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  • The Gentleman’s Guide To Wearing A Suit (infographic)

    You’re wearing your suit all wrong. Well, not entirely wrong, but you could be doing a better job. ‘The Gentleman’s Guide To Wearing A Suit’ infographic shows fellows how to wear a jacket, fold a pocket square, choose the right size pants and shirts based on their build and even choosing the right pair of shoes. UK based retail shop Psyche created this useful infographic to help you along the way to proper manhood.

  • See How Fast You’re Charging With Practical Meter

    Does it seem like your devices charge at different speeds depending on what cables or charging source you use? Well that’s because they are, dummy. And now you can test any USB charger and see how hard its working. The Practical Meter features an LED meter that lets you know how much power you’re getting, from 1-10 watts, lit up in 1watt increments. Also included is a fast-charge 3-in-1 adapter for any Mini-USB, Micro-USB, or Apple 30-pin device. The meter is not just for nerds who need to collect every iota of data on every device they own, either. It’s important for everyone to know what amperage their charger is pulling. Some devices may get damaged or won’t charge at all if the amperage is different than what they require. You may have even seen those “Incorrect charger detected” type messages before. With the Practical Meter, you won’t have to worry about that anymore and you know your devices will be safe. Available now from Grand St. for $25.  

  • Man Vs. Robot: The Ultimate Ping Pong Duel

    Timo Boll, German table tennis star, is the new brand ambassador for KUKA Robotics in China. The collaboration celebrates the inherent speed, precision, and flexibility of KUKA’s industrial robots in tandem with Boll’s electrifying and tactical prowess in competition. To celebrate the new KUKA Robotics factory in Shanghai, the two giants will battle to the end on March 11th 2014. The 20,000 sq. meter space will produce the KR QUANTEC series robot as well as the KRC4 universal controller for the Asian market. As a market leader in China, KUKA aims to further develop automation in the country while providing a modern and employee-friendly working environment.

  • Telecom Companies are Already Slowing Down Your Netflix

    Has Netflix seemed a little sluggish as of late? Not surprising after a federal court in D.C. disemboweled net neutrality last month. At the time, an uproar of concern was had by all steaming service advocates, fearing telecom giants would force companies like Netflix to stream content at top dollar and beyond. And you know what that means, higher fees for Netflix will ultimately hike up prices for their customers. Verizon and Netflix have been at each others throats as of late, tugging the rope back and fourth in a heated debate over just how much broadband content could be streamed without paying additional fees. Well it looks as though Verizon has made a decision. Netflix has reported on it’s recent drop in service speed provided by Verizon and it doesn’t look good for subscribers using the streaming service under the Fios umbrella. Netflix reports “its average prime-time speeds dropped by 14% last month.” and it’s on a serious decline. Netflix is standing by it’s word refusing to pay more, when companies like Microsoft and Facebook have already given in to higher prices for quicker access to their site. Verizon’s argument, while blatently greedy makes a fair amount of sense. Sites more »

  • The Newest Trailer for ’22 Jump Street’ is Everything College Should be

    Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have moved on from the high school life and graduated to college. The premise of “22 Jump Street” is basically the same, students are selling a high grade drug and the new synamic duo have to go under cover to get to the bottom of it. Sex, drugs and witty drawn out banter is sure to be had, which made ’21 Jump Street” such a success. Ice Cube and Nick Offerman provide some supporting roles and we’ve already seen Rob Riggle and Lil’ Franco make cameos in the last trailer. Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and set to hit theaters June 13.

  • Bonnaroo 2014 Lineup Announced

    The Bonnaroo lineup for 2014 was announced last night via a frenetic video featuring Taran Killam and Hannibal Buress. Many of the artists are no huge surprise, such as Kanye, The Flaming Lips, and CHVRCHES, but there are a few you don’t usually see on the festival circuit. Elton John, Lionel Richie, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are some of the more interesting acts to perform at the festival, held in Manchester, Tennessee June 12-15. Somewhat surprisingly, this may be one of the only festivals without the newly reunited Outkast. If that’s not a deal breaker, be sure to get ready to scoop up tickets when they go on sale Saturday at noon. For more info, check out Bonnaroo.

  • A striking before & after photo of Kiev’s Independence Square, Ukraine

    Violence escalated on Tuesday in Kiev when Independence Square in Ukraine. Demonstrators and police have recently gotten violent pushing back and fourth against each other in the square where protestors have been camping since November. This week police announced through loudspeakers that “anti-terror operations” were about to take place which caused an uproar that ultimately led to 25 deaths and hundreds injured.

  • Pomplamoose’s Pharrell Mashup [Video]

    Pomplamoose, the musical duo made up of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, has released their newest YouTube video featuring a mashup of Pharell hits “Get Lucky” and “Happy.” Musically, they’ve managed to transform the already catchy Pharrell songs into an infectious amalgam, and the visuals are equally impressive. Conte makes use of the same projection mapping techniques seen in his Aviici remix in October followed by the Pomplamoose Lorde/Beck mashup in November, while showing major progress on his already commendable skills. The fact that the video was shot in one take with no edits is even more amazing.

  • Riots In Kiev Continue: 6 Things You Need To Know About Maidan Protests In Ukraine [Link]

    It has been three months since protesters first gathered in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, a demonstration that has since transformed into violent riots. There is no end in sight to the clash between the people and the government, with dozens now dead from the fighting. But what started all this and why is it continuing? Here are 6 facts to get you up to speed on the crisis in Ukraine. 

  • 32 Reasons Why Nina Agdal’s 2014 SI Swimsuit Shoot Is Better In GIF Form

    As we’ve been predicting since 2011 Nina Agdal landed the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2014 Swimsuit issue alongside veteran Chrissy Teigen and rookie Lily Aldridge, all three of which are married to or dating extremely famous musicians. Nina’s behind the scenes videos are all over the web today so we decided to give them the Better In GIF Form treatment they deserve.

  • Scientists Develop An App That Can Give You Super Human Eyesight

    Can you really improve your vision with an app? According to neuroscientist Aaron Seitz, UltimEyes, the app he developed, will do just that. 20/7.5 vision Through a program of exercises that focus training on the visual cortex, the part of the brain that controls vision, UltimEyes claims that users can read two more lines on the standard eye chart than they could before beginning the system. Obviously, the app will do nothing to help those with poor eyesight caused by physical problems, but through neuroplasticity, those who see already have good eyesight may see improvement. The system involves 4 25-minute sessions a week for 8 weeks, which should then result in better night vision, expanded peripheral vision, and sharper vision. UltimEyes is currently available for the iPad for $5.99. For more info on how it works and to get your copy, check out UltimEyes.

  • Epic Ski Jumps In The 80s [Video and GIFs]

    Ski jumping is a pretty crazy sport. To someone who has never done it and most certainly never will, it seems to involve flying off a ramp, leaning forward, and praying you don’t die. This video from the 80s shows the horrible crashes that occur when your prayers aren’t answer. Even the jumpers who landed safely seem to have panic filled moments in the air, flailing about in one last attempt to not die. An Imgur user was also kind enough to create animated GIFs out of some of the best bits of the video.

  • Inspiring Story Of An Elementary School Employee Who Worked His Way Up From Janitor To Principal

    Back in 1981 Joseph Sonnier began his career as a janitor at Port Barre Elementary in Port Barre, Louisiana. After receiving a little encouragement, Sonnier began studying education full time and still worked his custodian job. Sonnier earned his teaching degree, and soon after, his first teaching job. In 2012 he earned his master’s degree in education and now is the principal of the school he used to clean.

  • 6 Drastic Room Makeovers That You Can Learn Something From

    I’ve heard it many times before. You’re absolutely sure that your space won’t look good, no matter what you do. Or you just don’t have the eye for it. Well it can be a challenge, yes. But I’m here to tell you that you can make any space look good – and I have examples to prove it.

  • Destined For Success: The First Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy

    Marvel films have basically become the Pixar of superhero movies (with the exception of one two large green disasters). With the profound success of the Avengers, Spiderman and Iron man fanchises, Marvel sought out to try their luck with a lesser known comic book team of heroes, called “The Guardians Of The Galaxy”. Chris Pratt (Moneyball, Parks & Rec) carries the team in what is undoubtedly going to be a household franchise before it’s release.

  • Childrens Book Style Illustrations From R-Rated Films by a Pixar Storyboard Artist

    Pixar Animation Studios storyboard artist, Josh Cooley worked on some of the most acclaimed movies the production powerhouse has released, Up, the Incredibles and Ratatouille to name a few. Josh is now having a go at publishing. He’s created a series of illustrations in the style of a children’s book, but with some of your favorite R-Rated classics. The book, Movies R Fun!: A Collection of Cinematic Classics for the Pre-(Film) School Cinephile will feature classic scenes from movies like Pulp Fiction and Die Hard. Cooley’s whimsical characters show exaggerated features and quotes written in classic novel style. A perfect coffee table book for any cinematic fan.

  • NYC Gentrification As Seen Through Google Street View [6 GIFs]

    Brooklyn-based artist and designer Justin Blinder makes clever use of Google Street View for his Envision New York 2017 submission, “Vacated.” Justin first searched for buildings constructed in the last 4 years using the NYC Department of City Planning’s PLUTO dataset, then searched for those properties using Google Street View. He created these GIFs by combining the cached pictures with how the locations appear now. You can almost hear the “cha-ching” of raising rents when looking at them. For more in-depth information on Justin’s process and for his other projects, check out his portfolio

  • The Future of Vehicles As Seen From Predictions of the Past (26 Photos)

    Flying cars, saucer shaped planes and transcontinental transporting tubes are just a few predictions of the future we had nearly a century ago. While we’re not there just yet, innovative companies are now in a space race of technology, but here on earth. Google is taking no prisoners, making breakthroughs in transportation technology, already having near perfected the driverless car. Even though we can’t help but feel a little disappointed in ourselves looking at past expectations, automotive companies are beginning to follow suit of Google with emergency breaks that use sensors to stop on a dime or parallel park themselves. Here’s to the future.

  • How Does A Curling Stone Curl? [Infographic]

    Watching curling for the babes is fun and all, but at some point it would be cool to actually understand what is going on. It’s only natural that in between thoughts of “Damn, that chick is hot” and “Damn, that chick is hot, too,” you think “Why do they do all that sweeping?” It’s not some natural inclination towards domestic chores, you chauvinist pig, but rather a way to melt the ice and reduce friction. You can read a scientific study about the physics at work or you can take the easy way out and just read this infographic. It has pictures!

  • RSVLTS Has A Zero-G Photoshoot Of Our Own..Sort Of [5 HQ Photos]

    Zero Gravity photo shoots are all the rage right now. We get it. Yesterday, Kate Upton dazzled all of us floating about in her gold bikini answering the question that has crossed every man’s mind when the thought of ‘women’ and ‘space’ were used in the same sentence. Thanks for clearing that up Kate and check out the finished product in this year’s Sports Illustrated’s 2014 Swimsuit issue and we’ve got 32 GIFS that’ll bring you up to speed. Because of the viral success of that shoot, we decided to have our own zero gravity shoot with with our amigos from the Elvis Duran Morning Show, Anthony Halwagy (@WorstAssistant), Carla Marie (@TheCarlaMarie) and Josh Kolodny (@CoasterBoyJosh).

  • Sir David Attenborough’s Curling Commentary [Video]

    Sir David Attenborough improves everything he narrates with his classy, educated, English voice. He even makes that video of the turtle mounting the shoe sound like a respectable documentary. Now he’s elevated curling, our favorite Winter Olympic sport, to an art form we never thought possible. And get a load of the beautiful ladies of the Great Britain curling team. I wouldn’t mind placing my walnut’s in their nest, if you know what I mean.

  • NYC street artist Hanksy held a “building destruction party” in an Abandon Townhouse

    In December, street artist Hanksy held a “building destruction party” in New York City’s East village. Hanksy and friends illegally B&E’ed an abandon brownstone and went at it, transforming the decrepit building into a street art museum. Word traveled fast and Hanksy decided to have a one night only party viewing at the building so the work of the 40+ artists who collaborated on the giant building canvas. The show would be called Surplus candy and this is how is came about. Hanksy will be closing out 2014 with another large project after a country wide tour. Hanksy Presents: Surplus Candy from Ricky Shabazz on Vimeo.

  • Asian Youth Swap Clothes With Their Elders [7 Photos]

    In his latest series “Spring-Autumn,” Asian photographer Qozop photographs young adults dressed in contemporary styles with their elders dressed in more old-fashoned, traditional garb, then has them switch outfits. It’s a fun way to address the generational gap and the loss of cultural differentiation in modern society. Be sure to keep up with Qozop on Facebook, where he is currently looking for models in Singapore to continue work on “Spring-Autumn.”

  • Annual Winnipeg Warming Hut Competition [12 Photos]

    Winter’s can be harsh in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, with average February temperatures ranging from -4 to 16 degrees Fahrenheit. While most people would just up and move since Winnipeg is obviously not fit for life, Canadians, ever the upbeat lot, decided to celebrate the coldest of the cold months with a warming hut competition. Currently in its fifth year, the competition allows architects from all over the world to design huts built on 8 by 12-foot skids to warm the brave (and brainless) souls who get their exercise along Winnipeg’s 6.5 kilometer skating trail. With materials ranging from wood to metal to foam pool noodles, the huts are a fun way to warm up and forget that you choose to live in such an uninhabitable place. Source: Smithsonian

  • 11 Reasons Why Emily Ratajkowski’s SI Swimsuit Body Paint Is Better In GIF Form

    Emily Ratajkowski has been a favorite on RSVLTS.com long before Blurred Lines made her a household name so we are extremely pumped to see someone we’ve believed in for a while make it to the pinnacle of the modeling mountain (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit). Her body paint video is steamy but we decided that the only thing that could make it any better is the RSVLTS GIF Form treatment.

  • Each “Breaking Bad” Episode As A Poster [62 Photos]

    Hungarian designer Zutti of Posterology spent the last 5 months creating posters for each episode of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” He watched every episode 3-4 times and some 5 or 6 times to get an idea of how to best capture them in a single image, then spent 400 hours creating. Read an interview with Zutti on the Posterology Tumblr and order your favorites from Society 6 and Redbubble. We’ve presented them in chronological order in the gallery, so if you haven’t seen the entire series, stop on whatever episode you’re currently on or you will see spoilers.

  • Thailand Prison Inmates Fight Foreigners For Reduced Sentences [Video]

    The folks at Coconuts TV are always finding something strange in Southeast Asia to share with their YouTube audience and their most recent video is no exception. Apparently, if you ever find yourself in a Thai prison with at least a ten year sentence, you can get months or even years shaved off for fighting. Not random fights in the rec yard, but organized Muay Thai bouts with tourist opponents. It may seem weird to encourage and even reward fighting, but the inmates who spend their time training for a match don’t have time to engage in drug and gang activity. How come there hasn’t been a Van Damme movie about this yet?

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