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  • 19 Pin-Ups With The Photos That Inspired Them

    Gil Elvgren was one of the most prolific artists of the pin-up era. Where did he get the inspiration for his work? Did his fantastic imagination conjure these images of gals with great gams fixing cars and raising their skirts for no reason out of thin air? Nah, he found models to pose for him and painted from the photographs. Here’s a fun game to play while going through these pictures: pick which one you think your Grandpa envisioned whilst making sweet love to your Grandma. I’m going with number 4.

  • Wyoming Bachelor Pad With Indoor Stream [9 Photos]

    This Wyoming bachelor pad has everything you could possibly want—a huge great room, a billiards room, and even an indoor stream! That’s right, the foyer features a glass covered indoor stream right under your feet. And the same groundwater pumped in for the stream is also found in conduits located under the home for the geothermal cooling system. The 4400 square foot home also features 3 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, along with studio and office space. The home was constructed using reclaimed wood, giving it a rustic, weathered appearance despite being built just 10 years ago. It’s a great house, just be sure to keep your more girthsome friends out of the foyer. I don’t know how strong that glass is.

  • The Michael Pineda Guide to Pine Tar

    New York Yankees Starter Michael Pineda was ejected in the second inning of Wednesday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox for having a blotch of pine tar on his neck. This was the second time in two weeks Pineda had a run-in for using the “illegal” substance. Pine Tar, although illegal for pitchers to use in the rule books, is used quite frequently, but with great precaution and discretion. It’s an unwritten rule that batters and pitchers alike play with it, but because of it’s frequent use, both teams usually keep quiet about it. What Michael Pineda did, however, was a shockingly blatant method and the Red Sox capitalized on it. It looks as though Pineda has been having some trouble using pine tar in a discrete manor, so we thought we’d help him out for future outings on the mound. You see Michael, you’re using it all wrong. A blatant slap of tar on your neck is going to be noticeable as will a discoloration on the bottom brim of your cap, but what umps and opposing teams will never see coming is a complete image change. Some facial hair or even mascara will take you the full 9 next time you more »

  • This Insider’s Look At The Giant Panda Research Center Is As Awesome As It Sounds [13 Photos]

    Photographer Ami Vitale was recently given exclusive access into the Woolong National Nature Reserve managed by the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda. Pandas are trained there to exist in the wild so they will survive after being released. The training involves keepers dressed in panda suits (complete with authentic panda smell) mimicking conditions in the wild. Only about 1600 pandas currently exist in the wild, but researchers hope that with the help of the training center, those numbers will steadily rise. For more of Ami Vitale’s work, check out Ami Vitale Photography.

  • The World Without Ice Caps Looks Much Wetter

    Are you having a good day? Well this is sure to bring you down! Recent studies suggest that there is enough ice in the polar ice caps to cause about 250-300 ft rise in sea level if they melt. With more than 75% of the planet’s population living less than 300 feet above sea level, this could be trouble. This map illustrates what a 260 foot rise in sea level would look like. What’s that? You live in a city on the east coast of the US? Not anymore. And say goodbye to Nana and Pop Pop, sunning themselves by their condo in Boca: all of Florida will go bye-bye. Although a depressing subject, the map is well-done and its classic style makes it a great piece that will fit in with pretty much any aesthetic. Just don’t look at it too closely if you want to remain blissfully ignorant. Order one today from Halcyon Maps for $42.

  • The Woolworth Building Became The World’s Tallest Building 101 Years Ago [11 Photos]

    On April 24, 1913, the Woolworth Building opened on Broadway in Lower Manhattan and became the world’s tallest building. At 792 feet, the 60-story building held the title from 1913 to 1930 and is still one of the country’s 50 tallest and one of New York City’s twenty tallest buildings. Its original appearance was akin to that of European Gothic cathedrals, leading to tis nickname “the Cathedral of Commerce.” Much of the original terra-cotta facade was replaced with cast stone and Gothic ornamentation was removed during a restoration in the late 70s, however the ornate lobby has been preserved and is still a major tourist draw. These photos of the construction come from the New York Public Library’s Flickr account. For more information on touring the Woolworth Building, visit Woolworth Tours.

  • What If Famous Designers Packaged Food? [10 Photos]

    Designer Peddy Mergui wants people to notice how much power a product’s package has over buyers. To illustrate the point, he wrapped over a dozen basic products, such as milk, flour, and oranges, in famous brands’ packaging for his series “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat.” Once these boring, everyday staples are wrapped in designer packaging, we suddenly want to purchase them and are willing to pay a premium for the lifestyle the brand symbolizes. For more info on the exhibit, visit the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design. Personally, I think the Dolce & Gabbana butter cookie looks delicious but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t afford it. But I would totally make fun of whoever would buy iMilk. Android Milk for life!

  • Dance Videos With WWE Commentary Are Brilliant

    The Jamaican dancehall craze known as “daggering” is basically a mix between professional wrestling and sex, so mixing daggering videos with WWE commentary is a no-brainer. The result is brilliant, but be warned, kiddies: don’t try this at home. Daggering has been banned in Jamaica because too many dudes were crushing their naughty bits. And just in case you’re not familiar with daggering, we’ve also included Major Lazer’s “Pon Da Floor” to give you an idea of what it’s all about.

  • Sara Sampaio, 2014 SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year, Is Perfection [37 Photos]

    Sara Sampaio, a favorite on RSVLTS.com for years, was crowned the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year and even more recently was anointed the face of Calzedonia swimwear. Safe to say the pictures are as perfect as perfect gets. If these pictures aren’t enought for you we suggest checking out 14 Reasons Why Sara Sampaio (2014 Swimsuit Rookie) Is Better In GIF Form.

  • TOPO Designs Trail Pack

    Everything Topo puts out takes extreme detail in a minimalistic design. The Trail Pack looks like a classic design, but it’s lightweight build and modern accents makes it the ideal pack for the new age hiker or commuter. The pack features a 500d Cordura® body, lightweight backpack straps made from heavy duty seatbelt webbing, a sleek, adjustable aluminum hook that keeps the hood secured, a cinch top closure, inner padded laptop sleeve and paracord accessory loops. TOPO Designs Trail Pack  $98

  • This Astronaut’s Twitter Puts Us All To Shame

    What’s that? You just had one of those Taco Bell breakfast tacos and though you weren’t that impressed you still felt the need to share it with everyone along with multiple pictures? That’s cool, I guess. Astronaut Rick Mastracchio tweeted pictures from his spacewalk, but I’m really glad you found time to retweet a funny picture from George Takei that everyone saw on Reddit the day before. Seriously though, Rick Mastracchio is aboard the International Space Station and his incredible tweets give us terrestrial folks a glimpse of life in Low Earth Orbit. Follow him @AstroRM and feel bad about posting pics of yourself wearing a trucker hat 10 years ago for #tbt.

  • That Unibrow Looks Ridiculous And Needs To Be Destroyed Immediately

    So, you’ve got a unibrow. It isn’t a death sentence, like a hairy back or that Superman tattoo you got in the early 90’s. In some cultures, like in Iran, the unibrow is viewed as an attractive feature, indicative of virility; no wonder we won’t let them have nukes. Here in the US of A, if you have a unibrow, rest assured that everyone is talking about you behind your back. You don’t have to be regarded as a hairy freak that the rest of the villagers chase with pitchforks and torches. You’ve got three options to improve the quality of your life immediately:

  • These Sculptures Of Shrouded Ghosts Will Give You Chills

    In his “Ghosts Underground” series, Italian sculptor Livio Scapella depicts the expressions of shrouded souls coming to terms with their fate. If the busts look familiar, it’s because they are a modern twist on the 18th century works of Italian masters Antonio Corradini and Giuseppe Sanmartino, whose sculptures of veiled figures have haunted the world for 400 years. The stones dark and light stones embedded in the chests, symbolizing a hardened heart, are strictly a Scapella flourish, though. As unnerving as the subject of death can be, there is no denying the beauty and skill involved in these sculptures. Scapella is a more than capable successor to the Italian masters who came before him.

  • Every Stanley Cup Celebration Since 1949 in 3 Minutes

    Play anything sports related to that Gladiator soundtrack and you can’t help but feel feelings. Play the Gladiator soundtrack to every Stanley Cup celebration since 1949 and try not to hip-check every petey pencil pusher you see in the hallway for the next week. Watching this really gives you an appreciation for the great dynasties that dominated the league through the years From the Canadians of the ’50s to the Islanders and Oilers of the ’80s, here’s a full reel of Stanley Cup celebrations. #becauseitsthecup

  • Visualizing 30 Hilarious and Mundane Things We Face Every Day

    We live in a constant cycle of satirical reality. So much so that when it’s time to panic it’s almost funny, because “how could you let this happen again!?” or “Seriously? Again?”. TruthFacts created these ironic and painfully accurate graphics of every day culture you’ve grown to, well grown to hate.

  • ‘Forever Alone’ Dogs Playing Fetch By Themselves [Video]

    Remember when you were a kid and nobody wanted to play with you, so you would spend hours throwing a ball on a pitched roof and catching it after it rolled down? Well, just as the novelty of children wore off on our parents, the fun of owning a pet doesn’t last forever. After a while it’s no longer cute when your dog wants to play every half hour. We made our own fun, dammit, so why can’t our dogs? These dogs do just that, and watching them almost makes me want to play with my dog. Almost.

  • How To Build The Ultimate Paper Airplane Glider

    Impress your friends this spring with a paper airplane that can travel hundreds of feet (under the right conditions) with only a little push. Now if only GoPro made a camera small and light enough to travel on a paper airplane while wirelessly transmitting video before undoubtedly crashing and breaking.

  • The Gentleman’s Handshake: How To Perfect The Choreographed Hand-Dance

    Giving a handshake is easy, right? Wrong. How would you know anyway? Never has anybody given you feedback on your handshake. And if they have, you’re doing it wrong. “That’s a firm handshake you’ve got there, son” is not a compliment. It’s someone telling you you’re gripping too hard. It might seem simple, but the perfect, gentleman’s handshake is something of a well-choreographed hand-dance.

  • Amazing Photos Recreate Pan Am flight Experience Down To Every Detail [14 Photos]

    Michael Kelley is a photographer who also happens to be an aviation geek. Anthony Toth is the pinnacle of aviation geeks, whose love of Pan Am led him to construct a replica of the interior of a 747 inside a 3000-square-foot warehouse. When these two men got together, this incredible photography project happened. With Kelley’s photography skills and Toth’s detailed set (even the silverware is authentic Pan Am), these photos really look like they were taken in the 70s. After looking through the pictures, be sure to read Kelley’s extremely interesting article at Fstoppers detailing how the project came about along with all the technical aspects. There’s also a great behind-the-scenes video to watch.

  • Helgray Watches (Watch Wednesday)

    Helgray watches are one of the newest watch brands who just get it. Each one of their watches are simple yet distinguishable enough to want to collect all four models they offer. Each watch features  modern Swiss Movement from Ronda and a basic military style design in a 42mm case of 316L stainless steel. The Field Officer, The California, the GMT and The Skyfighter are each a perfect blend of classic meets modern in their own right. Helgray Watches    

  • Transform Your Old Stereo Into A WiFi System For Just $49 With Rocki

    Remember when those little cassette tapes with the wire that plugged into a portable CD player made it so that you didn’t have to update your car’s stereo system in the 90s? Well the Rocki Play cheaply and easily converts your car stereo, or any speakers with a 3.5mm or RCA port, into a WiFi system. Originally launched as a Kickstarter project that raised over $200,000, the Rocki Play is now available for just $49 and comes with 7 different colored skins so you can choose one that best matches your decor. How does it work? Just plug the device into the audio jack of your stereo and set it up using the Rocki app on your android phone. An iOS version is also in the works, but for now Apple users can use the Rocki via AirPlay. Order yours today at Rocki.

  • The Distinguished Drinkeries of New York City

    The lovable visual-nerd-genius’ over at Pop-Chart Labs have gone and done it again. This time creating a street by street guide to the finest drinking establishments in New York City. A multicolored plotting of metropolitan pour-houses, this carefully crafted and curated map features over 200 artisanal cocktail lounges, wine bars, biergartens, tequila bars, whiskey joints, and other first-rate drinking institutions across the greater New York City area. From The Tippler, a hidden basement hideaway in Meatpacking to a beer drinkers paradise in The Ginger Man the chart breaks down each type of drinkery by color code. Throw it on your wall, fridge, corkboard, chalkboard, whiteboard, ceiling or laminate it and throw it in your shower. That last one isn’t a bad idea. The Distinguished Drinkeries of New York City $29

  • You’ll Never Guess What These Star Wars Portraits Are Made From [6 Photos]

    New York City-based artist James Haggerty is an award winning painter and printmaker whose paintings of architecture have been exhibited throughout the country. However, his talent isn’t just limited to his brilliant cityscapes. He also creates these portraits of Star Wars characters using a most unlikely medium—staples! That’s right, these portraits of Darth Vader, Greedo, and C-3PO are actually mosaics made from colored staples. Darth Vader is comprised of 10,496 staples (7,696 Silver, 2,800 Red), Greedo is 21,458 staples, and detailed C-3PO is an incredible 33,580 staples. Check out more of his phenomenal work on the Official Website of James Haggerty and Facebook.

  • Amphicruiser

    Finally the car/boat of your dreams is a reality. The Amphicruiser is a Dutch off-roader brought to you by Amfibious Transport, a company that specializes in creating the prefect vehicle for the land-sea transition. The cruiser is built from around a Toyota Land Cruiser body and engine with an onboard water jet with capabilities of cruising at 8MPH. Amphicruiser $180,000-250,000  

  • Audi TT Offroad Concept Gets 124 MPG [7 Photos]

    At the Shanghai Auto Show, Audi showed off its newest concept vehicle just to toy with us. The TT Offroad is a compact SUV with a hybrid drivetrain. Its 12 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery has an all-electric range of 31 miles, but its inductive charging system allows it to be charged by parking on an inductive mat—no wire necessary. The TT Offroad can reach 60 miles an hour in 5.2 seconds and in the all-electric EV mode, can reach about 80 mph. The two motors mean that in Hybrid mode, the front motor is often used to charge the battery, much like the Chevy Volt. Best of all, the concept features a 1:8 scale radio controlled version stashed in the trunk. Unfortunately, the TT Offroad is just a concept car and Audi estimates at least 2 years until a similar production car exists. That is, if they even decide to go in that direction.

  • Build Your Own Secret Door Bookcase For $500

    Have you ever wanted a bookcase that doubled as a secret door to your own personal Batcave? Or panic room? Or place to watch “The Notebook” and cry without people judging you? For about $500 Canadian, which is basically nothing in real, US dollars, you can build your secret door bookcase—but that’s not all! This Instructable also includes instructions on creating a faux-book that acts as a locking mechanism and, best of all, plays the “discovered secret” sound from the Zelda games. Well, you could have it play a different sound, but why would you want to?  So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Instructables and start building. I’m going to work on convincing everyone here at RSVLTS HQ that we need one, too.

  • 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Wrigley Field [Link]

    The first game at Wrigley Field, originally called Weeghman Park, took place 100 years ago on April 23, 1914. But it wasn’t Cubs who took to the field that day. They played at the West Side Grounds back then. The stadium was actually built for the Chicago Federals, later called the Whales, of the short-lived Federal League. Learn more about early Wrigley Field history for the centennial at Parade.

  • French Duo BASE-Jumps From Tallest Building in the World

    Daredevil BASE-jumpers, Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen broke the Guinness record on Monday after completing two base jumps from the top of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world located in Downtown Dubai. The duo rocked yellow jumpsuits with inflatable pressurized nylon cells that act as wings to help jumpers glide in the air like birds along with red smoke releases for flair leaving behind a trail of red where they soared through the sky. “We feel happy for breaking the world record, but it wasn’t the main goal. We’ve been dreaming about base jumping from this special place, this unique place for three years now,” Fugen, 34, who has done 600 base jumps since 2003, told Gulf News.

  • Travel Through Time With Google Maps

    Have you ever wished you were like Sherman and could travel through time with a WABAC machine? A new feature in Google Maps for desktop allows you to see street views from different moments in time and you don’t even need a smug, talking dog like Mr. Peabody picking on you the whole time. Using images from as far back as 2007, you can now use Google Maps to view the construction of epic edifices, such as New York City’s One World Trade Center, or the destructive forces of nature, such as Christchurch, New Zealand after the 2011 earthquake. You can even use it just to get an idea of seasonal weather when planning a vacation. If nothing else, it’s another way to spend hours looking at Google Maps and dreaming of the world outside your dismal cubicle. You know what a 2007 Street View of your office would like? The exact same, except you would look a tad more fit. Head over to Google Maps for more info then start planning your escape.

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