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  • The Proper Way To Sear A Steak (Video)

    Tired of your homemade steak coming out tough and tasteless despite your constant flipping and poking of the meat? Whatever could you be doing wrong? Watch this video and learn how to properly sear a steak from Top Chef champion Ilan Hall. After viewing, you will never again endure the vitrol that has become commonplace at your dinner parties. Well, not about the steaks at least.

  • Nikon 1 Waterproof AW1 Camera

    You shouldn’t have to put the quality of your adventure photos in the hands of a plastic disposable in a plastic waterproof case, just because that’s the best option. GoPro does an incredible job on the active lifestyle front, but it’s real bread and butter is video. This is the camera you want for true high quality photos in a wide variety of elemental settings. The Nikon 1 Waterproof AW1 Camera not only repels water, it’s also shockproof, so when you’re riding elephants in India or running from them in Morocco and drop this bad boy, no need to worry. It also offers the versatility of interchangeable (waterproof) lenses. Nikon 1 Waterproof AW1 Camera $997

  • Remembering Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham

    On this day in 1980, the world lost one of the greatest drummers when John Bonham of Led Zeppelin died in his sleep at the age of 32. Our eyes were all opened to the dangers of drinking forty shots of vodka in a twenty-four hour period. For if that’s all that was needed to take down a rock god, what chance do we mere mortals have? At least he left us with some of the best drum solos ever recorded and all without the aid of a double bass pedal. So listen to Bonham’s signature solo, “Moby Dick,” and raise a shot to him. Just don’t raise thirty-nine more.

  • Real Life Monopoly Properties

    See the real life Atlantic City locales that were the inspiration for the properties in Monopoly. Although, something tells us that some of these places probably have changed a bit over the past 80 years…

  • Emotional Journey Of Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas Revealed In E:60 Video

    A new video from ESPN’s investigative journalism series E:60 features an emotional segment on Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas wherein he discusses growing up with his aunt and uncle after his mother and grandmother were sentenced to prison on drug charges when he was a child. It was under the strict guidance of his aunt and uncle that he became a star player, first on his high school football team, then at Georgia Tech, and eventually led to his current NFL spot.  He still speaks with his mother before and after every game and she watches them from behind prison walls.  A powerful look into one of the NFL’s top receivers.

  • How To Make A Hit TV Show

    With critically acclaimed shows like Breaking Bad and Dexter coming to an end, we are in desperate need of some new dramas. Luckily, Esquire broke down the 13 essential elements to making a hit show. So make a pot of coffee, dust off the typewriter, and get started.

  • Andrea Wendel Is The Hottest Prank Video Star On The Web [22 Photos]

    The latest video from the Youtube pranksters at /whatever, “How To Get ANY Guy’s Phone Number,” is blowing up all over the web today. It’s already at over 150,000 views in the last 24 hours! The short features a very beautiful prankster named Andrea Wendel who goes up to unsuspecting guys and asks for their phone number…in front of their bemused girlfriends. As to be expected, it leads to some absurd reactions.

  • 25 Perfectly Timed Photos Of Terrified People At A Haunted House

    Halloween is coming up and with that in mind, what could be more entertaining than a good scare? Laughing at other people getting scared, of course. As a salute to schadenfreude, those fine Canadians at the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Ontario set up a camera to capture the terrified reactions of their visitors just as something pops out at them. We’ve got 25 of the funniest frightened folks here.

  • Beer Vs. Wine: The Great Drinking Debate

    Autumn is here, meaning changing leaves, cooler days, and, most importantly for beer drinkers, Oktoberfest! But as time goes on, beer imbibing is decreasing as wine drinkers increase in numbers. Who will reign supreme as the go-to alcoholic beverage? As someone who enjoys a geuze as much as a pilsner and a malbec as much as a Thunderbird, I say “Can’t we all just get along?”  So pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine or open a bottle (or can, I won’t judge) of your favorite beer and look over these facts to come to your own conclusion.

  • Timberlake and Fallon Kill the #Hashtag

    The dynamic duo is at it again this time with some witty banter about the overuse of the ‘hashtag’. Justin Timberlake and jimmy Fallon’s bromance has produced some of the best internet based videos of all time. The History of Rap, The Barry Gibb Talk Show (SNL) and most recently Summer Camp, but last night their take on the over use of the hashtag on social brought to real life is a satire you need to see.

  • Top 5 Sports-Related Commercials

    Speaking for everyone: nobody likes commercials. Simultaneously, they shamelessly peddle undesirable wares and insult the viewer’s intelligence. However, there is the occasional glimmer of brilliance that shimmers through the seemingly endless drawl of marketing drivel. Most are humorous skits with small undertones of product placement. Nevertheless, it is a shame that many of these commercials are no longer on the air.

  • The 10 Most Epic Places on the Planet

    The Earth—for a relatively small planetary body—is a place of epic proportions. But, what are the places on the planet that take the cake as the most impressive, or the places that inspire sheer cries of, “holy crap what is up with that?” Well, the purpose of this article is to explore 10 places on the planet that—through Earth’s natural wonders or a mysterious source of human ingenuity—are simply awe inspiring.

  • Top 10 Settings For An “Assassin’s Creed” Game

    Set in historical locations where the gamer plays as a character who—more or less—is a white-clad supreme harbinger of shank-filled badassery, the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise has given gamers the opportunity to traverse tall buildings and explore every crevice of digitally reconstructed metropolises. Initially set in Jerusalem during the Third Crusade, the series has since given gamers a stylized look into Renaissance Italy, Constantinople—or Istanbul, depending on the city’s resident owners, and Colonial America. In an upcoming title, the series will take a nautical twist and embark onto the rigorous waters during the Golden Age of Piracy. But, history is full of wars, conflicts, and opportunities to fictionalize with a hidden blade-wielding servant of justice. With the utmost acknowledgement of its already-explored settings, the best places for the series for the meta-series are as follows:

  • Baseball Salaries vs Winning Percentage [Infographic]

    Marginal wins was a statistic popularized by the late Doug Pappas and furthered by Baseball Prospectus that helped put a dollar amount on just how much a major league baseball team pays per win. Marginal wins started by figuring out the lowest possible price by which a major league team could be fielded (the league minimum salary x 25, plus some money for DL expenses, filling out the 40 man roster, etc.) and then assuming that such a team would win about 30% of it’s games, since no MLB team would go 0-162. Every win over that 30% mark is then a marginal win, and the formula Pappas used can tell you just how much a team spent for each additional win. Ideally, teams will spend very little money per marginal win, giving them payroll flexibility, and demonstrating the ability to win with fewer resources. You also get the fun of seeing teams with the most bloated, ineffective payrolls, paying massive amounts of money for middling success. Some teams spend huge amounts, make poor and expensive roster mistakes, and finish much worse than more clever teams that can’t afford to spend as much. In this infographic, you can see the more »

  • Rebranding The Redskins Would Cost $15 Million

    The Redskins are again under scrutiny for their perennially unpopular name. The difference this time around is that Roger Goodell and the NFL are no longer throwing total support behind the Redskins organization, a change no doubt aided by the urging of ten members of congress. If forced to abandon their American Indian insensitive identity, Ad Age is reporting that creating and designing a new team logo and rebranding everything could cost the team $15 million.

  • 5 Items For Your Man Cave That You Can Buy For The Cost Of NFL Season Tickets

    At $292 per ticket the New York Giants have the most expensive average ticket price in the NFL, according to SeatGeek.com. This means it is going to cost you and a friend about $4,672 total to attend every home game. We love heading to the stadium as much as anyone but clearing your Sunday schedule every single weekend for several months out of the year doesn’t work for everyone so it got us thinking, what could you buy with that $4,672 to improve your at home viewing experience? We combed the internet and found that you could build the ultimate home football theater and best of all, these items will last for years to come.

  • 5 Facts You Need To Know About “Dumb & Dumber 2″

    What could be better than Jeff Daniels winning an Emmy Sunday night? How about proof of a Dumb and Dumber sequel? Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels have both tweeted photos proving that Dumb and Dumber 2 is officially underway. The film is scheduled to be released some time in 2014, which will coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the original. To celebrate this incredible news, we scoured every last bit of the internet to bring you five facts about the sequel below.

  • The Guide to Attracting Women at Clubs, by Hot Women

    There are few things worse than striking out at a bar or club after you’ve spent a small fortune on cab fare, cover and drinks. Instead of waking up next to a woman, you wake up next to various fast-food wrappers, a throbbing headache, and, to make matters worse, a pitched tent you now have to take care of yourself. There are so many obstacles a guy must face when trying to pick up at a club, no matter how good-looking you happen to be. Since no man can ever fully understand what women think—and to ward off any snide “What does this guy know?” comments—Brobible went right to the source and asked six good-looking girls to answer the following four questions.

  • Ranking The 10 Greatest Stoner Movies of All-Time

    Dazed and Confused was released 20 years ago today. Practically anything can count as a stoner movie if you’re high enough. 18-hour nature documentary? Whoa, look at those fish, man. But the greatest stoner flicks have something more – a certain sticky green magic that makes you crack up laughing like the very first time you saw them, even on your ten-thousandth viewing. Read on for Rolling Stones definitive list of the 10 greatest works of pothead cinema. Truth be told, most of them are pretty hilarious even if you’re completely sober. But they’re definitely way funnier if you’re not.

  • New Kanye West BBC Interview

    Kanye West gave an hour long interview to Zane Lowe of the BBC last night. Never one to hold back, he spoke at length about race, the state of the music industry, his creative process, contemporary hip-hop culture and his future ambitions. The self-proclaimed “Number 1 Rock Star on the Planet” revealed his desire to helm a trillion-dollar company and branch out into other creative endeavors, such as water bottle design. If anyone has a chance at making something so mundane into a cultural icon, Kanye West is the best bet.

  • Red Bull Flugtag 2013 Results

    The 2013 Red Bull Flugtag was held over the weekend and for the first time ever, it was a nationwide event with five cities taking part on Sunday. Teams in Miami, Long Beach, Chicago, Dallas, and Washington DC competed to see whose flying contraption would glide the farthest before coming crashing down into the ocean, destroying hundreds of hours of work in a matter of seconds. The rules? Your flying machine must be human powered, can’t be more than 28 feet long and can not weigh more than 400 pounds (including the pilot). My friend Robby Coats was the pilot for the Blue Eagle Racers at the Miami event and had a great showing but wasn’t able to place. In Long Beach, the Chicken Whisperers from Palo Alto, a group of aerospace engineers in chicken costumes, were declared the Flugtag champions with their impressive flight of 258 feet, setting a new world record in the process. The competitive nature took a backseat to just having a good time, though, and it looks like all the teams really enjoyed themselves.

  • Ode To the Catcher: The 15 Greatest In Baseball History

    When it comes to positions on the baseball diamond there is none more important than the catcher. In most cases the catcher is the smartest guy on the field. He is the most nimble. Manages pitchers emotions. Deals with extreme summer time heat in full gear. He fools umpires by framing pitches and is fearless when blocking home plate as a hitter is barreling down the third baseline. Casey Stengel said it best when talking about the Yankees great Yogi Berra, “Why is our pitching so great? Our catcher, thats why. He looks cumbersome but he’s quick as a cat.” Today we honor the most under appreciated guy in sports by looking at the 15 best catchers in baseball history.

  • 20 Rare and Interesting Manning Family Photos

    Tonight ESPN adds another documentary to their critically acclaimed library with the airing of “The Book of Manning.” Of course the film has tons of footage of contemporary quarterback star brothers Peyton and Eli, but thanks to the urging of Manning matriarch Olivia, father Archie and oldest brother Cooper are also featured. The documentary delves into Archie’s transition from quarterback superstar to father (of quarterback superstars, naturally) and Cooper opens up about his career-ending injury. The Manning’s personal photos are also on display in the film for the first time and the 20 best are featured right here.

  • NGHBRS Produce A Music Video Using Only Instagram

    Who in this hectic age has time to use vowels? Certainly not RSVLTS and apparently not NGHBRS. Obviously we like their name choice and now we really like their new music video. It’s taking the web by storm and with good reason. It was produced entirely using Instagram. Take note folks, for there are more applications for Instagram other than capturing your latest meal from a food truck.

  • UCLA pays tribute to Nick Pasquale with 10-man formation

    The first offensive play was a touching one for UCLA this past Saturday, when the 11th man in the huddle ran off the field and the Bruins ran their first play with 10 men, a tribute to Nick Pasquale who died after being struck by a vehicle two weeks ago. Wide receiver, Shaquelle Evans jogged off the field with his hand pointed up toward the sky after the huddle break. UCLA then lined up 10 players deep one wide reciever short, the position Pasquale played, out of respect for their fallen player.  


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