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  • A Timeline of the Most Recognizable Boot on the Soccer Pitch

    Nike has always been renowned for innovation in footwear technology. They’ve always managed to push the envelope, keeping whatever market they choose to infiltrate on their toes. Literally. Most recently breaking into snowboarding, an industry already saturated with boot manufactures and brands, but Nike being Nike managed to breakthrough the barriers, by creating one of the most advanced boots on the market. Undeniably wiggling themselves into the upper echelon of the industry. In 1996 they did they same with soccer. They found the best player in the world, at the time being Ronaldo (Not that Ronaldo), a young Brazilian force to be reckoned with and they studied him for two years. Then in 1998, they released the Nike Mercurial, a skeptical boot with never before seen technology. The rest is history. Today roughly half the players on each team you see playing in the World Cup have on the Mercurials in either orange or neon yellow, the two colorways Nike chose for this year’s release.

  • Top 5 Speeches From Fictional American Presidents in Movies

    In the crazy mixed up world we live in, fiction many times takes precedent over non-fiction. The grey area can sometimes even confuse the history of the world with fantasy. We’d like to think… Well we hope to think we can distinguish the two and commemorate great speeches made by fictional American Presidents. Now we know none of these speeches can compare to the eloquence of The Gettysburg Address or the courage of Teddy’s Milwaukee speech minutes after an assassination attempt left him wounded by a gun shot. These fictional speeches by actors live on in the distance of JFK’s Moon speech or LBJ’s address on equal rights, but in the generation we live in some of these speeches, ironically or not, have become more familiar than the great ones of our past leaders. We’re not trying to glorify them, more like ‘distinguish’ them from truth… And also expose the sheer awesomeness that are the Top 5 Speeches from Fictional American Presidents in Movies.

  • 149 Bob Dylan Acetates Discovered In NYC Closet

    3 months ago, the music collectible treasure hunters at Record Mecca uncovered 149 Bob Dylan acetates in a closet in New York City. The acetates, records cut in real-time to give performers and producers an idea of how their work-in-progress sounds, were cut during sessions for Dylan’s Nashville Skyline, Self Portrait, and New Morning. But what’s on them? Record Mecca’s Jeff Gold explains: We discovered many of the acetates were unreleased versions of songs, in some cases with different overdubs, sometimes without any overdubs, many with different mixes, different edits and in a few cases completely unreleased and unknown versions. There are outtakes too, including electric versions of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” and “Folsom Prison Blues” recorded during the Self Portrait sessions, and a gospel tinged version of “Tomorrow is Such a Long Time” recorded during the New Morning sessions. It’s an amazing find, and Gold was sure to provide Dyaln’s office with transfers of all the music found. Although Gold is keeping many of the discs for his private collection, a few are for sale at Record Mecca, including an alternate Nashville Skyline for $7000.

  • 5 Shark Tank Pitches that Bit the Big One

    What could be better than watching people beg billionaires for money? Watching them fail, of course! Shark Tank has helped some ordinary folks achieve extraordinary success with their businesses, it’s true, but you know you watch it for the same reason you watch American Idol auditions: to see people make bigger idiots of themselves than you ever have. If it’s a bit of idiocy escapism you’re after, we’ve got five doses of Shark Tank failure from first season to last, to fuel your schadenfreude. Sit back, relax, and laugh at other people’s dreams as they tank. Ionic Ear No surprise that one of the most outrageous ideas to appear on Shark Tank swam along on the very first episode—pilot episodes set the bar high to get audiences paying attention. As a listening device, though, the Ionic Ear totally jumps the shark. While the days of techno-implants might be near, they won’t be starting with this Bluetooth speaker surgically injected into users’ ears, nor did it’s creator get the $1,000,000 he was asking for what was little more than a PowerPoint presentation. Wake’n Bacon Bacon was all the buzz when this device debuted on Season Two of Shark Tank, but by more »

  • 67 GIFS That Prove Irina Shayk Is Totally Irresistible In GIF Form

    Irina Shayk landed the July/August cover of Maxim this month and it got us thinkin’… could the world’s most beautiful WAG, a seven time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, be even Better in GIF Form? Surely it could not be but it is true. But as we’ve seen with everyone from  Megan Fox to Kevin Durant to Michael Jordan to people on water slides, everything is better looking, more astounding and funnier as a GIF.

  • POV Videos Of Verruckt, The World’s Tallest Waterslide

    Last fall, we shared photos of the construction of Verruckt, the world’s tallest waterslide at Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn water park. Originally slated to open in May, here we are in July and sadly the slide is still not open to the public. However, the folks at Schlitterbahn have given us hope with these two recent videos. The first is a POV video of a test run with only sand bags in the raft while the second video is a manned test run with waterpark designer Jeff Henry and ride engineer John Schooley in the raft. Now let’s just hope they open it up to the public soon!

  • The Surprising Lessons Of Drunk History [Link]

    “Drunk History” was one of the best sketches on Funny or Die and we were incredibly excited when Comedy Central picked it up as a 30-minute TV show last year. With season 2 just beginning, now is the perfect time to learn a little bit about how the show came about and what it’s like making each hilarious episode. Let writer Emily Zemler, who portrays Janis Joplin on an episode airing July 15, show you how much of the show is comedy and how much is real history. 

  • This Epic Infographic Connects 727 Musicians

    Sure, everyone knows the connection between Nirvana and the Foo Fighters via Dave Grohl or Cream and the Yardbirds via Eric Clapton but this incredibly detailed infographic goes much, much deeper. With over 500 bands connecting over 700 artists, this is the ultimate chart for music trivia enthusiasts. Best of all, you can order the masterpiece as a 39″ x 39″ print on 100 lb archival from Pop Chart Lab for $60. Click on the image below to see the full-size version.

  • Purrfect Photoshops Of Cats And Their Owners [15 Photos]

    Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani garnered worldwide fame last year when his series “Underdogs,” featuring photos of dogs digitally spliced with their owners’ bodies, blew up on the Internet. What began as a fun side project in 2009 became a sensation across the blogosphere. Magnani’s recent series “Undercats” is the same idea, but with cats (obviously). What’s interesting is that where the dog/human hybrids seem playful and friendly, the cats spliced with their owners transform the humans into aloof, mysterious creatures. I don’t trust that one with the red earrings for a second. To view “Underdogs” and other great projects from Sebastian Magnani, be sure to check out his portfolio. 

  • The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Turns 50

    On July 2, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law. To think that it has only been 50 years since the practice of segregation has been outlawed is incredible. But what’s truly surprising is how difficult it was for the Civil Rights Act to make its way through the Senate. The “Southern Bloc” of 18 Democrat Senators and one Republican led by Senator Richard Russell of Georgia launched a 57-day filibuster against the bill. Eventually on June 19, the bill passed the Senate with a vote of 73-27 and on July 2, at 6:45 PM, President Johnson addressed the nation with the speech you can watch and read below.

  • Bill Murray Plays a Miserably Hilarious Neighbor in “St. Vincent”

    Bill Murray is one of those actors who, at this point in his career, can play any role he pleases. His charisma and charm from on screen to off carries over into his roles now, so anything he does is absolute gold. In his latest role as an unlikeable alcoholic neighbor in St. Vincent, Murray is joined by Melissa McCarthy, Chris O’Dowd and Naomi Watts in a quirky dark comedy, where Murray befriends his new neighbors, specifically a young boy who becomes his companion. Even in a role that makes Bill look like a miserable old man, he still finds a way for his comedic prowess to shine through.

  • Percussive Guitar Cover Of “Wake Me Up” Is Most Impressive [Video]

    By now every single person in the world is familiar with Swedish DJ Avicii thanks to his immense hit “Wake Me Up.” It’s the most played song on Spotify, with over 250 million plays and about 850,000 each day. Although we are all sick of it now, there’s no denying how catchy it was when we first heard it. Now Sam Meador, frontman and keyboardist for black metal band Xanthocroid has breathed new life into the song with this percussive guitar cover. If you like what you hear, be sure to download the track at CDBaby and help Sam raise money to record his solo album.

  • Vintage Photos Of Tattooed Women Are Your Grandpa’s Suicide Girls [25 Photos]

    The older folks love to complain about the young ‘uns with their rock music, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and tattoos. The very sight of a small, inked ankh on the wrist of a young lady is enough to give any blue hair a conniption. But as much as these octogenarians like to think that tattoos are a newfangled fad, like frozen yogurt or the polio vaccine, the fact is European and American women have been getting tattoos since the 19th century. To prove that point, here are 25 inked ladies of yesteryear. And be sure to forward this to your grandparent’s Compuserve e-mail the next time they pick on you for your tattoos. Unless you have a tribal arm band, in which case you deserve it.

  • 11 Outrageous Quotes From Kimmel Interviewing Fake U.S. Soccer Fans About Landon Donovan’s Performance At The World Cup

    If you’re going to lie you might as well be super elaborate about it. Kimmel went out onto Hollywood Blvd and found people who claimed to be big fans of the US soccer team and asked them how they think Landon Donovan has been playing so far. If you follow soccer, you know that Landon Donovan was cut from the team in May before the World Cup even started. However that didn’t stop them from weighing in on his performance in this special World Cup edition of #LieWitnessNews.

  • The Astonishing Ages of the U.S. Founding Fathers in 1776

    When we think of the founding fathers of the United States, we tend to think of them as older gentlemen with powdered wigs and wooden teeth. Too old to fight in a battle, but not to sign a document declaring independence from England. Although a great deal of founding fathers on the list are in their 20’s or even teenagers, many of them played a crucial role in the freeing of the United States. This is a list of ages, from youngest to oldest, of key American Revolution participants, providing the precise age as of July 4, 1776, pulled by Todd Andrlik of All Things Liberty.

  • Visualizing The Startling Difference Between Your Salary And Top MLB Players

    Have you ever wondered how much money you make compared to a Major League Baseball player? I’ve always heard big salary numbers thrown around, but visualizing it really puts it into perspective. The interactive visualization below can be used to compare your salary and the average US worker’s salary to any MLB player across several different statistics from the 2013 season. For example, if a player made $2,000,000 and hit 10 home runs last season, this equates to being paid $200,000 per home run.

  • A Minimalist Look at Every Major League Ballpark

    There’s something about the aesthetic of a Major League ballpark, each one so unique in structure, charisma and identity. Each field almost has it’s own personality, something no other sporting arena can say. Heck, aside from the diamond and foul lines, no stadium’s outfield is identical. London based illustrator Marcus Reed has created a collection of minimalist prints featuring all 30 current Major League Baseball stadiums for RareInk. With one of a kind features like Angels stadium’s mountainous waterfalls or the beautiful landscape of PNC Park Reed has plenty of geometric shapes to play with.

  • Celebrate Canada Day With Canada’s 25 Hottest Actresses

    Too often we neglect Canada, considering the nation little more than The USA’s hat (or toque, as the Canucks would say). But the fact is, Canada is a great country and some of the world’s hottest actresses were born in igloos there, subsisting on maple syrup, back bacon, and ketchup chips. It’s so hard to rank how “hot” actresses are, so we went with IMDB’s STARmeter to help us out. STARmeter rankings are based on how popular the actresses are in search queries and page views, so if your personal list varies from this, don’t blame us. But even if you don’t agree with the order, there’s no denying how hot all these ladies are. Be sure to sing “O Canada” then let the countdown begin!

  • Visit Space In A Luxury Balloon

    Everyone is aware of Virgin Galactic’s space voyages that are set to begin commercial service soon and it would be awesome if we could all go, however not everyone who’s not a celebrity or billionaire adventurer can afford the $250,000 ticket. What many people don’t know is that another company, World View, will be offering tours into space via a luxury balloon for the low, low price of just $75,000. Relatively speaking, that’s not too bad! A joint venture from Arizona’s Paragon Space Development Corporation and British studio Priestmangoode, who designed cabins for Virgin Airlines, World View will take passengers 100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. The capsule is carried up via large balloon, reaching the 100,000 feet mark in about 90 minutes. The capsule will then float around for a few hours before returning to terra firma. Inside the luxury capsule will be a bar, snack area, and a bathroom and plenty of viewing areas. Reserve your seat with a $5,000 deposit at World View.

  • 14 Hybrid Photos of London’s Bridges Then And Now

    London’s Tower Bridge turns 120 this week and to celebrate the mileston the Museum of London Docklands is hosting its largest art exhibit. Titled Bridge, the exhibit features both historical and contemporary works of art and photography showcasing the city’s many bridges. The museum used photos from their archives and contemporary photos taken from the same angle to create these hybrid photos below. No matter how life has changed over the last century, these bridges are still just as important at connecting the city and its citizens. For more info on the exhibit, running through November 2, check out the Museum of London Docklands.

  • Las Vegas Time-Lapse In 4K Will Blow You Away [Video]

    High-Definition is extremely impressive…if you’re living in the early 2000s. But here in the mid-2010s, 1080p no longer cuts it. The 2160p resolution of 4k ultra high-definition is what we need and we won’t settle for any less. Photo Trekker realizes this and that’s why they made this incredible time-lapse video of Las Vegas that looks more real than looking out the window. It took 5 days of shooting for this 92-second video, using 4 Canon 5D Mark III cameras. There’s two more 4k time-lapse videos on the way from Photo Trekker, and if they’re anything like this, we can’t wait.

  • Find the Cleanest Beach—Near You [Link]

    Summer is here and that means everybody will be squeezing their pale, out of shape winter bodies into their bathing suits and head out to the beach. But while most people were away for the season, some derelicts and ne’er-do-wells were littering your favorite beach with their industrial waste or drug paraphernalia. What are you to do? How about checking out this list of the cleanest beaches across the country? There’s even a map that will show you how clean all your local beaches really are according to the EPA.

  • 25 Album Covers Recreated…With Socks?

    We’ve seen album covers recreated using Legos or the photographers’ children but these are truly unique. London-based photographer Thom Moore uses his socks, of which he apparently has an incredible amount of, to recreate some of the most iconic album covers. What’s most impressive is that Moore insists the socks all come from his sock drawer, no hunting down the perfect sock for a shot. Take a look at 25 of his best below and see the rest at Tumblr. You can’t help but say “Darn!”

  • The NCAA’s are losing in all arenas

    Imagine you managed to maintain a business throughout decades not under the jurisdiction of fair practice laws of the land. Imagine you have profited in great deals, establishing regional deals and growing your chain to the masses. Then your workers and everyone else catches wind of how you are making profits and want you to abide by the same laws as everyone else. Like the NCAA you would hold on to your business model even though it is unjust and unscrupulous till you were forced to relinquish it. Unfortunately for the college governing body the pressure to release is coming from all sides. For years the NCAA has rode around eating of its excesses, getting fat and slovenly while their core breaks down. Major Conference realignment breaking traditional rivalries, who cares as long as that boat load of money comes in. Well that boatload of unlimited cash has seemingly sprung many leaks The trial of the NCAA vs. its former players over likenesses in video games has begun this week, with the NCAA not being able to accurately explain why it is able to use these players without paying them after they’ve graduated. The same day the trial began the more »

  • Gorgeous Motion Visuals of North Atlantic Flight Routes in a Single Day

    Every day, between two and three thousand aircraft fly across the North Atlantic between Canada, the United States and Europe. Airspace across the North Atlantic is divided into six Oceanic Control Areas (or OCAs). These OCAs are controlled by Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) working at different locations in different Countries.  The Shanwick OCA is the busiest of all North Atlantic Airspace regions. It is often referred to as ‘the gateway to Europe’ and around 80% of all North Atlantic Air Traffic passes through it, demonstrating the strategic importance of our Prestwick Centre and UK airspace.   This visualization shows Transatlantic traffic over a 24 hour period taken from a day in August last year and shows 2,524 flights crossing the North Atlantic, of which 1,273 pass through the Shanwick OCA. At our busiest periods in the Summer, traffic can peak at 1,500 flights a day passing through the Shanwick OCA.   North Atlantic Skies from NATS on Vimeo.

  • Sing “O Canada,” Get Beer [Video]

    A while back, Canadian beer giant Molson made the news when they placed fridges full of beer across Europe that could only be opened with a Canadian passport. Now the fridges have found their way back home to the Great White North but those crafty Canadians have still found a way to ensure only fellow Canucks will be able to open them. This time the refrigerators can only be opened by thirsty folks who can sing “O Canada,” a song known only to Canadians and hockey spectators. Wait, will it work for the French version? Won’t someone think of the Quebecois?

  • 42 Reasons Why Genevieve Morton Is Better In GIF Form

    In 2012 we called out Sports Illustrated South Africa for not featuring stone-cold stunner Genevieve Morton in their Swimsuit issue. Her incredible fans blew the story up on Twitter and the next year what did SISA do? Put her on the cover of course. So to say we have a long history of being on Team Genevieve is an understatement. It was only a matter of time until we proved that she is Better in GIF Form and this might be one of our best.  

  • NFL Teams As Corporate Logos

    People like to complain how professional sports are becoming an overly corporate affair, but these logo redesigns take that notion to a whole new level. Artist Brandon Hubschman has remixed all 32 NFL team logos using elements from some of the most recognizable corporate logos. Some are bit obvious and uninspired (Jaguar/Jaguars? boring) but others are pretty awesome (Raid/Raiders? YES!). Check out more of Hubschman’s artwork, including lots of NFL-themed projects, at Behance.

  • A Car-Juggling Robot Is The Future Of Entertainment

    Did you ever go to a monster truck show as a kid and see those transformer-type cars that would destroy the other vehicles? Sure, it was incredible back then, but these days with the Playstations and Interwebs, the kids just aren’t interested in our dated ways of car disposal entertainment. What will win the young ‘uns over? How about a 70-foot-tall robot that will juggle cars? Okay. Former NASA engineer and inventor Dan Granett is currently raising $2.3 million for his BugJuggler. Powered by a diesel engine, the robot would be controlled by an operator using a haptic interface wherein the operator’s arm movements would control how the BugJuggler moved. Granett is hoping the project will attract corporate sponsors like Red Bull who will hold huge events with the robot. We hope so, too. Learn all about the robot in the video below then keep up with the project at BugJuggler.

  • Take A Look At Coney Island In The 60s [15 Photos]

    Born in New York in the 1940s, photographer Aaron Rose has spent more than 60 years exploring the city and capturing its citizens with his keen eye and had already produced more than 25,000 photos before the art world took notice of him in the 90s. Until a small selection of his work was shown at the Whitney Biennial in 1997, only friends and family were aware of Rose’s talent. A current show at the Museum of the City of New York titled In A World of Their Own: Coney Island Photographs by Aaron Rose, 1961-1963 spotlights 70 photos Rose captured of the city’s most famous beach. For more info on the exhibit, on display through August 3, visit the Museum of the City of New York.

  • Man Liquefies And Drinks Complete Wendy’s Combo For Our Entertainment [Video]

    A new channel called Liquid Lunch has sprung up on YouTube wherein an enterprising young fellow with an iron stomach liquefies food and then drinks the concoction. In the premier episode, he takes a Wendy’s combo consisting of a burger, fries, and Dr Pepper and blends it together. The resulting drink is hard for him to ingest, but he eventually gets it all down (a chocolate frosty probably would have been a better beverage choice for the combo). He is asking for suggestions for the next Liquid Lunch in the comments, and with Long John Silvers at the top, this dude probably won’t last long. Enjoy his stupidity while you can!

  • Toy Story Was Originally Going to Feature G.I. Joe and Barbie [Link]

    The first draft of Pixar’s classic “Toy Story” was completed in 1991 and the script has almost absolutely nothing in common with the final product released in 1995. Woody and Buzz are nowhere to be found, with the main characters instead being a one-man band named Tinny and a ventriloquist’s dummy. And that’s just the beginning of a long journey that took 3 years before Disney would even greenlight the project. 


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