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  • Gravity (Full Trailer)

    Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney was recently called “the best space film ever done” by Hollywood titan James Cameron. A bold statement. You can be the judge October 4th when the film hits theaters but for now check out the full trailer released yesterday.

  • The 11 Worst Uniform Decisions Made By Sports Franchises

    In sports, tradition is always regarded as important. Teams are always looking to tread into new territory while still acknowledging their origins. But, some origins are—well—prettier than others. Hence, some of the more gruesome throwback uniforms are as follows:

  • 96-Year-Old’s Tribute to Late Wife, ‘Oh Sweet Lorraine’, a Hit on iTunes

    Last week we told you about Fred Stobaugh, the 96-year-old man who wrote a touching song, “Sweet Lorraine, for his late wife. Well now it looks like his little song that went viral on YouTube is dominating the music charts. ‘Oh Sweet Lorraine’ was number seven on U.S. iTunes on Friday, alongside names like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus, and now it has entered Billboard’s Rock Digital Songs sales chart at No. 49 with 6,000 downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

  • I Am Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Documentary

    If you grew up in the past 40 years than you’ve probably played Street Fighter II once or a thousand times. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its fighting game series ‘Street Fighter’, Capcom has put together an extensive documentary. The sound of one final ‘hadouken!’ to send your opponent into a slow-mo fall, leaving him motionless on the ground, while the crowd cheers in their two framed celebration bringing a dastardly smirk to your face every time you hear it. Or the twitch you probably still have watching the power bar run empty while, your (ex) best friend berates you with a non-stop E Honda super-chop. Either way whether you think so or not, SFII has carved you into the whittled piece of oak you are today. The hour plus doc goes through the game and culture surrounding the game, and the profound affect it’s had on people’s lives. 

  • 31 Reason Why Scarlett Johansson Is Better In GIF Form

    For the bast year we’ve been telling you why some of your favorite athletes and celebrities are Better in GIF Form and today, as you’ll see, we prefer Scarlett Johansson as a GIF via still photos. It just makes sense. Update: we had pretty good timing on this GIF compilation. It was revealed on Wednesday (September 5th) night that Johansson got engaged to journalist boyfriend Romain Dauriac. USA Today has all the details.

  • Minimalistic Swimming Pools [10 Photos]

    There really is no better way to get a total body workout than swimming laps. Do 40 laps in an olympics sized pool and see if you can walk the next day. Photographer Franck Bohbot got all artistic on us and took these fascinating shots of quite pool.

  • Kenny Powers is Back From the Dead in the East Bound and Down Season 4 Trailer

    The man, the myth, the one and only, Kenny Powers is back for his grand finale. East Bound and Down will be making it’s 4th and final season debut on HBO September 29th and it promises to be Powers-ful (just made that up, get it?). After faking his own death last season, Kenny comes back with a vengeance, like a Phoenix risen from the ashes, Kenny wants it all. The money, the power (see I did it again) and most importantly, the fame. Kenny Powers working for Kenny Powers. Now,One can only hope Ashley Schaffer comes back.

  • Meet The Beautiful New U.S. Soccer Star Sydney Leroux [Photos]

    The U.S. Women’s National Team demolished Mexico 7-0 in a friendly match Tuesday evening but the real story is U.S. forward Sydney Leroux (@SydneyLeroux) who stepped up as the star of the game with four goals. Beyond her talents on the field,  the internet is burning up with talk of her good looks and rumors of a high profile relationship with an NFL star.  Get to know the talented future of U.S. women’s soccer and check out some of her best photos. She has been rumored to be dating San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick since August 2013 Made her professional soccer debut at 15 years old and attended UCLA She was the number one pick of the 2012 Women’s Professional Soccer league draft Sydney Leroux appeared in the 2013 ESPN The Bodies Issue She was born in Canada but her Dad is American so she can play for the U.S. Her parents were great athletes, her Mom played softball for the Canadian National Team and her Dad pitched for the California Angels. Sydney played baseball for Whalley Little League from 1994–2004 She was the youngest member of the women’s Olympic team in 2012

  • 12 Minute Athlete

    So you don’t have a gym membership, equipment and time to get a total body workout? 12 Minute Athlete is a high intensity interval training program of incredibly effective workouts that you can do in around just 12 minutes a day with minimal equipment and no gym membership.

  • XBox One, The NFL and ESPN Step Up Their Game For A User Ex-perience-plosion

    In a collaboration football fans have been dreaming of for years, XBox One, the new Microsoft gaming console, NFL Network and ESPN are working collectively on making your XBox experience second to none. XBox is working with the NFL and ESPN to bring you game highlights, every live game played on ESPN using their Xbox app, available now for 360, and all of your Sports Center highlights all interactive and click-through-able through XBox One. But the icing on the cake is it’s fantasy football application. If you participate in a league through NFL.com, you’ll be able to sync your team up and keep them right aligned with your screen, updating in real time, using your Xbox 360 app to bring you an endless playlist of Fantasy Football highlights, Fantasy analysis, stats, scores and standings about your NFL.com Fantasy Football team and leagues, making sure you don’t miss a thing. . If you don’t have a fantasy squad set up with NFL, then you can make a custom player log to keep your team in check. With WatchESPN, ESPN.com, and ESPN3 video content, you get the best highlights, live events and on-demand sports in full screen mode. Along with all the features that more »

  • “Good” Will Leather Goods Wax Canvas Duffle

    Will Leather Goods may have outdone themselves with this wax coated canvas duffle bag. The perfect getaway bag for a weekend or “long” weekend. The bag is coated with wax, so the more you use it, the better that worn in look will show. Accented with the top quality leather of made in America and famility owned, Will Leather Goods. For every bag purchased GiveWILL, their charity that provides backpacks to children in underfunded elementary schools. Will Leather Goods Wax Canvas Duffle $250

  • A Goosebump Inducing Look At Clemson Football’s Fascinating Pregame Rituals

    Top tier football players select a school not only for the coach and the likely hood of winning a national championship but also for the team spirit and program traditions. Before every home game, Clemson’s football team leaves the stadium after warm-ups, gets on a bus, drives around the stadium, gets off the bus, congregates around a rock on the top of a grass hill in the middle of the crowd, and runs onto the field. It’s an unbelievable tradition and Saturday night ESPN televised the entire pregame ritual live for the first time. Now we know why it’s dubbed “the most exciting 25 seconds in college football.”

  • Calvin Johnson and P. Diddy Team Up To Show Both Sides of being a Pro-Athlete

    In Nike’s latest ad spot, “Calvin & Johnson”, Megatron Johnson and P. Diddy partner up to show both aspects of being in the lime light. Diddy, as ‘Johnson’ takes the publicity, autographs, press and all things not training related so ‘Calvin’ can concentrate on the training that got him to where is is today and where he wants to be, a record breaking wider receiver.

  • A 91,000-Square-Foot Dubai Mansion Fit For An Oil Tycoon [13 HQ Photos]

    A super-wealthy resident of Dubai is planning to construct a 91,000-square-foot megamansion. The sprawling compound occupies an end lot on the emirate’s famous Palm Island, with views to the city skyline, a private beach, towering walls of sliding glass, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The dramatic interiors, by fellow South African firm Antoni Associates, include an open atrium with two-story waterfall.

  • ‘Dude Perfect’ Nails Every Golf Stereotype… Perfectly. Dude.

    The trick-shot perfecters known as “Dude Perfect” have gotten into the game of cut-away comedy videos and we have to say, they got this one perfectly. In their stereotyping golf video, they identify everyone (of your friends and probably you) that makes golf as annoying as you thought it was before college (when your body could handle real sports). All aspects from ‘The Borrower’ to ‘The Overestimater’ to the dreaded ‘Guy Who Thinks He’s Happy Gilmore”, DP nails you and your buddies. Burned, so burned.

  • So Someone Put the Heads of All 32 NFL Quarterbacks on their Mascot’s Bodies

    Hope you all had a great Labor Day, but incase you were out wake boarding or eating fudge on your local boardwalk, the guys over at Uproxx Kissing Suzy Kolber photoshopped every NFL team’s proverbial mascot with the heads of their starting quarterbacks. Keep your eyes out for Phillip Rivers. Check out all 32 QB-Mascot mashups at Uproxx Kissing Suzy Kolber

  • The Art of War Broken Down into a 10 Minute Video

    The Art of War was written nearly 4000 years ago, by Sun Tzu, a high ranking Chinese general. The book was created as a military strategy guide, but has found it’s place in contemporary life by the likes of businessmen, lawyers, sports coaches and teachers. Sun Tzu’s teachings have found success in the workforce of these modern day strategists, applying the same methods of the book to the mental wars of the classroom and conference rooms, because a majority of the book is a guide on how to be competitive and victories without causing serious conflict, an issue the modern day worker has to deal with on a daily basis. The video below is a 10 minute breakdown of the basics of each chapter, and if you’ve ever read the book is no easy feat to do.

  • NFL “Get Drenched” Limited Edition Jersey Collection

    With the NFL season around the corner, football fans will begin transforming themselves from head to toe and filling local stadiums and living rooms with their team colors. Celebrating the league’s most passionate supporters, Nike created a unique collection of monochromatic color-drenched NFL Nike “Get Drenched” Limited Edition Jerseys saturated in every team hue.

  • Photographer Matt Hoyle Captures 130 Modern Comedic Icons

    The full project took a year and a half. The idea; take 130 of the most iconic comedic faces and photograph them in a single shot that defines their comedic prowess. Rather than a simple portrait, Matt and the comic icons collaborated to create small humorous moments frozen by his lens — from zany and deadpan, to laugh-out-loud and contemplative. Comic Genius

  • Awe-Inspiring Photos of Destructive Superstorms [13 HQ Photos]

    Each summer since 2009 photographer Mitch Dobrowner and guide Roger Hill have driven through the Great Plains and high deserts of the United States in search of these jaw-dropping forces of nature. When they find them, Dobrowner pulls out his camera and takes breathtaking black and white photos that capture the enormity and intensity of these churning atmospheric formations.

  • 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Behind The Scenes Photos Revealed

    MJ Day, the editor of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue, has the best job in the world. She galavants around the globe to stunning, tropical destinations we can only dream of, with the most beautiful women in the game. MJ is very savvy with social media (@MJ_Day) and has a knack of posting behind the scenes teaser photos from her Swimsuit shoots. We’ve sorted through them all, rough life we know, and compiled the best from the upcoming 2014 issue.


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