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15 Drawings That Will Break Your Brain

We’re huge fans of anamorphic art that makes your brain explode when viewed from the perfect angle. Usually the anamorphic art we come across is street art and chalk drawings where you have to stand in a certain place to get the full effect. But Hungarian artist István Orosz creates…

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19 Photos From The 2015 Tough Guy Race

Described as “the toughest race in the world,” the Tough Guy Challenge is held annually on a 600-acre farm near Wolverhampton, England. The race was originally held in 1987, organized by Billy Wilson, who insists that no one has ever completed the course according to his demanding rules. But that…

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29 Incredible Photos Found On Google Earth

New York-based artist Benjamin Grant uses vast resource that is Google Earth to collect images that illustrate mankind’s effect on the planet. Both negative aspects, such as Amazon deforestation and the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and positive effects, like Spain’s Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant and Netherlands vast tulip…