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  • Celebrate Canada Day With Canada’s 25 Hottest Actresses

    Too often we neglect Canada, considering the nation little more than The USA’s hat (or toque, as the Canucks would say). But the fact is, Canada is a great country and some of the world’s hottest actresses were born in igloos there, subsisting on maple syrup, back bacon, and ketchup chips. It’s so hard to rank how “hot” actresses are, so we went with IMDB’s STARmeter to help us out. STARmeter rankings are based on how popular the actresses are in search queries and page views, so if your personal list varies from this, don’t blame us. But even if you don’t agree with the order, there’s no denying how hot all these ladies are. Be sure to sing “O Canada” then let the countdown begin!

  • Visit Space In A Luxury Balloon

    Everyone is aware of Virgin Galactic’s space voyages that are set to begin commercial service soon and it would be awesome if we could all go, however not everyone who’s not a celebrity or billionaire adventurer can afford the $250,000 ticket. What many people don’t know is that another company, World View, will be offering tours into space via a luxury balloon for the low, low price of just $75,000. Relatively speaking, that’s not too bad! A joint venture from Arizona’s Paragon Space Development Corporation and British studio Priestmangoode, who designed cabins for Virgin Airlines, World View will take passengers 100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. The capsule is carried up via large balloon, reaching the 100,000 feet mark in about 90 minutes. The capsule will then float around for a few hours before returning to terra firma. Inside the luxury capsule will be a bar, snack area, and a bathroom and plenty of viewing areas. Reserve your seat with a $5,000 deposit at World View.

  • 14 Hybrid Photos of London’s Bridges Then And Now

    London’s Tower Bridge turns 120 this week and to celebrate the mileston the Museum of London Docklands is hosting its largest art exhibit. Titled Bridge, the exhibit features both historical and contemporary works of art and photography showcasing the city’s many bridges. The museum used photos from their archives and contemporary photos taken from the same angle to create these hybrid photos below. No matter how life has changed over the last century, these bridges are still just as important at connecting the city and its citizens. For more info on the exhibit, running through November 2, check out the Museum of London Docklands.

  • Las Vegas Time-Lapse In 4K Will Blow You Away [Video]

    High-Definition is extremely impressive…if you’re living in the early 2000s. But here in the mid-2010s, 1080p no longer cuts it. The 2160p resolution of 4k ultra high-definition is what we need and we won’t settle for any less. Photo Trekker realizes this and that’s why they made this incredible time-lapse video of Las Vegas that looks more real than looking out the window. It took 5 days of shooting for this 92-second video, using 4 Canon 5D Mark III cameras. There’s two more 4k time-lapse videos on the way from Photo Trekker, and if they’re anything like this, we can’t wait.

  • Find the Cleanest Beach—Near You [Link]

    Summer is here and that means everybody will be squeezing their pale, out of shape winter bodies into their bathing suits and head out to the beach. But while most people were away for the season, some derelicts and ne’er-do-wells were littering your favorite beach with their industrial waste or drug paraphernalia. What are you to do? How about checking out this list of the cleanest beaches across the country? There’s even a map that will show you how clean all your local beaches really are according to the EPA.

  • 25 Album Covers Recreated…With Socks?

    We’ve seen album covers recreated using Legos or the photographers’ children but these are truly unique. London-based photographer Thom Moore uses his socks, of which he apparently has an incredible amount of, to recreate some of the most iconic album covers. What’s most impressive is that Moore insists the socks all come from his sock drawer, no hunting down the perfect sock for a shot. Take a look at 25 of his best below and see the rest at Tumblr. You can’t help but say “Darn!”

  • The NCAA’s are losing in all arenas

    Imagine you managed to maintain a business throughout decades not under the jurisdiction of fair practice laws of the land. Imagine you have profited in great deals, establishing regional deals and growing your chain to the masses. Then your workers and everyone else catches wind of how you are making profits and want you to abide by the same laws as everyone else. Like the NCAA you would hold on to your business model even though it is unjust and unscrupulous till you were forced to relinquish it. Unfortunately for the college governing body the pressure to release is coming from all sides. For years the NCAA has rode around eating of its excesses, getting fat and slovenly while their core breaks down. Major Conference realignment breaking traditional rivalries, who cares as long as that boat load of money comes in. Well that boatload of unlimited cash has seemingly sprung many leaks The trial of the NCAA vs. its former players over likenesses in video games has begun this week, with the NCAA not being able to accurately explain why it is able to use these players without paying them after they’ve graduated. The same day the trial began the more »

  • Gorgeous Motion Visuals of North Atlantic Flight Routes in a Single Day

    Every day, between two and three thousand aircraft fly across the North Atlantic between Canada, the United States and Europe. Airspace across the North Atlantic is divided into six Oceanic Control Areas (or OCAs). These OCAs are controlled by Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) working at different locations in different Countries.  The Shanwick OCA is the busiest of all North Atlantic Airspace regions. It is often referred to as ‘the gateway to Europe’ and around 80% of all North Atlantic Air Traffic passes through it, demonstrating the strategic importance of our Prestwick Centre and UK airspace.   This visualization shows Transatlantic traffic over a 24 hour period taken from a day in August last year and shows 2,524 flights crossing the North Atlantic, of which 1,273 pass through the Shanwick OCA. At our busiest periods in the Summer, traffic can peak at 1,500 flights a day passing through the Shanwick OCA.   North Atlantic Skies from NATS on Vimeo.

  • Sing “O Canada,” Get Beer [Video]

    A while back, Canadian beer giant Molson made the news when they placed fridges full of beer across Europe that could only be opened with a Canadian passport. Now the fridges have found their way back home to the Great White North but those crafty Canadians have still found a way to ensure only fellow Canucks will be able to open them. This time the refrigerators can only be opened by thirsty folks who can sing “O Canada,” a song known only to Canadians and hockey spectators. Wait, will it work for the French version? Won’t someone think of the Quebecois?

  • 42 Reasons Why Genevieve Morton Is Better In GIF Form

    In 2012 we called out Sports Illustrated South Africa for not featuring stone-cold stunner Genevieve Morton in their Swimsuit issue. Her incredible fans blew the story up on Twitter and the next year what did SISA do? Put her on the cover of course. So to say we have a long history of being on Team Genevieve is an understatement. It was only a matter of time until we proved that she is Better in GIF Form and this might be one of our best.  

  • NFL Teams As Corporate Logos

    People like to complain how professional sports are becoming an overly corporate affair, but these logo redesigns take that notion to a whole new level. Artist Brandon Hubschman has remixed all 32 NFL team logos using elements from some of the most recognizable corporate logos. Some are bit obvious and uninspired (Jaguar/Jaguars? boring) but others are pretty awesome (Raid/Raiders? YES!). Check out more of Hubschman’s artwork, including lots of NFL-themed projects, at Behance.

  • A Car-Juggling Robot Is The Future Of Entertainment

    Did you ever go to a monster truck show as a kid and see those transformer-type cars that would destroy the other vehicles? Sure, it was incredible back then, but these days with the Playstations and Interwebs, the kids just aren’t interested in our dated ways of car disposal entertainment. What will win the young ‘uns over? How about a 70-foot-tall robot that will juggle cars? Okay. Former NASA engineer and inventor Dan Granett is currently raising $2.3 million for his BugJuggler. Powered by a diesel engine, the robot would be controlled by an operator using a haptic interface wherein the operator’s arm movements would control how the BugJuggler moved. Granett is hoping the project will attract corporate sponsors like Red Bull who will hold huge events with the robot. We hope so, too. Learn all about the robot in the video below then keep up with the project at BugJuggler.

  • Take A Look At Coney Island In The 60s [15 Photos]

    Born in New York in the 1940s, photographer Aaron Rose has spent more than 60 years exploring the city and capturing its citizens with his keen eye and had already produced more than 25,000 photos before the art world took notice of him in the 90s. Until a small selection of his work was shown at the Whitney Biennial in 1997, only friends and family were aware of Rose’s talent. A current show at the Museum of the City of New York titled In A World of Their Own: Coney Island Photographs by Aaron Rose, 1961-1963 spotlights 70 photos Rose captured of the city’s most famous beach. For more info on the exhibit, on display through August 3, visit the Museum of the City of New York.

  • Man Liquefies And Drinks Complete Wendy’s Combo For Our Entertainment [Video]

    A new channel called Liquid Lunch has sprung up on YouTube wherein an enterprising young fellow with an iron stomach liquefies food and then drinks the concoction. In the premier episode, he takes a Wendy’s combo consisting of a burger, fries, and Dr Pepper and blends it together. The resulting drink is hard for him to ingest, but he eventually gets it all down (a chocolate frosty probably would have been a better beverage choice for the combo). He is asking for suggestions for the next Liquid Lunch in the comments, and with Long John Silvers at the top, this dude probably won’t last long. Enjoy his stupidity while you can!

  • Toy Story Was Originally Going to Feature G.I. Joe and Barbie [Link]

    The first draft of Pixar’s classic “Toy Story” was completed in 1991 and the script has almost absolutely nothing in common with the final product released in 1995. Woody and Buzz are nowhere to be found, with the main characters instead being a one-man band named Tinny and a ventriloquist’s dummy. And that’s just the beginning of a long journey that took 3 years before Disney would even greenlight the project. 

  • Abandoned WWII Fighter Planes Lie Hidden In Ohio [15 Photos]

    Scrapyard worker Walter Soplata began a one-man mission in the late 1940s to save the fighter planes of World War II from being dismantled and hid them in his backyard in Newbury, Ohio. Over the years, Soplata bought up about 50 engines and 30 aircraft until his death in 2010. Family members have kept the location secret, fearing scrappers would destroy the planes, but urban explorer and photographer Johnny Joo recently stumbled upon the site. A family member gave him Joo the history and allowed him to take these incredible photos. For more great pics of long-abandoned places, check out Johnny Joo Photography on Facebook.

  • The Only Shirt You’ll Need This 4th of July is Our New ‘Butcher’ Shirt

    The most American shirt you’ll ever put on is here. Our RSVLTS store recently released our finest work. “The Butcher” shirt is the only shirt you’ll ever need to wear on “a day for America”. The design features the Butcher draped in an American flag around a silhouetted face with a signature mustache that pays homage to the Civil War era in America. The Butcher’s glass eye is incredibly detailed with an American crest and eagle. Pick one up at our RSVLTS Store immediately, then run for president and win.

  • This Is How We Do it [Infographic]

    Reddit user Wopsle was a man with a dream: find a flowchart to aid one in doing it in the way the great Montell Jordan described in the 1995 masterpiece “This Is How We Do It.” Unfortunately, no such thing existed. So Wopsle spent 10 hours creating this graphic so when Friday rolls around, we can all make sure we’re doin’ it and doin’ it right. Wait, that’s the wrong song.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Shares 9 Inspiring Quotes On Leadership

    People love debating whether or not Tim Cook can fill the shoes of Steve Jobs. Yet, under his watch Apple’s stocks have soared and Cook has shown excellent leadership skills. As the world focuses on CNBC awkwardly leaking the fact that Cook is gay we take the high road. There are plenty of great quotes that provide a glimpse into Cook’s background and the way he operates. In 2012 Business Insider pulled together some of the best…

  • Have You Ever Wanted To Kayak In McCovey Cove? It’s Easy! Here’s How…

    Not too long ago we learned that kayaking AT&T Park’s McCovey Cove is a great and inexpensive way to enjoy a ballgame with your friends. Being that the Giants are sitting near the top of the 2014 MLB power rank it’s something you might want to do before the season is over. There are two ways to experience the game from the cove. First, you can rent a kayak from citykayak.com. They are located at Pier 40 only a five minute walk from the stadium. The kayaks are only $35. Keep in mind that you need to kayak from the Pier to the cove which takes about 10-15 minutes. The trip is by no means gruling and you don’t need to be fit like the Winklevoss twins but being in decent shape is a plus. The other way would be to buy a four-person inflatable boat from any camping or sports equipment store. The price to buy, about $120-150, will be just about the same a renting a kayak and you can head into the water from shore of McCovey Cove which is less paddling than if you left from the pier. When you get into the cove get into a more »

  • Can You Spot The Difference Between These 20 Identical Twins?

    Long a source of fascination, twins have often been a theme of myth and legend. The founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus is one of the many instances that spring to mind. They have the same piercing eyes. The same color hair. One may be shy, while the other loves meeting new people. Even when separated at birth, twins usually have uncannily similar tastes, habits and life experiences. Famed master of portraiture Martin Schoeller wanted to discover why identical twins differ—despite having the same DNA—and he did so by taking the following set of beautiful photos for his book Identical: Portraits of Twins. In this landmark photographic study, Martin Schoeller uses his distinctive close-up portrait style to examine 40 sets of identical twins, capturing every subtle aspect of their facial structure and expressions. We notice the myriad similarities and the seemingly miniscule–yet significant–differences.

  • Crown Royal Celebrates 75 Years With Monarch Blend

    Picture it, Canada 1939. King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth became the first reigning monarchs to journey across North America. To celebrate the occasion, a Canadian entrepreneur sampled over 600 blends of whiskey to devise the blend that would be known as Crown Royal. As a nod to the royals it was created for, the bottle was placed in a purple felt bag, representing the purple robe of royalty. The King and Queen’s train was stocked with 10 cases of the whiskey and a Canadian institution was born. Fast forward 75 years later. A thirsty Roosevelt is invited to sample the Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Blend. This particular Roosevelt is usually a single malt drinker who turns up his Romanesque nose at any blend, especially those that are rye-based. But when it comes to tasting a limited edition blend, why the hell not? If there’s something to be said about all the Crown Royal blends, it’s that they are all easily drinkable. Even a whiskey newcomer will be able to take a straight sip of Crown Royal Deluxe without grimacing, which is rare in that $30 range. The Monarch 75th Anniversary Blend is just as drinkable but more »

  • The First 3 Tranformers Movies Sync Up Surprisingly Well [Video]

    Michael Bay’s latest Transformers film opens today and rest assured, plenty of us in our late twenties and early thirties will bemoan over his treatment of something from our childhood we hold so dear while also expressing dread about his upcoming Ninja Turtles flick. We will also still go out and watch it. But it’s safe to say we already know what we’re getting into. Not only were the first 3 movies formulaic, they actually sync up pretty well, too. 3 heroic men from RedLetterMedia bravely watched the previous movies at the same time in an effort to show just how similar they are, and the results are incredible.

  • The 25 Most Popular Athletes on Instagram in 2014

    Hot off the heals of our wickedly popular The 50 Most Popular People On Instagram in 2014 we’ve partnered with web.stagram.com who have given us an all access-pass to more backend Instagram data than we know what to do with. Since the World Cup is about to enter the knockout stages we figured the best way to put this data to work would be do a follow-up and count down the most popular athletes on Instagram.

  • Timeline Of World Cup Champions [Infographic]

    Since 1930, every four years the world’s greatest soccer teams come together for the World Cup Tournament. Although there are countries that always seem to have one of the top teams, it’s interesting to note that only Brazil and Italy have won twice in a row. And Brazil, often thought of as the greatest with 5 World Cup titles, had their worst World Cup performance in 1966 despite being number 1 in both 1962 and 1970. It’s this unpredictability that really adds to the excitement of the tournament.

  • Bootleg Soviet Records Made From Old X-Rays [5 Photos]

    The leaders of the Soviet Union may have liked to think that their citizens were above listening to bourgeois Western rock’n’roll and jazz records, but the fact is, people can only listen to so much Yan Frenkel before they want to overdose on krokodil. But vinyl was scarce in the Soviet Union of the 1950s, so bootleggers had to look elsewhere for their records. Salvation was found in salvaged X-rays from hospital dumpsters. The thick radiographs were perfect for imprinting records. After carefully cutting them out with manicure scissors and adding a hole using a lit cigarette, citizens yearning for Elvis Presley were free to listen to their heart’s content. As long as the politburo didn’t find out, of course.

  • A Mechanical Watch You Can Set With A Magic Button

    There’s no denying the incredible accuracy of GPS-set quartz watches, but just about any watch enthusiast would forsake accuracy for the beauty of a mechanical watch. Thanks to Geneva’s VCXO Watches, they can now have the best of both worlds. The Ox One is a mechanical watch with a GPS module on top. That’s where the fun comes in, for to set this watch, one must only press a magic button at the 9 o’clock position that’s actually inscribed “Magic Button.” The button activates a GPS-chip that calculates the exact time according to the wearer’s location. The time data is transferred to a small motor that sets the minute and hour hands. The Ox One is available in stainless steel ($9,150), black ceramic ($11,200), and a limited run of 25 pieces in pink gold ($41,150). For more info, check out VCXO Watches.   

  • Game of Thrones as an ’80s TV Show

    Theres something nostalgic about watching ’80s and ’90s TV show mashups using contemporary shows, but this one really takes the cake. Using VHS style flickers and a synthisized version of The Game of Thrones opening credits song, this alternative GoT ’80s style credits is the only thing you’ll see today. Cheers to a simpler time, the ’80s

  • 8 Helpful Tips for Firework Photography [Link]

    Summer is here, which means plenty of outdoor celebrations featuring lots of fireworks. Now that just about everyone has access to a billion-gigapixel camera, we’d like to make the most of it and capture photos that look a little better than those we took with our Ninja Turtle cameras in 1991. But fireworks can be tough to photograph. Take a look at these 8 tips and capture some memories that all your 4th of July partying won’t erase.

  • Musicians Imagined As Architectural Works

    We’ve shared the incredible work of artist Federico Babina before, such as his Archist series earlier this year, which imagined what buildings designed by famous artists would look like. With his latest series, Archimusic, Babina uses musicians as inspiration for his architectural drawings. Using either the band members (The Beatles), instruments associated with the artist (Chet Baker), or album covers (Joy Division) as inspiration, Babina draws these whimsical buildings that all look better than the Frank Gehry-designed, hemorrhoid-esque Experience Music Project in Seattle. The best part of the drawings is the riff included at the bottom of each one. For extra fun, keep the Virtual Keyboard open in another window and play along with each drawing. And for more great artwork, check out Federico Babina.


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