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  • Timeline Of World Cup Champions [Infographic]

    Since 1930, every four years the world’s greatest soccer teams come together for the World Cup Tournament. Although there are countries that always seem to have one of the top teams, it’s interesting to note that only Brazil and Italy have won twice in a row. And Brazil, often thought of as the greatest with 5 World Cup titles, had their worst World Cup performance in 1966 despite being number 1 in both 1962 and 1970. It’s this unpredictability that really adds to the excitement of the tournament.

  • Bootleg Soviet Records Made From Old X-Rays [5 Photos]

    The leaders of the Soviet Union may have liked to think that their citizens were above listening to bourgeois Western rock’n’roll and jazz records, but the fact is, people can only listen to so much Yan Frenkel before they want to overdose on krokodil. But vinyl was scarce in the Soviet Union of the 1950s, so bootleggers had to look elsewhere for their records. Salvation was found in salvaged X-rays from hospital dumpsters. The thick radiographs were perfect for imprinting records. After carefully cutting them out with manicure scissors and adding a hole using a lit cigarette, citizens yearning for Elvis Presley were free to listen to their heart’s content. As long as the politburo didn’t find out, of course.

  • A Mechanical Watch You Can Set With A Magic Button

    There’s no denying the incredible accuracy of GPS-set quartz watches, but just about any watch enthusiast would forsake accuracy for the beauty of a mechanical watch. Thanks to Geneva’s VCXO Watches, they can now have the best of both worlds. The Ox One is a mechanical watch with a GPS module on top. That’s where the fun comes in, for to set this watch, one must only press a magic button at the 9 o’clock position that’s actually inscribed “Magic Button.” The button activates a GPS-chip that calculates the exact time according to the wearer’s location. The time data is transferred to a small motor that sets the minute and hour hands. The Ox One is available in stainless steel ($9,150), black ceramic ($11,200), and a limited run of 25 pieces in pink gold ($41,150). For more info, check out VCXO Watches.   

  • Game of Thrones as an ’80s TV Show

    Theres something nostalgic about watching ’80s and ’90s TV show mashups using contemporary shows, but this one really takes the cake. Using VHS style flickers and a synthisized version of The Game of Thrones opening credits song, this alternative GoT ’80s style credits is the only thing you’ll see today. Cheers to a simpler time, the ’80s

  • 8 Helpful Tips for Firework Photography [Link]

    Summer is here, which means plenty of outdoor celebrations featuring lots of fireworks. Now that just about everyone has access to a billion-gigapixel camera, we’d like to make the most of it and capture photos that look a little better than those we took with our Ninja Turtle cameras in 1991. But fireworks can be tough to photograph. Take a look at these 8 tips and capture some memories that all your 4th of July partying won’t erase.

  • Musicians Imagined As Architectural Works

    We’ve shared the incredible work of artist Federico Babina before, such as his Archist series earlier this year, which imagined what buildings designed by famous artists would look like. With his latest series, Archimusic, Babina uses musicians as inspiration for his architectural drawings. Using either the band members (The Beatles), instruments associated with the artist (Chet Baker), or album covers (Joy Division) as inspiration, Babina draws these whimsical buildings that all look better than the Frank Gehry-designed, hemorrhoid-esque Experience Music Project in Seattle. The best part of the drawings is the riff included at the bottom of each one. For extra fun, keep the Virtual Keyboard open in another window and play along with each drawing. And for more great artwork, check out Federico Babina.

  • 12 Must-Visit Online Menswear Shops

    Even if you live in a major city with solid menswear stores within blocks of your apartment, you still can’t beat the convenience of shopping online. The problem is finding online boutiques that stock stuff you actually want to wear. Here are 12 we frequent that’ll help you find some good-looking garb.

  • 7 Things You Never Knew Women In Their 20’s Are Looking For

    Have you ever been truly shocked at learning a twenty-first century woman’s desires? From indignation at chivalry to various text messaging techniques, women these days have a firm grasp on what they want and expect from men–only sometimes, they’re still hesitant to show it. Hint: It may be a lot different from the values taught by your parents (who dated in the, what, 70s?).

  • Game of Thrones…With Pugs [Video]

    Sure, this Game of Thrones video with pugs seems like an adorable idea at first, but what would happen if it followed the same storyline? Would you be willing to watch thousands of pugs slaughtered each season? And everyone says they hate Joffrey, but you’d have to be one sick puppy to hate him in pug form.

  • It Was Inevitable. Designer Creates Stunning ‘Game of Thrones’ World Cup Kits

    With the sole purpose of scoring a job at Nike, fashion designer Nerea Palacios has created a series of stunning jerseys and soccer kits inspired by ‘Game of Thrones’. The kits are all made in the likeness of a Nike template, but use subtle designs to accent each families house from the popular HBO series. A great amount of detail was put into the process of creating these, for example the shoulders of House Baratheon and House Lannister feature a the antlers of a buck and lion’s mane design, but the Knight’s Watch kit wins hands down. Give the girl a job.

  • These Hyperrealistic Sculptures Are Made From Stone [11 Photos]

    We’ve shared the work of plenty of hyperrealistic painters whose oil paintings look high-resolution photographs but these hyperrealistic sculptures are in another league. Sculptor Robin Antar began working with stone in high school art classes and now, almost 40 years later, has carved her own niche in the art-world with her hyperrealistic work. Antar takes common, everyday objects and replicates them, sometimes enlarging them, but keeping every detail intact. Antar’s method involves using pieces from the actual object along with custom-made stains, paints, plastics, and gold leaf. Tell me you wouldn’t eat those Mint Milanos. And stone boxing gloves could make for one helluva funtastic bloodsport! For more work from Robin Antar, check out Realism in Stone. 

  • The Career Paths Of 5 Serial Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

    Are you working on your one big idea, putting all your hope into succeeding from that one single thing? Well that’s probably not the best approach. Out of the 1426 billionaires in the world, 960 are self-made. And of that 960, 830 made their fortune from multiple business ventures. Look at Richard Branson, whose Virgin brand produces records, flies people around the world (and soon into space, too), and sells cell phones. And he’s not alone. Look at the career path of Branson and 4 of his contemporaries in this infographic and start looking for opportunities wherever you can.

  • Teddy Goalsevelt Is Literally Guiding The U.S. Through the Floods of Recife

    The U.S./ Germany games are subject to delays with massive floods engulfing the streets of Recife, Brazil. With a 1:00pm Recife time scheduled start, many fans are struggling to get to the stadium on time. Streets are filled with knee high water, cars are stuck in the middle of the road and people have begun trekking on foot. All these problems are trivial when you have U.S. mascot Teddy Goalsevelt guiding your way toward World Cup Glory. The U.S. game will be decided after the refs step on the pitch closer to game time and use their discretion to decide the fate of start time. Flooding in Recife. Teddy Goalsevelt guiding our car through the tough waters. Onwards to the stadium! #LetsDoThis pic.twitter.com/lUEi5Rcxlf — U.S. Soccer (@ussoccer) June 26, 2014

  • Ever Wonder What Would Happen if the World Stopped Spinning?

    Science is fun, right? So when your child or nephew or stoned roommate asks you things like “what do you think would happen if the world stopped spinning?” you can now answer that. If the world would stop it’s rotation on a dime, it would be catastrophic to say the least. Youtube channel, VSauce teach us what exactly would happen if the world stopped spinning on a dime. Everything that isn’t part of a large landmass would spin into a 1,000 MPH spiral around the earth causing complete chaos.

  • Ranking Derek Jeter’s 9 Ex-Girlfriends By His Performance On The Field

    People have been ranking the hotness of Derek Jeter’s ex’s like there is no tomorrow. We didn’t want to beat a dead horse, but we also wanted to jump on the J train, so instead of going the standard hotness route we decided to crunch all the numbers and figure out which girlfriend was actually best for Derek Jeter, statistically. Because how can you actually tell me that Jessica Alba or Adriana Lima are any hotter than Minka Kelly or Laura Dudda?

  • Will Ferrell Crashed the American Outlaws Party in Brazil

    The movie star-unabashed patriot crashed an American Outlaws party in Recife last night to ramp everyone up to 11. He bravely offered to fill in for injured striker Jozy Altidore despite not being in the best of shape, which seems like a bad idea considering the oppressive heat and availability of milk down there.

  • Emily Ratajkowski’s Stunning FIRST GQ Covershoot Behind The Scenes GIFS

    The July 2014 cover shoot wasn’t the first time Emily Ratajkowski appeared in GQ. No no. Back in March of 2013, before she struck gold with an appearance in Blurred Lines, Ratajkowski was featured on the cover of GQ Turkey and the GIFS from the behind the scenes video and purely stunning. We might just need to readjust the 10 out of 10 scale because she is off the chart.

  • Nike Vision + Sportswear Release Stunning Lifestyle Shades

    Nike Vision the eye ware arm of the sports giant recently released a line of Sportswear sunglasses with a lifestyle edge. The Nike MDL. 270 and MDL. 220 are two aviator style shades with some edgy accents to give your summer style the kick-in-the-ass it needs. The MDL. 270 features a combination of metals and plastic to create a combo aesthetic that just works. The rims are plastic, but feature 3 metal hooks that wrap around to inner metal frame. The temples are made of a textured metal with a plastic metal tip. Think Steve McQueen meets Rick Ross. The MDL. 220 is an all plastic frame with a bevy of beautiful color combos. Their vintage feel does most of the work, but their amazing color combos feature a half grey frame with silver lenses, brown tortoise half frame with an orange bottom half and brown lens and a couple varieties of solid tortoise to name a few. The 220’s acetate colors really take this classic frame to the next level.

  • Summer’s Here, Time To Get A Hoverboard

    We have one more year before Mattel MUST deliver the hoverboard so we can live out the “Back to the Future II” fantasy we’ve been harboring since 1989. Until that happens (and in the slim chance in won’t), you can get yourself the next best thing—a water hoverboard. Using the same idea and tech as the Zapata Racing Flyboard, the ZR Hoverboard allows you to fly up to 16 feet above the water at a top speed of 16 miles per hour. The hoverboard alone will cost you $2675, but if you don’t already have a flyboard, you’ll need the complete kit for $5850. But if you’re going to spend that much, you might as well get a flyboard, too, and just pay $8325 all together. And to keep you from killing yourself, you’ll have to take a 90 minute operator’s course for an additional $350. Order your hoverboard today from Rocky Mountain Flyboard.

  • Visualizing 24 Hours Of International Flights In Under 2 Minutes [Video]

    The UK’s National Air Traffic Services, or NATS, handles 2.2 million flights carrying 220 million passengers in UK airspace each year. NATS services 15 airports in the UK, including Heathrow, the busiest airport in Europe, and also services airports in 30 other countries around the world. This video shows the air traffic they control over a typical 24-hour period in the North Atlantic. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the hard-working air traffic controllers that deal with this so we can focus on worrying about what movie is shown and if the person sitting next to us is going to be taking off their shoes.

  • Journey To The Center Of The Earth [Infographic]

    Summer is here and at some point in the near future you will undoubtedly find yourself digging a hole at the beach. What can you expect to find as you dig deeper and deeper? Giant lizards? Ape-men? Atlantis? Precious dirt? Learn all about what the makes up the Earth as you travel to the core with this infographic.

  • 46 Bizarre Hand Painted Movie Posters From Ghana

    With the popularity of video cassettes in the 1980s, Ghana saw the birth of the “mobile cinema.” Cinema operators would travel with a TV, VCR, and sometimes a generator to power the rig and show bootleg movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. Since this was a bootleg operation, there were no official posters to advertise the films. Artists were hired to create posters for the film using oil paints on canvas. The canvasses would be rolled up and travel along with the mobile cinema. To entice people to see the movies, the posters often had little to do with the movies. We’ve collected 46 of the best posters depicting popular Hollywood movies of the last 30 years.

  • Newcastle Imagines A British Controlled USA With “If We Won” [Video]

    Newcastle, whose brilliant online Super Bowl campaign about how good their commercial would have been if they could afford it, is working on what will probably be another great series of ads. “If We Won” imagines a world where Britain won the Revolutionary War with Stephen Merchant, of HBO’s uncomfortably funny (and unfortunately cancelled) “Hello Ladies,” explaining the benefits of being a part of the British Empire. Watch the first video below, then keep up with the series at If We Won.

  • Why Top NBA Draft Picks So Often Disappoint [Link]

    After a season ranking them number 9 in worst point differential of the last 40 years of NBA history, the Philadelphia 76ers are actually celebrating. That’s becuase their terrible season won them third choice in the draft. Now they’ll be able to get a top pick and turn their luck around, right? Managers have convinced the fans that it will all work out, but history says differently. The top picks often don’t turn out to be the superstars they’re predicted to be.

  • 38 Photos That Prove Betty Brosmer Was A Pin-Up Goddess

    Our grandfathers sure did have it rough. Thanks to the Internet, we can look at beautiful women anytime we want on our computers or even smartphones. Even our dads had videotapes they could rent from the room in the back of the video store behind the curtain. But our grandfathers? They had to walk uphill both ways in the snow just to get the latest issue of Peep Show or Burlesk. With that in mind, it’s only fair that we make sure to digitize those ladies who our grandpas pictured when getting intimate with our grandmas (you’re welcome for that image), and pay our respects to those pin-up beauties. Betty Brosmer was one of those models and was actually the highest paid model of the 1950s. Before she was 20, she had already won over 50 beauty contests. Throughout the decade she would appear on over 300 magazine covers. In 1961, she married bodybuilder Joe Weider and joined his fitness empire. Proving that this beauty also has brains, Brosmer co-founded Shape Magazine in 1981 and continues to publish magazine columns.

  • #SuarezSpecialDiet Wins The Internet

    Soccer’s favorite cannibal has struck again! Uruguay’s Luis Suarez, who has been suspended twice in the past for biting, took a bite out of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during yesterday’s match. Italy ended up winning 1-0, but Suarez has been charged for the incident and may face a two-year ban from FIFA. The good news is that the Internet has embraced the bite felt round the world and even if Suarez is booted from the tournament, he will live on as a meme. For about 15 minutes.

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