to get their PhDs while selling millions of records and touring the world. Apparently, punks are especially smart. Although, to be fair, James Lilja left The Offspring in the 80s. Of course, honorable mention would have to go Dexter Holland of The Offspring who was a PhD candidate for molecular biology before deciding to focus on the band. Jeez, and I failed at college AND being a musician.

  • ‘Hot Tub Cinemas’ Making the Plunge to a Williamsburg Rooftop Near You

    New York summers are hot, sweaty and sticky. Sometimes you just want to kick back and hop in a pool or jacuzzi, but those are harder to come by in the city. Public pools are over-crowded and grimey. Hotel rooftop pools are over-crowed and boogie. And sometimes your shoebox apartment bath just doesn’t cut it. That’s precisely why Hot Tub Cinemas new venture to play movies on a Williamsburg rooftop sold 100 tickets with 1,700 on the waitlist, at $65 and include an open bar, sold out in a heartbeat. Yes, it’s unbearably hipster, the thought of 100 bearded men and women in ironically small european bathing-suits toasting their PBRs in an inflatable hot tub, but it also sounds awesome.  Asher Charman, the founder of the London-based company teamed with crowdsourcing site Crowdtilt to raise funds and bring in Intex PureSpa Portable Hot Tubs, which feature 120 bubble jets and warm the water up to a balmy 104 degrees. And for their first showing, Hot Tub Cinemas will play ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’, how fitting. Pros: – Charman’s idea could break ground for a new breed of portable movie rooftop screening events across a citycape with limited space. – No one’s ever hated a hot more »

  • 12 Free HQ Photos From Public Domain Archive

    Web designer, photographer, and graphic designer Matt Hobbs was always searching for public domain images to include in his projects. Unfortunately, there was not a single resource that collected all the great, high quality photos available for free use. So Hobbs put his skills to use and created Public Domain Archive. Obviously this site will never compete with the incredible libraries of sites such as Shutterstock. Instead it’s meant to be more like Pinterest, offering inspiration and images you can use without worrying about copyright. Check out more great public domain images, including many from Matt Hobbs himself, at the Public Domain Archive.

  • The Drag-Racing Horses of Cairo

    On the side streets of Cairo a new breed of working class people of the Shubra district line up along the narrow streets and ally ways setting up wooden carts and plastic chairs for the festivities to begin. Small wagers are set back and fourth and then the fun (and danger begins). In this particular district of Egypt dusk festivities involve drag racing, but not with suped-up japanese imports, in Cairo these men races horses. Renowned photographer David Degner traveled across the globe to get the events on film. As the horse drawn wagons plummet down the avenue, the horses gallop erratically, missing cars, motorcycles, microbuses and even spectators by inches.

  • Kimmel’s Asks People On Gluten-free Diets Try To Explain What Gluten Is

    Some people can’t eat gluten for medical reasons, but a lot of people in Los Angeles don’t eat gluten because someone in their yoga class told them not to. Jimmy wondered how many of these people even know what gluten is, so we sent a camera crew out to a popular exercise spot here in LA and asked people who are gluten-free a simple question: “What is gluten?”

  • Win the Duke Cannon “El Cuatro” Four-pack from RSVLTS!

    We’re giving away four of the biggest, baddest bar soaps in existence: Victory, Accomplishment, Productivity and Naval Supremacy from Duke Cannon. The “El Cuatro” variety pack is great because we understand how difficult it can be to choose among the very best, so we want to allow you to hedge you bets by getting four outstanding Big Ass Bricks of soap. We promise, you will never get a better smelling package in the mail. El Cuatro retails at $25 and can be purchased at DukeCannon.com and West Elm, Jack Threads, Duluth Trading Co. and Carhartt but today one lucky winner will get it for free.

  • Adidas Pure Boost

    When it comes to performance footwear, minimalist design reigns supreme on today’s landscape. The key is to build a low profile, lightweight sneaker that still provides all of the support and comfort one needs, and the Adidas Pure Boost seems to be the complete package.

  • Slow Motion Tattoos Are Incredibly Interesting. And Painful. [Video]

    This slow motion, close-up video of the tattoo process is incredible to watch. It’s also a tad painful. Anyone who has been tattooed will say that it doesn’t hurt all that much, but watching this video and seeing the flesh wobble like Jello with each piercing of the tattoo needle makes the process look excruciating. Check out more work from Guet, the artist in the video, on Instagram.

  • House Of Mirrors Bachelor Pad [14 Photos]

    Hidden in the hills of the San Francisco suburb of Larkspur lies the Turner Residence. Designed by San Francisco’s Jensen Architects, the facade of the home includes floor-to-ceiling mirrored glass panels that reflect the surrounding oaks, camouflaging the structure. The main pavilion on the the third floor of the house contains the kitchen, dining, and living areas. Adjacent to the pavilion are the swimming pool and cedar spa. The two floors below contain the bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage.  Completed in August of 2013, the house is sure to turn heads. If anyone can spot it, that is. For a detailed description of the design and construction process, visit Jensen Architects.

  • A Look Back At V-E Day, May 8th 1945 [58 Photos]

    On this day in 1945 Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signed the ratified surrender terms for the German Army in Berlin ending World War II in Europe. Although war still raged on in Japan for about eight more weeks this was a major victory and the date is now called Victory in Europe Day or V-E Day for short. This was a day and age before the internet and cell phones so it took time for the information to spread so although some parts of the world were celebrating other parts were still suffering from the terror of world and oppression of Hitler’s forces. Here is a fascinating collection of pictures showing how the V-E Day looked around the world, on the battlefields and in the camps as the word spread.

  • 20 Reasons Why Paul Rodriguez’s Skateboarding Skills Are Better In GIF Form [RSVLTS Exclusive]

    Paul Rodriguez has quite the skateboarding resume. He is a four time X-Game Gold medalist, Nike SB’s first sponsored rider and has most recently teamed with with legendary tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon and AXE for an in-store takeover of Targets across America. As part of the celebration for his new line dubbed AXE Kilo we spent the afternoon with Rodriguez at Bathhouse Studios in Manhattan where he laid down some of his sickest tricks. We had a camera rolling to catch the whole thing and as we have proved time and time again with world famous athletes like Mike Tyson, Kate Upton, water slide bloopers, trick shot videos, Christopher Walken dance moves, and many others watching Paul Rodriguez’s masterful skateboarding skills is Better in GIF Form.

  • 25 Photos Proving How Rad Arcades Were In The 80s

    Kids today don’t know how hard we had it in the 80s. We would work all week doing chores just to earn a measly $5. Then, after annoying a parent enough, we’d get a ride to the mall, run to the arcade, and blow through our allowance in about 45 minutes. Do kids today even go to arcades? And what’s a game cost now, about $12 per play? Whatever, thanks to bars like Barcade in Jersey City and Brooklyn, we can still enjoy the same games from our childhood for just a quarter. And we get drunk doing it! Actually, looking at these photos from “Growing Up In Arcades: 1979-1989″ on Flickr, it seems like you can find people dressed exactly the same in Brooklyn’s Barcade today. Now who’s up for some Gauntlet?

  • How To Open A Champagne Bottle With A Sword [Video]

    Alton Brown, smartypants host of the Food Network’s “Good Eats,” uses his entertaining and highly informative style to teach the fine art of opening champagne with a saber. Now if you ever find yourself celebrating a calvary victory, you’ll know just what to do without losing face in front of your men. Of course, as Alton tells us again and again, we’re not allowed to try this at home, so we’ll just have to live vicariously through this video. Sure. Now does anyone know where I can get a saber for a totally unrelated reason?

  • Ronald Reagan Had A Stellar Sense Of Style [11 Photos]

    Ronald Reagan won 49 out of 50 states in his re-election. Nobody since then has come close to uniting the country like that. It was his humor, kindness, good nature and a killer sense of style (see photo #9) that makes Reagan a great President, some would argue even the best we’ve ever had.

  • Ill-Fated Simpsons Car “The Homer” Built Out Of LEGOs

    In season 2 of “The Simpsons,” which aired 23 years ago by the way, we learned that Homer had a half-brother named Herb Powell who owned a car company called Powell Motors. Herb asked Homer to help design a car for the everyman. The finished product, dubbed The Homer, featured two bubble domes, shag carpeting, three horns, and tailfins. It was a complete failure. Now that LEGO is producing sets based on The Simpsons, LEGO enthusiast Brain Williams has taken it upon himself to build an incredible replica of The Homer. You can see the model in person at Brickworld or head over to Williams’ Flickr account, loaded with pictures of plenty of awesome LEGO creations.

  • Live HD Stream From The ISS Is Amazing [Video]

    Last month, 4 high-definition cameras were delivered to the International Space Station. The cameras were mounted on the outside of the ISS and live video feed has been streaming since April 30. Aside from offering an incredible view of Earth like you’ve never seen before, the program also tests the viability of commercial cameras for future space missions. If these HD cameras prove successful, millions can be saved by forgoing expensive, custom-designed space cameras. With governments cutting back on space programs, every dollar counts. Check out the live feed below and get more info on the High Definition Earth Viewing program at NASA.

  • The 50 Best Comic Book Movies of All-Time

    With the summer of 2014 seemingly overloaded with comic book-based films now seems like the perfect time to take a look back at the best comic book movies we’ve seen thus far. They are ranked according to a variety of criteria – film quality, importance, general comic bookiness for lack of a better term, etc – and since we all know comic book geeks are the most levelheaded, least argumentative people on Earth, I’m sure we’ll get no arguments at all about these, the 50 best comic book movies ever.

  • The Magnificent Art Of Concept Cars [17 HQ Photos]

    Beginning May 21, Atlanta’s High Museum of Art will display a collection of concept cars in an exhibition titled “Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas.” The concept cars, produced between 1932 and the present day, were never meant for sale to the public, but instead served as tests for design innovations that would take years to find their way into mass production, if they made it past the conceptual stage at all. The point of the exhibit is to showcase the limitless imaginations of the mechanical engineers behind these marvels, who dared to produce such radical designs. The exhibit runs from May 21-September 7. For more information, visit High Museum of Art.

  • 20 Reasons Why Danzig Is Suing Jerry Only Over Misfits Merchandise

    Former Misfits lead singer Glenn Danzig is suing Jerry Only, the only original member remaining, claiming Only agreed to merchandising deals without Danzig’s consent. Danzig claims that the band entered into an agreement in 1994 to share ownership of the band’s trademarks, including the popular skull logo. In 2000, Only re-registered the trademarks in his own name and entered into merchandising contracts with apparently anyone who would pay him. Since then, the world has been overrun with such inane Misfits merchandise as skull gloves, bobbleheads, lunch boxes, shirts with Marilyn Monroe wearing Misfits shirts (so meta!), and even baby clothes. Sure, plenty of bands have baby clothes among their merch, but those bands probably don’t have songs that begin with “I’ve got something to say/ I killed your baby today.” Let’s just hope Danzig is looking to end this merchandising madness and is not just looking for his piece of the pie.

  • Incredible Costa Rican Hotel Inside A Boeing 727 [11 HQ Photos]

    The most exclusive suite in all of Costa Rica can be found at the Hotel Costa Verde. A 1967 Boeing 727 has been refurbished and transformed into a two bedroom suite atop a 50-foot pedestal in the rainforest. One bedroom features one queen sized bed while the other features two queen sized beds and both have a private bath and air conditioning. There is also a flat screen TV, kitchenette, dining area, and ocean view terrace. Rates start at just $250 per night. For more info and photos documenting the construction of the hotel, visit Hotel Costa Verde.

  • 51 Seconds of The Wu-Tang’s Secret Album Released

    In a secret room of The Royal Mansour hotel, Morocco lies a ground breaking box for the entire music industry. Their newest album, a top secret project only for the ears of the highest bidder. Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is The Wu-Tang’s newest album and they’ll only be releasing 1 copy. Forbes’ Zack O’Mally Greenburg sat down with album producer, Cilvaringz in the Moroccan hotel room where the album was produced to listen to 51 seconds of the album. The result was a classic hook by one of the Clan’s most gifted lyricists, Ghost Face Killah. A classic Wu-Tang style sound from the days of 36 Chambers, angry and unfiltered, with a hook from the likes of… Cher…? Take a listen and wait for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

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