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Meet Your New American Heroes

Everyone remembers The Miracle on Ice, when the US Men’s Hockey Team defeated the Russian Men’s Hockey Team in the semifinals of the XIII Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid during 1980. It’s one of the most patriotic and iconic moments in American history. It’s one of those days that people lie about…


Newest Trend: Absurd Minor League Promotions

Going to a minor league baseball game is probably one of the most underrated days to spend a night. The one reason is because tickets are shockingly inexpensive and you also get to watch semi-pro baseball players/current prospects/possible future MLB stars play a full game of baseball on a nice…


15 Crazy Cosplay Mashups

If you’ve ever been to a comic/sci-fi convention, you know how boring cosplayers can be after a while. Seriously, how many Deadpools doing cringey stunts for a laugh do we really need? So it always refreshing when they mix it up a little bit with mashups combining two very different…


John Cena Continues To Prove How Nice A Guy He Is

When you look at WWE as a whole, it really is absolutely absurd. There are wizards, kings, CEOs who get thrown in the garbage because “It’s time to take out the trash,” demons, a corrupt corporate hierarchy, an Indian prince who refers to himself as “Punjabi Playboy,” leprechauns, ex-soldiers and…