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Complicated Philosophies Represented As Simple Shapes

London-based graphic designer and illustrator Genís Carreras has accomplished something that college professors and textbooks have failed at for years–presenting philosophy in a way that people who don’t wear turtlenecks or work at coffee shops can understand. With just a handful of words and a minimalist graphic, Carreras’s Philographics clearly…

1000 Forms of Fear-Sia

23 Album Covers Recreated With Paper Clips

In this messy, cluttered world, there is nothing we crave more than the awesome organizational properties of paper clips and the soothing simplicity of minimalist art. And thanks to Philippines-based digital artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo, we get both in a single gallery. Bernardo, whose mash-ups of magazine covers and classic…


Rare Shoeless Joe Jackson Autograph Discovered

An autographed photo of Shoeless Joe Jackson is expected to fetach over $100,000 at auction. Jackson, one of the White Sox players banned from baseball following the 1919 World Series fixing scandal, was illiterate and his wife often signed his signature, so when authentic signatures from Jackson actually appear, they…