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Walter Palmer

The Gray Area Of Big Game Hunting

With all the controversy surrounding Walter Palmer’s big game hunting expedition it’s important to look at both sides of the issue. As every single person in the world is aware, a Minnesota dentist recently illegally poached a male alpha lion in Zimbabwe that was tagged with a GPS collar by Oxford University.…


Mad Max: Fury Road in 8-Bit

With the recent big screen success of the rebooted Mad Max: Fury Road, animator Misha Petrick and illustrator Evgeniy Yudin created these pixelated GIFs of vehicles from the film like Plymouth Rock, the Interceptor, Big Foot and the War Rig. The project is a work in progress, so stay tuned…

jalapeno feat

15 Commonly Mispronounced Food Names

So you’re out on a date and really trying to impress your girl. You take her out to a fancy dinner at Uncle Giuseppe’s Ravioli Emporium and order some brooshetta, passta and expresso. Sorry bud, you’ll be drinking limoncello alone at the end of the night. But there’s hope! DigToKnow…