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Are Taxis Safer Than Uber? [Link]

Whenever an issue arises with an Uber driver assaulting a passenger, the story makes international news. We seldom hear about traditional cab drivers acting in the same manner, but what do the numbers say? Are there even any numbers? Find out the statistics, or lack thereof, and what Uber actually…


This Frog Burger Is A Bun Full Of Nope

Japan, the nation that infamously tricked the rest of the planet into eating uncooked fish, is at it again! Sega and the Sunshine Aquarium have teamed up to bring the Deadly Poison Exhibition to the Orbi Yokohama nature museum. The exhibit features 25 poisonous animals, such as frogs, from all…


Ferrofluid Makes Lava Lamps Cool Again

For a brief period in the 90s, easy access to designer drugs and the ubiquity of Spencer Gifts resulted in many of us purchasing lava lamps. After a few hours of watching melted balls of wax float around, the drugs wore off and we regretted ever buying the stupid things.…