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  • Melissa Bolona Models Gear From All 32 NFL Teams (RSVLTS Magazine Exclusive)

    When it comes to emerging superstar models, we think Melissa Bolona is near (or at) the top of the list. She won the 2013 Beach Bunny model search contest  and recently had a shoot with 2011 SI Swimsuit cover model Irina Shayk and likely 2014 SI Swimsuit cover model Nina Agdal in Belize. Basically, when we think of Melissa, we think of a magazine cover model. Not only does she have the looks but she has a killer personality. Then it hit us like a sack of potatoes. We should publish a quarterly magazine version of RSVLTS that will be released to the masses of the digital realm and Melissa will be it’s most prized possession.

  • Are You At A Hipster Wedding? (Infographic)

    The hipster detectors over at Refinery 29 created this ingenious infographic flow chart to find out just how hipster the wedding you’re at is. Complete with vintage price tag invites, mason jar everythings and how many people have beards the chart helps you compare the wedding you’re at, to help you decide if you’re at a hipster wedding.

  • Converse Unveils ‘Scratch-Off Sneakers’ That Reveal True Colors Over Time

    Maison Martin Margiela, a fashion house in Paris, have given your old Chucks a paint job. They’ve covered the sneakers in all white paint, letting the elements your feet endure scratch, rub and scrape the paint off revealing the color underneath. The MMM x Converse collection features Chuck Taylor All Star and Jack Purcell shoes and the white symbolizes MMM’s signature color. Over time the shoes are meant to chip white paint off bringing out the black, red, navy blue, or Margiela-exclusive vintage yellow color ways. Each pair is priced at $200, but unique in that, every shoe’s deconstruction and transformation become more of-your-own with time.

  • Insiders Look at the 8th Annual Back To Hoboken Bar Crawl, Sponsored By RSVLTS.com [27 HQ Photos]

    The 8th annual Back To Hoboken Bar Crawl took Hoboken by storm on Saturday. A big thanks goes out to Al Torres and Rachel Heller for putting the event together, the 1,000+ people who turned out and double big thanks to everyone who stopped their boozing for a moment to snap a picture. The RSVLTS.com logo was displayed prominently on all the t-shirts as everyone flooded the bars. FTW! It all kicked off at Wicked Wolf around 1 pm and continued through the entire night. If you couldn’t make it out here is what you missed. We’ll see you next year! Congrats to Al Torres (left) and Rachel Heller (right) who put the event together.

  • RSVLTS the Magazine NYC Launch Party [33 Photos]

    On Wednesday we threw a banger at a loft overlooking Madison Square Garden to celebrate the launch of RSVLTS the Magazine. Our cover girl, Melissa Bolona, who you may know from Beach Bunny swimwear, was in the house and people were sipping on Bacardi drinks all night. Our good friend DJ Daniele Dessante kept the music going all night and one of the biggest highlights of it all was the photobooth provided by whoseventbooth.com – you can check out all the photos on Facebook.

  • Yahoo’s Sports Friends Season 2

    Our favorite sports themed, conversational cartoon is back and more hilarious than ever. The first 4 episodes feature Peyton Manning & Wes Welker in Life After Tom, Derek & Brett in Sliders, Joey Votto and Jason Werth in First Base and Cargo and Tulo talk about Todd Helton’s 2500th hit. If you’re not familiar with the series, it puts pro athletes in satire type coversational situations, where the comedy then ensues.

  • Dude Rides the $#@& Out of This CitiBike (Video)

    The CitiBike epidemic is here and have people left with mixed feelings. A great idea, but maybe not for New York City. Tourists, commuters and people with no business being on a bike in general swerve the wrong way through the busiest streets in the world. Recipe for disaster. Animal New York took another approach. they asked street BMX king Tyrone Williams, co-owner of Chinatown bike shop, Dah Shop and Animal Bikes team rider to take one out for a spin and turn some tricks with it, while he’s at it. The results speak for themselves.

  • Countries with Highest Number Of Billionaires (Infographic)

    There are several countries that are been listed as the countries with more number of billionaires. From Canada, that occupies last place on the list to United States, a supreme country securing its top position on the list, several other countries such as Brazil, Germany, Russia, India, China are improving their economic status on the globe due to the wealth generating activities carried out by these billionaires.

  • Kimmel Pranks the World With iPhone 5S First Look

    Jimmy Kimmel is quite the prankster. Everyone knows this. But this was brilliant. Jimmy’s team took to the streets revealing the Apple’s new iPhone 5S to the world. The gag, they really just gave them an iPad mini. Kimmel ‘got-em’ last year when he revealed the iPhone 5 to unsuspecting people with an iPhone 4.

  • The Waterproof Boot for This Fall: Swims Hemlut II

    Never again do you have to look like you just got off a Deadliest Catch boat. Swims Helmut line are designed entirely out of a waterproof boot made of high-density nylon and SWIMS’ signature rubber. This boot, inspired by the classic desert boot, will keep you both warm and dry in rain or snow. A gunsmoke upper boot with an orange lower sole with slip resistant technology to perp you for the most extreme conditions, while keeping you dry. Swims Hemlut II

  • BMW I8 Hybrid Supercar Production Model & Price Tag Announced

    The BMW I8 concept had been floating around car blogs for a year, but yesterday BMW pulled the sheet off to reveal the production model for the highly anticipated hybrid supercar. What we saw was suprisingly similar to the concept model no one thought would ever hit the production floor. A strikingly sleek body, with the bright blue accents that we thought would be scrapped during mass production remain. The wing (lambo) doors we’re kept and the rear wing spoilers remain exact. Though some restraints we’re put on this model, it’s astonishingly similar to it’s concept. The most exciting part of the production i8 features a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The coupe is powered by a 1.5 liter, turbocharged three-cylinder gas engine paired with a BMW eDrive electric drive system. The gas motor belts 231 horsepower, powering the rear wheels of the i8, while the 131-horsepower electric motor is channeled to the front wheels. The I8 hits 0 to 62 miles-per-hour time of 4.4 seconds, and an all-electric range of up to 22 miles at a top speed of 75 mph. All for the estimated retail price of $135,700.

  • Arcade Fire is Back and Now They Have Big Heads

    Arcade Fire took a little break for a while, but it looks as though they’re back with huge paper mache heads. The song is a melodic tune with an essence of David Bowie, featuring a french chorus. There were two videos for their new single Reflektor featuring the band playing in the back of a truck wearing bobble-head masks.The other, a more message sending one, was more of a “short film” and “virtual projection” and made in collaboration between the band, filmmaker Vincent Morisset, and a team from Google by Aaron Koblin.

  • Michelsen Arctic Explorer (Watch Wednesdays)

    The Arctic Explorer was the official timepiece of the Solo to the South Pole Expedition. The perfect combination of luxury meets dependable. This 100m waterproof time piece was made to withstand the most extreme elements, tailored specifically to the expectations and need of outdoor enthusiasts. The different colored, robust dials make it easy to read in every daily situationwhile the unique bold arrow shaped hands hold the same purpose. The collection was designed with frequent travellers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. It features the traditional three hands and a calendar but with an additional 24-hour hand and a rotatable bezel. These features allow the wearer to read three different time zones. Michelsen Arctic Explorer $1,960

  • State Bicycle co. x Wu Tang Collaboration

    Wu-Tang, widely considered to be among the greatest hip-hop groups of all time, is collaborating with Tempe-based bicycle company State Bicycle Co. to release a line of custom-outfitted fixed gear and single speed road bikes to commemorate the Wu’s 20th  year of bringing the ruckus and shaping urban street culture. The State Bicycle Co. Wu-Tang Brand 20th Anniversary Ltd. Edition Bike is tastefully branded with Wu-Tang imagery from bars to bracket.  An engraved Wu-Tang branded stem holds a set of bullhorn handlebars atop a boldly painted chromoly TIG-welded frame, all of which feature the unmistakable markings of the Wu. State Bicycle Co.’s influence on Arizona’s urban cycling culture has been incalculable. The majority of fixed-gear riders on Arizona State University campus can be seen riding a State bicycle around the city of Tempe. When it comes to mobilizing street culture Wu-Tang sets the standard for success and his is how State Bicycle Co. pays tribute to the legends.

  • 53 Instagram Photos That Show Floyd Mayweather’s Ridiculous Life Of Excess

    Although Floyd Mayweather is arguably the best pound for pound boxer in the world but people seem to be talking more about his life of excess than his abilities in the ring. Last year Mayweather topped both Forbes and Sports Illustrated lists of the 50 highest-paid athletes of the year and he certainly let’s us all know all about it on Instagram. This is the fake life you would live if you banked $50 million per match.

  • The War In Syria: 20 Shocking Images That Won The 2013 Pulitzer Prize

    Syria is all over the news of late but all we’re really seeing is politicians and talking heads debating whether or not we should be going to war. What we’re not seeing enough of is the violence and despair that is actually taking place on the ground. It is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the situation but these 20 images from the Associated Press recently won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography. Over 100,000 have been killed and two million have been displaced in the last 30 months and these images help to put it all into perspective.

  • Jurassic Park 4 ‘Jurassic World’ To Hit Theaters June 12, 2015

    Big news out of Hollywood overnight as Deadline.com is reporting that Steven Spielberg is producing a massive budget, 3D sequel to Jurassic Park being called ‘Jurassic World’. Colin Trevorrow will direct the film from a draft of the screenplay he wrote with Derek Connolly and it will be released in theaters on June 12, 2015. Not much is known beyond this info but you can follow the developing story on imdb.com.

  • Insiders Look At Team USA Clinching A Berth To The 2014 World Cup [12 HQ Photos]

    Not only did the U.S. Men’s National Team clinch a World Cup berth with a 2-0 win over Mexico on September 10th in Columbus, Ohio but it may be a legitimate turning point for soccer in the United States. For years, possibly decades, fans have been saying “this is the year that soccer goes mainstream” but it looks like that day is quickly approaching. According to numbers from SeatGeek, tickets for the World Cup qualifier were going for an average of $294 on the secondary market showing that there was a general fever pitch to get into Columbus Crew Stadium which looked completely bonkers on TV when Eddie Johnson score the first of two U.S. goals. If you couldn’t make it out to the game here is a look at what you missed. United States fans hold up scarves as they sing the national Anthem before the start of the qualifying soccer match against Mexico in a World Cup, Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013, in Columbus, Ohio. (AP Photo/Jay LaPrete) Mexico’s Hector Herrera walks off the field after the team’s 2-0 loss to the United States in a World Cup qualifying soccer match Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013, in Columbus, Ohio. (AP more »

  • The Evolution of the U.S. Soccer Jersey (51 Photos)

    This evening, the USMNT locked in their World Cup qualification by taking down Mexico 2-0 and ending their hopes of playing in the tournament in Brazil next summer. With Honduras’ tie over Panama, it ensured the U.S. advancing. It was an emotional victory for the United States on the eve of September 11th, but the crowd was in high spirits, belting out the Star Spangled Banner in a roaring below. This year U.S. Soccer is also celebrating their centennial year, which is the reason for their classic styled uniforms. A homage to their first uniforms ever worn. We’ve compiled a list of uniforms the stars and bars of soccer have worn throughout the years.

  • Sex Panther Cologne

    According to Anchorman’s Brian Fantana: “It’s called Sex Panther. It’s illegal in 9 countries. It’s made with bits of real Panther, so you know it’s good. It’s quite pungent…oh it’s a formidable scent….it stings the nostrils – in a good way. I’m gonna be honest with you it smells like pure gasoline.” This officially licensed version of Sex Panther isn’t actually made with bits of real panther but certainly still carries a very pungent and unique scent. The pungency of this product is off the charts and perfect for a little afternoon delight or a night on the town with three of your best anchor pals. Sex Panther $35

  • NFL Week 2 Power Rank Revealed

    Week one of the NFL has come and gone and one thing is for certain, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are without a doubt the front runners for the Super Bowl. Week two power ranks have been released by CBS Sports and the Broncos have jumped ahead of the 49ers as the top team in the league. See where your team stacks up below.

  • Jimmy Kimmel Twerk Pranks the World

    A couple months ago the now infamous “Twerk Fail: Girl Catches Fire Video” was released in the the wild world of YouTube and in recent weeks the video has gone outbreak style viral. Well, you guys, it was all a hoax. Kimmel got us good and for all you skeptics out there, congratulations, nerds, you were right. Here is the video Kimmel released last night, boasting about how he punk’d us all.

  • Luxury Underground Bachelor Bunker

    A two-bedroom property up for sale in Las Vegas is creating quite a stir and it’s all because the property includes a luxurious bunker 26 feet underground. Built in the 1970′s by Girard B. Henderson, a wealthy businessman, it was built to be able to withstand nuclear blasts during the Cold War. Fully equipped with a heated pool and a water fountain, a sauna, two bedrooms, a guest house, an indoor putting course, a bar, and even a dance floor and yes, there’s an underground yard that surrounds the home on all sides. Now up for sale for $1.7 million, the property includes the two-bedroom underground level, the one-bedroom underground guesthouse for Will Smith, the two-story and two-bedroom house above ground, the four-car garage, and over an acre of property.

  • Drone’s Eye View of Burning Man 2013

    Drones are all the rage right now. So it’s inevitable that someone would bring one to the trendiest non-festival festival in America. There were so many drones at Burning Man that there was almost a drone midair collision at 0:14 of this video.

  • Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” Was Released 10 Years Ago Today

    Fast forward 50 years into the future and “Hey Yeah!” will be an iconic song that represents a generation. Need proof? Just this year Grantland.com named it the best song of the millennium after a March-Madness style bracket of 64 songs. And it all began 10 years ago today when “Hey Yeah!” was released.

  • ODB Hologram Performs with Wu Tang at Rock The Bells

    Game over, Wu Tang. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s about to shut down the internet. O.D.B., AKA Peanut the Kidnapper, AKA Little Billy Clinton, AKA Rusty, AKA Dirt McGirt, AKA Joe Bananas, AKA Freeloading Rusty, AKA Dirt Schultz, AKA Big Baby Jesus, AKA Knifey McStab lives on in the form of a halogram performing with Wu Tang at Rock the Bells. Wu Tang performed all the favorite tracks that O.D.B. contributed to and the eerily surreal performance brought back memories when it was a Wu world.

  • Virgin Galactic Completes 2nd Successful Supersonic Launch (Video)

    Virgin Galatic is setting out to be the first company to offer civilian space travel and in their first two test launches have had flawless success. Richard Branson, Virgin’s CEO, announced SpaceShipTwo‘s success via YouTube on September 5th. The ship uses a unique feather mechanism in second supersonic flight to slow the flight down after it hits high velocity speeds. Branson has been dedicating a majority of Virgin’s assets to this project and more so than not, when Sir Dick, dedicates himself to something, it usually works out.


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