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  • Turn Your Toaster Into A Sandwich Maker With EZ Toastie Bags

    Are you just too busy to grill a sandwich the old fashioned way in a frying pan? Can’t find the time to clean your electric sandwich maker after each use? Are you too lazy or stupid to operate a toaster? If you answered “yes, yes, no,” then EZ Toastie Bags are just the product for you. If the amazing video and website are to be trusted (please say yes), then these bags will make a nice grilled sandwich with no mess. But even more impressive is the bag’s ability to reheat pizza and old fries. No more pretending to like cold pizza because you (or I) don’t want to wait for the oven to heat and microwaving it so it’s not varying temperatures and rubbery is a black art. Get 2 EZ Toastie Bags for $9.99 and let me know how they work out. Keep in mind I am extremely lazy.

  • The 77 Best Vines of November 2013 [Video]

    Have you tried using Vine but the huge amount of complete garbage people put out scares you off? Or maybe you have an older phone that the app isn’t compatible with (I feel your pain, brother). Either way, YouTube user VineCompilations sifts through all the Vines and finds the best out there so you don’t have to. There is actually some good stuff there. Maybe it’s time to give the app another chance. Once I get a better phone…

  • Catrinel Menghia’s 2013 Sports Illustrated South Africa Swimsuit Photos Revealed

    Catrinel Menghia is most certainly at the pinnacle of hotness. You have to be in order to land the starring role of not one but two $3,000,000 30 second Super Bowl commercials – watch below. The 2013 Sports Illustrated South Africa Swimsuit issue recently hit newsstands – see all 50 photos + GIFS here – and if you weren’t lucky enough to travel all the way down to the Southern Hemisphere to pick up a copy and see this 28 year old Romanian in all her glory we’ve got you covered.

  • 40% Off Entire RSVLTS Online Store, Because Cyber Monday

    In honor of America’s new favorite pastime, Cyber Monday, we’re getting in on the fun and offering 40% off everything in our online store for the day. The perfect gift for just about anyone is a piece of apparel with our logo slapped on it. In case you didn’t know RSVLTS.com was just voted the #1 site on the internet ever of all time in history (by an internal office survey) which means you could essentially join the family of the #1 site on the internet ever of all time in history. Shop wisely my friends.

  • Ron Burgundy Anchors Local News In North Dakota [Video]

    North Dakotans tuning in to their local news on Saturday night were treated to a surprise when Will Ferrell appeared in costume as Ron Burgundy and co-anchored the broadcast. Ever the professional journalist, Ron Burgundy had no problem keeping a straight face while delivering the humdrum North Dakota goings-on but the amateurs he was working with were smirking the whole time. It seems like Anchorman 2 is the most heavily marketed movie of all time. Will this translate to ticket sales or will we all be tired of Burgundy’s antics when the movie finally hits theaters December 18? Eh, either way we’ll see it.

  • Nike’s “Play Russian” Commercial Will Give you Chills

    The Sports brand partnered up with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam to create a winter wonderland of sport. Encouraging Russians to “Play Russian” play cold anf fight the elements. The video features famous Russian athletes like ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, long jumper Darya Klishina, as well as footballer Alexander Kokori. Seems like just about everyone is gearing up for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

  • The Style Evolution of Brandon Flowers

    With a decade of rock stardom under his belt, not to mention a new best-of album called Direct Hits, we decided to look at the style progression of The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, from eyeliner wearing Brit Popper to leather jacket clad statesman of rock.

  • 50 Rare and Iconic Photos of Magic Johnson + Autographed Photo Giveaway

    Magic Johnson is often considered the best point guard in NBA history. He reinvented the way people thought about point guards with the combination of flashiness and his size. Magic finished his career with 5 NBA Championships, 3 MVP Awards & 3 NBA Finals MVP Awards. This fantastic 8″ x 10″ photo features Magic being guarded by the great Michael Jordan, signed in bold Lakers gold by Earvin himself. This holiday season treat yourself or a loved one with an epic addition to your man cave or a solid gift for any sports fan, this signed Magic Johnson photo from Brigandi’s in New York City. Enter below and we will pick a winner on Wednesday, December 4th at noon. Once you’re done entering check out RSVLTS 12 Days of Giveaways for a chance to win iconic collectables from sports history.   Now that you’ve entered take a look at 50 rare photos of Magic Johnson that you’ve probably never seen before. From his time at Michigan State to his NBA career and everything in between. See also: Mariano Rivera autographed baseball giveaway – Ends 12/9/13 50 Rare and Iconic Photos of Magic Johnson

  • Watch How BACARDÍ Has Triumphed Over Some Incredible Circumstances [Sponsored]

    The Bacardí family has been through its share of scrapes. First there were fires, then earthquakes, then prohibition, revolution, and exile. Through each of these tumultuous moments, the Bacardí family stood strong, ready to take on everything that fate could throw at them, eventually becoming one of the world’s biggest providers of quality rum. Watch the video to see how BACARDÍ’s true passion is untameable, and then check out Facebook.com/Bacardi to learn more.

  • RSVLTS 12 Days of Giveaways: Day 1, Magic Johnson Signed Photo

    This holiday season, we’re partnering up with Brigandi Coin and Collectables, one of New York City’s oldest and most prominent sports memorabilia, collectables and coin dealers. For the next 12 days we’ll basically be doing your holiday shopping for you, giving away twelve iconic and rare pieces of sports history. Each day another giveaway will begin and last for seven days. Here is a list of every iconic item we’ll be featuring worth over $3,200 in total. Tune in each day at 12 pm EST to find out what iconic collectable we’ll be giving away that day. Mike Tyson Signed Framed Photo Don Mattingly Signed Baseball Magic Johnson Signed Jersey Magic Johnson Signed Photo (vs. Jordan) Mariano Rivera Signed Baseball Matt Harvey Signed Baseball Tiger Woods, Yasiel Puig, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper Rookie Cards 1960 New York Yankee World Series Program Signed by Yogi Berra Pete Rose “I’m Sorry, I Bet on Baseball” Signed Baseball Cal Ripken Jr. Photo Brooklyn Dodgers Pennant Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card Check out the First Giveaway Here: Magic Johnson Signed Photo against Jordan

  • A Radiant Instagram Shortfilm Compiles Iconic Locations and Shots From Users

    Thomas Julian took 852 instagram pictures from 852 users and compiled iconic shots and locations to show the magnitude of possibilities  Instagram can offer when crowd sourcing photos. Social media has turned into an incredible source when pooling information and as Julian noted  “I wanted to create structure out of this chaos.” The result; a conglomerate of photos that create a stop motion video of brilliance. An Instagram short film from Thomas Jullien on Vimeo.

  • Sam Adams Create a Cigar Seasoned with Beer, Men Everywhere Shed Single Tear

    Drink beer? Smoke cigars? That’s all we need to know. Up until now you needed two hands to combine both activities. That’s no longer an issue, because Samuel Adams and Ted’s Cigars have created a cigar that’s seasoned with beer. Named “Utopias,” after the beer, you can buy one of the cigars for $13, and a box of 25 for $275. The cigars will only be available during the months of November and December, which makes them an ideal holiday gift for beer fans, cigar lovers, and anyone in between. Utopias is a beer like no other; the 2013 version is a combination of different brews finished in port and single-use bourbon casks. It’s also blended with Samuel Adams Kosmic Mother Funk, a Belgian-style ale aged for up to two years in Hungarian oak tuns, and weighs in at an incredible 28 percent ABV. If you’re looking to try the pairing, you better hurry. Ted Cigars x Samuel Adams Utopia Cigars

  • Make A Successful Career Change In 10 Steps

    Getting a career change is definitely not an easy decision to make. It should involve a lot of thinking, planning and reasoning so that you could set your mind on such an adventure. Many people feel comfortable with their careers and are not up for the challenge of going a different way with their lives. While it is certainly true that changing your job path can be quite a challenge, there is no need to feel frightened. You can get through the whole ordeal easily and without much worries if you play things right and you follow the right advice. Here are some steps that should help you prepare for the task that is ahead of you and perform it admirably.

  • Tracy Morgan Says 28 Thanksgiving-y Things

    In honor of Thanksgiving, Tracy Morgan reels off a list of things that make us all think of the holiday on Fallon. The list goes from G to PG-13 teetering on R very quickly mentioning how Lucy from Charlie Brown now dances for dollars at the Nipple Factory. If you’re a fan of Morgan you’ll enjoy him rattling off words for 5 minutes.

  • Caricatures Show an Interesting Side Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

    French illustrator and graphic designer Anthony Geoffroy created a series of caricatures along with quotes that represent the darker side of the men of Breaking bad. Walter White, Gus Fring, Saul Goodman and of course Jesse Pinkman are some of the characters featured in the series of surreal art. Although some of the illustrations may look playful and funny, the series is made to portray the more sinister side of the characters.

  • Honest Trailer of Home Alone

    There’s no better way to start the Christmas season than by revisiting the family holiday classic featuring cutie pie Macaulay Culkin violently standing his ground against two hapless burglars! It’s Home Alone!

  • Dranksgiving: KAHLÚA Chicken

    Continuing with our alcohol infused Thanksgiving recipes, we’re featuring a unique take on holiday chicken. While you may think of KAHLÚA as a drunk best served with  some cream and coffee, we have a unique take on bland chicken that is a sure fire way to get you amped up about Thanksgiving this year. A sweet recipe with a caffine and KAHLÚA kick and a hint of honey.

  • Black Friday Shopping Chaos [Super Cut Compilation]

    Fights, stampedes, riots and utter chaos, this latest super cut compilation shows that Black Friday is an out of control American tradition that has a way of bringing out the worst in people who are unaware that it’s 2013 and Cyber Monday is now the best shopping day of the year.

  • Guns Replaced with Thumbs up in Movies (36 Photos)

    Guns replaced with Thumbs up is exactly what the gun control advocates need to invest in. Thumbs and Ammo is a blog that thinks ‘Real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude’. The hilarious mantra of the site that’s dedicated to taking our favorite action movies and recreating them in a positive you-can-do-it light makes our day that much better.

  • Soda vs. Pop vs. Coke: Mapping How Americans Talk

    In 2003, former Harvard professor Bert Vaux released the Harvard Dialect Survey based on his results from asking tens of thousands of Americans about the words they use and their pronunciations. Last year the data was made into a series of heat maps that went viral. Now The Atlantic has made a video based on phone interviews conducted using Vaux’s questions and the heat maps. Now you can learn the regional differences in soda vs. pop vs. Coke or hoagie vs. hero vs. sub.

  • 6 Bizarrely Entertaining Doritos Commercials For Crash The Super Bowl Contest [Video]

    Doritos is again sponsoring their Crash The Superbowl Contest, where budding filmmakers compete for $1 million and to have their Doritos commercial air during the Super Bowl. Voting for the first round ends next week and we’ve gone ahead and pulled some of the weirdest yet still very entertaining submissions that we’ve come across. Check out all the submissions and rate them at Doritos.com.

  • Converse Re-releases CONS Aerojam “Grandmama”

    We all remember Larry Johnson’s alternate persona, Grandmama, the old lady who lived in a shoe who dunked like no one else could do as well as her guest appearance teaming up with Steve Urkel on Family Matters. Converse’s parent company, Nike, saw fit to rerelease his/her signature shoe the CONS Aerojam React. Now you can own them again and just in time for teh Charlotte Hornets to return in the ’14-15 season. The Converse CONS Aerojam’s new design is stitch-for-stitch the same silhouette as the beloved original from the Converse archives. In the midst of a 90s street culture resurgence, the look of this sneaker feels fresh with a lighter and more comfortable modern fabrication, an oversize tongue, grip gradient detailing, and a lace shroud that’s removable and reversible. CONS Aerojam React $109  

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