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  • Everything You Ask Google Sounds A Lot Stupider When You Actually Ask Google. [Video]

    Ever imagine what it would be like if Google was a man with the unfortunate duty of answering every idiotic question we’d come up with? College Humor did and it’s hilarious. It’s easy typing in any random query that pops into your head, but if you had to actually talk to Mr. Google face to face, would you have the balls to ask for “college girls nude” or “butthole”?

  • If NFL Logos Were Hipsters [Link]

    We love when talented designers take on team logos. We especially love it when there’s a touch of humor involved. Check out these hipster redesigns of all the NFL teams and see what it would be like if it was, I don’t know, a bike polo league or something. Dan Snyder should consider the Redskins redesign since hipsters don’t yet have any official organization (unless there’s a barista union).

  • Eddie Murphy’s $12M Mega Mansion Is On The Market [25 Photos]

    How would you like to live in the house that Vampire in Brooklyn built? The Granite Bay, California mansion that Eddie Murphy purchased in 1998 for $3.8 million is back on the market. Murphy sold the property to a real estate investor back in 2007, probably in anticipation of the success of his Norbit, for $6.1 million, but the market must have rebounded because it’s now listed at $12 million. But good news, house hunters, the 12,600 square-foot mansion comes fully furnished! Actually, after looking over these pictures, you may realize that’s not a particularly strong selling point. In addition to the eclectic decor, the mansion also boasts 10 bedrooms, a 12-seat screening room (for group viewings of Daddy Day Care), a billiard room, and an arcade. Outside you’ll find an infinity pool, spa, waterfalls, gazebos, basketball and tennis courts. There’s also a really weird looking piano, perfect for playing the Beverly Hills Cop theme “Axel F,” that is one of only 14 in existence. I’m no real estate guru, but if you’ve got the cash, I’d say go for it, but demand a copy of Bowfinger for the screening room. That movie is way underrated. 

  • Beautiful Aerial Photography by Klaus Leidorf [27 Photos]

    Photographer Klaus Leidorf takes these incredible aerial shots from a Cessna 172 Skyhawk light aircraft using a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III and Canon EOS 5D Mark II. His finished product is this beautiful collection of photographs that look more like up-close shots of miniatures rather than the real-life aerials that they actually are. Life sure looks a lot more peaceful from up there. 

  • The World’s Largest Sand Sculpture Park [20 Photos]

    From January through April, visitors to Kuwait’s Remal International Sand and Light Sculpture Festival can check out the largest collection of sand sculptures from an international team of artists. 28,000 tons of sand, or 1,000 dump trucks full, were used by the 80 sculptors from 25 different countries at a cost of almost $3 million. The sand has a small clay content to help it mold, enabling works of up to 50 feet tall. The entire project takes up over 300,000 square feet or about 4 soccer fields. There are 40 works on display, all based on scenes from the world renowned “1001 Arabian Nights” stories.

  • Raw Footage From the Launch Of SpaceShipTwo [Video]

    Virgin Galactic is one step closer to its goal of bringing tourists (albeit extremely wealthy ones) to space after a successful test flight of the SpaceShipTwo (SS2) on January 10. It was the third rocket-powered supersonic flight for the subspace-craft and Virgiin Galactic officials said all their objectives were met. This is great news for the company, which plans on beginning commercial service later this year. Many celebrities have already reserved spots for when the service takes off, including Stephen Hawking, Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher, and Tom Hanks. If you’d like join them as one of the first space tourists, sign up at Virgin Galactic. Wait, you don’t have $250,000? Better cut back on your daily Starbucks.

  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Stage Impromptu Show on NYC Bus

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, so hot right now. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The DJ/MC duo have taken the ‘hip-pop’ world by storm over the past year, dropping chart topping hit after hit and now, they’ve taken over a New York City bus. In preparation for their performance at the Grammys on January 26th, the duo hopped on a bus ‘occupied’ by city patrons going where they need to go, but what they got was an impromptu show from one of the most popular artists out right now. Looks like the crowd enjoyed it. Recipe for internet success, I guess.

  • A Timeline of Earth in the Distant Future (Infographic)

    Long after we’re all wormfood the Earth will keep on keepin’ on. Humanity will endure some struggles, but in reality our expectancy is limited, when I say limited, I mean tens of thousands of years limited. The earth will undergo some serious changes as will the Sun, changing climates, life and geography. This infographic, created by BBC Far Future will shed some light on the future of the world as we know it.

  • Wolf of Wall Street Mindblowing Visual Effects Before and After [Video]

    New York City-based visual effects wizards Brainstorm Digital released this video illustrating just what they did for Martin Scorsese’s Wolf Of Wall Street. Think VFX are all about explosions and fantastic creatures? Wrong, dummy! These days, digital effects houses help bring directors’ exact visions to the screen by manipulating every last detail. Whether it’s adding in people and natural scenery or removing imperfections and distractions, the seamless work of these artists is incredible.

  • The Original Rules Of Basketball Turn 122

    Dr. James Naismith developed the game of basket ball (it was originally two words) in 1891 but he didn’t solidify the rules and publish them until January 15, 1892. Looking back on the original rules, the game doesn’t seem that exciting. The first and greatest difference is the lack of dribbling. In the early days of the game, someone would pass you the ball and you would have to stop then either pass it to another teammate or go for a shot. And the ball? It was originally a soccer ball, then a pig’s bladder encased in leather (standard until the 1940s). There was no dunking, indeed such antics would certainly destroy the peach baskets that were the original goals. And since the goals were made of genuine baskets, the ball had to be retrieved after each successful point. If the ball bounced out of the basket, no point. There were no three point shots or shot clocks. Goal tending was perfectly acceptable. Luckily, this incredibly boring game only lasted for two 15-minutes halves with a 5 minute rest in between. One glaring omission is the number of players on each team. It was eventually set at 5, but not more »

  • Fallon and Springstein Take on Bridge-gate

    Bruce Springsteen & Bruce (Fallon) Springsteen rework “Born To Run” to address the Fort Lee, NJ bridge scandal involving Governor Christie. At one point the duo are singing side by side and Fallon’s impression is so spot on it’s tough to distinguish the two from each other. Fallon’s impressions are, for the most part, spot on, but critiques have concerns if that’s enough to carry the weight of “The Tonight Show” come this February. With Fallon’s goofy charm, charisma and his ability to let guests let their guard down, Jimmy will do just fine. His online presence is arguably bigger and more sharable than any other late night host, which is proof his material resonates better with a younger audience, but if this video is any indication for what to expect, we’re excited for February 17th.

  • Stream Against Me! “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”

    Gainesville, Florida punk band Against Me! is back with their first album since singer Laura Jane Grace (formerly known as Tom Gabel) came out as a woman. “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” is the same anthemic punk rock everyone has come to expect from the band, but the catchy music is now accompanied by lyrics expressing Laura Jane Grace’s transgender experiences. At just 29 minutes long, the “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” packs a punch that is sure to broaden transgender awareness in a very accessible way. The album doesn’t come out until January 21, but you can stream it in its entirety right now at NPR.

  • Honest Action: Kevin’s Home Alone Body Count [Video]

    Sure, we all enjoy the antics of that lovable scamp Kevin McAllister in Home Alone and its sequel, but what if the movies were more true to life? Would the actions of the precocious sadist be as entertaining if the hapless duo of Marv and Harry sustained damage that accurately reflected their real-life injuries? Screen Junkies went through the two movies and chronicled each injury and calculated how many Marvs and Harrys would be killed if the films were more reality-based. The results are chilling, especially for poor Harry. Also, it’s really funny seeing all the slapstick scenes in one video. Schadenfreude!

  • 32 Hot Sauce Recipes to Sting Your Tastebuds (Book)

    Here are 32 recipes for making your own signature hot sauces, ranging from mild to blisteringly hot, as well as 60 recipes that use homemade or commercial hot sauces in everything from barbeque and Buffalo wings to bouillabaisse and black-bean soup. Hot Sauce!: Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces, with 32 Recipes to Get You Started $10

  • Finally, Jon Stewart Rants at NYC Mayor For Eating Pizza with a Knife and Fork

    Finally. We’ve been waiting for the highly anticipated Jon Stewart rant on newly appointed mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio and it’s finally here. We’ve all seen the now infamous lashing Stewart gave Donald Trump after he was caught on camera eating pizza with a fork and knife. After word got out on de Blasio blasphemed manner of consumption, he claimed “In my ancestral homeland it is more custom to eat with a fork and knife.”, that may be true, but as Stewart remarks, “Were you elected the mayor of Italy?” insinuating the customary consumption of pizza folded like a true New Yorker, especially when in Staten Island’s Goodfellas, a staple NYC pizzeria with three “International Pizza Champion” awards. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook

  • Beautiful New York City Streets as Seen From Hanging off Skyscrapers (11 HQ Photos)

    Photographer Navid Baraty, is not stranger to taking photos of major cities. The Brooklyn base photographer, a former engineer, has a knack for grabbing photos of major cities around the world in their most geometrically pleasing form. His newest series “Intersection” features photos of just that. The trick to capturing these photos, hanging off a building fifty stories in the air. Baraty uses incredible sharpness and detail to show a an angle of the city rarely seen. So much so that CoExist noted the photos have made their way into the Bowling Green MTA subway station. “People will stop in their tracks and take a closer look–there is a lot of detail in these photos, and the angle of looking downward takes a second to come into sharp focus,” says Lester Burg, who manages the Arts for Transit program.

  • Peyton Manning Loves “Omaha” [Supercut Compilation]

    Peyton Manning can’t stop shouting about Nebraska’s largest city. The Denver Broncos quarterback used the word “Omaha” loudly and often during Sunday’s playoff victory over the San Diego Chargers. According to an NFL.com video montage, Manning barked “Omaha” before the ball was snapped 44 times during the game.

  • Simple is as Simple Does: Haerfest F1 Backpack

    Haerfest is a brand dedicated to a reductive aesthetic meets a quality product. The backpack is moderately sized and lined with YKK zippers, the standard in quality. There’s not much more to say, because theres not much more to this besides simplicity and quality leather goods. Haerfest F1 Backpack

  • The Bountiful Breweries of the United States of America

    The most comprehensive survey of beer-making ever, this beautiful 60” x 40” wall map features over 2,500 breweries, microbreweries, and brewpubs from across the United States.  Perfect for hanging on the wall of your bar, den, or mancave, this cartographic masterpiece plots those celebrated locales known for plying this great nation with its lifeblood—delicious, thirst-quenching beer.  Includes insets for brewing hotbeds (Denver, the Pacific Northwest, the Great Lakes), as well as a design that pays homage to the mapmaking of yore–a giant, multi-colored paean to the noble brewers of America.

  • Striking Visual Data Shows 200 Years of Oceanic Exploration

    Using information dating back 200 years, assistant professor of history at Northeastern University, Ben Schmidt, who uses visual techniques to portray history, took whaling expeditions, sailing charters and even military missions dating back to 1800 to create a negative visualization of ocean exploration. Schmidt used public information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to trace routes ships used for hundreds of years, the darker lines indicate a more common route. The finished product is a stunning representation of exploration silhouetting the continents of the world. Read the full story at FastCoDesign.

  • “Chewbacca” Shared Amazing Never Before Seen Set Photos of “Star Wars” on Twitter (22 Photos)

    Peter Mayhew, the actor behind the mask of Chewbacca, recently released a large amount of Star Wars set photos from his personal archives on Twitter. Mayhew tweets from the account @TheWookieeRoars and the 7’3″ actor says he has around 120 set photos from filming he will ultimately share with his followers. Long nights of rehearsal were routine. pic.twitter.com/b00ItUgzTS — Peter Mayhew (@TheWookieeRoars) January 13, 2014 I have the biggest smile of all on the inside. Really. pic.twitter.com/6qayXUNNtW — Peter Mayhew (@TheWookieeRoars) January 13, 2014 The rest of us looked away as Han had a private moment. Everyone but HER. pic.twitter.com/zBpU5x0hV8 — Peter Mayhew (@TheWookieeRoars) January 13, 2014

  • Abandon NY Resort Becomes Safe Haven for Street Art

    Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel was once a prominent staple in the upstate New York culture, opening it’s doors in 1914 then growing into into a 1,200-acre facility with its own landing strip, post office and two gigantic pools. Until it’s decline in the 1980s, when air travel became much more accessible to the common man, Grossinger’s was a favorite spot for the likes of Buddy Hacket, Joan Rivers, Jerry Lewis, Rocky Marciano and Jackie Robinson. What remains now, is an abandon, structurally sound mammoth catering to green house effect plants, urban explorers and graffiti artists.

  • Evolution Comes Full Circle When You See What This Fish Does to a Predator Bird

    For years legend surrounding the ability of the African sharp tooth tigerfish to jump out of the water clenching a bird in it’s jaws was nothing but a myth, until a team led by G. C. O’Brien of North-West University in Potchfstroom, South Africa proved it factual. The results were published in the Journal of Fish Biology. The tigerfish essentially looks like an elongated piranha, growing up to 40 inches with 16 razor sharp teeth and mostly preys on other fish and invertebrates, but up until this video was released, there has been no factual evidence of the fish taking evolution full circle by making predator prey.