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  • Amazon is good for customers. But is it good for books? [Link]

    There is no doubt that Amazon has been great for consumers. You can order almost anything you can think of and have it delivered to your door in two days, even on Sundays in many cities. But before Amazon became the Internet’s answer to Walmart, it was dedicated to selling books. Amazon changed the way the publishing world operated, both for print books and the emerging ebook market, but are these changes in the best interest of books or just business?

  • Abandoned Detroit School Then And Now [25 Photos]

    Built in 1917, Lewis Cass Technical High School, or Cass Tech, was Detroit’s only magnet school until 1977. In 2004 a new structure was built for the new school on an adjacent lot to the north of the historic location. A fire in the old building in 2007 led to its demolition in 2011. Before being torn down and lost forever, a group of urban explorers brought some old photographs to the school and recreated the scenes, juxtaposing the lively days of yesteryear with the abandoned site it had become. The entire series can be seen at Detroiturbex.com.

  • Indonesian Volcanic Eruption As Seen From Space

    On Friday, Mount Kelud, a volcano on Indonesia’s most populated island, Java, erupted and we shared photographs of the destruction as 100,000 people were evacuated. The ash was propelled out of the volcano more than 13 miles high. 4 deaths have now been confirmed and 56,000 people remain displaced. The eruption could be heard 125 miles away and was captured from space in these satellite photos from NASA.

  • This After School Dad Watching Students Fall On Ice Makes Parenthood Worth it

    This bro-dad waiting to pick up his daughter is in the quintessential spot for ice slip falls and he gets all the goods on film. For five glorious minutes, he films students biting the big one on a school corner and because he prefaces how bad of a person he is for keeling over in laughter, it makes it perfectly fine to film it. Yes, it’s mildly wrong, but pride aside, no one really gets hurt, which makes it A-OK to laugh, right?

  • Farting Figure Skating [Video]

    Thanks to some well-placed high-definition mics, NBC was able to unveil their new Surround Brown Sound®, which amplifies those “brown” frequencies most often heard in flatulence, during the Sochi Winter Olympics. Watch as the new technology enhances the already incredible performance of official Surround Brown Sound® figure skater, Jason Brown. It will bring a tear to your eye and a sting to your nostrils.

  • The Odds of Becoming a Pro Athlete (Infographic)

    The odds of a highschool athlete going pro is a constantly fluctuating number. Ryan Sleeper of OSM Guy decided to consolidate the numbers provided by scholarshipstats.com, which tracks the number of high school players in the US along with the number that advance to play on a Division I, II, or III NCAA team. Because this is a bi-gender piece, football isn’t included, but the stats are available on the OSM Story. Learn About Tableau

  • The Uplifting Street Art Of JACE [15 Photos]

    Hailing from the French protectorate Reunion, an island in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar, street artist JACE is known for his little yellow character Gouzou, reminiscent of the AOL AIM logo. JACE’s work can be found all over the island, and also on neighboring Madagascar where he stayed with the Vezo people of Anakao for two weeks, painting sails on the locals’ fishing vessels. Some of the sails are featured below and also in the video following the photos. Check out more of JACE’s work on FatCap.

  • Kanye Remixes “Drunk In Love”, Takes Baby Making Music to a New Level

    Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” was remixed by the irreverent Kanye on Friday, just in time for Valentines day. For all of Kanye’s public life flaws and dramatics, the guy sure knows his way around a studio. The remix put the already adult-themed-love song into high gear with some seriously raunchy lyrics courtesy of Mr. West. You reverse that cowgirl, you reverse you reverse, and I impregnated your mouth, girl, that’s when I knew you could be my spouse, girl.” Very romantic. Icing on the cake for Beyoncé’s smash hit, which promises to stay relevant way into spring thanks to the Yeezus bump. Ladies and Gents I present to you spring ’14’s first club-banger-hit.

  • Forensic Facial Reconstruction Of Crystal Head Vodka Skull

    Crystal Head Vodka, the Herkimer dimond-filtered premium spirit founded by actor and self-described spiritualist Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander, is well known for its unique skull-shaped bottle modeled after the legend of the mystical crystal skulls. Nigel, a Scottish forensic artist, decided to reconstruct the face of the nameless skull, undoubtedly after having a few too many himself. The result is one of the happiest faces ever seen, most likely due to the 80 proof innards. Just imagine, they could charge twice as much for a sculpted “Laughing Creep Vodka.” Now for someone to develop a crackpot legend about the face…

  • All Other Smokers are Inferior to This Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart

    The Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart should be all you’re thinking about right now. With a brutal winter sinking it’s teeth into 2/3 of the U.S. the only thing you should have on your mind right now is the thought of a summer BBQ with a cold beer and meat smoked to perfection. With Yoder’s cook-approved Heat Management System, slide out 2nd shelf, square firebox, 304 Stainless Steel front shelf, small footprint, large pneumatic tires and a robust 2-position handle for easy positioning (Enter Tim “the Toolman” Grunt here) all your winter worries will fall by the way side. This behemoth beast of wood burning steel will guarantee you the blue ribbon of backyard BBQs in the summer of 2014. The Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart

  • Snowboarding New York City

    New York City based filmmaker, Casey Neistat, has directed a handful of videos that went YouTube crazy. You might remember Bike Lanes, a video documenting the struggles of blocked bike lanes in New York City or Make it Count, a Nike Fuel Band funded doc that took Casey around the world with money he was supposed to make a “commercial” with. Well he’s back with another entertaining video, “Snowboarding New York City”, where Casey takes his board out on the streets of the city, strapped to the back of a Jeep Wrangler. Neistat claims he’s an amateur, but definitely has some skills, especially if you have to bob and weave through city potholes. Shred that city pow, brah.

  • Modern Architecture As Sand Castles

    Calvin Seibert, aka Box Builder, erects sand castles that are more reminiscent of architectural movements like Brutalism and Deconstructivism than something out of a fairytale. He rarely starts with a plan, instead just starting with a shape and seeing where his imagination takes him. Seibert never feels a piece is complete and says he’d continue working on one “castle” is time and nature allowed it. Alas, the tide is bound to come in, washing away these modern masterpieces, but at least they are forever memorialized on Box Builder’s Flickr.

  • Haunting Tintypes Of Modern Celebrities [43 Photos]

    First developed in 1856, the tintype photographic process became widely popular in the 1860s and 1870s. Tintypes were quick, easy, and cheap to process compared to other methods of the day. Although often low quality, the instant nature of tintypes made them popular at public events like fairs and beaches. Disappearing by the 1920s, the process has found new interest among hobbyists and history buffs. Photographer Victoria Will revived the tintype at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Some of the subjects in Will’s series, such as Nick Cave and Maggie Gyllenhaal, look like they’d be right at home in the 19th century. For more tintypes and plenty of other celebrity portraits, be sure to check out Victoria Will’s portfolio.

  • Forget Garden Gnomes, Garden T-Rex Is Where It’s At [22 Photos]

    For the past few years, 65 million-year-old Dug the T-Rex has been guardin’ the garden of a Redwood City, California home. The 6 foot tall tin Tyrannosaurus was purchased from a garden supply store by current owners Chris and Natira Matthews in 2011. Since then, Dug has been delighting the neighbors with his homemade costumes celebrating holidays, local organizations, and the San Francisco 49ers. If you’re not in Redwood City, you can keep up with Dug on his Facebook fan page.

  • Documenting Murals Of President Obama [17 HQ Photos]

    New York City based photographer Camilo Vergara has been documenting murals since the 1970s, focusing on the exterior walls of liquor stores and convenience stores in some of the poorest communities across the US. In 2009, he began noticing more and more murals devoted to President Obama appearing in such places and collected photographs of the murals over the years for his current project. Although there appears to be little interaction between the locals and the murals, Vergara believes that the fact that the murals are intact and not even the oldest among them has been tagged illustrates the appreciation and respect the communities have with the artwork. 

  • 17 Must-See Stripped-Down Performances of NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert Series

    The stripped-down performances of NPR Music’s Tiny Desk, where Technicolor production tends to give way to unfiltered voices and bare instrumental essentials, reveals the incredible musical talent behind some of your favorite bands. Nearly 200 Tiny Desk videos have been shot (you can view them all here) but we went through them and pulled together some of the best.

  • Aerial Heat Map Reveals Where People Run In 22 Major Cities

    One of our more popular stories from July 2012 titled “Aerial Data Visualisation Reveals Life In The United States” explored the hidden patterns and rhythms that make America work. Now the brilliant minds at FlowingData used publicly available data records from workout app RunKeeper to map where people run in 22 cities across America, Canada and Europe. The result is a series of gorgeous and intriguing visualizations. These maps reveal areas with the most foot traffic, indicated with thicker, darker lines. Other, less traveled routes are fainter and harder to see. It comes as no surprise that parks, waterways, and other more picturesque areas tend to be the most popular courses people take. However, the data Yau pulled for the project is not particularly comprehensive of all runners, just the ones who use RunKeeper. Data may also be skewed by other factors. The map of New York City, for instance, shows a dark outline which follows the route of the New York City Marathon, a race that includes over 50,000 runners. On the FlowingData website, Yau states that he hopes these maps are not only interesting to look at, but can also serve a greater purpose, such as helping to “plan future workouts or more »

  • 32 Ridiculously Famous And Hilarious People Saturday Night Live Rejected

    The 39-year history of Saturday Night Live is littered with thousands of sketches, hundreds of guest hosts, and even more Not Ready for Prime Time Player wannabes—some more memorable than others. In fact, the list of now-famous folks who auditioned and were denied access to a permanent spot in 30 Rock’s Studio 8H is long enough to fill multiple casts on their own.

  • 100,000 Evacuate As Volcano Erupts In Indonesia [20 Photos]

    100,000 people on Indonesia’s most populated island, Java, have been evacuated due to Friday’s eruption of Mount Kelud. The volcanic eruption has blasted ash and debris 12 miles into the air and could be heard as far as 125 miles away. The evacuation measures of the population within 6 miles of the volcano proved successful, with only 3 dead from the eruption. The last eruption of Mount Kelud, in 1990, resulted in 30 dead and hundreds injured. Displaced villagers have begun returning home and many are now gathering the ash and selling it, as it is a sought after fertilizer for crops. In fact, the fertile soil around the volcano is the reason why villages thrive in such a dangerous place.

  • One Person As Two Genders [7 Photos]

    Montreal-based photographer JJ Levine is known for challenging gender stereotypes with his portraits of the gay and trans communities and his 2007 series “Alone Time” is no exception. Levine creates typical domestic scenarios featuring a blissful couple but uses only one model. That’s right, both the man and woman in each photograph are the same person. Although makeup and costumes were used on the models, there is no retouching done to make the genders more “real.” This series has got me thinking of how awesome a female version of myself would be. She’d have to shave, though, or else our beards would probably act like velcro when we made out. Also, be sure to check out more awesome portraits at JJ Levine Photography. 

  • Radio Moments Through The Years [Link]

    February 13 marks World Radio Day, and to celebrate Marconi’s gift to the world, Al Jazeera has put together and interactive look (and listen) of radio’s most famous and infamous moments. Read about and listen to such historic moments as Orson Welles’ broadcast of “War of the Worlds” that incited panic or the news of the Hindenburg disaster. 

  • Pizza That Lasts For Years, Because Science and America

    If there’s one complaint about pizza, it’s that…um…uh…are there any complaints about pizza? Well if you’re a soldier, you’re pizza problem is probably that you can’t just can’t get any. Lucky for them (and all of us, really), scientists at  the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center in Natick, Massachusetts have developed a pizza MRE, or meal ready to eat, that can last for up to 3 years without any refrigeration or freezing. Although one of the most requested items, pizza has long thwarted science’s attempts at preserving it due to the moisture in the sauce and cheese seeping into the crust over time, resulting in the most unpopular of pizza toppings, mold and bacteria. But by adding ingredients called humectants that bind to water and by altering the acidity of the sauce and cheese to ward off any nastiness, science has finally come out on top. Soon enough, soldiers (and lazy folks) will be able to tear open a pizza MRE and get a mouth full of America…and 3 year old pepperoni. Source: AP

  • 9 Rejected Harry Potter Valentines

    Ben Kling designed these hilarious Harry Potter themed valentines that he swears have been tested and do not work. I couldn’t imagine someone being put off by being compared to a flying Ford Anglia. If these aren’t romantic, then my idea about asking a girl if she used Engorgio on my crotchal region is bound to be met with a slap on the face. Oh well, even if these don’t win over the heart of your Hermione, at least you’ll get a chuckle. And check out more of Ben Kling’s work on his tumblr. 

  • Free Download Of Entire De La Soul Catalog For 25 Hours

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their groundbreaking debut album “3 Feet High and Rising,” legendary hip-hop band De La Soul is offering their entire catalog for free download. Beginning today at 11 AM, you can choose any or all of the group’s albums to download for free and it’s completely legal. De La Soul’s music has been hard to find on legal download sites due to the copyright complications arising from the use of samples. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for music fans, but it won’t last forever. The download is only good for 25 hours, so hurry on over to We Are De La Soul before it’s too late.

  • Celebrate The Return Of “House of Cards” With Kate Mara’s Hot GQ Shoot [7 Photos]

    Alone on Valentine’s Day? Why not spend it with Kate Mara? For all the lonely binge watchers out there, Netflix has given the gift of season 2 of the critically acclaimed political drama “House of Cards.” Kate Mara, the lovely star of the show, sat down with GQ for the March issue for this photo shoot along with a quick interview. In addition to “House of Cards,” Mara also talks football in the interview. She’s true NFL royalty, with her mom’s family running the Steelers and her dad’s family owning the Giants. Who could be better date on Valentine’s Day than a hot chick who gets great free seats to football games?

  • adidas Kareem “The Blueprint” Abdul-Jabbar

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is looked at as the blueprint for the contemporary basketball player, tall, agile with some serious finesse. His accolades speak for themselves and shall forever be known as one of the greatest of all time. adidas release the “Blueprint” today with Abdul-Jabbar there to meet and greet a select few fans in New Orleans. “The Blueprint” Jabbar Hi is crafted out of actual Tyvek® blueprint paper which includes white contrast stitching, laces, and printed graphics. Each player interviewed is printed on the right footbed, each response is printed on the left footbed. Available at adidas Originals retail stores and adidas.com, $100.

  • Affleck & Damon Take Shots at Each Other for Charity

    Nothing better than two best buds making fun of each other, especially when it’s Will Hunting and Batman. These two guys obviously go way back, so it’s only fitting they take some jabs at each other about everything that’s happened post Good Will Hunting. Think about it, both have more than enough material to destroy each other, why not do it for a good cause, right?

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