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Art Experts Tricked By IKEA Print [Video]

Let’s face it, art is subjective. Everyone has their own opinion as to what is good and what isn’t. But unfortunately, many find themselves defending works simply because they are in a gallery or museum. Or they believe that because they like a piece, it must be wort an exorbitant…


Jurassic Park Remade In Lego Stop-Motion [Video]

What happens when a father and daughter who love Lego and Jurassic Park get together with all their friends? Something pretty damn amazing, apparently. Six Lego collections were combined, over $100,000 worth of bricks, to recreate Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park from 1993. It took about three months to make and…


The Simpsons Get A Minecraft Makeover [Video]

In case you don’t have any gamers in your life, Minecraft is the hugely successful, multi-platform, open world game with no particular objective other than gathering materials and building cool stuff. Kids all over the world are obsessed with it and Microsoft recently purchased it for $2.5 billion, so it’s…