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Your Snowboard Is About to Get Smart

It was inevitable. Your snowboard is now a computer. Japan based tech company, Cerevo has released specs and information surrounding it’s sensor-enabled smart bindings. The bindings will attach to any board and track movements, foot and weight distribution as well as board flex. On top of all that nerdy info,…

George Harrison

26 Celebrity Passport Photos

Sure, we all like looking at normal, untouched photos of celebrities, but there is more to these famous passports than just that. Many are vintage with handwritten information. Check out George Harrison’s edit from student to musician. Also interesting is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s family passport with photos of wife Zelda…

River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix

33 Childhood Photos of Celebrities

Before your favorite celebrities were rich or beautiful, they were (sometimes) less rich and (rarely) less beautiful. Oh, and if you’re wondering what’s going on in Nick Offerman’s photo, it was a stunt he pulled to get casting directors to notice his headshot. Evidently it worked.


We Want This Hard Drive Clock [Video]

Years ago, a hard drive failure was pretty much a catastrophic event. They were expensive to replace and if you didn’t have the forethought to back up all of your data using your Jaz tape drive, everything was lost forever. But now hard drives are cheap and seamless cloud storage…