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  • What Kid Wouldn’t Want A Nicolas Cage Activity Book?

    What is it about Nic Cage that makes him the Internet’s favorite movie star? Is it the Oscar-worthy meltdowns you can expect in almost every film? Or the bizarre speech patterns that add nothing to the character but are incredibly annoying? Or the fact that he doesn’t seem to turn down any role presented to him? Yes. All of those. Nicolas Cage is both the worst and the best at the same time and we love him for it. Now you can spread your love of Nicolas Cage to the children in your life with Snake Eyes: A Nicolas Cage Activity Book from Haunt Me Studio. Help bust him out of prison in a Con Air maze. Or draw a new face for him after John Travolta steals his. All this fun and more can be found in the book, available in November, which you can preorder at Amazon for $10.

  • Nike x Teague Designed a Plane Built for Pro Athletes

    With professional sports teams spending billions of dollars in acquired contracts, home and practice training facilities it’s no surprise that a custom plane built specifically for athletes took this long to be executed. Teague, a interior plane design firm sought out help to the largest sports equipment company in the world to assist in layout and aesthetics to create what promises to be the standard in professional sports in the near future. The plane’s design is built to focus on four categories athletes lack when traveling on a standard air liner, Recovery, Circulation, Sleep and Thinking. Professional athletes are becoming bigger and taller, standard seats and air liners make it uncomfortable to travel, inducing cramps and strains in some cases. What Teague and Nike are doing is creating an “away” facility for their team to focus for the next game, while being comfortable and even more. Recovery: equalizing the negative effects of air travel on the mind and body, and bringing the training room to 40,000 feet through in-flight biometrics and analysis to accelerate injury diagnosis and treatment. Circulation: fostering natural mobility and building in equipment that ensures optimal circulation and promotes healing. Sleep: designing ideal sleeping conditions for individuals more »

  • Amazon Brings Prime Instant Video To Android And It’s A Mess

    This morning started out great for Amazon Prime subscribers who use Android phones with the announcement that Prime Instant Video was finally available for all Android devices. Amazon Prime Instant Video, once home to second-rate horror movies and documentaries made by film students, has become a force to be reckoned with this past year. The addition of HBO’s library earlier this year finally made Amazon a worthy contender against Netflix. But Netflix has had an Android App for years. Upon hearing the news, I excitedly upgraded the Amazon App. A new addition to the dropdown menu appeared—Amazon Instant Video! Finally! I pressed down and was greeted by the same Instant Video screen I had seen so many times on my computer monitor. I decided to revisit HBO’s filthy western Deadwood and hit the big green “Watch” button. Was I whisked away to the dingy whorehouses of Deadwood, South Dakota? Not at all. Instead I was told to download the Amazon video app. And it was only available from Amazon, not the Google Play Store. That meant changing the phone’s security options to allow apps from “unknown sources.” There are plenty of phone users who wouldn’t want to do this and more »

  • Watch The Full Documentary About The Guy Who Crashed 50 Concerts [Video]

    We previously reported on the documentary No Cameras Allowed which tells the story of James Marcus Haney, a USC dropout who crashed 50 concerts in 4 years and became an official music photographer in the process. MTV premiered the film late last month and now you can watch the full movie streaming online. Although the story can be a tad saccharine-sweet at times, there is plenty of great concert footage weaved in that makes the narrative much easier to tolerate. If you want a positive story set to music and performances from the likes of Mumford & Sons and Old Crow Medicine Show, give No Cameras Allowed a shot. If nothing else, it’s a reminder that MTV is still capable of music-centric programming.

  • RSVLTS Cuts Launch Event Presented by AXE Hair

    We had our first big RSVLTS cuts party on Thursday. Getting your hair cut from a new barber is like taking a leap of faith, some may call it a box of chocolates of sorts. You never know what ya gonna get. When we first stumbled on the idea of RSVLTS Cuts we knew it would take some convincing to get people in the chair for the first time, but after seeing our in house barber, Jesse Logerfo get at it, his work spoke for itself and the line was out the door. With the help of AXE Hair we assembled a one-two punch for giving our closest colleagues the haircut of their lives accompanied with a bevy of premium styling products. “I literally shed a single tear after seeing what an amazing job Jesse did.” Sean O’ Neal, satisfied customer. Our launch party took place last Thursday on NFL kickoff, and we plan on continuing every other Thursday from here on out. Some football, some wings, some booze all topped off with a premium haircut from one of New York’s best barbers. The next event is taking place on Thursday, September 18th. Register now: http://rsvltscuts2.eventbrite.com

  • This Creepy Connecticut Castle Is For Sale [20 Photos]

    Located in Woodstock, Connecticut, this 22,000 square foot home features 8 bedrooms, 8.5 baths, a gated bridge, and a moat. Oh yeah, this home just happens to be a castle. The 20-room castle was built in 2009 for a reported $4.1 million by Christopher Mark, great-grandson of Chicago industrialist and steel tycoon Clayton Mark Sr. Mark built the home for his family, but has since divorced. Mark then explored using the castle for business purposes, such as a banquet hall and a space for photo shoots via his former website castle-models.com, but the city of Woodstock shut him down. Now the castle sits, an anomaly among the neighborhood of moderate-sized homes. Exhausting his business ideas and no longer needing the house for his family, Mark has now placed his castle up for sale. You can check out the listing for yourself at Estately and set up an appointment to view the $45 million property. For that price, they better include the Egyptian sarcophagus!

  • Maryland’s ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Uniform Scream ‘Merica

    For the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore, which inspired Francis Scott Key to write his poem “Defence of Fort McHenry” which later became “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the United States national anthem, the University of Maryland will be wearing the most ‘MERICA uniforms you’ve ever seen in college football. Picture Chuck Norris on a giant bald eagle, wearing an American Flag bandana, blasting Hulk Hogan’s entrance music, “I am a Real American” from the heavens. These uniforms are more American than that. The logo on the helmet and pant features the outline of Forg McHenry and an image of the famous flag that flew through the night of the Battle, which inspired our national anthem. Additionally, team captains will don red belts as American military captains did during the Battle.

  • Ralph Lauren Brings Holograms To Fashion Week

    To promote his new brand of Polo for Women, Ralph Lauren hosted a typical Fashion Week party with celebrities (Kendall Jenner) and fancy food (lobster rolls), but he also had something special planned—a 4D hologram spectacular on a 60 foot screen in Central Park. Proving that holograms can be used for more than creepy performances from dead pop stars, Lauren’s models appeared to walk on water during the innovative 10-minute show. Some argue that the clothes, at times appearing blurry, were overshadowed by the technology and extravagance of the show, but ultimately such a display is what will garnish the most media attention for the Polo for Women brand. And by the end of the show, featuring a dancing Ralph Lauren, everyone was enjoying themselves. If you’re a New Yorker who wasn’t invited the party, you and the rest of the hoi polloi can check out a public showing of the holographic performance tonight at 9 in Central Park. And if you’d like to see the clothes in person, head over to the new 38,000 square foot Ralph Lauren Polo flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

  • Watch The American Horror Story Freak Show Trailer. Its… Freaky

    The first trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show is finally here. Set to the awesome tone of “Carousel” by Melanie Martinez, the camera runs through the back stage of a carnival, panning to the likes of Kathy Bates as the bearded lady and Michael Chickless as the strong man as well as some interesting surprises. Looks like the gang will be made up of a cast with deformities mostly and we’re sure Jessica Lang has a little secret of her own. Ryan Murphy hasn’t disappointed in three seasons of AHS and we’re sure this season will keep us on the tips of our tails for the whole ride.

  • RSVLTS Snap: Burning Man, Dave Lingwood and a Disposable Camera [27 Photos]

    RSVLTS Snap will put disposable cameras into the hands of RSVLTS.com friends who are doing epic things to capture life as it happens from their perspective. But why disposable cameras? Pushing the flash button is an instant crowd pleaser. They take great selfies. The pictures have a natural 1990s filter with no editing involved. There is only have 27 photos so each one is precious. Because they are awesome! Our friend Dave Lingwood went to Burning Man this past weekend and helped us kick things off. This is how it all went down. Go follow Dave on Twitter: @dave_lingwood and Brit Kaminski on Instagram: @beeyoself Go follow Brit: http://instagram.com/beeyoself

  • Look Closely Or You’ll Miss This Awesome Street Art [17 Photos]

    You can find the work of German street art duo Zebrating all over public spaces in huge cities like Paris and Berlin, but if you don’t look carefully, you won’t even notice. That’s because instead of using conspicuous building facades as canvas, Zebrating use railings and fences, causing their work to appear only from certain viewpoints. What looks like a sloppily painted railing up front becomes a beautiful painting of two lovers embracing when you take a few steps back. The art of Zebrating is more subtle than works of other street artists which actually helps make it more effective. As street art becomes more and more ubiquitous, it becomes easy to become immune to it. This novel approach eschews passivity and reinvigorates the street art movement. For more photos and news on Zebrating, be sure to follow the duo on Facebook. 

  • Here’s What We Did With Our All Access Pass to Whatever, USA (60 HQ Photos)

    For the past three days we’ve been running around a small town in Colorado that’s been taken over by the biggest beer brand in the world. Coined as Whatever, USA, the small town of Crested Butte, CO was turned on it’s head when their quaint main street was taken over and skinned out in what can only be known as “Bud Light blue” from here on out. The street and light poles were painted BL blue, the sun flared off aluminum blue bottles in every direction for a mile and everywhere you looked, another random street event was diverting your attention. Every bar on the street was open for business, serving free Bud Lights from sun up to sun set. The food at every restaurant, on the house. A literal playground for a lucky 500 adults and their plus-ones who entered and won a contest based off of a ten second answer to a random question in a video booth. If you think that’s a recipe for disaster, that there’s no way 1,000 twenty-somethings, encouraged to drink free beer from dawn till dusk could end well you’d be wrong.  Those marketing genius’ in their “Bud Light Blue” tower at the Anheuser Busch headquarters in more »

  • Stunning Time-Lapse Proves California Is The Most Beautiful State In America [Video]

    California, the third largest state in the US, is also the most beautiful. Not only is it home to major cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, there are also plenty of natural wonders to behold. Containing both the highest and lowest points in the contiguous United States and the second longest coastline, California’s ecology is as diverse as its people. We’ve highlighted our favorite spots in the state with 42 Astounding Natural Wonders of California and now many of those locales can be seen in video form in this time-lapse compilation from photographer Hal Bergman. Bergman sifted through 423 clips created over 4 years to select these 67. On average, they each took 1-3 hours to film and another 3-10 hours to edit. It was an epic undertaking and the result is incredible. You can check out more of Bergman’s photography at Flickr.

  • 20 Barcodes That Are Works Of Art

    The Universal Product Code barcode first appeared on a pack of chewing gum in 1974. 40 years later, those black and white stripes of varying thickness are found on just about every package, allowing us to get through the grocery line quickly without constant price checks when we’re buying embarrassing items like hemorrhoid cream or Utz cheese ball barrels. Unfortunately, UPC codes are ugly and can sometimes ruin otherwise perfectly designed packages. But it doesn’t have to be that way. More and more designers are actually incorporating the UPC code into the design, creating a new style of art that you’ve probably never noticed before. These fun barcodes have even inspired a Reddit subreddit called Barcode Porn. Check out some of our favorites below and next time you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, check out the art gallery that awaits you in your shopping basket.

  • Seven Steps to Living a Bill Murray Life, by Bill Murray [Link]

    Everybody loves Bill Murray, but unfortunately there’s only one Bill Murray and it isn’t you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to live a Bill Murray life. Friday was “Bill Murray Day” at the Toronto Film Festival and during a Q&A session for his new film “St. Vincent,” Murray gave some great tips for living life. Take a look at these highlights and get started transforming yourself from the terrible person you’ve been for so long.

  • This Mountain Bike POV Video Will Kill Your Appetite

    Trying to shed a few pounds you put on over summer vacation? Just watch this insanely fast-paced POV video from Hafjell World Championship 2014 in Norway. 21-year-old Welsh downhill mountain bicyclist Manon Carpenter strapped on a GoPro so we could tag along on the nauseatingly bumpy ride. Carpenter’s win at the championship came just weeks after being named World Cup winner after winning 3 of the 7 races at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. Good for her, but I feel sore all over just watching this video.

  • 16 Photos That Explain Why Customs Can Be So Slow

    Nobody likes waiting in line at the airport and customs can be the worst. We’ve all stood there, waiting for hours wondering what takes so long. Can’t they just let us through faster? Do they ever even find anything? Yes. They find tons. A customs agent on Imgur posted these photos from customs agencies around the world showing all the crazy places people hide drugs, money, and exotic animals. And if this is the stuff they’re able to find, just think of the weird things smugglers do to get their goods in successfully.

  • Awesome Street Art Mural Time-Lapse [Video]

    Last weekend, the city of Borås in western Sweden hosted No Limit Street Art Borås, a street art event featuring works from many different artists all around the city. One of the most impressive pieces was Natalia Rak’s gigantic “Ophelia” mural. Watch the Polish street artist create her work in this great time-lapse video below then check out more work from Natalia Rak. And for more info on the festival, check out No Limit Borås.

  • Facebook Releases NFL Fandom throughout the U.S.

    The legions of fans around the country have spoken and with that Facebook released the ultimate map of NFL fandom across the U.S. The map was based on people who like those teams and their location in the country. The Denver Broncos definitely take up the most land on the map with most of the midwest leaning toward Peyton and Denver. Los Angeles still keeps it’s loyalty to the raiders and the most interesting visual is actually a lack there of, with the New York Jets the only team in the league without a loyal fan base in the country.

  • John Oliver Has Us Terrified About Student Debt

    John Oliver discusses student debt, which is awful, as well as for-profit colleges, who are awfully good at inflicting debt upon us. People in this country want to get a higher education but for profit schools are ruining people’s financial future. “Student debt is like HPV.  If you go to college, you are almost certainly going to get it.” His 16 minute tirade against student debt will enlighten you.

  • Bewildered Dads At A One Direction Concert [Photos]

    Pop boy band One Direction recently played a show in Nashville to thousands of screaming teenage girls…and their sad dads. Photographer Angelina Castillo captured these confused and sad dads and we are all happy not to be in their shoes. It’s great that they’re doing their dad duties, but the look of defeat on their faces is soul-crushing. Actually, Trojan should use these photos in an ad campaign, because nothing says birth control like thousands of screaming teenagers.

  • The Smartphone Future No One Is Talking About

    Today, our apps are basically self-contained castles. Walled off from every other app, you have to open Google Maps to find restaurants in your area, then you have to open up Yelp to search its reviews, and then you have to load Safari to search what Kow Soy is because everybody on Yelp says you just have to order it. But this method is inefficient. In response, Apple debuted a new feature that will appear in their new iPhone/iPad software, iOS 8. They’re called Extensions. And what they do is allow you to use apps within apps, without having to multitask your way back and forth. This might sound like a small detail–another feature that won’t really change anything. I disagree. I believe that because Apple is so influential in the app space–developers tend to make apps for iOS first and Android second–Extensions will shape the way we use our phones and developers create our apps into the future. Namely, most of us will begin using just a few apps on our phones.Alpha Apps, if you will. And these apps will be designed to contain other apps. Read “Alpha Apps: The Smartphone Future No One Is Talking About” on Fast Co

  • Skydiving With A Spaceship [Video]

    Earlier this week, a photo popped up on Reddit of a skydiver taking an epic selfie while riding on a toy spaceship. It was a badass photo, but what we really wanted to see was the video. And now we can. And thanks to GoPro, we have crystal clear, POV video of the whole adventure.

  • “Banksy In New York” Book Available

    It has now been almost a year since street art king Banksy came to New York and created a new work each day for the month of October. Now you can relive the excitement of searching for each day’s new piece in Banksy in New York by writer and photographer Ray Mock. Mock has been documenting the street art scene for years, with his photographs appearing in numerous books and magazines. Now he turns his eye towards Banksy’s New York residency complete with a first-hand day-by-day account of the daily search for each piece. With over 120 photos and illustrations and a special screen printed cover, this book, limited to just 2000 copies, is sure to go fast. Get yours today from Carnage for $35.

  • Jimmy Fallon’s 2014 NFL Superlatives

    The 2014 NFL season kicked off last night with the Seahawks running wild all over the packers. at the end of ever season they give out awards like MVP but Jimmy Fallon also gives out awards at the beginning of the season, sort of like the High School yearbook’s most likely to success, class clown and others. These are his NFL superlatives for the 2014 NFL season.

  • Aphex Twin’s New Album Getting Box Set Treatment

    On September 22, Richard D James, better known as Aphex Twin, will release his long-awaited new album, Syro. It’s been 13 years since the electronic music master released his last album of new material, “Drukqs.” Earlier this year, fans banded together to purchase an unreleased album from 1994 for $40,000, which made James realize how much his music has been missed. “You can’t be thinking about keeping other people happy, going in circles. But that was really touching, and really sweet. And I’m getting a bit older. It’s like, “Okay. People out there really, really want stuff off me, so I can’t deny it. Let’s put it out.” And now James has announced a collaboration with The Designers Republic to release Syro as a limited edition vinyl box set in addition to the standard CD. The box set will include the album on 3 perspex vinyl, a debossed bonus track, and a “disinfographic” breaking down the costs associated with the packages production. The set will be limited to just 200 copies and will retail for £250 ($400). For more info and to preorder, check out Warp Records.

  • The Top 10 2013-14 NFL GIFS Paired with Our Reactions

    The NFL season is back and we’re smiling ear to ear. The tailgating, the apathy toward eating healthy, the gambling, the fantasy; it’s all back baby. and to show our excitement we’d like to share our emotions in gif form, because showing emotions in real life is un-American. Unless your Kanye. We’ve paired some of the best plays from the 2013-14 season with appropriate reactions, just for you. Here are the top 10.

  • You Won’t Believe Where This $25 Million Estate Is Located

    This European-style palatial estate features 50,000 square-feet main house, 6,000 square-feet guesthouse, and 7,000 square-feet clubhouse. There’s also an 18-hole golf course with an 8,000 square-feet maintenance building. Where is this lavish property? Somewhere in California? Or maybe New England? It’s actually in Carmel, Indiana. On a street called Ditch Road. This incredible estate, “decorated exquisitely with World Class Charm and European flair,” was the home of the late real estate tycoon Melvin Simon. Along with his younger brother Herb, he founded Simon Property Group, the largest shopping mall company in the United States. They also bought the Indiana Pacers together in 1983. But his greatest feat was as a film producer, working on the classic 1982 romp “Porky’s.” If you happen to have $25 million to spare and have been looking for a reason to move to Indiana, you can schedule a showing of the home at Estately. 

  • Brain-to-brain verbal communication in humans achieved for the first time [Link]

    Want to communicate with someone on the other side of the world but are too lazt to type out a message on a computer? Well good news, lazybones, scientists are working on a solution! The first brain-to-brain communication has been achieved thanks to electrodes and robots that can magnetically stimulate your brain. Soon we can evolve into the race of technology-dependent slugs we’ve all dreamed of for so long!