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  • Facebook’s 10th Birthday Conversation With Other Social Media Networks

    Mark Zuckerberg’s big fat baby turns 10 years old today. It’s come a long way from when only college students could sign up for the network. What was once a useful site for keeping in touch with fellow students has since been ruined by your parents’ sharing of every “let’s see how many likes we can get for this clubfoot kid” post, your friends with kids posting about how tough but rewarding parenthood is (and how you just wouldn’t understand), and invites to games you’ve never heard of but all look really shitty. It’s a cycle that happens with every social network. They start off helpful but as soon as more people sign up, it becomes obvious that most folks have nothing worthwhile to contribute to life. Let’s see how some of the different social networks reacted to Facebook’s birthday post.

  • The Clever Word Art Of Ji Lee

    20 years ago, Ji Lee was given an assignment in typography school that challenged students to visualize the meaning of a word using the letters that form the word as the only graphic elements. He enjoyed the project so much, it has become a lifelong mission for him to visualize as many words as he can. In 2011 he published a book titled “Word as Image” that contains nearly 100 words. That doesn’t mean he has stopped, though. He still comes up with new words that you can see on his Facebook page. 

  • Superhero Bobble Head Movie Posters [10 Photos]

    You know how those Lego videogames take overly serious superhero movies (I’m looking at you, Batman) and makes them sillier and more fun by turning everything into fun blocks? Smashcave had the same idea with this series of movie posters that turns all your favorite heroes and villains and shows what they’d look like as bobble heads. Honestly, the “Iron Man 3″ poster didn’t even look all that different. Robert Downey Jr already has a metaphorical big head, so the Photoshop seemed pretty natural.

  • Insiders Look At The Eruption of Mount Sinabung [18 HQ Photos]

    Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano erupted and killed more than a dozen people on the western island of Sumatra on Saturday, the first time it is known to have claimed any lives, a senior government official said. A giant cloud of hot volcanic ash clouds engulfed villages in Karo district during the eruption and a photographer was in town capturing it all. WARNING: several of these photos are graphic.


    If there’s one thing you can count one with the Olympic games, it’s an ugly, overly busy design on the official logo. However, Sochi’s logo is a modern, simple design with no headache inducing drawn elements. How did designer Christoph Marti escape the curse of gaudy Olympic logos? Read all about the design’s progression (it started out as busy as any other) and the reactions from other designers at the New Yorker.

  • City Screenprints Combine Iconic City-scapes with Signature Cocktails

    Dublin-based design studio me&him&you created a series of iconic city landmarks around the globe and their signature drink. Each drink is a famous cocktail recipe inspired by the city. The series was inspired by friends and family of the design studio that have moved to some of the major cities around the globe and upon visiting we’re urged to try that signature drink. London’s wide array of gin has made the gin & tonic a staple brit drink and Manhattan… well is a Manhattan. You can get your prints on the me&him&you design site.

  • 32 Outtakes From Leanna Decker’s RSVLTS Magazine Cover Shoot

    The second issue of RSVLTS Magazine is available now on the iTunes store!  The crowning achievement of the latest issue was our cover shoot with  flawless supermodel, Leanna Decker (View also: 31 Leanna Decker GIFS). Leanna was there to help us count down all 30 NBA teams according to their popularity on social media. Essentially using one of the most popular models on the internet to rank their social popularity… on the internet.

  • The Harrison Ford Entire Career Super Cut [Video]

    In a career that has spanned nearly 50 years (his first appearance was as a bellhop in 1966′s “Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round”), Harrison Ford has made a shitload of movies. And after watching this supercut of every film he’s appeared in up to 2013′s “Anchorman 2,” it’s safe to say that many of those movies, such as “Anchorman 2,” are shit. Sure, there are the classics like the Star Wars Trilogy and the Indiana Jones Trilogy (that “Crystal Skull” nonsense is best forgotten), but there have also been some real turds. Remember “Hollywood Homicide,” his buddy cop film with Josh Hartnett? Of course you don’t. Until I watched this, I had forgotten Josh Hartnett ever even existed.

  • Take To The Sea In The World’s Fastest Yacht [14 Photos]

    Tax time is here and if you need something to spend your fat tax refund check on, why not buy a boat? Well, JP Moneybags, I hope you have a hell of a bean counter on your payroll, because you are going to need a sizable refund to afford the Wally 118, the world’s fastest yacht. The 118 features 3 gas turbine engines producing 17,000 horsepower, propelling the yacht to more than 60 knots. Bring some friends along, because their are accommodations for 6 guests and 6 crew members. Also, be aware you won’t be keeping this in your garage to take out on the weekend. The Wally 118 is 118 feet long (huh, that makes sense) and weighs 95 tons. And the price? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it, ya bum.

  • Share Your Instagram Masterpieces With Projecteo

    You spend so much taking pictures of every single meal you eat and picking just the right filter to make the food look particularly unappetizing but you still don’t get any love on Instagram. What’s the deal? It can’t possibly be that nobody pays any attention to you or your sad, unphotogenic life. Now you can force people to look at your favorite Instagram shots with the Projecteo miniature projector. Choose 9 of your best images and Projecteo will develop them onto a tiny 35mm slide which can then be inserted into the mini Projecteo projector so you can share your pictures anytime with anybody you can convince to hang around with you. For the full effect, don’t forget to shout your hashtags at your unfortunate captive. Available now from Projecteo, $35 for the projector and $9 per slide.

  • adidas 2014 adizero Primeknit 2.0

    The adizero Primeknit 2.0 is back with a fantastic colorway of of grey/white and navy/charcoal using their “digital burst” pattern in a linear blend across the body of the shoe. The shoe is meant to hug your foot like a sock giving it a snug feel perfect for a spring running season. Look for the Primeknit at select adidas retailers.

  • This Custom Pulp Fiction “Guess Who?” Game Wins All the Board Games

    Illustrator, Joe Stone of the UK, took everyone’s favorite childhood guessing game “Guess Who?” and made it infinitely more awesome. Stone produced a custom copy of the board game using lead and supporting characters from Quentin Tarantino’s most acclaimed movie, Pulp Fiction. Joe took each character and illustrated them in the style and likeness of the original game, making careful note of facial features like nose size, mouth size and eye color ensuring the movie characters showed similarities to the actual Guess Who game illustrations, but the Pièce de résistance is the packing box the game is stored in that resembles Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase. Make me one. Now.

  • The Most American Sleeveless Hoodie You Can Wear This Olympics

    What’s more American than a sleeveless hoodie? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Oh and it’s draped in the stars and bars. It’s the “SpiritCape” a made in America product that uses only U.S. made materials and packaging. To add some ingenuity to the overly ‘Merican cape, “SpiritCape” pledges to donate $1 for every cape sold after funding to the EOD Warrior Foundation, an organization that provides assistance for past verterans. The SpiritCape is also available in college colors for all you undergrads who can’t step out of your dorm room without an article of clothing showing your collegiate allegiance.

  • 10 Surprising Facts About the Sochi Olympics (Infographics)

    The Olympics haven’t even begun yet, but there’s already a great deal of controversy surrounding the games. From corruption surrounding construction of facilities to more recent news of ski slopes and conditions being dangerously steep for athletes to compete on. This infographic done by Finances online tells tales of triumph, tragedy, pride and glory in the history of the Winter Olympics.

  • Street Fighter 2: An Oral History [Link]

    Believe it or not, it has been 23 years since we first started wasting our hard earned allowances at the arcade playing Capcom’s Street Fighter II. The tumultuous history of the game directly from the mouths of the creators has never been laid down until now. See how the fighting game that took the world by storm, saved an ailing game developer, and jump-started a whole new genre rose from the ashes of an oft-forgotten game that pretty much failed miserably. 

  • The Complete 1,000+ Text History Between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin Has Leaked

    Through a league source, The Big Lead has obtained the full transcript of over 1,000 text messages Incognito and Martin swapped between October 2012 and November 2013. The messages are what you’d expect from wealthy, young athletes: Incessant talk about partying, drinking, and chasing women. And there is plenty of bawdy back-and-forth banter that at times reads like a fraternity brother hazing a pledge. If Incognito was indeed tasked with ‘toughening up’ Martin – a question Dolphins coach Joe Philbin refused to answer in early November – did he cross a line? The text exchanges should offer some insight into the relationship between Incognito and Martin.

  • Seinfeld and Costanza Reunite for the Super Bowl

    Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander did a short promo for Jerry’s acclaimed web series, Crackle’s Crackle’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The spot included the two riding in a 1976 American Motors Pacer then getting coffee at an old familiar spot, TOMS. Yes, the same TOMS from the show about nothing that made Seinfeld a household name. The two talk about the usual babble that has us plugged in weekly, even nowadays on reruns, it’s hard to turn Seinfeld off once sucked into the half hour of twists that tie in together like a synchronized dance at the end. So with this nostalgia of the old and success of  the new Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, we’re looking forward to a new season and hopefully a full cast Seinfeld reunion. From Crackle: George Costanza: The Over-Cheer

  • Super Bowl XLVIII Starters’ Salaries (infographic)

    Last night Super Bowl XLVIII took place and was lopsided to say the least. The Seahawks dominated the game from the get go and have the Lombardi trophy in their grasp. At the end of the day, however, all the players on the field are really all winners. With the Sylvester Williams trailing the salaries of Super Bowl starters at $426,000, I’d say every player waking up today in their Jersey City luxury hotel room should have a smile on their face.

  • NFL Helmets In The Star Wars Universe [32 Photos]

    Mexico based art director and illustrator John Raya took the 32 teams in the NFL and mixed them up with characters from the Star Wars universe to come up with a football league from a galaxy far, far away. See more of his work on his behance portfolio. Also, the RSVLTS would like to congratulate the Toydaria Wattos on their win in the Galactic Bowl yesterday. The Hoth Tauntauns didn’t have a chance. 

  • Ulric Collette’s Genetic Portraits [25 Photos]

    Canadian photographer and graphic designer Ulric Collette created his first “Genetic Potrait” when he was trying to age his 7 year old son in Photoshop. He spliced a photo of himself with the photo of his son and liked the result. He has taken dozens of these “Genetic Portraits” in the years since, using photos of relatives, whether they be brother and sister, father and son, mother and daughter, etc. Sometimes the splicing works so well, it’s eerie. See the rest of the series and other projects at Ulric Collette.

  • 9 People Who Chose To #KissForPeace In Moments of Violence

    While watching the Super Bowl you probably saw a powerful commercial from AXE promoting their #KissForPeace campaign that promotes the slogan “Make love. Not war.” As AdAge describes, “The ad, directed by MJZ’s Rupert Sanders, travels the globe to various hot spots of conflict, including the Middle East and what’s clearly meant to be a version of North Korea. Tensions rise as each scene seems poised to erupt in violence. But instead, each becomes a celebration of love, as the warriors put down their weapons and embrace their wives and girlfriends.” It’s a powerful ad and as you’ll see from the following nine photos protestors choosing to #KissingForPeace can be a powerful strategy in love’s war against violence. 

  • Seth Meyers Says Goodbye to SNL Weekend Update with Some Old Friends

    Seth Meyers is departing from SNL after 13 years as a member of the staff. After a brief stint as a cast member, Meyers pen talent got him instant recognition getting him a full time writing supervisor in 2005. For his last segment as arguably the best Weekend Update host of all time, he brought on some old friends who made his job a little easier over the years. Stefon (Bill Hader) and Amy Poehler made their rounds. Poehler gave Seth some sage advice on life after the desk and Stefon mocked new co-anchor, Cecily Strong and all seemed right on Saturday night. Andy Samberg and Fred Armisen also stopped by as way of Andy Samberg and former NY Gov. David Patterson. Seth spoke about his new position and closed by saying “This is the job I always wanted, and I had the best time,”

  • Badass Lawyer Commercial Or Revenge Film Trailer? [Video]

    Savannah based lawyer Jamie Casino made this commercial that aired during the Super Bowl in Georgia that explains how he went from ruthless defense attorney for all sorts of nefarious types to heroic defender of the underdog/personal injury attorney. The serious ad looks more like a trailer to a revenge/action flick. His name, Jamie Casino, even sounds like some sort of vigilante like The Punisher’s Frank Castle. It’s a serious story, involving the murder of Casino’s brother, but the execution is so bizarre and over the top that it seems like Hollywood fiction. All I know is the downtrodden citizens of Savannah are lucky to have Jamie Casino on their side.

  • RSVLTS Catches Up, Chats With Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro Jamaal Charles

    Recently, RSVLTS got a chance to communicate with Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl running back, Jamaal Charles at an event promoting the newest downloadable content for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Titled Onslaught, it is now available to purchase on Xbox Live. It will be ready for launch on the Playstation Network in a few weeks—wait patiently, Sony faithful! Charles seemed to enjoy the DLC, largely pointing toward the rampant chaos that only Call of Duty entails. Citing one map in particular, Charles said that he “loved Bayview”—the map that replicates the idyllic Santa Monica pier. A long time gamer, Charles’ other favorite titles are: Tomb Raider, NBA 2K, and Madden. When speaking of the lattermost game, Charles said that he would create himself in the game during his pre-NFL days. And, in the NCAA games, he would create himself and then get drafted into the NFL through the virtual world created by the game. During his rookie season, Charles said that he “put himself ahead of every player” in the game, regardless of their position or rating—something that most of the human population would do upon the realization of an NFL dream. However, gaming was not the only topic of more »

  • Biggest Snowstorm In 50 Years Blankets Iran [60 Photos]

    Since Friday, snow has been steadily falling in Iran, with some provinces receiving almost 7 feet so far. It’s the biggest snowstorm to hit the country in 50 years. 500,000 people in the north have been without electricity and gas since Saturday. Iran’s Red Crescent (the Red Cross’ Islamic arm) has rescued around 11,000 people in the last four days. 3800 people have been moved to emergency shelters. Another snowstorm is expected to come to the region Monday night. And here we are at RSVLTS HQ complaining about the 8 inches we’re getting today.

  • Past Meets Present: Nike Uniforms Bring Winning Traditions to the Court

    This February Nike will debut some retro style uniforms paying homage to winning traditions from schools past. The college basketball teams that will debut the Hyper Elite Dominance uniforms include Michigan State University, Ohio State University, Duke University, University of Kentucky, Syracuse University, University of Oregon and University of North Carolina. All seven uniforms honor each school’s winning tradition with special logos, scripts and colors mined from each program’s past.

  • 7 Facts And 3 GIFs: Hellooo Curling [Link]

    The Winter Olympics are almost here and curling, a sport that has been a part of the winter games since the beginning in 1924, is still widely unknown. The bevy of beauties on the 2010 women’s teams helped raise the profile a bit, but for the most part people were just watching to see hot women shout a lot. Let NPR teach you all about the game and learn that there’s more to it than just shuffleboard on ice.

  • Richard Sherman 30 for 30 Mockumentary Starring Frank Caliendo As Everyone

    Frank Caliendo, best known for his decade long stint on Fox NFL Sunday doing impersonations of NFL personalities (usually John Madden), is back in this ESPN 30 for 30 mockumentary about Richard Sherman. Watch Caliendo brilliantly take on Jon Gruden, Bill Belichick, Mike Ditka, and many others. He even goes back to his MadTV days with appearances from former presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton.