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Presidents’ Day Timeline [Infographic]

Today we celebrate President’s Day, still officially known as George Washington’s Birthday by the federal government. But how did we come to celebrate the birth of a man who was born February 11, 1852, in the days when the British colonies still followed the Julian calendar, on the third Monday…

Behind Photographs

The Faces Behind The Most Iconic Photographs

In December 2006, photographer Tim Mantoani rented a 20×24 Polaroid camera and used it to capture portraits of photographers Jim Marshall and Michael Zagaris holding their best-known photos. Polaroid portraits may not sound all that special, but when you consider each 20×24-inch shot costs $200 to take, you now the…

10k feat

This 10k Time Lapse Is Unreal [Video]

As camera technology continues to advance, photographers are able to capture an an increasingly “real” picture. And if this video is any indication, what can now be captured is much more intense than what we naturally see with our eyes and video appears hyperrealistic. Joe Capra of Scientifantastic captured this…