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  • Fielder’s Choice Vintage Baseball Glove Wallets

    The brilliant idea of taking a worn leather product like a ball glove, tearing it apart and making it into a bad-ass vintage wallet deserves some recognition. Fielder’s Choice Goods was created to embrace forgotten pastimes & artifacts. Once lost and reintroduced back in to everyday use that it once had. These gloves are individually unique, because no two worn ball gloves are the same and are priced at a reasonable dollar amount. Fielders Choice Leather Goods $120

  • A Golden Retriever Was Left To Die In The Woods And Now He Is The Happiest Dog In The World. This Is His Story.

    Meet Bran, a Golden Retriever who was found after being abandoned and living in the woods outside of Atlanta alone for three months. Somehow he survived long enough to be rescued by his awesome new owner who shared this incredible story of one dog’s rescue from near death to possibly the happiest dog on Earth. If you’re looking for a dog this holiday season head down to the dog shelter and look around.

  • Sir Jack’s Stag Horn Whiskey Flight Set

    Sir Jack, whoever you are, you’ve completely outdone yourself. This stag antler whiskey flight is genuine stag horn, handcrafted in scotland and includes 4 whiskey tapered tasting glasses. The ultimate gift for anyone with a man cave, or house or apartment or room or shelf or bottle of whiskey. It’s the perfect gift. SIR JACK’S Stag Horn Whiskey Flight $495

  • Artist David Garibaldi Paints the World Cup in 90 Minutes

    Budweiser partnered with world-renowned artist David Garibaldi to develop a work of art that was created in real-time during the 90-minute final draw event. The result is a beautiful work of raw art featuring all the qualifying teams for the World Cup, being held in Brazil this year. Garibaldi chose landmarks, icons and colors to represent his depiction of each country.

  • 10 Greatest Snowy Football Games in NFL History

    When winter comes and the snow begins to fall, many outdoor sports concede to Mother Nature and her nasty ways – most sports that is, except football. Rain, sleet or snow football has proven to be the one sport that isn’t afraid to give Mother Nature a run for her money. With that being said, and in light of the snow filled week 14 in the NFL and the upcoming Super Bowl that could be a winter mess, we take a look at the top 10 best snow covered football games in NFL history.

  • 51 Photos of the Best Street Art of 2013

    Street art has been given somewhat of a bad wrap because of the vandalism surrounding it, but it is quickly turning into one of the most compelling mediums of art in the world. Coveted street art has not only gained ground, but in some cases sanctioned as official or unofficial landmarks. 5 Pointz, a mecca for street artists from around the globe to paint on a public canvas was shut down this year, and so we added some special works done this year to say our final goodbye to the infinite canvas.

  • Red Bull Skateboarders Invade their Chicago Office

    This is what happens when the Red Bull Skate Team works in an office. The highly anticipated full clip from the Red Bull Daily Grind Project has dropped. On the 23rd floor of a high-rise in the heart of downtown Chicago an office floor was turned into a unique skate park. The Red Bull Skate team including Ryan Sheckler, Felipe Gustavo, Joey Brezinski, Corbin Harris, Alex Midler, Ryder Lawson, Gard Hvaara and Sewa Kroetkov reported for work.

  • There are People Behind These Google Searches. Real Life People.

    While Google is out buying up, Boston Dynamics, the leading provider of human simulation software, tools, and solutions and airports. People are using it’s namesake website to search for some of the dumbest questions in human existence. These Aristotles of search engines are the reason the face palm was invented and I love every minute of it. 

  • This Stealth-X Sled Will Win All the Downhill Snow Races

    It looks like something Richie Rich or that nerd from the Little Rascals would be sporting down a mountain. The Snolo Sled Stealth-X is a carbon fiber work of art that will send you down the tiniest of hills at sound-barrier shattering speeds. The mono shell is made of carbon fibre. It is contour molded to comfortably fit your lower body and has a foam padded seat in the base with a flip up padded back rest. The laid back seating position allows both stability and comfort in steering and leaning. Pulverizing your sledding opponents doesn’t come cheap, because the Stealth-X will run you around $2,549. A small price to pay for small mountain victory.

  • The Top 25 Most ‘Checked-In’ Locations On Facebook In 2013 Will Surprise You

    Recently, Facebook Trends released the top 25 “checked-in” places of 2013. The most surprising check-in phenomena is the “Disneyland” trend of the top-25, four of them are Disney theme parks namely, in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, and California. Even more surprising are the check-ins at the lesser popular tourist attractions around the globe. In India, check-ins at the Golden Temple was at top spot, ahead of the Taj Mahal, while in Moscow, it wasn’t Red Square, but Gorky Park. Another shocking aspect for the list is the lack of check in’s for New York, Bangkok and the north west region of the U.S. which claims to be the tech epicenter of the world and home of Facebook.  

  • This Molten Aluminum Cast Shows the Complexity of a Fire Ant Hill

    We’ve always known ants to be workers, tunneling vigorously to appease the queen, but what this cast made from molten aluminum shows if mind bogglingly intricate. The cast shows many interconnected tunnels near the surface and more pad-like chambers near the bottom. After a process of filling the hill with molten aluminum, the metal quickly settles and cools. The hill is then dug up and washed to reveal a beautiful hive of tunnels. No ants were hurt during the filming of this video. The beautiful finished casts are actually based and sold at Anthillart.com.

  • Inside Google’s New $82 Million Private Jet Facility

    It appears Google is going into the airline business, or at least the airPORT business. This January, groundbreaking is expected to begin on a 29-acre facility featuring approximately 270,000 square feet of hangar space on a new Google complex on the San Jose Airport grounds. Documents published in February 2013 state the new facility will generate 370 “direct and indirect jobs,” create 36 permanent jobs, and eventually generate more than $300,000 in taxes annually, over and above the $3 million annual lease cost for San Jose. Partnering with Google on the project, private aviation support firm Signature Flight Support signed a 50-year lease on the facility and will operate under a partner company named Blue City Holdings. Blue City is described as a “corporation representing the personal aircraft of the principals at Google” as well as other principals in the Silicon Valley area. The current space Google has just signed onto was a piece of the San Jose airport that had been dormant for quite some time. Over the next few decades Blue City/ Google will be paying upwards of $150 Million for the space.

  • The 33 Most Popular Sports Videos On The Web In 2013

    It’s been an incredible year in sports. From amazing feats like Chris Davis’ 109 yard game-winning kick return to instant fame (we’re looking at you Katherine Webb) to funny prank videos like Matt Harvey asking fans about Matt Harvey. Speaking of Matt Harvey, we’re giving away a signed baseball from the Mets stud. There have been thousands of sports videos uploaded online in the last year but we’ve weeded through them all and narrowed it down to the 33 best of the best.

  • If You Can Send Any Article Back In Time To December 31, 2012, Make It This One.

    How much could you have made in 2013 if you started with $1,000 to invest? What if every bet in the markets was a sure thing? What if you could put all of your eggs in one basket and never lose? Yesterday The Atlantic revealed the answer the the numbers are truly staggering. Billions. Let’s say a trader began 2013 with $1,000 in a brokerage account and each day put all the money into the best-performing equity in the S&P 500. Doing this day-after day—for the 241 trading days would leave this lucky son of a bitch with $264 billion in the account today… and leaders from every government on Earth breathing down their neck.

  • A Look Inside Airbnb’s New San Francisco Headquarters [17 Photos]

    Airbnb was the technology garling of 2013 and the vacation-rental website recently revealed their new San Francisco headquarters. Located in a 100-year old renovated warehouse in the city’s SoMA neighborhood, the sprawling space is inspired by eight Airbnb listings around the world, including the original San Francisco apartment that the founders launched Airbnb back in 2008, according to Design Taxi and HuffPo. The designers even went as far as sourcing trinkets from the respective countries and modeling a conference room after the War Room in the Stanley Kubrick film “Dr. Strangelove.”

  • Nina Agdal Is A Mortal Lock For The Cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 [18 Photos]

    We might just be witnessing the pinnacle of Nina Agdal‘s career with these new photos from Sauvage Swimwear. It all started earlier this year with her spicy Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial and 21 year old seems to have the Midas Touch, producing hit after hit for every brand she reps. Even the globe-trotting paparazzi photos of her and and boyfriend Max George of The Wanted are sure fire hits. We anticipate that the momentum will continue all the way through next year when she lands the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2014 Swimsuit issue. You heard it here first way back in September 2012 and we’re sticking with the prediction. For now here she is for Sauvage.

  • Bar Refaeli Is Back and Better Than Ever [13 Photos]

    You haven’t seen much from Bar Refaeli since we proved that she is better in GIF form. By checking out the her Instagram feed it seems as if the 28-year-old Israeli has been keeping it low key at various paradises around the globe. As the snow comes down in New York City we get a reminder that the spring/summer months are right around the corner with her latest photos for Passionata Swimwear’s 2014 collection.

  • 30 Women Who Will Dominate 2014

    This time last year we published a story called 30 Women Who Will Dominate 2013 and it went on to become one of the most popular RSVLTS stories of all-time. Looking back on it one year later we must admit, the list was totally spot on, introducing you to current superstars like #1 Nina Agdal (Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial and anticipated 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model), #10 Melanie Iglesias (MTV Guy Code host), #15 Behati Prinsloo (engaged to Adam Levine) and who could forget #5 Emily Ratajkowski, who starred in the music video for Blurred Lines and was named woman of the year by both Esquire and GQ. Long story short, our annual list of 30 Women Who Will Dominate does a great job of predicting the new crop of beautiful women who are looking to steal the spotlight from Kate Upton, Nina Agdal, Candice Swanepoel and the other superstars featured almost everyday on your favorite websites. For the past few months we’ve been monitoring the web for women who are poised to have a breakout year in 2014. These are the future stars of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue, Victoria’s Secret, Beach Bunny and the Hot 100 lists that we’ve come more »

  • 22 Jump Street Trailer [Video]

    2014 is going to be a year of lots of huge sequels with Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, and even Dumb and Dumber returning to the big screen, but we know we’re really looking forward to 22 Jump Street. This time the Jump Street team of Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Ice Cube go undercover at a college and again all manner of hijinks will ensue. Who would have thought that a terrible tv drama form the 90s would become a huge comedy film franchise of today? Hooray for Hollywood! [In theaters June 14, 2014]

  • Epitomize Laziness With Remote Control Mop

    Nobody likes to mop. Everybody likes remote control stuff. Nobody would ever think to combine these statements, right? Well thank God someone in Japan did! Now you can clean up spills without ever getting your fat ass out of your chair thanks to the remote control mop. Why not get a few of them and trick your friends into cleaning your entire house by making it into some sort of competition? Get the mop you never knew you needed but now can’t live without on Amazon for $34. Is there an RC Roomba yet?

  • The Best Commercial You’ll Ever See For A Used Car [Video]

    Orlando area filmmaker Luke Aker of Ikonik Films needed to sell his 1996 Nissan Maxima so he used his talents to make this amazing commercial. How could anyone resist a car fully loaded with such luxurious features as “an engine, wheels, tires, and an automatic transmission?” The best part is that the car really is for sale on Craigslist for $900. And even if nobody buys the car, Luke is bound to get some work out of the stunt.

  • 35 Eerie Photos of Abandoned Urban Environments

    At some point, either by our own actions or at the hand of a pissed off Mother Nature, mankind will cease to exist. What’s going to happen to all the cool places we’ve built over that least few thousand years? To get an idea, just take a look at these locales that we’ve already abandoned. Apparently, without human caretakers, buildings become heavily Photoshopped to appear extra scary. I don’t think I could take living in an HDR-heavy post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

  • Ovechkin Plays Russian in New Nike TV Spot [Video]

    Nike has released the new ad for their Play Russian campaign which features athletes engaging in different winter sports against frozen Russian backdrops. The last commercial was a composite of many different athletes while this one focuses entirely on Alexander Ovechkin of the Russian National Ice Hockey team and captain of the NHL’s Washington Capitals. Watch the video and get pumped for winter sports then check out more from #PlayRussian at Nike and brush up on your Cyrillic skills.

  • 24 Celebrities With Eerie Old School Doppelgangers

    Are today’s celebrities reincarnations of historical figures? Or maybe they’re Highlander-esque immortals leading lives as entertainers all the while secretly beheading each other in an effort to win “the prize” of ultimate power and knowledge. Or perhaps, now this is a stretch, they just sort of look like these other people because when billions of people have lived on the planet, everyone’s bound to look like someone else. I don’t know the answer, but Jimmy Fallon really does look like that Turkish dude. 

  • Helicopters Playing Hockey, Because Canada [Video]

    Helicopter pilot, super successful entrepreneur, and all-around awesome Canuck Bradley Friesen has added another incredible accomplishment to his life with this video he made of his helicopter taking part in a hockey game. Apparently, when you are the inventor of an automatic paper towel dispenser and a hangover cure, you use your spare time making videos with your helicopter joining in on the ice alongside your friends from the WHL or making a Doritos commercial featuring a bunch of hot models which is currently a semi-finalist for the Crash The Super Bowl contest. Life is good for Bradley Friesen.

  • 15 People Who Had 15 Minutes of Fame in 2013

    “Fifteen minutes of fame” is a Warholian quote that expresses everyone’s shot at brief stardom—whether that state of being widely known is fame or infamy is something that is entirely unknown in 2013. With the Internet growing to unprecedented levels, it has given plenty of people opportunities to engage in hooligan-like antics in order for people to take notice. And, in the latest installment of Yearbook13, RSVLTS has taken the time to salute the top fifteen people who have etched their own little chapter into the books of Internet lore.

  • Build Your Own Wright Brothers Flyer

    December 17 marks the 110th anniversary of the first successful flight by the Wright Brothers. Now you can pretend to be your favorite Wright (team Wilbur for life, yo!) and build a replica of their 1903 flyer using these blueprints and a touch of elbow grease with a dab of perspiration. Remember when you were a kid and you spent aChristmas day building the Ghost Busters headquarters? Well this is just like that, except instead of spending all day just to watch ectoplasm disappointingly seep through a plastic grate, you’ll be flying.

  • One Man’s Complete Dominance Of Spotify Right Now Is Terrifying

    Business Insider asked Spotify to send over the top Christmas songs getting streamed right now and apparently Spotify listeners only want to spend Christmas with one man, and no one else. That man is Michael Bublé. Basically, listeners have his 2011 smash album, “Christmas,” which has sold more than 3 million copies in the U.S, on repeat. Only Mariah Carey shakes up the list with “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”