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  • Japan Unveils First Android Newscaster, Rest Of World Is Creeped Out [Video]

    In an effort to remind the world that they are the weirdest nation on Earth, Japanese scientists unveiled the world’s first android newscaster. For now, the android will be working at Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Sciene and Innovation conversing with visitors and gathering information on human/android interactions. Designed by leading robotics professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, the hope is that the android will learn to better communicate with real people so that human will be more open to an ever-increasing android presence. Hopefully it won’t turn out like an anime version of the classic “They took our jobs!” South Park episode.

  • The 60 Greatest GIFS of Emily Ratajkowski’s Career

    Happy #RataTuesday! We’re marking the release of Emily Ratajkoski’s first ever GQ covershoot with the definitive collection of her greatest GIFS…ever. From Blurred Lines to her latest GQ shoot and everything in between. RSVLTS “Discover The World” 1. Rome at Night is Bellissima [35 HQ Photos] 2. 45 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Yosemite National Park Additional RSVLTS galleries… Melanie Iglesias GIFS (40 GIFS) | Bri Teresi Bikini (50 Pics) | Kate Upton Greatest GIFS (53 Pics) Brooklyn Decker GIFS (100 Pics) | Alexis Ren Smokeshow ( 142 Pics)  | ScarJo Foxy GIFS (31 GIFS) Rosie Jones Outtakes (14 Pics) | Kate Upton GQ (24 Pics) | Irina Shayk GIFS (67 GIFS) Leanna Decker GIFS (39 Pics) | Emily Ratajkowski GIFS (60 GIFS) | Bounciest GIFS Ever (50 GIFS) More Galleries

  • 4 Essential Nutrients You’re Lacking—and How to Get Them [Link]

    It seems like every single day we are told about a new superfood that we need if we don’t want to get fat or die from every cancer known to man. The fact is, we just need to focus on eating healthier and smarter. With a few simple tweaks, we can get a lot healthier without investing in the latest fruit we never heard of from a place with a name out of a Tolkien fantasy. Learn about the 4 nutrients most of us are lacking and use these simple tips to add them to your diet. 

  • Famous Chunkies: Obese Versions Of Your Favorite Characters

    With over two-thirds of adults and one-quarter of school-age children overweight or obese, there’s no denying we have a problem with weight in this country. But despite how common overweight people are in real life, there is a dearth of fat characters when it comes to cartoons and comic books. Why? If we’re fine with letting our children get fat, we should give them more characters to relate to. Artist Alex Solis has done just that with his series “Famous Chunkies.” Now kids will have heroes who more accurately reflect reality! Let’s just hope one of them has the power to cure diabetes and heart disease. Check out the rest of the series at Cargo Collective.

  • Start Your Summer Off Right by Watching this 50 Foot Slip-n-slide Off a Cliff

    The official Czar of Fun, Devin Supertramp has gone and done it again with his newest video featuring a slip-n-slide off the side of a 50-foot cliff. The Supertramp team has made a living off a formula that consists of good looking people, having the most fun imaginable doing the funnest thing your mind can think of, then filming it with HD cameras. Seems like something easy enough to replicate, but Supertramp has the golden touch. I.e. the video below.

  • The English Beat Look To Crowdfunding For Latest Album

    In 1980, The Beat, known as The English Beat in the US, released their first album, “I Just Can’t Stop It.” Songs like “Mirror in the Bathroom” and “Hands Off…She’s Mine” became huge hits and the band found themselves one of the biggest bands of the 2-Tone ska revival. By 1983, after just 3 albums, the band broke up, with some members forming General Public, who would have a hit with “Tenderness,” and others forming Fine Young Cannibals, best known for “She Drives Me Crazy.” A few years ago, frontman Dave Wakeling put together a new version of The English Beat with all new members (aside from himself). Now Wakeling is looking to raise money for the band’s new album through crowdfunding site PledgeMusic. With more and more bands eschewing the big labels and the big percentages they take for their services, crowdfunding seems to be a no-brainer solution. With little need for the physical distribution channels of major labels and the Internet making it easier than ever to contact fans and promoters directly, many musicians are thriving despite whining from the RIAA about the death of their business. Hopefully this will work out for Wakeling and more bands will more »

  • Twitter Goes Clinically Insane After LeBron Announces He’ll Opt Out of Heat Contract

    LeBron James announced this morning he’d be opting out of his contract to test the waters on the free agent market. As you know Twitter reacts every time LeBron rolls over in his bed, so naturally when this bomb was dropped the internet imploded with tweets of LeBron’s face photoshopped on to every team in the NBA with some pop culture references sprinkles in there as well. LeBron is taking his talents to (insert city name here) pic.twitter.com/tyUEa4btLv — Sports Pics (@AmazingSprtsPic) June 24, 2014 Hey @KingJames! Heard you're opting out?? We've got a new team for you: The #USMNT! #LetsDoThis #OneNationOneTeam pic.twitter.com/I4Uj7O4b1x — U.S. Soccer (@ussoccer) June 24, 2014 If King James goes out west… Hollywood LeBron! @espn @MasterAgenda68 pic.twitter.com/svxQ5VDHqK — Creative Bobbie (@creativebobbie6) June 24, 2014 Reality soon? @kobebryant @carmeloanthony @KingJames @Lakers pic.twitter.com/9r50u5fLcT — Spencer Klein (@SKlein2564) June 22, 2014 How would LeBron look as part of the Big 3 in Houston? (via @MikeKing00) pic.twitter.com/shOBdtK6Ju — NBA Legion (@MySportsLegion) June 24, 2014 Won't happen, but @KingJames, @carmeloanthony, @KyrieIrving and maybe @22wiggins would look nice. (via @CavsForever_) pic.twitter.com/jnMY6vWIFr — Jeff D Lowe (@JeffDLowe) June 24, 2014

  • New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Shows Detailed look at Shredder and Turtles

    Dear Michael Bay, I know you have your hand in the production of this movie. I know from the bright lens flares and sci-fi-machine sounds you put in all of your movies. I know from Megan Fox. I know from the non-stop explosions and action sequences clustered into this 2:33 trailer. I know that Jonathan Liebesman is “directing” the film and I know that he also has an affinity for things that go boom (Battle Los Angeles, Wrath of the Titans), but I know you’re waving your little magic wand and pulling the strings, so I ask you, no I beg you to not ruin the last spec of my childhood that hasn’t been remade into a Hollywood disaster. Do the Turtles justice and don’t do us dirty. Cowabunga. Love, Every ’80s Baby in the world PS: Please remove dubstep from soundtrack.

  • 802 of The Highest and Lowest Paid Jobs in America

    The results for highest and lowest wages across the U.S. are in and fairly predictable. Physicians top the charts while fast-food employees take the tail end. The list was compiled by a Reddit user who took the median wages of 802 professions spanning the country. Stockpiled at the top of the list are a list of 13 categories of physicians, with “Chief Executive” sneaking in at the tenth spot, so if you’re in the market for a career change, healthcare seems like a safe bet with anesthesiologists topping the entire list. The bottom tier of the list is filled with variations of the food service industry with fast food chefs, fast food servers and shampooers tied for the lowest wages.

  • Find these Beers Hidden in Paris and the French Countryside

    Two years ago, Smithsonian writer Alastair Bland hid bottles of beer and hard cider throughout southern France and invited readers to find them with just one request: leave a beer in its place for a future scavenger to find. Bland then expanded his “Find the Beer” game to the United States, hiding beers in California and the Pacific Northwest. Recently, he found himself back in southern France and decided to see what beers readers have left behind in his hiding spots. He also decided to hide some more around France.

  • Forget Strangers Kissing. Strangers Slapping Each Other Is Where It’s At [Video]

    Remember that video where strangers me for the first time and kissed? Of course you do, it was everywhere. Then came the millions of parodies. Now filmmaker Max Landis, son of director John Landis, has made a video in a similar vein where friends or acquaintances were randomly paired up and asked to hit each other. His reasoning is something about the antagonistic nature of the camera and the performers banding together blah blah blah whatever. All that really matters is that Haley Joel Osment, onetime child star of films such as “The Sixth Sense,” is one of the people who gets slapped. So watch the video and if you are interested in the story behind the shoot, watch the “making of” below.

  • Travel Across the World by Drone

    With the inevitably increasing popularity in recreational drone use, Travel by Drone put those resources to good use by geotagging videos based on locations, using Google maps as a platform and pin-dropping locations of aerial drone footage. The interactive map is pretty straight forward and simple to use. Throw in a zip code, click a pin-drop and boom, drone footage of any location in the world. Sorry ‘boom’ and drone don’t mix. Wrong choice of wording. The footage is all user submitted, but vetted through editorial before anything is published.

  • Top 10 Most Expensive Beers [Infographics]

    Are you a beer drinker who enviously watches scotch and wine connoisseurs spend big bucks on their drink of choice? Chin up, for there’s plenty of expensive brews out there for you to blow money on, too! Whether they’re brewed with barley that’s been in space or water from an iceberg or jammed into a taxidermied critter, these 10 beers will cost you considerably more than a case of your favorite macrobrew. But remember, just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they’re good. Case in point: a PBR is on the list…

  • 15 Clever Paper Representations Of Classic Films

    Spanish design studio Atipo recently helped graphic production house Minke launch their new paper gallery with a project called “Papers for Characters.” Using only the different papers offered by Minke, Atipo cut or folded the paper in creative ways to represent classic films. Each piece is deceivingly simple yet extremely clever. The bullet holes of “Bonnie and Clyde,” the shower curtain of “Psycho,” the blinds of “Rear Window”—all are represented here using just pieces of paper. Which one is your favorite?

  • President Obama Confused With English Soccer Player, Hilarious Coffee Mug Ensues

    Poor England. In just a couple hours they will lose to Costa Rica and leave Brazil with zero wins in the 2014 World Cup. Then the team will go back to England where apparently their own people have trouble recognizing them. An English company, hoping to cash in on World Cup madness, produced coffee mugs using royalty-free pictures of the players to sell for cheap. However, the probably now unemployed person given the task of finding a photo of Chris Smalling mistook a photo resident Barack Obama for the English soccer player. Hoping to make the best of the situation, the company put the mugs up for sale on Wholesale Clearance UK. The lot contains all 2000 of the Obama mugs that were produced for £2,000 (about $3400). Now let’s see how long before radically conservative grandparents on Facebook use the photos of the mugs to complain about the President’s unpatriotic support of English soccer. Thanks, Obama.

  • #RataTuesday: The Provocative Emily Ratajkowski GQ Cover Shoot Everyone Will Be Talking About

    GQ is calling their July 2014 cover model Emily Ratajkowski the “the bombshell of summer” and they are dubbing today “#RataTuesday” by plastering the phrase all across social media. #ratatuesday Tweets It’s been one year since Emily Ratajkowski became and internet sensation with her appearance in Robin Thicke’s summer anthem “Blurred Lines” and today she is back with these stunning photos for GQ. If you want to see all the photos pick up the issue on stands now and GQ.com has a sweet behind the scenes video we recommend too.

  • Philadelphia 76ers Secondary Logo Leaked. Is Incredible.

    The 76ers haven’t exactly had the most success with their jersey selection in the past decade or 3, but they may have just created the best secondary logo in the NBA, a retro looking homage to the name that screams America. The new logo shows a cartoon Ben Franklin handling the rock. The logo has a retro style look and feel with a deep perspective. Doesn’t hurt that the founding father has a smirk of confidence that may alone take Phila to the Finals next year. Other new logos for the season include the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings. .@UniWatch @PhilHecken @sportslogosnet new secondary and partial logos for the NBA in 2014-15: pic.twitter.com/MjAkIWqPWr — Conrad Burry (@conradburry) June 23, 2014

  • Teddy Roosevelt Won the World Cup Last Night

    Last night as the U.S. made history tying Portugal after an emotional last minute goal by Portugal to score in stoppage time. The American fan base has gone leaps and bounds since the last cup games, congregating at city parks by the tens of thousands to watch a team without any expectation from World Cup analysts shock the world. But as the game was progressing and the U.S. tied an early Portugal lead, giving the stars and stripes enough hope to send the crowd into a roar. In the 65th minute a familiar face, especially around our office, gave birth to an icon of U.S. soccer. Mike D’Amico a U.S. fan with a surprisingly similar resemblance to the name who’s namesake built RSVLTS, Theodore Roosevelt. It was just a mere 2 seconds, but at our office, where we had a small gathering to cheer on our American brethren, it was as if time had stopped and the U.S. had already won the World Cup championship. Within minutes Twitter went gaga for Teddy and our office phone lines exploded with friends and colleagues who thought we planted Teddy at the game (which would have been a brilliant idea). And so a more »

  • Here is Every Possible Scenario The U.S. Can Face In Hopes to Advance in the World Cup

    The U.S. is in a very tricky spot after their draw against Portugal last night. After a stoppage time last attempt goal from a Christiano Ronaldo cross, Portugal delayed the U.S. chances to advance in the World Cup and may have even ruined hopes for advancement at all. Though it’s a tricky situation, the U.S. needs to win or draw against Germany for an automatic in, if Germany wins, a very likely scenario, the U.S. would hope for a draw in the Ghana vs Portugal game and in the event that there is a winner in that game a Portugal victory would fair better for the U.S., if that win comes at a two goal or less victory with a U.S. loss at two goals or less. Confused? Me too. Take a look at this spread sheet created by Twitter user, Andy Keller. United States advancement scenarios, for those interested. cc:@clubtrillion pic.twitter.com/bW2dW2emIJ — Andy Keller (@KellerAndy) June 23, 2014

  • 12 HQ Photos That Show How Man Has Changed The American Landscape

    New York City-based photographer Victoria Sambunaris has spent the last 12 years traveling the United States and cataloging landscapes changed by man and nature. Every year she finds herself driving through almost every state, planning shots she captures with her large-format camera. Sambunaris can spend days in one spot waiting for the perfect conditions for a shot. After a month or two, she will have about 50 shots sent off to her developer. After returning home, she edits down her photos, where she’s happy if she’s left with 5 after 3 months of work. Sambunaris also doesn’t use any digital tools in her work, meaning there are no post-production fixes for her photos. She must get it right the first time or the photo won’t make the cut. Check out these and more photos in Victoria Sambunaris’ book Taxonomy of a Landscape, available now from Amazon for $43.

  • 10 Famous Faces As Face Paintings

    Using just makeup and face paint, makeup artist Maria Malone-Guerbaa is able to transform her models’ faces into those of celebrities and popular characters. Whereas many makeup artists rely on prosthetics to achieve similar transformations, Maria just needs paint and her natural talent. The London-based artist actually came to her profession relatively late. After starting a family and having two children, Maria decided to enroll in makeup school at the age of 33. Now 40, her immense talent has led to work in theater and television in England. Take a look at some of her work below and check out more at Facebook.

  • Visual Guide To How A Shirt Should Fit

    Unless you are Ryan Gossling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. there is a good chance that you might not be wearing the perfect fitting shirt. From the collar all the way down to the length, here is an illustrated guide to getting it right.

  • Iconic Concert: Black Sabbath Introduce The World To Heavy Metal in 1970

    It was December 1970, The Beatles were barely broken up and heavy metal wasn’t even a blip on the music radar yet. That is what makes this crystal clear video of a 22-year-old Ozzy Osborne performing songs from Black Sabbath’s debut album Paranoid for a regional television network so amazing. As one rock blog describes, “It’s the best footage, bar none, that you will ever see of the band in their evil prime.” You might only know Ozzy as a mumbling ex-reality star but this guy used to shred like no one else before him.

  • Matt Joyce Hits Baseball into Pitching Machine, Machine Returns Favor

    In a strange event Matt Joyce was taking batting practice going about business as usual, when he managed to hit a ball directly into the pitching machine, the machine was none too pleased about what transpired and spit the ball right back out at Joyce. No robots were harmed during the filming of this batting practice Your browser does not support iframes.

  • GoPro Captured The Surreal Survival of a World Record Car Jump Crash

    Guerlain Chicherit, a French professional skier and rally car driver set out to break the record for the longest car jump. His modified BMW Mini geared up as Chicherit spoke about the dangers of being in his industry and the ultimate consequences the sport’s athletes endure. After going through the rhythms of determining the  physics of the jump, Guerlain was confident in himself, his car, his team and the conditions of the snowy roads. As he sped down the mountain at around 100 mph his car hit the steel ramp and attempted to cross the 332 ft gap. With a GoPro production team there to capture every angle of footage, what happens next is as exhilarating as it is frightening. Guerlain doesn’t make the jump without error and his car nose dives, then spirals into a seemingly infinite series of tumbles. GoPro’s footage not only gives a bone chilling look at the crash from a distance, but the surreal look at Chicherit in his drivers seat during the horrific cartwheel. Their slow motion footage captures about 3 seconds of time from the crash, stretched into a ethereal sequence of shots that looks like something out of a Hollywood crash scene. Guerlain managed to survive without serious injury, more »

  • Iconic Concert: Elton John At The Royal Opera House in 2002

    Sir Elton John is one of the most prolific and successful singer-songwriters in the history of music. Back in 2002 he performed at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London along with a 90-piece orchestra, a five-piece electric band, and a choir of Royal Academy students conducted by acclaimed film score composer James Newton Howard. The 11 song set is one of the finest moments of his career and it was all captured on film. If you have an hour this iconic concert is about as “must-see” as it gets.

  • The Shake, Radler & Roll [Drink Infographic]

    Summer time is always the best time to drink outside. Sun shining, birds chirping, the quintessential time to have a drink in the great outdoors. The right summer beer is really a matter of opinion, but summer beers have been ubiquitous with light and citrus, now Amstel is taking a concoction used in Europe that the Dutch have been drinking for years. Dubbed Radler after a European style of mixing beer and lemon juice, makes a shandy type beer with a truly standout flavor. The Amstel Radler is only 2% alcohol, making it a refreshing beverage that can be consumed all day long, but if you’re looking for a little kick add in a shot of tequila with a couple lime wedges, shake it up and you have yourself a refreshingly pungent summer cocktail.


    Louis CK, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Nick Kroll, and Bill Hader are all huge names in comedy these days, but it wasn’t always that way. Go through these timelines of each comedian’s career and you’ll be surprised at how many times you saw these funny folks before you ever actually recognized them. Louis CK with no hair on his face but plenty on his head? Sarah Silverman on Star Trek Voyager? Nick Kroll as a Geico caveman? Yikes.

  • Amazing Bottles Painted With Smoke [11 Photos]

    When most of us come across a glass bottle on the side of the road, long discarded by some inebriated vagabond, we might give it a kick, grumble about the neighborhood going to hell, then continue on our merry way. Luckily not everyone is as surly and lacking in creativity as us. When artist Jim Dingilian comes across an empty bottle, he recycles it as a brilliant work of art. He fills the bottle with smoke from a candle, and when the inside is sufficiently sooty, he gets to work. Using the location where he found the bottle as a template, he carefully etches out bucolic scenes inside the bottle. And Dingilian doesn’t just recycle bottles. Check out more of his work, including a series utilizing aluminum cans, at McKenzie Fine Art.

  • Fixing the Washington Redskins: You Say Potato, I Say… “Potato?”

    RSVLTS sports guru Andrew Hartman has a creative plan to fix the Washington Redskins name Every Sunday I walk around wearing a shirt that says “Redskins” with a huge picture of a man with a feather on his head. I don’t mean to offend anyone by doing this. Regardless of how many people are or are not offended, I know the “should the Redskins change their name debate” is over. It’s going to happen. President Obama stone-cold-stunnered it this past fall (unnecessary roughness on Bob Costas for the piece on Sunday Night Football the next week). Even if you thought Mr. Snyder’s letter had a point, or his foundation is going to do great things, it doesn’t change the fact that a group of Americans find the nickname incredibly offensive, and they don’t give a flying tomahawk about my nostalgia. I know this is the right thing to do. So here’s what I propose: Change the name of the Washington Redskins (as in Native Americans) to the Washington Redskins (as in redskin potatoes). I know I’m not the first to suggest this, but I think fans and Mr. Snyder should seriously consider it as a legitimate option. 5 Reasons Why This Already Kind more »

  • What’s The Deal With Jerry Seinfeld’s Singing?

    The fourth season of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” has premiered with guest Sarah Jessica Parker and a theme song. But you won’t find some hip, slap bass line like the music from Seinfeld’s eponymous sitcom. Instead you’ll hear a classic TV style theme song sung by the host. Sorry Jerry, but you need to step off. This song’s not good for anybody. Serenity now! Listen to the song for yourself on Soundcloud, then catch up on the series at Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I suggest the Bob Einstein episode from season 1.